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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, April 27, 1866, Image 1

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,VOL. I.
NO. 18.
TERMS, 92 a year In dvee.
Bates of Adrertlslng .
rOno iciuare, 10 llnoi or leu on Iniortlon, $1 SO
Eaoh additional Imertlon 74
AdmlnUtratort's Notice., ' 3 00
Final Settlement Notice!, -3 0
Stoat Notions (of a ilnglo ilrajr,) -3 00
'Bach additional ttrajr In same notice, 1 00
TB A liberal deduction will bs made to yearly
jCST All I'j'd ailvrrtUtmtnh mult bo paid fur
wOonpublieatlun ii certified to.
JBSr" Transient adverliiemtnti must baaccotn.
fNnlod with ttioeaab.
Sfr Ailvf rtlsojinnt. not marked or numbered
ill bo inicrled till otherwise ordered and charge )
for at tho abovn rule.
l'rofcsiiouat eairtj of ten lines or tear, will bo
ninrled ono year fur $10.
Marriage, Death, Funeral and Church nntkri
will bo published frit'.
All communication" of a personal nature tnujt
lio publlihcd over the writers natuo.
Newspaper Postage.
Tho rosttitrc on Wecklv Newsnancrs
io fubscribcrs, when propayed quarterly planters aro cum ng in among us from
ir yearly in advance, cither at tho mail- other States, attracted by tho superior in
ing office or office of delivery, per quar-1 duccracnts which Missouri offers, it would
tor. (; mouth?) five cent!. bo well for them to confer with old nnd
Weekly newspaper?, (one copy only.) oxperienoei'd ones before-emigrating, from
'cut bv he imhli.-lii'iii. to actual eulttfcrib- whom they may derive important hints.
vis within the county where pri
united nnd
ji u l i i !-li ci , free. There are instances in
which stth.-crlliers who reside within the
fiiinly receivo their mail mutter at post
offices beyond the county limits, Such
persons aro entitled to receive tho paper
free of postii'.'c. Hut stih.scriln.-r.-i who
live, nut of the county, nnd receive their
mail matter at a post office within it,mu.-t
pay pontage.
Regular Terms of flic Courts" or
r . "" ;
l.llirolll LOIIUly.
i nrvrv chit.t M-,..,t. Mnii.l.i- in ri,ru-1
in1. M.y. Atiu-t nhl N'm.-wtit.r,
I'MK fir rut nr. .. Until Mni.,r ii, Mirth
and 'ciitrmW.
I'ni-ol .-'alu ritnatc Jvhii II. lliT.dcr.-icn, of
Tike county.
t'nltcd Mit'S Hnusn 'if Ilprintntlrn. Uen.
W. And.'run, i 1'iWc ci nntv.
?U'n Senator, E. I!, Caret
rt.prcinUtlri. .!. Winston iMtlrn.
.l ln of Circuit Court. J. T. i I'ngg. I'ik.
t'ir'iill Attorney. K. 1'. .Toljn-'.n
f'lr ot Cir-'ilSt Cnur- ami llcdndrr. - . It.
.I'ldgM nf Cvmty Court, M. I., I.owt, P,.-M-Inff,
Sura. T. lfiMni, nnd .THinfh WiU-.n.
Mr-A rf Courty ( -in, , ) S'V,I (V,f:i!y.if .'on.
r V. I , '.alt. .
SnrlfTand Collector of Revenues. --.t. U Ivr.ox.
i'"iinty rrt.-iMiror. S, H. Wioltolk.
I'nhlin idmlnlitraliir. K. II. Ilud."n.
Count;- Aenr, lJ. H. ?milcv.
Local Cloim Ajjent. I. .M. Mel'lrllnn.
f. S. Colloctur 4th"T)irtrict. A It. Murtin.
