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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, September 18, 1872, Image 3

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For Repreieatatlve,
For Count Coart Jilatloe
For Collector
or Sheriff
For Assessor . 4
Tor Treasurer .
for Prosecuting Attorney,
For Publlo Adm'r .
Sup't robllo Schools .
For County Surveyor .
w. w. biiaw
, j. Mcdonald
b. w. wheeleh
josiah creech
john wilson
. j. f. wilson
To the Voters of Zt'com connly. At tho request
'oT many friend I announce luyicll' as a onndid
Ate for the oEco of Justice of the County Court
'of Llnco n county, Mo. -
A Suit for Slander.
'V. C. Cake v the Troy Dispatch.
Tba charges that hove been 10 per
sistently preferred against Mr F. C
cCake, County Clerk, by J. R. Knux
through the) Dhpatch, have culminated in
a mil for slander, and the dumages laid
at $20,000. The suit is brought on the
chargci and t pacifications published in
that paper of the 4th inst, made, it is
supposed, by Knox, but which aro pub
tished without his signature, thus placing
the responsibility on Dr. Mudd, tho pub
lishcr. Mr. Cu-e cluiras that the charge
made heretofore over the signature of J
R. Knox were of such a character that
he could not successfully brine suit
against him, although ho would have pre
1 erred that course. His object is to clear
himself of the stigma thus attached to
his name, by forcing tho authors to prove
their accusations, which ho is confident
they will fuil in.
We are glad to see Mr. Cake taking
this wove, because, in the firs' place, it
fIiows his consciousness of innocence,
and that he court a f.iir and impartial
investigation of his official actions; and
seconaly, because it will be tho means of
putting a stop to the disgraceful contro
versy th it is damaging the whole county
"Wo hivo before expressed our belief
that Mr. Cake was innocent of these
recusation, and tho course he has now
taken confirms us in that belief. It at
least shows that ho doca not shrink from
the public gaze, or wish to hide any er
rors that ho may have committed during
his official life.
We would rather hafu seen the suit
brought against the parly preferring the
ohnrges, but at tin namo was signed to
them it necessarily had to be hrought
cniit-the proprietor nf the Ditpatth.
We do not wibh our con-temporary any
harm, but we would like to pee Mr. Cake
coma nut of this fight with his skirts
clear, for a man's character is worth
more to him than anything else in life
Not wishing to condemn any one unjustly,
we anxiously await tho trial, as do the
friends of both parties throughout tho
The public school opened last Monday
with 100 scholars.
There was a called term of tlio County
Court last Monday.
The Circuit Court will commence
fall session next Monday week.
Mr. Wing will start out on his tax
collecting tour on the 14th of next
The Parker Seminary will not open
this fall, but will commence some time
to January or February.
M. T. Britten, grocery merchant, Troy,
Mo , is paying 9 cents per pound for
bacon and 14 cents per di zen for eggs,
cash. Bring along your produce. He
keeps a large supply of family groceries.
Laroe Potato Mr. Abner Truo
called at our office one day last week,
and presented us a large sweet potato,
raised by his son, Mr, Alonzn Trtie, on
his farm near llobinson's Mill, in Hurri
cane township,. It is of the red variety,
end weighs three and a half pounds.
A Pio Nio of Old Settlers Mr.
