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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, November 02, 1866, Image 2

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J. I'.MilM, ..... EDITOR
T i4 y , Mo.
FBIDAY," l"TVKJIBKn 2, 1860.
We arc authorised to announce, JAM KS
T. TIlUK.MON.asan Independent fan
didate for .Surveyor of Lincoln county nt
the November election of 1S6
November tslectioris.
Election occur in twelve Statcl on
Tuesday, (he Gth of November, a follows;
Masaehuselt, New York, New Jersey,
Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan.
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas,
and Navad. These Stato elect ninety
une Ueprcstalivcs in Congress. In the
present Conprc the delegation in the
re divided politically as follows;
Pom's, Jlcpubl's.
New York.
New Jersey,
n io
in 2t
a 2
i n
:t li
0 6
t ?
(I I
0 1
'J I to
Merchant visiting St. Louis wonhl
do-well to oil on Gilmore. Mcdcira t Co..
and purchase their poods for laides' wear,
as they have a large k vnrifd assortment
of cloaks, cloaking, trimmings, furs, etc ,
long and square broach shawls, manufac
tured by themselves, and sold cheaper
than any other house esst or west.
Their stock includes all the latest styles
of cloak and trimmings, furs, etc.
Rend their advertisement in this paper
Biff Tarsip. Mr. Thomas Powell,
presented in with a Turnip which weigh
ed nine pound and a half. This is a
whoppercan anyone Wat it in Lincoln
We have been a good deal amued at
reading a lengthy letter i.t the Sprinficld.
(Mo.,) Journal, from J. H. Woods, Had
ical candidate for School Superintrdctit
in Lawrence county. Wood's letter is
taken up chiefly with a clumsy attempt to
explain why it was be terted three yean
in tht rcbtl army ! why it was he vtade
aspteih to a company vf rebel volunteer
tt 1801!
Five robbers, a few nights ago, went to
the house of Joseph Davis, in Bourbon,
Marshall county Indiana, called him out,
knocked him senseless, took his keys
from his pocket, robbed bis sufc of 1,500
and a wateb, and mado their escape
All kinds of rncnV lubber overshoes
Mil at 91 25 per pair at the. Big Boot,
1028 and 103d Ifroadway. St. Louis-
SRlday Scbflfll library, reward" and
music books, card, papers, maps, teacher's
helps,.-., in great variety, at tho Sunday
ehool bible, tract and Keligmus Hook
Depository, No. P South fifth streets.
The annuel meeting of the National
Wool Growers' Association has been call
ed t met at Cleveland, Ohio, on Wvd
ncsdiv, the 14th of No ember.
McnV fine boots only S3 60 at the liig
Jtoot, 10-H aud 1030 Broadway. St.
A bAby was left on an Editor s door
step in Cleveland last w.-ek, with aTtfuest
that it bo taught to be an Editor. What
a cruel and unnatural mother!
Youth's copper-tipped boots, only 92,
at the Big Boot 1028 and 1030 Broad
way, St-. Louis:
There are thee kinds of friends friends
who love ycu, friends who do not trouble
themselve nbotl tot.J and friend's who
bate you.
A pair of lover, fleeing from stern and
cruel parents, were married in the ears
near St. Louis, the other day. Papa tel
egraphed to the eonduetor- to send his
daughter back; but he telegraph, Never
return a air on.tb'rs road."
. 4 . ,
mitffd Thomas Hawk-, of MansGiU
tO.Miss Sarah IWve:
It is not often' that yon f.'c
'Jo queer a kind- of love,
Oh, what a 'avago he must lo,
'IV Tommy Htnvk-u dovb'"
Pilte County. '
Louisiana, Mo., Oct. 27, 1866. Editor
Republican; The Registry is closed, and
there are twenty-seven hundred k thirty
nine;votcs, three hundred of which arc
placed 6 n the registered list. This gives
us oer twenty-four hundred qualified
voters, and 'Old I'ike" will give a larger
majority for the Conservative ticket than
she did against the Drake 'Constitution.
Our ticket wi.l be elected by moro Ujau
five huncrcd majority. jTT
From the Louisiana Flag Radical.
Old l'lkf all Right.
