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TROY, J0., JULY 28, 1870.
1'cnj. Humes, nn old citizen of Clurka
ville, died on the 17th inst.
It is ajd that tha probabilities Vf nn
Indian war are growing less.
Ocn. Ames and .Miss Mlanche Duller,
daughtor or U. V. Duller ware married at
Lowell, Mam., on tho 'JUtinat.
Grant refuses tu take any steps to pre
vent tho wholesale arrest of citizens in
North Carolina by tho mongrel inililiu.
Tho administration has decided that it
is best to put our navy on something of a
war footing, and orders bavo been issued
to that effect.
M. Lucicn Aniolo Provost l'aradul,
French Minister, committed suicido at
Washington on the 20th, by shooting
himself through tho loft breast, tho ball
passing a half inch nbovo tho heart.
Lady Franklin, widow of Sir John
Franklin, was in Cincinnati last week, to
confer with Capt. C. F. Hall, lato nrctio
explorer, in regard to his discoveries in
his expedition. Sho left for New York
last Monday.
A dispatch from Italcigb, N. C, of
the 23d rays : Judgo Pearson has de
cided tho habeas corpus case by issuing
an order to tha martial of tho supreme
court to produce A. G. Moore beforo him.
Eighteen other writs are also issued for
tho prisoners hold by Kirk.
At a f pecial election for city clerk at
Louisiana, Piko county, last Thursday,
the Democrats elected their candidate,
Jonh I). Thurmond, by a majority of
thirty-two votes. Tho Radicals were
supported by their negro recruits, but
notwithstanding they "fought nobly" tho
motley crew were defeated.
Tho war in Knropc still advances.
Volumes of rumors come by telegraph.
Homo skirmishing, but no general fight.
Meetings aro being held by the German
and French elements in this country, each
siding with their own country. Most of
tho European governments aro trying to
occupy neutral grounds, and keep out of
tho muss.
Writs of h iLais corpus for the citizens
nrrcstcd at Ynncyvillo, N. C, woro ipsucd
by, Judtio Mitchell .and served nn .Kirk,
who tore tlicm up and arrested the officer
and still holds in custody tho officer who
served then), says a Ualeigh telegram of
tho 25th. Thoro is impudence for you,
and crime. How do good men, even
though they bo lladicals, liko that?
The dillydallying Democratic Central
Committco of this State have succeeded
finely in deluding tho party into a pas
biro uttitudc by its promises of an address,
etc. They ought to be drummed out ot
aamp. We believe a majority, or all the
Democrats of the State favor a convention,
though they may differ as to the propri
ety of running a ticket, and we think the
sooner this matter can be settled, the bet
ter it will be for the party. The .St.
Louis Times ajiggeit3 Jefferson City as
the place for a convention, and the 7th of
September as the day. In this connec
tion tho Linn Democrat suggests tbe
meeting of representative Democrats at
tho State Capital on the 18th of August
to dctcrmino when and where a conven
tion uball be .held. Something of the
kind ought to be douo, and eouio general
course decided upon.
The WXj It Is Done.
Radicals aro detci mined to carry the
election in tho South, if not by fair, then
by foul means; and when have they car
ried them by any other than foul means
sinco the corrupt system of reconstruction
was first introduced ? An election is to
ho held in North Carolina tho coming
lull, ond. tho Radical Governor Holdcn,
in order to "mako the calling and olection
uro" of his psrty, has declared martial
law in tevcrul of tho counties and sus
pended the writ of haleat corput. He
has called out the State militia, aud not
being ablo to obtain a man in that State
mean enough to executo his traitorous
designs, ho puts his mongrel hordo in
charge of one ' Col. Kirk," who was some
what notorious in tho Tennessee troubles,
A number of citizens havo already been
nrrcstcd without process of law and con
fined in jail, on a chargo of being con
nected with that imaginary organization,
tho "ku-klux." And it is also reported
on authority of tho Raloigh (N. C.)
