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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, December 04, 1872, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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OH Wcodthtr,pr.
Jupiter wii cubic fellow,
drawn tod itroDg and lundnci, tuai
uriug t from lit ooia to bit tiil't
ad, of ft rich jallow brown color, and
hit tjti, oh I tbtjr were to meltiDi; and
o aapaciotii, it wit difficult to think
tbcj btlorigtd onlj to a dog. Hut
theagb enly a deg, be w oo of tbe
bighcet of tbe race, far tbii reaioo, that
hit whole
life wa apent in tarinfr the
lira, of ttb.n, and could yon or I dol"T "uu P
any thin;; latter than that?
Hit boat wit the ejonatttry ef Mont
Bt. Bernard, I don't know whether he
kad Uea hern there ; hit forefatban
wane originally from Spain, from the
nnv aouth, with itt vineyards and
orance erTei. What a contrail to the'
ttrnal ice and enow wbcte wo 2nd him !
I don't know whether he ever played aa
other pupr.it do , hit after life wai 10
Crar. .-el. wurlc , ,.1
' (trough, I think it mutt baro thrown itt
tbadowi well over bit youth. At any rate
be bad Lten trained Tram bit (.arlicr ))
to follow (he great and noble inatinct".
which hit Creator hail given turn. And
well at thoic who went before hits bad
done, our friend Jupitor cutihone thorn
On the bi'sheit inhabited land in Kb
rope 8,500 ft abavt the tea, and
ruing often above the cloudt toe where
tbo ico never entirely mlt, and there
are few dayt tvtn in tuuimcr whan tbe
now dues not fail in the very heart of
tbe .Swii rnonnUini, ttandi a building,
old and gray and grim, called the mono
tery, or Hospice of Mont St. Bernard.
All around it a watte of mow, except
where the .harp, ateep roc la I&1712 no
turfaee lor the mow to rett on. All if
ttlll, there it no life, no color anywhere.
Could anybody would anybody live
there? you fay away from fricndi and
kindred away from all that 11 praeri,
bright and cheery, tliut up in those
dreary, desert regions ?
'Mm Monastery ii inlialtited by about
forty uihkn, who, ui'le-l by il'Jgi, devoto
tlioraielvai to tdo t'roat work of having
tbe livca which would ottmrwiae be lost
in the anotr.
Desert a it in, there arc travellers
constantly mssiii to and fro between
Italy and Switzerland. They are liable
to be overtaken by darkness or fatigue or
sudden storms, and many a ono would
never reueli bis home if it wore not for
the timely suceor of them bravo and
noble men. I'rrbaps ono hinks down,
OTiircomu by weariness and tls great
cold ; tbe mow comes softly down flake
by Hike, ao weak yot so mighty, and
soon you would not know where the
stranger fell. Who shall tell tbe sjiot
where hu lies? Who smll dij,' liiui out
from bin cold, cold j;ravo ?
Jupiter will do it. lie ban dene it.
It ban been the business of bin life
Tbia (ino fuitbful dog bad saved the
lives of twenty-two persons, by finding
tbctu, and dicing them with his paws
out of tho snow I
So keen is the scent of tbe St, Ilur
nard race, that they will detect a human
beini; even when hurried many feot be
iieatb tbe Hiiown. Day after day the
monks send tbem forth, or no with them
tbemselves, but if it were not for the
dogs, they would never know the spot
where the perishing traveller lies. If
the don ro ulone, bottles of cordial aro
lied uround their neoks, and warm wrap
around their bodies, for tbe benefit of
thoao they may find.
Whan they discover a body, thoy give
notice by a peculiar kind of howl, which
snon brinH tho monks to tho rescue
The doKSioraleh away tho snow, and tho
poor human beinfr is then taken to the
MonaMery, and every means used to
restore life, Often it is too late; they
, r,oiv in nine no more, nut more
often the friendly aid hoi cum in time;
they are tended and nursed with the tit
most our, and then, with a puide rmd
the doR, and good supplies, aro sot forth
on thoir way oneo more.