B 5rT C,
TZ. XT Drl 1ST
No, l"7 Till Street, U'tw 1'ojilar A Ccrrc,
Vcbrmry 9 I'M u" lyr
ni:iiTi... KOLWUY,
Main Rtroot, next Door to tho City Hotel,
St. Charles ItTo,
February 9 1868 n7 lyr
February 9 IMS n7 ly
'. II. Klaimtcrmclr. Valentlue Moore.
oppo.ito the Court Hon,., 1 6am0 wth th(J p0(idcgs Hertha or Farth.
ST. CIIAKLKS, MISSOURI, i To her tho sixth day of the week was con-
Krcns einnuntly on lunt the boit Llciuon, tho ' pocrated, which by the Saxons was writr
fbole.eit foroian and natlro wiuci and Ireih beer (m j,yiga't J)tag corresponding with our
February 9 ima ly , PridBy Friga js represented with a
,jrawn sworj in lier right hand and a bow
NEW YORK SALOON. ini7Ic,ft, c , Ty .. , , .
Ti Idol Stater. Tho idol Seater is
GERMAN BERTUET, Proprietor. 1 represented on a pedestal, wheteon is
tbo North Mluourl ItallroaJ
TMIIS taloon is furniihod with too billlardi,
n t,keoP on hand the bent kind ofUger
w, Wines and Ltquori. Oyaten raw, it.wed
or fried at all boar.. fab. 9 18o nTly
No. 40 Market Street, South WH corner of 2d,
Bookbinder, Job Printer,
rrintin.lob and Uulinc 4"f n liberal tormf
rabr'iiry 3 n n7l
Tehaeeo Crop of Mlssoirl.
Our Stato must noon become tho lar
gest tobacco crowing and manufacturing
ono in tho Union. Its toil and climate
arc admirably adapted to the production
of the finest qualities brought to any mar
ket in the world, surpassing even Virgin
ia ; and, being by far the most profitable
crop that can be raised, our planters aro
giving extensive and increasing attention
to its cultivation. Tho inspections in this
city for tho last thrco years were aa fol
lows: II lids. Boxes.
186:$ 17.4M) 1,000
18G4 111,001) 3,068
18G5 55,000 1,500
The fulling off lust year wasowiug to a
peculiarly unfavorable season; but wo un
derstand that the crop of this year prom
iscs to bo an immense ono. St. Louis is
destined to be the great tobaceo market
of the country, nnd is already diverting
tu it from New York much of the busi-rip.-M
in tho great staple. Foreign pur
chasers liud that thoy can select here to
greater advantage procisely such qualities
as they seek. Tho demand for fine Mis
souri tobacco considerably exceeds tho
supply, and the high prices it commands
will doubt continuo for years. As many
"t. i.ouis ii'tpuijiicnn.
Names or Days Their Origin.
The idols which our Saxon ancestors
worshiped, and from which the days of
the week derive their names, wcro vari
ous, and the principal objects of their ud
ointion. The Idol of the Sun. This idol, which
represented the glorious luminary of tho
day, was the chief object of their worship.
,l is described like the bust of a man, ait
up,,,, a piar holding, with outstretched
aims, a burning wheel before his hroist.
J he tirst dav of thn week was cspeciallv
1 tk-ilu-utod to its niloratioti, which thoy
, termed the Sun's Deag; hcn.'O is derived
tiie word Sunday.
The IJul the Moon. The next was
the idol ol tho Moon, which they worship
ed on the second day of tho week, called '
by them Mtan't Dmg and since by us,
Monday. The form ofthis idol is intend-
ed to represent a woman, habited in nj
short coat and a hood, and two lung ears. I
The monn which she holds in her hand
designates the quality.
The Idol at Tukro. Tuisco was at first
if iiniia as tno taiiier aim ruier tu tne
J etttonie race, tmt in eourse ot iimo no
wa woishipcd as the j-nn of the earth.
l-ioni thi eatun the fcaxou words, luuoo
D-g, which wo call 'luesday. Ho is
represented staniliiiir on a pedestal, ns an
old venerable sigc clothed in tho skin of
an animal, and holding a sceptre in the
right hand.
