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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, May 23, 1872, Image 2

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fllOY, M07lIA 237T8J2.
tort rtiEsinr.NT,
hoiiaci: ;iii:i:m:v,
1. T. . But! tot Secretary or Slate.
WhiU th pa port all ovor tlio state an
placing prorairjenllj Wore the people
their choice for this and that office, we
ftel called upon to ftit io claim for
Lincoln co tit jr. Utlieting that thcro is
ot a nan in the itate who possesses
more native integriljr, or i better qualt
iedto Gil any responsible poiltion within
the gift of tho pcoplo of this common
wealth, than Col. Thoi. 0. Hutt, wo name
him as our choice for Secretary of Stato
on the Democratic ticket. Ilia oourso in
tho lait General Assornlly, where he not
nnl faiihfullv rtnrcstnted bii own
j ,
county, but held in equal esteem the
welfare of the state at large, is an evidence
f hit ability, honesty, and general qoal
ificalieof. Hit firm adhorencc to the
principle of DsmoeraajrAjch, however,
it tempered with tfio greatest rojpoct for
the opinions of others ; bis practical
business qualifications, clear-iiglitednese',
and his especial filnesi for the office for
which we have named him, together with
his high social standing at home, and
wherever known, recommend him to the
favorable consideration of tho Democracy
of Miisouri.
It has been stated that sixty of tho one
hundred and five Democratic members of
Congress, bad signed a paper protciting
against tho nomination of Mr. Greolcy at
Baltimoro ; but a correspondent of tho
Republican has been making inquiry into
the matter, and he rays that cuch member
denies bkving signed any such paper.
For our part, we don't see why the Bal
timore eonvention bhould nominate Mr
Greeley or any one clso. Lot the dele
gates meet and issuo an address, if they
toe proper, pledging themselves to the
support nf no presidential candidate,
but leaving Democrats all over the
country to exercise their own judgment
at to whom they will vote for, and then
adjourn without making a nomination.
It is useless to put a man forward, simply
that he may be defeated, aud that Grant
may be elected. No matter who might
bo nominated by tho lijltirxorc conven
tion, however good a mm ho might bo,
he cannot command tho support of the
whole Demooratio party, because many
look upon such a proceeding as unwise
in the present emergency, and would
oppoto it on that account, even though
.tho nomioco were one of tho best men in
the country. Why, it is nothing uncom
mon to hear lile long Democrats declare
that they will not support the nominee, of
the Baltimore convention, rhould ono bo
made, against Mr. Greeley. They have a
higher aim than mere party victory.
The eravevard laughter with which
the officeholders received the newt of the
nomination of Dr. Greeley has given
place to Inncral despair. 1 he bread and
butter brigade aro evidently in a state of
trepidation, and few even of the most
anguine daro to express any hope of
Grant's re-election if Grrelcy is endorsed
at Baltimore. In tome of tho states tho
office holders arc actively at work to
secure tho nomination of delegates to tho
Democratic National Convention who will
bo in favor of raising up some man to bo
knocked down, to as to cccurc the re
election of Grant. N. V. is'un.
And this ery more of tho supporters
of Grant ought to deter tho I5.ltimorc
convention from making a nomination.
Some of tho leading Iladical papers have
gone io far at toadviso the Democrats to
put a ticket in the field, intimating that
it would bo successful. But tbe rue is
too thin, and any sensible mau can see
through it. If under present circumstan
ces there was a shadow of success for the
Democracy, those tamo paper's would
be tho last to give such advice. Then
why do it now? They know full well
that a nomination by the Biltimore con
vention would cause a wider breach in the
Democratic pirty than has been made in
their own ranks, and that Grant's chances,
now on the wane, would bo much better.
They too tho baud writing on the wall,
and their Itnoet Lpi'n io qUfttc, tieOCC tlie
dndgo to recur? a nomination at Balti
more-, nut sa believe that bouy will be
sharp enough for them.