Once a dop found, deep daws in the
now, a woman and hor litthi pirl. It
was too lata to save tho mother she was
sleep (n death, nud ho the tnp turned
II his attention to tho child. Now li
managed to pursuadu bur In mount on
Lis back, we do not 'know, but ho did,
and in that way carried tbo litllo on
afoly to tbo homo roady for hor.
Hut to roturn to Jupiter. I am afraid
you will think his end u sad ono. Ono
day thoreoaiuo tu tho Hospico a courier
returning to hm own native village in
tbe Italian vulloys, and In haste to (;ot
there. Ho would not lin'on to the warn
ings of the monks, but rosolved on point'
att once. So all thoy could do they did'
Thoy cre him two guides, and sent
with then Jupiter, their best and bravest
dog. AIm t they never roaohod their
jouroey'f end ; an avalanche, or great
block of $oew, awopt dewa tbe mtuntaitv
tide, aad Irarclltr, t'ai-lei, and doa. were
buried together bneeth it
Well, to die in one't work and ooe't
duty i better thing than to die In tbe
path of lelfiihntit and pleasure. And
we who live 10 much to r.Jae oirteWet,
ought to be tbe better for looking at
these lirei of ielf-deu.il and lelfeac
n6ce. If anything can make these glotioai
mountain ef Switzerland more grand,
more tdlemn, more eleratio, it it the
J thought of tbe huiotn .iret ipent 01 that
bign and icy jtak for other; it 11 tbe
holy principle of itlf tacri&ce thown
, ' uivug iuern ; .p,n. c.,gr..
auu wuu ')', " any win win come
alter me, let him deny himself, and tile
op hit croit, and folio me."
is tiii: I'oM.owivc
Irish I'opllni
Fine Cassimeres
WMo Silk Velvets
Table I.iri'-ns
I.incn Towi-ii
lleavjf .Tfn,
Honey Comb Quills
Hi htlcrni-ri'i Hush ry
I.mlic llusii ry
Children's Hosiery
Iliimbiirp I.dpiiiKt
C'ir,i-tn b in fino,
Ilultnonii .-.Uu ti
J;c, Ac,
Table Iamaiks
riblrting Flannels
Canton Flannels
Fine White Flannels
I'lud 4 f,'he"k "
I'Uck Alpiicas
'oIori.d Alpacas
liic.-tflH-d .Muslins
(.'rahi,brn. a blcacli
Cotioii I)int.i-r
i'lllow r'asn Cotton
Wide )),) lines
SbirliiiK (')ii-cka
l.i'd 'I irkins
Murino Vols and
Ladies' ami .11 i (.'.'titers,
ait o em Kins,
IUcp, Spice, and Kwrjltliig Xlce,
0.yHtiis undSurdincH,
THOY, ilO. March 7, 1872-novV71yl
" 1(1 ii7t I'r day. Api-nti wanted)
" Xt Ail lal( ut orkll,K ...
pic of elllii-rsci, younj, ,,r old, make moie money
at work lor u in their spire moments. 01 all the
lime, than nt iiiij tbln t,. I'articslars Ir-c.
Addnss (J Mmsoii A Co., I'orll.ind, .Me.7vlf,yl
rPAKI... 1.1'.. a ,t,y ,y jin ,s. Head, In
a nion tr,wnsblp, l.loeoln county, .Mo , one
red and wh te spotted cow, four tear old past,
marked with crop, spin , cut in M
nod spl t una two undercuts in right i ar, branded
on leli h,i, Mill, , ti,.r, (.. M i , u
iipprai.id at 120 by Thomas li .McDonald and
James . (,.,, fuin.n , ,-,.r-n.l to this 2d
lay or Nov., Ij72. Joux li, IliasurM., J. I'.
novUnlo '
WSiHUan and IHfin
Which he. will Furnish at Facta) y
Wholiuulc I'rices.