From Plko I'oiiuly.
iilack Mi:iitn on.vrons on the uamt-
Louisiana, Mo., July 19.
"Dear IJcmtd:"
Tho extrcmo heat of tho last week is
getting no better fast; the thermometer
has "playod out," everything is upon tho
boil. Unocousolatinn.il that it can get
no worse
Tho denizens of our placo woro out last
night in Btrong forco at tho National
Hall, to hear Tandy and Wcdloy, two
colored amendments, speak. Hot as it
was, and crowded as I expected the Hall
would bo, I was present ; not that I
wanted lo hear, but rather that I might
give your many readers a small spice of
the same as I witnessed and heard it. Tho
asscmblago was large, most of them being
negroes. When tho curtain arose, my
eyes rested upon Dyer, Anderson, Fagg,
Hoy, aud Ferguson, nhito men, with the
two negroes, Taudy and Wcdloy, land
Temple of Janus Opened
Tho tomplo of Janus has been opened
Grant and fumlly aro rusticating. Thoro is one uniform peculiarity of alt
A man in Indiana has been knocked lo scallawags and carpet bag govern-
uu Bum, inu iu ku i uubuu i uun ii uy a inunuornoii ironi a clear sky. mcms lustitutou at tho South, and that is
I'ho Angel of Peace has spread her wings General Humphrey Marshall is out for Ao3 wi" m1 ' Wo have heretofore
and taken her departure from hurope ; Congress In tho Louisville district. Ho Polished statistics as to South Carolina,
who shall livo to sco her return? Wo .,,., i.t.tr j ... KlnriiV I
Standard, that tho President approves of lc,-c(f(I between them, and all looking
Governor Holdcu's usurpation, and will if
necessary send United Stales troops into
that Stato whenever the Governor shall
desire it. Thcro can be but littlo doubt
that such proceeding on tho part of Hol
dcn is to secure the success of the Radical
party by means of tho bayonet tho
most tucccsiful argument ever used by
them. Ope act of tho rascal Kirk and
his mongrel serfs fully exposes their un
just design. At Yaucyvillc, in Caswell
"wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."
Wedloy was introduced by Anderson.,
who (poke only a moment or two, and
then introduced Mr. Tandy, tho orator of
tho night. You will bo surprised when
I say that I liko Tandy. I hko his
speech ; 1 like his manner, and above all
I hko tho spirit he evinced throughout
his whole speech. If Tandy is a Radical,
I can't sec it, yet they say ho is. If so,
he must be the best Radical living. Who
county, this tool of Iloldcn's surrounded , d f R j. , h doyoiJ f
. i i i
the court houso when Congressional can
didatcs woro addressing a concourse of
malice and ill-will, full of kindness and
good-will to all mankind. Hate, eternal
citizens, and arrested some of tho most h tbe marroW) flnd boD(Ji aQ(J Ue8ht
prominent conscrvaiivo ciuzcns oi ino
county. This of course crcatod great
alarm, and filled tho good people of that
community with fear. Numbers have fled
from their homes to seek safety elsewhere,
and one old citizcu was badly beaten by
Kirk's men, and was then carried off aud
t. :.).. 1 r l. ... i- .1.. n-
.uu., ..Uu ,uru) uluu , ia j"g'tolecturo alette, chide, his race for
refugees. About seventy five or eighty' ,,.nn( nnil .m,-' t
-4-r. r
and sinew, of Radicalism, and yet Tandy
spokw only kindness. Onco, only, did
his keen ciractcr fall with merciless force
upon the woolly head of J. Milton
Turner, for stirring up stiifc and teach
ing the doctrine of "ctcanal hate," and
then he proceeded again in his kindly way
Ho told them to vote tor tho amendments
to mako all men free ; to show the whito
man that thoy could be both generous
'aud just. For himself, although his an
cestors for two hundred years had been
slaves, he cherished towards tho whites
, nothing but kindness; paid a handsomo
I compliment to the non-voting whites,
of the prominent citizens of Caswell
county were arrested, and mauy of thorn
badly maltreated. Other counties arc
also suffering from their hands.
