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Osage Valley banner. (Tuscumbia, Miller County, Mo.) 1879-1881, September 08, 1881, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Oasro Valley Banner.
Thursday. ?kptcmdek 8, isax.
K J. J. -'J -"i1 '-- -L ll'W
CIRCUIT COUnt'i MkiW Second Mnndeyln
February mid Second M' oday m September;
K. L. t SWARDS, Judge--
COUNTY COURT; Musts !irt Monday In
February, Miy, Atiguiland hovcnibcr;
W. R. Wkioht, proalllng Julier ; I?. F.
Cnrrrtr, lit di-tri-jf, Absoixm Hud
diitrict, aiontn Jiitt'Cea.
PKOfl VTR COURT: M-vts Hveond M in
day In K bruirv, M .y. Augutt Ml 1 Nov
euihur, J a. H. Ti'im .Ijdgc.
'1'ujcu ntui It, A. O 'i.T, Nu. b7, meet lit
fch si 1 1" hill tia foo.iii i i'.urjy after lull
niojn in oacli month.
J as JoiiNsroM, M. E. H P.
Wit Ci.ark, i"-c'y.
Tii iniitiiH LotgM No. 4117, meet Saturday
O i or buloru lull moon in aa di monti.
JjliN IIbak, W. il.
1). MaksiiaU., S)c'y.
-Threshing li going on lit It fullest.
Tho Cole county falr.bag been postponed.
trlng1 O.uJon fjercilnary opiU6d last
Tim tlo men ara all wishing for a raise
in tho rivor.
11, Vr H-yck fcM redirected Iho Home
Tuseumbl wants tlio public rpt'icft put
Id good condition.
A widl borer would bo listened to with
groit pa'.iunoe 1 -4 dry weather,
W bevo sovoral hundred aeret of land
-. ... ...
in una county, which wa oiler lor sale at
yery low- tixuee-t.
.. W. Carson, of Mekioo,,ha made 'J"i
Oil) in clear money wuluu ibe utal month
SjiejuUtlng In iiral ..
A. J. Brides haa opanet h first-class
Carpenter and Cabinet 3iop on. High St. All
kinds of wood work done on abort notice.
j. u. Linnmings una a. h. isotia we un.
dorstail 1 have purfhancl ibo bliV' csva,
cciir Aur.r Spring.
V qrnnd anj i;lorioufi Picnic at thn Hcv
Grix-k Spr injr. nt-ar Urn Nmil' Dvliool-htilic,
oo Ss'.urdav Sipfrnbiir IJrti.
r'Olt PA1 K. We clfor for ral our In-
tarett in town lo. in Aurora verr titioap,
S til etirly as c nro dutprinlned to
H. U. M.rrwin it now etan4ively erpnecMl
in K. K. tin wort., ejiHrntlnn;, oyer !0 OiHI
(!rcMi timber liiiul. Ho wants 100 baml to
Tmcu nliti wnt Mrcotj rrpnirod In
Anchor Millj Korrv, Vtr, and 11 iti
a'riit r "lirij.l wit.h tidu wllm on certnin
bu-ino p.iinK.
li ii fiu.p'y malvrlDus bow qii'ckly ron
Itiptlion, 1iiiiouiik, tick lieaJa.'bo, fivpr
an I ciii, n I uis oria, ar cured by 'WulloiV
L vor Pills."
('. (1. C'ark, a d ineimr mislor, h U
u i clulh nin lor lliu riaiUlia lair.
w.li dsiicii II ho'irt or until hia aiiiaoiiiMt
t " lown -il' g. r ! . Ilornpipi', clos.', wallj;,
i" u-i hiaiowu, ana Wit. J up with a rnomiot.
m : mr Hrumioy Johniona. tnay ara
(lliuif K3od at vi st io nmlso room lor thi'lr
rniiiiiiuo.il Winter siiook.
Upt. Slov"ton' aoJ Mr. Patrick Dora
hou from ttiu Uovarmnur.t work on tioOm
riv.ir at Borry sboa!. rto Ui a plesnnnt cil
lt Saturday, on their way to Aurora
H.irins Tin Caj t.' and Pitr'ck ara of lb
111 t smiriitlo coiitrctori on the public
workj thry will man Un gh lltrrv tboai and
tnovj up the river lor further or.
