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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, April 15, 1909, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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r.v: efficient and
c?Zeci o Sc&vsniog agents
No alum,
The Tribune
(Jko. It. Dowki.i..
Kilitoramt ManiipT.
Subscription price $1.00 peryear.
, .
The poodness of ifliny i
kick a man when down.
Thhp nii'L'hand nu' - utnw.rd
doesn't push.
The beM id. , tb
Hihl fl(;etn 'i :moiiY- i f t'M-tli
t- -.
is that Chri' teaeldr-ji-. are
mostiv i j -'ib'.w
Chris! .V eo- s Hot :i
you a boie t.f '1"" '''' '
poCli'.t" i'.'f.
Tf l i. v. t!
menu ti iiin.-
el 0 il in
l no! i-r Sunilay
men would never show th; t i' c
had religion
A woman wiio lo.ilis ok!- rt!:;i;
some others of t!i! same :i.e
cannot help In in jealous.
fiood evidence that il;:- v. r
is not nil wise i-; tii'.t h-- ri i s
asks questions
If a man psm;i i- in i !-'.;,. s
it is not nee's.;ry t st..t- t'.i
he does not aierti-.-.
The base b.M v. - ,
yosterd-tv " . !
that' sotii'- ..... i
Coin a few woids t livi-n ii e : c
counts, lie miht call a '"ti
hand a sheath but hold on, that !
is another brand of spi.rt, not t In 1 1119 PaPer. tnat t was occasi
base ball, foned by the scarcity of new.
Going from the major to minor
leagues among art models ii rt
posing as Venus, then as mcth'-r
i, iu c-tr ,.,, , i
... .... i
Circus side shows will have the!
f,,.,i -i- ;
fat girl who was in Kan-as ( it t ;
...... . . ,
on exhibition this summer nt the :
samo time.
March and April got mix. d
again this year. Vi have had
our March winds in the last
i i ' 1
Li ix
or ammonia.
a?:- i. 5j !i t 9 a fry
Whcn News ,s Sc8rce-
It is sometimes necessary for
tho country editor to fill up bid
local columns in the following
It was dry and dusty but it
It is always datu(p) bad wea
ther when it rains.
Bycycles are not used so much
ow as they were last Hummer.
! 110113 always quit laying ikk
wi en 1 1 iey are away up iu price i
i The brick in the Talmajje
House were made of mud and are i
tie;,... !
; i:t4xs in r;7.i k
1 It i custoaiary to go todiuncr
jabout noou each day whether
i oa .-hi. ituj iiiio up u ea or
IV-'ple, as a rule, carry auvm
bre.;;i during the rainy season
more than at any other time of
the ear.
By noticing the sin in front of
a store you can tell whose place
of business it is, unless tho sign
reads, "Sheriff's Sale."
Toe lare windows in some of
oar business houses are suffer
ins with acute pains in their
frame, owinK to an overdose of
plate n'ass.
It has been demonstrated be-'
yon 1 t he shadow of a doubt, by
! the weather bureau, and other
experts on thesubjwet, that it is
;c h!er in winter than in summer
; and isa-versa; also by watching
ithe thermometer and noticing
u,i ii it drops, jr is a sure sign
i : i-1 -v to tu n colder.
v : i l iir 'I - ..( -Ac !I)IV ' e.
i x.iioiii. , out A e teil .'(.U Ihin iu
order that you may know, If yoo
shouIJ see any of the above items
The Peach Crop,
! We pity the poor man who be-
jhevesal! the "dope" he roads
:ih,'ul t!,e tKadl crop. First one
exchange tells of the utter de-
, .. ... , ,
xtruction of the peach crop; then
... ',
anotnerwill say positive y that w
-,, , , ' ,
; .i i i nae pieniy oi me IUSCIOD8
fruit. Now as wh are very fond
of peaches and cream, it is crael
, treatment to be thrust one mom
fnt in despair and the next have
'our mouth water in expectancy,
' Will some "dopester" please
Our strck of Spring- Oxfordaand other ohoea damaged hi the recent Hood are now on
sale at -greatly reduced prices. These shoes have been thoroughly dried and aro
great bargains. Also a lot of slightly damaged Underwear at bargain Prices.