We havo conversod with ccntlcmen
from every portion of the county who are
posted as to the political complexion of
the voters in their respective nciglioor
hoods, and we are safe in Baying that the
entire linmc.il Union ticket will triumph
by a handsome majority, much larger than
the expectations of the most sanguine.
The Cth day of next month will pro-h-unee
the final desth-kiicll of conserva
tism, (which in this State is another name
for rebclisin) in loyal Old l'iko. Mark
our prediction.
From the Morgan County Manner.
i:rctition oi Ezckivl llnrl.
Yesterday morning a large croud assem
bled in town to witness the execution of
Kckicl Hart, convicted at the last term
of the circuit court and sentenced to bo
buna for mui dentin Mr. Ross Latttmer,
ol Osage township, in this county, on the
night of tbc3.)th of l'orbu.iry last. The
number of people prci-cnt could not have
been le.s than twenty-five hundred.
J lie vi'utTtilii w:i8 erected on the prai
rie couth of the town. At one o'clock,
1. M., .Shurill Walker summoned a posso
of men togcthor us n guard, and the
chains were taken oil' the prisoner and be
was taken to the scaffold.
After a short address by Dr. T. Math
ews to the crowd assembled, relating to
the spiritual welfare of the prisoner, Hart
spoke to the people in nearly tho follow
ing words: '
My Kiukniis : I want to say a few
words to vou before I expiate tho offence
ot which I am convicted. It is hard for
one so young as I to die, but thcro is one
thing harder yet, and that is to rush on a
peaceable, inoffensive citixen, surrounded
by his happy family, and wickedly mur
der him. This I did, and for this 1 am
about to die.
I want my death to be a warning to all
but most especial v to the voune And
here, with all this guilt resti"g upon me
I w.ot to point you to the merits of the
icdeeuiiuj blood of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. Many of you knew my pa
rents. They were honorable, Christian
people' and in a t-horttimc I hopo to meet
them in Heaveu. Had 1 heeded their ad
vice 1 would not'need die for this offense'
but I was wicked, 1 put off serving God
until I should have enjoyed a little more
ol lire, and here 1 nm. I hope Una may
have mercy on you all, and that my fate
may lie a warning.
1 have hopo that my sins are forgiven.
Kind Chritiau have visitod me eiury
day while 1 was in the jail at Jefferson.
1 have nothing against any person, and
hope no one bears ill-will tow rds me.
The death I am about to die is deserved.
God help ns.
Alter the prisoner had ceased speaking,
several hymns were ? ting, ami prayers
ottered liy ltcv. tollins, Pr. .Mathews and
by the prisoner.
At seventeen mumtc before three the
fatal noo'ic was adjusted 'jy the Sherifi,
the prisoner rrpeutedly assuring him that
lie wanted linn to do tits duty, and that
he bore no ill feelings towards him. At
fuurteeu minutes bel'oio three the drop
ten. ,
tallica uZit hvt in id
At the great Irish meeting held at the
eourt house in St. Louis, Oct, 13th, 1 SCO,
James J. Mcl'iiilo made a speech in
which hu thus defines Radicalism:
lUdicalUm which justifies private
murder, nnd transforms tho rcd-liandcd
.issasi-in into a Legislator lor the people
of a gieat State!
Itadicalism which bows in slavUb
adoration before Beast Butler, and dis
honors the American character by the
"iMf.HM vi muse ijuuuiies which nave
mado the name of Nero etcrnaly infamous!
Radicalism which srratshc the nricst
: from the bedside of the dvinc: which rob?
the trembling soul of its last earthly con
isolation, and interposes the iron-clad oath"
I between the crucifix of Christ amj the
Jlait lwk of cjpiring nature!
1'adicaliMU which chains in dungeons
the Minister of Christ for j reaching liis
holy word, which arre ts and drags
through thi public high-ways nnd im
mures in prison cells, jioly nnd helpless
wnmcnfor teaching our children to wiy,
"Our bather who art in heaven, hallowed
be thy name!"
Kudicalisiu which tixes the little cot
in which the gentle bauds of some coud
"Sister of Mercy" put, to sleep somt poor
little Ctlm1i nrnhW ' 1
Notice to Takcrs-up of Kstra'ys.
The Revised Coda for 18CC; at page 388,
enacts as follows:
Sno. 0. The takcr-up shall in t ddi
tion to setting up notices as hereinafter
spccified;(three notices in' public place's
!. .1 . 1 1.1 I
iii mi- iuiuimii,j cause saiu nonce io uo
published in -some newspaper in tho coun
ty for at least three consecutive weeks.
