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A. t). MATTKfiON, Ed. and Mgr.
Chicago boasts 46 cemeteries, all
well patronised.
Speaking of sunshine, the more) yon
bar the more you want
The aristocrat germs on a $10 bill
do not recognise the bird on a dollar
raying Interest on the mortgage la
one of the best curea for automobll
lousiness. In the matter of capturing a hus
band the gtrla should remember that
coarae work la fatal
Although cottonseed haa gone up
in price olive oil la useless for pur
poeea of replanting.
Those Nov York hens that lay black
eggs axe Infringing upon the province
of the Easter rabbit.
And now they are mixing poker and
bridge. The antl-adulterailon lawa
should be atiiotly enforced.
German dirigibles have been making
flights over Holland. This may be sig
nificant, for It beats the Dutch.
Farmers are organizing to cut out
the middlemen. That old reliable end
man. the consumer, will hold hi Job.
About this time of year the univer
sity alumnus, after trying to remem
ber his college yell, gives It up as a
bad Job.
The man who stole a duck and was
sent to Auburn for It must now real
ize that It Is much cheaper merely to
chase the duck.
According to a scientist, dreams are
the fulfilment of wishes. At any rate
they are all the fulfilment a lot of
wishes ever get.
The college professor who Insists
that the dangers of kissing have
been Immensely overrated Is making
a strong bid for popularity.
Verily, the complications of life
multiply. It takes enough men now to
train a champion pnze fighter to put
a play on the stage with a large cast.
Viewed as peace preservers the new
battleships, costing J6.OO0.OO0 each,
ought to be put under bonds to fur
nish us with 112.000,000 worth of
Berlin worklugraen have taken a
pledge not to eat butter for three
months. That Indicates one place
where oleomargarine Is likely to be
sold for what It Is.
Los Angeles school children have
been ruining their little tummies by
eating too much pie. The great Amer
ican nation may have to establish a
pie censorship.
A Ft Louis woman who was dying
asked to hare her pet dog poisoned,
that It might accompany her to the
spirit world, or, probably, at least, un
til she was safely out of St Louis.
A Chicago Judge declares married
men have a right to squander some of
their money on themselves if they
want to. Yes, Judge, but bow much?
That's the real point.
The recent cannibalistic perform
ances In the South sea islands aeem
to be a conclusive answer to the old
charge that the cannibal natives of
that part of the world don't like mis
sionaries. A blind singer of Massachusetts
took a trip In a balloon In order to
enjoy a new sensation. He made a
totally new record In ballooning; he
did not remark when he came down
"how strange It was to see tbe earth
dropping away from under him.'
According to a New York dispatch
wedding rings are passn, and "smart
young matrons" no longer wear them.
Perhaps this Is because so many
"smart young matrons" haven't room
for their entire collection of wedding
A new order of the treasury depart.
ment problblfs the Importation into
the United Btates of the European
starling, putting the bird In the same
class with tbe mongoose, the Kngllsh
sparrow and fruit eating bats. So far
as this country Is concerned, thero-
fore, tbe cry of the starling will b,
not, "I can't get out," but "I can't
ret In!"
Of late the shadow of the fatal ml
crobe baa hovered over tho trembling
Hps of expectant lovers. They have
been browbeaten, cowed, terrified.
Intimidated by cold blooded Investiga
tors their kisses have become of the
Intangible Tennyson kiud, by "hope
less fancy feigned as Hps that are for
others." The cold blooded bacteriolo
gist has meanwhile buttressed the cry
of that cyulo of cynics, Deun Swift,
who wrote: "Ixird, I wonder what fool
It was thut first Invented kissing."
Though a man dropped dead In
department store w hile shopping w ith
bis wife, It Is doubtful if even this
will break some women of the bublt
of taking their husbands along.
Several firms w ho have been selling
fine Mocha and Java coffee which did
not contain a berry of either of thoae
coffees have been fined $10 oil prose-
cutlons by the government. Really It
would not seem as though soeb. a fine
would act as a deterrent; maybe, bow
ever. It was Intended merely to be a
The Restraining Ordsr Issued by Jv !ga
Dysr Pravnnted tht Proposed
Action by Railroads.
St. Louis, Missouri. The temporary
restraining order which Judge J). P.
Dyer of the federal court Issued at
Hannibal, Mo., prohibiting 25 railroads
from advancing freight rates was certi
fied to the United States circuit court
Processes against the defendants
were prepared and will be served by
United States marshals In the districts
where the different rallroa.ls bava
their general offices.
