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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, December 28, 1866, Image 2

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. -ELLIS, a, -
kTlnt Niaker of tha SiXaitf VoIm.
With this Dumber commences the sec
nasi Tolame of tiro Lincoln County Her
14. . Two lift of a newspaper is looked
r " "7 1 . , ,. '
its life or death is in tha hand of the
TMUitns oi in4 ccuniy in wnicn ii is puo
... ... . . . ,. . i
, , , ,
llahed. To them it looks for patronage
and eupport, and frott .them It has i .right
to atpeet It. When that is withheld from
it it has but a siekly existence.
The Herald, although started under
aaany adverse eireumstanecs has so far
outlived them and has-been -published
regularly and profitably to its owner, who
lift a-Aftrp.it lata anrt tirti In m.ltn If ail.
eessfuli and we enter upon the new year I
with the expectation that its patronage
Will continue to furnish enough to feed
ud cloth our family. To those who have
patronised tho office tho psst year we re-
Uraour mo.t firatclul thank, and shall
etrire to meri.and receive their' kindnoss
.t.fl r.ror. tti. rnmii.- veV
Tn a nnA ,k.i,.k-
taasassarv that the citisens of the countr
lx..r .u. I:.?. c .u
ahould feel an interest iu its welfare and
w. ..... u.w? .,.lJ (
k imir thp nr.-r ni1 .J. -
f l -j -j r; r-i""
Tertising in it. Every man who keep
house ought to take bis own county pa-
par, and wa here assert that very fen arc
Mpoor but what they can afford to take
it. It is a school in a house, and only
11,50 in advsnco for a whole year- ju.it
Ity centi a month.
Wa are now comfortably locatnd in our
uaw oloa building, where wo invito all
to call and see us, trusting that no one
Ml feci afra'd of our eocaorvstism
as we assure them from the bottom of our j
heart, that we desire to see right and j
jnttiet rale in our Sta'.e.
Now is the time to subscribe for the
year 1867.
Kekak Jk. 8C. LbuIh Railroad
The County Court of tbfa county at its
lest resaio.i subscribed ons huodred thou
sand dollars nf stock to the above road,
on condition that it passes within one
.vc,... . ..v.
This appropriation with the liberal pri-
hair tnilai r I ma l'stit iiha iaa t
.BHmnw '
rate subscriptions already taken, will, mrant to know why we dun them, this is.alwiys spesk iu a low tone of voice, as
j-..!. .l. 1 ii- ? i the answer ; not tlmt ro pnr htimff 1. .t - 11 ... .
oouui, secure ino roau. 11 c arc in mvor
of its speedy completion
county ha? too ions been in
the background compared with other'
countics adjoining.', and it is high time
her eilixens wake up from their long
sleep, and do somothing to infuse tiew
life aud vigor and a spirit of enterprise
into the business of the cauntv. nn nc 1.1
attract the attention of those who ni.ih to ,
-fjettlein it, either for farming or other '
business purposes. The location of the I
above road and its speedy completion!'"'" ,hJ man wc rc a,,er
will in a great measure do this. Let the
citizens of the county byword
citizens of the county by word and duodl
give the road their aid and influence, nn
St LoS.n"UCtr ,hUt'' "AU abSrd f0f
... . ., , . . ... 1
Tha Ilideitenencu Sentinel foots nn
the cost ofredsterinii the voters ofJa,k.
aon county, including los of time ofvo-
tera at 90,650.
Tl,,,. 1 BAR I
eons in Jackson who voted for members '
of Congress, so. that for cacl
rotara there wa a oust
tatrationi Did it pay
Harper Magazine lor January imat
fcscu received. It is a valwaklo number, '
sootaining a largo variety of excellent i
wading matter,
K Norwich clergyman offers jo forfait
10,000 if a quirt of puvo spirits oarrue
found'in tbat city. -. wii-mer, was ueairoyeu iy Urc
on the nila of the 24th inst. There
A cotton factory in Augusta, .'a hasi""8 ,our thousand dollars insurauco on
iuntd...i,t.rt.. t rL.iti nn,. i tl" Property. Our informant did not
ardaofel..tl. " ' ,v
yaroa ot eiotu .
aW tJ. senator John il. Hender
son, will aceept our thank for ocmtuI
valuable Public Documents.
