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Event Postponed by King's Death Attracts a
Large Audience at Oxford Lord Curzon
Introduces the Distinguished American.
Oxford. Fnic'nnd rWtira an audi
ffir jf dlptlnirii !i hd men and atu
dents of Oxford university, Theodore
Itoosevelt on Juno 7 delivered the
Itoinan-'i lecture, bti atibj ct being
lii()l(,(Clcl Analogies In History." The
lecture bad been scheduled for delltery
n May 18. but of course m post
poned on Recount of King Edward's
demise. It waa. glTen In the Sheldon
lan theater and Lord Curxon. a chan
cellor of the university, presided and
Introduced the lecturer.
In seeking to penetrate the causes
cf the mysteries that surround cot
c.nly mankind but all life, both In the
present and the past, said Mr. Roose
velt, we see strange analogies In the
phenomena of life and death, of birth
growth and char.pe, between those
ph)stral groups of animal life which
e de!gn:it as species, forms, rares
ar.d the highly complex and composite
entitles which rise before our minds
when we steak of nations ar.d civi
lizations. It Is this study, he assert
ed, that hn given science Its present
day pr minence. and the historian of
mankind must work In the scientific
plrlt and use the treasure-houses of
t it r.ce
To lihistrtite, the lecturer t ok ser
er.il inst.ino a of the de. elopment of
new pt Irs and the extinction of sre
elea In the history f mammalian life,
showing that In m'l t:ieraiics
can he traced with considerable aci-u-racy.
and In other obhi we car.r.ot so
tr.u' h as hazard a guess as to why a
glwu cLar.ge occurred.
Anslcj es In Human History.
Continuing. Mr. Roosevelt said In
part :
N-w. to all of tries e,rnctrr,na In th
ev.lut.i.n tf specie, t' r r, If ntt
tlomi Icgies at least csrtain analog!, tn
t . e h:t-r- cf human cicleti,. in th
listen cf the rl to rrortlnenc. of th
C v lupnient and change, of th tm
prrv ti- inlnanc. am! ileath or trans
it crn- atlon. t-f th srrnurit of varying kind
which form races rr nat'nn
As tn Muli-ay. so In human h'stnry, a
new firm may rault fr-m th ;e': illa
tion of a tons tltirg ant hitherto very
I'pdir-rhnry r.g aenerallsecj or nan-t-ects'lieil
form- as. for Ir.atanre, whan
a tari-atl.- ra.- frcm a var.etr of cause
euiMenltr OJeiel.tris a or" cornpl! culll
tsllon nil ctMlltattcin. TV st Is what etc.
curreel for Inatano. In wem Kurtus
slurlng the renturle off tti Teutonic anil
later the rVan.l'nat Inn t!-nlc pvfr
from 11. rurtv All th rtunl-rrt (ountrtfl
ctf i'rrti r'urop ar .'.rs. e-.tr,! from th
tatea r. iiTr.1 hy the rt'.rlt.ern !nt,a.Vrs
Y. r en first ' real! Ihrv rout,! t call.!
ntt" ir "young" states In th ns
that 'Srt or all cf the i.e".r! cutm ! I ' g
thrm r it, err!l f-i m ra ea tr at
M'r.erto lil r.t lrn rltiui.l at a'.l and
that tl.errf-ra fir tt erst tun rntrrcl
en tt nt'T cf ottllls.u! cnnirnunttle
In He a .oil em ( art r.f tnuri Kjrl-a
lh r-rm tta'a t'ua f"rn.l e .na'atel In
hu'.u r f tl- Ir.- ah't:nta alra tv In t lan-1
un'l'r t'! I', nan mplr. atl It waa
).rr that U.r nw kir-hna prat totk
iI Tl r-'ccn a r-ffi i' Hon thatr
ln".'ir-r tr.ti i!er.1r.1 ha k Into th coll
ff . f fiortt a h: h t h- t. ra t a 1 c-ma.
n-1 ;-rtTatv act H ( r.-t r.a i :e w:tn-ia"1
r: cf r-'-T-nn.n:!:. w'.j -r.t . al 1 y
the parre r 1 1! to t:on aa 1 r a.thrrn
fttt.xra. ti.ntian In th- emtTiun!t!i-s.
tinltka t' a utlarn crcwinltt. a thera
waa r.n 1 - r . . .im rf nw I i .-I. an, I In arh
rsaa t-a r. w rl i : e. n.. n a hi. h sta.lu-
SlIV .I'W'i WAl f 'tHl. r.l aft.roiy nf
m-trt-ara i f t-,a aama ra. a -a hi in lha
aaine ta( on l.ait r.t i.'ci !ld the Ufa of
a l-a! ilei.ni hrharirt- T,a aanie
waa tr-: of tn h.aa an1 t' W'avorila-t
J'lrr.a of r.(.-n Kurona wln sn Inftl
trath'iv "f h rt l:r,a lan Ira lrra fn-tn tha
nortt, r.rl n"t.vtion i f i inntina
eoltt.ra ff.-ni It.. a.Mjth Jolne-1 to rolU'a
tha i I e-.n ht. h I ate a i .t i a ! ' r. . :t f
tha little .-'n c.fr nior-.tM. of tf-.f. f reat
ac.llt.eal.i l- f. rrt.r.l ti.a nil!;! ty Ituaa: tn
N and 'Young" NjtlOl'S.
