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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, October 12, 1866, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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TERMS, 92 a year In advance.
Ratrs nidvertlsiiff.
iijatri, 10 Unit or l.ii on Insertion, $1 SO
,'itMh additional latertlon 7i
Adratnlstratort't Notlctf, - - S 00
Ylaal 3ittlta.nl Hottest, - 8 00
Krtir Notion (of a single stray,) - I 00
Vliata additional ttray In lam.notlct, 100
A liberal d.dnctlon will b mad. toyearly
CV All legal ainrttumenti mail t paid for
ntor publication U vertlBed to.
iff Xraait.Btadr.fU.oia.nti must b.aecutn
lniiu I Tlth, the! rath. 1
rT A.U.rtlsc'mnts not marked 'or numbered
mill. losr'..d lUlulbtiBlie ordered and chatged
lur tit tlii! abut, rates.
I'rufiiiiiuual cetdi of it'd Unci (J'r lets, will bo
nerto,l n) rxAr fur.fl;
Marriage', ikath, Viidcral anA tVit'A notlcei
will fco published free. -
Alt communication! of k pTrlbniil nature must
te published ov.r th writer, name.
Itegilar Tcras of Hit Courts of
LintolB County. J
COt'STY Cdlinf Pociind itnndn ih Febru
ary. MV. AuRttil and November. ..
CinCUJT.CdUIlT. Third Mnn l.iv lit March
nnd Fuurth Mundny In ifcpleiiibvr.
I'nltcil State. Fenatn..' John IV. llendcttcn,
mid II. Jrnt llniwn; .. .
Mrral.iT of rin'itc Mtilu Plutrict. tlonrge
V. An.i-rniii, r Pike I'l.tuil)'. .
St it Scniitur, Ki It. CiirmlK,
Kvprrst'iitnllvi.-. .1. WJfuti.u Pllt'oii. .,
.In '- f Cirnult I'nifrl. T. J. O. F.gg; Pike.
rir.'iilt Att.ornvy.--l, I'. .Iiihiunii.
.lii.jse nrr.nilnty Court. M. I.. I.uvcl, Prcsld
lug, Sum. T. Ingram, ami .lame VIIoll.
(.'lira of Clritltt Court and lUmrdtf'. - A. II.
Miutln. . ...
Clerk "f CuilrUy Couft aid Sellout Cnniii.Uiin
'ff . Otikt.
.Sheriff and Collector tifRoYrwies.Ja !l. Knox.
CiiuutV Tri:iilrer. 8: H. Wmilfolk.
Public Adinlniiitratnr. It. II. Hudson.
County AsacrVdr. D. B: Siniley.
, Villirily ute.iilrhdent ofC.imiunn Helmuts and
1 Claim Agent .Int. II. McClellan.
I'. S. Collector 4th District. A II. Murtln.
No. It Mouth fourth Mtrtet,
Transient, Weakly and Day Rnarder. accommo
dated on reasonable term..
Attorney at Law:
Truitou, Lincoln County, Mo.
1Vl'' prrfctlcd lh all trio CnuHs M th- third
V V -judicial Circuit. All business entrusted to
hi. carMflll b. promptly attended to.
Duo. lit, 1S8S. nl
TlVov, llncolu tbUnty, Mo.
OOloo in th Court tiouie.
Dec. 13, 18(14. nl
Attorney tit Law,
TruxloB, Lincoln:ounli',
Dccaiber IS, 18(15. nl ly
Offlc. nt loot Northof Hart and Sluarti,
1 TROY, MO.,
Dmnhr.1l, 18W.
Attorney tt t Lawa
WILIi'UMdtoaUbMlaBBUttit4d ioht
care In tba eonaUai of Lincoln, Warren,
Montgomery and Plka. (triay 18, 1860)
Attorney at Law,
Offlc. In lb. Court Home.
Dttambor 12, 188, al
H WL hit tlm. In Troy, from the Mth
9 V to t'ae end of each month,, where
ho will atttnd to the ealli of thoio whtt may de
tire bit etrrloM ' .
Nitreoi Olid Oau administered for the palnl.
removal of teeth. Teeth inserted on Gold Sllrtr
and Rubber But. Alio, combination of Gold and
bfcf Rafertae, my old patrons,
V-6. OOce, at WentiTlllt. Jane 22, 1868.
Shop tB lot iouth of the Prcibytcrltn Churclj
Troy, jI o.
