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Osage Valley banner. (Tuscumbia, Miller County, Mo.) 1879-1881, November 10, 1881, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Il1-r1 rVMt INiVUl Of
Uiii M pp'tiontim to coin i pU.ii.
. 'ht Iv.jf. i Ut. MJ:iix l lnti,ffil
iiw: fcJI icitiiiitii'ilitt am-f;-nii'
In thtr tuinliy rM n
.y M ,ta'lln Ibf ahiwr l inMtt
rt lhnMirh otoj'i vtr. wjuM an
nt iiMii-nf tl cii WiiiitWti. im
and fuliry flryx of lit iummt
-Wn. An-1 In tVth i"rt!Hr,llirt
n whirl, l-lr 4i'l fl 'i.rhm M A I
hi mi in wif twin t iit'i-v-m lummwo ii
( . 1111 lit III ill Wit IM. 4.1 Hill's llllil t -
Am, i-Kt'ir,i;y sixain', rtniair-s,
tnifim! fivrnnj to niy nnU tf rwn)t.
Ami j-i tt itH.id mat mc . ninxrv
.rwin.'VTf tvMj only hr Jtv.it
nil, fci tPttl MI"p4 h! fiti -l
rt-iiK flv fn the win Im rlt 6 thfl
r..tl'Wiim and rtircnf i.n?irMMfi
i! ImiJ I'tiMiftil tit. 1 lir t' iW-w-
i 1 il 'iT r Th iiu'Ic twi'MrHi"! toe liit;i
MrtVTixvlT,!: !
i',.,',,f MMiru'iit i,n? ii w nvrr! -i. iv- i
in). t,i,f .ii ii.ii iur nm,i.,' j
n e iii n'lrtiri fK injir in ii tr
.111 fi( Mf, l-'ii ; m - rlK Hii.v
,nmti II'mImKT cnij,: it. to lilil
f mrr- iru r In i i-iu- nr w..i-k I
I'm m -i i lor Ii A unr ol it i lit m Mi s
.1 uul ml r fM-H.ftinl I'.r t ur
(i'jt 'K''nm h!i. I"'h, (.! l-t
ciiTt i-1y l'im In- r"'-tTi. l.'r um-.i m.
'."OftM tII., Pll'l i fMW lo ! nt
iiip:fti o.f I tclit -!. i it, t-1 r T iui Ji
pm l'f IfU l-M afliWii'M.
I Ii Itilt'fTlltU W rotivmcljy, In;
tri which Mr. Jti!i. if hri4
, jtpri-i's :nw-rl,tn U.cr.r
ii i W r-i'i'llj" lipii. n. Ali .f t . r
jM iirtmtJ4' P'-nnliu m iui tut m ,t-
'. .'U mt T. rn, Fj., dtrrcf-t.
rit ii- fn.tn h;'nfiv i'nl.g. 'wti
tin h'j'Hnt !i ) Mil.) tlffruU t't,
hf Mr. i'nT iti ntftcr, iiti-i r
A tl'tV M ill, (. ii-.. . i iluii fi-n.mkii-U
r iii' ') .- t I 'ii , lirii m m
tux f tl 'in ni iMO.ttipl it l uittl uha
if M I. r 'I.
Smitii's Tonic Symp
Th propftotftraf tMt C9lbrtd netlcls
jaillyo;inn for It a inferiority over all rem. j
1i.t trtr otfo'Ct tott pnhlic fur th BAFK,
CtBTAlH, M'tEDY end PBH ANENT cure ,
ttAjun-l Fter,orChillmn Veror, wLiith- I
f of ihort cr long tDilng. Hf refen to tkt
atirt Wiiuro aud Soulbera country to ttr .
him ttlmi)r,y to tbt truth of tli aitortlos
that la ci irttatever will It Ml to cure If '
tb duettion r ttrlctly fol lowed and cerrinj
eat. In (rs.t mDy co ilii)tl. doio liive :
tesniuflUiont fr a cure, end whole familiea
btvi bo cured by ealngl bottle, with a per
fect reitomtlon of t H gen.rnl t!U. It i,
fcowerer, ptadrol.aad io every case more ctr
Uio to cuie, If its a.e it eoutioaed la imeller
aoeei for ek or two after the die.are baa
been decked, more especially ja dirlicult ei.4 ;
lenK-itandlriK cum. Uaually tbla medicine
Will set requit e any aid tokoep the bowo.i la
food erdnr. Suould the petlrat, however rs- '
quire a cathartic medisine. afur bavin? takea '
t6r r frur do'ei of the Tonie, tingle doto .
will beeufflcieot. i
Taeiieuuine SMITH I TONJCIYBUP malt I
have DR. JOHN HVLf.'R prtVAte a-.amp on each
aoitle. DR. JOIIIf BULloniy hattl'O riffhtto i
antntifaeture and U the oriL-mkl JOUN J, :
IXITH'B TONIC BYBUF. of I.ouiivUle. Ky.
l.uiai(e well the label oo each botti.