Ar ii. I ha r.' w f. rm MV ri-nraaent
ririe a ac!lli:i.it o"f fi-.n a lor.at ra'nto
Il'"' l' r itawl ;,r,l ac t tkl .r.t
l:tt'o-i In t' la hm tha o.'.l'. r t i;'.n'ly
p-Wi n of aa a -..i!i ..) ia . tr.-. :ly
ai-i io or aa a ' aton lo t t.'.a
trim ah o,l.t alwata ha uo1 w-t'h a ch ar
ecae ..( It. a it'Drtrltta Mom ' , l
da iltrl In a..ch nv h.,i ia
itil.l l-v tla aiti . rm in i ;.!)..; ,.f
ilu.ii I n.iuon hi.t (I. . I, fr,,m a
halt,-.' 'in I wrM-.-.ce a n.l t ti, l: w,rw
I.. . ,'il.a oi'Ult.l elth Tin anl or
Inth t'.t tic litra i r ri.ornt.ianta.a aaa
In M. i', . r.- of ttia i.. .. .t l (,
tiaw . u a III thp oil olti t.K ,.wa.tns
'l torla or Manltol.a la a h'-n i ..icnuinM a
'"lniiol wtlh Una- a lot . t S.-otlamt hwt
tha an.ential t.r of .l!hiu(ion an.t rt,.
tuia la aa .11 In one . . . I n 1 1 a ot h r
I of c.o t.a not n.i-an f. r m. n,nt
that rrreat i t acca ara r"t t.r..luc.Nl hy
tha n.n fa. i thai tha oi.t . imMi-m ra.-a
'.B su.l.lriilv r.ta.r.1 In a in .i:i 'lr.ka w t.erw
It ha am. In in r,i it-r.u.a'h t:.a ..ri of
lumlin lha a n.tornraa. a a.-ik flmnhi .1
many centuries h(.ia In tla otijioal
bona of tha rnca 1 merely mean thai
he n etral Matcry la tha aama In a.
Ci.aa We ..in rtsl.tly uaa II a .hr.va
na e. le - in n.eakins (f , ,:n,
tit Auatiali -ins. An .ii. una or AftiKaiotera
Hut e ua it in an anilrriv dirterent
senaa from that In which ae i... lh,n
sneakies -it audi comnmnHlea aa th.aa
font lo.l ,v II a n -Ml ii , a, n,,,,. ()
ecetotanta .t.irlrg H al .e,t. .1 ,, ..t,,,,.,,,.
log srr.ua 1 1. wtl h saw Ihe ,, . e l,,,, ,f
tha Norae aeu ll,.eea con juer an.l trana
form Normal. ,1. Ki.-ilv. ar.,1 tl. Ilrlllart
lalan.la: na It in an entirely dlterer.i
Sanaa from that In w lit.-rt a uaa It t,,n
areaklng of li s n alMrs thai (raw up
sr.inn.l Wat saw, M. f. N,. ,.r,.,l. nj
M.a.ow. sa lha tul.t iom'i of tha
stet..es an.l tt.a maiaiiy for.-.i, atrusia.i
oy an.l aiiiml llngly ti aar.l In
huihlitw of ctlica anl l,, form
.. ernments. Tha kins. Ionia .
be. .
t'haili-masn and
Altre.l ,,. 'n.."
compareii witn th empire .in th i,..
phon.s lliei were also In awry way dif.
farenl, their line, of an.-atrl deacatil had
rulhiiig In commnn with thus off th
poislot realm which paid tribute to th,
t'aaaars of Hisantlum. their xlal prob
lems and aftartiiii bl.tory wrra totally
different. This la not true of tluia "na"
nations whl. h spring dlrcl from old na
tions Urasll. lb Arganlln. Ih t'nltad
tale, at all "new" aailuna. co nip red
with Ih nations off Kurop. but with
htvat changa l detail, thalr clvtllsa
Uaa I Baula at 1st gaovai Eure-
n tvpe. in shown In lort Ppatn.
an.l J.oslaii.t Tha rllffrn. aa between
thraa "n" Amerlr-an n1 tha "nll"
1-nr. fan nattuns sra not aa ureal as thoas
which rl the "new" nations una
from another and tha "olil" nations one
from another. Thera sra In aa. h caaa
'ry rl lit.renrn itaern th new an1
the o'-t nati',n-elTeren. ea both for good
and for evil; hit tn each raw thaiw Is
th aama ancestral hiatory to reckon with,
the aame tyt. f clMl'iatlon. with Its at
tendant benefits and shortcomlnara; and.
after tha pioneer a'asaa are p.iaaed. 9
prohlema tn be solved. In spite of superfi
cial differences, ara In their emenca tha
aarre; they ara those that -,. -.front all
clvllljed peoples, not those that confront
people, a-russllr.g from barbarism Into
Bo. when wa apesk of tha death" of
a trlhe. a na-lon or a civilisation, tha term
may be used for either ona or two totally
d:ffrnt prrx-oaae, tv-.a ar.agy with
what occurs In bl ! .gn at history being
complete, t-ertaln trlhc of aavnrea. tha
Taamanlars for Ir.atanre. and varlcus lit
tle elsns cf American Indiana, tuif within
the last o. nlury or two rornple'ely died
nut; all of the Individuals ha pi-rlshe.J.
leavlna no doa. endna. and tha h.ood has
disappeared Ortuln other trlhe, of
Indur, have as trll-es dKaptw-ared or
ar now rl'ar.ppeartrg: but tr.eir blool
remain,, rlnir ah..rl d Into the v'ns ff
tha whit Intrulers. or cf the b'.m k men
Introduced by the. wl.ita intruders, so
that In reality t!,c- ara rrerely being
transformed rto , ime-blng ahsulte!y
dlfTcrent from what they w era.
A Ilk wide diversity In fact rray be
covered In tha statement that a civilisa
tion hus 'd.ed euL"
Phenomena That Puxzla.
In leat'rg r. t with gr--:ps cf human
beinrs In s ,. ar. 1 r'ni 'ivn r-'.a-lor.s.
but with h.ghiy cmp.,. t f 'y -lai-Itol.
elMlts.d. r eemi-clviiis-d s.. :.t. s,
the- Is reed of gr-at cauthn In drawing
sr.alr.c-.es with what has rerurrel In the
de el, pmer.t of tha animal w-ril. Ti t
"n In these raats It I, curljus to
how sore of ik phenomena In the
growth and disappearance of these com
plal. art;flc;aj groups of human beirga
reaemht ..at has happne,i in myriads
rf Instances la tha history cf Ufa on this
TVhr do treat artlflcial empires, whose
eltliens ar knit by a bond of s peach and
culture much more thin by a bond of
bloo.t show pn-.od, of traor Unary
growth, ar! inln of sudden or Ilrgerlng
dcav In soma caaea wa ran answer
readily anoush; In other rases we can
not as jet even g-iea, what tha proper
answer hnu!4 be If In any such rasa
tha cen-rtfugal fen- overonm the cen
tripetal, the ratlrn will of cura. f.f to
rlece. and f.a reaaon for Its failure to
become dominant force la patent to
vary ona The m'nuta that tha spirit
whl'h find, tta Healthy davaloprr ent In
lo. al self s vernmer.t. an.l In ti.a ant'd ta
to t di ioera of an ettrem cntral'ia
tton. dee;. pa into mere panic. ;arlam.