Under orders of Attorney General
Wlckersham an expediting certificate
providing for a speedy determination
of tbe Issues was filed. A copy of the
expediting order was mailed to Judge
Hook, Judge Sanborn. Judge Van
Pevanter and Judge Adams.
Traveled From Chicago, Through the
Mississippi, the Atlantic, Erie
Canal and Home.
Kew York Tho 3."-foot rrnlstns
launch Catherine M.. of Chicago, haa
arrived here after the longest trip by
Inland waters a motor boat has ever
made. It haa logged more than 4. $00
miks and will have covered about
6.000 by the time It asr-.in reaches Its
homo port. The launch left Chicago
May 3. 1!M'P, for New York by way of
the Mississippi river and the Gulf of
Mexico. Ralph M. Pearson, the own
er, who Is traveling with hla mother,
plans to return to Chlcag.i by way cf
the Hudson river. 1 r.o canal and the
lakes to Chicago.
Mr. Taft Gratified When a Party Com
plimented Him on His Freight
Rate Action.
Washington, D. C Victor Mur
dock took a party of Kansas millers
to sec Preiident Taft. Among them
were George H. Hunter of Wellington,
Prank Stevens and Henry Lassen of
Wichita. They were here to appear
before the Interstate Commerce com
mission In connection with rate mat
ters. The millers complimented the
president on the bringing of the suit
to enjoin the advance In freight rates
in western territory. The president
expressed special gratification at hear
ing kind words from Kansas.
Rj 9. Crohn of Kansas City Owed
Estates Large Amount Shot Him
self at Hia Home.
Kansas City. Mo. Short in his
accounts with estates In his charge. It.
S. Crohn, formerly public administra
tor, shot himself In the forehead at his
home, 1,0'jO Kast Twenty-ninth street.
The wound was a fa'al one and ended
in death In a few hours.
The defalcation i of Crohn may reach
$7.00,000. The amount probably will
be some less. Judge Gulnotte of the
probate court has ordered a thorough
Investigation of Crohn's accounts. Ho
la administrator in 43 estates; two of
them worth over $2.",O,0i'0.
Unfavorable Decisions Affecting Rait-
roads Depressed Stock Prices
Many Points.
New York, X. Y. The stock mar
ket was badly damaged again by the
heavy selling prompted by the gov
ernment's Injunction against the ad
vance In freight rates, and the su
preme court declslou against the rail
roads In the Missouri river rate caso.
Tbe outpouring of stocks was greater
than for a long time past, and the sell-
lug was so urgent at times as to al
most ilemorallze the market.
The Wtst Virginia Claimant Must
Come Into Court and Prove Hia
Rights if He Has Any.
Kam.is Cl'y, M.ssourl. -The Sop-s
are mil -.Ing to wail lor Elmer Swope
Ui bring suit for the fortune left by
Thomas 11. Kwope of Kansas City. In
stead, tliey lave brought suit 111 thu
circuit court which will fori e the Wist
Virginia claimant t appear in court
and establish whatever claim he may
have to tiio estate. If lie lanuot do
this, his claim will be dl .posed, of by
the court and tho Swo,ie. heirs will pay
no more a: teutlou to It.
Chinese Loan Is Signed.
Purls. The Hankow Sie Chuen rail,
way. loan Iifiecn.ent tins been signed,
The signers are representatives of fin
ancial groups of the I Tilled States,
France, Great liritaln and Germany,
The agreement provides for a loun to
the Cnincse government of iil,nij0,000
for railroad ccnstrurtlou.
Durns Hunts a Murderer.
Iouivllle. Kentucky William J.
Hums, the famous detective who aided
In bringing the Western land grabbers
and the San Francisco grafters to
Justice, reached Louisville and is at
work on the Alma Kcllm-r murder
More Women Smugglers.
Xew York, S. Y. Four thousand
dollars worth of puii and nine trunks
were selxed by customs Inspectors
when tbe Lusltanta came in. Four
women passengers were detained.
Dr. Darrow Haa Resigned.