If tnr
prlrate at amp is Dot on each tjoitio oo Dot
Burrkaia a in a(ll ba a A. a. i a. ai
Manufncturor and Van-tor of
. . ." . , :
BULL'S WUK wtiUYt5I..U wilh your Inn I; yon tan press It
The Populnr aenneellea of tho Day. i rrentlv upon the iio.slin uud luaku it!
aMarlp.l om, SIB Vaa IX. JU1 laVIU.K, KT.
, ,
.) t-ZfJ I i
3 r..ru.. .(-
-r-.-.,. s-'ii'iia, t
I..S,. ( l.'ll I...'.!,.
ii rum i, ii
1 k-ul (,ui...
tr-'ia. I'.sii.'n.
e.i..a. o. I .i.-
. v: cii'a a ii-iiiu.
wOautar.lt 01 iCfaWt 8r JO Y TO INW'HUOV
. H5 r.. our i.-n i in .. f !
j i r " j
. 's-, ii I- c i,i. ii . ;
' ,ai e V'sr.i .if s.ioi.- '
iS 1. P. n.s. If 1MI
SAsii'rd. art!
j"r.'''iV. ii w
"' s v V'1',, '
li..'.'ifc' '
f yPPixtf e
1 srili r i- inif i-ni:.ij.s
i. ii..,-.-. ii.- s 1 1
- V vAl ... .. . .. . . t
!". "'I ' ' '"- ,.i'ti. .i'...i
J -i', ft. '.- " ' -'.'' liUi".lllMin. X
U;l -; .. .Ji, ' s. .A
1 1 -A - V ft ..f
j i , : . . .
i ' e.; .: w
Si S "L S iFE (lin'ol l.iHUj.'i s. W:tli ushers ami nMi noi.Ysluiur aMf encumbera fldo
Tk. 77, ,,!,',.' ' tmkuU4 bridesillaals. I-M'iusive of bridal ilreaa ! a Wrnie luiui'. cider mill alum he Wasn't
'"' and Iron... ;.u. raii-e-.s uuy vvhuro bo- lonkinj, und the wild l.i ik In lint man's
i A v-i ""MiixXiwx 'ween i,v...i .i..-.w. a thought. ; e:-'"-!:'!?;
V p.ssv.i. :.- '' ' . ' ae. .......... j lb ,1 It, I I a . I nil t tl II I II. 1 1 I 11 vi-111 I. 1
i y.r!i:
' V 1 'I ""f-A''' i'""lw.JH.".
t i.!s, ,.r.r, T.-;Y.?..,Vy.,V'r,.S
t (l - " N Vi'' tu- ;,
aai'kir. "."". uri ii,. ..-nnl-,..
s"! AaiTLV Tiii....,u mil I la
vA.O a! V asJAVMUisMK.
HOMJ'., VAN AXI (UUI)KI. -J Kflyatlia n.stofl A'ltvrti.ier t Bomo
f the railroad companies are awaken-
Farmers arn too apt to bo tincj ' in r to th fact that a ultr l!(?hlinff ol
of botlt milk and cream in their own : lh(r r,aehes, at nltfht U in onlcr. H.nin
fnmilif; nti'l it, ohiib t li a famil-: u( tni, flW cars otl ti;a jt,io ft Main
lar iyir.( that lh vniit r'to In tli nro fi,.y Ht;hN (l, nd on tho Dont.n A
worlit to :iilitr milL,tcr."in i.rpxnJ Ab,my fWm ei-Mit to ton brilliant lirht
lirrm-, is nt t!i 5aIIo of a rotil.ir dairy j uro ,(, niie Uuntlredi of onlmrlmn
tarmnr.l'lf't iUrnlit. h-,Ve lPn almoHt tuinwl l.y nt-
It Is a coikwvhi error that lha root ! tmilinK to rvad In tho dim ii;l)t afford
if tre xtMl only an lar frtm the j t(i by two or Unco nmoky lamp U) a
tnink ii thr lftizlh 'f tho V'ran. lntn; j cr, whilo froinj; home winter evening
vie iniiii ts u:ni, lni-y are uniany unior
on oai li Hi. th in th entire ttciht of
tho trMi. A trcu Ih its fool Jiih form I
a circle of nxM nun is tlun Hixiy fort in
,1 ,w.t r
(J'linitry ii n'it 'imn.
-llowto Mae Meat Tender. Cut
the atak4 the day before into ulieen
about two Indies il.lek, rub thoin over
Willi a Hlll.lll (ll:lllt;t v of kihIii; wa-b ol!
next morning, :u . into nuit iblo thieii
ness and cook in you choose, llie
miina iironox.1 will answer for fowls,
li'K of i.nnlnii, ele. Try, ull who love
delh-lolls, tedder UmhilN of meat.
.Soft Sua p. Cut two-thii.U of a
fnur-iHiund b.ir emimon ho.io in gin ill i
!" kltl with half
wood pad eold w.iler met orui pound
wuhIiiii aoila; lot hIihi I una h. miner
. 11 : i
f'CrifcNtoiiullv; !o;ir iMUl liirH rtinnn nn
1 "I
On.'.t1;i!r J,.ll v-( ak. -Tiike hit
, . , . , . , . 1
rub ilii iu to a ri'eam: stir into il eilit
weil-liellleii ej,'.; mid a poiiiul of a fied
f our; U'bl t he ru'ed l iud and Juii eof
a Ir li l'iiioi, und turn the mixture, on
fc'jolloprd tin plates th.it have lu en well
l iitleied. I Ins eaes hIiuuIiI not bn
more than a '(inrl.T of an inch I hick on
the plate. I .like t ln-iii immediately In
n ijtiii k nirii till of a li'lil brown: pile
lh.::n on a plate, with a ia.erof elioeo
late (.ream on the top of eaeh.