If this is not done, the owiier can take
his prperty without paying one' for posting
or keeping the animal. This is the law;
Versaila Vindicator.
: Who is the first female person men
tioned in the Hill J tuny Sis,
Shower) of Meteors Expcc
" On the night of the 18th 'and 14th of
November next, a prodigious nigns oi
. - . i...,K.:ni r c Lint
mcieora,, 1110 mm iinjiwoiiin ui n
will mskn its noncaranco for tho Inst time
in this century, Only, thirteen of these
great showers are recorded between tne
years 1)03 and 1330. Such a rare phe
nomenon awakens n deep' interest among
all classes of persona. Great preparations
aro making m Kurope to witness this
sublimo spectacle of celestial fireworks.
So look out for tho evenings of the I3th
and l lth of November next.
LfTinp In Central America.
A correspondent writing from Aspin
wall, says:
Everything is so cheap -down horc, it
seems almost as it i naa gono into an
nthor world. For instance, wo buy very
good cigars for SI 20 per hundred, and
very nice Havanas for 14. Everything
else is as cheap, hveri greenbacks can
be boucbt for 80 conts, arid then gold
and silver aro as plonty ns fractional cur
rency or tax collectors at tho North I
nrsure you it is almost fairy land. Tho
military, however, rather makes me smiles
after having seen a sailor with his fist,
whip five fully armed soldiers who at
tempted to arrest mm.
Wnrmouth vs. Negroes
One of the "loyal Southerners" was
Judge Warmouth. Of him Lieutonant
Diiulap says durim an election at Car
rollton, La . about 3,000 negroes offered
to vote: "When tho sentcries, by my or
dors, rcfusad to lot them rote, tbey show
ed tickets printed in fancy paper, bearing
WnrmoutVs name, nnd snid they paid $2
for each ticket to armoutli nnd his
friends, and Were determined to vote.
Twice three thousand would be six
thousand dollars. Not a bad speculation.
How they love negroes. l'eora III.- Dem
After u svstcm of registration shall
have been established, the said oath shall
be taken nnd subscribed by the votor at
each time of registration. Any person
declining to take said oath shall not be
allowed to vote, or to bo registered ns a
qualified voter. The taking thereof shall
bo deemed conclusive evidence of tho
right of tho person to vote; but such right
may, notwithstanding, bo disproved; nnd
all evidenco for and against the right of
any person as a qualified voter, shall ''o
heard and passed upon by the registering
officers, and not by the judges of election.
cw Constitution, art.
Aro invited to call & examine our stock of
and Furs.
Wo have the largest houso of tho'kind
in the city. Wc manufaoturo our own
Cloaks, nnd NO UOUSK, Eusl or West,
can undersell or excel us in styles.
We are now prepared to exhibit
our Fall Styles of
and Trimmings.
Haviug secured the services of an ex
perienced Cutter and Trimmer, we guar
antee to till orders promptly and satis
factorily. Wo call your special attention
to our elegant assortment of
Pu chased directly from tho manufac
turer, We have also a large and full as
sortment of
610 Nortb Fourth street.
St, Louis.
November 2, 18GG
Six .tfonth, from fic'toitr. 1st, 1800.'
I nm now fully prejiarof) tu attesii to all claims
!of ,hi' 51''D't alt others''
ciM 'Vl'V
Army and' Navy Claim Agent,
No. S Xotlh Vlflhlreel (irj lUIro); St. Louli' Mo.
An Enterprising; Citizen.
A man from Kanscs. lift v-five years old.
arrived in Mobile, Ala., in a small skiff
last week after a trip down the river, of
one tnousana eigut Hundred miles, soon
after reaching there, ho fell into tho riv
er by accident, and was rescued by police
who finding that he was chilly, took him
to'tfio hospital, The stiff contained or
dinary cooking utensils,' a'rill'o, shot-pun,
nistol. and also a little dos, suecial favor
ite, who was found innocently curled up
. . i . . . . i . ...... . .
at tne Dottom ot iuc uuai, iuitiy await
the return of bis master.