Hecause It la alleged he was en
gaged In leaching Theoaophy to the
pupils of a Christian school, Dr. Frill
Snge Harrow has resigned his position
In Drury college. Dr. larrow waa the
Instructor In Greek. The resignation
of Dr. Harrow follows a spirited con
troversy between bliu and Dr. C. II.
tlrlggs, pastor of the St. Paul Metho
dist Kptscopat church (South). Dr.
llrlgga preached a sermon about a
month ago In which he charged that
Prof. Harrow was engaged In Instilling
the Mearmt cult Into the minds of the
young men and women be was sup
posed to be Ins'rucllng In the mys
teries of Greek roots. Dr. Darrow de
fended hla actions and a bitter news
paper and platfurm controversy began
which has lasted up to the present
Finally a conference of the Drury col
lege officials and Dr. Iarrow was held,
and It was agreed that Dr. Darrow
should resign. Nothing Is to be said
about Ir. IHirrow's views on Theoso
phy. He announced that If his con
duct was attacked and an effort was
made to oust him, he would go Into
court and enforce his contract wl'w
the school, whlck has two years more
to run. Dr. Darrow said that If no
tffnrt to etist h!m was made he would
quit to save the school embarrass
ment Car Whistle Riles Mule.
Hereafter motormrn on street cars
will be careful to muffle thulr whistle
before approaching a nm e and w ill
even refrain from whistling when the
mule la on the track. A Jury in the
circuit court at Jcpliti awarded 9. M.
Walker of Chltwood $1.7.00 damages
from the Sou'hwest Missouri Electric
Railway company because a car
whistle frightened his three-year-old
mule, causing a runaway In which be
waa severely Injured I: was alleged
that tbe motoraian playfully tooted his
whistle when he saw the mu'e cavort
ing near the track and sent the animal
Into hysterics with painful results to
Its driver.
Fruit in a third of the State.
Approximately one-thind of the state
will furnish the entire fruit crop of
Missouri this year. In that territory
apples will average about 46 per cent
of a full crop and peaches about "5
per cent, according to a report of the
fruit situation now being prepared by
W. L. Howard, prefessor of horticul
ture in the University cf Missouri.
This report is compiled from reports
received from owner of large or
chards throughout the state.
An M. U. Teacher to Prussia.
Through the Carnegie founda'ton
fund which exchanges teachers be
tween nations, C. K. Francis of the de
partment of agricultural chemistry of
the University of Missouri, has been
offered a position by the Prussian
government in a German university.
If he accepts, a teacher from that uni
versity will be sen' here in hlg place
Mr Francis is a graduate of Hron
A Chamber in an Indian Mound.
Columbia Is a good place u study
anthropology. Recently Dan Ma-
gulre and R. K. Miller, Btudents In
the school of journalism and In soci
ology, opened an Indian mound within
a mile of the city limits and found two
skeleton t. The mound contained a
s'one chamber about four feel wide
and ten feet long. The bones and
relr-s will be placed In the rc!u!og!cal
A School Refuted a Bonus.
The board of trustees of West
minster college at Fulton, have refused
the offer of $U5.0ou made by a com
mittee of the Hannibal Commercial
club, to move the college to Hannibal.
To Mark Daniel Boone's Grave.
At a meeting of the Iuinlel llooiie
Memorial and Hlstorlctl society at
nmn'gomery a resolution suggested by
letter by Representative Champ Clark
providing fr a Dunlel Itoone monu
ment was adopted. It whs resolved
that the people of the stale be assist
to give ll.onij lor the work In courlbii
Hons of not less than 1 1.
New Offices for Frisco.
The- Frisco entered Into a contract
win J T. Wood ruff and associates for
a Hi year le-use on a three-story
pressed brick, fireproof olllce building,
to lie erected In Springfield. The
building is to be coiistructet of light
liulT pre-ned brick trimmed wl'h Car
th ige. cut stone', for general railroad
Prisoner Breaks His Fast.
Allen Stephens, prisoner In the
county Jail at Liberty has broken bis
fasting and is now on full feed. He
lived 22 da-son water ulone. Bte-phi-ns
Is In jail awalttiiK trial on the charge
of burglary and assisting in a Jail de
livery. To Share Motor Expenses.
According to recent plans, Carthago
Is to have a co-operative garag.i.
Twenty-rive uieembe-rs will subscribe
JelM u. ami each will puy bis share In
maintaining the garage and hiring men
to keep the cars In repair. Carthage
has a co-operative kitchen and grocery.
Killed by a Wheat Stubble.
Karl White, 111 years old. died as the
result of Injuries received when ha
fell on a whnut stubble near Tipton.
The stubbie pem-tratud his head and
entered his brain.
in Missouri.
Fight for a Bane Fourth.