Isaac N. Bass-ye, probably one of the
oldest residents of the county, made us a
very pleasant call last Saturday. He
oamo to this county in tho year 1818, be
for it was named, all this section of
country then being embraced in the
county of St. Charles. He was only
nine years old at that time, and ha ex
perienced all the hardships of pioneer
life, Mr. Baisye suggested that it would
be a good idea for all the old settlers of
the county to have a re unioa at tome
convenient point, where tbey may meet
and live the past over again in sooial
talks. It will doubtless meet with the
pprobation of our pioneer citizens, and
be a Terry interesting affair. Much in
terestiog information eould thus be
gleaned, that will otherwise sink into
forgetfulpess. Wo hope they will put
the idea into practical effect. If only a
few of them meet and make arrangements,
hey will have no trouble gatboringihese
sturdy yeomaury together; end w here
ffer them th f 9ra
Warkstilto anil Wrsten flallraari,
Editor -Hira'd: Business callinc no
to the eastern portion of the county last
Wwex, and being in the clow neighbor
hood of tko above road, I concluded to
go down on same in company with David
Allen, Lsq., and sea with mv own eves
whether there wan tny truth in the re
ports occasionally heard about Troy, that
somo work was being done on this road
I frankly confess that I was surprised to
leo the amount of wotk done and tho
number of hands at work. I learned
from Messrs. McKenzie and Latley that
there were nearly three hundred hands,
including choppers, shotelcrs and scra
pers, all busy at work, besides an Kxca
vator, which is a great curiosity and
especially adapted for grading on lovel
plain or bottom, such as said road runs
over. This mochino is on four wheels,
is drawn by eight mules, and bos an cl-e
vator which carries the dirt from the
plow and deposits it on the track. I am
told that witb the excavator they have
made nearly a mile of road in one day in
this county. Tbo work can be done fur
nbsut G cents per yard, perhaps less.
The grading is all done from B T
Cocke's field to south of McL'iins creek
and looks remarkably well, It is thrown
up from two and a half to four fret, is
above highest water, and is perfectly
straight. I was on that part of the
work and saw that much myself. I also
learned that some twenty odd miles of
grading between Clarksvi.lc an 1 Dar
denne were done, and that the entiro
work will be done find the cars running
by January 1st, 1873 I would bo glad
to think so, but when our Fanguine
friends of tho Bluff have had as much
experience in railroad promises as we
have had, perhaps they will not be so
rash in their predictions.
Now, Mr. Editor, in concluding this
article, I think I properly represent the
views of the reflecting men of the county
when I say that no good reason exists
why we should not have two raiiroann in
this county ; by to doing every section
would be occommodatad, and wo could
move forwurd in the great work of de
veloping our county and adding to its
wealth and population. Therefore I say
hurrah for both roads. 15
Temperance I'lc-Mc.
Editor llerattl: Cold Water Lodge
gave a pic nic last Saturday, near Hank
Point. Rov. O. S. Thompson, Prof. J
II. Gaff. Rev. J. B Allen, Eld T. Ford
and II. R. Ellis, D. O. W. C T., ad
dressed the meeting, and notwithstanding
the harbor was crowded to overflowing
jut good order was observed during the
entire day. The speeches wcro well
received and everything passed off qui
etly and pleasantly.
The babket dinner was spread upon n
ong table, where all pirtook freely and
heartily. It was nice, good and bounti
ful, and all teemed to do ample justice
to it.
Cold Water Lodge and the citizens of
that neighborhood deserve much credit
for the generosity displayed in getting up
this picnic, and tho hospitable manner
with which tbey received the members
of other lodges and those who wcro not.
I'hnv seem to bo as zealous as they are
earnest in the cause, and have tho good
wishes of the fratornity. N.
Special attention is given to watches
that have been "botched and ''butch
ered" by poor workmen, at tho shop of
J. L Vaughan.
Taxes! 1873. Taxes I
Frederick Wing, Collector of Lincoln
county, Mo , will meet the tax payers at
the times and places set torth below tor
the purpose of .receiving their taxes :
Burr Ouk Mills. Monday, Oct. 14
Hlsberry Mills, Tuesday, October 15.
New Hope, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri
day, Oet. 16, 17. 18.
Walnut Mills, Saturday, Oct. 19.
Chantilly, Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesday, Oct 21, 22. 23.
Argent's Storo, Thursday, Oct. 24.
Old Monroe, Friday, October 25
Chain of Hocks, Saturday, Oct 2G,
Auburn, Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day, Oct, 28, 29, 80.