T WOin.D respectfully announce lo the illl
1 rent of l.linoln countjf Ibnl I bum secured
..'I i'lH.1'1'' "' I'lllKT CIsAHS JOUlt.S'l'.V
MAN WA I I'll MAKIIlt, and will
Itvpair W'nd lit , Clorktamiil
Al IN (;t))l) (HtDKIt.
r.(;itvi(i m:ati,y i:yi:u n:i)
Jewelry bouirbt of mu will I.. I t...
of charge,
Kneclal allonllen oul,l i,. .i.i... i....
been "botched" and "butcharcd" und neurlr ru
ined by poor worluiiin.
ji-cr All Uork iVaiiaiitid.
J. la.
P. k A, Telegraph. fJfflc,J)onnii' Jlulldlikg,
oirit lakci: STOCK Of
Wacoo Uarnes',
Carriage Harries",
liugcy Harnes,
Uidmu' undies,
JJIini Iiriille,
Open-face work do.,
Jlalter UriUlCB,
Check Lines,
Hack Hand",
Belly Hands,
iiridlc I'cini,
Wason -Martingalcj.
Riding do
Hreat Strop',
IJelly s'trop.s,
Hame .Strop',
Halter .Strops.,
Ilamc Strint's,
Wagon Hreecbing,
Saddlo Crupper;,
Ilorso Hames,
Curry (Jombt,
llurse liruihcs,
Horn: lihinktca.
Hair .Saddle GirtliH.
Leather H,iddln fJirlhs,
U'cb Saddle Girths,
Trace Chains,
Mule Hame"!,
Wagon Whips,
Ox Uhip,
Drover.-. Whip",
HorK! Collam,
.Mulo Collars.
Side Saddles,
Mcij'h Saddles,
Hoy's Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Curringo TriiiimingH,
Killing Whips,
l'low (jear, Sec.
Hoys' and Girls'
Boots and Shoe
of Kvery Style,
Done with yeatness and DUpatr.h.
Hides and Tallow.
hoot jyu shoe
u,,.,u,Ki, u acres iimocr. I'rico 20 dols. per
acre. I'rico of iho entire tract of 525K acres,
122 50 per aero. Terms a,000 dol. cash, balance
on time.
' IB New two-story ilviclllng nnd Slots in
town of Troy. House 111x20 with 1, 111x28, por
tico in front and porch on back, fl large rooms, a
cloict, well of living water, large cisterns smoke
lioui.0 and stable. I.argo numbor of fruit trees
In bearing, apples, peaches, poara, sweet ehcr
We manuracttico our Hoots and .Shoos V' "' "'"rl"el'orriM. plums, riulnce, Ac. W tin
Saddle,, Harness and Collars out ()f l:.r,L:ra;r,r,,of,,Ca,;aJ.rc,'es B"d '
1,-ather ol our own Tannintr, ami , s,Ul -Improved farm 49 acres of splendid
lliii only persons in lroy who muriul'ao 1,1 " (,tril''' "ilshlmrhood, In a high unto
lure out of Leather mailt! at our Vurd "f ul.,l.v,,llon' good dwelling house, smoke house
nri-l slob .,, some rruit trees. Farm well watered.
llblii Y, mllo or Chain of Hocks and VA mile
i lootl a and pncen warranted to
.'..-. ...,j.-..j.'...
yive Huliaj action.
Real Estate Agents.
Tror, Lincoln Coubij, .Mo,,
Bay and Stll Land. Pay Taiei lor Son-
retldenti. fllve Abstracts of Tltlet,
M rite IJetdf, Mortgages, Plata
ut Lauds, it.
Tbty OfTtr for Sale Ibr Following
No. I ItsrroTfrl farm, I5J acres, .1 oltes
dortbwett o( At.bi.TO, I ton of railroad and 2
mild of rwk toil, 35 acres la cultivation. Kl
acres H'UttiH limtr, bH-l? Loait ljj
riti, naUe iti eors crib, t'rice iiiW, ODt tbitJ
tub, lattDtt "D time.
No. 'i Cal land t milt' fouibwut of Tror,
- ';
tO acrea in tb roi1d;e of the C':l CflJ an J
bin lOtrjiri, of lb- ibaft at tbe Link oiae.
rice ilOOO, Lilf enh, balance on litne.