An organisation fight to prevent th
sale and discharge of danr.oroul explo
sives during the fourth of July period
and to bring about a sane celebration
of Independence day, was begun at
a mass meeting In St. Iuls. A com
mittee was appointed to meet early
next week to bring about concerted
action for a sane Fourth. Archbishop
Glennon made a strong plea for more
sensible celebration of the signing ol
the Declaration of Independence. He
Jocularly said It seemed that a return
to barbarism was the only explana
tion of the apparent love for carnage
and noise. He strongly urged nulled
action and suggested to give the day
a religious turn to make It more
sacred. Ho centered his argument on
the lack of reason for the present
methods. "What relation there Is,"
he said, "between the exploding of
fire crackers and the celebr.it Inn of In
dependence I can not see. There Is no
evidence cf patriotism In the fire of
guns an.l giant crackers or in the an
nua! crop of tetanus victims. The cele
!rator Is not a hero if be escapes, be
cause he mii.t run to escape, and he Is
not a hero If he gi'ts tetanus. The
day should be a time for tbe bringing
in of the letter truths."
She Wanted a State Office.
UnMl the laws of Missouri are
e'.ang.d a woman cannot hold a state
eitllce. Mi's Elizabeth Thomson, sec
retary of the Kansas City Socialist
club, wanted to make the race this
fall for superintendent of public In
struction, hut her application for a
place on the general ticket as the can
didate of the Socialist party was not
filed by Cornelius Roach, secretary of
state. In Jefferson City. An examina
tion cf the law disclosed the require
ment that candidates fcr state offices
be men more than I.I years cid. Miss
Thomson received notice from Jeffer
son City that Ler application for a
place on the Socialist ticket had been
withheld merely bocau-e she was a
woman. Another candidate will be
named by the Socialist! to fill '.he va
cancy. Miss Thorns iii was nominated
for superintendent of public instruc
tion In the r -rent primary cf the party.
Drowned While Fording a Stream.
Mrs. Geo C. Harness, wife of the
secretary of the Farmers' Mutual Fire
Insurance company of linnet ton, was
drowned while attempting to ford a
swollen creek near Speed The buggy
in which Mr. and Mrs Harr,es were
riding was overturned by the high
water an.l both occupants thrown lu-o
the stream In a'temptlrg to sue his
w'fe. Mr Harness barely escaped
dath. The body of Mm Harness as
found a quarter of a mile be ov the
Scholarships for Three M. U. Men.
Three former Un:erfy of Missouri
men have been aar!cl scholarships
Hi Columbia University, Nm York,
Mark Skld.T.ore. wlw was gra.tua'ed
from the University of Missouri In
Ism.1.., won a s. bolarshlp In romance
lan;u:u'e; a research .hedarshlp was
awarded to Krnst H"tn of Greeley.
Cel.. class of Km. of the Un versi'y of
Missouri; the Garth fellowship was
awarded to Ileiijaxin M. Anderton of
Columbia, Mo.
A State "Pinchot" Congress.
The Missouri Conservation emigres!
s to be organized In Kansas City when
Gilford Pinchot visits that city. J A
Rur.yan. industrial commissi: uer of
the Commercial club, who has been
In ironton, atteiid'ng the Missouri
Valley Land and lmmlg-stlon congress
met Gov. Hadley and J. H Curran.
state Immlgrn'loii commissioner. I Kith
assured Mr. Runjiin tt.cy w.uld be
Indorsed Home Rule.
Con.inl'tec representing the Civic
league and board of f re-eholelera of
St Louis and civic organizations of
Kana Cl'y and St. Jose ph. met in St
Louis, and whl'it liieloinlng home rule.
decided that It would be Ins Ivlsable to
submit the p-i.p..slMi.n by the Initia
tive for fe ir It would hen. me InM lied
with the prohibition atnei lme-r.!.
To Move Westminster College.
The boa-d of trustees cf Wett-
inlnsti-r colle ge of Fullnii bus received
a propusl' Ion to ii-inexe t ie college
to Hannibal. The lommerclal club of
hut clt, through Hi-njaiiilu F. IM
wards of Si. laiuls, president cf
board, lias made a cash e ITi r of $71
and a llo-ai re tract.
With Missouri Pacific Thirty Years.
Among the oldest railroad employes
In tonilnuiius M-rvlcv on the Missouri
Pacific Is Lee Glundun, who has be
station iige'iil and operator at Raymore
fo' je.irs Mr Giiinetou entered tht
i-ninloy of the Missouri Pacific .u Oc
tober, IbeO.