T prepared at all timet U eat ate all work with
'Mttatti and dispatch. July 27, lte. 3My
Ht, Charles, Bio,
Jcrrs filanlcclri,
And Yarns.
500,000 Lbs, Wool
For which eaih will b paid, or our manufactured
Good" txchangtd.
may 4, lflMI. 8m
Corner Main& Chauncy Streets
Aim at all time, prepared to fill order, for
a-1 mf;rixo cloths,
plaid unskys,
JEAITS 0rnll colorn,)
All Wool Blankets, '
Slocking Yarns, Etc.
To all of which wo Invite the attention of mer
chant, nnd farmer.. Q. Tho highcit market
price paid for Wool. may 4, 1800 Am
WK are making tba Iowa City Pump, with dc
taeheil chamber, Iron fulcnlngs for handle.
Tho Illlnol l'ump, tpriiiKllcld, Dccator and Chi
eago pattern.. Alio, the I'enn.ylranla Pump,
Krfe and Jnnaiboruugh pattern., all nf which ire
a they can be bought at any other Factory In the
I'uiti'd State. A liberal di.couuton large order,
nf OXB hundred nnd over.
I't-rifin ordering can nildrem Haley and Co.
Cnuimlirlnn merchant. In thin city, nr through my
traveling agent, William Doncltnn, the only nu
thorlzcj travelling agent in the Statu to take or
der.. All order, promptly titled.
Hlny IP, ISiiil n2l Hm Louisiana mo.
jr. Crawford
Wholesale and Itetnll Dealer lh
Hooks) Stationery Cheap Publica
tion, &cwp:ipers & Mazincs,
Xn: S I Ni 4th .trcct, ST LOUIS, M O
Particular attention paid lo Ailing all order
for the Country Iradn:
1'ubljjTter nf Flala. Seetlnnal and Township
niioitiuourit uarewya utgui oi aiuaoari IV.'
port, and Whluleny. Muuouri Form Book.
June 8, 18(0 n4 7m
Chapman Thompson & Co.
ii.niiH, tmbdr,
LailtM and Shing'leH,
IS Alto, Manufacturer, bf
8ill,, IJOOR rtlifrtriii; Alfc.
LmnMr TM iH :fifi, Path F.ctery
and Plialng Milt, Loea.t atreot, bctirseri Third
anl Foirthr ' T.i.l.OUIM, Ml). t '
All kinds of dressed lumber; raoutdlrii, (:, n
hand. '.Uulldiogofatl MatUM Jk k att.n-
ill .IjoYi' 10 JyILtii(vi 6
Hi ...'.'"'I 10 J;
h rubimers
3 eBALBRS.JN ... t
Pltnifl-Poi'ies X Mjisjfal iHstruMelfs
ui eraw oveicripuoni v.esivn Agents lor.sai. d
UalMtiV'fuW Wikiud .Ulll.rudjVa Pia
tnlumnflanocl, and Prince and Co't Iuirord
Patent, Melod.ons, which wo furnish at factory
nrlcc.iSiorfialt'arM Hetilli i '
DealcrtureUMMWemoit'nberal dliconnt
Now Muslo published dally, and all tw muslo
published In the country regularly rectlred
Jane 8, 1884 n24 7m
V. X. XstfcJUW. F. MARTEN,
Proprletori of tho
Larmyette Jflitls,
Corner Mala and (taction Street.,
Announce to their frlhHd1 slnd the nnblle that they
art now prepared tB dWjTwr chats article of
COUN MKAIi, ete.j a t-t tie' lowest ntartet easn
priHt. They will at all timet rtoelre and pay
the full value for ORAIR dellrered at their Mil
er the Warehcuie of F. Marten, on Clay street.
All ordcrt promptly attended to.
, KBUh 4 MetRstt:
Juue180,Bl3, t?r
"II Was Rum llkt Did it."
Such was the text from whioh was
preached ii moat effoctivc gcrinon in our
sister city of Buffalo ; and tho text was
tho sermon also, and text and sermon
were the last words of one of God's er
ring creatures. There was no organ
wiX iu7w.ll ng noesdyS awa? " - of water in
j -i-i "' .Vl '"ithofsnrinc throuch its outlet, which
,i, " ... ..i,-,. r Jj ' " '
l-iTu . '.Vyj "urB,?