Tho ltopublicaii's "Wa-hington special
of the 20th ajs : The house was to day
tho scene of a most extraordinary more
in lobulation. Tho chairman of tho
ways and means committee proposed a
5Ufpension of the rules and the immc
Uiutc paesncn ot the tax and turitl bills
witliuut turtlie r amendment or debate
Tho propo-itioD not being debatable, was
carried by nearly three to ono, and to
morrow the measure will be submitted to
the senate. That portion of the bill
abolishing the income tax, tho tax on il
luminating g.u, the stamps on bank and
checks and draft?, and the bill proridmu
for the tobacco tax, and tbo consolidated
whisky lax, were not even read, not
haro they tvi been debated. Members,
however, became satisfied that the house
could not improve tho bill reducing
internal taxation, and thereforo accepted
it jui-t as it catoo from the committee
The tariff stands just as it was finished
in committee of tbe whole on Friday,
and provide for a horizontal reduction
of ten per cent The bill as it stands
reduces taxation about 850 000,000
Thero are 529,000 000 of reduction on
the tariff 'ilone. It is probablo (hat the
scnato will accept it substantially as it
came from tbe house.
Call Tor Dtraocrr-.llc Stale Cont'rntlou.
State CentualCommiitei:,
St. Louts, Miy 14, 1872. V
Puriaane to long established usage, the
Democracy of the Slalo of Misrouri are
requested to meot at tho usual place of
assemblage in each county, on Saturdjy,
the 1st day of June, proximo, and to ap
point two dclegalef fur each rcpresenta
live district, according to tho apportion
merit in the late General Ascmbly, to
meet in convention on Wednesday, tho
12th day of Junt, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
in the hail of the House of Ileprcsonta
tivo, at Jefferson City, for the rurpotc
of annointitiL' thirtv delegates to rcpre
'sent the State of Missouri io Democratic
National convention, to bo buld in Haiti
more on the 10th day of July, 1872, and
to appoint a Democratio Stato Central
In view of tho important campamn
now to be inaugurated, iti most earnestly
urged that tho friends of the crnat causs
we have so deeply at heart select as tlelo
gates to this convention the most dis
crcet and patriotic members of tho De
mocracy in each county, to the end that
wise and prudent counsels may direct the
proceedings of this body, and secure for
neonle tho triumph of correct principles
and the blessiugs of good government.
Ily order of tho Democratic Qtate
Central committee.
D. H. ARMSTRONG, Chairman.
V. li. Swift, Secretary.
cicclry Leaves ttic Tribune.
Horace Oreelcy has resigned his
position as editor of the 'New York
Tribuuo. Ho publishes the following
card :
Tho Tribuno ha ceased to be a pirty
organ, but tbo unexpected nomination of
its editor at Cincinnati seems to involve
it in a new embarrajiment All must lo
aware that the position of a journalist
who is at the same time a candidate is at
the best irksome and difficult ; that he is
fettered in action, and restrained in
pritieisni. bv the knowledge that what
ever he may say or do is closely scanned i Qood Sugar JIoUSC Sljrttp,
bv thousands cact-r to litiu in it what
m SAM't T. EAST,
Perfumery and Fancy Articles,
And Everything Uusuallg kept in a First Clas3 Drug Store.
Troy, Mo., May 10, 18;
GTI t OCE Tl I 15 S
(10 TO
I will Sell as Cheap as any Man
in Lincoln county, for the Cash.
A few tnooths sinco any allusion to
the possibility of tho Philadelphia con
vealioo nominating any ono other than
Grant would not havo been listened to by
liis supporters, but now tho matter is actu
ally being discussed. Tho strength of the
Cincinnati nominees has surprised them
Any other nomination, bowover, won't
mend tbe matter. Grant i9 probably tbo
strongest man of hit party that it naacd
fer the doubtful honor ; but should any
ono clto be nominated in tbe belief that
the contest it waged solely against tho
man and not against tho polioy ho rcprc
tentt, they will find that this is a mistake
The opposition to tho nomineo will be
just the same. The party that expects
to make him its leader is responsible for
such measures as tbe Federal tvlcction
lull, the Ku-klux legislation, tho tyran
nfoal policy pursued toward tho South,
Jfco. Grant was only tho tool used to en
force the measures ; nud whether he, or
tome othor of tho clan is nominated, the
damaging record will bang to the party
all tbe eamo.