The people iu Lafaette couufy must , A Cineinnatti gentleman, of largo busi
he asora.thaa loyally protected. With ,,e" couneetions, and-whose two dauoht.
nor Fletcher's militia, and General
6 rant's
.fj?jc.i:ri.:: . s " a t0, v VB,.eJ of cbW ,hU 8tto ow of which ;PPar
Cor.o.-7dorZ, and flen-hnson ZulVJ t t'Y ?M,t ft "A- "PHo.n Churo'TSf
fcth voted for tbeno suffrage hi.... :HJ.:t1.rmr,.,-r" -- 2!
VhfAlteBlle lr Jaa.ae.rjr.
The AfflAMTIO MoRTBLT enter on
i' rdaeteeoth volume will, id array of
diitiagairirt'l yatDM ant sterling articles
that promise well for the coming year.
The January number contains tha flrst
inatalaient of Dr. ITolmes'a atory, "The
Quardhn Angel," in which will be found
the nam old charnfthat sofssclastedthe
readera of the Autocrat, thro Profcuor,
and Ehit Vtnner ; a humorous story iu
verse, by James Russet Lowell ; graph
iolcich of Henry Ward. Beecher's
church, "Willi toYno pertinent reflections
T, s' ,7 ,
4. 1 . I. k 1- ' I IL
iiiiuu, icgcuu in tcrec, iuiu aa umj
I hittier can tell it : a poem entitled
"Terming," (on Growing Old,) R. W.
Emerson ; a spirited and faithful transla
tion of the contest between Achillea and
Agamemnon, from the First Book of the
i llitd, by W. C. Bryant.-Mt. iliggins
j '.'
uiiuuibuws a icn lur .uuuto , .-jr. ru
.'.mvuiw ivi -.aiiuiB ,.'jt. iiu-
u(dcr tw Tho yimmhQ ,lolo
U .cel!ni;.iIoUie ; Bayatd Taylor tells a
charactemt.c story of The Strange
friend; Jlr. shanty gives a humorous
.ketch of Capilay Freaks; fit 0. Sted-
iron offers a nbem on Pan in Wall Street:
and Walter . itchol! describes the King-1
doin of Infancy. The story or Katharine
aiornc, oy me autnor oi "Herman, is
continued. Topics of durront political
iftt5rwtt are Wighly treated
. . . .
. 1
Wort, C.ISU! - TraH'Clent
AdTerllslif, C A S II 1 1
Not I,8et of paper; not a card ; not
u Pouml r ink: not a of wood or
' hushel of coafor foot of type is furnish-
Not a comnoiitor-sct Ivdo for us whose
wai',!S arc "otwcckly
! PAID ftOWN. Our daily cxpenscjare
It - i .. .i- .i i . .i
1 ' uvwx. Utir daily cxflensoj are
uvavy, aiij'i numing niceii incni DUl tnc
CASH. Yet our friend and pstrons
ordor Job Work aud Transcient Advcr-
tising ON CKHDIT. It must bo stop-
red. -They must pay us as we are re.
quired to pay others CASH DOWN. 1
All must do this -Administrators, Exo-
eutors, Trustees everybody.
Hereafter, therefore, ell job work.done 1
st this office must be paid for on delivery
and transcient adrcrtiifne in advanct.
Ici" llECObLXOT THIS. Ml'itOM-' Statfl-
1 Hon many a moving appeal is diroctod
I to them. A Western editor lets himself
off as follows on this clsss of Individuals:
Hear us for our debts, .and get ready
that you may pay; trust ti, we bavo
need, a r.ill have Inner hoan fmln.1 .
acknowledge your indebtedness and dive
into your pocket that you msy promptly
isoroetning, tneu to him wo
a-idc, you arc a centlcman.
. . i
say, step
Iftiie rest
. , i, V j i i , ""'
.H.ciiuuium uiuiuir uu. 11 uum von
rather that wo went lo Uil. and vo
free, than to uav your debts and kcepus''iear lhu, i, '"a 'rieno, but hope
moving? As wu agreed, wo have worked""'
for you ; as we contracted, we have fur-
nished the rmtier In vnn. hnf rn .!.,.,'(
..'. r if ' '
pay wo Min you. Hero arc agreements-
lorj.ib.wurk.coiilracts forauLSL.r!nii.,.