Don't tail to see our EASTER MILLINERY. Everything New.
Yr.;,,rr.. A.?f. ,;rh, -.rr.
Wliit Preserves our National Spirit?
Kfery day Homo man is heard
toeipross his digust of mem-
bora of another political party
or o r ft an i s n t i o n. Th noxt jjn nnv ,,r th'j cities a. I Hu
ll mo you haro this man just ask ,V)i0 i,0ro take it ns a matter of
him what preserves our national
Were there but onn political;
party wo would lose all interest
in the affairs of state; we would,
allow it to become corrupt; and m.-nt is abroad in tics i ity now
in the end the government won!. I aml wh(,n ,, j,,,!,,.,,-,, s brought
fall. Tho great political conili. ts 1))1V by t!l0 yrts ,.,,,. .( vv v,i!l be
every four years are blessings j pH,'i sjiapi, ,,, ic.
in disguise. They are responsi - Hill has a future-not or.. ,.f a
bla for the enthusiasm we have boo. ,. ,.us!l hu, ., ,,v,;,1,lli,,lt
regarding our government, and (f the visible resoun .w.
in the end are responsible for yo have resoU , Inv to
our governnment. summit of population of !:.0(V
The man who yets anry bo- p.-,,,!e nnd with h,.. !i:..r v. id do
cause another will not believe as )( v.'.itrh Kiel "n w
he desires does not know it, but
if all beleived his way our nation
would in time crumblo. Goo Franks wa uo-vn from
A Good, well improved lf.0
acre farm for rent. Rich Iliil
IvAilty, Loan and Invstr.H'iit
K f
Who has been chosen by the K'ansas City Coiiiin-'i .-i 1 t 'bib to
head their bier million dolhir .ti-s,.,.. i l.iv..i. T.-!..,....-! ,u -..
ment. Mr. Dick e' made ii ieite.ri.il ri-Ttn t t i i nt f.,i- ..v. .ii
Rriilitv in llm inantrnx ,.,.,..),,. I .
--..... ... 1 in; ii'iiuuLii'ii int: liiiu ii'.!iui.l"lll ri... . V. iilil
paign. Kansas City could not have .osen a belter n.a;i.
make a sworn statement of the
prospects for peaches a n I .
Tho Hutler sports are easily ;
excited according to the I),,1,..'"""!,u u"'' l ' -
crat. The Gans Nelso,, p. i - i
tight was shi.vvn there this week
tLtniiiluf ll.i. ..Ie,-w;,. tl
and tho sporting gents got so
excited that they wanted t.. bet
on the result. ;
-ft -t1 .-iv .-i- .:v.-
Our future.
As Mated by the K"iev l.'ich
Iliil is Coing low with i r g!
proposition- Wo limv ti"' v.as.
there isno nnestion al. ui that
nnd with a pressure i a. 1 1 " t h at.
course. No one is ev Hod. All
I the nlumhers in tin fit v nvi' in
i)VJSV ns ,.nn i,0 mitim v;,s lix-
ttires into residences.
'p, 8pj,-jt nf ivimr -.1 iiuniMw
, Hut lor Tuesdav.
A base ball nan;.-I t - t n the
hisih school team :...! a 'o-mi
t.-am was pulled IT ..t. ' Uv.r
i; rounds est-rday :f'.'fi. :
I i I. .. I . . 11 1. .1 '
f.biito a number fr.-:n t! .f
pl.iee took I he o; 'l - l I 1 i ; i I
: h-iung a last look at t !.. di.
,'":t J"kv v-i,i- 'i'.- v ..i,'
v' ' li,uu ' M;""1 u l ' - ' !i '
l!"."u';1' v ' ;
as 11, Wi.UlU .r..ai;!.V s!...i.. l!.e
:,,":,t' TI"'V"IV ' l! ' "!
U,"A, surface f th ;
,:"( liVlil"
. x- -Tf
1 SsE(B ;
I 4
! ' , N . v
jV I ' A
! r V V Y
. , i . : . :N-V t
. I ' "X-X. xv.
l 'V
mm a
Geiger-Smitii &
ti r!i . 1. , ;,. n,,.4;j , ! ... , !