Veteran Dies White Driving Hogs
Andrew Miller, CH years old,
wealthy faniu-r living near Kiiohnos
ler, Johnion county, was taken I
while driving hogs to Kuobtiusier and
died In a few minutes of he; art trouble
He s.-rved lu the Civil war and was a
(number of tho G. A. R.
Hotel at Houstonla Burned.
The Houstonla hotel at llom.'oiila,
owned by Mrs. Jennie llrayler, burued
A defectlre flue caused the fire. Tbe
loss Is 12,000, partly covered by In
Federal Court Appoints Receivers for
Jones Dry Goods Company
Liabilities f MOO.OCO.
Kansas City, Mo. Judge Philips
n the United males district court ap
pointed Charles Campbell and Henry
U Root rtuelvers for the Joues Dry
Goods company.
The appointment of receivers came
as a surprise, to the general public,
though It had been anticipated fur sev
eral days In financial circles.
The fact that the company had over
loaded In real estate holdings and ex
pensive leases, combined with unsea
sonable weather which retarded the
movement of Its heavily stocked
shelves, conspired for the firm's un
doing. The liabilities are roughly esti
mated at $1. 400,000. and tbe assets at
12.000,000. The receivers say It may
be several days before authentic fig
ures are given. Ilusiness will not be
suspended, at the store. As far as
the buying public Is concerned, there
will be no noticeable difference In the
firm's affairs.
Two Aviators Propose to Race From
Topeka to Kansas City Next
Kansas City, Missouri Iiown the
winding valley of the Kaw two aerial
crafts will fly next Saturday, battling
against wind and distance, with Kan
sas City as the goal of tho first cross
country flight ever attempted In Kan
sag or the Missouri valley. Arrange
ments has been completed which,
backers of the race say, practically as
sure the contest being held.
Tojieka Is to be the starting point of
the flight. Overland Park, a suburb of
K ansa. City, Is to be the finishing
point Lawrence, and probably Olathe,
will bo the two towns selected for the
aviators to alight and renew their sup
plies of gasoline and oil.
The route la to follow the river to
Lawrence. From there It will turn
slightly to the south to Olathe. Then
the aviators will fly northeast to Over
land Park, the goal and the prize.
J. C. Mars and W. F. Wlllanl are the
two aviators, who will enter the race
Attorney General Will Include all New
Railroad Freight Tariffs When He
Presents Arguments.
Washington. D. C leve!opmeiita
Indicate that the attorney general In
stead of abating his efforts to restrain
the i.i rall.-oa.ls composing the West
ern Trunk Line ommlttco from put
ting Into effect their Increased rales,
soon will ask the court to broaden
the scope- of that Injunction. Thei at
torney general made It known that It
Is bis intent lun to moe f-r tho exten
sion of th Injunction, over the rates
of the Western Trunk Line committee
which escaped bis notice when be be
gan bis hurried proceedings against
the railroads In tho federal court at
Hannibal. Thin action will be taken
bv the a'ti rner general, according to
present plans, when argument Is held
bef.ire the court wph a Mew to mak
Ing the t'tu;oiary Injunction perma
Secretary Well Pleased With What
He Saw of the Prospects
IVidge City, Kansas. Secretary
Coburn of the state board or agricul
ture vlslte-d the wheal fields of Ford
county. After a drive of many miles
through almost unbroken linen of
wheat fields the secretary said that
he would not have, believed the possi
bilities bad tho story be witnessed
bee n related to him. He pronounces
thu wheat prospects as almost perfect
Ford county has 74.000 acres In wheat
this year and It Is expected to average
3j bushe-is lo the acre.
All the Whistles About New York Will
Shriek a Welcome to Col.
New York. N. Y. Xedso will bv
the chief rharar'rrlstlc of the tiist
greeting to l-lx PrekldeMil Roose velt on
his arrival hero June lv As ho boaids
the reventm cuter Androscoggin,
which will bring him up the bay, all
the steamers In the wi lco-.nlng lle-e-l
assembled at iiuarsnttiue will Join In
a salute with their wliUtle-s. For two
minutes the cords will be lushed fust
and a continuous blast will proclulm
to walling throngs at thee llitttety that
Colonel Roosevelt la on bis way up
the bay.
Per Capita Shows an Increase.
Washington, D C Treasury of
ficials figure out that If all the money
in circulation In the l'niti-d States
were divided spial!y. every mun
woman and child would have $1109.
This is 14 ce nts per capita more than
they should have had by the same
process or reasoning a mouth ugo.