Prof. T. J. Stanton cnllod at r or rWce
l-t M'iidm'; report bin nhool toulh of
Biuinluy in II uriliir i;. T m; la-one ol thrma
(o-.-ihiad youm iiumi, nnd la tumiod nun ol
our In it tone lic-rg si. d iirvt'ui tor in tho oju
Oational li.tunt of 3ur rouniy.
"I.'nd-)' lliood Sarchor the R-cat
mi'diuimi for Icvit and fgua, ma'aila, ai.d all
blood p.'lauo. Don't lail to us it.
John U Koful, who waa arfficed In tha
Jiiwiilry hurirm-a at UurnN. Mo., w ar-
' li'slnl in H: Ij iui.-t m, i Kfiday, Hu wa
Rivi'n a lot of wa'i hal lo liiHnd, which, It U
(all-i;td, h't rm 1 ul awiiy Iron) Cnhlornia with
bun without niiliiyliiK tho owncri. Ho and
liii wiln and and" a lot il jawclry loutlil in
lliflr p i50alon h:iVS liCOU Itturiisff to Ual
llornin. Mr. John Wyriok returnrd from Tipton
)at Sun ilay with lumber for hist now
dwelling. Dii hn rn ti tMl thsi taXor'uim
of loii'ini; two Of Ida tiorffK, iuposud lo Lave
"rcur. d fruiu lecrtiug ttnio tuiuu bul nnou
Notic.-1 wilt frodeoule all Jianon
Who troiipitM on my lam',, by cutilng or
luulin? wood lUuidtroiu, tothefull etl- nt ot
thu law. . V. t'LUliiNCs.
Dr. J. W. M'a.'e. fornirrly of IWI,
now ol Aurora Spring, eavs tt a pleasant
Call lait Kridy. , Ai wo riuve oftoa ini-ntloncd
tlia doctor ia one of tha molt tborouf-bly
dueatad and iclohtlflj pbjululaig aud
urgoont In Canrral M. Iia lutt pcrfonal
intervluwa with. Protaswr Thralklll who
vv.n ant to E irek k by a low.hof pliyiii lini
ol St, 1, m'n (o tent and inn lio a ch cxaatir
atlou ol the remedial niiuliiiea of thai' titer
l.lil Af Ai..... L... -P I. Ik. nl..lr.M
fi nii aurora ia equal lo lturaka la 6very par
Spring. I'SpMiiB?!! Pou't lay we haven't
Riven J'ou .nntMnjt on Iprlnj-I. By a elose
anil alriCl anyii ol the rniooral' iriiiH all
round ua, Or, Uradljlotd has diioovarad
that His watar liaa paifetd tliroiiRh lublcr
ranaoun cave rna and orevUa 4 0.JI mile8
through all tba mtnaral roKlena from Almka
to thin county, baf.ire uiakini? tliair appear
"ce lor tha uto of man an J beaut.
Uirmin NU i f t'rn boa tinr.er will b at
fcU alinp in tii ilaya ill who who wlrb wink
18 bn Uae gsi ready.
uHBMiujir. u.iwaa eiiwJuMiuiywui''juwxxgjrtr.Bt
Circuit Cunt mo da tii tit Monday.
Tuscumhia Wants n mnnt markrl. (
Alter she left, Jo had hysterics for Ihroo
, IImi;1 Vaujflin, of Cliamoln, vrai In town
Itial week,
Call on Marion Ward and hare ynur
picture takon wliUkt In your youth.
0 i to tlio City Driij Htora on H;ch
ttrnt for mre fn-ab lrui;a.
218 hciid of eattlo pasted through town
TeMcrdny, foin; tiorlh.
All uhnnrd or Crunilay A Jolinsonr, for
cheap codi.
P. M. I'.ourd Ironjrl.t pivaral brnvhel? of
thia yenra ecru li mill lnut Saturday to lie
El Tatbutlon U now with A.J. Kridcpj
In tha wiu;on and etibirut nml.ir.g business cn
Il!i;l flrocT.