Millwood, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Oct. 81, and Nov. 1 and 2.
Louisville, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, Nov 5. 6, 7.
Nineveh, Friday, Nov. 8.
Kennedy's Store, Saturday, Nov. 9.
Truxton, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdiy,
Nov 11. 12, 13.
Lynn's Mill. Thursday, Nov. 14.
Post Oak, Friday, Saturday, and Mon
day, Not 15, 16. 18
Troy, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs
day, Nov. 19. 20, 21.
JJring description ot tana; win urn
have time to examine deeds. Also re
mrmher that if tho tuxes are not paid by
the first of December the law compels
the Collector to collect them by force,
and that there is no property exempt
from levy and sale for taxes.
V. WING. Collector
Sept. 18, 1872. Linooli county, Mo.
W 8. Cooper has large supply of
Arbuckle a browned uonee, me oesi in
use, and will keep a full supply always
orj band, bcride everything else in the
nntinn Mid tocer line. He in receiving
fresh supplies every weetc. fall at mo
end be posted be lore buying
The PicKIc it Hawk Potrtf,
What Hmit John Saw suit llearj.
Hawk's Oyxk, Sept. 14.
Editor Btrald: This has been a day
fraught with all-absorbing signiGcanco
to the people of Lincoln county, and to
those who reside iu tho romantio and
umbrageous regions of "Hawk's Beak"
in particular. Agreeably to a long and
well understood arrangement, the pco
pie of steady habits in this and adjoining
vicinities, not excepting the beauty, do
quenco and intelligence of your eater-
prising village, hero met together to dis
cuss the proper measures by which their
great enemy, ''Old ltye," could most
effectually bo suppressed. As is usually
the case with great and spontaneous up
risings of the pooplo, the iuiigniGcant
individual to be so rurumarily wiped out,
was nowhete to be found, and as "nppo
sition is the life of business," there was
perforce but littlo Ufa hero. The first
speaker, whom, unfortunately, wo did no!
hear, delivered, wo will trust, an eloquent
and conclusive argument in favor of the
immediate, total and unending ennvic
tiun, suppression and demolishtnent of
tho long endured and much accursed
criminal. Alter this burst of eloquent
denunciation, the meeting adjourned to
decide the case of a large pile of odiblas
and a small supply of drinkables, near
ut hand. Judging by the interest here
manifested, wc could almost believe this
to have been tho principal object of the
gathering. The chickens were good, the
cakes and pic-) better, and the female
portion of the gathering, to our unso
phisticatcd eyes, the sweetest and best of
all. After we had done justice, or in
justice, as you please, to the edibles, and
sufficiently, though modestly and with a
proper degrco of shyness, admired th
sweet faces, and blushed nealli the curi
ous and no doubt sc.crctlv amused smile
of the ladies, we with the others as-em
bled gathered neath tho protectin
shade of the scrub nak nrbnr, and for
nearly two long hours ptibmittted to th
dull "bonnjrs" of a half dozen or to of
the assembled eloquenco of tho occasion.
No doubt 'twas good for digestion ; it
ought to be.
Tho firct speaker began by s'aling that
he, like some noted speaker in times past,
hml unfortunately stuck his speech into
an auger hole, and couldn't get it out;
but jut as the faces of the audience
werti lighting up with secret thankful
ncsa that they wcro thus to escape, he
suddenly stuck his thumb and finger into
the hole, which proved to be his vest
pocket, and drawing forth tho "lost notes"
proceeded to deliver on eloquent and
effective dii-courso upon the evils and
probable cures of that very unpleasant
curse to down fallen humanity Intern
perance. Ho wa followed promptly by
ono of tho5e pleasant, jolly, poetical
speakers, who make you laugh in spite
of yourself. He began by saying that
he hadn't anything whatever to say, and
proceuded to siy it. First, he told a
funny story, laughed at it and made
everybody laugh to see him launb. Then
he becamo poetic and soared aloft on the
winged Pegasus of poesy in such elo
quently poetical strains as
"I'll strike at tho monger's head, whato'cr I do,
And if I see Its I ail, I'll giro thai a licr, loo.'