. 1: 1 . ,,. . . '
premises ibr long credit, and duns
efcrrcd ps-jmcnt. Who is there sa.borhood is acquainted with tho secret,
recn that he don't advertise ? If any, save tho injured party, who will, perhaps,
t him a ide-ho ain t the chap either. rflmnin for,v ,,,,' . i. ,J'
the printers ' If anv. lot him sneak, for .
. , 1-"
Wimu ,.... ir.n ,i" ...:
A change oi eight thoussnd voles
control of Sunt Vnrlr anil Pn.uli..l.
. ... ... r i
a:,d f ll,cse Stat" addeJ ,0 Mylnd',
Ken'ucky and the South, thorc would bo
no nuostren as to dSminanee in unntimani .'
or legation. It is not worth .hit. . '
despair while wc have so many chances '
01 fiUCCeSS.
Ulvm V. Burns-, Conservative, cott'1.!.
Jadeo Birch, nft'lininn ,.i .
ticis to Mr. Van Horn of his intention
to eontcat his right to a seat in the For-1
'hat he-Wn'zville hotel, owned by the a,l
ni the or gin of the 8re.-St. C'harKis
ntincl. ,
,Trul and Wat anty BieesJrshot and kilted y a aoldier of the 7th
And other legal blanks for sale at this United States Cavalry, and two soldiers,
.vv. wa
cr - 8 ,wero ,nrjd on the same day, last
r- WrttSMftr-iktBanMt '
? Tig! SlANMEtlli. '
Of aU the vita cresfcares that arasuftr
tolia upon Oods green o'artb, tlai slan
derer is the most hateful. Tha Ban, or
woaiaa, "who dips fcfs tt her toaguo hs'
slanders venemed, pool, and cast It .upon
the heads of the' innocent has' a heart
eacerJhan the heart cf a ararderer, and
blacker than the inmost recesses of hell,
fhe devils in torment wuald blieh to be
canght in the society of such a one, and
old Lucifer himself would shrink in hor
ror from their presence. AU manner, of
deceit is in their mouths, and their hearts,
are filled with meant ess and revenge.
The murderer and the highwayman are
less to be feared than they. Yes I the
man who would murder you on the high
way for your money, is better than that
man, or woman, who would rob you of
your good name.. If your money and life
be taken you may still leave a good name
t,jiTcr Btld gold when ,h, ,lle bwath
0f slander is breathed upon you, your
T.milv -njjends suffer from its wither.
, . . ,. , , . . . ...
ia nd U fonI Btin MJ fo,,ow
them even into tha tomb.
Now let us inquire who, and what kind
f , individual tho slanderer is. Of this
class of persons there aro several distinct
species to wit : First. The notorious
liar. Second, tho tatter. Third, the
busy body. Fourth, the whisperef
5th, the cuiu.il Tnsinuntor. The one'least
to be feared, however, is the notorious
liar, ovcrybody knows him to be a liar,
and puts but little confidence in what he
say.'. The tattler in of a mora dungcrous
he .delights in carrying nows
"ora vwul to inJtv.dual never
,00. th. a iH,e
more tu ove,y iM,, he tclu- and by th,g
'means eratcii mid kfir nn itiflictiliiaM
Mlwccn neighbors, who would othcrwito
u r.f..l . ir. ' j i . . i
"a "e rejniccs in scanaui, anu
uke Sreat deI'8ht 10 "peaking of the Im
proprieties of others. The third class,
or Pecic ' 3 body. And of all
J"0,10' raean. contemptible, repulsive,
insignificant, Heaven forsaken specimens
urann"J no ' meanest. lie maaes
: . t. l . . ! . i .1
it his business to inquire into the affairs
of others, and oflen calls upon some pre
tended business for (he purpose of learn,
ing what you: ard doing and who he may
find in your house. Ho will prowl round
your premises alter Gsrk, aud evo drop
under your windows when you have com
pny, for tho purpose of learning tho j.ur
port of your conversation. Aud in this
manner gloat his hellish thirst for mean-
mess in prying into the secrets of pritatc
(families and individuals. The fourth, in
order is the "Whisperer." St. Paul
" -1
" """ warning oi uuu iu
I h'8 Epistle to the people. Suth persons
'"uragii "y wouiu not lei rno world
t -,.,.1. il 1
"""" "
Thny have
's not true, they would not have you
whisper it for the World: but tuko good
. . .. . . .