Wholesale ot Retail
At as low pricon as any reliahln house id
the city. My warorooms cover
40,000 I.EJBT
of FIoot surface, which enables mo to ex
hibit more goods than any other house.
My stock comprises Sofas, Rocking,
Kasy and l'arlor Chairs of all '
descriptions. Secretaries
Book Cases, Sido Boards,
Side Hoards, Extort
fcion Tables, , ,
Center Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wash
Stands, Chairs, Safes, &o.
Cottage Bed Room Suits o
all kinds, ItTattrcsses,
Own make.
Style the Latest. Quality the Best.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Terms eath.
914 Si 916 Washington Avouuo,
October 12 1800. 8m
Shop on lot 'South of tho Preb;tcrltn Clinch
rJC v o y 9 31 o.
I H in u! at nil times to nxtrutn lilt work with
ll 'i dirptcli. July 27, IKfid. 31-ly
Troy Lodge IVo. 31 A. F. ana A. M.
CATION."-', on nvcrv iaturduv nvxt
before the full tS'.on.
Military Tyranny.
Military outrages nro still practiced in
the South. Wo sec it stated in tho Hous
ton Telegraph of the 18th inst., that a
few ditys previously a file of soldiers nr-
arc-'itcd tho Clerk of the District Court of
Guadalupe count)', forced him to give up
the key of his oflico and took therefrom
important documents pertaining to suits
for damagcS njrainct ono Longworth, an
agent nf the Negro Bureau at hVguin.
The soldiers, it is said wero ncting under
the carders bf General Sheridan, who is
well known to be. one of the most unscru
pulous military tyrants which the late
war nroduced.
Judge Ireland or tne district in which
this outrage was perpetrated, has instruc
ted the grand jury of tho proper county to
investgate the outrage and indict the of
fenders. St. Louis Times.
Art. 2. Sec, f, New Constitution
Tho registering officer or officers, shall
keep n register of tho names of pnvsons
rejected a.i voters, and the sanvi shall be
certified to the judges of election and
they shall receive the Lallot of any such
rejected voter ofTering to vote, marking
tho same, and certifying the vote thereby
given ns rejected; but no such voto shail
be received unless tho party offering it,
take, at that time.- the o.-.th of loyalty i
ncrcinaiter prescribed.
"Oncn admit tho Union, once more ac
knowledge the authority of the National
Ooterniuciit, & instead of devoting your
houses, aud streets, and roads, to tho uses
of war. I and this irtny become nt once
your protectors and supporters, shielding
you from danger let it come from what
quarter it may." ("Lieut. Gen. Sherman
to the Mayor of Atlanta.
Fire On Thursday night of lost
week Bcnnot's Store House at Coto Snns
Pojcin, was burned, containing a stock
of good", valued at $3,000. It was the
work of incendiaries. Ouc of the parties
has been nested, nnd tried before Jus
tice Fcrs'uson and committed. Wonder
if this is the body of armed men nnd rob
pcrs, referred to by tho County Court
Judges. Fulton Telegraph.
,rf i . ,
Murder of one Boy by Anolher.-
Cincinatti. Oct. 28. Edward'Morris'. a
tad of 14, shot and murdered a boy named
Patrick Gallagher, in a back yard of tho
Third Ward, this afternoon. It was all
about. a slight fruarrol. Gallauhcr having
knocked ou Morris's hat. M orris snapped
his pistol twico before it would explode.
no seems torauy mainerent to tno con
sequences.) ,iliO murdered boy was an
orphan fourteen and a half years old1.
Let every man who-lovers th Union
stand baok, when ono vote may save it.
uod knows that every man who loves
1.!.. . 1 I ... 1
um vuuuiry uujfi io oe up nnu uoiug,
It is now a fiebt for the Union on the
sido of tho administration, and disunion
on tne sido ot Congress.
If you love tho Union, voto thoConser
yative ticket.
If you hate the Union, vote the radical
It is now Union or Disunion.
Tho Democrats and Conservatives are
for the Union, and the Radicals are for
As you-love ybitr cdurvtry, you' must
A- rdnfantio young man say b1 thai a
young women's heart is like the' moon
it changes constantly, but Always has a
man in n.
Ilorrrsl murder. 1
From the Stialia (Mo.) 1'rcss.