No, 3202 acrei UDimr.roipd timber land
ili tnilei tontb of MilNoo'l ajd adjoining West
prairie. Price HiO, third caib, balance on long
No. 5 Home and lot in Troy, frame bouse
20 by 40 and one ttory bigb, 4 roomi, cloiet,
moke boaie, cl,tern, ibrubbery, Ac, lot 100 by
KO fet, 2i 0 jar li frtm town ifring. I'rice and
lermi c'vov can,
No. it Farm of I1V acrei, l( miles of Mos
co Mill, 20 acre! in cohlration, VI a rcs good
timber, 13 bearing each treei Trice ill) f,tt
acre, two lbirdi cub, balance on time.
No. 751 acre? timber land, underlai 1 with
coal, 2i milci of Moicow. I'rice (20 ,er acre,
too-lbtrdt caib, balance on time.
No. M Improved farm of 9.1$ acrer, one
mile from tbe court boute in 1 my, 25 acres In
cultivation, 23 aTes in patlure and'incadow, Ifco
five j tar old a pic trees, 25 peacb tree, 45 acres
splendid timber, 2 story frame 13 by 21 anil uli
I, 1 story 18 by 21, all In good repair, smoke
bouse, chicken house, stables and crib, A No. 1
tobacco tarn of t, tier', pood I'rice an I
terms $35 cash per acre. Just the place for a
ttrson ho desires to --arry on a small I,irin,anl
also pet tbe benefit of good schools in lroy for
his children.
I No. f) Improved farm of 50 acres mt
east of Trov, 25 acres in euliiration, 55 acres
ood timber, loe house 16 bs 13. I Wsinn
house, corn crib and stables, 1M young fruit
tiees In bearing. I'ri c ,i per acre, tvo thirds
cash bilancc on time.
Mi,. 10 Improved farm of hd aw 2 mlLis
soulh of Troy, 35 acre- in 'ulthntion, 15 utcs
in grass and 30 avr- iimld-r, hou-e ID by S, ij
rlorics, kilchen 14 bi 11, smoke bous.-, cellar,
stable shided on two si lei. granary, inb and li n
bou'e. All the'e buildio's are ne and ub
star.tl.il. Well and pon I i,l stoek sratei, 25 up
pic, 25 peach and 6 pear tries of sxi-cllerit Irui .
I'rice 31) dols. per acre, two thirds iah balance
on time.
No. II Improved fntm of 200 acres, 5 miles
northwest of Troy, 70 urns in cultnatlon, 130
nrres timber, 2 story liou-c 1H l,y 20 with I, kil
cbtri IB by 21 one slorj, uinke house with cellar
under it 7 It deep, stable,, eorn crib, new 7-t it
toba- o lurn, splendid or hard i,r 7.10 trees in
bearing consisting of plv, peaches, pears,
plums, apricols, nectarim., cherrle". .Vew and
comiiiodioui school muu near. l'rico 20 dols
per acre, half cash, balance on time without in
terest. Nn IS Improved faim of SO acres 2i mllci
west or Chain of Itoek. in (icrin'iu in ighlmr
booil, 10 acres in cultivation, lOncrt'i l.no limber,
bouse, smoke house, good ,tl, stable, tobacco
burn, apple ami pencil orchard, new bcIioo! hou-e
close at blind. I'rico J20 per acre, half c.ili,
bil.mce on time.
.No. I.T Improved firm of 200 acres 1 miles
cast of 'lroy und 2 miles of .Mmrour mill,, no
ncres reneed, fell vcres in cullivation, 20 acres in
grass, 100 acres timber, 2 story house, 20x30,
cellar under it, ainoku houc, splendid well, sin
ble, large crib, 2 tobacco n.it na, I5o apple trees,
pears, i.earhe,, cherries, grapes. l,ai produced
.ill bushels cor ii per .ure thlsyenj. New i-chool
bou.o coiiipleted and paid for conenienl. I'rice
flH p'r acre, half cash, balance on lime.
