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The Lincoln County herald. (Troy, Lincoln County, Mo.) 1865-1873, February 26, 1873, Image 2

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TBOV. UOm f KBBDAIl' 28. 1873."
QieslUiablr H'($doH. -
There it tome talk of ibe pcooral aa-
eembly adjourning soon not tine die, but
with iew to meeting again next winter.
If oar representatives will take into con
sideration Iho Teelings of tlieir cunslitu
cnta on this point, tlicjr will oppote any
nch thing as an extra session ol the leg
latnre; tbo people arc opposed to extra,
when the cost is so great. Retrench
ment is now tbeir watchword. It i on
this grouod that tbe moat strenuous oppo
sition to a constitutional convention is
based not that our ragged concern can't
he bettered, for we all know it can; but
in our prctcnt financial condition, it may
be tolerated for awhile longer by making
few more amendments. What the
massos want now is, for the representa
tives to rush business at the capital and
cet through with it. The snail-gait that
has characterized the general assembly
the present eeision is not in accordance
with their ideas of retrenchment. Much
time has been spent, while but little work
has been accomplished, aud 63 far as we
have notiucd no very important mutters
seem to ocdupy the attention of our
stolons. If there aro at.y, let tbera be
attended to immediately, and questions
of minor importance postponed, if neces
sary, for the next legislature to worry
over, lietter prolong th present session
a few days than incur the expenses of an
extra one nuxt winter, with mileage for
another journey to Jefferson and home
thro wn lu. Settle yourselves to work,
gentlemen, and finish up, and let your
work be so perfected that it won't re
quire additional legislation to undo what
you may do.
A Man may Smile and be a Villain.
Poor "Sinilcr" Colfax I lie was so
blinded by the charge that ho was im
plicated in the Credit Mobilier specula
lions, and the statement of Ames that he
bad been paid a 81.200 dividend on his
atock of that wonderful ring within a
ring, that tho world swam before his
eyes, and he couldn't fee his way out of
the mist that enveloped him. Was it
strange, then, that he should 'jump out
of the frying pan into the Oro '(" Poor
"Smilcr," that last leap has scorched
him. lie has certainly nccountcd for his
bank deposit of 81,200 about the date
Ames says he paid him that amount in
dividends on his Credit Mobilier stock.
3lr. Nesbitt the gentleman is dead now
gave it to him; that is, l,e pavo him
51,000 of it. Further investigation has
proven that Mr, Neobitt gave him 81.000
at four different times, making 81,000,
which tho "Smilcr" said nothing about.
Mr. Colfax would havo us believe that
these were friendly gifts tho outpour
ings of a generous heart to tho man it
udmircd. It leaks out, though, that the
deceased Nehbitt and friend of Mr. Col
lax w is a "large sta ioner, and had heavy
contrucls with tho post-office department ;
that previous tj tho election of Collax to
rho epoakerbhip of tho lower branch of
Congress, when he was a member ol that
body, he was chairman of tbe bouse
post offico committee, and theroforo in a
position to perform valuablo service for
Mr. Nesbitt." Schuyler Colfax is Vice
President of the United States, be is a
Keutlemaa of high moral ideas, an ex
ample for tho members of the "Young
Men's Christian Association," ho is a
uper loyal Republican, and above all a
professed christian and pattern for the
youth of our coootry. He Bays he
didn't receive 81,200 from Ames, and of
oourso everybody bolievos him, although
Ames' little diary has it recorded against
biro. He would have us believe that the
81,000 ho received from his "friend"
.Nesbitt was a perfectly natural gift, but
doesn't mention tlio other 83,000. Of
oourso no ono doubts tho word of our
uhristian model, tho Vice Presidont. It
is troe, circumstantial evidence is against
him, and tbo more be explains himself
tho moro tho people don't understand
him, and tho more he bcooracs entangled
in tho network of his own weaving ; but
thou be says he is innocent. So has said
uanya criminal just beforo ho was bung.
Tho Credit Mobilier investigation com
mittee has made its report, and rccom
mends Hut Ames and .Brooks be x
polled, tno tirst because be is guilty of
Roiling atoolc ol the C. M. to members of
Congress, fot'tho purpose of iufluoucing
their votes. Now, if Ames sold this
stock to tho members, they arc aa guilty
4 be is; but the committee seen to "see
through a glass darkly."