Radical leaders, who are the very worst
men of tho party, and who caro for noth
ing but office and its stealings, never tiro
of lying about tho Southern people, to
a. .. r :...: 1 r
, . , . , . declaring that thoy constituted tho best
the minds of tho more honost portions of . r . . , . ...
,, .. , , r . , portion of society. Ho advised his race
tho Radical party who are too far away : , e . . ., . . , ,
. , .to be careful, in their bearing and dress,
from thn pcono of action to know tiin!nIlll wunicu tucm azainst tho uso of
baseness of their assertions; but when1 . d boeechcd them in movinc
such oppression is enacted as that in lauguage t0 mako themselves respectable;
pressed for organizing in secret or any ' . Cnr'.hemlve., " Ho did
oMier manner, in order to visit vengeanco 1 . . , i:.: , , .
1 ...... . not touch on politics, except to urge
upon their oppressors. c believe tuo , . ... ,. j .
'ku-klux," or any other secret organiza- . Contilution.
lion lor viiiuog mo vengeance on carpet-, x W-Bh j coulJ rcpott moro fuy tbi8
nag rascais mav u.ey sojusuy ucserve, . ,Qr r vou;. was . ood one
a myth, and only exists in tho morbid, j respect-tho very best Radical
1 , 1 . ..... . ....
novo uau tnc promiso tnat tno nostiii- (ion.
tics wouia bo couuneu to franco and
Prussia. The other thrco greatest pow-
V ..I . - I I) ! 4....-!. t
declared their neutrality so long as thoir t -w. 10 u. UDa, Ba a
intorcsts do not suffer, but that moans but , '
little, or nothing. It is impossible but I ' ma" In Meigs county, Tcnn., recently,
that tho interests of each and all of them whilo, stooping to gather a .shoaf, was
fhall bo moro or less affected, and the "truck in tho forehead by a rattlesnake,
question still remains, wholhor thoy will an(1 J'eil 'n two hours,
bo drawn into war or not. All England It is stated that a young man Iras rondo
is excited to-day by the news that France an engagement to drop himself from the
demands the alliance, offensivo and do- new Niagara suspension bridge into the
fensivo, of Austria, and an immcdiato re- river beneath, a distauco of 200 feet, on
ply. Wo aro not ready to bolievo it, for the ISth of August next, for tho sum of
that would certainly presage' a general 810,000.
war. This, however, is certain : that nil ( Governor Flotcher of Missouri hearing
tho nations havo given up hopes of peaco tho sound ol a locomotive while ho was
till I' ranco and Prussia shall havo moas- Bpoaking nt a railroad celebration, said :
tired their great military strength and ro- 'Tia tho sound of tho tread of ages tho
sources against each other, and now, arms noise of the footfall of destiny." Chicago
in their hands, thoy anxiously await tho Courier.
result. It is certain, also, that tho hopes 1 Dem Foinc I But tho sauco of tho joke
of a short war, to bo decided by ono great lS lost from tho fot thU Fletcher hired
battlo, have tho last fow days vanished, an euginoer to blow tho whistlo of tho
and tho convictions of oil oro that neither locomotive at this par icular junetuio,
of the liclligercuts will yield until his and also from tho fact that tho engineer
artuioa are dispersed and his moutut ha-to ouo cr-rcvovor tho amount; -Oass
exhausted. St. Louis Tribune. Countv Herald.
Mrs. Governor Alcorn, who is whito,
onnosed to rnnml
itiow comes North Carolina with its ei
Tho lawyers of tho Mississincl circuit "ibit pf ttadloal plundering. The cost of"
it . . onrrvillif nn Mia K . Anni.ntHi.l 1 -
aro inccnqcu because tho recently up
Mulb Congressional District'
Rclow will bo found the namec of tho
Congressmen elected in tho Niuth Con
gressional District from 1834 lo the pres
ent time, with date ot their election:
rofusos to receive calls from Mrs. Sccro
tary of State Lynch, who is blaok.