A freh ftnek of CAamorsfl and Alpaca,
at llrnniley it Jol.n'ou'r.
M. V. Wrd, urtit at thin place, U now
trcpared li take jour picture to pel diction.
Lark llr rif rold 103 bii'Wi of corn
rrcantly to Trunk Wiell lor $D0, with the
cliimt'8 or the orn makir.rj.
Jcbn D. Wei'., tho olj reliable IHacI;.
mith on 1st ii true', mukoa tba anvil rin those
hot dat i.
M. Andrew Bw hat bn'n Cjiilts II';
la now corivaldcfMit. Dr. M.Ooa Wi tho
atlendiii); phyaieia'i.
Wo have two eood cowa, two yearl.
ing heilerf, and tnn cboicv ttock hogi wliicb
wo ffor fir r !c cheap.
A FnioBTrvt. Aroiniar happened to
(ieorpa Wa-H-.tnn Cotton, of lliia countv.
Ln itoal CilnLila will be In reequirltlon Eight
lbi. ol ghl.
The Sailor Ed. of the Vindicator a'cpnil
dovn and (.ut !at wci k leavlnir the control
and tnannKonmi.t of that paper lo tlio tender
mercy of the Junior odlti.r.
Dr. Treruain, one of XI. '.lor county's bant
riiyairana, will be Kicated' at St. Kliabeth In
the future, except Friday and Saturday ol
a. ch wok, ha will be found at his roaidence
I mill a t el thii p'iicr-..
Mr. T, 'i'. BowmMi, of Anrora, haa
lhr- block of deairiiblo Iota lor ale, aitu
atoil ui the town of Aurora, near whire thi
depot of the now rallrond will ba lorateil.
Call on Mr. Bowman lor cliuicu loti at
reitrOnuble pricea.
We under-tand thr hr.d tomnvvliat ol
a row at a tie camp bi low town lait S iturday
in which 3'ie of tho participant. Bill Clark,
wp(i aaterely iTuiieii' fcbjul tho face and head
Bn. Philips preached at this p'nfa last
.Siturday l.ijrbt, Sund'iy, SumUy rlht, and
Monday nl(ht; he left for California Wednis
dl ; will rn'urn in abort lima in company
with W. P. Dorsey and hold a protracted
Tu'cumbia wtnta a few biiiinen man
who unders'a ..1 the hem ll'.i nf ailvertireine.
Oily nnu bur lnea firm at Ihe eapitol ol the
eoiinly, who adyertiae; too bad, ior a great
tata Ilka Sillier.
A. J. HriJffos makra bed-steda f'r the
youi.g married folks, critics aul rradlart lor
tha babies, Wsqona, Cairnc and BuKies,
hou.iea, niarialoiia and palace?; lit and not
lent, ci'Qing to lay away tha bodies of thote
Who paa lo rent. Call Upon A. J . Bridgea.
All work nunranl'oed,
I.'st of lettur uncalled for, remalnino; In
the poat-Pflltfo at Tuacumbl", Mo , Sept., lm,
l'Wl. and which If not culled for within one
mor.ih will be n tit Ii. tha Dead-It Iter fll
Wahircroii. D. ;.: Vm. V JulJn. M.I
Jci.kir.H, Kli Mtl'un.Kl. PHraona ca I line lor
any i.f the abco will please nay they ar.i
adrerlieil. 1; Mi' shall, P, M
TJirutnbia, Mo., 8 ipt 5, 18.S1.
Dun Mrs. Dr. 11-indy departed tbia life
at her reaidnee In Ml. PImahuI, Wednesday
24ih Aiuuat lust, after a abort il'ri' 8 , Mra.
II, was a daughter of Jud-a Bowan an old
icapectoil and proapurous larmar In n.
Miller county. In tha death of Mr. Bandy,
aoeioty has lost a riiin-pIHar froi cood and
moral esample. Wo deeply lyiiipMhiii
witS Dr. BanJv and hia dear little rhlldr-'i
In their daepst affl ction and trust God's evar
protertlr.R c:a may b with and comfort
them through thia rough ru.'ij J pathway of
lifoa journey and rt tho cmat r'nrreetiin
Cither all duar ouei in their proper laiu ly
In this wecka laino we clva tho tinmej of
tno rprmara In the tai-rlt 'ry of M ll'a r county.
