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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, April 27, 1866, Image 2

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Troy, Mo.
FRIDAY, - APRIL 27, 18G6
Mass Meeting,
To be held at Traxton, Lin
coln County, .Ho., April
28th I860.
All persons who are favorablo to the
reconduction prlicy of ANDREW
JOHNSON, and the Veto of.tlie i'reed
ucn's Bureau bill, and the Veto of the
Civil Rights bill, aro invited to come and
participate in aid meeting.
The following speaker have been in
filed and arc cxpei-icd to be present.
R. A. Cambell, of Cowling Green, Mo.
Wm. II. Jcdso.n, of Montgomery City.
Col. Morse Y, of Warrcnton.
Jas. M. McLcllan, of Troy, Mo.
A. V. McKbb, " ' '
Henry Quiglev, " "
Job B. Allen, Traxton.
Speaking to commence at one o'clock
For Sale. Read advertisement of
farm for silo. Good tand good house,
and cheap.
SchBUdicr's History of the War.
The Agent, Mr. Burger, will he in
Troy next week for the purpose of de
livering to subscribers the above history.
All who subscribed for tho work will
therefore be prepared with tho '.''recti
becks, to pay and rccelvo the book.
Slate Iusuraucc Company.
Read advertisement of tho above com
pany and then get your Louie and barn
insured. It is the safest and best com
pany in the State, therefore the people
ought to patronize it.
Tnixliiu lakes (lie Lead.
As will be seen by a call in thi
column, that the Johnson men of Trux
ton and vicinity, are the 6rat to call and
hold a meeting in this county in support
of the President and hU reconstruction
policy. All honor to thcmt-iusy their
efforts do much good, and encourage oth
ers to sustain the President, the Union,
and the Constitution as it if. hot all
disunionists remember that the old Con
stitution is a good one, and docs not need
any amendments hy them. The old Un
ion the old Constitution and a while
man's government, should bo tho wauh
word of all goad and true friends of their
Stores and Tin Ware. Wo direct
the attention of the citizens of this county
to the advertisement of Mr. Lynott, who
has purchased the stock in trade from
D. RubecII, and will carry on the busi
ness at his old stand in Troy. Ho will
keep on hand or make to order, on the
shortest notice, any article in his lino, as
low as can be, purchased in St. Louis,
freight added, AH persons who may
want any article iu his line will do well
to give him a call.
D. BUSSell wants those who owo him
to call at Crump aud Wings store and pay !
what tbey owe him. Head his advertise
ment, then go and pay his agent.
The St. Louis Republican says tho
President has signed the bill rcimburting
Missouri for moneys advanced and debts
incurred in potting troops into the held
for the common defenco in the late war,
The sum appropriated is 80,710,000.
From this is to be deducted tho amount
of.the direct tax, about 871C,000. The
um due is to he determined by commiss
A Protracted Meeting
Will be held at the Christian Church
in Txoy, commencing Saturday evening
next. Soveral ministers have been invi
ted and are expected to bo in attendance.
BeilOTali Mrs. Sedlacck has removed
her Millinury sture into tho new room,
one door cast of tho Post office, whero
he has a fine assortment of new bonnets
and bats for the ladies.
l..Mtaa nil. .
PlasteriBff. Bead advertisement in
viting bids for plastering the Baptist
Church in Troy.
j. Get a Picture, Now, before Van
dcrenter leave town, as you may never
lit vo another Artist to town as good as
Van. and then, when lie takes it you are
certain to get a good one. Call on him
soon, or you may be too late.
Uandkercuier Preaching.
A correspondent of the Chrittian lie-
fleeter says: "I notice in some cases n
handkerchief babit in the pulpit, wlncli
has led mo to inquire if the use of that
very ticeoisary nrticlo is a part of thco
loim-al traiuiae. I notice some ministers
take it out of tlioir pockets as they do
their sermons, ana lay it on the pulpit
Some spread it out lengbtwisc through tho
tnidUlc ot tho Uiblc; some roil it up and
tuck it under the Biblo ; tome shako it
over their heads ; some clinch it in their
haiids as if they were going to throw it
at Hio audience, and somo keep crowding
. . ....,.-. ..ll! . -.. !
u in utcirpucKcis, aim puuing uuuiugain,
with a nervous movement, as it they did
not know what use to make ot trio r hands
I weal once to hear :i popular youttu
preacher, and si: much r.i half lib seimon
was muds ujof p.itfie'.-haiiiila-rchtcl.ntid
the moat of t':e o her ha'.!' wia itold watch
and scrapj of poetry."