, There ie a atrong feeling in Congress
agnidst tho report of tho 0. M. com
mittee, end it is not likely Amee,.rooks,
i'f anybody elso will bo eipelled. It is
thought that tho report is loo harsh for
omo and too mild for others. That is
certainly tho caso, but can't tho honost
members eveo up this thing a little, and
rxpol Iho whole set of O. 31. gamblcra?
J Ms a disgraco to lot (beta romiia,
Tbe fff M )f lite Mate.
Wbilo ou general assembly is cogita
ting over the doubtful wisdom uf adjourn
ing at an early date and proviso? for an
extra session next inter, wo think it
would bo boiler and sounder jadgmcut on
its fart to cuacf, and that speedily, some
law by which the credit of our stato may
bo prcsnrvcd. With her vast resources,
Missouri is amply able to meet all her
indebtedness in the manner stipulated by
the fcc of her bond3, and tho act of the
Twenty. sixth general assembly, compel!
ing tbe stato creditors lo receive "legal
tender in payment on bonds which ei
plicitly stimulate that they shall be paid
in coin, is seriously damaging our Moan
cial standing among the capitalists of the
country. Well, what differenco doce
that make are not our taxpayers more
to be regarded and consulted than the
"bloated aristocracy?" It cannot be
denied that the taxpayers' interest
should bo cjnsluted in nlljinancial trans
actions of the state, but is it not a doubt
ful interest, to cay tho least, to impair
the credit of the state in the money mar
kct for the purpose of discreditably sav
ing tnem a few cents on their annual
taxation ?
Tho Auditor's report showj that dur
ing the next six years tho debt of the
state falling due amounts to seven millions
four hundred and tijcly four thousand dol
lars, and he says "that in order to meet
this amount it will be necessary to bor
row money. 1 tio bonds hold for this
largo sum of money expressly state that
they shall be paid in gold or silver.
Tho legislature in 1872, however, passed
an act over the Governor's vote, compell
ing the holders to receive legal tender
notes at par for them. Now, the nues
tion arises, If this policy is persisted in,
can tho state go into tbo money market
and borrow rxoncy to advantage to meet
tho indebtedness which falls due within
the next six years V It will be teen at a
glance that a state which ignore its con
tracts with its creditors cannot he relied
on by money lenders. If a contract is
entered into that tho bonds securing the
payment of borrowed money shall be paid
in gold or coin, the next legislature that
meets may disregard the obligation and
say, "here, we know tLese bonds call for
gold, but we aro only goiDg to pay you in
greenbacks." Tho precedent has been
set, and why may it not bo followed ?
The good credit of the stato is an in
terest of great importanco to tho tax
payers, so great that all its contracts
should bo literally complied with. Most
ot them can better afford to pay a few
cents more annually on their property,
than be rushed with a heavy taxation to
meet this seven million indebtedness
within six years, which would have to be
tho caso if the state could not borrow
tho money. Of course such a catastro
phe is not likely to occur, but unlets
something is done to assure our creditors,
tho state will havo to pay a larger rate
of intercut on the amount ho may have to
borrow, or give some other tccurity than
the face of the bonds, which may bo
ignored by a legislature at any time.
This is an important matter for tho pros
cnt legislature to consider. Repeal the
injudicious act passed by its predeces
sor, and rcstoro the state bonds to a gold
basis once moro. Then tho honor, as
well as tho credit of the state, will bo
saved. This is a duty wo owe ourselves
as a commonwealth, as well as our creuV
Sir. Headlee, the Republican member
of the senatorial investigating committee,
sinco tho last report was made, and
which was published with his uarao con
eurring, has mado a corro:tion, He still
thinks tho business of the co'mmitteo was
not thorough and complete, and his opin
ion expressed in his minority report is
unchanged. llo bcliovcs that if the
house had granted tho commitco counsel
in the investigation, ond tho investiga
tion had been thoroughly prosecuted,
that important ovidejico would hove been
brought to light that bos not been ob
tained. Whether Mr. Headlee makes
these assertions for tho purposo of man
ufacturing political capital is not clear ;
but one thing is clear, the Democrats have
done tbe party an injustice by not giving
Ihecommitto the largest license, sinco it
was demanded by their political oppo
nents. As tho matter stands thcro will
be an assumed, if not a real doubt in the
minds of many, especially Republicans.