Into tnat llity to enmblne e(Tct!ly f .r
a. hlevemet t of a common end. then It 1,
hopelraa to aspec t ,reat reau'ta fi lar. I
ar.d certain rpuhl:.a of th western
htr 1st here are the ta r lar 1 e a"-p'ea of
failure of this Wind, an 1 tl e f-oted S'ate,
would rave ranked w..h tlem and Ita
nam would hata .-. m a I word of
.Vrl.ion. if he forces of ur.li n had not
triurrfhed In th CH11 war H tha
grow th of ,.,ft i;,v,rv af-ei It has tearhrd
a certain p. it.t ta-.n-.e a rational danger
patent t- a',1. Again, 11 needa bi.t little of
the Ms'on rf a aeer to foretell what muat
happen in anv i-ommunliv if tie axerava
won an ceas.-a to teccni th rt.i ther of a
fair.; r of h..',iv cl.i! tr.n. If If averaga
man l..sa t, will an.l th er to work
up to old I- and to ffl t whenever tt.a
need nrlaea If th. homely, comnomplace
sinues ni out. tr atrer.,ih of . haraoter
I vanla' ea In cra. eful self indulgence. If the
I Mn'a quant air pt v then th natl. n
las lost what no materia) ptospcrlty can
' Offset,
ii.it ir ar ar r'.ertT of iiur phenom
ena whol'y or pnrtialy !n p':. !',. t i,
a.y tn see w y Coma trend..! d .xnwatd
when great ili.r.l lle.1 fatn.s spread o r
w hat I -' I on. e been a . oui.tl side of
.nS4!-t proprietors, when gteed aril Ijv
urv and ec ,u.y ate l'k a. ids Into lha
riser of t' e upper i '.Mm wll.a the tnasa
of th. .ttijri.s sr.w to .".pen. I ml up.n
th.ii . wn eeiti..na hut i p . tla state,
f .r tle'r p''-ssuira and tt'eir itv 1UH
l . ,t t.:a tt.a tu t en '.;ln whv th
f. t..il 1 1 i im i,l a-. ., at ,1 Reran!
tit.- ' !tr as .Vr.rci s.,,..,
Cot . . rt e.t at .re 1 1 lie as i . t , T .t s p'.-ra-tuie
at ar. oer line aa t-a.f'is a-. :,' tec.
lure a ii.cl.ir lime aa i.jii.'s iily
I i 1 1.' ; a . jmn.-l run , ...ss why t h
spil'.cs cf one kind of en.rsv ilri.t ,.p
wile f.i.. A1 )et nn .e.:,;l,n of an
other kind
Holland as sn Empl.
I a e e r. i i: rr act mm ' lot 1 r. ir,.i that
of II i.ic.l lor a en, rmetlrg a
little ii. ole th.on lha sex e n I .-e n t Ii r r i , t ur V
ll .l'i.i.l I . a. rue ,.f lie Iial n ,j
Stairs at an rrcirr lrlod. slood on lh
danc rous hi,-:.ts of i leati . e I., si.le ca
ll. oia a . nll h. r ..eriot In innl. tv
and p. pul iii. ri aa I,, make It Inrvint.,
I r. at a ...nr r c r
S: tl o'S and
l.xtef e must f.,.i fi, ii ,
lino, ii, e ,i ,1. h
al. had Urn inlso.l her
n Ir I nut.
II c.u.l.l not
ria s.c i ii. i t,iii (em,. It
bate Inn ldcHuitrlv p.s'ionrl
am far .pil. kcr than It i ..c.l, I
but It
i oitie.
be. a. .a f at.orti omlna on her pari to
wbl.it i h i .e.,! I.riialn and II, I nltcl
Stall Would be wise to par hoed It.r
gn ri rui.nt waa s'l,u:arlv Ineffecltt . tla
.1". . titraliiatlon hema; a .. h as often to
p.iti lt t' c separatist. II, . p..rtl. ularlst.
splr.t of Ih iroMll.rs lo rot. tl.e ,;
autl otil) of all rttl.-ioifv This a ta had
n.'i:iu hit ihe fatal srlm. . aa n
., coinircn In t.. h. e,. e hn I,,, K ,,,,,,
wlct men hat l. think of war as p,.aal
bla. ai d tr) to Justify tuelr ox n n-lu. tan.
to fa. It either by h'sus.Hinding moral
plalltu.l.s or ,-lse by a ph:l,.a..phy
short ihtc.l m.itctlalism Th Initi o.
Were, very wealthy They grew to ho.
Ileve tint tt.ey cMuId hire other to do
their righting for them on land, and on
sea where they did thrlr own f gluing.
nd lough! very wl. they tefi.aed tn
time of peace to make ready fleet, so f.
fl tent as either to Insure th liutch
against th pea.-, being broken or else
lo git, them b VI. lory when war
cam To be opulent and unarmed Is lo
eoure se In th present SI Ih almost
certain coat of ritaaalar In Ih fiitur
It la therefor easy to aea why Holland
loat when aha did h.rpoattlon among th
power, but II la far mora difficult lo i.
plain why al th same time thera should
bay com al least a partial loaa of p. -el-lion
In th wnttd of art and I. iter. Horn
prk of dlvln fir burned ltlf out In
Ih national soul. As Ih Una of goat
tateaman.ofgraatwarr1ora.br land and
sea. cam to an nd. o th tin off ihe
grl I uli h plntr ngd. Th loa of
pra-aaalnsaare ta Ux asbooU folkaw4 ike
loes of pre eminence fa ttntm and la
cnuli'll chambar.