God : there was no benediction aweetl
wsiu wsssvu iu vuiiutw a no woranip w,...i j. ,l ..
breathing upon the ear of deront wor
shippers as thoy rose from the cushioned
seats to leave the houso of prayer bat
the servico was imposingly solemn, and
it sank deep into tho hearts of an awo
stricken assembly.
It was tho "court of death." There
stood justice, stern justico, in the person
ui iiiu Bsocuuve oi mo law, ana in bis
hand the warrant whioh commanded him
to avenge the injury done to the neaea'
and dignity of society, here were the men
ot uod devoutly asking offended Heaven
to purify tho blood-stained soul of the
trembling victim ; there was tho platform,
tho gallows, tho robo, the drop, and ob
served of all, there stood tho cringing,
shivering outcast, who was to uipatiato
his crime by yielding up his miserable
lifo as the last lesson ho could read to
ovil doers. That criminal was the
preacher, robed in a frock of white, gir
dled by a black sash, and on his brow
tho fatal cap. During this dressing for
the crave, tho distracted man cried otit
Great GodI oh ! my God 1 what an end I
nave como to I Merciful God, look down
on me I Oh I Lord I have mercy on my
soul ! "It was rum that did it.
To his dying moment did that tcrriflod
man proclaim that bis murdered wife did
net offend him in anything ; that ho lov
ed her, nnd yet under tho infernal bdcII
of rum had ho imbrued his hand in her
blood ; that band with which, three short
months before, ho hud pledged her his
love and affection.
bavo never read of a more harrow-
inc sceno than the dearth of Darrv. Ho
shrieked with terror, and his cries for
mercy wcro piteous. Rut ho had been
guilty of ono of tho foulost murders on
sumo., juurucrs on 1
ie Tho safetv of
iifb. He could not
ho stood with tho
record; and lie must die,
society demanded tis
cseapo his fate, and
huiter about uis nocic, and tho natohct
was ruiscd to sever the cord which should
launch him with his sins into o e
rnitv ; 1
and there, looking upon tho ter.i lo past
and fearful future, did ho raise lit voice 1
and utter tho fearful warning agaiust the
use of intoxicating drink. ,
Will tho world hear tho words of this
despairing man? "Oh, that I should
come to such an end I it was rum that
did it !" Will thoso who daily put an1
enemy in their mouths to steel away
their brains, listen to tins voito from a
liquor Mone-it has been .tho death of
mni" Wnnninr, mul nrnnnin .
grave opened boneath his feet, ho scream-1
ed, God forgivo me I Christ assist mo
to pais through this slrugglo 1'
This is no fancy picture, but drawn '
word for word from the sccno in the pris
on. "It was rum that did it." Cleve
land Herald.
To Cook a Husband. Many good
husbands ore spoiled in oookiog; somo
women keep thorn in hot water constant-
ly, whilo others frccso them by conjugal ,
coolness; some smother them in hatred, ,
contention, and variance, arid somo keep
.1 ! .11 l!. rri... .
uiuui ill piuKiu his muir sitva. xuuau
wouuu always serve thorn up with tongue
sauce, aow. it einnot bo auDDOsed that.
husbands will bo tendor and feboli if man
aged in thia way; bUtt On tba contrary,
very dblleious Wucb managed as follows
Got a large jat, called tho jar of faithful-
ness (all good wives koop one on hattd,)
put your husband in it, and set him noar
the firo of conjugal lovo; lot tho fire be
pretiy not, dui especially ict u no ciear,
i . t... . n . , i i
and above all the rest, bo consUnt; cover,
him with affection, kindttsss, and subjeo-.
tiorJi gatoished with modest, becoming
familiarity, and sttiebd With pleauntry,
and if yoU add kisses and other coufeo-,
tiouaries, Ifct them be accompanied with
a sufficient portion of seorecy, mixed with
prudence and .moderation. n wouia
advise all good wives to try this recipe,
nnrl rnaliiA what an arlmirnnla dian nnua-
band makes when propb'rly cooked.
r t. "If .:,! L.5" n K,l,t .
LUbk is evtir waltlBe for siimbthing to
x .....
Labor, with kcrjn eyes add 8trohg will,
will turn up something.
i.tmw. ..v.
iiuoic lies in a mo, anu wisues tne runnin'g vino, growing in tho meadows, witn pick, snpvoi, pan ana groo, are wcrj
postman would bring him news of a leg- (sailed ivy, ding their .way to the Big Horn and el-
Labor turns out at six oioloek and, with
busy pen or ringing hammer, lays the
foundation or a competence.