No. II 1 10 acres improved farm, 50 acres
fenced anil in culliwitiuii, splendid limber, in
cluding a good mgar camp, .'III bearing rruit tnis,
two-story log house, lathed and plastered, smoke
bouse and outbuildings, II splendid spiingi on
the farm. This larm is fno miles Irnm Troy and
half that distance from St 1, K Itallroad. I'rice
11,110 rub.
.No. I.' li:o a-rcs of splcdid lind located
r.esr lb north lino u this countv. The rm'k
rosd from Auburn arid the .-t I, ,t li' Itr both run
Ihrosi!, this ira-t. About onehnlf of this land
l fer,cl and ha, six dwelling houses located at
'USu-Ml poioi, on it. Klables, cribs and tobacco
brni a, a U,;.e ,! well built, nnd at convenient
p'nr.fs'.r, il. u.m. 'J he entire tract is oUcreil at
thi rtr) Is.-, figorool' f20 per acre. f!r we will
" '" 'O acres, 120 acres, lfi(l acres, 200
a . a small advance on tho nbovo price.
aj"eos1ii 'o ii, imp'ovoments anil locution of
b e.issiilf t,k,.t desired by the purciiuser
Sr.. If. Improved farm of SO acres fenced
tu t W t'tss in etiltlvnllon, largo house, I
strtSMs v, ,,.) kilchin 12x 10 ; spring within
Mi" t,.-s., K,i ,,,tK, onplacuj 1(10
frtrf imsi of apple., peaches, cherries, plums,
fan's n one inllii of a grist and saw mill,
i'A m.in, .ooib ol 'Iro. I'rice $15 per aero.
'W 17 1 1 1 acres, small bouse and about 15
tAVts .HasjiI I under fence, 120 acres of
fi.Hfw, ; ift, north of Troy, I'rico $500.
t.v, I'oor well Improved, splendid farms,
ffVAt n M Kod-of 525;i acres i will bo sold
o-yii-ii',.!; .,, (ogelhor. hill acres has largo
d nimt ion, with 7 rooms, 2 porches, part of
fh. H.m ivaw, Uaulirul alto, with largushade
fi"., M Htl, 2 lenanl houses In the yard, smoke
Raiih. ,i,,f living wuler and u cistern, now
HtM Ms ((told stiiblo ; grannry, corn crib J
pAUt f.1 it,.t waler; 400 young thrifty npplo
irsnivf llcd dull, iflO choice Irult trees In
rv . and never full any year. All well
fsti'nd' . fUlds ol convenient size, pastures nnd
mavlo.s well set In grass and clover, ,10 acres of
f.r. lii.Ur This Is, and has been lor years,
tbe model farm of tbo township. I'rico $JI5 per
ar 1(0 acres baa dwelling bou.o li atories
high, Islft Vt with I, kitchen, corn crib and
Ubh, all new; 10 acroj fenced and in cultiva
tion, 120 Umber. I'rico $20 er acre. 120 has
dwelling Ifix.'.l with I, porch on soulh mdo of
house, smoko hoimo, cistern woll, stables and
cribs j land all well fenced, DO acres In cultiva
tion and meadow. I'rico 25 dols. por acre. b5'
acres, 10 Heron In cultivation, 15 acres meadow,
imK- mne iouu ,i0'i.
In this enllghiened ago not many tiurchasers.
trarigera csjici dally, biro conveyances and ride
over tho country In scorch of a farm fur sale,
when thero Is u Heal Kstato Agency to be found.
We advertise extensively and systematically, und
owncn desiring to noil, and purchasers wishing
tu buy, each earnestly hunting for the other and
his own Interest, sccuro the greatest possible
isiely and despatch on the one hand, and the
least expense of time und mo-iey lor search on
tho oilier, by placing In our Agency tbo tale or
purcha u of uny property.
Wo riijiilro parties doslrlng to soil property to
sign a contract describing tho tame, naming the
length or timet Iho property l to remain for sale,
price nnd terms, nnd binding tho owner to iiay
ourcoiiimliHlnn f a sale is effected.
Our iiiiimUsluiu. If tho price doc nn
exceed 8oo, our oouiinlsslnn for aala will he $20,
Itcgular commissions on all sales 2K per cent,
C'Ai: McMi .f, A X.
