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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, July 27, 1866, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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n rui'.i.iiin.i) i, iiiv inio.w iiy
I CRMs, $ t a c.ii' in uUiuiit'o.
Hairs of Advcrlisli;.
' na qt.trc, ID lino or lv uuo ImottltD,
$1 60
.1 AO
3 00
8 00
'ih ul.lltioh.il liiicttiuu
tmilitratorii'4 Xutkc,
1'iiul uclllciuciil Xollccr,
rtll4Y NolR'ta I'll a llllo (ll.li)
fcicb .illilioii.il lAr.iy in .aiui-ii'iliec,
1 00
1 I villi
rut laiili
irM- Ct.iii.iciit.i lmiiviuciita euit In: auctm
fiw tir , i j.li.
sdV A.lyeiii.'o jkiiu nt iu.nk. I 01 miruluoil
lir i
in in. cnoi iiii;iunrit.(.iiHn.udu.l i
t lUaiiuv. i itv,,
J ri'1't.'.-uuu.il .if 1 n I u i
,i l.-
r.l itUil UDC. Mill 101 ;ll'
tlllijC. I'Cltll I l.ll 111 lf.il !.'Il'4r-:l; U'Al.:.
"Ill ll uljli.-h.'. fici:
.Ml k iniiiniukattc.ii.i j fi mul r. itmc tn'jTt
l'iitlutn'1 .ji ci tin' nltci. lun'i'
Nowspajiri 1'o.itasv.
I'liC pfijtttpo ou Weekly Nenrpapus
t .abbiiiberrf, when piepayed nuailcrly
(i m.ji1v in advance, eithet ut the m.iit
lliio or ollito ot dellM rv. per tin u
i (.' motiilj tic cents.
Weekly norti.pip.T.1, tone cops only i
wnt bv 'b. nulli.dieiB. to ,utu il . iibscrih.
t . wtthiti the l uuuly ttbete ptiuted and
I'lit'ltblied. tiee lime ate lUM.iiieo in
mm, n fui.i.i )Hi.'.i.i tvno lojtao uuiiin t lie
iiiniiv iim'h,. then mul tniller.it unit
lln-ci bevoiil the eoiiiity lmu'B ."iueh
u ato entitled to icccho the paper
it ol p-i.t.ijji! Uttt juh.cn herd who
i , ml ol the cotttiiv. and iee:iu their
, "I m ill, i at a p-si office vtiihtti it, must
') ll.t.l''
K' jttl.n 'iiiiM ol tin: Courts of
liittriilti County.
, ,V 'J.J .;;,.';1:!f,',', t,An' !
riiii,ui i t ol til riin i .Mvnlav iu Mwuh
' i ! ,
IH'I III.M. lilttL' 'lllhl.
. T . .. . ...
' .t.-i .i oi. -.ji,.u v it' iti'i uii, ci
Hit. I I
I' I il r I'. 'II
lr- 'i iii fit...
i 'alit J
' i'iiiw
I . l,rlWli-
I llll til. IMI
Ilk ' . !
-I. !
I . l IU t U .Mil. II.
I wit I. 'I C. V-BKi I'lki-
i: i'.
..i i
r i
I li:.ic!'
A. I!
I, 1'nvlil
1 1
, ..in ') I.. 1.
i li.
i -If. I. .mil .l.ilili r tN .1',
' mil -I..I 1' 'iau.L.i'.l.
. i, iii
it!" n..M'.., ,i,i ,fi. . mi" ! Kntv,
i ' v Ti .i ii'. i i It o.ll ' li.
i .1 i V Inn i.o . I. II. Il'i ir -iii
. t II U . uu'. .
I ( I ii'.i .- nl .) .il l t'l i'""
'Uu tm llli ilnl'iri - 1 ll. .U-uMi.
i. II -in.lli l'''iinlli titled
o'J I.Vi If), .M.
1.1, ,lll I'll I'
I Oi.'. "li if.ii"iii:ibl"
nd i
! i ni
I nrney t I n w
t l
IMI At.t IIHMU.lt,
Minli.ll, i. iiii 'llll ClMIlt), MO.
,l I I I I'M' Ml', ii, .ill ll
r Hi" iinni
" Im In nl CiiliiiI All hii,inc. iiittuilcrt In
llll I.' 'l.l
'. I ', I. li
ill UUll 1 . 1 ll'
i i
, itl I.KIiLitl,
III lt, IV
I'l.AlM AUJfiNT,
!', i.llll'ullt i'l'tllltt. SIO, ,
Ulliit li, uu '' jail ll'....'-.
I.' Vitj. nl
F. T.
I tj r 11 o
I' ( rOll, Iiilll0lli;i'0llll
II 1 I.', lM'j ill l
m:11v nit;iii:.
1 1 t ovacy .i v
TltOV, .MO.,
Wll.l. ntl'.'iiil to all I u.incin ciitriMt" ! to Iim
i.xo 111 Itiu cuutiu ut liiuiulu, Uauvu,
'1 ijlt.vit.ay iui l'lkis timj la, lautil
ihVV, J.lNL'OJiN
Ut l.jtfXV,
L'OUM'V, bU,
OlHcC .11 (lit i'uutl UuU;u.
Cc.oiiitii 12, IhOi. Ut
9 1
' "J
'I'MU uucuMdnuuMiafoiiu tlm cltlzeu ot
J Mucoid couuty, that bo is bow Dtakiug
' ot the l.ojt m.Uint ! trtnanlaa ai good 4.