We are called mob to ehroniole ouj of
tho mos,t fiendish And brutal murdors thai
has ever disgraced our Statu,
From a gentleman who Was In Otter
villo nt tho timo of tho occurrence, wo aro
furnished tho following particulars:
Tt appears that two young men named
Wilson and Harpor, bad been paying their
addresses. to, Miss , Brown of Syracuse,
with a view to matrimony; consequently
they wero rivals'. . Wilson who lived
near Lebanon, in Cooper, county it ap
pears, VMS the envious recipient of the
lady's favor, but tho parents wero stren
uously opposed to her choice, and favored
Hnrpcr. On Sunday, tho 1 4th. WiUnn
and Miss B. determined to tn.nkc nn end
of tho matter by getting married, nnd
storting for Ottcrvillo they arrived at that
placo about 11 or 12 o'clock that night
they then proceeded to tho residence of
Esquiro Dempscy, who after muiio hesita
tion performed the tnnrtiiigi! ccrcnioiu
The couple then returned to the bouso ul
a fricud some 1-2 miles distant. Tho
next day Harper followed them, nnd ar
riving in town learned they wvic marr'cl
determined on vciijrcanc'c.. After drink-
1'ln li I. Hi V VII1IIU IIU lUlb VUri'llMU, III 110 I I, . . f . .1 L 1 . . ,
dlraotiou Wilson nnd hM uii'u had uoue; !r',1';,ls xt' M
when about two miles dlMant lion. toW.!1,cr1 i;,,u'' V ll! ,,S"J:,?"
: ..til i. I.,.. ,.. in.. .. .,
ho met them on their 'vaj-t'j a relative,
both riding ono horse. llfTrpcr rodo tip
to them, and drawing his revolver on Wil
son, withrdemotiiao veiieaneu runiarked:
" 1 on nrcn (load man. 1 lis pistol i n, m
bed three times, during w'.ieh, 'i..utl , tcneei that might be given, a conphi ol'u
being unarmed jumped off his linr.n and "Ctfions jinado by liullnr.of Big It tint
ran to tho brush followed by Harper, who ' "'emory. and (loverncr Halm, who wis
had also hit hi? horse. The race was n 1 olll) ol" r"'i,l,'il,',, "tovcrs in N. Oile.ui.
short one. Wilson w.n wounded :ind , 'uf''io-. Sutler -iys:
overtaken several liiiinlieil yards tioin I nm n-.t in Ti' or ul" (ierinnh siill'mge
the rond Uiid lifter lilting ihot. down w.i 1 a tiot in favor of Irish snltrage: I n:n
beaten over the. head wi'li :i revolver tin .not io favor of any iiuffiage. but impartial
til lllo w.i.-' extinct. J lie bi.ad and lea
tures we'e roefiillv mutilated,' nud pre
setiteu on the djicovury ol i lie L'ouy next
nioi iitiig a must heartrending spectacle ol
human harburitj. llarper'-wl'rcibout.-.
cannot be discovcrid.
Tho horse rodo by Harper bc'tmgcd to
Mr. Brown, father of tliu jnitng l.idy
Wc have since learned that Mr Uiown
has been arrested ns nerteory to the
murder of WiHon nnd rcle.ised on bail.
I All UI.IOII .Kill III I III O't'llMMII . it
l.H...tn.... nt.....l.HtM c... t,
, . 1 , . , , r . . i Trrlimcis like that Lind.of doetrim ?
brom thnCh.irIo.-ton III: Courier l'torh Pemnrn'
Saturday niternonn John !!ro-k and ! - (
Wm. Mcrfurm retired to tho thicket ol! Witf C.iT. - .lame H. llris"r, a -.i
brush adjoining the vill..gi of Saulhhury man resiiling in this pl.iee, killed ii wild,
this pijuniy' to play cards. Tlu-y went oil Km i on Moni'l'ay hist which measured live
talking and laughing together in the be-t i iVot in luiutli,-- tin- larueit one ih.it h.i
ftutnnr. Arrititig in the ground they 'l"uuit killed' in this s-ei tion for a utimli-r
featcd themselves by an oak tree. :i d, in ' jo ns. We aNo b arn of several otli-
tbo presence of tuvernl byst !cr.-eoin ers being killed within the ;a?t tv,
menced the game on tho gve.-i t w nd I weeks,--Hulls tV Kecoul.