In tha little republic nf Holland, aa la
th g"t empire of llilw, It wa iwrl
death al.!. Ii came, but Iranafomiation.
Itotti lli.lhir.d ar.d Ita'y lea h u tbal
ra. as that full may rise again.
Danger of Race Suicide.
Ti er are o,utl.,i, hh ti we off Ih
gleaj r-tvllixd nations r e v r teryi pd to
ask of th future la our tltn of growth
drawn. 4 t I nn and? Ar as na'lor,
soon to om under th rule of thai great
litw r.f d.-at h. al !i 1 1 la It a if but part of to
en at lnw of ll'eT Nona a n It II. lore
that w a cm n s-a , nd ot h-r f .rr t- tl at ar
hid. ten ir that 'an but ihmiy L tpr
Ini l. -l ar at work all ar u.r.d u. both
for g" d nii'l for evil Th r"'h In lus.
urv. In bo f eesa. In las-a f'er vajitd
nod filt.o'.ua to Itomi-nt. Is boh evident
arid not. rit y Tl ii.-.sl ominous aim
Is th d,mlnnlon In tha birth rate, In th
rat of n.itutal In-reaee. now to a l.trrr
or Irasrr il gre st.ared l-y iro st r.f tha
clvlhie.I nailon, of central and w-sT'rn
llur- p. nf An. eric and Aus'raila a d.m
Inutlon so grntl that If It conilnui a for th
pest century at tt rate M h has ob
tain d for t ! laat year, ail th mor
highly rlt-Ilifed pei.pia will be a'atlonary
or els hav l.egun to go hs'sward In
p"l .intlon, while many of Item will hav
already r ,n very fir h -ranrd
T'.er I, much trat atould git us con
cern for th fu'ur Hut ther Is much
alio w lch ar.ouJ.l give us f ope No man
Is mor spt to b mls'ai.n than th
proph.t of evil. 1 heliet with all my
heart that a great future remains f.r us:
hut whether It d"s or d.i not. our
duty Is net a -ere! U .weter th bat
tle may go. th sol !:r worthy of th
r.ama will with utmost vtcor do hi al
loted tusk and hear h'r-. !f aa valiant
ly In defeat as In victory, c om what
Will, w e h .r.ril to pec.p'e, w ho hav not
yield 1 t.. the crat en fear r f tlrtg greah
In tie ago, that have gone by. th
great nations, the nation, that hv ex
panded ,r ! that have played a mighty
pan In th wrr'.d. hav In th nd
grown oil and weakened and vanished,
hut o hat th nat.o-is whoa only
tloi.ght was to avoid ail rjnrg-r. all ef
fort, who would r.sk nothing, and who
theref. re galrrd nothing In tr. r,d th
sam f.it n ay nvrritLiim all al k; t ut
th memory of Ih on tt pe j-r.sw e with
It wt.'e I)- cither leates Its mark deep
on the history of all th futur of man
l.lr.J A nnti'.n that sm'rk'lr dies may b
hern ac.iln: ar.d even trooKn jn the
pl.vst-al ser.s It die ut-er'y. It tray yet
hard d.-wn a history cf heroic ac.-.leve-ruiTit
ard f-.r all t:m to com may pro
for.llt tr'V.. nee tie rat: ra tha! arise tn
1's I '.-o e hy t. In j.res, of what tt has
d- ne !'.-t r f al' Is It to 1- our art we.;.
' too-.c ri-1 t"al In mi o ant w irr.er. ft to
take i.p ti e task aa we Jay It down, for
so s' s.l cur seed Inherit th ear.h. Put
If ttls a rich la best, is denied US. then
at Nasi it is curs to remember that If w
w ran te tore h -hear' rs. as pur
fathers were before us Th tcreh ha
been handed on from ration lo nation,
from r!v!;:rtl.-in to clvhlAt:on thrr-ugh-out
all recorded time, from th dim yrs
t-efor his'ory dawned, down to th bia
sing s; ivn lor rf this teeni'.ng century of
our It is dropped from th hand of th
ccwsrd and th sluggard, rf tr. man
wrpi.d In luxury or let of ease, tha
man whose soul was atn away by sejf
Ind.ilgen.e; It has been kept alight only
by t.v.aa hn wer m'gl'.ty of heart and
cunning cf hand. TV at they worked at.
proti.ing It waa worth d.ir.g at all. wa
of no less matter than how they worked,
whe-her In th r-t!m of th mind or th
ma'm of the lo.y tf thlr work was
g " d If what thv achieve.! a as of
s'ance. then high success wa really
In th fra; part of thla lecture I drew
rr!a n ara cie letween w-at had oc
curred to forms of a:. in. at hr through
Ire tr irrt: .n cf th . on this p.aret,
ard wta: l.5.a occurred a-.d Is irturrirg
to the sj-eat art if! -al rit i.iat., rs wh'.-h
hat inli.iv spread oter tt; w--r.1s
t a on e d.r ng lha thousand cf years
I ti at late -.tse.1 slr.-e c'tl.s of temples
I and :.e -st r .se bir d N::. an,!
th K .; rate and t a l.arie.rs of
j V n-ar. i'r..e (,ei,t.! with t.'.a rests or
j ti e Aeg. an craft. Hut cf curse the
I ara; la t-.ie r-.ly In the roughest
ard lr. il gei, era! stay Moreover, eten
between t ctt Sirs, ions .f today and
j tta r rt lllisticna if ancient times ere
j are ih". rrn.-i-i so pr. f ur. 1 that e must
j be cs .t o ir, .!-a ng any .. n -li.s-.ona
f.-r t'e p-rser.t late! ..- a 'utt t al lap-
I" i in t e -a-. tt t e r-..e-,y a.l-r.ii-
licg all i f o.;r f '.l ea an! wi-karessi-a of
todftt It !s tt nine pertersl'y to refuss
to ret ire ' In- re.pl !e a lt an.' that
has h.er, ti In '.!, a! ttan '..-.r Is I do
r. t p. id tt at ther I, f gl.teet neo
fcrv . o-.i e. ,i. n btwen ant- weaken
I'l ' f tin for. and this advance In
!! moral s'nnlard this growth of the
ser so of i!''iatlu-t to ones re-g'-.K.r and
rf n-l.-'f . ti. do t! at i-.iogi t..r wrong
V. e reel lute a ant pa-ten- with ..t
s. v . ti. .on wi-ich It. .l.ts t at klr. lll.
r.esa of i l.ara.-ter cl.'t- a . o!i I anlos
s'll-o-o .f c'Ara.ter I "n the conlrart.