T. c. cake.
Christian Institute,
X. session cf tbis Inititoti n will commence
On .lloutlaj, Sfpifmbtr 2. IS72,
irt ruisa
Ob Friday, January 17, 1873.
If You Seek a Good School
1 for yoorSon or Dinghter, where they will b
cared for both in school and family, thoroughly
raojht, and scaaoexcr. ar surrr txv utiLTir
ttl urixticcs, tend them to
Christian Institute.
pfij Send for Circulir.
It. G.ll'F,
. 3 m
M Prca't.
July 31
If Viectbarrqwss Vc. ,
Consf antly on Ilriiid.
J uly 17. U72 Iv.
I have just, opened out a NEW
Goods i)i the r.cc Ijinldinq of Mess.
IVoolfolc & Lrms, a.ljomiM, Mr.
v irtrow a muaie. nnd harness store,
and will Accjion hand
Queensware, &c.
The Sea ton being short 1 Ittivc dctcrmhirtt
to m:ii ;i:
i"OitNiii:i rit ices
OX ALL 0001)3.
,iT As I realized con'ldcrnhlo lois by the
burnlngof inr home, storo and -tock, I oarnetly
call upon nil persons who owe mc to settle. I
peod tho money.
Troy, Mo., Nov. :t0, 1871.
Schnelle & Querl,
Cor, Main aud Dislrrhnii Sis.,
July 21, 1871 1y.
Jewelry Store.
I expect to remain In Troy, anil
keep nt all times u I.uro ami
- Coilllllt'tt' Stuck Of
CLOCKS, d-e.
I WAIIH mr my Jew, In lo
bo ivliat I i pi, M iil It. II i.,,
I tell my riisiuiiicrH mi If IMatid
I till the in. Jewelry la,e ,
puiclinatd liiurdttr. Iktaiitlii
very bust American Watches, and
Clucks, r sale.
Watches. lMk and Jew.
thy Repaired, and all
Wo k Warranted.
tj II 1 VP r. . ... .
China Mug. o ' , f and
tharlentoo ill, a .V loaiiihr, o
u.V K J, v"" tins i, ;,'
' ,
a very h.rge ,l..h, , ,u, 1 .'0,', . Kr"
'rlce ur ild,-e . m " ,,7
valuable farMc
l-OXt SALP. "
Allorucjs at Lawi Real E5nie
i wo anil
,.ifn . f. i
storranilc,,.. Y.uWl 'j "" " " arit
l 20 feet with stone walls. Lltlo, .1 ' .V! V
water and plenty 0 .lock tr ?n f,Va tl
acres in cultivation, Gne orchard of !) r V
? Si' .kl.nd! ' ."J !t Un.J "' & n l
,.u,uS w , ucius. ai low Bjures and t.,.
I to suit parchaier. U
80 Acrfs it. .
One mil north ot Troy on Uolstllla r.al
J one story cottage dwelling with 4 roen," i
mile from st. I,, i K. railroad. 40 acrti In Cl
tlvatlon young orchar.I of select fruit, betirl!
chafer0 ' LW figUr" nJ l,tU" to al,fw
2oTAcres v0, t
Three and a half mllci loulh of Tror.' 4
2 .Tl nf ,r i00 ln cultlriiioa.a
good dwelling with 7 or R rooms, 2 new barns,
good outbuilding,, plenty ,.r n,ug aoi ,tc'k
wa cr, on a t.ublic road, a line orchard of-ci
Iivielling stnnds on a nice elevation with nle.
jard. I.ntitc farm under fence and every acre
susceptible at cultivation. Splendid tract of
and. a very desirable home.and is ofTered at verv
low figures.
320 Acres v t
Four miles south of Troy on Mexico roatf.
00 acres in cultiratlnn. nr.lrl. i.a rr..
dwelllnif With A tAhmi , - ... .
i .;..: "" seieci
. u,,. uhcfiock iajin, goott uarns, plenty toe
timber to keep place up. plenty using md stock
water, in a good neighborhood accessable in ill
d rtrtians. Itf.ml .lr,t I. L ...
finding quarters. Will sell part or all to soil
purchaser. I'rico vory low.