"You may Weak, you ui-iy ruin tho vaso if
you Mill,
Out the scent of tho ruse wilt hang round it
As much has been said about the horrible
naturo of (he Ku-klux oath, upon which
tho gover'jinent has felt justified in levy
ing war upon South Carolina and depop
ulating wholo counties of their white
resident;, it may be of interest to know
what the obligation really is. It was di
vulged at a recent trial in Charleston nn
an indictment for murder, and read as
follows :
I, before tho Immaculate Judge
of Heaven and Karth, and upon the Holy
Evangelists of Almighty God, do of my
own froo will subscribe to the following
sacredly binding obligation :
l'irst Wo aro on the side of justice.
humanity, and constitutional liberty as
bequeathed to us in its purity by our
Second Wo onnoso and reject the
principles of tho Hadicul party.
Ihirtl Wo plougo mutual aid to
each other in bickness, and pecuniary
Fourth Females, friends and widows
and their households shall ever be special
objoctt of our regard acd protection.
Fifth Any membcrdivulging or caus
ing to bo divulged any of the foregoing
obligations shall meet tho fearful penalty
and traitor's doom, which is Death.
may be so interpreted, so as to'annoy or
perplex those who arc suppor'ing l.im a
a candidate, and to whom his shackled
condition will not permit him to be scr
vicabbj. The undersigned, therefore,
withdraws absolutely from the conduct of
the Tribune, and will henceforth, until
further notice, exercise no control or
supervision over its columns,
-igncd Horace Gheeley.
May 5th, 1872
Fr.ee ThADE T-.Mr. Ureoley was qucs
tionod tho other day a? to whether, if j
President, he would approve an act ol
Congress in favor of free trade. He re
plied, "I certainly will ; I shall endeavor
endeavor to carry out the expressed
wishes of the people, despite my own
impressiont or convictions." Mr. Grce
ley has always opposed an exercise ol
tho veto porer, except when it was pal
pably necessary to defeat a corrupt jub or
preserve tho Constitution from violation
His rf i'Oii was that the Executive must
not interfere with legislation. Io ho
consistent with this doctrine, ho must ap
prove a bill pa-ted by Congress abolish
iug tbo tariff, and not attempt, even by
personal influence with the Senators and
Representatives, to defeat the will of the
peop'o. This leaves the field open to the
1'rco Trailers, notwithstanding iho next
President is likely to be a Protectionist ;
and no doubt they will take advantage of
it in the pending canvass. Icfferson City
For Good Bargains
(10 TO
Cash Grocery Store,
Tho Keporter is the titlo of a new pa
per just started in Kansas City. Its
salutatory article was not troublesomoly
lengthy, being the ono sonteneo : "Hero
wo aro I" In point of brevity this open-
ing is almost equal to the taledictory of
11... f 1 .i:.. l.
uhiiiui mi vuuui, w liu announced
his retirement by saying: "'We've quit."
Tho democrats of Connoticut united
with tho Liberals ond clhcted Ferry,
Grecleyito, over Hawley, Orantitc, to tho
U. S. Senate on the 15th inst. Ferry'e
majority on joint ballot was eight. Ho
takes his seat on the 4th of March, 1373,
Hon. Andrew King hat written a letter
to tho Missouri Republican, in which ho
opposes a nomination by the Baltimoro
Judgo Jeriuiuh Illack has beo'n inter
viewed, and among othor things ho said,
"Well, I'll toll you what we aro going to
rib. 7he platform put forth at Cinci
nati is a- broad, fair Democratio platform.
There it nothing- passive in that. Now,
if the convention that moots at lhltimorc
finds in ita wisdom that Greeley fits the
platform, wo will nwko the best fight for
him wo can. I hare no question but
when Iho canvass narrows up and mon
krako tides as men are wont to do, that
tho entiro Democratic party will be
found striving for the right."
Tho New York Express declares that
Samuel S. Cox hat received a letter from
Horatio Seymour, in which Soymour
tayt ho is in favor of the approval of the
tjincmoati candidates by the l!;iltimoro
The Stato Conservative Committee of
Virginia generally roprcsont that strte to
be overwhelmingly for Greeley.
John Forsyth writes from New York
that tho day and hour thfi Democratic
convention taya "wo nominato tho Cincin
nati ticket, Urant is doomed.