Tho senato nt Jefferson City has passed
the bill making it misdemeanor, pun
ishable by a fino of not less than 810 nor
more thin 8100, o imprisonment for not
more than six months, for any porson to
enter a place of worship or any public
assembly with a deadly woapon on his
person. Tho occasion for this measuro
is tho too common habit in tho iuterior
ol making church aicotings and publio
meeting the opportunity for set Hneauar
rels, and of going armed to such places
s a preparation for offraya.
The skeleton that Cantairt ffnll ,nmn
time sinco dug up in the Artio regions,
has been sent to Unuland. It i that nf
man about five feet eight Inches tall.
Cue of tbe teeth u filled with gold.
San Francisco had twenty six murders
and no executions last J car. It has
rival in New Yotk. -
Carthage, Mi;souri, has enjoyed a live
ensattou in tho way of a breach of prom
j lse CM0- 1 1,0 !a,1J received gL',000 dam
i SC
Some statistician has discovered that
Vermont where, as is well known, no
liquor is sold his 10,000 drunkards,
4 000 habitual "bard drinkers," and 20,
000 young men just beginning to drink.
There is a portrait of Gen. Lyon in the
state house of representatives, and nearly
every session souio ono makes a motion
suggested by its appearance. Tbe last
is, resolution to remove it to the
The innocent Colfax, who odnies re
cciving 51, UU from Ames, acknowledges
that be did receive four 81,000 gifts from
George F. Nesbitt in 1S08. Will the
Vice President rise and explain what he
did to place Mr. Nesbitt under obli-
President Grant has concluded not (o
visit tho Southern States next month, as
has been announced be would. He says
the condition of tbo business which will
be created by tbe incoming of tho new
administration will be such as to require
his presence and that of tho cabinet in
t.,- c- ..,,.,... ... . it ond tnat it did not influence cgis ation.
The Senatorial bi.usti Committee. Tho congressmen were dealt with indi-
Senator elect Bogy, after tho sudden vidually and did not know of Ames' rela-
closing of tho investigation of the bribery 'ions with the other,
charges in tho senatorial contest, wrote a Af,er indulging in some moral rcflec-
lelter to tho general assembly asking that -tionfl0n ,ho, """"y f legislators hold-
., . .- V- . . , . lnK themselves alool from tho schemes
the investigation be continued and made which may ,ffect thcir V0,CSi tho com.
moro thorough. A new committee was mittcc say they find nothing in tho cases
appointed, consisting of Henry Newman, of the abovo named members calling for
John Walker, Mack Bell, E. J. Sorrcll au' "commendation.
and S. W. Heodlco. Their report fully 1 ,Iu rCftrd Ur0ok8'- lh? cotcn,it'ro
, nitjiuii. iuuy rehearse the evidence going to hhow that
exculpatesCol. Bogy. j Brooks tried to influenco legislation in
" ' behalf of the road.
Tho committee which investigated After discussing at length tho jurisdie
Senator Caldwell's case, who is charged tion of the House over its members, tho
with bribing members of the Kansas committee rccon.mcnded tho adoption of
legislature to vote for him, have recom- , following resolutions :
,.. ,ij ,l , I- . l j i . I " nercas, Mr. lakes Ames, a renre-
mended that bi. seat be declared vacant. 8cnfativo lhis ouse jrom 8(a,0P o
It is said that he will raise the point that Massachusetts, has been guilty of selling
as he receivtd a majority of twenty-five members of Con6ress shares of stock iu
votes on joint ballot, and as only two in- ,h? Vrcdh Mobilier of America, for
stances have been alleged where money
, , h
was used to procuro votes, that this fact
should not bo allowed to vitiate all tbo
rear, inai uie mere tact that ne had such
large majority is conclusive evidence that
no money was used in these two instan-
ces. But this point will hnrdly savo
him. Tho recent Pomerov iiffair in that
tateis conclusive evidence that bribery
has been the ruling passion there. ,
ot a "Questionable Measure."
The Jefferson City Tribuns. in sneak,
ng of tho bill pending before tbo legis-
laturo to cut the onces of nrintinf?