Ill5 l i);t
'b 1 mint
rnnrr, Mtuimui) aoa uu oa.n,
Rood article. tuvltM to jtir uo
fill 11 Win
s viu uiut auj ha.' uiiop.- ...
a niii.r..i -iv tuuiiui. ini Miwic 10 yew ij i county, wuo suaii oo me frequent ot tno I he ha'! not duu'j (ttiy oV tho uutu spceillctl ,;om0 nno them, a copy ol tho Usl ot
'fli . ilioard of AppCitlj and Jlevisloii, as here-Jin the ('mulittttion as rati'.ea oi'dicqualt 'wl'Cfl ua hfcnliulioforo required, the haid
Alt .ijjtu.u, (..,.. if. tuj.t ho jnu fpr'inafter provided. Jfo shall keen a reoord lions: and ifCfrom IiIm own L-nocrhnI'Mi nr'pt-it.oii.'t iiiioointcd oa iudu'Oi.Ehall. or anv
lutiimiJiniiiK.i in. . of all bio acta nnd tiroceodihrM. fnini nviilnm-n 1ir.Mi-.lit tinrnm iiimi tt. ono or more of them mav. eivo uotieuol
u, lata ititiui
rj'fo RoffisfratlOII L'dW.
An Act to Provlilo liii- (ho Itcglitratlon
vl' Vote i s.
Ik tt cnMted ly tht Gcntnil Autmblg uf.
tlw. Stale vf Afiuourl, ns fotlovx:
diictect citizen, who it a qualified voter,
m j uupmait m juj;ioirauuFi id sucu .
Boo. S, JinrirJrr Clio Oral tcnu.ivs of July
jucxt ensuing his Appointment, tbo super-
, visor of registration rhall proceed to on-
pur, O.io couipctcni porson, who in a
iurdilled voter, iu each cloction district of
nuib county, aa an officer ot rci'fation,
who nlmll fcrroiw fiioh until tlmnext lib
ciiial iippnintninnt of oRiconi of rugiistra-
tion, and flhnll con so ovory person t;o an
potuted to bo notiiied thereof, and fb:ill
uLo (raiiRiuit to tho ulerk of the eounly
court of feaid cocn'y n list of tho names of
such utliccrH appointed in Iho county.
lie xhall till any vacancies occurring in
mix tiftho uppoiutments tnado by him.
lie tdiall give uotieuol' tho times and pla-
M l" wionil ot faiil oHiCCrii Ot ro'
itsraimn ui lean ono week lielore Iho
i' Hiir liwl session, by pablication
1,1 al ono noivuper publihled in the
purity, it Knelt l iero be, and alio by at
lca.il aix liamlbilla noutcd tin al nuhlio
uwid in :aeu election uiatnet. In luo
tu,V. B notices Httall bo
P"l'l""wl i't Ic.ui three daily nowspa-
l,c1-'; ,w,u ulneh Miall bo pnblir.hed in
tLu voi man Iansti,i:i;o. Ho blinll also, at.
,"c "mu ,,mo nn'1 'u hc sauc manner,
fivo notioc of tho time and place of the
.mooting ol tho board oi'uppca,s and rc
virion, an hereinafter prcpcribcd.
tseo. l. J3ach supciviBor mid nfficor
of n.-yintratiou, loforo onle'rinj: upon bin
. uuiicj, aiiuii tiiKO ana But'i-etibc tUo oat t
muni uiuv auu uui-.Liiut iuu u.itii
tyt a h ofB prescribed t
iu tho r.th and thlilconlh rcolionn of!
too t'ccoiiti nrliclo ot the Coustitutioit
aif. i. me cnuniy court or C'lMi
l...1i ... u..r' ,... i .,
-"""'. Duaii uu 'i i"'unu mo iir.,1 aiv oi
July in each year of a noncral olection,
a ,t... .i:.... i . i. . t....!.. .
iuii.-u init nil IUU1IUII UI 1110 CICCIIOU 013
tricU in the cvuuty, uud nhall, ue far tn
tUo uuliiu convet m'Ucc will mltuit. cm
O - . . ! . il.. 4l. .t. 1 it'
oeeuon i. vii or ueroru mo jviii nay 01 shall ha0 power to examine, tinder oath, 11,0 u-conia ot tlio court, except wiien ttmi uct. or iciu
l'otiruary, in the ywir iW, Uio (lovornor nny pcrain applying for rc;ir.trntion asi , otlioiwisc dit.p(ii?cd of, as hereinafter di-' form any dutj
Muii nppuimui eaeu couniy catspi. niu to iiialilic.itioti.t nj a voter, and he rcoiiM. .or luaku any u
county of St, Loukj, ono cowprtent mid shall, bel'.irii u.ifrifi.r itm nttiirt nC mhVv Bco. I ft. J f tho officer of roisiration teii dctiussiieJ
tabliitb tho election ili'.lrittc by lown-jtboy bhall consider improperly roiMor-
r.liips, oi by wardi ofti city or town, or'ed. All such objection;! to iioi'soiwwhosi.