They had not been playing lnii before'
I,,. .. ,.
they disagreed in regard to tho y.mie.
Sharp words pj'sed, a tight en.-ited Mrc okt
drew his bowc knife and slabbed McMor
ris tin co Itiues, when the latter iiro-e to
hi fret nnd fell I'oriT.ird oti !.!s I'.n a
dead man, the bu t Mab l.vin.- reached
his heart. In the excitement of the mo
lLcnt lirooks Miceeeded in making his
ese.ipe, and although l ui'.-nit was made!
in .ill dircetio:"!, be h.u nut ie( been aj
Tho inurdeied man loave-i a wife and
two iinall childien to inor.ru hi-i tr.igie)
fate. C-rJiier Mitchell uas i-ont l'ormid
went out to hold an iiKiue.-t over lbeile:,d
body, it being such ;i e'ear e,-i- nf mmder
that when begot thine he was advised
,,, .,, ,i! i . . . i , ,
his victim wore di.--t.iiii ldn.nl rol itives.
Brooks tuugli you 'ig in yeavs, ' a des
perate elmiMcter ami old in crime. He
and another brother aro tai l to have kill
ed a man in Icx.is, mini vcat, Mnee. for
which crime hu brother MiiTered the ex
treme penalty of the law. ami it'is rM
reward of 81,000 was olfcred for the ar
rest of the present fugitive.
ooiui nrooks is nuout twentv one oi
twenty two years of ne, about livo fee:
high, hair inclined to be sandy and curly,
dark eyes, swarthy ccmplection ami a few
lrceklcs on the upper part ol the face.
On tsumlay, fsctitcmbir 30, Turk's IVand ,
Wot Indies, was devastated by a Icrible
hurricane, destroying over 800 hom-os
Twenty lives were lost, and a nuuiLer of
Dcrsons were crinnled and otbeivi--o iulur. !
ed. Over o, 0U0 iier.-ou.-i wero houseless
penniless and almost naked. Tho whole
laboring 'crirori of.thc colony is.iri the
most destitute' condition. Tho Govern
ment houso nnd publij offices woro nhat
ered 120,000 bushels ofmlt wero swept
away. Sis foreign and twelve Island
eralt were lost, with twenty of their crews,
At Salt Keys nnd Oockbnrn I arbor the
uin is quito as great. Scarcely enough
eranirr to bticitcr the destituto.
Herman Immigration.
The New Orleans papers announce tho
the arrival of ovcrfivo hundred emigrants
from Germioy in tho Bremen ship Carl.
This is the first noticablo arrival since
tho year 1801. Soma of th'cso' emigrants
bri,ng tHo hard cash with theni, which
they promptly oxchungo for greenbacks,
though they do not exactly understand
how their gold commands -15 to 47c for
. . Another HirHer'.
From tho Lexington Kxpress.
We learn that a difficulty occurcd at
Woverly on Tuesday last, bctwecu a nin
named Je's'sa Turner and another named
Grisioru.'which resulted in killing of the
latter. Turner is in the land of the
Sheriff, but ax bo is oue of the high cock
alorums among the Radicals of this coun
ty, of course nothing will be done with
JMi I brazil.
A writer in the Louisville Jounn'
tt'ivm thm nteturn of tifn in Ttf.il ,
r. , ... I0,
the bentfit of Southerners who conUm.
plate a migration thitbor:
hnr thn' hptiiht nt rlirniA n n,
whoso patriotism imjtcls thorn to' fly
cowaraa irom ino msK oi iiaru work
before tho belabored South; who prefer
to live n laiv. onervntinrf. llcontinn. ...
t' ' . ., li n . l'C9.
pic, lnsicaa oi maniuiiy going to work to
piaco tiie "old land on its logs again,
119V0 carciuny couccicu some ltnnortvt
statistics of the bouth American KJt5
they sigh for.
Thoro may be foUnd spiders wkh boj.
ies two inelies mid logs seven inhes lonj
il I I. t. ..
ni.ii uitiwn hum uu& uirup, rccn snskti
just like crceninir rdants. nnd a llvelv m!
rnl snake witii bands of vcrmilllon mil
monkeys with white hnlr all over Ihbm
monkeys only rtv itibes long; n'nd o
faced npes that sleep till d.iy and arc re
mnrkiiblu lively all nigi'.t. 'llViiliIc., ii,
sects, nnd two-third' nfthb lriiils :ne
poisonous; anil tho birds, though bdMtiii
brilliant p!unt:ii;o. arc mngloss. Take it
nil :ii nil, tho South, poor, ruined r.l
desidiitcd ns ?ho is, ii worth a liumlrri
and the room tln.'y iiavc occupied will lu
filled with better bniple, ,
Itrittiinl Opinioiis.