Wa know many ottie-a Ml oil' vilue quality
oi water In our J nluemrrr; but tha ru-aiiva
prornrtlC have n t limn ao well and poailiya
ly dt (lof il as ihul of Aurora.
In aivnriuii.il am ruantionine mee
ap'lnea. wa do r-u mereW a a puhlle Journal.
Individual a who own the hundred ol Sprint"
all oyer Ihn country, (oniotimig think a
nowaoaner man partial when their inrinif ia
not men'ionad but tbey should recollect that
when a new ranr writes up thl mini or Unit
nmn 'a property to throw hundred of dollar
In his docket, thl man or thai man should
n ciproeatn by paying the newapaper man a
intla aliiipon, or reward, ior nu tcrvicra.
And II tho owner of tncta springs do not
respond In a repi!Ctabl manner, theyahould
be written uown tt too conloiuplablc lo bare
Botice ft. Tcahcrs.
Tbera will ba two more pullla eiainloa-
tlootol teachers bald thia fall. One at Iberia,
Sept. 17th; tho oilier at Tusctiuib'a, Out. 1st.
Kiaminations will comtueni-e at 0 o'clock
tn. All w;liin ctTtlll.rttoa wilt bo eipao
ted ts attend one of tluvo oiamina'loit.
A. K. M.jComii, Co. Com.
- a
T. A. ADC'uCK, PuoiaiKToa,
Tuicuuibln, Mo,
On Turaiay 80 b of Ai.'kuI lome one en
tored the atore of Win. W.itlock'a at P(. Eli.
nhetli and stole a lot or'.inate.h boxea, pair of
ahoea, cvernlla, &j. Suapkjion rented on
certain peraona, warrant m taken and W.n.
Ilartcravea, Constable ot O aRa townahlp,
with J. A. Jiihklna, pio eedcdto a'rniit one
Win, Daiilnids on whom waa found the stolen
articles. Ma how ro.Hs in the county Jail for
furiber luvetiir,allon.
Btirrla 11 icon. On lal Thuraday M dny
of September, lfSl, at Kia bridea lather's,
Mr. Wra. Burris to Mlse Fanny Bacon by
(C'fjr. Ambrua Brockman.
'J lie BA.v.vicn fraternity acknowledge com
pllrnenta ot a goodly supply of wedding Cake
from the wedding fstut.
M.s Kanny was one of Miller' county's
bright ttirs in s.ciely and beloved by all, we
coiiKriitul ito Mr. Harris on his lu.k in cap
lnrinj; a J .Wol liko Fanny lor a partner tor
life. My happiness, pleasure and suceesa
a' tend tha yotii g couple Uirouuh life, is the
wish of Banxkr frtitrnity.
Mr. rolntinir, who lived on the J fTirson
city road, 10 mllos Irom this place, suicided,
last Saturday, by hanging himself.
Anrora Laconics.
A sabbath achool has been ni(;an!r.ed, will!
P T. Whitakor for superintendent.
'1 no lit! In spittoon and stake arid niekla
I'nmea have vnniahed from tho puhlio gaza as
Ilia duw vanikhaa lioin the sun. 'iho little
ordinanced (lid it.
"Put up or ahuf. up" is what our city r"ad
say and they gent rally put up their liuame.
During tha past week a numbnr of Tu
cumhiana viaiud the Hpringa, nmonp whom
wera Uiiela Aba, Hernial li e-l', Joel B.
C:rk aid Joe CbCtiminvf.
Carroll Brnm!e'8 new bullulng la rapidly
approaching coinpli tw.n. It is an open Uoul
and iimkes a good show.
Mr,.Whliaker haa tha lumber on thegreund
for h i a new bot--l on tirand Avenue, mar
Spring s'.raet. Four or five other houses are
KOHii; up in the iuimcd.ato viciulty.
