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Morgan County democrat. (Versailles, Mo.) 1900-1906, July 10, 1903, Image 7

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la Illlnol' Earl? Day.
Teaming to Chicago is u favorite toplo
of the early settlers, ami many pleas
ing anecdotes arc told of these long
ml weary though oftltncs hilarious
trips. It nhvajH required a week, nnd
oino t linen longer, to make the Journey.
Twenty or thirty hungry tcmnstera
topping at n rude country tavern over
night sometimes made It Interesting
for the landlord. Fifty ccntH for sup
per, breakfast and lodging, with nil
the whisky one could drink, and free
hay for the horsrR, was the uniform
price for entertainment In the early
days; and the average teamster usual.
Jy Intended to get the worth of his
money before he settled his hotel bill.
Stillwater Vnlley (111.) Graphic.
An Inf rnilnpltnn.
TTcrr Goctze, the tenor had to truve)
from Cologne to Frankfort and appear
the same evening In "I.ohcngrln." lie
just arrived at the wings 'n time to "go
on." After vanquishing the villain
who aspersed her he embraced the
beautiful heroine, As he did not know
her, he whispered while holding her
fondly In his nrms:
"Allow me to have the honor of In
troducing myself to you. My name U
Goet.c, of Cologne.' Cincinnati Enquirer.
Mlnili- Wiilemiiiiiit,
A new f-cientil'iu pastime, called by
Its French originator an imitation of n
waterspout at sea, Is thus described.
J'lacc a layer of eulored sirup at the
bottom of a long cylindrical glass con
taining water, and tli.en rotate the wa
ter by means of n spoon. In n few sec
onds the sirup will rise Into ;i cone, tha
apex prolonged until it reaches a
down-point lug cone formed by the wa
ter. The two cones will revolve in the
name direction. N Y. Herald.
Cliem "Worker.
In such countries as Spain, Italy,
Greece, Kussia and Turkey the work
Ingman is satisfied to get from J0 to 2.',
cents a day, and to work from sunrise
to sunset. For from live dollars to ten
dollars lie can furnish a home well
enough for him, and the word of his
master or Ids priest limits the horizon
of his ambition. - X. Y. World.
'I lie Will n ll I ("roil.
The English walnut 5s said to be the
most profitable of all nut-bearing trees.
When in full bearing they will yield
tibout pounds of nuts to the tree.
The nut sells cm an axcnige at about
eight cents per pound. If only "7 trees
urv planted on an acre the income would
bejtbout :?(i7.. Cincinnati Enquirer.
The I.iiMt Itllm.
"What have you been writing, my
dear?" asked Mrs. llecchwood of her
"These are the last sail writes, mam
ma," replied the girl. "This note tells
Mr. Uomcuood that I have ceased to
love him." Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
A llnnulnir Warn Int.
"How cheerfully your husband run
your lawn inowi r."
"Yes. 1 keep his father's old scythe
hanging in the kitchen, and whenever
he looks at it he knows he is well off."
Ilostou Traveler.
Ilcttvren Snrak Thieves.
"There, you've got yourself another
bad lilting overcoat."
"Well, J you think a man can Mop
to get measured in a restaurant?"
Meggendorfer Ulnttcr.
Tin- (iolilt-n II iile.
What a jolly old planet this world
would be if every man would act as lm
thinks his neighbor should. Chicago
Daily News.
New York, July 7.
iri iiv -hiivi timers.... i i 'ni ii ;ir.
J-I.win M IIIHT W lie. II I i.l 'If ...I
WIIHA'J No. 2 Jlcil WMt SI
OIIN-No. 2 &7 'it 6714
OATS-No. K ru iiif.