..t as In rtxale life many of l.'ie men
if - ret ciais.ter are t'e terv Ii - n
cf I .'i est a- -1 moat esslte l mcts.ltv. a
1 b.'.:i-te tla In r.t'i....t! hfe as tls ages
go hi ne null n-'.l ihai tl permanent
t tlor..! np.s tti.l rn. re ar t m .i tm!
1- .r-s 11 ..e In tt't.h. w'i.e t'e In'el--'
t . ii-.'s I it' , ' a-a.-trr slan Is I Ig'.er.
1 ' r eg. 1 suet gn, a' d . . iiiac.1
r k k . I i i; a. 1 1 t in l a i r,g r.i ; i, e .
" " -t .'il' ii w-.'l go lan.l In h to 1
tt 1, a 1. " t s . in of .1- : g a - org to i ; u .
Ti is Is f i. tu.,. , f Tim 'le'ti of
' ' f W - it' -i a...! I.:,,. . -n
Tli.e we-e as g- l r.n as rt.otir.i
a- 1 ..I ..', It i . . aa r.rr . rve.l a
e'.tie act i!m tt.ie m!.. as sit.i.g ren
as nrr f itt-!.- I r aat e.t a I'ale b..-!t
plot e 1 1 at l line Is r, '
i . r e,.rt t.t con. !.'
leg f
" k' o in li e s.tm n a l'. n
l' . it 1 1 i ut iocs ii uat t hem .
Tl i
si It es s-.i pit 1 1
rti K'l'...' aid 1
lend to p-.-luc
1 'ti- to th Si ,f tn.
. f e.ts w 111. ii they
Problems cf Modern Nations,
'"ii modern r't lilted ntroti hits many
and tettible prol 'ius to s.,u will. In us
oan b. rl.-s. r hierrs H at arise n-t
n el,-!, (i. tm JuxiKposiiion ,.f potetty ar.d
ri. I ea b ,t rape, lailv fli ln It ae.fcon
s lousoi-.s if Uiltt p.itcrtv and rlchca
I'h- h n.-ttlon niusl deal with toes nut'
leta In Its own fashion, and yet the spirit
In wtlh th pr.lu. m Is approached n.,..t
trr t f ..n.luo-nnlal v i'. ame It
iio.m be a spir t of broad h iioaiiity, cf
brotter.v kliutnies t.ff a.ci'platt, of re
ap. 'tiMi'ii.ty. on r. r ra. h and each for
all an. I a; the s..m tune a smt.t aa re
mote as lie polos ft. in eterj for-n cf
wea..r.i-sa and aentimem allt Aa In war
to paid n the toward is l.t do cruel
w r u g l.i tl a brat n an w hoe life lus
cowan!'. teopaiiiiiis so in ctil affair
It Is tctoliti'g l.t etery pntuipi (.f
J.istlc lo g-t to th last, th st.uo;a. tr
eten the f.-cl-. and dull w 'tied, a lew si. I
which Is rea.ly th robl-ety of what
biaser. wiser, abler m n hate earned
The onlv etccllt sit to help a.uy man
la lo hep htm to l.eip himself and III
worst lesson to tea. h I tm Is that I. can
lie permanently helped at ih pna of
om on ! True htteriv allows tise'f
to boat adtantaga In pi.ne.nng tie lights
of other and ap.-i.ally of minoritiea
1'rlMI. K should not t'e tolerated be. aus
It Is to Ih a.ltantag of a minority, n.ir
set he. aoaa It I, l.t Ih adtantage cf a
mat i tt Nt d M-tnnalr Iheon,, pf
etett light or freedom of contract ran
stand Itt th wy of our culling oul
abussa from th body politic. Juet a lu
ll ran wa afford l.t follow tha d.tclrtn-
irea of an Impoaa Meand In.l.lenlal y
of a highly undaalrabl-Ts.-ial ratuluilon
which, la destroying Individual rtghta
llncluding preiterty right! nd Ih t aura
lly, weald dstauwj Ik Iww shlaf agwau la
tf advanra of sneetrtsil. at. rne las
rhlaf reaa'r.s wt.g enter lb adsersn e
II (.feert stlo ff mankind ) w-n-ta
wail Ii i, ,a .y, f,a , dreadful t.lt.g
lo b rallou to fnres ed ,f"-rir.g. sad
blind to o;r duty to do all things p -sxnuj
ff" th i errr.enl of a-x'al or.-!: tvna
Hit It la an r speak ab'r fl.sh thing lis
s'nt f.r tits r-ir-r.nt by mean eo
! Mrur-li. mat tt ey wou d !. no e-e.
rial ondlilne., fn letter In dea tr.g lt
all the e-lsl jiroberra. with u, ,,u.
n.at re atton nf tr farr.hy, elih waira
In prisst use ar.d b .a.ryee us, wtfrj la
b -r, iliti poterty. tna .n pn: r. na
si ' r la to ren u. Mr t-., tr ourti tard
niss iff heart is a f-t .;; ia r-o
gnster an ii Ir an s f ria of lad
I'd la addition to f,m r-t.Um, lb
rr est irit o ate ar,.J tu ,. car if '!