,.i..:,.i ..i i:..:,i.. it.., .i i i ." ,. :. .
iiimil uiuiiivijiai i iii;uivi?ioii. 1IUI. v,lieiV
the county court tih iU .litm: it mve.ii v i
i o ouiiiunroi liiuro man ono piaee oi to
.......I.I. .1. ii. .. , i
In''.' in any fonnu.iip, ward or other iuu-1
niviial i-ublivHutt. itcllall (lc."i:rri,iU! ninl
e.Ji.tbli'h tho bunnduttt.) of the eletlioii;
ih.itrit i -) rcu.iiuiujr to cacli ph'v of vo
tin,;, a in.) iho iM'.uiiy com t chull imiuedi
ulely aller iv.nd dav vv'l'ify to the Bupur
visor el' llej.'.i'iiuuyn .1 scafcineut of all
lli. elcetimi (tijLrii,tt iu the cnyniy, r;itl.
l.Uv Ijiuml'iiii j lle.i'eol.
...... ...
'."i1.. i" r"i.ii ,.'" vu oi.-ii'i.iiLu
will! uaili Uio.k 01 E eonntv cntut a:t :t
'jtiitlo to him n preparing bookii for tho
j ueo nf olheci.i of rcjristnitiou, und tho
cony no deposited Fhall bn kept by thr
( clerk iu hm offiio for that purpoic. " The
'cspen cs of repaiiinjr and tiaiiouiUiuy
such book uhnll bo paid out of tho Start
Treasury, ujivn thy coitillClilo of tho
Sec. (1. The
county courLi ;
liuity with Ihe
tlltitll tlV I llll tilivcrrilir. rnt.ti:iin 11ml r!in. 1
I tribute to tho officorn ol locnptiation in !
,1..: ; .t At.t
botronn tho twentieth day of Boplcuiber
1 in each year v!' ft general -election, and
' the fifteenth day prior to pmrh election,
if iicccnwy to eoniploto nucli rrpstrn
lion, und t-hall, 011 these tlayii, bo in at
t lendatico for tho purposu of reJut ration,
' tiotn H o'clock a. m. to 0 o'clock i. m
and in cities of nioro than Cvo thousand
liihabitaut , horn o'clock A. M. to CM
o clock V ji, Jl' tho punorvbior of rciiiii
tratiou 'deems it ncccrnary, he may uu
thorie tho officer of iPuMbttulion in any
election divtiict, in appoint additional
d.ijh within tho liniils prcr.cribod in thin
ECiitt.oii for tho registration ot voters.
&c. h. In tho books lurnifbed to tho
officers ol'iej'islratiou ou aforesaid, thoro
bball be printed or written tho oath of
I loyally aforesaid, followed by space suffi
cient for every voter to uabsoribo his
nuuio and placo ot residence thereunder;
uud iu cities and towns having strcctd
, and houses numbered, the street and
uutubor ot each voter s rontdeoee tball bo
placed opposito his namo: and uo ponou u
iuamo shall bo renistetcd aa auallDcd vo
1 ter unices be appear beforo tho said of-
0ucr aml l?ko ui Bubcribo said oath,
1 except in the cases provided (or in the
; twonty.ibird and twenty-fourth sections
lu ba'oua MHOIO oi UIO UonelilUlion;
. 101 pui nous itiievea uoui uiaiuaiiaeatinu,
umer the eaid twcnty-thiid eeetlon, s
(.. -y, kn .r:i.n , n.;nij
,:lc. ij. I lie. (joveiaor .tliull vju.-i to lilcicil by any oiif latcicucd, Jiid ii sueh lJ'L uiMrict it wnu a iu ria; icmove l ni
prepared th" form of Imok for tin. notice I t1' iii iyen ii chall be ila-duty "Jal,iu ula.V ',c ri-ftittcrvil th.'i" In like
L'..i?'.ra.e;ti ot .olors, ntid cm or botbro of the officer of rt-iatt'Htion to miukop- "3n,,r t')l ''fficer ol iei,-:ti.itiou may
the Hist il.iv of August, liitlO, ohjlcauEO,pii!tilc tho nemn olVtich nr.n.ou, thuword'il5Jr,lUt " l,ku t','r,,tlcntc 10 "U.V qualilleit
l .,,.!, l.l. ... i.. j.,... I .'..I :..ij .. .1... .1... ,i 1 v.ifrvr ,,n,nfin.. 4Vnm liw ft;ci,.i,.i
eieiKM.oi tio cr.vcnt , 00 11 K ctca rci'tucn, liicncu hy roo nartv wjiiosiwu iniismin mr mu pinpoi.e uui.ii.-u uieivui ui ute umv uim in me uun
Hb.ill, lioni uud in coufoi ubjctiiir, or bv a inceiber ot ihe Hoard ol uivorUiiiiiv the iimlilicatiou of per-1 icr heioiubeloio prccciikd 111 iIul act
boosr. "0 ilopojituil iv tb of Anneals. The fa-t of rosliu'j nn.v 1m uon.i rcoihiorca or appiyiue: lor lcctMra-, "cc. .i.t. iuis act to hi in louts liom
.their lorpcetivc eounrie.t a t,it"ffif.feiit nutti. ' an other iieri.011 knowin.r tl, f..v r.horill tr constable, who tdiall servo uuoli Ah ati atipakiiientaru to an ,ul ,nulcl M rnum., mi i nauu
. -bor of hooka for the rci'.iiilrafiuu ofvo Hco. 12 Iiumcliatelv nl'lcr the ulo.;. ' proeeM an if irauod by bucIi judjie, und act lu n,cut, to, the iv nkiint,;,,, oU.L Ao LOW I Oil LASH