M. lie- ,i i J- m c. ..I n i- . I,;-
II. M f il . U. M ; S i) id u.'.
'I:;; i. . i.. n 4U. i o. i . r. '
j K-iU.-r. V Ii. I'. M. i . s. ,
h itiii i.-ui-i- . .). Lst. k f r.
meet- oih I ii-- I n iiilit .l.ilni
C-llo.r Ii .",; I" i: loll-loll, U. o!
K. a ml S.
-'.. .- l...-)';r N.. CI. K C Il- . I-
Vi-ry Mi. il! i. i.lle 1 1 minii K !-,.
il mr. K. .-r I!, iii.-l .-.
I; . !. 1 I i o n. Ni. Hid M w ,
; vl s . : i I I. ii i iln i, ' i.-1 1 1 .
l.ri. i t . ' ; I K Mi.rtlu i I i
I'll..-1 .-. i.i .i ;;. 1 1. w I... .
iir) I iii! it ii.-1. f n, p.iti.i '
'V iii. bu n. . i I . - U .
i:i h ma I...,:...- v. i r. ,- .
i . t i-i ;i ii' i .H ,.. ,i . ,
" Ii !'! ' !. i I V. I ;.-!l:.t. I '
! s. - in me ,;. ; , , ,,, ,n .,., t
j 1 5 .: ; . ' i-.,. V,. !,.,-
N. il.l .ii -. l Ain i! ,i, mi!. J - i
j "i-l t'li M -bit iii.'lii in K . 1 I'
jl .t ll;i:l.- - 1 1. 1. Hi, V, ....
i I. . Mi-- bi-,-. i I r, :,c,.r,!. r.
I I-l' Il ! I 1 I.... I
No I,
J 'viiiiii- -in i I. .Ii i,i.ft .ni, i i .
llli I rlil i.v i-vi iiln-H. K. II. ( ! t, i. :
loll. I 're , ii. .Myerl.-v, S,,'v.
i 11 ''uiii-il,x.. .,ts. Am- i t-.i l
M'"11'' t'l"1"' ev.-ry Tue...y niiit -
I 'Mil I'-lBOI .'
h iii nt Ki i 11-,
Give J. H.
Your Subs
r ius :l orc has tlie rxclu
f.v t ile for the dainty
i acrat uve iiHoiny
D-ur t.t,ocs. All the
l v v ' '?in wyies now
.. :" i,.
2.50 $3.00 $3.50
D. (i.
;. !' i i ' .. V 11 f. V.
- I o i ;. .1 i t ;! t i.i-iit of
'.-I. I-1 , M V , Win.
Wi I ! -, ! i A I . ,V A. M.
, 1 I- ll.-l W.- , .,i;lV llltfllt
'ii. !; f Hui, u. ii. r.
i . s.-'v.
' Ii
I ii s !.i r. ii, i Ih iiul
i t Ti: -'.- I.!. t.t in e;irh
! t : --li a. v I', ..iin.u.-r. V.
M : Mr- -I II V l ii im-, Su't
b . Ii.;: t .. .... .1 V. si. Ki;!k1iIm
hi, ! :. . ..(-. . in in , i,., ,. i ti. jht
ii' I I I lmi.!, t j . i v 1. 1 - .f iih-Ij
i . . .i - i -in w I 4 I'l.-M.icMt ;
oitiiii. S.-- . .1. l, liumn,
i - i . X i ,7i, I mt.-rieil
! wry
; i . iv I- II.. 1 .
I't - " . I ' II. Slt-u.W.
' 1: -a i- :pv
- 1 ' i 1 1 : t I V,-,.Jjy
U '.It. ei Kel
1 I - v' 'oliilm.
M 1 - J. I ,. I I 1 , . 1. 'y
' ' I I' A . ! - It .TV 4 1 It
I V! I :. hl.l . f K. f
;, . . ;. .1 t I' , , r j.t,-,'! ;
t i. I'l I if. 1 il, 1-. . ' t .
Sohciiars Wanlei.
N"t oral (..-i.e. 1 s. lieitors in the
t ,.l i v a. . ami Rich Hid. For
I ii. libu s cm II at Tribune oRice.
: mw
t I

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