An nttractUo and eeonomleal tea
cuke, uii.t one whieli iui;;l,t ainrori
ateiy be calleil eliildren'i duli'ht.''
l made by t.'iWin enough while bread
il(ju;;n o miiku a small loaf; kne:d into
it a talilesjiooulnl ul butter or ard. two
t ibichjHioiifn a of Kulih currantH; let
it rise until it U very liht, then hako
m tt moilen.tely hot oven. If you have
miy of thu tin can in which toni'tUxm
are put up, use one of them for a liakiiie
tin, and hake this cake In II. You will
have a prettv, round loaf, and tho jio
and appearance of tho alire is also
I)lea.siii. (ii'iilmin bread xeeins actuiil
y to taste belter if bakud in one of
these tins.
Saving Sin-d (,'orn. A writer in
the I'rinrn, f'urtu-r picks his need corn
and lianas ,t iri in the Kiiinke-liuh-K
and unokfs it just as h- im.-. his m-at.
lie builds a e.xjil smoke, every day un
til both coiit un 1 ciihani perlectly dry.
He i'iiiot afraid of p lt nr ii too dry, ho
b ivs It must be c i t. in a dry place
lint I plitutiu time, und whul'c thee is
plenty of ;.ir. lie is c:ive(ul not tu let
It ln-at in tiui slewk bol'oiv u tlinjr it
h.iu up. Wlc.'ii the w. ather is warm,
r i'o w ill heat in a heap ho as to injure
the iferm. lb) h is aaved his Heed co 11
in this way for the pant twenty years,
and it never fails to row.
-t'oc'ianul cal, made from this
recipe is as nice cake as one need wish
to make: Take the white of live os,
itiie hmall coo of xwei't iui:k, one cup
nnil two thirds ol anullicr ol iHinilatca
snar, two-thirds of a cup of butter,
one teiLspootilul mid a half of b:ik iuij !
powder. Iiliollt till cecmmol hilled llollO
... i '. .ii
llavor With a inoinl :M i act, bake III
luvers. JSeal the wh.tusof two or three .
fejjjs to a tiost, add ptllverizeil su'ar I
!.., ,h , make rather
thin ll'O.stUI' i
and put between Uie lavei-a; on this
Sr liter (m oan il; put ou iioii";h to
niakeu nice htver; for tlietoji and nidus j
of the cake tun frosting should bo a lit- i
I n thirkur. 1 think the best way to j
yet the i oantil i.u tho aides is lo out i
stick lo it. I
-.Sweet Potato Pin. Take a
l.utl1 ...iii.i.l ..f hi,. kill it '. Ifk.aw utlCh I
...... ..... , ......
t In-in , and pill tin-in into a pot Willi
very little water, b.uvlv enough lo keep I
ttii.ti, li-niii 111 I en i it . i- lit II, ..in im.f
jelowlv iiiioul hull an hour. I l ey must t
bn oniv p'lrb'id' d.otliei'wi-ethey wiilbol
! soft and may mikn the pie heavv. I
hen tliey are half dono, take IIihiii j
out, peel llicni, nnd when cold gf'tu
' tlnnii. Mir loot'tliPi to a cream one.
I quarter ol a pound of butter and alx '
I ounces of U;.r; a Id II iruiled litltineir, j
i H buy," ti a-"eiiif ii! ot cimiauiou, ami '
'hall a ten pomrul of be.itcii m:u-e; also:
the jtiiru nnd .'i' .led peel of a leiuou, a ;
wine-'hess of ro cvvaler. tit i i- tlm-c in- j
fl-edii nt 1 well together. I'eat t'l'ht
's vi rv litfiit. unit stirtiicui into tin! :
mixture, in turn with tho weet pnta-'
toe-, a lit lie of each at a time. Ilaviu;;
tirllld 'hit vx Im ij very n.ird at llio lant, j
nit it in v our pie-pl ile ,wlti li voub ivo
io-d vv.ili iniil inistu. Ibiko in ra'lier
li nlovv m ini. To Im enteil Cold, t'ltr
1 rot and white imlaioe iumay be imnli.'
in n ki .sumo uinuiiui.
.. .. ... , , ,
IHVII . I'.iii.,-.,
Ce lt ul' married in Ncvtr York - I lift
K J.c;!in:r married in auytline like
atylo -co.its money. A writer who has
, jj i vj ii tin mattor i-nusiifor.'iMo ' ily an-
tull .ther is nuid to have rcceu. y put
lv llllt-lldu.l MVil-in-litW up to elopill '
with Ids ilau'iihtr b th e.irosS rouiiil
of .-..'oiioinv.' ii I Iwjtmr io ahdo out
into thu rur.il d.'slncH wlu-rii two ilol
lau w.Ii limply rvqilite a Justice of tl""
I I'e.icn fur tvii.ej i ho knot just im aoi'iire
I ly as it can' he lied ly u priest in ele r
ileal robus. It isn't near so iniii'h
troubbv idihcr, to do ti'i as it is lo
hauille 0 laiv'u parly of whilu-kid led
tili.i'lis. of both sUL'i.