A great discovery is taid to have been
recently made by a surgeon of tho
British army in China, in tho way of an
effectual reiuedy for emall-pox. Tho
mode of treatment is as follows :
"When the p'recedine fever is at its
height, and just before tho eruption ap
pears, the chest is rubbed with croton oil
and tartario ointment. This causes the
wholo of Iho erupttou to appear on that
part of Iho body to the relief of tho rett.
It alia secures a full and complete erup
tion, and thus prevent! the diteeso from
attacking lho"intcrnal orgont. Thie is
tho cstublikhcd mode of treatment in the
English army in China, and is regarded
as perfect cure "
The poet Wbitticr, who calls Mr. Gree
ley our "later Franklin" in one fif his
verses, has written a ratification letter
He says of tho ex editor of the Inbune:
Personally he it tho most popular man
in the United States. It is very possible
there may.be good reasons why he should
not be President, but they are not to he
found in his moral character, his intel
loct. his crincitdes. his rurnocs, his
knowledgo of tho intercuts and roourccs
of the country. I havo no with, as I
have no reason, to withhold my opinion
of an old friend, at a time when so many
Republicans deem it advisable, as a party
expedient, to assail him personally as
well as politically.
Tho Republican's "Washington special
says : Having disposed 01 urn most
important bill before it, tho house took
up and concurred in the senate resolution
to finally adjourn congress on the 20th
of May. This was agreed to by more
than a two-thirds vote, and indicated
beyond all doubt that tho house does not
intend to pass tho bill pending in tho
conato to continuo tho extension of tho
suspension of tho habeas corpus clause of
toe Ku-klux act. Tho unai adjournment
question nevertheless is a muddlo. Tho
senate has a houso resolution to adjourn
Juno 'A. If it takes up and concurs, then
the adjournment is delayed frum May 20
to June 6.
A reporter upon n Western paper.
speaking of a certain fair creature, re
marked that "the prolusion and color ot
her hair would lead one to look upon it
as though it was spun by nimble fingers
of easy hours as they glided through tho
bright June doys, whoso sunny rays of
light bed been caught in the meshes and
were content Io to no further." Tho
girl had red Itair that was all.
Tho Grant party predicted that tho
movement would not amount to anything
in tho beginning; next they ridiculed
tho convention and said it would break
up in a row. We advise them to dismiss
all hopes of Democratio help, and quit
the rolo of propheoy. No Democratic
nominations will bo mado, and the gwut
body of that party will vote tor ureoley
and Brown, Lawrence (Kai.) Standard
per uation, uu cis
8 lbs. fair New Orleans
Suqar for 81.00
Best of Coffee, 31-2 lbs., 1.00
Arlucklcs Browned Coffee
A lbs tor 1-00
I am vcrv careful in tho selection of my
Cffte. J Warrant t to be isoml. If it docs
not give fatlifactlon, my customers hnvo the
t.rivili-L-c of returnins it. Arhucktc'a browned
r'ntn-e. nf which 1 re 1 1 3 lb, for it dollar, is the
bet in the market, nnd by usini it you svo tho
shrinkage and wasto that accompanies brownlri:
at home. Ihorowho uso it, speak highly of it
reality and flavor.
Small JProfits."
Licciisfs for Liquor and Tobacco
Dealers, Io .May IsL, 1873, and in
come Tax for 1871.
U. S. Internal Revenue, Collecto:-'3 OCiec,
Fourth IU'triet uf Mi-souri.
Sew riorence, Mo., May 1st, lbT
OTICL is hereby glvon that the annual list 1
i 1 uf Taxe as-esscd iu this district Tor the
jear 1872 has been received from tho Asersor
lur Culiection, and that nil taxes therein named
aro now duo and nyohie. This List includes
the income tax for tho year 1871. together ith
taxes from May 1st, 1872, to May 1st, 1873, on
all wholisalc and retail LWiuur dialers, dealers in
leaf and manufactured Tobacco, distillers, recti
fiers, brewers, and manufacturers of Tobacco and
Cigars. I will be at the court hofso in Troy,
Mo., May 2ith, 1672, when anil where all parlies
in tho county of Lincoln subject to above taxes
aro required to mako payment: or payment may
bo made ot m- office in New Florence any day
before that time. Ard notico Is further given
that all parties who neaat to pay the sums duo
or EVERY DF,?Cl:llri1N,
fcir The N'w Cah toro will bo found on
MAIN STRKU1, in the building formerly occu
pied by M. T. llrittun.
m v riir.om is;
Come with tho Cash, and you will nut have Io
pay tho losses on bad debts, hut wlllgcfyiur
groceries Cheap.