TA Idol of Wotfrii, or Odin.--Woden,
or Odin, was ono of the supremo divini
itics of tho Northern nations. This hero
is supposed to have emigrated from tho
cast, but from what country, or at what
time is not known His exploits from
the greater part of the mythological creed
of tho Northern nutious, and his achieve
ments aro magnificent boyond all credi
bility. Tho name of tho fourth day in
the woek, called bv tho Saxons Woden'
Deihj, and by us Wednesday, is derived
from this personage. Woden is repre
sented in a bold and martial attitude, clad
in armor, with a broad sword uplifted in
his hand.
The Idol Thor. Thor was tho cldost
and bravest of tho sons of Wodon Friga,
nnd was, after his parents, considered tho
groatcrt god among the Saxons and Danes.
To him tho fifth day of tho week, called
by them Tior' Deaj, and by us Thurs
day, was consecrated. Thor is represen
ted as sitting on a throne, with u crown
of gold on his head, adorned with a cir
cle in front, wherein were sot twelve bur-j
nished gold stars, and with a regal scep
ter in his right hand.
The Idol of Friga or Frega.Vn&, or
Frcga, was the idol of tho Woden or Odin,
and, next to him, the most rovercd divin
ity among tho heathen Saxons, Danos,
and other northern nations. In tho most
nncinnr. times Frica or FrcL'a was tho
placed a perch, on tbo sharp, prickica
back of which ho stood. His head was
uncovered and his visage loan. In his
left hand was a pail of water, whnein
were flowers and fruits ; and his dress con
sisted of a long coat girded with linen.
Tho appellation given to tho day of his
celebration is still retained. The Saxons
named it Stater'i Dtag, which we call
Saturday. Thus the days of our week
are derived from heathen idot'l and heath
en worship.
Butter-milk Pie. Three pints of but-
tc-milk, two eggs, four tablcspoonfulls of i
antmr n tnaannnniul of flnur stirred into
the milk, and half a nutmeg. Stir well
topener anri rjjkc uite a cusvin 'iv
The Wart's we Use.
Bo simple unaffected; be honost in
your speaking and writing. Never use a
long word where a short ono will-do. I
Call a spade not a well-known oblong in-
atrument of manual industry let home
be a home, not a residenco a place a
place, not a locality, and so of the rest,
Where a short word will do, you always
loso by using a long one. You lose in
clearness you loso in honost expression J
of your meaning; and in the estimation
or all men who aro competent tojudgo,
yon lose in reputation for ability.
Tho only true way to shine, even in
this false world, is to be modest and un-1
assumimr. Falsehood may be a very
thick crust, but in the course of time I
TftUTH win una a piace to orcax tnrougn,
elegance ot language may not be in the'
power oi an oi us mit simplicity ana
straightforwardness are. I
Write much as you would speak ; speak
as you think, it with your interior
speak no coarser than usual : if your su
perior sneak no finer. Be what you say,
and within tha rules of prudence, say
what you are. Avoid all oddity of ex
pression. No one was ever a gainer by
singularity of words, or in pronunciation.
The truly wise will so speak, that no one
will observe how he speaks. A man may
show great knowledge of chemistry by
carrying about bladders of strango gases
to breathe, but he will enjoy better health,
and find more timo for business, who lives
on common air.
RatS. Neighbor Jones rays, that if'
wc will go to a tin shop and get a lot of
scrap tin, and crowd it into their holes,
they will evacuate tho premises at onco.