'I'll to a ismnr or Utas rug- s?e'l ail
th r, intern r.s!r r.s a -msatat ai.. w
of tl grea' ration, that las eiparded.
trat are now tn rorr.;.,,r ated rriit'lor., sr-,tti
ona ar.-iher and w'.tn i.ot rare, lay
ape ia! t rotm n1 s- lsl d .: of our
own. Voii t-iig to natioB w h! h iviw
sse th greatest empire upon which tt,
sun laa ever hone I h;org to a ba-ica
"hl'i, is trying, rn a '.; hl-hrto ur.es
sr pd. to wra out th prob'em of goe
ernrrert f.-r. of. ar.d by tha peopl. w.ull
at the same ttrr.e dc.;n th Irlernaf.onaJ
du'y cf a grat power. Rut ther are
certain rol,ms wr.l'h both of us bay
to . Iv. rj a to which our s-an-Jarda
stcu.d he th sam. Th Eng. 1st-man. th
n an of th Brl-ish Isles. In h's rartecus
hrme ar-rr,a, th hu. ar.d th Ameri
can, v.th st bom and a!o-o,d. an
bro.'ght !no contact wrh Btter y shea
f t - '"ne with a clviiiiaiun mor aa
ciem hr,n 0;e own. others s-.l'l fri. or
having but rcr.-!y tr'nti from, the bae.
harlsm which our p. i e !-ft behind ara
aro Th prcbirrr.s ttat ar,e are ! s:k
r:rh tnoetnretvable J:e-i!ty They can net
he -!tei b t!, f.,l sh Mcllnr.'l'.'t eff
g'sv-st-l on-e peetfie. with 1'fia t.aent
r"'-!-. end th' cut -ar.d-dr'ed t!."t-le
' r-o'i'l'al nursery whl n hat sucrt
llmred app-l.-ah!iiy arr'.d th crash rf
els'-. .: f' rce, .Vei-hey can tney tat
s-lted (v tv raw brutality f th met,
w r.c.. s ,-t-er t home or on th r-urhi
frontier rf cIvii'M-icn. al jt might a
th only ,-andard cf rrlt In dealing wi-ij
c. t'er men. srd treat alien rams only a
'-ts f-.r ,' Hu'l'.n.
No hard sr.l fast rul can be drawn aa
.r'vi-.g to all a'n race, te'ause thr-y
d rr-r frcm or. noThT far iti't tti-.
ly t! sn t m of if.em differ from us. But
tier n o-e er two rules which rri'UJ!
r.-t te !rvi,i, in ;h inrg rit. ther
car !e r.o t .s'.'V a-lrn f-r r r.e ra-e tnsn-
ci-,g or eet-.;re!.ing am ther un'eat v
n.snar-mnt and cor'noi sn ere-cecd In
tn. n... re,-. ,rd f. r th bene! of that
c'ter ni.- Th's 1, w;.at rur r'T-lr,
rate in -r ms'n dine, ,-d must c-n-'.:-..
In th f..f-n in -.n r-e.trr r
rre. t,, do in in-;. a. rvr, a- ! u.e P.-.il.
ipl -es a :k. In th, next j lare. at regit-is
very ra-e. senyw.-e, at home
r at road. w car.-c; ,--,.rd to dv!ate
f--rr. t"- great rul tf ng'.:ec,usr.
whl'h b !s us treat a-h. man en his
woeft a, a man K must not be nu
mnts ly favore-l be-aus ba belr-r.gs ta
r ten race; b must cot be given tm
mur.'ty in wror.g-dolr.g. or permit ted te
cumi.r the ground, or pvett other privi
leges which would b denied to th
VI-tout nd urf.t mcnr thm,s!vea. c3
f- c.tv,e hmj wher he acts In a way
whir1- w-.ld auuue htm to respert ,-d
rard If he" wer of our own stock, be
!s !-! aa iticii entitled to that resp..t
an! rard If h rrinei of another
stork. ten though that other stock prcc
d. i'es a much sma;:r prrrrtlon of men
cf his typ than do cur own. This haa
r. hirg to do wi'h atsrtal Interrr.ir.gU-g.
wl'h what 1S called -ctal equality. If
has to do mrly with th ouestlon cf do-l-g
to 3ch man ar.d a-h. woman that
elementary Justice which w.;l permit him
or ber to gain fr-m Itf th reward
whl.-h should !iii arrcr-pany thrift.
totrtty. f-cor-rol rs;.-cl for t-
r'ghtt or otters and rard ard Intelli
gent work to a rvm n,1 To mor th.n
u-h .'uat tnatmrt r.o man ! entitled,
art !,, ,-ar. such Just trtarn.rat no n aa
SC -u ,d re. e.'v
Duty cf Nation ta Nat cn.
Tva of.er tsp of r"jry :, t Interra-
tlonal d.itv tr duty ' tr on r.-tu-r,
to ar..-thr I I .!! ttat th law tf
n-ors :tv w! ! -h should ('irfi In lit ldu
ai. In t!-cir dealings or. with in ether
ar 1 st r.s b'r. !lrg rnrrprr'rf n;;t;-n.s In
the'r de ings on w-th th ithm Tt
ar t ; 'a; .. ri ,-f th mcral .aw must be
."..t.re-.t In tha two case, r-e-aue in
one ,-. tt hss. n.J In the rt'rr It has
c-t t' e sar-tion of a etvt! lit for
'"h-'l it Ti e tndnldjal can depend f.--r
hit rig' upon th courts w ;.i. ti ti.-n-seltes
deriv their force fr-m l.'.e r ',:
poaer ,-f tl atate Tt attics nan de
tend up.-n nt thing cf th kind and
; ere- r. aa thing, are now. it 1, th
hit'..! r! ity if th, most advan.-ed nd
frees- pop.ea to keep themselt-ea In S-ch
k a'a'e cf r 'Ineaa a ta f ,.rbi 1 lo any
ttart-iir-sm or despotism th, t ,.p of tr
rrsiirg ,., progress of th w-rit by ST.