Is laboring to restore tho Union, and
perpctitito tl.u uorvrnmtnt according to
the system of i:.i louiricra Lungresi is
working to prevent t!ij ie'.ontioii of the
Union, atiu so t:iii:e a ::ir.'i oi uov-
erutnefit. President Juiiiuon accepts the
Constitution at his jrutde. Congress spits
upon the Constitution. Anil yet, with
the.se vital differences, tl.e.-e antipodal
policies, there has been much talk about
"ccmpromhe" unl "harmony" between
the Executive and the Legislative branch
es. There is no hall-way ground upon
which to treat or negotiate, and t-o far as
the President is concerned he declares:
"I intend to stick to my position, relying
on the judgment and intelligence of tho
people." Ho is, he says, tho tribune of
the people, and is determined to assert
the power which the pcoplo have placed
in him. Time will diii.osc that the Pres
ident's reliance will not fail. He wjll be
indorsed, Detained and upheld by the
sovereigns of the land, and the revolu
tionists who now denounce and vilify him
for his patriotic efforts to restore the Un
ion and proTOte price and fraternity will
be swept from place and iiulueu.e as by a
tornado. St. Louis Republican.
Nearly nil of all the Federal office
holders in Kansas suprort President
luluison and bis policy. Amonir them
arc James L McDowell, Postwar (or,
Leavenworth; T. A. Osborn, TJ. S.
Marshal; John A. Martin, PoMir.nnter,
Atchison ; II. S. Sleeper, Surveyor Gen
eral M. W. Delahay, U. S. Judge, and
J. S. Emery, District Attorney. (Stiver
ncrS. d. Cranibrd and Senator Jim Lane
aro also supporters of the President.
Agricultural Societies.
Tho stock holders of tho Callaway
County Agricultural Society have deter
mined to hold a fair next fall. At a
meeting held at Fulton on the 14th inst.
Messri. C. A. Bailey and I. D. Snediior
were elcetcJ President and Secretary for
the or.suoing jeur. New grounds will bo
fitted up on a" liberal plan, and premiums
to ciiual any county fair in the State arc
to be awarded to competitors.
Tho farmers of Audrain county, on
Wednesday last, organized an Agricultu
ral and Meehaniual Association, and took
initiatory steps for holding a fair next
fall. The swoid everywhere in Missouri
is being turned into the ploughshare, and
but f.'i- tho demagoguery of radicalism,
the onward march of the State in pros
p.!,-it) and to greatness would bo com
plete. St. Louis Republican.
. ... - t
Prospects m the South.
A business letter from a merchant in
the South to a gen'lcman of this city, un
der date rf April 13th, at Montgomery
Alabama, says: " I' lie political aspects arc
preventing ilm planters from doing as
much as thoy otherwise would do, and
I fear that we will not make anything like
33 largo crops as anticipated. Capitalists
who were advancing means to planters
have quit, owini to the uncertainty, and
rn'iny farms will bo abandoned for want
of moans."
No doubt tliN is the truth. The only
wonder is that the business men ami cap
itiiiuts o: i lie enure ..win io nor. tee it.
The Southern people are anxious, in good
faith, to take their place in the Union and
renew their prosperity. They have no
other course to pursue or to wish to pur
me. Hut for the pestilent agitators of
th j Stevens, Sumner and Trumbull school
all would soon be well, and the country
would be prosperous beyond former ex
ample. Business men of St. Louis, who desire
trade with the South, ought to reflect that
the Southern people cannot supply the
means of commerce if they aro not per
mitted to go to work. Political agitation,
looking to the robbery of the whole pco
pie, is a poor encouragement to industry.
St. Louis Republican.