Nearly three year ttgo, at Salem,
O., A voting (fir), o'ed 17, wji hired or
fpieed to wed a man ared 84 year. lie
had no property, no plivn t kei'p )ier,
and no way to provide for hnr. It
prandfnther hud made a will no lli.'it alio
would have $1,00 upon her ni:irrinn
or on arriving at tho ao of 21. Her
father neeured the utinatural marriage.
Ilor hunbitnd aoon went to the poor
house, and now tho younjs wife u- for
a divoree, and she probably will pet it.
(iarnrr up plcaAnnt thonliU di
your mind, for uleaxtnt thoughts make
pleasant live. Try to wo all you ran
of the irood ami tb beautiful, no that
bii"ht, rluti iful pietureu niny be im-
- .
you uialuriul- of wliiUi to liluk sunny
Mil. Gkoruk Iiiiakr, 43 Oik tre-t, In
(lUn.ipolis, InJ., turfi-ri-il teri'ildy vtltli
tci' rheiiiiiuiNiu. 11" usi-tl St. J:tulil
and wa cnllruly curuil. X lr. Hiirtt of iht
Terer w,.. a yniinr m.n nimini llunlief
Win hud a I ih-I III ul iht- liliunes;
II.- (! i. ut In- eves,
A nd m a m- -n p ft,
And duiKTil tie hi wo out bla ehugh'-e,
A IIoI.Yoki:, Mas., exchaiera alludes to
the euro of I. O. Judil, Ki., U. 8. Suimr
Vi.'.rnf 1'nsial Curd .Mjiinfii'-'.-iry, v.iio waa
cured liy hu Jseoln Ull of rhuuiimtisni ana
Iii urlKl- Ui vlin l ('.'vnti.) Afai.daiti.
Kvkhv limn Is the architect nf )il own
fni line-, but iul(;hty lew vt tin in ever learn
the traile.
A l.n.lj WNttfe to Know
the late.t I'url-lun etylu of ilresnantl bon
Del; a le-w wav to iirruiuit' trie hitir. Mill.
101m are X)ii'IhIi1 fur artlneial upplluiuva
w liirhorily nuike conipiuiioii. the fact that
riiisrmil.'n, nervous ilrlnlitv, anil feiimlo
wcnkinja exist, Jir. fierce 'a "l-avnrlle
l'rim rl.'lon'' I, .old uieler a ponillve Knr
an i re. If uetl as Uirecii'd, url c.n he ills-
J.rnxd with. It w III ut ere mn thohe ills
laj-ea peculiar to fi'luuU. Ily (truant..
KaMKS sueni to have) lost t lie I r ai-nifl-Cmu'e.
( lirlatian .lohnson is lindrr ui rest
In Ix-trolt. Mich., on the ebaroof burirlary,
and I hristiuii Aii(cl fur rcfusiuK to aupport
his family.
tt hut's Saaed Is (li.l.ied.
W'irl.u.i;iiieu w ill n iinoiuli' hy eniplov
but Ir. I'll lee's Mi-illi iues. His '" l'h s-iuit
1'iiii.i.iivc l' llets'' and Mioldcn Mnticil
In-e'iiVci '' cleanse the blood and system
thus prevenliiin fevers and either n-rimia
Ui-eas' s, on I in ti iik all aernliilout and oth
er humors. .old hy ill -iiM'
What State Is round on both alJca and
bli;h In the middle 1 Ohio.
To 'oe.aiNasllTea-
"Oolilvn Jb died l'iai-overy"laa eoiioen
t rated, iotent alterative, or blood-i l' iiusintf
reiiieiiv, that wins Kuhb i) opiiilont from all
who ui It fur any hiiiuor, iroin tho lyiinmon
pimple, Mutch, or eruption, to the bn nihl-abb-
S' ti'Iuhjus swelliiu.', oi ulcvr. Irteiii'il
fever, n.n ne-s and uleeratlon, yield to lis
benign lnrtneiici a. ConMiuipilon, whiib la
''tit a cmfulous affect Ion of the lim;;, may,
I1'"'1' '""'''' a I.e.. u-h e.f
this (.oil.".lveu remedy, fcieo all Id-- on con-
.,u,,lmn mid its l.einienl in l'urt III. of
the World's Il-peuary Dune Series of
I'amphlet . costs two stamps, po-t-pald.
vl,,u ' ni'.i.oe l'l--i'r..s.vin Alt.liu.ab
AOOOCIAIIO.V, llllDul.i, 1.
NKliiiitnut'a pretty dauiriiler: "How
much is thl a yardi" iiraie r's son (des-
peraie ".pooiis" on lu r) : '-Uiily one kiss."
"If it la oo i lu- ip I will
lake three yards.
and lirauduia tx ill pay vou.