Then ho told the story of the boy that
they "found out was a fool anyway," and
applied it to himself; ar.d thon he waxed
eloquent, and made the scrub oaks trcm
ble like aspens in an autumnal breeze,
the sounding aisles of the dim woods
ring and the feathered denizens of the for
est to fly away in terror at the thunders
of his eloquence, and. then, with an ex
pression like that of a frightened school
boy who had "spoke his piece," ho
subsided, and was followed by an aged
and wrinkled veteran, who frankly
admitted that the "previous speakers had
taken all the wind out of his sails." To
prove his assoition he made on unmis
takably "windy" speech of at least half
an hour, We tremble when wo think
what we must have endured had not tho
"wind been taken out." He handled
those church members who fuvor tho
prisoner on trial, "Old Ilye," without
gloves or mittens either, and compli
mented the ladies like a youth of twenty
Ho was followed by one, who from being
an intimate friend and boon companion
of the poor absent prisoner, has become
his most inveterate foe, and goes about
the country for the sole and openly
avowed purpose of getting up societies
to totally and immediately annihilate
him. His romarks were confined princi
pally to telling what he, tho speaker, had
done in this vicinity to create a prejudice
against his old friend, and thon he begged
loave to introduce a "nico young man
from Illinois," who oame promptly,
but bluehingly, forward, and after a bow
and emile of intended captivating
swsatneis towards the Jadiee, stated that
he never made a speech in his life, and
looked as though he wished he had never
tried. Then he told story of tome
poor old Sootchman, and waited for tho
audience to laugh, but as they didn't fie
would got drunk dud lay down in a ditch
w. no better than a hog, and he ought
to know, for ho had been there. Tbo i
he strove to gain an approving smite from
the ladles by a few flattering remarks to
them, but didn't seem to succeed, though
ol the old married
men nrcscnt
aughed a sickly apprcciativa kind of
laugh t.'hen lie stated that "we are all,
mora or less, under petticoat govern
ment. And then, as he didn t teem to
hove anything more to say, looked uhecp
iili, and dropping down from tho slund
like a young rooster from an onk log
after his first attempt to crow, hi sub i
sided, and we all started for home, and
the only pleasant remembrance is tho
tasto nf whisky in the water barrel re
tained by truly your?,
"Honest John."
Public Sle ov Fine Stock I will
sell at public auction on my larm, four
miles southwest of 1 roy,
On WctintHiny. .Viemter 25, 18i2,
the following stock : 8 or 10 good young
brood mares, 8 curling mules, one 2-
year old mule, tj mcking mules, 4 or 5
thorough bred cows, 5 ur 6 thorough
bred calves, ono thorough bred bull, 5
years old, onn well bred juok, 5 3 cars
old, a lot of fine sheep, Leiccs'cr and
CotnwoM; also 3 wagons, 1 wheat drill
and 1 reaper 1
Terms On all sums of S10 and over
a credit of six months will bo given,
purchaser giving bond with undoubted
H. T. East tells fruit jars at bottom
Tho demand for Telegraph Operators
is constantly leing increased by lliu num
ber of nuv railroad and telograpli lines
which aro being openod up in tli West
and South, thus making Telotrapby one
nf the most, profitabln as well ns most
leuaut employments iu the country. 1
To young persons of cither i-ex we offer
suponoradvantages to leuru this nrt,as wo
have a t-hnrt lino expressly for learning,
also the benefit ol practice on one of tho
principle lines in the country. We shall
eiideaor to procure situat.ons for our
pupils as soon a-t competent. Terms S10
per month in advance. 1
P & A Telegraph office, Troy, Mo.