King d.-wn tie ration, ttat leal 'n thai
prog-cas It would be fvls'i Indeed to
psy ! ee 1 l.t th unwls Jn rs.-ns .ho d
st il mm tn rrt l.t !. h-g..n ly t-a
t-y ... i . w! .. f all t.tlfs. sue it'll
not te l.ti ) e plea befor ary p-..l.
ft. !i.,i roust teprohat qu'i at
sttor-.g i b ti t! leaders and th tte.-p.i
tt I o u lit.1 ir en ...race or c r. 1 ,
igs-r. s... u ar d It!.... is l tt.e s-n. - g st
t'e e t p -..e if t ' tt . i, We s' c u t .1.
rie Ii. iti-.ii st wl.oVe'-,,s r,r'er
I y the w r ak n r It- tie t'r.'-r nd l-.m 1
weak a--1 s'r. ig ae ' o. .! In l.i'-n
t.at a 'l!' r - .).. fa nu t. The f r
e'gn p :: t . r g-e.t ao 1 a ;: re;i 1 - g
' " .'I'tt r.'. !.'. he to-:.! .o le 1 on es.l:y
I I e s.ti-,e i ..i e if t or. if :r t 1 n
poii -I- s . it n r g' IS ai ! of re.fr. I f r
tuc r r ' 1 1 of i 1 ! t r a . r s w I it a I'm c and
loo'i..' r.i-i Is .!.' - g h.s frl-
h wa I . r"..t me l,. s .i-i- rt tl s slat- :
rt rnl ool of mt ran i-er .-n--e ..y
'ititt t.s'l ttt'S t Has lie le ,f
li'st r" n acl ctutrg-.! e..;o-. :"y alth ,
'e i.'ii.'iii I .t lis t .re ,n p- and
.t.irrg i!..ir trov I i.---k n. a.;. on w.ta.
'et. r, n e lo ant tl'.ir ' l-e tn th, t a
( He cat 1 1, ! it I W.-.. ! I t hkt tell I
.i in las '-g aa an ',r, '.it ,ja! la
..i.tl'ig mil. other t,,!t'
1 t-c let I I at w if lie grvat i-lti! ,.-4
nail, n.s ft l.KlAt r.at a ilt't t.i fee: i- al
1. iig tarecre of a. I. let ru.i -tl 1: kwf ,,w
. ii r actr-.-tl i-t'i.rlria to as. !. i f t.a la
t ,iu.-1 t lr! lie h.n.'tBt' rtitil.ee c! tt.s
log rila tt I .-ttet.r s-i.j.11. In It. at a.us
1 CI I S S'llt l-ar lot- r.r I i.'-.via ete't it
t-v so il.'ii w r a faiiur. si-urair.g
'. l.e p -.'t so. .s e( ina.t at ,.r w I. .
troist r, ether litilr.r r. -r s.c,.a lurt us
t . ! ll .it tu.r own t i.t,.! s-a.i c -uitt'.i
tn th m! I 'tat our rin'-.l-tn an-l cMt. ;
itrrr. rt .licit le ert.l.c.s.s gt-:teraiscris '
s .a.l ar tr Ivi take our I- a.-e a.-t.l juar a
rt- t' it .. . ! ii tuii-.am isri la in w.r-X
Ittil tin' er Il ls It tieuitsl tr grantee! tr !
Ii ertls tte Bt.a.l Itol lee, lei at leas!
it sattsfa. t!cn t-e ccrs i:-al we l ate
larrles! erwant II llgMetl .,s-h la cur'
can tluy att.t gcnerati ut It w .l.t l' a. !
t.'en. as cur tcs t-i.tse. artj w a tut j
lino Itt ttatkrtiss an.! ot't-r han-'.s grasp j
ti c tcit tt. at leust w cart tar that etur I
fart t-.at t-een Is.rtt well ait4 salient. y.
Chacity and Prvdenc.
The ct'ntra.!ittloo vl U'e ar msry.
n ot'seivaiit man remarket! recer.t'y
ttat be was rroallm atout a rertata
city sqvtsre, w heu be came uixsa a
rlritikii i (ontitala which txv two cvm
f! l-1 tn at Itiscrlpilttris.
One. th or'.iilnal IrtsorlptUtQ on th
fountain, waa (roiu th riMe. "And
ahtvsoetvr wtli. lot bliu laa lb swat
ter of Itf freely "
Ar-cte this bung a placard; P!aa
da aot watt th watr.a TouU't
MtASURt 50 TO 12.
The Bill N Ce te Corf'evce
After tt'rj CoMinw9u'f ttlcrt
ftgnare U ev a.
V. aa'.if.gh'.n. h. C T?. ai.-r.lt.ls-t.'aip.n
ra .r-.al H.; wa uu If
li-e t ;.ai tj a '-.e ot ' i tu II
T.e r'rt' ie ij 'i no riAi Lj
1 - '. ' ra' a at f u. u t
ii. '.r, I'.t rUr. I'raf. ':1iZ i.
'ji'j. N-.:.s. Iff, p;;r::. iUJ
tier, e-:t;, .-xi'.a f..f ula.-.ail m4
sxitti cf a,,' h cysr.a
T..e rkii.- .a-i i..:; i-an B '.w t'- to
coi-Ier r.cutr :e,rie! 't f. e-.i t
3i Ftr-;ary Tie . e-rs 1;
letr. JUfh V.. i5 r C-r-..lr.t
rox.oLer.-d tla VrjT ;' iee-ca
fci'a.r.k'. t;.e i.tajru.-e :-z. si.'l-
ML'e iir. tl-r. Jt tat uter. r;i'.;;j.
'..Tby l.;,.re tLe :.'. e-t-,: a
I'.-n:4 of 12 seen T-.e o"? t.a.
Ht;i irti law. of tiikli t.t Is ixei;
rcry. was r-..r i or. Ket.r-.trjr tt.
'. .f.. ar. i ;a.-t ti g-are Jar ; l.
II".".. a.' er lj ;-fca ot :.' -'. ..a.