If you do not want to buy, CALL ON ME :
It is no Troublo to
Show You (mooi! diroccrics
Vll Kinds ot Produce
Tatcrn i'ii Exchange fur Groceries.
bv them rcspcctiely,Bh
In tbo specific! lime,
will at tho expiration Thereof become li.blo to
pay fivo per ccr.t. additional upon tho amount
thereof, together with mileage nnd costs; and
notico is further given that parties who rcltio or
neglect to lake out tho requircu unncu ,-iaics
License, will subject thcm.ches to prosecution
in tho United States District Court at St. Louis.
mlniS U. S. Collector -1th Dlst. Mo.
T7IIOM the undersigned on tbo 28th of April
J- 1872, a brown work maro, collar mark on each
tide of tho ntrk, is about 14H hands high, and
between 8 nnd 9 years old, Should any one seo
this mare, thov will oonfer a favor by taking her
up and notifying me, anil lo rewarded for their
iron nie. j, iv, iiAiww.i,
ul'J2w Louisville, Lincoln co Mo.
Jewelry Store,
I expect to remain la Troy, ami
keep at all times a Large am!
Complete Stock of
CLOCKS, d-c.
1 WAMIAXT ray Jewelry to
be what I represent It. IT Cold,
I tell my cutomcrti m; If Plated
I tell thcui. Jewelry made or
purchased to order. I keep the
very best American Watches and
Cluck for sale.
Watches, Clocks and Jew
elry Repaired, and all
Wo k Warranted.
I have just opened out a NEW
Goods in the brick building of Mess.
Wool folk tf- Cmvs, adjoining Mr.
Withrow's saddle and harness store,
and will keep on hand
Dry Goods,
Queensware, &c.
The Season being short I have determined
to ki:ju cu:
3 As'I realized considerable loss by tho
burning of my homo, store and stock, I earnestly
call upon all persons who owe mo to settle. I
need the money.
Troy, Mo., Nor. 80,1871.
Firi Neatness
Light, Healthful lli i.ul,
Cheaper than you can viahe it, and save
you the vexation of often seeing all your
xeast ana Dough turn out badly .
Tho spring and Bummer season will soon bo
here, and in order to mako it profitable to my
customers ny lurnisDinc; them bread cueaper than
they buvo heretofore been able to cot it. I will
sell tickets, each of which will bo good (or a ten
cent loaf of bread, at tho rato of 13 for $1, thus
giving i.ju norm oi bread lor a dollar.
Real Estate Agents,
Try Lincoln Conwy, Me.,
Iluy n kh i.ana, ray 'axes for Xon-
rcltcn. llve AlrMrafU of Tlttei,
Write 1)ci1h, Mortgage. Vlnts
ol I ali.U, if
Tfefy Offer '" Kail ifcr FoHowlir
Lands t
No. 1 Improve I farm. 189 ncrcs. .1 mlli
orthffcst of Auburn, 2 miles of railroad anil
miles of rock rond, 3J acres In cultivation, lit
acres splendid timber, hewod-log house I sto
ries, stablo nnd corn crib. 1'rico $2S00, ono third!
cash) balance on time.
No. !l Coal land 8 miles louthwost of Tror..
40 acres in tho middle of the coal Holds and
ithin 100 yards of Iho shaft at the Link mln..
Price $2000, half cash, balance on titno.
No. .'I 202 acres unlmnrovcd timber lmt
li mites south of Millwood nud adluinlnv V.l
prairie. Trice $800, third cash, balance on lone
No. 8 House nnd lot lnTrov. frame hnunrr.