Sheriffs' eales down to Cvc dollars each,
calls it a "questionable measure." and
" n
comments on it very appropriately.
o do not think this is a "qucstiona-
ble measure by any means. The pro-'
pnety of tho measuro may be qucstiona-
ble, if an oppressive bill be entitled to
doubt, but this one is so manifestly ud- t
u i t to the press of tho state, that the
title should bo "a bill to cripple the Dress
of the sta'o of Missouri, and to make.
printers work, for men who go to law.'poned until Tuesday. Many members
lortiotmng. are preparing their speecboj. Hcsolu
1 here aro often, Sheriff' sales which tions will be introduced to expel all mem
would cost twice five d0ara for tho coln. bers who had anything to do with tho
position alone, and if the legislature must Credit Mobilier. No one believes that tho
have such printed for five or even ten necessary two-thirds vote for expulsion
dollars, it hod better buy a press and can be secured. r""'on
fixtures and set up shop for itself, as it I
will hove the monopoly of this business. ' ew ?otk dortors assert that hcort
Tho preposition to increase tho salaries "licase will oon be the leading diseaso
of Judges, of members of the Legisla-.of Amef'ca-
mre onu oiners, ana to cut down tbo pit- Tnnn n , , . ,. ,.
tanee which is allowed to printers ma be '.J"0 E"',M do,f T'6 Mad'80D
.11 well enough, but prinlers will be Iho Z Van be Jnf T'''11 b,,ud D,an,
last to see i " , 1 ney can be of great assistance to each
Certainly the proposition cannot be illT' tbCy d
seriously entertained by any but those gr. ...
members who seek to manufacture a' The Salem Mouitor exultingly exclaims
little ehcap "bunkum" for their constitu- "Not a Dent county warrant in existence I
ents, but we fail lo see any semblanco of Dent county bonds worth 110." Surely
justice in the bill. this is good ground for exultation, and a
lo pass such a bill is to interdict the glorious thing it would bo frr Missouri,
notice of Sheriffs' sales io any respecta- could every county in the stato unito in
ble nowspaper, as no one could afford to the samo jubilant chorus,
publifh them. I ,
There will bo moro money spent by the or a young state Kansas is doing very
legislature in tho discussion of thi unjust well, and if Bbe has many more such pol
meosuro, than would be saved lo litigants, iticians as Pomeroy, the briber j Carney,
provided the provisions of the bill could W.D0 onblushingly confesses that he sold
be enforced. himself; and Caldwell, who is moro fre-
Wo sincerely hope that the legislature quently .called ill, we shall believe that
wijl let Iho press severely alone, as tho the young man was uot far from right
piinteri are the worst paid men in the w,'ien ue wroto homo to his father in iho
stato already Scdalia Democrat. a8' : "You bad belter come out here
And sinco tho legislature assumes the for tbo 1001,0681 kln(i of men can get offico
right to dictate to publisher, what they Lcre w'tudi
shall charge, why don't tbey tako tho' Seven Chili-hen at Tuber Births.
whole business world into their hands 'r'ie Hfoukfiold (Mo.) Gazette says:
and say that an attorney shall charge f""' SrSft
uu.y so djucu ior aeienuing a esse,
tinmmg mercnants io a certain per newspaper mentiop. JVIr. J. v, Kelly
cent, on tbeir sales, regulate the price of and ''8 wife, Margarot J. Kolly, aro re
grain, &o., &o. ? It is an eminently wite 8PecUrblc uui we" to d PeoPlo
i..i.. i. i . . 00 a farm near Bear Branch. About
body why may it not regulate our pri- 8eVen years ago Mrs. K. presented her
tato family nffaira, tell us whether we husband a pair or twins, one of whom is
shall cat (wo or tbreo meals a day, or B,i" ''V'D tuo other having diod when
whftt timn ma Bimii rjiiPA anrt vdan ! o about o year old. Four vcars aco Ihe
Tbe fellow that lni..lBM.l th km a..
, , ,
serves a leather medal.
n' i. T, ""TT"!
Valkcr Bourne, of Blh oounly, Ky.,
a soldier or tbe war of 1812, died at his
residence on Iho 0th insl., 84 years or
age. Another. or tho rapidly thinning
band or veterans transferred to "Fame's
eternal camping gtound."
Mobilier Innocents
Washington, D. Q, February 18.
Tbo spcoinl Credit Mcbilicr of the House
mado their teport lo day through Judgo
Poland, chairman of the committee All
of tbe members implicated wero in tbeir
scats ; Ames was in front, and moots
ocsupied bis own seat. Tbo gallories
were crowded, and intense interest mani
fested throughout tho report
After rehearsing tho history of the
caso and the evidence received, tho cotn
mittco say that Ames intended lo enlist
friends in Congress by selling them
Credit Mobilier stock at par when it was
worlhdoublcthat sum. They quote from
Ames' letter to McComb iu support of
this opinion. Iho report also charges
him with attempting to affect legislation
in behalf of tho Pacific railroad.