! tfcis In each election tlir.triol. inv of sm-h reeibtcr, fio officer of t.wis- ' iceoivo tlio name foes thorcfur as lire vVJai., xrmmiul Vu-anLcr 1G 1 8U5 ? '''.'"i U '"i"?.1.',' .nt'.?' "V'W' ,"Vh
eee. 7. Tho officer of rc2i,tralion in 1 IrUion uhill make aud certify luo fair allowed by law for (.ueli services in Stale. Do it coftcted by the Gcneial Aueiublv iuuJ" Vili o?r! "
1 e.ich olection dii.lrici shall utlctid in dit- copioi, nlphabciieally at ruined, of the ' l paid by tho pcison auuiht of the estate of Wbsoun, 11a lollows: , '' '"" or.liin.,; t-.', ai.lu.. 'Uh, ml fi
eharno of his duties, nt. tho usual jdacc ofiuamcn of the qualitiod voleni n:i ttaecr- whom the process! m ifjucd, 01 out. ot thu , . 'l , , Oounaij.'.uii iaiiiiut.m tin. tiiv. i tlnoi'cti mt
: voting in such district on ovory Jiaturdav laiuod and di.tcimiur-d by uaid board, 01m :"''y irc.isufy; but no officer of re)iu e "f" " ; 1 r 1 ', !!"rl"M.,u,!i,.W'.",'"i1 "T'TC1 ""
i...i-,.'i. .1.- ........ j .Jn......i. " L.' ..!.... i. ..1...M .1 t'l ...:.i. .1 ' 1, . 'I,,i:,in ,li..ll l,irn inu Vim tV.r i01,.l.. lot the .e', Cr.tl C OUlltlC.', aud loi each Cl lun..l luit ling asyut 111 Hit .tall 10 tiki 01
! in eato took lu conloiuuty witu mo ton
Htilutioit, to bo taken and iulcrit)uil by Pm"i ,mt oOici.-illy conuectol with the Jiom thu name of Hoy peibuu applying lb.
Uioni. If m.y per? on tiubiiciilio cither of u'1 shalMm allowed, except in tUo ic'uUtration, and lawfully entitled 'tucioto,
Haiti c-Mbs by ni;iki;K' hit in irk, liis id;;. ' presence ofiiaid elork or hU deputy. i or shall in any maui.or willfuUv liolate
' . . .. c . . ..' " I I? ... I I tin.. it- . . .':! I ... .1. ' . . . in
naiutii mi.iii iio witm.'.ftioii tv urn nti mi cm-, i t. j uu mum era ni ice'ntniiiun anv oi lue lirovns uiii ot i lis .ct. id sua I
of registration, by Binning lib uauio oppo
uito thereto. '
Sec. U. Tito officer of registration
pcr.)ti upon the tv'ahtcr ci' iiualified Vo
ior, Uillinnntl v ttiqutit! itiid a'.eattatii thai
ehall bo patbfled that lie is disqualified
undflr any provision of the CoriBlitution, j
ho ahnll not, enter hi name an u qu tlilicd '.
voter, thou'rh bo nny have taken and
cub-jcribed before him tho oilh of loyal-!
ly afnrocaiil, but shall enter it in a tiena I
...... is.. . . . 1 . 1
t.tio usi oi perrous rejectcfi us voter:'; ana ,
in connection with encli entry, ho bhall
..... .v . . .... ...i .' '.1 ' . .
fkimi me grouuus oi me rojcctnui, niu ue
fihall afsio noto every appeal from hia do
cisioo, by making an entry of tho fad
oppnisite tho namo of tho party taking
Mleb nppoa!. Tho officer of registration
nhall tmvo power to adininutcr o'atha to
all parlicn appearing boforo him lbr reg-
iBiraiion or an wiiuc...c:.
8ec. 10. Tho officer of reciiitiatian
nnaii cuicr in
ton tho namo
aitislV hiui tl
.i..t, ... .... . . .. ' i. . i
in the l-cgidlcr of qualified vo-j,':yt' befote aay ppeciul election, causo to
mo of every i.crnon who shall iro 'Iclivcrcd to tho uftlcor of registration
thnt, though not entitled tojofisich election d Strict tho booka ofrcg-
such resistration nt tho time he nnttlien
therefor, ha trill bctntnn mi mi m- Uii,,,,, '
tho next, eiiouiug jjcticral cloction. to register llie nanie.t of nueh persons as
See. Jl. Ou Twwday, Wednesday, M'avo bcoomo qualitlcd votor after tho
Thurcday mid i'riday preeccdlng U,0 dofiog ho rej'iotry, unlcfls it appears
tenth day bcloro each general election,! ,nat faon pcion was rojeotod becauco
the lupervi.or of each county, iu tou- fuflkicnt tima bad nut olapscd for bis b
uectiwitb tho office! 3 ol roiotratiou, coming a tix3liQucl voter, and thatciuco
or a majority thereof, shall moot at ibu such rejection sufficient time had elapsed.
county seat of ciuh eonntv aa a board of
nppcalrt and leviaioo; Ihuy chall pars up
on tlio claims of all porsonn who have
been unable to appear before tho ro"i.stcr
oi tucir rcjiiccuTc uiutricu, auu unt
pcttous who cowidcr that injustice i
been door them by tho officers of rccii
oi tueir rcdpcctive uiutricta, auu upon
trtttion rclucitu; to leeonl them as votcra
also, on objection!! made to tiui-ootig ho
may havo teeu lyii.leiod aa.votora.