A Mlaluke Slay be filial.
you are not ronsumpilve. but If yon "bd
a eolith al ne" yon are in danger of the
worst disease en' earth. I'tro'a l ure will
rure coiisuui lion, but lunch easier suit
quicker when in tho esrV atii.-e audi, (a
cough. Sold hy drills!, at jc and tl.W.
rAinnoxtcaf, 1 he beat tlma to catch
toft water la wle-ii it It r&lohn; hard.
Sovik men
and on; and
even where.
swear off, others awesr oft
others, Atfiiu, pretty much
Two oik Indies, ivldtiitly from out of
(own, were walking ah.iiK the at reel one day
la-i week, when one of them discoven-d a
bunch of hull-mas. Htnppiier t) look lit
ties-in , she initiated lie-r L'la-ses nud i'
i iioiii. il: ' Well, I d declnre, If llu-in ain't
l.r-fi.'-r sirlUK he ins thait 1 over uw In my
S un the teacher: " ' And it came to piss,
when Kliitf Jlreklsti hesni II, I hill he lent
hi-eluihi'h.' Now, what dies thai ineun,
thililn ii, ' he rent liisi'lolliese' " I p Mi nt
a bliie bund. " Well, il von know, t. II us."
' I'h use, iiia'uni." sicd Hie child, tiinhliy,
"I a'pose lie lined 'mil out."
Turin: was n y ainir bull in Hii:x
Whoaiiidto hla csiiiioi'l. s; - iih,pbaiux
Are thy i.ii'iii,i-i-s inv luitves,
lint we Mliiiiau lib iirnves
' v lib iu Yankees, whhoui much adloiii."
A t iil'NCUM in lenriihift I tin I'ni'llsh Ian-
I-'Usk'o '.'"nil1 i iiei'd of inn Ii i e.'iil ii It v ol ins
M i h ' to ; o. " in Jiei.t ti use id etdelj
tome vi a -had wi n P a cut for lilm as fol
lows: "I io; i lion at.u'icst ; he il ui i; wa
jsytiaeks; ton cut sticks; thou abrualu-
lute or skuouiiiitif.
Tin -a an-1 nn I'si'irieiiiss In I i f xv ti I r
make us feil lil," '.Im hoy win, when hn
SI iilds.il his ion naliiNt a shuru alone, said
be was too Mil lo cry uud loo badly bun lo
A lit H vi v allying relates lh..t '-lalklnir
ponies by nature, while siluuui come., uf the
A hood hnuaowtfe'a affulrt am like a mo
tion lo adjourn " always iu ordur. "
I tor ol the deed lo the urav.i.
The Lacleile Hotel, 8t. IaioIs, Mo.
Mesara. J. L. GriawoM and W. F.
Spnrry, well-known and experipneed
hotel "men, have rueently puiehascil tho
above property and hive redecorated,
refumlMheJ and reappointed the hotel
at an expend itnro of f K.',(KX).
Tho plumbing and aoncrago has re
ceived especial utlentlon. All Inipnjvo
mcnts have been iticcchnf ully ftmbodied
to secure tho most pe.itert panltary con
ditions. Tho bouse Is itipplied with tho
fh'ctrie llht, electrio bells, hot and cold
water, new passenger elevator, tole-E-ntph
and tlciset ofliopa, and containH
3i.hi rM)ni. and ha tho most cen'.ral lo
cation In tho city, aituated on Chestnut,
extending from Vifth to Sixth Street.
Heine; owners of tho property, w-ith no
rent to pay, Messrs. (iriswoUl & Sperry
arc prepai-ed to eater to tho pnblin at
the low prices of 2.00, Q J.bQ and ;l.00
ier day.
(l MI-T'IOX.
IniMrt.Bl le the rnl.lle n well Hte Me4
Iral l'ri,llim.
Ifn'l't J ':unit uf lltaith, riferi Inn to Con
tinipiton, iniikes tho following linporlaut
tuo on' nl :
'i oiiMitnptlon usually luirln wlih a
dbxht, dry couuh in Hi" inornios', tle n, on
K'HiiK lo lii"l, to t'oiif in i anil more fro
iinil, wl'.l. inure .ml inoro lllli. ;ui, '
eo-iisliiv ib'iiiiuy, tlilnnesi. of (I -.Ii, uliort
In -s of lu'r-utli, und iiuiekiH'Ns of pulse. In
fslid easi lis HVi-raire cMirsa Is ti bout two
)vai: lu ni"! Urn linioriuiii-n of urri'stliu-tin-
ii-i-Asc nl as ear!) a lae as )ii.silU.