Through this littlo feminiuo capt ice Mis
sissippi Radicalism is lashed into nngry
dissensions and threatens to dissolve tin
fl II . I II.. ? n 1 1 "
non. .muen yi. Harrison, 01 uuiiuwoy i ,l ...i,i.i 1 r..
county, clcetod in August, 1834, and con-1 .. , . ,,
tinucd until his death, Soptcmber, 1839, 1 A little daughter af Kdwin Muldrow,
5 years. 'residing four miles southeast of Perry,
. Hon.' John Jameson, of Callaway ' wa th.r,0,!n fr,ora hot .n Fduy last,
county, elected in October 1839, and con- ond ho fot hanging in the stirrup
tinucd until 1841, fivo years-ro-olectod dragged about Bfty yards resulting
in August, 1840, for two years. " tho fraeluro of her jaw-bono in two
Tint. W V N: Hv nf tfmnHln places, and otherwiso severely injurinc
county, elected in August, 1848, for two her. Ralls County Record.
years. -1" irinchcster (Indiana; Journal,
Hon. Gilchrist Porter, of Pike county, speaking of tho defalcation ot eighteen
oleeted in August, 1850, for two years, thousand dollars by tho treasurer of Jay
Hon. A. W. Lamb, of Marion county, county, says: "Unfortunatoly ho is a
olected in August, 1852, for two years. Hcpublican. It ho was a Domocrat
Hon. T. Ji. Anderson, of iMarion wouiun 1 wo -unzzaru mm inougu.
county, elected in August, 1S5G, for two Rotter "blizzard" him a littlo any how.
ycnrB. Cincinnati Commercial.
Hon. James S. Rollins, of Boone, Chief Justico Chase bears marks of
electcd-in August, 1800, for two years, ravage and frost. His step isofatrcm
and ro elected in 1862 for two years. ulous sort, and his cyo and countenance
Hon. Geo. W. Anderson, of Pike, havo lost some of their former collected-
olected in 1802, for two years. I ncss. "Hi former imposing appoarancc
In lobb, lion. Win, r. bwitzlcr, of is reduced of its plintitudo oi ilesh, and
Boone county, was elected by tbo people, ' as he walks to and fro upon the avenue
but a corrupt Secretary of Stato and a his friends feel that he is coming down tho
corrupt Congress gave tho seat to Geo. steep eidc of the hill of lifo.
W. Anderson. Thcro is a pretty yellow noman in New
In 1808, Hon. W. F. Switzlor was York who has a fashion of marrvint?
again elected by the peoplo, and again barbers. Sho has married four, and has
Hodman prostituted his omco by giving had bad luck with them all. The last
the certificate of oleotion to Hon. D. P. 0ne, Charles Conover, died very suddenly
Dyer, Of Pike COUnty. In both Cases ' tUo othor dayf-and . negro mn inlVirmo.l
Uolonei Bwuzier uau luugui against the tho authorities of th.; Btrango fatality in
fraud and foulnesB of tho-outrogc with a that family. Thcro is going to bo an in-
pemstcuvu iuav never iiruu an'i a courage vcsticalion
.1. i -l. 1 l: 1 - m i 1 1 D "
conscience stricken brain of Radicalism,
and there is no excuse in tho world for
Holden, in calling out tho militia and
declaring martial law ; but if thero were
such an organization, and it could succeed
in wiping from the face of the earth for
ever such wretched blotches of humanity
as Holden, Kirk and his mongrel serfs,
the world would be none the worse off.