They chall udd to iho list in each clcctim
div!ttici. thu namej of uueU ucrpin:, as thov
may coniMer loyally cutitled to rcgir.lrd
tiou aud bhall utiibc Miorehom tiiuiii (,e,
II IlllOd llilVO UOOU ptOVlOUIilV rClfltilCrCli
uhnll be UJdo on the firt,t tl'nv nrilm if-1
..... ft . .. , ... . .
tiur of lurli
.Ueard of Api eals. and iho
oamiu ol no poi..ons j.roviuunly roiHier '
cd tlull be htrlokcn olf front tlioliul. ol
lesirtored voteib, uiile.,;, tiuch peuon
.ball luo io day,fj peitioul tiolicu of
the liiuo wlti.u nu.li tibjeetiuus ill j,0'
Iib-ii 1 um.I .ou.-,iiluruil tiuid untiee ;,ball !
bo jien in (.ither of iho foilowinj-meth
i. Jj J
i,it. At the tiuc jueL wuo a t' n"'
oujuliv i i", iiii. iim. immv o; me ei;
tec or.
Second. By nntioo in ivrilin-. Evt.d
bv tbo roition objectinx, or bv a member
of the board to botcivc.l aatui otdinatv
,'Uinmonri ib net vet!.
'.llii'd. Cy poi.tii; Up f.ueii oodfin on-.
tiiiicdously in the nlDio of the tounty
cleik and Hit. volimr predirn.t in tho tieo-jde'r
tinn dictiict T.heio tlm t.flwjii nutieht to
. . v .
nlinv.li hv lilfl .'1M11I.11 il nt tin. n.-.i i.m mil .
tin-.r tin the notieo. or bv ihn aflid.-ivii of
.....' . .V 1
of which ho r.hall denojii with Iho clerk
of Iho couuty court on or beforo tho next
. . sq DK ?a,r..ay, a n. ire oi .er 1.0 rim
..-. 1 I .ft. ., 1 11
uciivur at or I'Cioie tniiiiour 01 ictt ii etocii
A. m of that day, io ome cue of Iho
port..; who hl.allT.aw bee. appointed to
UnfljudKOHortboucxt cn.ifoi? Rcnur-
ul election it. tho election district for
which the list wan mndo and
id tball lake
his rocoipt therefor, ll on Mid day , h v3 " "C counted as that d )j ; -there
shall not havo boon ju-lgcn ol the ol a qual Oed yolor. ,B contugt'ed n
olection nppointed, ihooffieei ol rec'iUra- oco. is. It any juduo of election at ,,i ino.t:.,.
tiou Miall ictain tha eanl lint until such
iudncs shall havo been nnuointcd. whan
. . ..... . . .
judge, shall havo been appointed, when'
ho shall deliver Iho same to then, or
somo 010 ol them. Tho pcisou to whom
the said lint shall havo boon delivered
. ., , .
shall produce tho came ut tho plaoo of
n , , n 1 nn.l .1 . I .' n.. Zl ,ln 1 1. wii, im.Iah
'-"""hi uviih 1 1, inn- niu I'woaunoiuu
of tho judges of tho cloction at the timo
of opening the polls on tho day of the
ensuing Bcnorai oicoi.on, ami 11 no snail
refupo or willfnlly neglect, or fail so to
produco aud deliver tlio sano. ho shall.
r ,
nnnn i.miiiih! nH h.i fl,,,..! In
upon eonviotion, bo flood In a ram not
loss than ono hundred lldrfnoro than flvo
hundred dollar, to bo rocovorod by In-
mm "Ul
dlctmcnt, ftnd Bhall thereafter bo quill.
fled to hold any office or honor, trust or
profit under tho Itiwu or authority of this
Boo. Id. Tho copy of said list ro do
posited with tho clerk shall bo subjtwjt to
i ; . ..v.- .. . m
examiaauoD aa utucr rccorus 01 puiu
coutt, but uo sucu ckamiuution by any
,a" i,J bM" 83 way i'0,depo.iit nithstid
clurk tlio original bonks of resist latio n,
which nhall bo kept and prcacivod union.e,
.UM fail to deliver to tlio iicreonM np.
p"""u " an juujres oi oieenoTis, or
the fact, to tho elork of tho'county court,
shall Ihctoupon immediately furnish
o Hcni a corlifiod copy or tho liat in bio
Bee. 10. Tho judged of election thall.
n'1' !oral election, dclivvir to tho of-
h.. ..r ...il. i!,.. r ..... i
vl njinnou u imi. vi tuium usm
"7 ithcm at tho qlootion, which chall rc
A. ! I.!. ....l.i.. l I .i: ... ..i
maiu in hia cuniody and bo dinDOiiOd of
oy nun as iicrcmDciore uirocioa.
&c. If. When any person shall have
voica tuc judges ot ctoction, miall at tho
liuio writo opposito hU namo on tho list
tho ord "voted."