On tho 1Uh inst., WILLIE, son of (loo. W.
nnd M. C. Molir, aged 0 year.', 11 months nr.d S
'Dearest M'llllo thou hast loft uj,
Horo thy lo no clci ply feul ;
ISut 'tis Uod who liuth cured u
II 0 can all our sorrows heal."
Final Scitlciiieiii.
V"OTICl.' I licroby Riven tbnt tho undersigned ;
IN administrator nf the esinto of M'llltam
Wadp. dccc.vcd, will make a fln.tl Fettletncnt of
IiIh ndininirtialion nfsniil estate at tho next term '
of tho Pruliale Court of Lincoln county, Mo., to j
lie bi'Run and held la Truy on tho second .Monday '
In October, IH72. I
scp!8 K. Q. SITTON, Adm'r.
Final Settlement.
MOTICH is hereby clven that tho undersigned
I administrator of tho citato of ICIhlm V.
Iln't, deceased, will make n final settlement
of his administration of said estate at tho luxt
term of tho Probate Court of Lincoln county,
Mo., to be begun and held nt tho court hooso in
Troy on tho su-oud Monday in October, Ifi72.
s.r18 E. O. SITION, Adm'r.
Administrator's Notice.
VOTICE is hereby given that letters of admin
istraiun woro granted to the unleri'nca neeJ lho mone
tho estate of Thomas F. Foley, deceased, I
by tho Clerk of tho l'roboto Court of Lincoln
county, Mo , 011 tho 3 I day of Hctit'r, 1872.
All persons bavins claims agaiuit slid istato
aro required to exhibit them to tho administrator
for allowance within ono year from tho dale, of
said letters, or thoy may ho precluded from any
benefit of said estate, nnd If not exhibited within
two years from tho date uf said letters they will
bo lorovcr barred.
BY VIRTUE and authority of a special exe
cution issued from the oliico of tho Cltrk of
tbeCircuit Courtof Lincoln couu'y. Mo., returna
ble to tho September term of said Court and to
me directed in favor of James Collins and John
J. Ilolliday, and against Juhn Kirkham, Benin-
mln lluflner, Thomas Clark, David J. Silver,
William F. Cullin William Chase and Ucorgo
Catcott, I have levied upon and seized as tho
properly of said John Klikham, Denamln
Kuflnor, Thomas Clark, David J. t-'ib er, William
F. Cullin, William Chase and George Catcott, the
following described real estate, to wit! nest
ha f of rcctlon 2 township 43 rango 2 west, and
southwest quarter of southeast qua-ter of section
3 townhip48 range 2 west, and west half north
west of section. 23 town-hip 49 range 2 west, and
northwest of tho southwest quarter of section 23
township 49 rango 2 west, ami north holf north
east uf section 34, township 49 range 2 west, nnd
cist half nf southeast of section 31 township 49
range 2 nest, ana west nan or noriuwesi 01 sec
tion 35, Inwnshlp49 range 2 west, and soulhwost
quarto' of section 3o ti nnship 49 range 2 west,
ui.d north half of northeast of seetlon 3 town
ship 48 rango 2 west, and southeast quailerof
southwest quarter of sect is-n 35 township 49
range 2 west ; also the steam engine and machin
ery thereto belonging, now employed in mining
eon I at the coal mines uf said defendants, on tho
above mentioned land, and I will, on
Wednesday, Ootober 2d, 1872,
between the hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon
and S o'clock In the aft' moon of that day, at
the court houso d. or In the town of Troy, Lin
coin county, Mtsiouil, sell at puhlio vendue for
cash to tho highest bidder all tho right, title, In
terest, claim, esinto and properly tif the above
named John Kirkham, Denjamin Ruffner, Thom
as Clark, David J. Silver, Win. F. Cullin, Wm.
Chase and Oeo, C.ilcoil, ol', in and to the above
described real estate, and personal property, to
satisfy said execution and costs.
Trader of German cud Frcncu.