""ro 10 rolft, 1110 tnlio thing lo the very
. it ,,...
next person they see, and' tbW whisper
.....:! .i.- i..i. .
iuuuu uuiii tii nuuiu r.uwu or neigu-
i ignorance Of the injo.
tice fco has suffered. Tho fifth order is
the casual insinnator, and is the moat
; dangerous of all this hell begotten brood
TLe d9VI' n,,Kht wc tremble wifh fear
when he mien hi mnnlh n1 I. oil kl...t.
for shame at the accent of Ms words.
His breath sends moral pestilence through
, " ..... h.vw.h, m.,m . i . vmeu
society, and there is no escapo for tho ono
' : -. n
2r Whom h!f. intended
i I"?'' u wJccrin,to
...ju uuuniuiini, nuu ouu wnai lie
means. His insinuations give rise to
- - . .j r.t.. .
impression can never bo found; conse
nuentlr m.iir't.u..t A..,.. i-
in doubt in the mind of the public. The
above characters arc to be found among
an classes, sexos, denominations and col
org and my Ood deliver us from them
CeHiiioi With lha MHilarv
-. ' " "1"""rJr
Johctio.1 Utv, Kan., Deo. 221
A shooting affray occurred at Ogdeu.
abouteight miles west of here, yeaterday
Ill nhinh (tin Xll.t l A' J. Z 1
by the citisens.
hiw aiiuv luiciuixui WDra anoi in return
A detachment of recruits Jot the fth
(Tnilnit Nlataa ...!... O i ' I
passed through here to-day.
ihuroh iu
tfJBUa an.M.w
r m. jfasick and uttmv, uonaaTfasf
tried Issiwaek at Tuscuahta. Millar Miiv
ly, for tie murder of t Mr. Barr,,;an4.i
acquftted. Tbsy were ictaided n-jMI on
indictments for the murder of Mrs Spp
and Joseph Aleoek. ' "
Oar, Madera rillfeeolleot that Biaicc
and Jonsa were accused of koiob to Ber
rya houaa, awurderLig fehsi aadLMrs. Stepp A
and burning the house. .Mrs.. Lerry bad
never -before seen Baslcx and Jones, but
after they-were arrested and elaoed in a
line with a large number of oltisesy she
designated thaas from tha erdWd.atid ac
cused thea of th murder. Bit it up
pears that on the trial th Bar. Mister
Babcock, th murderer of th Wright.
and other gentlemen, testified that Mrs.
Berry was unworthy of belief on oath.
This waa all tha testimony introduced by
tha defense. And on this testimony
they were acquitted-. Jefferson City Tri
bune. s
Attested Oiirage t Wbm hy
Selalfrs, wh Kill the Pwhart
Tw ef tie Soldiers Killed.
Liavinwobth, Kan , Dec. 24.--A
sergeant and five soldiers of company D,
Seventh cavalry, from Fort lliloy, went to
Ogdcrr City in search of deserters, and
stationed a guard around a house with or
ders to let uo one to pass, and then at
tempted to outrsiro the woman of the
house, who Was alone. The cries 6f her
ehildren aroused her husband And broth
ers at work in a field near by and they
came to her assistance. The sorceant
ordered the husband shot, and the order
wa carried out by one of the Boards.
The citizens armed and fought the sol
diers, wounding two aud capturing tho
squad, who ore now in the hands of the
civil suthoritics.
DestruciitH or (he Kadickl Platform j
The Test Oalh. '
The ludianapolis Gazette (Hadical,)
contains tho following temarkable para
graph :
This iktiiioti of course sweeps away
all test oaths that may be in forco in any
of tho Slates, to prevent disloyalists and
traitors all the rights and privileges of
tried aud true loyal icen. Not only is
the Congressional test oath abrogutod but
the Missouri oath and also that required
in Maryland. Frank Blair refused to
take the oath at St. Louis, and it will be
remembered was refused his vote, and
sued the Judges of Election thereof.
The 'Courts of Missouri decided against
him. But, if he appeals to tho United
States Supreme Court, it is now evident
that he will win his case, and secure the
damages claimed.
Important Proceedlugs Warrants Vqr
Th Arrcatofthe Stllltla Outlaws In
L'afayet.c County.