Bos. 18. For Iho nurooso ofkccni'na
the list of qualified votcri! complete, the
clerk of tho county court bhall, filtccu
J . : . i .
iitutii n returned by ild officer of res
iMratioii, tibo hIijII Inimediatclr tiroceed
lie shall, whenever an olcetion h to be
held in bin diiilrtct before thd next yencr
nl election, certify to the judges of elec
tion Iho additional nunics rcgiritered by
him, ulonj; witli tho general list niado
out at Iho prcecedinsr general registry.
lie. shall complete uaid boukn of tcgistra
tiou ten dayj prior to tuid upocial clco
l,uu- In utakiiif? huch rogtBtxtttion ha
'shall bo pavcroru by tba provmicms of
! 'P Con.ilitulion ami of this not., ta op.
pltcablu to tho aenuial rcuhtlratiou.
" " powou ren'icted by
1 the otliocv of reiBtral ion ut the ro;;ular
i Wcuniai ivj;'utr.ititi s'hall, beforo th C;-, be tilled ly appointment, ul ilit ijuvemoi
. 'blr' ,u 1'i'illy vlofed, ren.wo his rusi- Boo. ."II On oi b-.l'ot ihv Uul Jay ot
a r...,. ,t... ,,t..'...: u. . t i.f.r. ikjun n... r .i u i ,
l MUIV,: 1 1 lul ,Ml 11 "IM'tlut IIMUIU 11U
lOLMiteied, the offieur if that district.
, upmi boiiig tatMIed that micI
... I..: .r if. .i .i. . i .,
eb tcuiotiil
" 5ooo bnnatido nvsdc, r.hnli, upon tho
applieutioti of tho jiatty, (;ivo him n cor-
tiucttc of hi. ir;;ii'tration, uhith ccilill
ujlu 'O'tid by a cleik of a eoutt
ol iccoid, Vitth ht aul of uUiio ai.'j.ed
thiruto, .it n llie (iiuitiiuueii ( the fig
nluri! and nlhcial th.iiaeter i t ilu icit
teiiuR officer L'tantiiuv l! ti fuiiv.-,. nut upon
'Iclivuriujr tho tino n. the officer f.f
l.i ... t t I
.w... i. hhh
mioinci. in sumi imw::i too woki rumnv-
, ''l" '"'H l' wntluu opwite the name of
40l!''- . .
. wj. 0. All ollicd j ol jci'iit ration,
jUimio uu cujibuii: tneir niuiivi. suaii navu
:,i'l oxi.'ii.i:.o the pint 01.1 of a judpn of tho
' 'intuit l.'oiirt, tin tlm puvci vj.t'1011 of or-
"t und uiomid iho place of leutHru-
Uon, aud may Ktinunou and Compel tho
1 t 1 . .. 1 it ... ii... ..... .
. ritLichincntn and commitment!!
tratton rhall
ation rhall ehargu any feu for is.3ui.ie-
ty racb procciL. "
See. 21. When any poison whose
V,. l ll tnn win..
' ." " ") .7",.
itv"" M,i,u
'ono rejected an a voter shall ofibr to vote,
, tho judeu of election uhall, iu addition
marking bin ballot as rojeotod, keep
gmo separate from tho ballotd of
qaWiUoa voters, so ascffcolually to pro-
1 . . . .
, the (;eucral oloouon iu tho year 1860, or
'at auv Cloction thereafter held, shall re -
at auy election Iborcar h
ceivo or deposit tho ballot of any person
whoso namo docs not nppoar upon tho
list furnishod to the judges of oloction in1
.1 . 1 11 11 1. 11
purstianco of this act, or aball willlully
..fnCIl ft nUWII ... l hul.At f iriY9 MMn.l
iviu ..viimii ,ng , piicuu
whoso namo appears upon such a list, or
' shall willfully violate any of the p
, lous w w ifi. , tv'J
oftho Constitution, be shall bo pUnlshod
1 as hcrfllilaJlar urovidod. But this wit
.1,, . I . . . .
lliln llttll tint lin AAnBlnirul in nraanlll
, tin .ball not bo construed to prermll
snob Judges from rotuslng tbo ballot of
J nny porson roRlstorod as a quallOcd voter,
, ' , r.w.,.u
'who han nnido or become dirceMy or in -
, directly tnUrdstod in any bot or waper
.afPcnt upon tho result of the oloction
at which h offers to VOW.
Bco. 23. lfnnyofieor of registration
ehall knotviuclventcr unonthfircnlstar of
. isr..j
.linn, ami to inutunn mav ieuuu sutpi'na3. auu auei it. uaapr.
quauuon voter.1 mo name 01 nny pcttsun luiiniuu mud iijujuicuui 'jih.hu. j ,h, 1
iut cutitled to any :ucb icgUtiation, M.tot tacLrnca yasi;c.ft in, 'i U..
ho jmuifhed :i heroin iltsr p.uyidcd.