THANKING the oliilens or Troy and vicinity
for their natronairo durlnir the nasi vsir. T
would respectfully inform them that tag cissies
for 1872 an 1873 will begin as follows 1
First Term October 15th, 1872.
Second Term February loth, 1873.
Tuition $10 per terns, ptyablo In a4vs,ite.
Xhose desiring to become pupils afe requested
tn notify me at least two freoks befora the be
ginning of tho term.
Ladies will be instructed at their respective
residences If they soSoilre.
for further Information apply at th eotus
kouteof . -1 HIliLGH.
flhwaiiaVl TnatiiiliA
liflnSUWl lSMiUie,
A Dillon of this Imtltntlon will commenca
On Mwftday, StpfeCfeer 2, 1972,
p.iy.y, JaniurV 17. 1878.
If Vaii Cnl( Q G00(i SoJlOol
fur your Ron or D tighter, where thoy wilt be
cared for both In school and family, thoroughly
taught, and iorrockdio by sirrv mt 'nurrn
r'.L !KFU-ci3, lond then to
Christian Institute
59- Scud for Circular.
3. h. ft AW. A. M., Pres't.
July 31. 1872. 3m
Wheelbarrows, Vc,
TROY, 3VT-0-
AIIj kinds of repair work
Constantly on H.ind.
July 17. lS72-ly.
I have just, opened out a NEW
Goods in (he brick building of Mess.
Wool folk cG Crews, adjoining Mr.
Withroufa saddle and harness store,
and will keep on hand
Dry Goods,
Queensware, &c,
The Seaon being short 1 have determined
fiS" As I realited considerable loss by the
burning of my home, store and s took, I earnestly
call unon all nersons who owe me la settle. I
,n .,.
I Tr0.r- Mo.. Nor. 30, 1871.
Iflillincry Establishment
For cheap groceries and provisions,
and everything in the grocery
line, such as
Canned Fruits
l'icklcs Oysters
Go to Mrs. Sedlacek't.
glV Persons Indebted to mo are earnestly re-
questea to call ana settle last year accounts.
Feb'y 1. 1872.
Schnelle & Querl,
Cor. Main and Dcslrehan Sis.,
July 21, 1871 ly.
Change of Time.
U Kit RAFTER my Haok, oarrlng the Mall
, -L and I'assengera
f roiu Troy to Weutzville
will leave Troy at 7 o'clock In the fjornlug, mak
ing; connection with both the Kastera and West
ern bound tralnt. My backs and teams are kept
in goon oruer,ania caremi drivers manage mem.
n'.Mm;i JAGUU HAKTMna.
WsRon llarnpsi,
Curriaj;o Harness,
Bugpy Harness,
Uidmg Bridles,
Blind Bridles,
0pen-fi.ee work do.,
Halter Bridles,
Check Lines,
Back Bands,
Belly Bands,
Bridlo Rein's,
Wacon Martingaloi,
Hiding do
Breast Strops,
Belly Strops.
Home Strops,
Halter Strops,
Hame Strinci,
Wagon Dreechiop,
Saddle Cruppers,
Hnrso Humes,
Curry Combs,
Horse Brushes,
Horse Blonktes,
Hair Saddle Girths,
heather Saddle Girths,
Web Saddle Girths,
Trace Chain's,
Mule Homes,
Wagon Whips,
Ox Whips,
Drcvers Whips,
Horse Collars,
Mulo Collar,
Sido Saddles,
Men's Saddles,
Boy's Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Carriage Trimmings,
Riding Whips,
Plow Gear, &o.
Boys' and Girls'
Boots and Shoes
of Kvcry Styl'k
Done with Neatness arid Dispatch
Hides and Tallow.
We tnanufactuee our Roots and Shoes,
Saddles, Harness and Collars out of
Lent lie r of our own Tannin):, and aro
tlio only persons in Troy who manufoo
turo out of Leather made at our yard.
Goods and prices warranted to
give satisfaction.
Hi tot) e
WW Mt wmj.

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