Luok whines.
Labor whistles.
Luck relies on chances.
Labor, on character.
Luok slips downward to indulgence
Labor strides upward, and to Indepen
dence, i
ififtlt Mule MfrJbhn Carney had in
. . .M .., .r
colt wo ever saw: Ablabk mare mule, 14
hands hlch and 6 monthsand threo days
town verteadav tnennest sucKintz muio
ole?, ot one form ana very styiisn. no
lias rcfse 1176 fot it. Coiuaiblsytates-
Ottawa Lake, in Whiteford, Monroe
coiihty Michigan, is about two mites long
arid a naif mtlo wide, and about 40 foot
deep, when full, in the decpes part. It
orms tno north branch
of tho Ottawa
creek at Sylvanla.
This lake has beeri
... .ljt ', i i
last 80 VASTS. At Itieti limps n r hirtnnnl
ivu ur luur nines wiimn lud
is seen in trio co'ntbr, into which cakes of
toe and other floating af tides aro drawn
and dissppear; and if you aro near this
whirlpool, you will hear the rear of the
waterfall. In the winter of 1882-8, tho
ice over whero the whirpool is when the
water il low was broken, and cakes Of it
thrown on tho other Ico by air escaninir
. . I a - ... . P
irom oeiow, ana tuo lake sottied about
five inches in 12 hours. Samuel Staoy
and others wero on the lake at the time,
and some boys were skating near the spot
when the bursting up of tho iee occurred.
There it an abundsticb of fish ih the lake.
and some piko have recently been caught
weighing 14 pounds. Tho itioat tilycto
rious part of tho mystery is the throwing
up oi mo ice, utn any ono explain the
A Negro killed by a Woman
trow the Crocket Texas Schtirlcl, Sept. 12.
fl'lowcvcr justifiable thb deed, wo are
hercrthclcss pained to announco tho kill
ing of a negro named Peter, on Trinity
river, in this county, dn Sept. 5th by a
married lady, tho wifo of one of our nioBt
worthy citizens. On tho day alludoa to;
the gentleman was absent from home; and
tho cruel trcatihbnt bbiug inflicted on a
team in uso by tho negro Peter caused tho
lady to go out and order him to desist
from his abuse of tho team. Tho negro
replied to her With abusivo epithets and
oaths, whereupon ho was ordered from the
place, but, with terrible oaths, ho' refused
to go, and asserted his right to remain
and do as ho pleased. Tho lady again
ordered him off, coupling it with a threat
to hurt him if ho did not comply; hut ho
still continued his swearinar. and when the
i . i , - .
y tttrnort and wcnt ,nto ,,er 1,01180 "
M0Wcd ho.h. . 80k?.8.0!d.I'htil,
PP'"S tbabk ,n b tBttdoa!i!!
uiuuvu vuu uuru au icavc, uiib nc
oontiuuea to advance, now noddiug his
.:..t.:.. i i.. " i
tonJ' wiu!tinc5 0Dd blinking his oyes, and
L il . g 1 1 ' h iT a T'
T" T VhsL ,,d hZ,WM , ,aadi ?tu,y
7""' f- ci h lortuuuo
Iwlier owo defence, sho persisted in or-
uum iiu i.au p-
V uo very uoorstcp wncro s no
T V. V ' . ' . .
hcbaII,asTB.d,r.cc,1y through his
hoatt a,ldJ0J-ing instant death.
Mnfrimnnlni Srfvi
Our young women nrocauiioncd against
1 marrying, dissipated young men I but with
c1uaJ if not Btor propriety, may not
y..un8 men " Mtincd against marryiny
-"'b""' uiuu, ioru
KWB ""V """jaPPy marriages are tho
result of the latter, as well as the former.
tfooiiBh mothers tluuk they act nffoctiuu
atoly by indulging their daughters in
fondness for the giddy plcasuros of life.
and allowing thorn to contract habits of
nidolcnco, not .dreaming that they arc
thereby unfitted for the stern realities of'
litu which must surely await them. Lot
thorn marry wealth or poverty, they will
not support either eondition, Let them
! :.!!- -.J !!! Ml I
rauiitiii BWgiu unu nio will oecome moro
aud morb burdensome as it advances.