Wc select from the thousand such mi-
Aiiifi'ieaii ruffraso,
Cor. llnhn
in a speech delivered in
t!iiM", Mild:
flic negroe hisslioWn that be h itc
ircann and, i.-f not tl.at one o.f the
l.iualilie.i'inii" i r holding the Killot? t!(f
iiiatiA and ltil.mnii io:ne to Ami-'
with no iutcllei'tnal iiialilicutiuu, a-.,
j aro allowed to vote.
j tieinians nnd liisbnieii pic tlm
.buliiv; ami behind the negrue not on.
, constitutional rights, but in intollc
.1.. ti...
IlliailUI .IIIMO-. itvvt till .ll'llll.-iu-
HorM Killrdhj MsthlHiujr.
' Last S'.ituidav night, dining the tern
Mo rto.tu tli'o: !. -m bi'loiiL'ing to Mr.
W. II. Vandiver. li Iht norr Burlington,
i in this eoiinty. weie killed by ligltttiln.
The lluid dc-eetide 1 a Ireo under which
i 1 .ii: b r.- .-. wero .untitling, and next tnorp-
nig all tnive ..ore luutoi clean, I lie tire
uva.i shntteiA't to ntnniii dtiwii to ,i!.nit ttie
hi;:lit of tio; bin., ! -Stati-tilan t'olnm
bi.i ( V,,',.
The i.iiill.i'i'u tiinl itlu'in liotuid
freight tr:iiii on the N. M. It. 11, colli.
, , i ..... i .. . i ..i
'"" "'(l. -V
tilts place on ilnt--.ii.iv night nut inn-
, . ' , , , l,l
king a i niniiiete wie.ci, oi intii engine'-.
and ll.r..i e,-.i- killing nnd niaimiiij;
uuite a niiinl i v td Log.--Mid i-bicti. I'm
tunatelv t
.u inn
1 attiiehcs ut
,.' tliMrniii 1-..JJ cd unhurt The 'o- of tl i,
I oiiipaiiy i r.iin:iteil :it fcliii.utut. .Uniit
'gomery Mo.J lii li-jieiidei.t.
! T i.-itis Slot m al Rolling iit( n, M
Last Saturday night Bowling .Green
w.1-. isiied by a lenilio storm of wind
and turn, lifting olf the roof-i of .--ever.il
hoii.-es, and blowing to tho ground .'ill the
fencing' in that duality. The greatot
dntnagi: dotre was the blowing in of the
walls of the new Cniirt-Hou.se now in pro
cess of construction. Tho o? to the
building is estimated at several thousand
dollars. Louisiana ("MoJ Flag.
The Indlaus.
New York, Oct. !10. A special dated
Fort Garland, Co)., llth says a band of
Utah Indinns have surrendered to Gen.'
Canon, ...
The Santa Fo Mexican says tho body
of Lieut. Rhodes, who mysteriously dis-,
appeared several weeks since, has been
found. It whs found whore hu had been
Tho DcnverTpnper publish accounts of
tho most horrible atrocities p'crpotratcd'
by the Utah Indians. The Indians in
New Mexico are also curryiug ou hostil
ities with a high hand.
An Arizona letter dated Oct.. 12, sajs
n scouting party from Fort. McDowell
killed and wounded fifteen male Indians
and capture'd two squaw's arid seven chil
dren. Jimmy Waysou, known as the old roef
peddler of Ilarmar, Ohio, has been e.
polled from the African Methodist Epi
copal church at that place, for voting tl
Democratic, ticket. .Jimmy tried to e::
plain that it was a mistake, but his sab
brathorcn "didu t wmit none n deui non
count niggers rounildat.churoh, no how.'
A'n at undauoe of money is not happi -n
uess. The man who is not satisfied with
a small farm, a sir all wifo, a big dog, two'
children, and three or four row; HMr
will U .

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