Warrants have been issued by je
United States Commissioner in this city,
for the arrctt of Col. Bacon Montgomery.
commandor of the militia in Lafavette
county; Dr. Cooley; ex-Sheriff Adamson:
and four other persons, on a charge of
instigating and participating in the re
cent crimes against peaceable citizens of
that county. 1 ho warrant, were issued
uuder the Civil Rights bill, passed at the
last session of Congress, the affidavits on
,hieli thoywero niktid for, stating that
tho offenders could not be arrested and
tried in the county, uuder the Iswb of the
State ; ns they were too powerful for the
civil authorities.
Tho warrants wcrj ffiin to the United
States Marshal, Thos. B. Wallace, and he
left nn the train Wednesday, for Lexing
ton, io execute iirem. i no onenuers aro ,
to be brought to St. Louis, and examined
before the United States Commissioner. '
at. Louts Dispatch.
Sale of Four Negroes for Lareeiy.
Baltimom-, Dec. 24. Four negroes,
convicted of larceny, and ordered to be
sold by Judge lagruder, at Annapolis,
were sold on Saturday. Some twenty tr
thirty farmers were presont at tho sale.
Tho first one sold was John Johnson,
who hid for himself. Tho auctioneer ta
king tho bid, ho was knocked dowu to
himself, and became his own purchaser
for 137. Another man brought 935.
Two girls brought respectively $20 and
ISO each, 'ihere was an officer of tho
froodmon's bureau at the aalo. and it was
thought that tho bidding would have been
more spirit, d but for the fact tl at as
impression seemed to prevail that the of
ficer in question was about in iiiiarfnm
with tho rights of the purchasers and re
loase tho negroes from tho custody of the
Uw Much Con is 70 f tnds of Ears
It is onstomarV for Western farmera
- - --- ww.m . M IUW vii, HUU I II C
give 70 pounds for a bushel. Th'e Prai
rn aaii tnai mm tn it. . . .1. -
ri Farmor ia autbbritv for savimr that
iv pounua oi oia oorn on the cob makes
65 pounds, and 18 ounces. Certainly this
will moro than pay any farmer for sellioe-
' vviu v uuuiu. vu auj pnini isrm
the coba alone Will nav for ahelllnir. aa
they are worth' nearly aa much as cdal.
..." 1 n . a, '
iounu ior pountr.
Robbmt. iQp Mondsr ereninir t'W6
men (evidently with Hacked fac.es) went
10 ine resiaeaee or it -i tt. .rata aona air
milea from Olasgowon the Roanoke road
,aod, prestfutisaiDlatols. robbed the nn-
cross of all thb saoitey and'' jewelry tbey
had. There were no white" persona rest
diwy on the phvee, Nr. fttta- living in 8t.
Louis. Tha aanie night, two men
thoasrht to ha tho same nt to th rami
of Mr. 0. W. Moreheadi not far 'from
Pitt', and, entering the cablna of tho
jTj' r"' rz"? ri
black asrved them in like aMnner,takmglD(,'," "aes of Ma iumh-r(, ruorrag,
also a gun. , . I Bj?l!'.s Ml"' Lai'.Dv,, 8eeh.Vitla4t'l
1W I a ' t
. '
We haVa th lamest house of At hind
in the eitv. W rnanurantora niir Am'n
en andertell or excel us in stvles.-
W art liowr-prfyafat 'ta Aibit
our Fall 5yftri bf
anit Trimmings,
Haviug secured the services of an ex-
perienced Cutter and Tiimmer, wo guar
antee to fill orders prompt! y ahd satis
factorily. We call your special attention
to our elegant assortmeut of
Pu'vhased directly from the manufac
turer, We have also a large and full as
sortment of
r ,
do North Fourtli strerl.
St. JLoui8.
November 2. 18KU
Sewing Machine,
On one and the same Machine, and
only one that bus
Its stitches arc the wonder of all. The
work will feed cither tu the right or left.
Call and examine.
- WM. E. PLANT, Ucn. Agent.
508 CktiHitt, Liticetn, Fijlh aid Sixth,
t&" Agonts wi-ntcd.
Nov. 0, 18G6. til0-2i:i
I.. J. CLARK. J. T. OVE1UI.I,.
commission Merchants
No. 27 Washington Avenue.'
(Bt. Main mU Stemrt) ST.' 1,0 (JIM.
SPECIAL alUntion gtrin to tin ilr ofCattiin.