The bath bnuee la completed and is being
liberally phtronla-d.
Mra. Kaston, of St. I.onlp, is leaching our
select school. The chiidrau a.l like her; so
tlo seme bigger folks.
Maike'.ing is Jot mree but it roosts very
The California 1-ack-line is flo!np a thriv
ing buMhcas cairyir.g pasiungers. How could
il do othorwiaa with Juu Hill lor the duvet?
A more courteous and obliging gunt!emi.u ia
hard t flail.
"Sandy" Mi Loan, formerly of the Sedalta
B .zoo, was here Malurday and Sunday.. He
h timid to write uii Ihn town- for the (ireat
Houtiiwest, a railroad mag ne. As a writer
Sandy is a lull team with a big bull-dog
under the wagco.
Several farms lava charged handi at R'.oyer
Ai Manaell'a real-t airte i 111 .e. Tin to gKntle
men seem lo have thu bappv faculty of ibding
oil farms aa easily aa town lots.
Lawyer Pop, Col. Mack Learning and
dr.ien B Try, Ol Jiifl'oraon t'ltv, tried to lower
Uie Upringa last week. Tt;u gemlaejen all
own property here and are highly pleased
with their iiiVuitmentg.
Mr. M.;Djweil sold bis bousa on Grand
John Dark is engiga 1 in building a com
modloua boarding house vo Finl Street near
tha Avenue.
Mayor Whittaksr tried his first cao last
Sittirdav. iia aconitted himtell honorably.
though Iho prisoner was not so lortuuata.
Tha Lntman houae, at tlie corner of A-urora
ami First street, la receiviuK a coat ol new
pain l.
Indian Butcheries.
San FnincincoCttl., S.'pt. 8 A Tucson
diai.atch ai-ys that tho Star haa advices from
Fori Grant U the following i ffict: Three
couriers hava arrived at Camp Thomaa, all
bringing Iho tame news that G in, Carraud
command have been massacred by White
Msutitttin Indians thirty-live miles from
Camp Apache. One hundred and tea men
and seven elticers wero killed. Tbe oflVen
are, undo'ibludlv, Gen. Carr, Cap. II -nloy.
Lieut'. Carter, Ojrdon, H'anley, and Truea.
and Dr. McCreary. Tho Whito Mountain
reanryatlon it 1 eutod about llid mili-a north
of Wilcox, near tha lina of New M"xic
Tlie tritiu number about 1,100 In all. Tbey
can muter 400 wsrriora. Ttia is the only
tribe of Apaches which has not been whlpm d
lno submiraien. Tbey wera moved In 1ST0
to lllo S tn Carina reservaliOB, but reca I -d
and returned to tbeir o'd bunting grouudi,
wbera II ey luive been ever ainee.
High St., in baaemonl f Old Fellows Ilall.
(jy All kinds of Wood work done In the
horteat notice.
II. R. KELAY, ProphtsToa,
Tutcumbla, Mo.
iV -tv'jtti PCTT ilriaialiKieHM Iilri
It 7 4 MalrlMawe ,asil U Kli
..i .- Ta- iawrattte -and lfilLrW'
A U r itlit srWa.rl-. O,
iMttt ifriOaaasa)
I1U HlKH .
.iiriiiB Ihi r
ra v-Jar, th syi,vwt Mrte t n 1 U j wmL
jT.yy iy fi lji.sf aro..f ttitf st ulUi tWtstMtsi s)ti lutfl taajaitUa
'Un.' I' ll IjIuL at Uut lit .K luaa, Bfeaoalaa Utatk. -
TAh mam, mu uni .?itaik n-.v jw ittax uiutv
OteA aVM liJk b. i
u . iut iva Ma. a. a.
-AipV ""H ktiouiwj piao .jii ui(iudw.t
V 3 'V'lX 'lu'Urt'i mt iumkwuI im jy
U.I HUPPS uuuilpt. jwiir rXpim
v. u ptni ,i);aiul
uu.et pii..'xt
uu oj v ancj atu-.ij jau
IU ellX
XllKMltuli(t, Mo,
Tha tinrlers'Ehad linvo opened a first class
Drug Store. UlleJ with New Drugs aid
Medicines of the purest fptalllr.. The stock
eicellsany CFtahliibmonl in Oaaga Valley.