; hoe. til If nr.j clerk of .1 county couit
rhall violate any of thcun pioybiuni of
io oi willfully fail to pr-
, heitiii impojuJ upon liiuiJcMiuetidii ol ttueli oiiniml diMluii?.
lU'iatiuii in tho liotol vo-
with liim lji .-ullcr tliL! ...-mil-
to to innile by .mother, e.'cipt ;u huiciu
miet utuuiuueu, no i-.u.in uo puuuuuit a.i
hcuinaltci 'roidcd.
oeo. "j. Any juUe ol ulectioti, count v
iupt lvitot, officer of teistiatiou oi cleik
eouvictad of any offense uuvler any of the
nctit precccdiu;.' ihteo acelion-i, "-li.tll bo
flood not 1cm than one liu:nln...l nor uuiu
than lio liuiuUeil dolhu.i, tobo iccoveied
by indictment, and tliciufui bo duqujl
lOed to hold any office ol honor, taut, oi
piolit unJui tho )j;v; ui :utLuiiU ot :Li.j
tint. '2ti. WllucVi'l' .-.ll.ill iL'tiov mil.
itiluto, deface. uko"b viotcueo li'om auv
omceroi roirisiiation. iimc ol tie. lion ot
clerk of a county cuuii or steal, Au and
carry away any book ol ici.Hiatioii ot
Hut of voters, reqoiicd by thii act 1 1 bo
made or kept, blull, upon i-imvutiou, Lc
punishe'd by imprisonmcut in the pcuiteit
nary not ic.,i man uro)c.li-.
Sec, 27. All expen-C!, ineurted In ..P.;
ccra ot rviistrittiutj in puiiiuiue ot tbu
act, u'uull be paid cut ol tlit ouuiv tier,
ury. i
Ssce. At the p.tU'.ial election, iu tlio
year ISliO, and every iueoieilliin geiiei it
election, there .diull be elected in each
county in this State amI hi each Keiutb
rial district ol the county ofHt. Loui . a
supervisor of registration, who ah ill eon
tinuc in office two years ;i ad until lusaa.:
ccsior is elected and qualiUed He .-ball
perform the duties of supeivuoi and bo.
subject tu all tho provision. in ulatioti
thereto as prescribed in this act, 1
Beet. The supervisor of rcistiatinn
bhall receive S3 per day, aud the uffieci
of rcyintration of each clcttiou distiia
wball receive ?2 per day, lbr c.ul d.t),
in which Iheythuil bc"netej:ari!y jccu
pied iu tho Uibehargo ol'thcii duties pio
yided for in this uct, to be paid out ot ibu
county ttcasury ot their rospectue coun
tics upon thcccrliticatc of the cuuutv m
ccc. Jli. Any vacanev aec-unint: in the
otUco of upervi3or of leitmlion abill
funo, lll. the Ooiortn't ah.ill in 'like
iitanncr ai pirsnibed iu cctioii m of
IhU aot, uppolnt. ono . uj -crywor of vg.-i's
J ...I. .'..I i; . .,.
tr.ition fin each cnatoriil lUtriol ol ,'Jt.
Iiouis county, who shall h.ivt the samo
' power!, pot form the natm dulie.-. aud be
ubjoct in alt lv-spucl to the pioi,i.j,L ol
'-tiif ui.1 cijiit'ri to County supeni.-oi.'
"xfi.pt .'a hciunaliri piotid'ed And tin
officer.! ol uiatulion appointed by the
v.-ycial ativeryitnii lu tho .senatorial dii.
lueta ol eft. ljuuis eouutj , chall havo the
iue poyreii, pciiorm tin, ime dutie-,
mid be r.ubjea to the yaim. icttuaioiia ao
'are pn.vided iu tins id to .ipjdv to uffi
of t'iitnitiun in othci tfutiitn.. ,(
1 ihn ulnli,
The buJid of appeals .uul ic
Wtton of each senatorial ditiiet ot M
Ijouw county tiliall rennet ot the uiei
visor and officers ot registration ot each
Buooiormi tii'.uiri i ne .supcrvi-or ot io-
pist'ration dhall in addition to tin: duties
dulincd in this uct, dcteiuiinc upuu the
place wbno llie ct-iMon ol the bo.ud ol
uppcaii and revision jball meet, miuI oio
il A..r . 1 ; . .1
Vf ::c auu 101 cai
, "t40l'al tttUit, in hc "V ' coi
lfct', au L"c),.v, ,iu"ud ,0
county oi
out and foiuard to the Se'CieUrv ol State
i,,n.iliiiMi- ., i'i ,. ,. ti, .,..,,i.,ii. ,r,i .
"ffi! ,na C Ja f o1 . .bfe
n J 'ESot Vll oni.inT.:
" V '"'. ,H , " " ' 1
wsUo Anv neivnn tvl.i, m-iv bv il.rr it-
' :.a.-i:.7.:- ' ' "A b Vr"1,''?
tbo ,CKist,ar in the dbchnroo ol bh du -
aCii i. .wmo.i ....it...
nin.'llllP Bn,i ,,n nn.,vv,.;,..i .1, ,11 1, . ..'
uicauur, anu, on couyictioii, btutl Do nuu
ishcd by tiuc not less than S50 noi uloic
. .....
than goUO, and impriionmcnt not to ci.
tii...vR in tlm r,inii ;r,i
. bS Wee, threats or intimidation, bhall
Du Dlucntcd from dibcbaiciu" liis dutie
IBS OUUU, CUBIl ICI'OII. IUU njlllt. iu llll .'UCI-
. . ' ... .m.
ltf a 6uj,lcut 1Ue-c ,u
' Mo bira tu Pr0Cccd iu the diachat 'o
1 ne i.:. Autu, c
,,. . hm. 1,1,111.1. a RUBl'lCUl Iio.-oC III
j 4. vy'ncn any pothon claiiuiug Ihe'
i r;Ki,t to bo registered aa a voter uudei the
j,,04WoilB of awCtJon 5,3 ujlk.,c (.r 0,
the Constitution. aball bo obiueted 1, ,0.1
the giound that tbo device 01 the ou.t
Ktuulinu rominsIon of aiilcceduiit .l.iinuil-
!n..!.T .... i , t ' ...
to anv 1 ... 1.1 jo 1 jiti'iuj
jball willtully or couuntly.cxcludo thefo
ably dijcb:iii;t' J fioui f lie militJty I'Civiue
ot tCe United Ijtatc.i, it utull be llie duty
of the person jo tlaiminu the liht to ba
tci:tciod to ptod'lKO to the iclti Jtidn
illtii il ..lli'tl itl.i li I . in iviiti.i . I...... t...