speech I ever heard. Ho socms to bo
about thirty-five years of ogo, rather
spare, and looks physically delicate, but
his articulation is clear, bis command of
vords good, and his grammar unexcep
tionable. Such is Tandy, as he appeared
to mo last night on tho stand. His speech
is found to have good effect. Speeches
were mado afterward by Dyer and An
At this titno of year people cannot be
too careful with dogs. Tho St. Louis
Republican reports two cases of hydro
phobia in that city, ono of which is very
remarkable. A boy about sixteen years,
named Adolph Hcrbcstcl, was somo weeks
siucp sleeping out in tho yard in which
wan dog; -a'iie'next doylhe dog was
attacked with hydrophobia. In tho
courso of two or thrco weeks young Her-
'bestel was tuken with this fearful disease,
and it is supposed that ibe dog, while t$c
young 'man-was asleep, must bavo lioked
his face;1 or his hand on which thore was
u small' scar, as thcro was no sigu of his
having' been bitten, and the poison by
somo mean's introduced into his system.
Ho died a horrible death on tho 25th
inst., exhibiting great rcpuguance to wa
ter and ut timos panting and snapping liko
a dog, making a uoiso very milch retcni.
Ming a dog's bark. Another case, Harry
Buckler, aged about 17 years, was ta
ken with hydrophobia last Monday. Ho
was bttteu by a dog about nine days pre
vious, but tho dog at tho time was not
generally considered mad. In this case
also there, was a dread of water, spasms
and a tendency to snap and bito, Tucs
day oveniug he was very unmanageable,
aud had to bo tied down to tho bed
His recovery is considerated hopeless.
This is ad'ucaso tbatbufllo physicians,
and, is far more tu bo dreaded thun chol
era, '
Dr. Herron pumped the love and laud
anum out of a dotnerutu young lady's
ituuuu-h in I'ilttburU.
Col. Swiizler of Boone.
Editor of the Herald : Iast night tho Radicals in caucus nom
Your Louisiana correspondent, "Thad," inated Nathan Rogers, of tho Gazotte, as
of course bss a rii-ht to his opinion. He their candidate tor Uity dork. He is
alto Las a rigL!; if ho can relish it, to, very clever young man, aod his party
p,.i itrai-'aTta.iinal. toCol. Switi. ibavo done well in selecting him. His
Icr. a Democrat': but ho certainly has no opponent will bo named to night in Dem
right to bo unjust, and to misrepresent ,ocraticcaucuss; I am not prophet enough
Col. Switzlor's views and conduct, which , to say who. I hope the people, white
1. .1 . ,i. ft.ii..:. 1 and black, will keep as cool as tho
"In as much as Switzler was amonc the 1 weather will permit on election day.
first white men in this Stato to recruit With tho European war, negro orators,
negroes into tho Yankco army, au'd to approaching olection, now wheat coming
sanction distranobisement of men greatly : d eia, we aro havino a
that never faultercd. Fulton Telegraph.
The Fallacy of the Mad Stone
lLLUbTBATED. Mr. John Sayers, a la
borer in the North Missouri railroad car-
cuvifi wtvu . j... 141. 1 uiui utiit: VJ , m.uiw- i ... .
. T . . . . . f'ttnilu nnii Knvnritl frinrwl.1
phobia. As the tacts connected with tho
uufortunato evont possess a peculiar in
terest at this season of the year, wo give
briet narration ot tbe circumstances
connected with tbe case: Savers was a
married man thirty years of ago, of a ro
bust and powerful tramo, and until ro
centlv intvarv pood health. On Ilia 2-lth
of May, a little poodle dog belonging to uI',n 8,1 availablo spots, has telegraphco
him was lighting with another dog, when 10 ouuaiur usou, uairuiau 01 uiu uau
he attempted to part them. In doing so ical Congressional Ceutrnl Committee,
his own dog bit him on tho inBtdo fleshy u,ul l"u oliuu OI ,orlu Carolina win vo
It is stated that Wm. II, Seward, who
will be seventy years of age in May of
1871, is preparing Tor a voyago around
tho world, upon which ho will start at an
early day, accompanied by a portion of his
row" men ot
his year- exhibit such amazing vitality
and sueh unabatod interest in publio af
fairs, and poihaps ho could choose no
moro fitting method of crowning his
eventful career.