Ono James D. Snoddy, a tender-hearted,
amiable "Christian gentleman" (of the
Babcoke order,) and Radical editor of
the Kansas Border Sentinel, is not very
well pleased with Jim Lane's voting in
support of the President's veto of tho
Civil nights bill, and here is what be says
of him:
Poor, fied-forsaken wretch, may bell's faottcit
hole rcceire htm toon I
I .lUllJJfe.Ti.SKl. iu tutu m a (ru
V ,,, ,,, .in ,,, h.i. m.,i
V..,.v.Tro V .1... .
rm, thous-h deeply injured;, be stands
or. oo high ground,
A Remarkable Death Scene.
mt It t a .a
anc tallowing account is given as a
veritable occurrence, at the liouse ot ivr.
D.'A. Pease, of Detroit, on the occurrence
ot the death of Mr. WMcox, un aged man,
father of Mrs. Pea-c. Dr. Pease, who is
a gentleman of lush character and stand
ing, himself narrates the incident. We
give an extract :
A few minutes after he ceased to
breathe, the family sitting in tho room,
in silence contemplating the scencc before
them, our daughter, S. M., remarked, "I
sec six beautiful spirits standing around
the oouy, ana a white, sncet-iue appear
ance just over it. Now I seo a golden
light proceeding from the crown of the
head, and spreading out over the body,
and the sheet-like appear.mcoia keptcon
stantly in motion. The spirit standing at
the head waves his hand toward the door."
Wc, all but one, leave the room. What
does it mean? The spirit replies, "De
part, and return iu one hour."
We again took our scats. ''I seo," said
the medium, ' a spirit-form directly over
tho body ; it is plump and fair, with eyes
closed, and seems to bo asleep." Ques
tion, ''May we know who those heavenly
visitants are?" The vuaidiannpirit re
plied, "His father, wife, son aud daugh
ter." Question, "Was he conscious at
the time of his departure ?'' "No : but
in about six hours ho will awako liko a
new-born babe." Question bv his daugh
ter, Mrs. D. A. Pease, "Hnvo you not a
word for me?" '"Yes: whtm your time
comes, in like manner you will be eared for ,
Tho meaiuni sav?, '-l tee a beautiful
young lady with a uoldon harp." A de
scription is given, and who is re.'ognizcd
as Jane, a niece, who passed away some
thirty years tinea. The medium alro de
scribes fourteen beautiful spintsjust out
side of the window, bearing in their hands
musical iiifii uuicnts and ilowcrs, who lorm
in rows of seven each. The golden cord
proceeding from the head ha dimiuislicd
in size. 'The guardian spirit says, "In
about five minutes we will be r ady to
lepart. Will you please open the win
dow ?"' Question, "Can't vou depart
without it?" '-Yei: but now we prefer
an open space, l tic window was tnrown
opcu, and they all departed through the
lines formed outa.de, trium; hantly wav
ing their hands as they ascended with the
new-born spirit.
The Hop Trade of Wisconsin.
The hon trade is an important line cd
hnsiness at Kilbourn. Wis., as the culture
of that pungent vegetab'c U an impfr-
tant branch ot industry in tho Mirrounu-
Iiii. njimtlm. nf!!iL' ririit PMllmliln. Si n
the gathering of last fall's ctor, there
"1 , .Iin . . . . .
nave neon ueiwcen .. ami -iuo ions 01
hops shipped at Kilbourn depot. I hese
brought the producers, on mi average,
bout Ijo per pound nuiKing tne money
--liio .if tlii l-.r..rluf t !i!nlu! 2:11)11.(11)0.
.Mr. Noyes.the station ugeut there, thinks
the export tor the year win not laii snort
.if half a million of dollar. He also
tales that fifteen cents is a rcnumerativo
price for rai.-ing hops; and that buyers
irivn nflnrpil t.i pnnfrnet ut thirtv cents
per pound for tho next five years. In
view of these facts, it is not surprisini;
that the business is on the increase.
Hundreds of thousands of hop-poles arc
being got out this winter from tho woods
and marshes near by. ll'.diug over tho
circumjacent pruirie3, one-half thu farm
ers that you meet on the road arc going
after hop-poles, and the other half are
returning with them. "Hop-poles," is
theory with this people. With Patrick
Henry, they claim, "I know not what
course others may take, but as for me,
(;ive me hop-poles, or give me death !"
It is estimated that the area of ground
planted with hops in this section the com
ing reason, will bo titi per ceut. greater
than ever before, and fully five times as
great as three years ago. Exchange.