Whether they fear them as traps, or
whethor they scratch their sides, or
whether thev have a natural fear for it,'
ho could not tell, lie only knows tbeinair on tne other portion ol the her. J
fact. I
. i m I A companion that is cheer fu. 1 ve
A very diminutive specime.i of a man from tweuring ami scurrilous disecur e is
latoly solicited the hand of a fine husotu. Wurth gold. I love such mirth as -Mi
''Oh, no," said the fair but insulting la- not make friends ashamed to look upon
dy, "I ean't think of it fur u moment. one another next morning; nor men that
The fact is, John, you a-.e too l: for a cannot well hear it, to repent tho money
cradle, ond a littlo too mjiuII tu y ) to they (pent when tvartted with ftrong
church with." j drink. Take this for a rule: You may
I pick out such times and companions as
A IieiUMOIIt hen a man or woman
i;.,p tin, Vasiikin. vnondino- tlmir
wealth coined out of the sweat, teats and
proans of those thoy cmptoy. and fondly
,reamitig that Charon will kindly steer
ihom at last safely over the dark waters
. .
! "What are you doinc thero, my friend?"
said the plow to tho harrow. "Oh, I ami
dragging alung. "ics, miiowitig me.
1 os, scratching alter you.' "xouaro
, tho Old Scratch to harrow up oelings."
'I :lnus in thn niiririln nr runprnnhvatanrl
up!" said schoolmaster. "What is a pyr
v. ... n " r j
amid?" he asked. "A pile ofroenina
circus, one on top of the other." "Where
is K.'ypt?" Whore it always was."
Whero's Wales?" All ovor the sea."
"Very well,"said the schoolmaster, "stand
there till I show a species of birch that
grows all over tbo country."
Homestead Law.
Our Legislature enacted n Homestead
Law which is certainly liberal enough for
all practical purposes. The act provides
that n homestead in the country, embrac
ing 1C0 acres of land, and of the value of
81,500, shall bo exempted from levy and
salo uuder an execution for debt. In a
town of k'83 than 40,000 inhabitants, tho
value of tho homestead exempted is 1,500,
with thirty squaro rods of ground. In a
city of over 40,000 inhabitants, tbo valuo
of tho homestead is 93,000 and not to ex
ceod eighteen square rods of ground.
No State in the Union can boast of a
moro liberal law.
TobiIo Vines.
Clip them as you would rasberry or
blackberry canes. They need cutting
back to insuro good fruit, plenty of it,
and of fine flavor. Clip them one or two
leaves abovo the fruit, and continue to
keep down, us they are rank growers
ana win give you more vines tnan iruu ii
. ii , - ii -.. -i.
you withhold the knife.
t ..! J Al
Of courec you
uave iruiueu lueui.
Always keep a bottle of hartshorn in
t lm tiAiiQA T f. will nnawftp IVtr mnA Mtna
cdies than almost any one thing. A drop
7 7 7.1, .T. TJ
drops will euro the bite of a reptile. It
removes the aisagreeaote sweat oaor irom
tno skin (wmou some people nave; oy
washing in water tinotured with it. It
will keep one from fainting better than
anything else, and will bring to sooner.
We are enjoined to do good and why?
Because it really makes us the more nap
py. But we aon't beliove it, so littlo do
we practice goodness: His to us a strange
tbloL'. But tho creat and cood know i
and they practice it.
To euro scratches on a horse, wash the
leci with soap suds and then with beef
brine. Two applications will oure the
worst caBcs.
- -
noor ones. Make the soil rich: nnlvkr
uuuuuiui viuy. .is uiuig iicuuiu)u.u
no it well; keep it olean nnd it will gen-
cmnj i jiuvnt.
Why aa I not a Chrlsllai?
1. Is It because I am afraid of ridioule,
and what others may say of me ?
"Whosoever shall be ashamed of Me
and my words, of him shall the Son of
man be ashamnd."
2. Is it because of the inconsistencies
of professing Christians?
"Every man shall 'give an account of
himself to God."
3, Is it because I am not willing to
give up all to Christ?
"What will it profit a man if he shall
gain the whold world and lose his own
Is it because I am afraid that I shall
not be accented?
"Him that cometh unto Mi, I will in
no wise out out."
o. Is it becauso I fear I am too great
a sinner r
"The blood of Jesus Christ cleansed
from all sin.