Dunkards' Conference to Ottawa, Kan,
Warsaw, Indiana The next annual
national conference of tho Duuhard
church will be held In Ottawa. Kan
aaa. Thirty thousand persons a: tended
the session of the conference at
Wlnoca Lake recently.
A Frisco Train Wrecked.
Illrmlngham, Alabama. The South
eastern Umlted on tbe St. Louis and
Ban Francisco system was wrecked In
Walker county, about CO miles west
of Iilrmlugham, and 3d people were
Injured, all ot them dangerously.
Means Weak Kidneys.
Well kidneys filter tho blood of urto
arid and other Impurities. When the
kidneys are sick, waste matter accu
nmlates and backaihn, headache, and
urinary troubles re
sult. To eliminate
the aches and pains
you must cure tbe
kidneys. Dosn's
Kidney Pills cur
sick kidneys, and
cure tharu perma
J. N. Msrkhsm,
Montesano, Wash.,
anys; "Kidney trou
ble came on me grad
ually and before long I waa suffering
from dropsy. My body bloated and
my flesh waa soft and flabby. I tired
easily and suffered severely from pain
In my back. Loan's Klduey Pills cured
me and I am today in much better
Remember the name Dean's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents
box. Foster-Mllburn Co.. Huflalo, N. Y.
Clergyman Remember, try friend,
whom God hath Joined together, let
no man put asunder."
Seeker After Divorce? Er St was a
justice of tbe peace.
A Cynical Synonym.
"Poor Myra Kelley." said a tuaga
ilne editor at the Authors" club in
New York, "was almost ss distressed
as Mr. Carnegie at the spirit of graft
and crookedness rampant among
"Tbe young writer, at a dinner of
magazine contributors, said that wo
worshipe d -v.lih that was our trou
ble. Tbe-n she crystallized he r mean
ing In an anecdote.
"She said that one man asked an
other: "'What position does Plank hold In
the community?'
" 'A very honorable position,' was
the re ply.
" Is he wealthyT
"'Wealth and houeir.' said the othe-r,
nre synonymous terms In America to
day.' "
A Child's View.
Scarlet fever was in the house next
door and a little girl of e ight had lls-ti-iie-d
to the re-.lial if what wss hap-
nlng. A calle r came and tho child
attempted to entertain the stratige-r
until he-r mother come Into tbi draw
ing, room.
Shee tedd about the trouble next
door, but In the telling "broke In" ami
broke out" got tangled In her cblld-
Johnny's got scarlet feve-r, because
Is face- Is ull red and b.s chest l
ireike-n In!" she announced.
The Business Instinct.
An F.ngllsh farmer, taking his little
son with nun. was going iu iu
polling station to give his vole. On
the way be met a friend on the same
errand, and the two entere-d Into con
versation AfteT an exclte-d and heat
ed argument about the budget the-y
i nine In blows. The poor lad waa
much frightened, and. si'e-lng that bis
father wss ge-ttlng the worst of It,
sudde nly culle d out to hliut
lilt t I in In the waleh. father;
that'll cost hllll something'''
On Properly Selected Food. It Pays
Big Dividends.
If parents will give Just a little In-
telllgeiit thought to the feeding of
their children the difference, in tho
he-tilth of Iho III I lo folks will pay.
uiany limes over, for I he small trouble.
A mother wrlii-s snylng: "Our chil
dren nro all ao much better and
stronger than the-y cve-r we-rti before)
we mado a change In the character of
tho food. Wo have quit using pota
toes three times a day with coffee
and so much meat.
"Now v-e give Iho little folks some
fruit, either fresh Mewed, or canned,
aoiiio GrapeN'uts with cream, occa
sionally nuns soft boiled eggs, and
some Postum for breakfast and sup
per. Tbe-n for dlnniT they have so mo
meat and vegetable's.
"It would bo hard to realize the
change In tbe children, they hnve
grown so sturdy and strong, and we
attribute this chungo to the fcod cles
incuts that, I understand, exist in
Grnpe.NuU and Postum.
"A short time ago my baby was
teething and bad a great deal of stom
ach and bowel trouble. Nothing
seemed to agree with hi in until I tried
Grape Nuts softened and mixed with
rich milk, and ho Improved rapidly and
got aturdy and well."
Head "The Road to Wcllvlllo," found
In pkgs. "There's a reason."
ICver r Ike leltert A new
pprars trvim tlm time. TSr
r Sfwes, e4 tail el hsissaa

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