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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, April 22, 1909, Image 1

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tt.il I: -
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50. J
TUT ! i TT
In Wall papor dur
ing the season are
rare but we have them
for you. Come and
look at them, then you
will know.
D 8 met r y , , "f?
Post-Mortcm Lxamir.slho of Mrs
Jcunsoifs Body Shoves C?r
fea'ic Acid Poisoning. J
A W'snjsa Csrccd to Death
A pos-t morlni exam inn I i?n of
One of the saddest affairs ever
happening in the II irdetle neigh-
morning, when lizzie Barlow, j A
. . . w ... tin j i j j . o i i " rt a Tt u u t i
ed to death.
M- ti!.!.... - ...... .i ;
.! dai un ism, i ki t ii e I f r . i .
the body of Mm. Mary Pearson jand ,)e and hi, wjfa LaV(J Wrj;(V
Johnson, whoso body arrived i ;-: in tha win irp i !?;
here Saturday from Wichita j farra Saturday morning he went I M
Falls, Tex, showed that the j to h;s work as usaa, but on his i $
died of carbohoaud po.sonir.g. j r(.lurn found the Jlffcjesg form of
..The examination was conducted j wif with &j, clolhinK burnwi$
iby Drg. Allen, Diameter and j trom be r, 1 yi ng a few feet f rora S
Diidiir.i u.i, cHj-. arm uri,-, wbere the tent had stood. There
a brother-in-law of the deceased
As in the YM, Wooly Wfst.
Iist Thursday two mrn put
on a "stunt" on Park Avenue
that had tin symptom" of being;
copied from t!r novelist's des I our P'ace and
now. One of our neighbors,
Virgil Thomson, a former Ilieh
Hill boy, has a few acres of corn
up. Virgil and his father, W. II.
Thompson, have a corn mill on
do a land office
ci iption of wild nnd wioly I business one day in each week
western life. The two men, how!pr'ndinB feed and food for us
i were no witnesses to the sad af
Mrs. Johnson, had been em- j fair and the suppos;tkm is that
ployed in one of the hotels in ; the tent caught flre and in trying
Aichital'all, and last V.ednes-jto save her hrme h(?r cIothinR
da3-her sister, Mrs Lucy Gray, cauBbt fire resulting, in her
of Falls City, Neb., received a 'death.
message announcing the death Tbe Carlows recently came
of her sister. 8te went to thejhere from l0Wa. Rev. Troxel
Texas town and asked at the ho-COJldacted the faner&1 8ervices
tel to be taken to the body of her 8nd the body was interred in the
sister. I r,e ntt I people at iirst'gj
denied any knowledge of the
death, but afterwards told where
the body was. An effort to get! r.,,.. . fw
the aid of the p.-lco in ending SOHiethlnB Dfllnfl.
the body proved of little avail,
and it was twe.uy-four hours be- rrai, f., v.,. .-.n
tue re bis customer of the great merits
of his prunes, dill pickles, etc..
;i Clipper.
cemetery. M e r w i n
over him. At t
Cided it t fsl t
of their horses ;:nd
Park Ave.
fore M rs. G r.iy secu red
i . i
some Of ouriujaumoi ri.TM-i.T.
one at once ct u,e
ever were in a buggy, instead of j clodhoppers and the chickens,
on outlaw br- nch.s. They drovejTm ' great country for chick
down Park Avenue at a furious jtris and eggs. Our merchants
rate and when sm otlio r tried to jat Bellamy somtimes buy 10.CKX)
ston them, threatened to ruiii'W in one day.
.1.,.., a. neiL'hV.or havo mr. JAO one ai once c.! -,e 10 uicilllill,
;W the speed I'ns. We have been more sucian tlie queir aci I .lis in the Tex-
1 . t . . . I . r fi i-iii.ii,l t ! - ! j i! t i enc fo ! .
went east on ;csmui man usual with our ."'1""" '-' - becoming alarmed.
j hatches this year. Have havo the I't ir..rt-m examina milter is smiijDK in
Marshal 15, no field and Con-!a"'u -W chicks and near-j l""J WH" liR 'l"uw rt manner over Koontz's
lyas many more due to hatch! Hr-Oray is in . icnta I-alls, j Revmour Williamson
High School Song,
( the places in M.s
Many to ir.e are '.Y,j dear.
Hat there's one arr.-' T.gt: . -i.y
Excels other far ar. i ri.
T!.;, tome, tr.y A!r:t Mv-r,
A bote all in thio gr rrf-st.