A. Natural Waterfall.
The Sandusky Ohio Begister gives the
following description of tho latest curios
A gentleman of this city is the happy
possessor of a bright littlo daughter six
months old. When the child was born
the head was entirely devoid of hair, ex
cept that portion of tho back head which,
with ladies, is covered by tho waterfall,
and this portion was covered with a thick
growth of jet bhek hair, thrco inches
long, and precisely in the shape of the
most approved waterfall. The young la
dy paid us tho compliment of a visit yes
tcrday, wearing her fashionable but nat
ural appendage. This singular growth
ot uair remains, presenting a grotesque
appearance, ana being only slightly re
lioved by the uual crowth of
fine white
. will make you moro merry than a ereat
deal of money for 'tis the company, and
uoi tno charge, that maucs tho least.
Some threee years ago Mr. Wm. By
trntnrk m.lHinc nt-or fl TdtnrlAn nninl ,n
Piatt county, Mo. buried between four
and five hundred dollars in greenbacks
i in a tin box. which he had covered with
leather. A few days ago ho unearthed
, his treasure, and round that the mice
had destroyed all but about fifty dollars
of it.
Damascus is tho oldest city in tho world.
Tyre and Sidon havo crumbled on the
shore; Balbco is a ruin; Palmyra lies bu
ried in tho sands of tho desert. Nino
rah and Babolon havo disappeared from
tho shores of tho Tigris and Euphrates.
Damascus remains what it was beforn the
days of Abraham a center of trade and
travel, an island of verdure in a desert.
In almost every seotion of tho country
but this, religious revivals are going on.
One of our exchanges makes mention of
some 200 meetings now progressing, or
but very recently closed, at each ot which
from 20 to 200 persons have attached
themselves to somo religious denomina
tion. Paris Mercury.
Illinois lieas.
The small pox has mido its appearance
in Pontiac, aud tho people of the place
are in great alarm lest tho loathsome dis
ease should sprea j through town.
Tho Board of Supervisors ot Rook Isl
and county, have decided, by a vote of 11
to 2, not to grant licenso to sell liquor in
that county.
The snotted fever is new razinc to a
considerable extant in the lower part of
urawiora ana uppor end oi Lawrence
"Two thirds of the membors of my
church," says a pastor, "are honorv mem
bers. They don't eome to prayer mcct-
ings; they don't attend Sundy school,
they don't add to the life of tho church:
. ...
they are passengers on tno gospel ship,
they bear no burdens, add no strength;
their names are on our books, they are
j nonary members
t . . J,: ' A
In a spoeoh at Albany the other day
jrr, John Van Buren said
T , r t
There is a difference of opinion amonc;
heroes. Heroes like Grant and Sliermuu
and Meade and rarracut and Lea and
Johnston deelaro that tho war is ended,
T know that hornpa liltn 9i
nmnor nnrl Sin.
vens and Wilson nr. J Dr.vr.int; dunv iho
"Z r .' T Ui IUUJU
who haT0 VW-
--at viiihinff tautb i. vir.-i
largest Fishing Towa in tbe Worla.
Gloucester is probablv tho lnreest fiah-
ing town in tho world. It has no other
business relations : its commerce has de
parted; its agriculture and manufactures
, are next to nothing, and yet ita fisheries
aro io extensive that it support a resident
nuuuiaiigo 01 iweivo tnouiano people,
and if we inolude the men who are
ployed at the port it would number fif-
in inousani,
A Q-estlei fer Lawyers.