Merohanta, Rotail dealers and Phya'iians
will And it ir their advantage to purcbaaa
of us. We have procured the service ol
lr. II, Ilrndlyf'urtl as Prcscrlp
By Esqr. B Ver Eryck,
ITaying rented the largo and rommodlnnn
hotiao on tho corner of High and Ferry Sts.,
and giving the bousa a general renovating
from top ti bottom, Is prepared to accemmt
il.UO the public In first class atyle. lias one
of tho most, desirable ..imp's rooirg for Ike
accomni -datlon of ;aias nee and drumrovrs.
Ksqr. VarBrtcic bav-tou D'any year exper.
lance in hotel keeping and Ma iaily a JuwqI
of land lady will g!ye the Homo tliair undi
vided attaniion. to meat wants of the inot
laetideom. Call on Kfqr. U. Ver Bryik and
beat HOMifi."
Tascumbia Eo.
j-o-t .
Tavolersand B ardcrs wi'l find the bestef
accommodations al very reasonable ratea,
A large and specially furn'thtd Simple
Room for Ccmmercial Agents.
QjT Meals at all boll".
E. A. 1T.LEMAJJ, PROraiKTRrssi.
Mannfacturers and do lerl in all kinds
Lumber on hands at low down figures.
Attorney al Law,
Tuacumbia, Missouri.,
roiflce at present in tho Court Ilouso.l
Probata butirers, Colleolious, Partitiuiiin
l.anda and Quioiirg Titles a Speciality.
Have been 1'ieik ut tbo County and Circuit
Courts for 12 yeara, am familiar with the
ll-cords. hevo the only ABSTRACT OF
rlTLKS in Itio county. Charges reasonablv
Attorney at Law,
Tuicutnbia, Miaonrl.
'Office la tbo Court iiouia 1
Willpiaciiite his profession in Muler and
aujoimiijr ccuntiea.
Counsellor & Attorney,
Tufcuaibia, Mo,
Fractiocs-ia all coarte ol the State,
Notary PuVlo.
Titles invea'ljitid, Liiids bought and scld
an J iax8 paid.
Practicing Physician and Surgeon,
Pleasant Farm, Jk.
J. B. McOfiB,
royait-lan, surROon and Accoucbuer,
Tuscumbia, Miaaoul'i.
l'tlyalcian and Surgeon,
Tuxcumbia, Mo.
a a ( esa)aae attsat
GfcU. W. TBEMAirf,
Physician and Ijurgeon, Oculist and Aurltl
P. O. Adtlic, Tutu abiti, lluaiuil.
Phyaiviao and Surgeon,
hruiuley, UiasoHri.
S. P. HitKMAN,.M. D.
Bruiuley, Miatourl.
lirtMuL, CU.ViMlNU.S.
Xoiary Public ti Zand Agent
'X uectiuibia, Mo.
Attorneys at Law,
JcOtiranQ City Mo.
J. W. WAD.fi. M. D.
ibena, Mitaouri.
W. en elton.
Physician, Accouchuer and Ocuittl,
Rocky M.uiil, ll.saourl.
Spnclal attention giveu U duuaaua Ol
Women aud Children.
Real Kit.ta Aci'nt,
rica-ai.t Ml.. Miller County, Mo.
Will be ready at all limes lo show lands t?
peraoiit wishing lo purchase lands. Corres
pumli nee si licilcJ. If.
TkaTcIT a HLVtu"" r7
Alloruevs al Law, '
JeOeraon Cly, MiraoliH..
Will practice lo tbe tupreni C.mrt, In tbe
United Slate Circuit and District Courts, and
iu Iha Cole Circuit Court, and attend regular
ly Ibe Circuit O iiiitt ol Mills r, Oaave, Gas
conade, Marks and Callaway Counties.
aaiwiiaiaTf aaaaaaaaawsUMMMBMMaaMaiaiaiataaaatfaaaaBtfrj
Our ICoW I.aillfn vrotl
JMK aV5:,4
Housekeepers1 Scafe.