Consuls Report Natives Ope-ii'jr Inault-Ic-j
Placards at hiilung Incite
Fecpie to Kill Fareijiee,
I't'-'r C'..ra. 7t ccir.sci'i at Nr
J.iLE ..; -.- tia: cri i c:.rt'- ;a
.t.t; ci-y ;.f,e af-?jn.e o;o z.iy iz
tul'lrr afi'jde tcwa-j f-.- .altera r.l
:.i'.e CcMf-i tu waJ. i r.i -.i. Axrr.r
ur -'ili'f
r:a:-ar s tave o.f:. ;r rt.i ;a o,
'?: filir.it -a tie to
ai.tl hli-ig:.t.-r tl-e f.rc.-e-s i.:. i
r.riii - L- ir ; :c;sfr.v.
Tim ltitosi Statu- cr.l'er New 0
1 ar.s ar.i ti,e Gtrrr-at. ar. ! yi;iit!
:.. ri-r w a- a-e : r.r ctT tie Voas. it i
ii is I--' ev t i tr-.-sA ie.tt.i tie at-.
5 t u j ru'ect a'; ;.e!etra tr. u.e
e.t-Lt of aa ou trt-ik.
St, Joseph Mutt Raise $75,030 to Get
Govern rr.ett Appropriation of
Like Amount.
Wi.-hirKtoc. D C Tte cor.:er
ece uiilree a tick ta urJer cca-ntc-rativn
the river ttil artir l.ll
j t.a rrache-l an acreen.cr.t ar.1 tie
j ccr.fercce rt-j-ort aas tubx:tte4 to
tt.e st-r.Aie jft before) ai;oumxer.t.
I Tie or.lv Missouri river :tera wivci
! suffered '.z t.':e cor.f-rer.ee waa the
I $;u".(.'-i a; ;-o;.ria'.;or. I r Lata Cco
j t.rary. tear St Jtui. Ttie bouse
; S'-'jvislor.. atirh rr.ilet jn arprc;r.a
' t.o- of ::, i."0 cusiiti.-ted c;aoc a
j c. i.-.r. t.111. c a Ike axcutt ty tt
ill) of St J.rfe;.i. wis ao-
Pres. sent Gsccieg Gives Assurance ef
Eec Att stance to Americans
in tne Wort.
ri.itar. v a K s;-cr. Jir. r to m
-J '- t iid t-jr tte Aa.er.CAt navy
ar-r..-rt It'".?! Mr Jacki.-r.. ti,e
An tr: a.-. n.::.t-.vr. l'r t-iiet-t lioit-x
nits t' at Cuti .:'.:;:t:r aut.t-;r-s
lie ra.a.nc cf :hs .'a tf tbe tJki'.'.t
fl.io Mil. r.e
Tte 'H! !. r.t s.n s ,Ke t'utr: gov
fix it er.t .;: iriie enry a .t tUrj-.-e to
.te Au c-i, auv ic tte wc-li.
rtecener for Renry.
i: V. i ;: Ii : rr. Kat-sat. I". J Wt .te, j
:-.-. ;.!. . cf t;.t Kxc.-.atate Nat.ot.al '
is k tf T.. .i. . . waa a; ;Hi:r.'.sJ ;
ttt: '.t take elf-.. ,-. e Sun-
"': rvfit-c.-t x.ntus. Kn .
a: J i'; ir.v ! ; arI ut l 1 sues t i-.i-s?
:te 1 -j- tli-v.-' t:-,i- t.. if tte .
;---ir't ...t't.-o; a r; ;-. tl.c't -,s an in
liel'tt I: ut or I.. . -v T-c ; ir; c.t
A Veer Kj-iii E ttlnc Lie.
"'. 1- ' K it- -.- Tt OW-it ti-x
Kitt.s.is 1 i;.i jy cv;i i ot
i'.-ivtcr " ;.. wr" a ca. .taj stl ',
Jl.i " " - ' I 1.. Is t ri - 1 : 1 o-iij '
a '.'.ii tr. ... il i r i, Kau . :o V.a.u j
Oa . ' I V-.t:..- is is 'i.tjcc !:: l'rcs I
fiu. i'o..r; I . U'Ltei t w. a ti
ct'-;:il M.'.--.r; ijhh 1
Sity is lit a Si C-'mpstt j
New v-k N V A tea ,-.':i7it (
t -it rt :cr t t.c-r'.h tias ta-t-n i
a if, 't 1 Iv f.e ' .r.--.i, fe.c (.., ct
tie itt Tic sea !. ws.l iutse
it urt e.- tj- : r i-i.t-.e-n tt
t.s lii't ;.t - t v ' -.tc c. .! ;j.s. t t e u
tte f--! ".: t. to KB I it c tai -.i
'tT. .:; ve : u.; cerl u-',i;i
Wa Test for Alpllnt.
New V.-k, Y n a.-.ual test
ot :'t if the art;.t . .8 war
t-v .'i S-e u at f.--r tte fir: tlx to
hir-to-x . tte r.i'.-ti-T '.t-urc a-ncit to
t-e tr M t I M:c i SiVn tr-.s-ja ajj
; u.i .'is of etra! stairs tear Na.sU
tt.le. Terr. . fr.i Jr., j ;
i Wtil Not Come Baca,
j Ktt.ua I,'.'?. Vtt - It is j rvtab!
i jir ? le-'.i. j'reM icin vi: t.e tu :tt
( ftt 'r t-at.k wht was attacked
J .Mi I" Oii.'.aty w i ..: a.'t:n a', ta
..tt'.irt ho tie w.'.l uo5 rv'.u.-a to Kan
tat i'ut to lite lie now i ta .New
Ys.uk p.-;'r!i. for a t-i? to Kutv;-.
Many Pnn Arrt4.
rtitHD. I '.ii-.cii Th p.tiK- rsnonrtla
o( l.jf). In4. for May show thtt 00
pers-'n In ever) it) ta t!i city a aa
acres' sl ta it Bivttlh. Tt aa-tuwaa,
which rv,tasi alaj I. Bw-BtH-r lU
Ltbbi CochJ
Corned Zitf
There's a rtarictd C.-Xjjra
tt'A etn Lili Csvelrw Canrtl
ar-d evea t ttsj t-ui
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The Wretchedness
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