A Perfect Aatliole for all Polstfnsi
A plaitl farntwr lays': It is hbw ovbr 20
years ainoe I. learned thatswoot oil would
A Lake with a Hole in
cure the bite of a rattlesnake, not kow-!,,,
ing it , would euro other kinds of poisons. 1 5ur pcople Bro jjj, taxed and our of.
Practico, observation, and .;experiencp..B t0fm nr. cettincrich.
have tauaht mo that it will cure Doison of i
0ny Kind, ODtu on man ana Dealt. 1 tninK
. . . .... .....)
no farmer should be without a bottle ofned the Academy with a mode of de.
it in his housd. . Thti patlHIit rfitilt take
a gpoonful of it iHterUIIlti arid bathe thb
wound for oUre. To core a hrirSb U
requires eight times as much as it does a
man. Hore lot mo say of one of tie most
extreme esses of suske bites. Eleven
years ago, where the cue bad bebri 80
days standing and the patient had bean
nivan nn K. hi. Jknatniiin. T r It
given up by his dhysicians, I. heard .of it,
carried tho oil, and gave him one spoon-
ful, whioh effeetod a ourd, U is an an-1
tidoto for rlenl nDd tryohninb. IPwill .'
curo uoat in cattla hv
I ma a .. V .. -V.
oi iresn oiovor; it will euro the sung ot
bees, spidors, or insects; and will cUrO
ptVaona who have been poisoned by a low
Snothered by a Ca'. -
At Apploford, Massachusetts, a few
days ago, u young child wss smothered to
doath In a vory singular manner, accord
ins to a Boston naner. A net cat iumni
1 od upon the cradle and laid down quietly
! on tho infants face while tho latter wits
sleeping. The mothor, who was setting
near, was pleased with tho exhibition of
tuo cats ancction, and went and called a
noighbor to como and see them lying
Al !,! 4 . .1,.
nna uuionv roniner. ivnensnoroturn-
ed she found that tho child bad ceased to
Who was Jonah's tutoif SUe WhaW
t nbvi fought kiuHD.
". Thm."
Tho following story is told of St. Fil-
lippo Ncri :
IIo was living at Ono ot tho Italian
univcrsitiesj when a ytmng marl, whom
I... I Inn.n . Un ..n n tr him
with a facofull of delight, nnd told him
what ho bad been long wishing abovo all
thincrs in the world was at lencth fulfill
cd, his parents having just given him
leavo to study the law ; and that . there-
upon ho had como to Inc law school in
this university on accotint of its great
fame, and meant to spare' no pains or la
bor in cettins throuftn bis studios as
quickly and as well as possible. In this
swell as possioie. in mis
i a long time, and when at
to a sto'p, .the holy man,
I listening to him with great
way no ran on
last he .cahlo
whn hail rtoeii I
patience and kindness ssid: .
" Well, and whea you have got through
vdur course of studies, what do you mean
to do then?"
'Then I shall take my doctor's do
sree," answered tho young man.
"And then asxea at. riiuppo ncri,
shall havo a number of difficult and knot-
ty cases to manage, and ahall catch pbo-
"And men, conunueu tuo youtn, i
pie s notice uy my eloquence, my seal,
my learning, my acuteness, and gain a
great reputation."
"And thbn?" repealed tho holy man.
"And then;" replied tho youth, "why
then I shall be promoted to sumo high
offico or other; besides I shall make
money and grow rich.
"And then?" repeated St. Fillippo
" And then," pursued thb young law
yer "then I shall live comfortably nnd
honorably in wealth and dignity ; and
shall bo able to .look forward quietly to a
haDnv old dec'
"And then 1" asked tho old man.
"And then," said tho youth "and
then arid then I shall die.
Hero St. Pillippo again lifted Up his
voice and said, "And then?" whereupon
the young man made no answer, but cast
down his head and went away. This last
"And then?" had pierced like a flash of
lightning into his soul, nnd he could not
get rid of it. Soon after he forcsook tho
study of law, and gave himsoli up to tho
ministry; ana spent e remaiuuer ot uin
days in godly words ana warns.
k Childs Met of Fnihre foriisUent.
Allttlb girl after having been to church
was very fond of preaching to her dolls.
Her mother overheard heronc day, reprd
vingonefor being so wicked. Oh, you
matlghty, sinful child she said, shaking its
waxen limbs, you'll just no to that place
of brimstone and il'.olassw, and you won't
unru up you II just tlzfc.