ICO Acrrs 0l 6
lour miles soulh of Troy, 70 acres in ejlti.
vnilon, log dwelling with 3 looms, meat house
ami barn, good well of living water and a small
orchard of Iruit tree., ilnlf mile of dislriet
school house, half mile west ol Sand Run church,
same diHanco from l'ost Oa!s and In a good
n ig borhood. Very cheap and desirable.
200 Acres So 8
lour miles north of Troy, 70 acrea In a irool
stnto of cultivation, 2-story log dwelling hus
IS by 20 with h lfi by 4 rooms in all, orchard
of select fruit of all kinds, 1 mllo nest of St. L.
A- K. railroad, very fine spring of never failing
water near the house, convenient to school and
churches, in good neighborhood, and at verv low
4 l.nls inTroy. No. 10
Nice piece of property In Troy a block of 4
lots, wilh comfortable dwelling, good garden,
yard, Ac, on ono of tho finest streeti In towo.
Cheap for cash.
104 Arns ,, n
mile, east of Chantllla, log dwelling with
2 roo ns, meat houso and excellent cistern, plenty
of stock water, 40 acres in cultivation, ut losr
figure ando easjr terms.
2 Lots iu Troy. x0. j
a coo t mere of rronertr in ihn irwn Ar
lot?, dwelling huiiM) ami meat home,
Willi I'd (nl ftirK. nn at ftnaa ttsat aHI1
ihds a fiilendid viow nf tfia tniarn. f'r.stt.
r. .1. 1 -""I'
1100 Acrrs fio, 31
Of land situated in Lincoln and Plko cous
tics on tho waters of IJrynnt'a creek, In survey
1737, within 3 miles of a boat landing on th
Mh-inlppl river, nnd is divided into loti of
about 200 acres iach. All this land is very vab
liable,, possessing a soil unsurpassed for produo
tiencs, with on abundanco of water for all
purpines, peculiarly adapted to fruit growlug
and stock r.ii-ing, with cxtenslvo improvements
on each and every lot, and tbo uncultivated por
tion cucruil with tho finest timber in northiait
Mls-miurl. All in an excellent neighborhood, o
eiisv access to ehuichos nud schooli, ami from
which ten mi run tniko threo dips to the river in
a day. l'or snlc in lots to suit purchasers and on
terini mmt liberal Indeed. Pcrsoni desiring
lioincs which will pay and bo ft blessing to them
selves and posterity, could not do better than
buy ono or all of these splendid lot! of land.
257 1-2 Acrrs Xo. n
On tho Mississippi ItlufT, 7 rnilo west of Lip
nil (lri and 7 miles southeast of New Hope, on
the Illtifi road, 90 ncrcs In cultivation, balacca In
fine timber I'r mc dwelling with 5 r-omi, tol
eiabl.v good out buildings, 4 t 5 rieverf.iillng
ipiings on the place, good cistern near door of
dwelling, young orchard of select fiult, near to
Ibiptict and Christian rhurchesnnd school honse,
3 miles Irnm ltubinson's mill and store, in a vary
fine iic.gliliiirhood, splendid wheat, corn r.n'l
stink larm, tho very place to make you a gocd
homo nnd to get your money back on. I'r lea
ve y lownnd terms to suit purchasera. Be in a
hurry cl,c you will bo left out in tbe cold.
Ltii in Troy. No, 15
Lot o. 75 in Troy, a good rrorerty of 4
lots, dwelling with 4 roims, nico yard, horsa and
cow lot, a young orchard of select fruit, good
garden, In a desirable part of town, on a ana
Mroil and commands a fino view of the town.
Allow figuns mid term, to suit tho purchaser.
llu before Iho St L A- K U U W completed, and
thereby secure yourself a handsome urofit.
Troy I'roprny. No. 16
"Hero is the placo to get your money back."