As regards tho other members of the
House the conclusions aro ns follows :
Mr. Illnino did not take any stock.
Mr. Dawes got ten per eent. on his
money and then scttlod with Ames.
Mr. Scofield gavo up his Credit Mobi
lier stock, but kept his 81000 in the
Union Pacific. Nothing dcGnite in ro-
L-artl to his settlement with Ames could
be obta'innd.'
Mr. Ilmgh'am's connection consisted in
Ames rctainini! thirty shares for him and
cc.Miunting for dividends from December,
HUT. to 1-ib.uarv. ISiZ.
Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania held ton
" eamo way until they paid
for themselves. Great varianco in tho
testimony troubled tbe committee in this
Mr. GarGeld's connection with the
Credit Mobilier was utmost identical with
that of Kelley.
i i no committco believe tbat in tnese
instances the stock was takeu innocently
T" , T BU"
stock, with intent thereby to influence
tho votes and derision, nf .M, momi,M
in matters to be brought beforo Cougress
lur uulluu i uiereioro
. Kosolvcd, That Oakes Ames be and is
nthirHoto.0111 "Bl S " "eB
Second. Whereas Mr. James Brooks,
Bopresentatives in this House from th
?tat0- -of 'cw York' .J'u P'ocuro Credit
t "r hl fi I ?. ""r" de ,0
cflt of said company ut a prico much
Itnlniv it rnnl trnltti mnll 1- . u.
.nmr. wa ..-.i i
tent to influence tho vote and decision of
cni.l TtrnnLc n r .u. u .
- " j uiu nil i i tut: 1 1 II II H fin
matters to be brought before Concress
Uvr, t ,J.... ..m n...i '
eminent director in Union Pacific rail-
road company. Therefore
ResoLed That .Air. Jas. Brco'cs bo tnd
is hereby expelled from his seat as mem
bcr of this House,
AVhnn i),a l.j.j
'Brooks arose and entered objections to it,
as most nnrti.l .! J
The discussion of th rn'nnri . .
events occurring at intervals worthy of
fT wee aitonlihed by the arrival of
mpieis, an or whom are lmng and aro
fi 10 healthy children. On Tuesday la ft.
I1"' Kolly again gavo birth to a pair ot
twins, ono of whom was, however, born
dead. Thus havo this proliGo pair been
blessed (?) with soven children at three
births. Wo should add to tho above
that both Mr. and Mrs. K. are detne
well. ' p
Crump & Wing
ITztts rind Caps,
Ladies Hose and Steel Traps,
Candies Vinegar,
And well, Ws no use to name any
thing more, lut come along and we
can jurnish you with anything you
Want. nor13n46
Brother Farmrrs, don't forget that our Eastern
neighbors are fccdlnc nmilcs to Block will. i-nn,l
results, nhilo wo havo only a scanty sujijily for
litujuy uee. .
A so, that Eastern farmers hnvo their barrels
of ciilor anj an abundaiico of tho lot of apple
vinegar, and hero either is a rsritv with tho tna.
jority of families.
And yet wo most all cultirnts moro lnml hnn
Is lirofitable, nnd have often an abundance of
wasto nnd worn out lands tbat could be n.ado
profitable if set in tioes, besides Improving the
condition of the land.
Itelng overstocked with winter fruits, cspo
c'ally of Jnnnctlng and New York Red Pippin,
or Hon Davis, I wi.l fell this spring by the Thau
sand at 75.00 ; by tho J00 at $45.00. Prico by
dozen and 100 same as heretofore by tbe doscn
J1.50, by tho 100 $11.50. Will sell Hughes' cider
crab, por 50 $4.00 j nor 100 $7.00; por 1000 .60.
sPear, Cherry and Plum trees 60 cts each : per
doztn 56.00
Concord grape, first class, 1 year vines 10 cents
caehi per dozen $1.00 por 100 J dollars: per
Mi'Muio. curing vines caca za cts, per
doien 2.50 j per 100, 18 dollars. -
All qthcr stock about tho same as last spring.
E4 For further particulars call at tho Nur
sery, 3 miles southeast of Troy, on the Tele
graph road, or address tho proprietor.
oe23n4 TlOy, Mo
For Good Turnouts
TROY, 3X O .