Valuable TariU Soldi
Messrs. llubards & Brjaii, rcaU'statt'
agents of Hahnibal, sold to a gbntlcm'ari
from Virginia, a farm of twd hundred
and forty acres, in Monroe county, for
the sum of 812,000. The purchaser re
cards it at a snlcudid bargain at that
price, and intend, to try to iuduco inany
of his friends in Virginia to visit Mis.
souri with a view of making similar pur
chases. Somo ono has said, " Woe to that coun
try whoso publio servants grow rich
while tho burdens of its people are in
creased by taxation." Docs not Missou
ri under radical rule fill the bill ? Our
people aro now, in addition to other tax
os, paying an enormous military tax,
which ought never to havo been imposed
Upon them and at the same timo Gov
tJrhor 17'lctciior sella our railroads for
half their value, and squanders 400,000
0f the school fund.
to la beeomlmr. a aerions nuostion
Where tub money
DiiTRorlMO Bats. M. Clas bnlor-
dlrbvinir rata thd other aaismals thi t bur-
ie rata ana other aBissals thi t bur-
aartja . at.i aV . t .
Tha Mtlasum nf Natural Hiatorv
ai Paris is, or rather was. dreadfully in-1
fasted with rats: but thanks to M. Clas.
xne museum or natural niaiory
j i- it;-- j.jr..iii. I
it U now free from the nuisance. The
hsppy thought of pouring bisulphide of
osrbon Into the holes occurred to this
gbtitlbman, and the vapor, wb deed hard-
r.li t ir.t.u -'J. -r.l:
y gay, was fatal to all thb r'db who stop-
pbd to inhale It. ..
jm ,
oiciiemorit bver the reported go! i
Hh.liHH. Ik.A.inliAiil XI n Tl..t
uujHu i",
Virginia City Democrat, of tho 14th ult;
Dally) iUridreda of. sturdy miners,
Tho radicals profess an ardent lovo for
tho " loyal" mon of tho, BoutlvauJ yot
when those same " loyal mon aro elect-
cd to UongToss, tney are roiusoa norms
. Adopting A. woru s lorm oi in
qairy, we ci
this thus?"
uiry, we cannot help asking, "Why is
At a recont rat bunt in l'ickaway coun
ty, Ohio, lq,G71 rats wore killed. Thoro
is to be s grand picnic ht Circlcvillo, at
i,St it . t. 1., I..-.. . .
wnion iuiob premiuma win do imvvii vj
the township iirodncing tl e greatest mini-
bor of tails of, rats slain in eaeh township
oi ncxaway county. ino premiuui
amount mpsotiscly to fW)0, 30 ui
SW. "
Beetllig U IIhc 6rAM
Where permanent pastures art desired ;
th0 nativo grasses aro often tho best.
Blue grass, on moist lauds, is perhaps
prefcrablo. Timothy will run mit; so Will
clflVfir. Illlio U.f U ttif m MvinaaiKtil
naiurb if tho looslity is favorable to thb
plant. iHis must be itiiii. It forna k!
thick, soft, nutritioB-herbage; nd-wilt
improve with time, But it is ratker del
icate in the start, it requires care. ,(
Trcnare ground well; get ready, and
sow in February. Do bot turn stock oil
it, till lato the Ibllowlng stssiifi-i-ted do'
not crop toe close; give a cbaHco for pro-
tectton aguinst frost, . Itt.tho , fall there
' nuiMivsfc . aninoiiaie mero
HI bo a fine growth. If the abil fl'mbist
ahd otherwise adapted trj II. Favb'r It the
Brit; and also thb seebbd year.- few
'years, if the soil is favorable, there will
I rich thick gniwth, and your. pastures'
taBd chance td be csUblieWrtl.iiHural
Bellrd Peas for Cows aM iefii
It is stated by iom fatrtirjrs'trJai boiled1
peas led to miloli cows vfillcpreatl Iri
Crtas their to of tsilir: anrl-lmn.ii
strength and vitality to the anittjals, while
h0 "ilk will bo free from thb' rinplesiaot
taste imparted to It-b'y IbbdiWr' roots.
'J he effect is Equally fatorabla on hogs
fattened upon this food. The pals should
be soaked a while iri bold' watbr bbibn
being boiled, ai It Will greatly facilitate
iho prcccss of cobkiba. It isr aatfcrtcd
that two bushels of cooked peas are equal
iu ftittoning properties to' three bushels
of cornjjfcd to stock in tho uatural of
rimnufacturcd staio.