Proves by fttad-r.t y ?'. "--r
n;.:h m:i nigh he,,,; . the i t.
Wc have htu Jf-r.t. V j. it A ;r!.
V.'Lich are UUr t!.,-.r; ret,
For the boy are rr.' t ja
Ard the girl are f e '-t.
We have kt :..- !, iv .:,'.:'
Victory cor.st4r.t'y i:; v I -:
learning laurels f.r r o r
Cardinal red ar.d r y h: : e.
We thy students, i;ivh IL .i H ':'( 5: L-v
Vrish to thee a fBtsre b .
I!?.y thy student' en f- r----. r
He the victors is t'-.e
When in oiier ytars we ; r. j r
O'er the joys we fehsr--; J with thw.
May you stand the a hli.t nr.daai:!
And forever
. 1
k Tcr.p;etf.-n.
st able Si angle j jir.pej in a buggy
with Homer Spencer, who drove
them after the so- eding buggy
but did not .catch them- The
officers t several shots at
them before in ing up the chase
The ntxt !.ty on-' was caught
and Squire Koubrougli gav him
$jOaod thirty days. The other
fellow w;-t not ca;tiired.
DrciJge Dost Stuck.
in a sing-song (not sing-sing)
voice and of course everybody is j
Dr. Dela-
a sardonic!
is bum
The song wincing the j.( f r.r. i a: the Hi;
Tune: "In the Hills of Old Misv-uti.
this week. We find the brown ! making an investigati'm and an j minK slranpe airs dorinK bui..
Leghorn hens about as good set
ters as any after they are two or
three years old. Then we have
a wooden hen that chambers 175
enonwiuoe maae 10 sme ness hours, and many other peo-mystery-
j pjt! aroQnd town are doing
Tiie funeral was held Sunday j strange stunts
at the horn. of Arch Pearson, a Th Trihnn li!.h lc inr.
eggs and has done good service. bther of the deceased, conduct- tigateu the matusr and has dis
Also a bnxvier which mothers i cd . X.f -K--V...W, 1 Hargrove,
The big dre.U bo.it that, finish
ed the lo.vt.ve-ml of the big ditch
is being taken th'.vn the Osage
river. S"v -i ;! tl i vs pgi it landed
1 in a sand-bar but a sudden rise
in the rivor fio.ited it un
it h""j b "",i met by a gasoline
tug which will tow the boat down
the Missouri; up the Mississippi
and Illinois rivers to its destina
tion. This boat was built several
miles from the lhcr in Hates
county and dug its own way to
the 0age.
the chicks a well a any .pld interment was
hen and never runs out in the ,,ylwn teuiete ry.
cold dews with them to
them off with the chills.
Yours truly
C. A. Hird.
made in Green
Severe Storm.
cowered that W. . Smith, a
"Hill" Smith, is the cause of all
the strange "diddings."
The secret as discovered is
Tne Elks are going to pat on a
; minstrel show the latter part of :t ions
i the month, under the direction
of the "Hill" Smith. It is now
Mis Bessie Martin, of this citv
and I-on Griffin, of Papinsville.
:,. j'..;ar:, 24e v.yj. evtr
the va'.ce of a
pat..can r.ewj
in your ct-u-rty or a ncU-r of
were uniiffi in marriage ai ard - vr
liotne of tin? bride s meaner:
Thursday evening by Rev. Rob
erts, of Papinsville. The bride
is well known here, having been
a member of U.'ff class of l;)s of .
"call the policies of your
party? Hive you tter tU-apht
&boat the results thut tuay fvi-
the high school. The prrom isai
well known and popular joung I
man in the country east. Tne
Tribune extends congartu la
ter elm,
Et litany tcttfr.
Editor Tribune:
A ini'sH of lettuce, radishes
fend onions for dinner today re
Minds us that we did not plant
our garden I a-t year until June.
Wo began powling for corn last
your the 12th of May. Now the
corn ground i plowed nnd most
t f the coin will poiblv tie plant
.'.fl'v e.t this Week-
We have b en thinking for a
ill .
'!? !. ug tune thi't vo bine better
t-uUialc than Hates Co,, ulthouh
w e are ouly P) tiiil'-s away. And
1 in Sunshine in her notes hiNt week
'"oi coiivitut it us th-t such is the
j A severe raisi storm accoin-
j lion last Sunday cm ning cbr.ut I high time to begin to take phys
icnijary. jsixt.viock. in
'the county '-ad
The following petit jury was reported but, w ith little damage, j
drawn for the May term of the
Hates county circuit court.