"Governor" Holden, of North Carolina,
having finally quartered negro troops
carrying on the Stato government for oner
year of Worth's conservative administra
tion, 18G0'7 was S3G1.C70 51; whilo
that of one year of Holden'a rule,
1808-'9, was 8740,800 40, showing that
Holden spent in one yoar 8382,180 40
moro than was spent by Worth the year
heforo. The Conservative Legislature of
180G-'7 had only thirteen men to woit
upon it. The Radical Legislature re
quires thirty-six. The total expenecs of
tho General Assembly of 1800 '7 woro
8188,382 77; thoso of thj General As
semhly for 18G8 '9 wcro 8227,392 50.
These figures aro not gotten up by mero
guess-work for an election document'
but arc taken from the Radical Stato
Auditor's report. Ohio Stato Journal.
During the great fire at Constantinople
a woman darted into a friend's house, at
a dictanco from tho flames, huggiogsomo-
uiingj in nor orms and exclaiming;,
"Thank God I've saved .my child I My
plate is down-in tbe well, and that can bo
l!Ot at when tho fire ia uvpr.V A ninre-
mg shriek immediately followed, for,
looking down, she found that wl.at sho
had in her arms was only the plate tied
up in a kerchief and that in her bewil.
derment and hurry sho bad thrown into
tho well her own infunt.
This is the puro, undiluted English
for "Jordan's a hard road to travel :"
Pcrambulatory progression, in the pedes
trinnry excursion along that far famcd
thoroughfare of fortuno, cast up by tho
batiks of tho sparkling river of Palestine,
is indeed attended with a heterogeneous
conglomeration of unforeseen difficulties.
his superior in everything, "let tho cugi
nocr be hoisted upon his own petard,"
nod "justico will coma homo to rooai,"
Now, Mr. Editor, permit mo to say in
justioe to Col. Switzler that it h utterly
untruo that ho was cither tho first or tbe
last to "recruit negroes into tho Yankee
tbe army in his lifo. It is also untruo,
as "Thad" ought to havo known, that ho
ever at any time or in any form sanc
tioned tho disfranchisement of white men.
but has done more against this Radical '
lively time.
Dar JJermlJ, youra,
In a "melting mood,"
Its Firbt Good Aot. The Jefferson
n:.- ...... .1.. .,. iu..
Ho novor recruited a negro for (Jongress performed its first good act on
iniquity than any man in Missouri
tbe 15th inst. On that day it adjourned.
Looking over its long list of 215 bills
passed, wo can find nothing but special
legislation, party legislation, blunders
and crimes. Its special legislation is
soon in its tariff bills, its private bills,
part of tho band, near tho thumb. Do- carried by the Uadicals by a "triumphant
ceased felt some pain from tho injury and niajority. 1 ho meaning of this is, the
went to a man in St. Charles who had Conservatives will bo permitted only in
what is known as a "mad stone," and it vcri' Bma11 numbers to vote at all, and
was opplied twice. The second time it that tho ballot-boxes can bo "slutted, to
is said to havo adhered tweuty minutes. anJ required extent.
About twolve daysago Sayers accidentally The condition of North Carolina ro
knocked tho skin off the place on tbe minds us of that of Georgia, Texas,
hand where tho cut had been and soon Tennessee and other refractory States,
afterwards fait an aouto pain which ex-'several vcars aco. An election is to be
tondod to the shoulder. Tho pain in- held thero in the fall, and tho President
creased, and on Saturday ho was obliged ia aiding Holden in seeing to a proper re-
to nun woitr. un Monuay ne went to nr. suit. An administration victory is to
Gallagher, and on 'I ucsday ho said tbo bo won in the old "North State," if it
pain had left his arm. His symptoms takes the entire army to do it. Accord
subsequently were not altogether suoh as ing to Colonel Kirk, tho writ of halcas
usually aocompany hydrophobia. Ho cori has "played out" thcro whioh
was not violont or wild, but exhibited 0 means that bayonets havo not yet been
deadly aversion to water, lie could not banished from tbo Radical programino of
drink it but was ablo to take somo wine. Southern reconstruction, Times.'