As an instance of the spread of divoreo
in the West, we are told that there are,
at present, living in Columbus. Wiscon
sin, two women, and a man who had been '
marriea to tne women aforesaid. Too
man has been married four times, his now
two wives living, and has no wife. The ,
first woman has been married three times, '
has two husbands living, and has no bus-
nana, ine secona woman has been mar
ried twice, has two husbands liviae. and'
has no husband.' j
A Tree Werth i5,OW,
A remarkable tree was brought to New
York in the month of January, 1806,
from a Western State. It was a blaek
walnut 70 feet long, measuring 4,500 feet
board measure; but when cut into veneers
it would be thirty times that, making
135,000 feet, which at 20 cent, would
be worth $27,000. The cost oi cutting
it and placing it in store for sale would
be about 8700. Black waluut for the last '
six years, has been gradually taking the
lead of mahogany, and is worth as much
now as formerly. The figure most sought
for at present is a stripe, which seems to
be formed by the sap, casting dark and
light shades alternately through the trees
which, when worked, makes the most
beautiful furniture that is manufactured.
Dewdrops of Wisdom.
He who teaches, often learns himself.
The idoa of what ought to be, rises up
from the heart what is.
It is our duty to appropriate our timo
to valuable purposes.
He, who being master of tho advanta-
jge ius moment to crush bis enemy, mag
nanimously neglects it is born to be a
He that endures to tho end, tho same
shall be saved.
Of all tho habits, that of idleness is tho
most incorrigible.
We resolve and re-resolve; that is the
order. We do not stick to the resolve.
But we have got to repeat so often we
break, 'i his shows a lack of firmnesi.
.Mutual Forbearance.
The house and the barn had a quarrel.
The barn charecd the house with con
suming its substance. But I shall fill it
again, you crumbier, said the house. Al
ready my sods are preparing the soil.
Besides, your cattle are eating up your
substance. But blame not the cattle; it
is tho cattle and I that feed us. The
barn has been silent ever since.
Cotton growing was Unusually lucra
tive last year in Southern Illinois. Jeff
erson county produced one half million
pounds, which at Western prices (45 cents
per pound) is worth 8225,000, while somo
of the counties below raised four times
that amount.
A young minister in a highly elaborate
sermon which he preached, said several
times, "Tho commentators do not agree
with me." Next morning a poor woman
came to see him, with something in her
apron. She said her husband had heard
his sermon, and thought it was a very
fine one, and as he said "tho eommon ta-
ters did not agree with him," he had sent
'some of the very best kidneys.
What is the world ? A dream wilhiu a
droam as we grow older each step has an
inward awakening. The youth awakes
and he thinks from childhood; the full
grown man despites the pursuits of youth
as visionary; the old man looks on man
hood as a feverish dream. Is death the
last sleep? No it is the last final awa
kening. Sir Walter Scotl.
Will you keep your eye on my horse,
While I step in and get a drink? Yes
sir. (stranger gets bis drink and comes
out.) Where is my horse, boy? He's
runne'd away air. Didn't I tell you to
take eare of him, you scamp. No sir,
you told me to keep an eye on him, and
I did till he got clean out of sight.
Staple Mode ofYurifylng Water.
A table spoonful of powdered alum,
sprinkled into a hogshead of water, and
stirred, will in tho course of lew hours
, t-. 11 A-
precipitate to ma notiom an me impure
particles and leave the water as cle in aud
puro as spring wator. Four gallons would
need but a tea (spoonful.
1 . . ---.T
The town of Washington, Franklin
oounlr it s. iatd. contains about 2.600
...' . ' . . .
inhabitant, of whom more than one-half
rn foreigners. About two hundred of
the bulauco are negroes.
Ex-Governor Allen of the Mexican
'l.uics bays that "Mexico is the finest
country, on ioVs earth, and presents the
bo it openings for comfortable homes and
larco fortunes, for those who have a small
capital on wbieh to begin, but to tho.io
who are without means, we say in all can
Anr .tjir -,- vori .T
Men are curious oreatures. They pay
salaries to some of their own number for
governing them.
In Georgia, where Sherman's army took
carta, and call them earfci de vuite.
A satisfaction with home is happiness
From the Western Rural.
Big of tie Canary ilri.
I wake froth Help to dtr.ee and leap.
To sing my merry song. ,
With work and pity each happy day
Goes pleasantly along.