Juat Ont nnl .Inst tlio Thlnff
for Anrtiift o ffk'lll
Brase etorr Kamllr fta ona, and will bur It
when they aaa hw clra II j. yVclba ni lotrl
lla. aud rata lie G.aUk at (1 5'). Kvry IhiuiIv w id
buvoue. omcii ran a riutform Bcal Ibal ll
woluh Inctanttv and wl'hotit trouli.a or loaa 1 1
time. -r pm'tlr ep .rcaervis, making cake,,
pndjlniza, ctr., and tn-tint; grocer' ai d Luicherii'
pa'-liacf Il will pay fnr Uscf lo a wk,a tiroo.
T tie Xu'ln adj-autilc, thaa rhoTMiK can Ni'
obtained nf any dlh or rt:(iarte eaetl la weigh
Inir, wliboul ih uso if weight or 1m v'
asiher rtatrrtrm fflealea roat frera
3 Sl o f .o, m lillo out eell a t e l
W'aarernw tiifkel-itiitlnar tlix Sl-hI.i an I
Thiiraii-arrtw to lalta the tara, and a bandsuiacf
tir a.ur belo toacil AeaU avcT saw.
Nam pie Uca!eby Iall,poxt-paid,l S-t'
SJaiupIo " l;xprc, 1 4i
Of oops 21 t'entsj rxtra.
Tho whole It J Slntra and C'anaiiala lo
ranvaiard f.ir Uili ht.uwehold sierennlt.a ,.
and iva want nil A gcr. t In avery I'jwn. I.nlit en a
tell thia hr.ala aa wail aa tuna, for circular.-,
lertue, ale, ariilrwaa tho
AnKUiciffCAt .,
p.O tra i.ii-., r t..i, ci':ifs, v
A rertnla nit tot Knrvouar
Dobllltv. Semtnnl wr.k.
. naa, Impotenco. etci.
i ne BeeipesiiKHl In my Vactice S BS VaarsP
and an llliiairawdbmikoteopace trlrluit ftill (IV-!nLtiT",T"-lrMUu,,,lt'
'rtxs AdUre.
SS. X. Wn.UA.trT a. 43S L R ia St. iUaaeaaa. a
Broadcast Seed-Sower..
Sours Grain, Grass Seed,
Hemp, Iif, Jiei'yfAfp.-
No man can do it a- wall by hand.
It doos tho nork of & men
It has Btnod tbo te6t of yenrs. Ro
ck i veil First Premium at 21 Stati
Fain In a years. Good, Bubstantiul,
lieliablo Machino, wnrruntod to Uo all.
tbat i claimed for it.
Price only $6.00',
ftcml stamp for duscrlptivo circular,
Hawurr, Fiei-i A Co., Agents,
l.ouiavi.le, Ky.-
L. 51. RtiMHBY M'ro Co., Agonta,
St. Louis, Mo.'
Sola Manufacturers.
DiALaa ia -
U ATS and CAP',
BusLcr & iodsscs.
Keep constantly on band at thiir store, av
comp'eto s'.o.k of
Saddles, Bridles, Harnesa, II nines, Whips,
Repairing doue In tl e boat stylo.
Pleasant MU Pleafiauc M . Pleaant Mt.
The undersigned respeetlully infoiui
the people of Mllira, Cole, Moniteau ai ill
Morgan counties thai tho bus opened tut una
ol the tliwst stools uf Millinery Good lit
thia section of country. lliVing been, thirty
yeara in tbe trade raat and v. w';: having it
thorough knowledge of I very branch in
millinery. I am prrarad to do all kinds i f
making, Siting and repairing to suit tbtt
moat laslldluu. ' (i ve mo a call.
Mrs. M. lUavie,
JbevU t ttd Livery isUtble.
TU CUMHIA, . ... SJissnui:!.
NATR. DAVIDS IN, Tt rxurus.
Oii,..SintUI avcuuioiodatious tur Coiiiinar-
ciai 4m u.
AH kinde of stock hoi glit and told t-Si
Raatouable t oiuuilsiiow.

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