and ttc pointer i.-ttioinil iin-aos are eiiiplo) nl
lor tins pur. use Un1 ri-.uer tJm cb.mce of
siKii'r. 'llie disease la owlni; to an Irrlls
tlon C'liiilii' iu 1 ij; In Hie lliioat und rxleml
iliK to th" hiiifs, to thai t heir m:l iin Is Inter
f.'ri'd with, and tie1 blood dix a not ro.'rlve
iiiili lriit oxijiimi to iiiiify it. Tbe moat
murk" I si'n'of limn iiis'w Is cm iitmi Ion (
ml tli must jioslui o I i I -n 1 1 . i ii ofreiuru
Inn benlib Is Increase In weight. "
ISO aprnks it ' Jn-ritil uf Ilia'th, mid wa
(nay add that In desperate ruses, and, In
but, In all ruses of Consumption, or trou
bles of Hie Ihrout und limits, luiiiiedlaia
relief niny be obtained and a permanent euro
(ffccied In the ii-e of Dr. Win. Ilull'a Hal-
un for the I. ii a medli liiu known for
more than tliirly-tiro years a" an unfudlnir
reui'-dy for eo.ii;lis, colds, bronchitis and all
pulmonary and pecinr il iiiseasis. That ihn
worst cuses ol ( oiiMiiiipliou have been cured
by the use of Hull's liulsaiu hits bean at
tested to by llie thousands who have used
It, or have ht-en coguUaul of U woiiderlul
remedial eiUcuuy.
nd-bue ICeaiehes,
Bsts, cat", mice, ants, it e-, Insects, cleared
out by "KoUili ou Ku!'' IS.-, uruuKlala.
Ol Ti ni"kers deel.ne that Tansill's Tuni'li
fie. Clours are better tha. uiosl ten-ce ntera.
Ir afllielcd wltti M ire r.' es, use Dr. !iso
Thompkoii't KyeW mer. l'liiistB aril it. Z'ic
A WKKK. 11" s day st home ea!ly msdn,
(siU uuUu lrt A'ldr' line ac-.- AnaurtSk kle.
I rm.HwJ k-Mr liir itrtuMi l-uii'. Mi h.
CIA A,MVl Houtomnkfit. Homethlriir Xm fof j
ff on Jt WFFK In TMir own town, Trniiinn1
IPrilTC rr,'n -T"!""V w':h Or. (,hniti,i Wv
fUa.ll taff IC.-a it llndU. S
V r- iBi'it mil en-
iattC'Hl it? lit It. Ii. Aialf ava Onx
I'tif (i.,TtUU'.U
l.lltaa .S i imo.v a Cu. t'urlluuO, Us
se our Illl-nl ltell
fr i omiiiisl, Int., 1 1 .'. . r. .ik
ll.iu.l. t,ui, ..iuto4..V. r.
-ur b !-i!i. f--i riitii'-r-v. Muih-T, Wi.jt.wn, In.-jr' n. i
tr. 1 ti 'JUHmt U y t littlii il. 1'- naUins, fair i n viilnl
tril'a il' . Ibdiir. v t 1 tl'lf to tttuus.iiKla. !' i n--i a
r t.'MJ.'l n im ft Ha oi p hnion. N- w it niM'-i t-l.n-.
1 in' lifl'i -ti .i,'i) m o n't'. Vu t ij r.nii(ik nr
litwp, MatHtr Ami ti.Mtl'': 'hi. IN- 'uf a i' vi pm.-ii r 1 for
iii,tot V '. I 1 l1.l.i AMI A tt., ,.,.
lull HiltJ 111 ttl Lftjri r, ualill.jtvutl. 1. (. ., liua VVt,
6,000 ArnU U niitrd for Mlo of
Jf r uit.ittn if, - f.i'i hHnry of U iv.!" hh.1 iv'iiftit
l-t aiu lU-'mi'ij na-.,ivmtjHiir). ritr:it'Ml lit'"'!' i,
i'Ii. fum r-il ,i1 . . m. 'l U hi . iiarti' ct IH"
Jllc t M uiskv ih..'1-j- 1,,'WNf-i of "i'.ti('fiii mi'" (r. ! ,1
ll..t. "I!if Is j )i inly ft'i'lv irh i i'l r 1 v H'n-r,ii.il
Jit' -of i,M M.ii i ' I i a i 't n ' . rTi imiNr.uU.
lbAtr tt-iuii Akf-'utii. riii.-n.urs ir.c Ail.fi
Natioival 1'i uLitimiu Co , Ht. Lotitt. Mo.
Uth UR. LtSLIt'3
OuiaiiNE vvirjE
HMO VOX mil UY AIL I'lllsH ItKI.
I erersorull klo.ls, l.o-a ot A Tv-
i'l 'll. Inillk'i sliiill kimI .enei.il In I.Uiir.
"i boill'-s, I im. mi ii. I. en si I'm . - is.
l'i.-l..,i,,l I., lil.om: I M1.MICAL, LO
II t.ulrul street, H.,.1,,1,.
F1T33g& Piano cr Organ Playing Learned In One h'j,
Thli tnttat wnrtrrfijl
)tc i - ,.( r jiiiiu, i.
lt.iii"a jrf t . Ir Ii nr.