Ruff Gtodwin
W. s. Mahan
The men's meeting held Sun-
afterr.en-.n in
-ff ?rts to g:ve year
couct-. Repsblican i:ajer a t'.-
tk.r id a VM:'.ter pt
The State 0,a:rcittee
i reetvniz'.'s f.e vaiae of t:;e Re-
p-u bh'iO cojcty papers and tries
5 to aid the editors in diking
; those pripets Wlpfal. to the par
ity gerratiy Every gJ Re
jpubhear. h-"ald appoint hix,se'f
a c.5.r.t'i'..tee of tine to bt
. 1 - i-. .... : 1 T :
hail storms are! result from laughter. , K'.ectrieTh.-ater was well attend- t,e county l...pu;..:.can r. or
for the big nigbt. Watch lor
! Win. Mudd, the roof man, was i lhe announcement.
Mingti in Adrian Moir.loy. j
, the City were present and took
some part in the exercises,
O.i r tle i inoitit ters r-gis-'.iO
a i ; 1 lil degree's last
T. S. Pacall
S. M. Jenkint
D. Van hoy
J. P. Ilerrman
J. M. Chambers
Get. I llack
Kam Dodson
Call Brown
R- N. Stubblcfield
Eph Stipp
W. A. Howard
Tom Walton
Monroe Uuik
C. H. Brisco
Win. Rice
Frank Swarena
Alex Mtoro
TIkh). Marquardt
Wm. Imey
Henry Maxwell
S. O. King
S. Humphrey
Deer Creek 1
S. C. IMar wa a business! Nelville Porter, a brakeman on f -jbe Minsteriul Alliance
a concrete floor in 1
w jtters vital to; J.T. Wj's-"n, Jr. p ho ht 1 beer.
new store builtliir,' of Conyor Pontius and wife, went to Hume the moral and social life of the! visiting l-tuie folks rei ;rr,eo: to
in their aulos Sunday. church and city. t Ki;,.is Cty Sand.vr.
esi ijooneu ;;.(,,. ; v.,. 1,1, t.r,v
Deenwater Bt,roul a,ul S n ar" l,1u'' 'n
Ki,n:anJ Pitting
. Elkhart
Eist HooneomlC,"iyt,'iU i"''40
Grand River 1 -
Summit 1
West Bofme
Spruce ;
Mt. Pleasant j
Ine Oak
New Htme
Pleasant Gap
Hudson j
ithe Frisco, spent Sunday with:.
Miss Kitt'.o Hirris, who as
j here t-i a:.l :n 1 the g.J-tt- wed
idicg an!::er.ary -f her parents
Hirris re
concluded to conduct a meetinI. . 1- . t. ..... .
his parents in this city. fr ,,.y- at least once .
v rank Kilts and wife and m. . n.t :v.t! t
rtame Cas.
otfni 'i'iieMl.tX ll..'il,o',c Whi'e til the
' ((-iriity of Iheh lid! the tempt 1-
n Qu fc! ul'O Wll.s itOoul 0 10 4 f e.
The plums cr.d apples were
:,"i4; l." I injured by 11
or f;. . not, examined
rUlui. ri-; ............. I.,! t.. ,,,,.4 ...t.l
1 ,a I n (Ml t i 1 vi - - t ' (-(-.in- ii.ui
M will wait until we tan see the
ooicoxfi ;t groMi'g 1 u ore was 10
''dub'.iMtU) at nil on th bud ded trees
u ot srti..l only u n attering inii 0:1
eouB.tt-i t'e' Seettlt.lUS.
kri"K. 5 ..v..,.,.,! th,. most .f
In.lii 1
fiot. Have
peaches yet.
to spare
Gas was struck in Hume last
w.-t It at a depth of about 100 feet.
The well is thought to connect
with the vein found there a
number of v ears ago mid another
deeper well will be sunk there at
40 acres of good land with
improvme nts, 3 miles from R. R.
town in Datu County to trade for
Rich Hill property.
U. S. G. Prowell.
a""' V, r iwbi-rri"" " i'-h hay.
our 1 .liss .Maoie vv imney, 01 the
A few ol ; University of Missouri went
'sciTVt'e- b'.tot.ts that were not cover- t.ack to Gdumbia yesterday
.iszzz: K, ro blighted after a short visit with her par
C rn plautir.g is in full swing eiUs ut th-a TaluilH'P.
t v
5 ... t
I r V
V 'It
7 v
r, i
; s V " j jV . V
:mt va) 'iVl
-C: -V- ' ' -VJ 1 1 ..)
.. . n A v. . . a -

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