Buggies and Horses to hire. Uorses boarded
by the duy or week.
I also run a dally mail and passenger lino to
and from the St. L. K. & N. railroad. Thoha'k
will leave Troy at 7 o'clock In the morning, L.
ing connection with both the Eastern and Wost
em bound train? Jly hacks and teams aro kept
In good order, aud careful drivers manage Ihei.
tn ItlOA per duy. Airents w.ki.ji
T r i.k A of working peo.
pie of either sex, young or old, make more K,
at work for us in their spare momentsi oi all it,7.
time, than at anything 'else- arteu?ar i ,..
Address U. Stlnson A Co., Portland MeVioV'l
IVith .YearnesM
at rut
Jewelry Store,
I expect to remain In ro
keee at all times a Large .JV"4
Complete Slock ef
be what I represent It. If Gold,
i ll.ml cu,on " t If Plated
I tell them. Jewelry made or
purchased to order. I keen the
very best American Watches and
Clocks for sale.
Watches, Clocks and Jew
elry Repaired, and all
Wo.k Warranted.
Schnelle & Querl,
Cor, Main and Dcstrehaa SU.,
July 24, 1871 ly.
Wheelbarrows, ?.,
Constantly on Hand.
July 17, 1872 ly.
1873. 1873. 1873.
l First Class News
Family Journal.
to enter npon another journal!, Ho year with re
newed vigor nnd enterprise. We hare recently
added to our establishment all the latest improre
mcnts in the printing business, including tbe
fas'est presses and the most complete machinery
in the world. W0 havo likewise secured extra
ordinary facilities Tor the collection of the news,
j all important quarters, and for its prompt
transmission by telegraph. Our foreign and do
mestic correspondence has been increased, and
our editorial ass'stanco augmented. The RE
PUBLICAN now feels ablo to compete with any
newspapor in the United States in the extent
and variety of its news, the freshness or Us cor
respondence, the soundness and dignity of its
editorials, tho reliability of its financial intelli
gence, tho character of Hi Literary, Local and
miscellaneous features, and in short tbe various
departments embraced In a first class news and
family, Jourral.
Tho REPUBLICAN, as a political paper, is a
fearless and independent advocate Liberal Dem
cratio principles. It Is bound, however, by no
party ties to the support of unworthy men, nr
by parly discipline to any action it mar deem un
wise or Impolitic Its utterances will echo tbe
sentiments of the popular mastei as far as they
can be ascertained. Its main platform will bo the
Interest of the people of the Mississippi Valley,
and it will seek to encourrge Immigration, to de
velop natural resources, to promote Improvement,
to advance Agriculture, Manufactures and Min
ing, to cultivate the economio arts, to elevate the
standard ot general intelligence and morals. I
will studiously strive, as in tbe past, lo avol
sensational and pruriont journalism, and will
without sacrHcing spice and piquancy, aim to
make itself worthy ot adml.jlon Into the purest
circles. r
The WEEKLY KKPUBLICAM will coalite
iho cream of the Diiur laseis, conbmiicd io
lalning the latest kewb up to tbe time cf golm
to press. It will also be Jnlivened with a Toil
et or miscellaneous matter, and by fsautrssef
Interest to bo found only in this paper.
every morning, by mall, one year, $12. Jfo el
of threo, $34 ; of ten, $100.
IIE TRI-WEEKLY, published onaj,
Wednojdays and Fridays, $a a year ; three eols
$17 j five ooples $27 j ten copies $50.
THE WEEKLY, $2 nyeit, three eoples$5,
Ave copies $8, ten ooples fifteen dollars, twenty
copies twenty.flve dolUrs.
Additions can be made to elubi at ay time at
club rates. Ten per cent, oow mission nllowed to
Agents getting up clubs.
Tapers not sent unless paid in adrance, nJ
invariably discontinued at the n of Uma l aid
Remittances can be made at our risk In Bfafu,
Post-office Orders or Registered Letters.
6t. Louis, Mn
Co-Partnership Dlgsoliif iou
TVOTITEis hereby given tbat tbe eo partner-.
A" hlp heretofore existing between Jaoih.
Hartman and George P. MoRoberts Is dissolved,
ho undersigned will settle Ihe liabilities of tkv
firm and no others. JACOB HARTMAN.
Troy, Mo., February 8, I8TS.

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