1 atirtr Hi an t-ni. u-ov'ina cim. 1 u-aili rtnt m tlfaa ii-ieit A f'll . f-
Al I hl't'UN . A Nil II I Ull I . I lYi'i)' ' d I. V tl.- h.-.t it. t ir i a ,1
lla'MV. Iiiii0, I! 1141 I . I. ir (..a a ...... i last a fas. lit... ,.,
Ilri'l of !!..( L.H I r lit
a , i : i
Uli'tMi i-ajtiln-t or iriw wrptfia h'ao W'W iciohft
i a t. Kkiiiitt i i"N'x t.,r v i 1. 1 k i t v a it ti n (; .Ii'1
IHH' riii-t'a'd l'HK I tnir
i.'S I, l.i ill.' I i Oil It., II In ill'' , 1 1 1 I 1 ii.
i 'ii. i i 1 1 i . u - -I'tr . ml il i" ii.iv. iff t:'. .' 'iri . mi i p l:. I
i . I" I .r be. i " i.. i. .i',i . i e hi . i . i ( i , s ., . . . i i - i .
.1 lies un A M-'u jl.l.tl,n IH I I'.ll l.'AI AI.olll.I K. lei 1 1'.
,ri ..i K' i.l. I I 111..! i tl 1 i.u In.ini 1 1. im Vii nl 1 1. i t in si... I Ii
tii liii.eo
a- l"n
uiy.i i s ( ti," i'!.'. i It), ii will
A i :r si i tsi.-s 4
lauwioai ia... lAlk au, UW lOUIsl
HAH V1V1 Ti :r.Ar i-'t
Hynts Wstit.1 fur I. Its ol
it uil -
m-iit i
ii it. r
.ill ..h fui .i'lir-
I. n I n - J r )iU-1.
ri.ltl "O I" At r it;eatj
. . ATU UVSbf
.-If r t.. !.-t,fi. ti i
s".k mr( ni
t)tat' 'II ) I I'll
'. I. - .Ii t- -i u.
frtif. '1 ' 0 Ito-'ll -Vii l
hi -
i -t r 'I'll.
I'nra,: ta.rUAaUW- iaiw I 1 1.H M l tl. . t'v.rUni I. MkV
vwl M'tfvaani.tn (I f) iMrwhr Wn .iit
isf. l ltl.ili. l'fH.fj tUt frrs. tiraata ttua.aua.
ilwutt. .UUMrtiKllUl&7 Halhli i,Hd
well noRinc
riltll I Iu.. MA., M M r.-.'s. f. i ail a i. of V. 1
Ll A Valff rltf 4 (h niian-t)t 'Mrfnvnrnt
V w'l,,"'"l" r) l.iitOMr II
ali t ai M4ti.lig MtarUi a,. i. . ,v fuit
A kJJOaa Wma.a I II WtiJtUr i.Ub.. U
e-n. s -Vr'.i . I 'r..
macoraui or
Thr Pnntt'y fVm)
PrwA tKsM PnJnnl liUti 4 TTonkivMaM
ssoiniH to Mr ba4 f uuilti sBmi4f tun.
, Itw.Uctim nlfrrlT h wornt ffmn of ttipmk Corn,
pi-lint, oil OTiu-Uii trirlililrja, lnMjitrraf l n anil I'MoraV
tjina Kctkin ibs4V fi i IitknisVaul 4Ui-iptM U tUal
ttiaimre of Uf.
It will di-wlTia anl rrl tii mom from th oUrou In
n trf ir(.f Vviiop.irit. Tian p-uiW nry in nm
critn liHntH-Hlhr(fi t'herktsti wy vMi'tiuf t-y itv
It rr .n rtjiituis, AsauUarM'y, ditioToll .nuTifr
f'rtintiifuUiu4 MIC wakiit ofUi t.mfs' (u
It runs MiWifTfijr, Hriaw hi , hi-rvimii rntrmt-iu,
Jrtflrmi lirtnJItj', aaU'VpluHiuwaU, lt'prtdW.ou atiU Jnii-
ThaC MHnir of tvriiririimrn. mndntr pain, wHu-hl
JH bavkwh, UrUwixfai'iitvknrnLlT vtrtl by ita uh,
ItwillMtalHinvaaitU unlirM!l rlrtnimaUaitcm it In
btrmnny With tliMtWH that t'uYrrn t)i- frntaifl axyot-tn.
'or H run rf kuiiwy tkmnJAiuU o( auiMe rxthi
Ocm poiintt l urtirrUMrt.
i.vmv k. riNkiiAWfl vrom Ain.r com.
POCNUim iin-Tuimi At 14 it.t Ckft Wt"t Arii.
I.rnp, liavv. I'll Ol. lUsbnuiMforyA. rvntbymail
InUsf fiio ol little Aire lnth r-ma ot kivfi, on
rw-T ct trim, i nr bn r r riihur ' lr. I inkhkin
rreftjatnawni4l i ttrauf Itviuiry. tina tut HuupU
let AfldrMi 9e aJjofo, M-nli ts tiptf.