I'Oltlv-ili ss (new) 17 SO U IS, W
COTTON- .MMillliiK ! 13
HKHVKS HIieiH 'f G 23
Cows anil Heifers. 2 IT. fie 4W
JAl.VKS (per 10O llis) I r.n 'if D f-0
1IOUH l''nir to Cliulee 6 23 if U 10
MIII-IKI'- I-'alr In I'liulcu,... I! 2T, 'if 3 "5
Kl.Ol'lt i'.lti-lllH U !l 'if 4 1U
Other (iniili-s a 2.". It 3 k!i
WJIJ3AT- No. 2 Ked "S 'u SO
COItN-No, 2 4S 'if 43
OATH -No, 2 40 if 41
It Y 1-3 No. 2 . t( 52
WOUl Tub WiiHheil is r,f 2'l
Other (Imclcs 12 fit 'Mi
HAY-Cleur Timothy 11 Cm 'a II (rfi
HI'TTHII-Hwlco lalry ... 13 it 17V,
UACON -1'h.nr Kill of !,
liddK Kri-Mli U'.iifif 13
l.Altl) -Cliolcu Hti-iim
IJ01tlt Stancliiril.Mi'Ssdiew; .... t 16 Co'
'ATTI.i: Nallve Hte. rs... 4.7) if r, 30
IIOtiH Kalr to Clinlce 4 M H 5 S.I
HllKi:i' K.ilr to Cliolcu... 4 (t fii 4 2.'i
l-'l-OUK Winter I'atenta.. 3 fir, Si 3 70
HlirliiK i'litenls.... 3 0 lii 4 Of)
WllliAT-No. 3 HprliiK 71 'if 77
No. 3 Iteii nWt 70'i
COItN-No. 2 if 4W,
OATS-No, 2 d( 3Jli
roltK-.MesM 15 00 4i' 15 75
CATTI.K-NutlVi- HtciTH .. 4M 1 5 10
lHMiH-l-'iilr to ('lioleii 5 IKI 1c u !)
WIIKAT-No. 3 73 If) 73
I'OIIN No. 3 Mixed (jit 47'A
OATS No, 3 While u 2!)
KI.Ol'lt-lllKh ilrailes 3 75 ? 4 55
(JOHN No. 3 if 63
OATH No. 2 M If 57
IIAY-Clloli-.i 33 1) ' 24 00
rOlJK-Staniliiril Mess IS do ff IS 50
IIAt'ON-Hhortrlh Hides.... IOIi lo'i
JOTTON- Mlddllni; 'if 13f,
WHKAT No. 3 Ited 7S tf Mu.
UOllN-No. 3 i3H1f 53J4
OATS-No. 3 454 4II
I1A(-'(JN-Shirt Hlln 10V 101.5
COTTON-MlU.JIIiib- rii
Hew Wheat Field In Soalhwest,
What would you tliinlt if told that the
unirriKuteil sections of Western Kansa,
Eattcrn Colorado and Pan-handle of Tex.n
can he counted on to produre .lO.OOO.tKK) I
bushels of wheat annually? Yet thut it'
what a government oflicial predicts with
reference to a new variety of that cereal
Imported from Hu'si.i, known as maca
roni wheat. Recent experiment, an re
ported to the indu.trial department of
the Santa Fe, show that this plant flour
ishes best where the rainfall is less than
15 inches a year. The yield per acre !
equal to that of ordinary whe.it, and the
price received is about the tame.
"If time was money," iaid Urn.!; F.Iicii,
"some folks dat stops buy men to tell
funny t-tonin ought to he arretted toi
embezzlement." Washington Star.
Amrrlcn'a Mummer Iteanrta.
When It begins to get hot and dry one's
thoughts naturnllv turn toward tnu lakes
and rivers and tlio scashoro of New York
and Now KnKlatid, and wo begin to wonder
how much It would require, of time and
money to malco tho trip. A lot of theso
questions are answered and a lot of Infor
mation given free In "Four-Track Merles"
No. It, Amcrlcu's Hummer Hcsorts." Sent
on receipt of a two-cent Htamp, by George
II. Danluls, General l'assenpcr Agent, New
York Central & Hudson Illvcr Huilroud,
Grand Central Station, New York.
Let this Coupon be your Messenger of Deliver-7
ance from Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Troubles.
It'll the people who
onnhtanil ficromo Qjirt'd
while, they doubt who
tiralsa IJoan' l'llli tlio
Aching hacks aro cosed.
Slip, back, find loin palm
overcome. (Swelling of tho
llmhs and dropsy signs
They correct urlno with
brick dust sediment, high
colored, pain In passing,
dribbling, frequency, bed
Wetting. Doan's Kidney Tills
remove calculi and cravel.
Ilcllevo heart paliiitatlon,
leeplessness, headache
BerrousneM, dizziness.
Tivinnsviux, Miss. "I
tried everytlilng for a wenlc
back and got no relief until I
SlCdlXHUVB Pills."
i J. N. Lewis.
tiniin fnun tirrsT
P. O.
For frrfl trial ihu, mult tht coupon to
lYinter-MlUiuriit'o , 1(ii(TaIo. N. Y. U atioio
ppacol Uuultlcltul, wnuj luldrtbs un M;t.
rata Uk
Tlio reason ynu ran get
this trial fri-B Is because
tlieyi uri) Kidney Ills ami
will jiruvc It to you.