The Chicago Election.
Frcm the Time.", April 18th.
The municipal election yesterday re
suited in a substantial Democratic victo
ry. List year the Republicans elected
fifteen of the sixteen Alderman ; yester
day they elected only nine of the sixteen;
while the Democratic gain on tho popu
lar vote is between four and five thou
sand. This is well ; but the Democracy
miuht have done better. Had they nom
inated tickets in every ward, presented
bold and united fronts everywhere, and
fought the contest with the vigor of which
they are so capable, they would have car
ried the city. They seo this now, and
will hereafter profit by tho experience.
The events and result of the election
disclose one fact unmistakably. They
disclose that the Republican party here,
which a year ago was so strong and defi
ant, is now broken up, dispirited demor
alized. It is melting away. Under tho
same process of disintegration which has
been at work l'or six months past, it will
have dissolved six months hen:e. A dis
union party, Chicago repudiates it. A
party devoted to easelces strife between
the tections after all causo of strife has
been removed, Chicago will not tolerate
it. A party whose declared policy is ne
gro suffrage and negro equality all ov.r
the country, Chicago spews it out.
The indications of public opinion are
the same throughout tho West as here
Tho people of tho West, by un enormous
majority, are for immediate and perfect
restoration to the Union, and they will
sweep rut of existence the party which
seeks disunion. It is the deliberate pur
pose of the Republican party that tho
Southern States shall not participate in
the next Presidcntnl election, and that
thereafter they shall be kept in a provin
cial condition until they shall submit to
Africanization. It would b9 lamentable
indeed if this party were not in tho pro
cess of rapid -decay,
Proclamation !
His proclaimed that War no longer ex
ists and peace is restored throughout the
land, And
Hutt and Parker
Proclaim that
in the town of
with a
Spring and Summer Goods,
which they offer to their customers
The Bottom Las Been Reached,
We adviso all who have purchases to
isi'ac ta ley their gooli nhlt they are Down.
Bring along your
G 21 E E K B A C K S,
And your
Aud you will get full value at our store.
April 13th, 1SUG. nlG
The undersigned at his old stand in the
town of M I L L W 0 0 D,
is receiving this week a
suited for the cason, which together
with his present stock nn hand, makes
up an assortment of almost
usually found in a Country Store, all of
which will be
as thoy can be afforded
or on
"Very Short Time,
or exchanged for Country Produce,
Feeling very thankful for former pat
ronage, he hopes to merit a continuance
of the same. H. T. MUDD.
Millwood, April 10, 18(36. nl6-p'2m
Wholesale and Retail dealer. In
Periodicals & Cheap Publications.;
No, 19 N. Fourth et, oppoilto the Curt Home,
St. Louii, Mo.
Orden from the country promptly attended to,
and forwarded at quick di by any other bouse in
6t. Louli. sprit 13, 9m
World Renowned
Gift Book Establishment.
Instituted by G. G. Evans in 18.T t. It
has outlived all competitors All hooks
sold at publishers' retail prices, and a
Rcautifnl and Useful Present, worth from
'2ft tents to 100 dollars, given with each
book. Agents wanted everywhere, Ex
tra inducements to all persons who will
act 11s Agents. Send tor the now classi
fied catalogue, containing a list of books
in every department of literature, also
instructions for forming Clubs, &c, for
the G. G. Evans Gift Book Store, 628
Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
Editors inserting the above will receive
a handsomo prosent on receipt of tbeir
paper containing the same.
Having made important additions to
our Job Office, we take pleasure to in
form our friends and tho business public
generally that we are now fully prepared
to fill alt orders for
Plain and Ornamental -
Get Ywr
Dj You Wish to Gfit
Invitation Tickets
Neatly Printed at the
Done Neatly and Promptly at the
"Lincoln County Herald'
ttEltin V a.
- w au
MHS,tS5?I,AFEK aU "'I'Cctfull, Infon.
at tho UIm of Troy d lclnity, tb.?.ff5B
rsmeviksritookor MIIL1 NICKY GOOD
Ihtto Dm Sk Waddl.
mmii ung iur, and on door mm r .. rl
um., warn the will mUU, th. ,Uit st7i, "
which ctnnot fill to tltate. and ai mnA . ,'
o wn. .er brought to'thl. Cfcet. ' itrn
prepared to 1 tB "
Cut & Make TivGttHGm
In tho latcj end most approved petterni.