Xotuirt y nh.Hj. bg without LY I IA ka. HWKDAeH
IJVKK Pf.fji, ih,.r mrtj ccnrtUtl'Mi, bJtku tuiwar.
um1 torpkUUy ot Uw bvT. it. i3U pec laux
fold by RICHARDSON U CO., 8i Unit, Vr
1-OllHAI.K IIV lKl t.!SlSa
162 A 166 5UI0 Street Chicago, kl
Will aaact rerjl! U sy ft.b1rs.rn, IfcaJr -aW 1
fr l"-l, IMltwtaa, t- Krmviiut tT &f 1,
laUsitti"U, Hv.ll. (,ta, Hesvt -A
n'ia, kftst) )lsv t , l.a'tvrak. (,, ia. V. A 1
iJrm Msij1 SUrlaoJ llsU. M m.kr aTr-Tf'
il O.tfilo, lie,,,!,,,. M,wrl. ) bl I
m IftaUH.itnH i.J Lar. u. (,m Ai-a'.u 1
la, ftitj uIikm i i.t..a a-j U1
. BY FAR .
rill'. Ill-XT
Mnt pomhirt', rturnt lllntr tfl, lit(v', lirit
ami uw-n,( ht-ii tur citi itUri.; or, tl jnn 'inn
avt ipilrkly Oil -1 ft Ill'iKf. ' Hil lit nu-'i' f'r
full mittlt. Airt-nU ai k- Uti vf t ti '! ",
A-IIii h, TN:II IUK'K cu.,Hr, L u, MO.
500,000 Acres l
On thr lint of tho
VvrfuM iMU-tK ulAin, whli-h wtll b gem. tr. 'ttr,
(tlAKI.M I.. 4l.lYt
1.nh1 rAMHtlMloner. M llWHiik.r Wit
50,000 soiLD'iii'f'i:
50,000 IH PRESS. ZXtri
m i laaaaana m.mml otaasa MtaaaMaaaWaaaaW fll,. J 1 1 II s I T-t 1 1, ' 1 1 .
.tltl i'ttr., MtonJ) Hnudi.litl .Mill '.i I- VVniix
uul. "n fll ' A.' tit, M in. A'llr- l .it'-
111 I HA IU IIKOM., l4.au.u 4 Ky, Ma
KM i r.V'I'lOH. It nt (!'''' Ii. .ruu 4WJ
vtfi. jft o. Auy m wn-Os nit t m Itvr.
h - l"-- THIS TUYBRE
9 ;.v;
. ' - I .. , . ileitis ,s is; s s..
)-Jy ladlnnnoulla, Ilul.
BAftcnv' Diinr.ATivr dm i c a k k
IlltjWI'V I .l!UHIIIt I ILl,tf t
t-w i;i n
lU.'Oit, Hilt) x, ill .'Oliliil. n ) CJlHiikf (Ir
tin- aii in lli t tu.'v iui nt ,n An) h' w i.i i
1 ('Hi . Hi N 11 1 aC III (t)ll 1 IO 1 H Illr.V bi I' fi 1
to .njnii Uvittih, If :ivl h lliunj U- soiii r. hold 'V
r hi. fi-, ot aunt- ty In. II Im '' tl " ai'i'n. 1. ,
JuUhMtH A Co., lloatoiL . ftirilti U lU.igur, Mil.
f ill r 'Hi.i'r i sr. a "t i M" I ',1,
If 4 I Olljft I. H- MI-M'il-l I'll l, 'I ' I
lltfit. )"' 14 l I l.ilnaa -l tiili-itac 1 ,'li t
tjt t A Jli i U. I 1,n a, )..' 1 It 1 i'ib ill :!
a nl M l-t ! ,tn Im rt ct a-...-, V. ,
tirpln..sj "i. I .it i I. i.l t a ' ,t s ui v.o'.j.. ra f
iff If v.r: I Trw
layfliin h. h.u Isrl-i
aj, ir niiii ii- iit ni-Ji. ,
J It hi a'i nml v
V.i I li 'il avx J tv rfYli.a M-lliDII J
A,'t ' ,,,!.', I l I M t s I I v ' ' a i V x ,n ,,,.1. i . '(
j -aar. W
I H Hi
i I uita I i''f, mir ihm -tl ! iitnua, oitijiiiii k ft tii m rlictv
I ' lliaiiUUMUtall V.kAl Mil"''- A1. .a
Mfn!a at rr:itv rtr ti ,n ut w raa ,i ipt .
tmiy A ni-1 Amn oi;'fi w hit i It i r ix ' lni'U vv-flf
r; 'T h i i. T
r. el i
ii 1 1
iillii.l'H' .
I i
I "it'i. M 1 J
i-i i. T
itutiwi 4ti.B
ISvi III", i' -t 1 i s I 1
it I I t ill, t i I ,11 X'
, ct. is ii-,w r- nit -it' '
H lilt it. I " 1. - .1. I ' lleill i
i.- hiti
l "I I
tl II A s. .
mr, 1 tslal. Atu.. lltll .t(j.
Yf II KM WIWll.Vll TO ill'VMMPl.lll
Aleiu.o any jon .aw II. o a-lerllau.r.ii la
lltla paper. Adte.liser. Ilka In anaia
wl.ea tl where Uelr ailertiaiaeull
au parlaia keei.
tm 1 Wiry, ' K""- 'ft-" f '"I" y ?---'',r.ffx cl
T.j-'Tn'fs p 'a-T '.;Vv: 1 :
ii. iiiii'i' .a i LiXt't,. a.r, ,1. a'jll.i'
a. a I.. ' m - aia
' i 'Xw:
. V v '"'.yr"
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