Lcr and raanuUcturtd Tobacco, Uialn and
tonntry Produce. Orders for all klii i or tnnt.
ohSDdii proinrtly filled. may 4, JS60. 8uij
dry: goods
Day Only
For GO
MWA.. mi
iiais. tans tihi
Sacrifice Price a
St. Charles.
ov. 80 1868 nttp6w i
INetion House.
No. 40f Ifortla Main .ttrert,
Importers and Wholesale' dcatcYa iiry
nm m mm goods
IVIunlcal lAsltumehtat.
ueiootr is, law ta
Comer Broadway and 0,ra!lo8trat. Alaoaew
eomer 8th an Malasply,
.St. Loiust '
D dribaf foRrf
Ami rrsvsat the rattle efl
vsat tke rattU.er ashes. wttL
BB ADSTBBST.'ili ' !
i Dealers In'Paper Hangings,' 'photstert'
N. II l l nal'tiZ "!
7 lSM,nM.ia
.ftnli Wantid.
t w
ClMhieis A-Tailoraj
Ii N: 4th it.
opposite Pltra House
8t. LbuH Mo.
Gentlemen releullng
goods at this cs!ab!ih
ment cm rely oo oh
ttintnV. (rOOd Cods
at tho
tvusttt pottible i'ricn.
Remember the pliice7'
110 Nurth lo'urth street
opposite main enhance
to Phuiters Hdii'c,
. ST. I.UL'IS. -Nov.
0, I860 u4i
."Vitmber 400 Fourth ntvvri
Nurlhemt cormr tf 4lti ar.il L.cutt tu.'
Si. LuuU. Ho.
OUU murltacBI il now ci'm;iVte, act mo itt
j rt f ari-d, to caMLill Iln ch..ioclli.',.iga .,f
Livtr uC.:xd in tbli turkc!.
W'v ere coinmeni'iii Ltisinnes with s
IViff Stock of Goods
Crcry pic ii fic.li frciin tho rectory.
. The patterns are all Sew.
Tit'.' Kouda were pu'vhaifl fr ca.li at a 'leiHn-,
and will to rolJ at luncr rlcf ih.iu (he? ci U
(urchancd Tur in tbts markit. Tlic public art in
vileJ u call uud intpMt uut itock.
VlI.rOX t l.Ol'miHAN.
, Nov. 35 1560 ntOfTm
&igrn of the Mtjj Boot.
cit Door to the C H j Hotel
IIIB dndcnlsrc J bcRi t.'rc tn innouocc l hit
, frlt'ii'lt nitd (lit public, lli.it ho kicpt on hand
nd nitVr-9 Iu ordvf r.ll klndt of Bovti aud fibou
itdr a bit. own.tbop aud fruiu ibo refjr km
Leather, lleuivtnbcr the
nii'l call tliv'ro If you wuut to pt pood durabJ
urk. I luio altu Incn nstd mj t'uvk of
Eastern Manufactured HovU and
KIiim-, vrliiuh I will tell an.lotr at av other tb't
t'ro In ililt citj . Call ami tsatninit mv ttooV.
"human kulwev.
.uv. 3 ibso, nlVp-im
lit Cbwlti
Neuralgia and oout
Can be Cured.
' ..P hsiUait to au Lallansod't
Kheamatiim, Gout aqd Nouralgla tpt
clBc. Tho rectlpe was procured from
thecaUbrated Dr Ullaminri or Fraae.
I ' m aat a oie4 mtditit. Jfu eood
pbytielan falls to prescribe irlitn he
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be obtained of John II Blood, Utnoral
Agent, and from ths druccftti, con
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poit on tbcpublle. Lallcmandt tpc
eile eurtt more eatot of Rheaatatftm
nod neuralgia than any other remedy
laexlittuet. JOHN H BLOOD.
Qeneral Ageut, South Wed corner 3rd
and Chttaat streets Bt Lcult.
rot tat vt manjrltli gtnrrslly.
XoftfibtrSO IBM 4pjy,
tlSARUMI WBlir sff Ce.
. HuuCMtarars ae iealtrt
.Dealers &s'
Clnng Raasea, Htmrt;
Grtfeii,- Mantles and ' Kitchen
, furnishing Qoode;" Jtso,
tit Wa'tilagtoa ATtim't, r, roui.
Ke.-3 IIM, ntJpVyr , '
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