All WArlf Ih m. It.. .1 - 1 ., .
........ u. iu mi- i.auieeoi royanci vicinity fa.
put patrutiegn, I l.opa (0 merit and reoclvo coo.
linuiuico of the f ume, m It rill 1 vor be uy ind.
in pit iie them. iipril 2il 18C'l.j 7
rl.nt.r..l .1... r ....
NOTICh li licu-hy plvm lonll pcrtoni Intlrtit.
od IhM the iir.dcrsljjimd Kxcrutvr of th. eitttttf
imisv wri.rv diet and, will rjnke u final lettU.
ratiit of bin ndinlnljlta'lun of raid estate at the
nent may torm of the Limolii onuutjr Courtj tob
bcKiin ur.d held iu Troy, 011 tin- Mt'u illy of m,
IhW. Sakit.1. Howiu. tiecatw
April iO, 1868 til? -lw
N0T1CI5 h hcrchj glveii thai letter ef 11
mliiMratlon ncra prinlol to It chard U'onimitk
on the i-stut-. of William Trail do.:u.id, At,u
17, liCil.hy the Cleric or thu county Court cf Lis.
coin county, lourl. All person havine i-!j0,
aKttlmt t.ild ejtale uronquircl to exhibit then,',
the administrator for alLvraaco within oncjitr
from the date of said httt-rf, or they tnav le i,,
i ludcd from any hencfit of said estate, o'nd Ifru'
exhibited Mlihin thrueycar from thu ilae uf.ilj
letten thoy will l.a forcv, r ba-ud.
UifUii-.n Vi)imic, Admlnljtriu
April 1.1, m6. nl7 Ix
Alminitintot'N Sale.
BY vlttuo of .in order of th W-irren count
Courl made at the ailjuurn d ten:, tnelho-.-and
light iiundred and si.tfive i lei;.) I j
In obedience to ald order, in tli-j nf cculh Utii
dy ur May next, at th fiitdoi.r if the Ceo-.
Hume, In ll.e town of 'lri--, In Mnnoln eouait,
Mlj'ourl, and during the i-itrUn of tho (.'outi
Court of Lincoln couuly, 1 j-,i,- i j ul He auc'.i i
nil tin; lutcic-it of John Q. A. Ulrkhiad, dt:tfl,
In nnd to the ni.1 eitutu dciiibed ne futlt.itb
Mil :
Forty (4 3) ic-iMof the south vim cj-jar'.'- ef ti.
north e.i.t qai.iter of hc-tion e.htei.n (l!-iit-ship
filly (f.u.) rati(o two , vt.
K-f,bty (.lOj.ieru lotor.e ofthc "..u'.l. vi-n oun
ter or i-c.-i.il.iu cightcin (IS) ui'nih.r. tftj, ttti
range two wist.
J110 luiiidr A ai.d f.ft.v cich' ceri. n.t "Ubl;
tour li.ioil'ethi ol'an acre (!n hi-H'3 aciiil li!
two (CI of lb-- ti.i:'!i -o-t qiiarltr uf rection ij!i
teen, (IS) town. hip lif.j i5U)ri:.c tiro nmi.
li r;. f:vi- a..--- .in 1 tw.-nty r.me cue hui.dnth,
ol'an r.--. .45 C-in.) ro-niijoftho r- ..oar
ter of th - louh t..-. 0:. uti-r ..f tttioii :br,-.-,
low 'b'J. '.. l;.-nii. '..:ir- Ij rm- m-t.
rrlyi, jL.-xt o.' t:.e . -u:'i ctt rjuartfr of tb-i
sjnth v i-t f;uitir of ;-vtlin thwo tu'Tcj'.i,
lorlj-niio-. rr.ugv tt.no n.-.
I'cr'.y (40) limn of the .uth wt i'Ji.r'.'r 'ft!..
1 uh Yi-l quarternt rii.n liven, t-iwnb,p f..-ly-nlne.
(? ta- iU.it.-i- win.