I wish my face, I trim my drees,
At morning, noon, and night,
I cannot bear your slouehy fair,
They put wa io a fright.
Some boys ban cat, with hands aod fen'.
A: dirty aa a crow,
I would not be as slovenly
For anything, I know.
Some tidy girls, with golden curls,
And ohceks of damask rose,
Are tour and cross as (crab) apple sauce,
To all except their beaux.
They come to me, to smilingly,
And call me, "Birdie, dear!"
l wish they'd go to Mexico,
I do not want them near.
Now, children sweet, be clean and neat ,
And I will sing to you;
And ladies fine, your cars incline
Pray keep your temper too.
PSALM 'x?.
Lord, who shall abido in thy tabernacl.'?
who shall d veil in thy holy hill?
2. He that walkcth uprightly, and
worketh righteousness, and spcaketh thn
truth in his heart.
3. Be that backbiteth not with his
tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbor,
nor taketh up a reproach aganst his
4. In whose eyes a vile person is 'con
temmed; but lie honoureth them that fear
the Lord. He thai sweareth to hid own
hurt, and changeth not.
G. He that putteth not out his money
to usury, nor taketh roward against th
innoccnt. He that doeth theio thinus
shall never be moved.
Crumbling to Pieces.
In the Senate, a few days aincc, Mr
Lane, of Kansas, raid:
"This I know that the Republican
party, of which I am a member, la crum
bling to pieces, and that every day we
postpone the reception of the Southern
States insure the destruction of that
Referring to the recent Connecticut
election, he observed that
"Ono moro victory like that would ruin
tbo Republican party. . It was the flrit
scratch of tho hand wilting on tbe wall."
Fire Cent Coin,
In the Houso of Representatives, dfew
daya ago,lhe following proceedings tcok
Mr Kasson Tho Committee on Coin
ago, Weights and Measures have instruc
ted me to report House bill No. 307, to
authorize the coinagb of fivo cent pieces.
No objection being mado, the bill wj
considered, and was ordered to be engrav
ed and read a third time.
Tho bill provides that aa soon & prac
ticable there shall be coined at the Unite J
States mint a five cent piece, composed
of copper and nickel, tho proportion of
the latter not exceeding 25 per cent, aud
of the coin not to exceed 60 grains.
The bill further provides that from and
after the passage of this act no further
laauca Buau oe maao oi me uve cent f rac
tional currency, abd all such outstanding
currency shall be redeemed & withdrawn
from Circulation, leaving no fractional
currency of a less denomination than ten
Mr. Kasson This bill is prepared at
the mint, and the committee very cordial
ly unite with tbe Governor of tbo mint
in recommending its adoption. It follows
the precedent oi the bills passed at the
last session of Congress for the Coinage
of smaller pieces. It contains the usual
legal provisions, and no other, except for
the withdrawal of the smallest fractional
notes now issued, uamcly the five cent
notes The bill passed.
' m fc
C0H8I8TE.10Y. Hov. J. D. Fisjicr, of
Ashtabula county, O., has been convict
ed before an ecclesiastical court of forg
ery and dismissed from the ministry.
He forged a letter recommending hiaMtlf
for presiding older. He has been lead
ing Radical, always dealing out death and
damnation to copperheads.
One of tho striking signs of tho tiaaes
is the religious interests whioh is spring
ing up with much power in most dfsrar
eastern cities and villages. In the extra
ordinary labors and reiulU attendant up.
on it, nearly all denominations participate.
Tho Lebanon Advocate it utglng tho
farmers of Laclede county to orgaaite a
County Agrieutural Sooiety. U is timo
that the farmers of other counties in tbtr
portion of tho State wcro acting intha
1 matter.
Id a receut conversation with a. leading
member of the Pennsylvania Congression
al delegation, Secretary Seward said there
was not a rebel to-day in the whole coun
try, and be should not use the word
that he was in favor of the admission of
1 tbe entire body of Southern members, ju;t
as thfy ire, and of the repeal of the test

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