n u'.i , j. .. . .1 . 1,
JU II VUUVDUUV siauiui: U VUBIIUU . T J f ... ttf
Pi 1 L A iSrlfi-IS York, whose business it is to play at
hn5. Mtii ?Sf ! .KnSt dttuce lou5os.and in lower tendon, gen-
Zra 2r tt 'It tt ""''J' thiDDed themselves out the other
Ln, !nS?hm?? killing one of their number,
hour, and an hour before his death, Sayera Th Beem to habvo boon t00 tbick t0
ta ked in an excited and incoherent man- . ?r " "t
... j. j .,.j. i ..(. thrive, and bait a dozen of them met
nor. He died yesterday morning . b and tromboneg nnd otb
pas two acdWM buried i the atternoon. ,Qud Jo8tJrument 0n a street corner.
nc leaves a u. " u. u oc Q fc bceQ d d fa biB
is a sad ono. and 1 lustrstcs tho horrible , , r ..-...
Ilp.ve Kceu Sold in tho Last Two Years.
nw UM! HAS iAII.r.i xo qmu
Entire Satisfaction,
The Best Cookig Stove Made
For Uniformity Mi Baking,
For Economy in Ihe Use or Furl,
For Durability and Covenlfuce,
SI'.NI) vow fttici: 1. ST TO
E X C E I.j S I O
til Hi Ull n, .ii.vi.v MrumcT,
and its subsidy aud land grabbing bills
Its party legislation is seen in its bills
affecting' tho ncgroees, and tho rocon-
a .t...n n.mn h Wn ilnlmlinn- hu 1 structed States. Its crimes consist in
. : i rii:iL Ircfusine; representation to a freo peonlo
ureiurull uuuufr AJUUiDiaiii mm viui a.Dvmu - ,i j r
nuauvriiuuuBiauu j-iuuiuw ,bo (joncregSional Ulobe. and aro odmit-
uc whioh would be "ono hundred preach- tod hv tho members tbomsclvca. Rail
n l 1 , .111 II ,1 ' 1 1 1. . Annl. .l.n.
era and uve uunureu uuaicrs, anu sum
a great many tickets, which secured scats
in a number of hacks tho eablo sporter
had euguged to run to tho grounds for tho
accommodation of the colored community
Tho engorly looked for day at last arrived,
but to tho chagrin of thoso who had pur
chased tickets, tho African sharper was
n (i it nt it bo wasn t tion-nat.
Tbo last municipal election of Rich
mond, Virginia, has been decided invalid
on account of tho violatioirof tho election
law in one wurd. Another election will
be held
danger of a dog biting in the summer Wl wWa thfl Qtberg g,rnck ft
season, and tho necessity of Itkins proper loronahdo wUh tbuir iBltrument( to drowD
measures 10 preveni possioio rcsu a w0u th B0,(e nf the fi fio(jn fwr BQJaQ
tncro is any reason 10 ne.icvo ino uog nollecmBn wbo hid hard the aerenade
mad. It further tends to show that tho ., .u., ,, r,i . jj
virtues of tho "mad atono" in which so , , tho' pavelntnt witb sis
many believe, furnish but a poor guar- d " .ui, fn body. The serenaders
7u I i. !f i a i lo , had all got away, and the police
the humbug a.d lead peoplo to resort to befln tQ of rf
Two ValuableFarms
tho only safo measures, cutting out the
cat members chargo eaoh other with brib
ing and lyinc, and wo bdlievo all tat
they say ot oach other. They havo been
true to tho whisKoy rings, and unit rings,
aud party caucussei, but faithless to their
constituents. The session has cost us
millions -of dollars and millions of acres
of publio laud. Can any ono of our
readers say that ho is tho better fur it?