30 by 40 and ono story high, 4 rooms, closet,.
moko house, cistern, shrubbery, .Vc, lot 100 hy
u'u icei, jarus irera toirii spring, rrico aiuB
terms $1000 cash,
No. Farm of 1 1V acres. It miles of Mos
cow Mill, 20 nerve in cultivation, Vtt acres good
timber, 18 bearing peach trees Trice $20 per
acre, two-thirds cash, balance on time.
No. 7 54 acres timber land, underlaid witb
coal, 2l miles of Moscow. Trice $2i) per acre,
tito'tlurils cash, Imlanco on time.
No. M Improved farm of 93J4 ncres, ono-
mile from the court house in Troy, 25 acres in
cultivation, 23 acres in pasture and meadow, 100'
uvo year out apple trees, zs pencn ircee, 4 acres
picumu ttmuur, z story iraine in uy anu an1
I story lo by zi, nil in rood repair, sraoko-
huuse, chicken house, slablos nnd crib, A Vo. 1
tobacco lorn of C tiers, good will. 1'. ice nnd
terms $.15 cash per acre. Jukt tho place for a
turson who desires to curry on a small farm, and-
also get tho benefit of good schools in Troy for
his children.
No. Improved firm of 80 acres 3W miles
east of Trov, 25 ncrcs in cultivation, 55 acres
good timber, log houso lti bvIS, 1 Jstorics, smoke
houso, corn crib nnd stables, 125 young Trait
trees in bearing. Trieo $35 per nore, two thirds
cash balaucu on time.
No. IO Improved farm of 80 acres 2 tiill.H
south of Troy, 35 ucres in cultivation, 15 acres
in grass nnd 30 aires timber, house 10 by 18, W,
stories, kitchen 14 by 10, sinoko house, cellar,
stablo shedod on two siJcs, granary, crib and hen
houso. All these buildings are now aud sub-
tantial. Well and pond of stock watci, 25 uli-
pic, 25 peach and 0 pear trees of excellent fruit.
frlco .10 uols. per acre, two thirds cash balance
on time.
No. II Ioiproicd farm of 200 ncrc.i, 5 mllci
northwest of Troy, "0 acres in cultivation, 130
aires timber, 2 story houso 18 by 20 with 1, kit
chen 10 by 24 ono story, smoke houso with cellar
under it 7 It deep, stables, corn crib, new 7-t'cr
tobacco barn, splcnunt orchard ot .10 trcts In
earing, consisting of npples, peaches, pears,
plums, npricot8, nectarines, chcrrios. New and
commodious school houso near. Trice 20 dol.
per acre, half cash, balauco on time without in
No I'Z Improved faim of 80 acres 2! miles
west of Chain nf Hocks, in it flerman neighbor
hood, 40 acres in cultivation, 40 ncrcs fino timber.
house, smoke house, good well, stable, tobacco
barn, apple and peach orchard, new school houso
close at hand. Trice $20 per ucre, half cash,
balanco on time.
No. 13 Improved firm of 200 acres 4 miles
east of Trov nnd 2 miles of Moscow mills, 100
ncres fenced, bO ncrcs ill cultivation, 20 ncres in
grasi, 101 acres timber, 2 story house, 20x30,
cellar under it, smoke house, splendid well, sta
bles, large crib, 2 tobacco bains, 1511 apple tree,,
pears, peaches, cherries, grapes. Land proiluoed
5t) bushels corn per aero this yen. New school
houso cumplitcd aud paid fur convenient, i'rico
$18 per acre, Imir cash, balance on time.
No. 1 1 140 ncres, improved farm, 50 acres
fenced and in cultivation, splendid timber, in
cluding n good sugir camp, 30 hearing fruit trees
tno-story tog house, lathed and plastered, siuoku
bouse ond outbuildings, 3 splendid spring on.
the farm, Tills farm is five miles from Troy and
half that distance from St L k K ltaiiroad. Tiicu
$1,140 cash.