I rum, ci iilln .1 ul (tin llinli ,1 !!i .(..j . I
.iniVult thelc jl. Ill lltlltll i(t llio In .1 rti
JUCU puson jhali net Lc entitled to U te
,.; ...I ... ..
ti00 &. Tin., act to t.iko (.UcU iuJ I,
iu imi'j iioiii .tno jiili ua p.Ki..,ie.
Appiovcd .Mauh Ulh,
...I'... I . .
H 1
1. 1 1.
I. til I.J,
I, til tl, I'l I. ".II
Jl t II.LL', NuK ik
!S. t'lllH tc.'., Wo,
11. A SSL8t LIiSt.
Iiaat ltl;itikcts,
Vml Varus)-;
ftUO.OrtO 'J;b, AVocrl
u :ii r i:n;
! i. tiLKU i r'i u ill l.,. .,ii., ..i uiu'i(ai(..i
tlu'i.M i. I..u,.',iii
i.iltu.s, i i't:i.i w nuii'i.
lull 1, 1 tt.u tui
xvl-ooleA t ACTonv
' ni.ei 31.iin Cb tunoy .tic.u
i;T CIIA'IILHa, .Mliyul'fil
lAUl!L W ALTOS d Co..
Putit tctim
Hi Jli UlUto .ll.'-Uil U ill-Jl'li'l, t'T
,i ij,iIf t i.oiii;,,
ti-i MKitno ii.tnii.
' U
E.v.TNJj.tkot ill I eoloie,)
VArttMM'A l'UiL'Ktl'i) t'O.V'liil'LKltl
All Wool tiluiiLt,.
m Jll of i In. Ii no in ut ll',.. ,i, iii,,, ,,,,
ili-nitiiii.il. iu j'llii Ul.'lir.t in.nkit
iliit i J tvi U'tiul , h.j ,1, Irtrn ,'iui ,
Jioos, Stationery, (7niif I'. Ih:iv
;j.,t,'u y'., ,,.,,
, y '.' 1 ' "
l' ' ' nu -lliil, ul I.IIM,,, Mo
--YHI.IH. u.l 4VI4II viaiii IU
llllillllji. l ul 1 tu I.IIm.l. jII
1 4.-i i
I mtvim vt Vun
ll'l HI A I-UUIIU l 11 Jill'
ell-Mill a'L.1 r.tTii.liir
u.'UI .'.I .null, l.H I I,, III, I I Ul I'll -11 tt!'..
ft 111.I IVIiiilli 11 Mi. "1111 lv,lui hjk
Juill 3, IntlU i ,111
loviiii riiiKt L
JIA.Sll-'AclVl'.lUl of
liOUl'olANA, mo,
I ' l. ill ilill.lll,. Hit- l.iii j C'llv I't. m I', Willi ill
tl lulu! iliiutlji., In, 11 lultijliji, lul hauilt.
I'lu' llln, 01, I'uuit', i inuUtM, Uit,loi an I Chi.
itl.'J. tllU I t'llll VltfMIIJI I'UUI',
All 01. Uu I'lCiuVU lillid
ilOiVATUAN Pl'iltLE,
19 1,-il'ij nil em ll.uuijijn'i iuo
ill It U It V . II l
'luiiitilt It. 11 Ottutl andHtotliii,)
,'OtliD uiu it'vi.trhli niluim itm iti:n
'I uf Tll'J Jill ol l.lll,.lui.guull, (hit til! ki'-fi
it bUO '1.5"IUlltlll "1
1 mm. m . lima w-va. mur .
,,, , , 7. .." . . . '
iuUl.!.id:abBrt1f!A.4.,..ul..awv.l al-.,
1 .
ruling. Laths,
Su a h Unni.t n ml
,u ... , ii,.,i, .. . . 1
Jbu.e in naiitui Luwijci uould ii
mcxwii.a.li.u.cii i.tiudu (,k
I"""1 lu '" l"niM") " ,,,B'i HR'irt th.m im
nut. .null lau u ttigbi. m tt Lumm iud
4 -kl
tn ;.uv,,.,ou 4ad ,.cw ita... a. .1 tht, .o .
",411 ml,'c.' ?ft"',,,v
,ul"-' h ,111 N "l tttAI.I.
- - . - i .-n- .
j,h.,.. - 1 .. .
. lll'.HMIHil
J mm rnMirn im m 11 mm
Nu, it) Mu.kct fllivif ou'liU'itt oviBM of M?
ST, ,0UIS N'tJ''' ' '
' -
IJ.,..!!!,;,..!.,- irl.AM
mi m tjii m 1; . u
t 'i.mmsi.n
(i lnl l, 1 t , h , t

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