A child seventeen months old was
lately stolon from her homo in New
Orleans by a mulatto woman. The father
of tho child, Thomas Digby, and tbe Gov
ernor ol tho State and several sooiotics
havo offered in tho aggregato 92,500 for
I her recovery.
havo not
iny ol them since.
part and severe cautiriration, it will not Tho members of tho Indian peaco corn
have been entiroly barren of fruits. mission are arranging to start in a very
Missouri Republican. short time for the Indian country, and
feci confident that through tho influence
Tho roportcd battle at Forbaeb, bo- of ihe converted Red Oloud and the amia-
tweon tho French and Gorman armies was ble Spotted Tail, together with a genorous
if . I . ! r . . , ii I - .11.
a hoax. There has been uo Gghting yet,
save a skirmish roportcd by a Berlin tolo-
gram of tho 20tb, in which 200 Froneh,
who crossed tho frontier, were captured.
None killed ; a few wounded.
distribution of presents, they will bo able
to avert all chances ot war on tho plains
this summer, and it is very propable that
under their management of the fund al
lowed them to keep the Indians in a gen
tle mood, activo hostilities may bo
averted for anothor year, or until the en;
Tho Altoona (I'a.) Sun says that a ergy of tho whito raco in building roads
child was born in that city last week and occupying territory in tho extreme
which weighed at birth 23. pounds. Per TVn l n"" !S
.,ivM v,ft.,ra ... v. pfte:cn raIlrnnil shall npnin million thfl
confra, a female child was born in Nashua, mi,i tomporcd aborigines to rohearso the
N. II,, a tortnight ago that woighed only story ol their wrongs unrcdrciscd and
ono aud a half pounds. laud unpaid for.
AM offering for rnlo two dolmlto farms on
the MUf1h1mI lllulT in Lincoln county. on
known n tlio "Kilwin Allen iilucn," containing
111 AC it F.S. 02 acre of nliicli ii in n fino tlo
nf cultivation j lutnnco in timber. On this farm
Is a lino orchard of 35 bearing trees, a goou log
dwelling with foiTr rooms, good barns and out
buildings ; n county road pastes within a few
yards of tbo homo, within 4 12 miles of Fal
mouth, a good (hipping point on tho MistlsMrpi
river, and 3-4 of a inilo of a chureh and school
hnusn ; an excellent spring within a fow yards of
l!ioioor plenty ol siock wntcr on tho place.
Tbo other is known as tho "Noah Wllliiini's
Farm" near Mr. John Argent's i contains KM
ACHES, 35 acres in cultivation, a good dwell
ing house. Tbo farm Is convenient to Capau
gris. I am offering both of theio farms cliinp
and on good terms. For farther Information ap
ply lo WILLIAM VH AZI Hit, attorney at
law, Troy, Mo. EDWIN HASTINGS.
D 22 3 P4
RESPECTFULLY announeo to tbe cttltens of
Troy, and tbo countrj generally, that they
bavo onupletely refitted and remodeled their
Stenui Urist and Saw Mill, and aro now prepared
to make as
as can bo turned out at any mill In tho State.
Our customers wilt meet with prompt attention
at all times.
nnd continue grinding until tbe mill Is cleaned
Our saw mill will he In operation dt tbe first
of May noit, and will bo run so as to give cus
tomers uoerai aurauiagos.
March 1, 1670 nlfanS
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICK is hereby given that letters or admin
istration woro granted to tbe undersigned ou
the estate of William Akers, deo'd, by tbe Clerk
of tho County Cour of Lincoln county. Mo., on
tho IVth day or May, 1870. '
All porsons having claims against sold estate)
aro required to present Ihcm for allowanco nc
cording to law within one year from said date, or
they may lo prcoludcd from any benefit of tali,
estate, and if not presented within two years
fioia raid dirte, they will be forever barred.
inalUnSlip s JAMES A. IILACK, AdaiY

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