Ek-rj..!.' nine (7t ..'rs: lb- ioa'h half cf lit
two, ncith c; tioailir v.1 seitij-. iihUcn tinrr.
h.pSt'y, rnt;-sit.' w.-jt,
'i'crm 1 1" SslJ. 'in - l.a'.f cih, lUnt u
twi'.vc mi.ih.-. ... li J : sl'-ir O.'cJ ot tru:. cr.
1 vti l soli o.'t-1' ire srr .'h.? UMiuey.
U'JIiClif II. AU.EX. Mmutntr.
K)it i. A. intkte.td. .1..-.US -1,
Ap.:t :
JDiini ti SIffKLTO.
OV ' :oy, h ivliirf runoved f.om hlj f.-r.i .r
i, 'i.l.-n.i.- it,ci ibi' method to Infoim !..i
trirti-U nii.t 1 r.tiom, that ho can bo four.d hulfa
tiill. 1.01 ih I ofriaiaucl HowclIN aiorn, on th.
county 11.10I h .l-litij from Tioy to MiddletooL,
and will attend to all tale when ctllnt iics, - a
reaounlili- tnn. Thankful for ra.'t firorf. ini
.isUi for a ltbet.it tharo ol'liuflne?.' In bii line
A,iril 1::, UM. n10.2ia
Final Mfitllcment:
NOTICE U hmby slven to all persons tnt.r
c-led that tho undi-uigncd Aduiinl.trator cf
tbr-ealeof John .lnes ilicoa?cd. uill mak
Kmal seltleinint of his ndinlnitiration of said
lute, at the next .Vay term of Iha Lincoln count;
Court, to bo bfK'in and held in Trov, on .Vjnlaj
tho Hth djy of nay 18i',. ul6pCw
. T. MUIW, Adtninlstretsr.
Afrit 13, 13CC.
Finn I Settlement
NOTIf K Is heieby given to all pernons inter
c?tucl that theundcr.igued Executor of the c.at
f Andrew Fliilev lUceaaed, will niako u 1'ir.iil
Settleinvnt of their adiultiiitratlon of raid tsl
ut the next May tenu of the Lincoln County Cou'l.
to I.-.- Lecu.t mid held In Troy on Monday the li'.a
dav of .lfav ISM.
A. It. .t Wb S. riN'LKV EiMut-n
April la IS60. nl6
RcMigiinlion ot Execution.
The undcrflpned, Kxeculor of Jonathan B.
Carr, d-ceasid, Ulo of Lincoln County, Mo., wi"
at the May term of tho Cuunty Court of ia
etutity, to bo l-egun nnd held nt the Court Jlouif
in Troy, on the tccond Monday of May I861I, ap
rdv for permi.stou to re.'Kii his executorship
laid i!etc. WILLIAM YOUNU,
oprl!o-nli4w. Kxeculor
A'CTJCII is h'-rebv given t ) nil pemnnj Intern
1 , ted that llio undersigned ex'-ciitor of thoei
tale of Win. Tajlor, decea'ed, will make a fins!
settlement of hU ndmlnlstratinn of fall estate at
tho next May term or the Lincoln Countj Court,
to be begun and bald In Troy on Monday. Ma
14. 1866.? AKDREtV C0C1IKAN,
april0-nl5-4w. Executor.
Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interest
that the undersigned administrator of the st
of Thomas Myers, deceased, will make a fins
settlement of his administration of said istate, i
the next May term of tho Lincoln County Unit,
to be bogun and held In Troy. u Monday. W
aprll lfi.nl5-4w Admlnlstmoi.
NOTICE ia hereby given to all porsois inter
ested that tho nndersigncd Guardian of th estate
of Emllv Dobblni, will make a Final aetUtmwt
of his administration of said citato at tho next
may term of tho Llnco n county Court, to bs
run and held in Troy, on ifondaj tho HtU d)
Jf nuj I8fl. A. L, KENNEDY Ouardiaa.
April 11 1868. n!8 p8w
Strav Notice. Taken up by Barttett Copp.
of Prairie township, b!ok Filly, threayeart old,
a few white hair In forehead, m oiler raatM.
. . - j it.... ah..,-, hand. hih. annralsea
at $75,00 by Robert 0. Chasten and Glnore
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