, . Corn Cobs 'as fuel.
The Prairie, farmer lias bcen.figurjnt;
some on ruisiug corn tint preparing it tot
market, and decides tlmt it is better' id
shell the corn thrm to sell in gross, coU
hud all; as th'o pfaclico of some farmors ik;
Dy shelling in a good machine and leaf
ing the cobs whole, considerable is qayed;
ns a ton of wholo cobs is equal to a tou
ol coal for fuel. This is an item Wor'tliy'"
of consideration ih sections wjicro much' "'
corn is grown and fuel is scarce and dfuf
in market. . (
Peculiar Dilildin Materiaii
Payard Taylor, in his descriotioh o'f iiorti
Smoky Hill ronto, mentioned thd exist-''
encb of a peculiar kind of rock in some,
sections through which ho passed. Tho .
Kansas City Journal of Commerce hat
seen a specimen of it, and says: '''Hisbf'
a creamy white color, resembling gypsum"
in npnearanee', so soft ns to be easily cot'"'
with h'atcliet or saw, yet is ssid to be a
durable as the ordinary limestono.rook.
It can be so easily worked into any de
sired shape,, nnd exists iu suclullimitnbto
quantity iil thb vicinity of J7prt, Itiloy,
that it must ' iffeviiably coinc into two
hbrc ftit thb flnbr c'lnss (if buildings, and
it can bo cut, and shipped to' this'1 place
by rail.'eheapor thhuiroek can bb.'gottetti
out here. .
Simple Mode of CoBputiig iBfefesl.
A new method of computing Interest
of any iiiimber of dollars at 'six por cent;
appears very simple. Multiply uny'giv,
bu nuihbcr of dollars dy tho number ,of
days of interest dfslrbd, separate thb' right
hand flgui-b, and dividti by six; tho, result
is thb truo iuterust of such sum for such
number of ,days, d( six per cent! This
rulo Is so simple' arid so' true, according' '
to till business Usage, thtit b.vbCy b'ihjte f
broker; irbfcUaUt, dr clb'rk shu'Uld post it ,i
up for rlifcrHncQ and usb. JJy rio, other
arithmetical proceii can thb doaire'd 'in
formation' lib Ubtained with so few figures
Tho OraUt co. (Wis.) Herald 'details i"'
recovery. from' tho bite of a rittlesMke-T I
A man Uamcd Lydn was bitten t&eb times) tir
on the footwhlU Blrldiufe gtairind ftjl tq ...
the ground , in a whitt,. lib was carried to
thti house, drank Hdlf a', pint of 'Uhbt '
and eamnhn'rJ thUti ' t' nttarl ttf miU'Jttt'HiUI-A
adl then i quafi iit pUre'sleeke), ft-eliair
no symptoms ot intoxication l The nbxt
J lI f I n 1 . a .
morning no i?iiaeisMimVMraa and pain
i!.t. . j j I. J?. r.
in his limb and drank another pint ofalco
hoi. then swallowed a auaifer of i tmnn'.t
milk. These doss. 'wH!c! it woeldibHi"
supposed bUld kill any body, bad at 11 1
juiious offsets, and the fourth, day after,, .
.u l !. l -.i. t' Jit.. ,...." '
tho bites he felt wellonougb' only a little
itorencss from tho khce'dowrii ' . ' '
,-i ' hi i
An OT9j,BBg0 publllhos thb' followinrj
' ! ' 1
Lost or strade from thb subscriber n
sheen all over whiter-one Wg WSl black
und half his, body nil, .(prion's, shall, fo-'
coivo five dollars to1 fcrh!g.1il:''l'ilo 'WasV'-'
.-ho goat. " , " "
nin in-
I Tho Hertford Tirhos tujd that tho barns ,
fur rfilts atriUni that city orb ituffoclwitW, '
tobacco, worth
more than a million
i r mii I M,
vlio votes tho Budical tibtot .
this fun
lo ut the polls and as his jndte ik'in
tho jury-box, ufiihia accuser St Ute.wlt
niss stand. , ... .....
I ho oniigriilinn or squirrels westward
which was noticed till over, the state of
micltigaii, a short-lime ago, is now beiag
followed by a migration of bears. The
samo reason accounts ror now: Ja ssrciiy
if mH, n tmlh'oT thst-o depesj alike oa
stir, A 1bi 4

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