No. I.j 1 150 acres of splendid lind located
near tho north line of this countr. Tho rock
rond from Auburn an I the St L k K itr both run
through tills tract. About unebnlf of this land'
is fenced nnd has six dwelling houses located at
different points on it. Stables, cribs nnd tobacco
barns aio largo una well nuut, nnu nt convenient
intson the hum. Iho entiro tract is uttered at
tho very low figure of $20 per acre. Or we will
sell traits of 80 acres, 120 ncres, ISO acres, 201)
ncres; at n small advanco on the above price,
according to tho .imp'ovemcnls nnd location of
tho particular tract desired by tbe purchaser.
no. Ill improved larin or sti ncrcs lencci
nnd 40 acres in cultivation, large house, IK
stories high nnd a kitchen 12x 10; spring within
short distance, 4 good springs on place; 100
fiuit trees of npples, peaches, cherries, plums,
pears i wilhln one mile of a grist nnd suw mill,.
miles south ol iroj . l'neo ! por acre.
No. IT 1 14 ncrcs, small house nnd about 15
acres cleared and under fonco, 12V acres or
timber, 5 miles north of Tror. Trice $500.
No. 18 rour well Improved, splendid farms,
lying in one body of 525 1 acres ; will bo sold
separately or together. InO acres has largo
dwelling houso with 7 rooms, 2 porchos, part of
tno noue new, beauiuui site, wun large snaau
trees In yard, 2 tenant houses In the yard, smoko
houso, well of living water and a cistern, new
barn 30x44 ; old stable ; granary, corn crib r
plenty of stock water; 600 young thrifty apple
trees of selected fruit, 100 choice (rult trees in
bearing, nnd never fail any year. All well
fenced in fields of convenient silo, pasture) and
meadows well set in grass and olover, 30 acres of
fine timber. This is, and has been for years,
tho model farm of the township. Triee $35 per
acre. 100 ncres has dwelling house 1H stories
high. is!8 x20 with L kitchen, corn crib and
stable, nil new ; 40 acros fenced and In cultiva
tion, 120 timber. Trieo $20 per acre. 120 has
dwelling 16i:'3 with L porch on south side of
house, smoko house, cistern well, stables and
cribs; laud all well fenced, CO acres In cultiva
tion and meadow, I'rico 25 dols. per aero. 85;$
ncres, 40 acres in cultivation, 15 acres meadow,
no buildings, 30 ncres timber. Trice 20 dols. per
acre. Trice of tho entire tract of 525 acres,
$22 SO per acre. Terms 3,000 dol. cash, baUnes
No. If) New two-story dwelling and 8 lots la
town of Troy. Houso lCx2(t with L 16x28. nor-
tlco in front nnd porch on back, 6 large rooms, a
closet, well of living water, largo cistern; smeka
houso and stablo. Largo number of fruit trees
in bearing, apples, peaches, pears, sweet cher
ries, ruorilln cherries, plums, quinces, Ac. With
in two squares of churches an d ichools. Trieo
two thousand dollars.
No. 'i I Improved farm 49 acres of splendid'
land In u Herman neighborhood. In a high statu
of cultivation, good dwelling house, smoko house
nnd stab e, some fruit trees, r arm well watered.
Within 4 mile or Chain of Hocks and i railo
of Mouth of Dig creek. Trieo 1500 dols.
' Also.
, Figs, Raisins, d-c, and all kinds of
Calces Pound, Sponge, Lemon,
lea, scotch and Utnger.
All hinds of Cakes and Pastries made to
nraer. Atl orders should be given, at
least neo days in Hitwice.
Huhscrlbp for (lie IIF.lt Al, I). Only t
a )car.
In this enlightened age not many purchaser,
strangers especially, bire conveyances and rido
over tho country in search of a farm for sale,
when thcro is a Ileal Estate Agency to be found.
Wo advertise extensively and systematically, and
owners desiring to soli, and purchasers wishing
to buy, each earnestly bunting for tbe other and
his own interest, secure tbe greatest possible
safoty and despatch on tho one hand, and tho
least cxponso of tiino and. money for search on
the other, by placing in our Agency the sale or
purchaso of nny property.
Wo rcqulro parties desiring to sell property to
sign a contract describing the same, naming Iho
length of' tiino tbe property is to remain for sale,
price and terms, and binding the owner to pay
our commission If a sale Is effected.
Our Commission!. If the price does not
exceed $800, oar commission for sale will be $20.
Kegular commissions on all sates M per cent.
tin wtivi. r.w.

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