Tho l'ocusnlot property on Main, Cherry aad
Union streets, three store rooms, ono fronting on
Main nnd Cherry streets, tho other two fronting
on Main street, nil ono-a'ory framo buildings ;
lind on tho mllttn In, nti.l lin,nn.1lnt -I- . r
atore room on tho corner of Main and Cherry lia
ii.iinu unciiing wiin 4 rooms. kUi'
property occupies the very best location in tbo
Inun nf Trm i.l.i p , t
" ,v i"i 01 mercantile ousi-
ncss, und will bo sold at very low flgurea and on
.... . .c..iu);ijr gcurroui. ii you ueaire ine
(i Aiujrjruu will UDU I. lo
your Interest to bo up and dolor;, elm you will
lose a bargain worth having.
140 Acres. tf0s 17
LOIJlv IIP.I1E. YE RTnnv uok. . i,n
----- , - u-wwt WU.' t ItV
acres in a fine state of cultivation, 100 .jrcs In
grnsi, oaionco roauy for nny kind of grain, nil
under good Icncitig ln 3 fields, on tho Troy and
Auburn road, a part of the Jonah Morrli farm, 7
miles frain Troy and 3 miles south from Auburn,
plenty of stock water, 2 buildings also the un.
divided ono fifth part of 200 acres of good tim
bered land ono luilo west of tho 140 acre tract
which is also a part of tho Jonah Morria farm.
1'lieso Innils aro within n ,lm,i ,itnnAa r ,t.
St L A' K H H. IIIA V,1I .nl..nt.ln 1 1 I
.... . . . . ' '"lu.uiu BUV U IS gOOU
condition to yield an hundred fold. Price 4,000,
...w utiiiji iu tain uouui, terms iiuerai.
210 Acrrs '. in
Two nnd n Iinlf n,!l.. ..,u -r rr .i
........ .. .,,, SMIIlc. Ilvll u( xroyonim
I ruv and Loulsvil o rnml. in an,AB i . anA .,..
of cultivation. 25 nPrei"! In men si A tar Hal I lalan
in liinolltv. 4 IICrtM III (ir.liarn ..C l.nt..
rail and winter fruit, nnd the rcit of the farm In
timber nnd very rich land. Plenty of pura
running water throim), tl. r,,n , n
of tho year, nt convenient dislancci from barn
yarn, a well or lino cold water having an average
I 111 flltfftmlll Ihn ..... - L r, . .
JU11 uepm ot a n, convenient
til llOUSe. llnillU Illl In .. .1 tl n,.
ii i i I . T suu n- ma, ids ma-
bio ,nnd is rrosb, having been cleared within tho
...... , UPCn wen kept up by the
clovi r system of culture, nnd Is adapted to th
growth or wheat, crrn, tobacco, grass and fruit.
Iwo norr frame house with 4 rooms, kitchen atil
meat house, barn, stable cribs and Ice homo,
ii ? i . 1 Ilr rni thro' the farm, good
mnrlif''1'.(n' n,!1,lliu half "liIeo'' "" 1,ric9
t an a ' ,n hand bala'co In 1 and 2 years.
auvs nvri-s va.
2lf mil., nn.,1. n . V 1
1H. ill ; ' . .''., ..f"' uJ0""g
-., .. .,.., vuuivuuon ana very non is"'!,
nover rulllr o iissnm nr .. i u i.a
tarm. sprint' ol fino water near Improvements
t'litr.rortah o cubln in. .ii,i.. . ' iu s -
. , K !,rr,,n tl'rougb this land. The land
not cleared Is splendid soil nud heavily tlmberel.
Near a district school houso. Price 2,000, 1,300
in hand, bnlanoo In 1 nnd 2 years.
Jrrr , 20
" """"'lorr on Kronchman'a bluff,
I'l'"" ''"'"Ivalloii, balance In fine timber, rich
".Valium iiwciung, statiio nud out iiuim-
ing. i.noilcliiince lor small home on aiy terms.
:ST lrl nii ul.l.l -n . , ,,, ...1,
1. ; " ""i"U i" eil or out will ewasm
! oaui 4Bleresl by calling on a. ,
TP(ifaw ar wtjorppii

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