Wert HnAnrrr, Mien.
Doan's Kidney fills hit (Ii
case, wlilcli was an unusual
desire to urinatu hndtoget
up llveor six tlmcsofn night,
I think din betes was well tin
dor w iij, toe feet nnd mi Idea
swelled. Thero was an la
tenso tialn In tho hack, the
heat of Mhlch would feel Ilka
tiutt lug nun's hand up to a
lamp chimney. I have used
tho frtu trial nnd two full
boxes of Doan's Pills w ith tho
satisfaction of feeling that!
am cured. They nre tho rem I
edy par excellence."
11. F, 111
.Mrs. Xewrnck "Why, thcue arc gen
uine antique-." .Mr. Ncwrocl; "Arc they?
They look to me like teeoiid hand btutl."
lvansas City World.
1W M
Mrs. Anderson, a prominent
society woman of Jacksonville,
Fla., daughter of Recorder of
Deeds, West, says :
"Thero are 'but few wives and
mothers who have not at times en
dured agonies and mtch pain as only
women know of. I wish such women
Icnow the value of I.yrtlit K. J'lllk
liuiu's VoM'lnblc Coiiipoimd. It
is a remarhablu niedlchic, dilfcrent In
action from any other 1 ever knew and
thoroughly reliable.
" I have seen cases where women
doctored for years without permanent
benefit who were cured in less than
three months after talcing your Vege
table Compound, while others who
were chronic and incurable came out
cured, happy, and in perfect health
after a thorough treatment with this
medicine. 1 have never used it myself
without gaining great lmnclit. A
few doses restores my strength anil
appetite, nnd tones up tho entire
nystctn. Your medicine has been tried
nnd found true, hence 1 fully endorse,
it." iMltfl. It. A. Aniikuso.v, J25 Wash
ington St.. Jacksonville. Fla. isooa
forfeit original of above testimonial pruning gtnu
Inencss cannot be produced, '
The experience nnd testimony JIcr VRn
nf Mlllll.llf (lu.Minul iifil,.,! unmm, aCJIV IVH
of America go to prove, beyond
n question. Unit Lydla I. Pink
luini'H Vegetable Compound will
eorreet all Hiieh trouble at onco
by removing the cause, and re
HtorhiK tho orpins to v. healthy
and normal condition.
iJ . ll?!! & 1
lKMSSl l PREVENTS ' iiV!Si'lT w,IV
P . BT I I pitS0Crii PNEUMONIA J 'prTceSjSS" f T' Puu""rmy H
i rr
Here a eomhineil treatment that does
what ONK medicine CAN NOT 1)0. The
coinplcti: ohliteiation of that (bead Con
tuiuntiuu (Tulie:euliii-i) U now iofiihle
tliiougli the me of The Dr. .Slocum'f. Com
hmation System of .Medie.ition, which will
Positively Cine tin-. Dic.itl Diseat-e.
It is t lie Mo-1 Model n ami the veiy !reat
et Melhod of Alimentation lCver I'le-ented
to Hulfeleit fiom thii ilismte. It prevents
and Chics CouMimptioii of the Tin oat,
l.ungj, .Stomach, l.iver, Spleen and Kidtteyv.
All Citairhal Conditions of tlie-e Oigans
ili.-.iptiear l'tomplly and 1'ermaiieni iin
ilcr tiie Healing Influence- of Thee Won
ill l fill Aleihclnes.
Dr.SIociunV method of treatment roti'.istx
of I'our Speclic licmedies as illustrated
To Prove to All Our Hcaitci the Wonder
ful I'rojiertii of this (ileal SyMcm of .Medi
cinal 'Iieatment a l-'ull, l-'iee Couise, con
sisting of the Four l'tee l..irge Package)-, ll
lustiated ahove, will he gladly n-nt to every,
leader on iinuest. Simply si nd juiirXamt-j
Po-t OH'ue and I'hcplc-s Aihlles-s () 1)1!. T.
A. .SI.OCl'.M, Lahuiatoties, t)S Pine St.,
New York, and the Complete I'lee Ticut
ment will at Once he M-iit juu.
"I lmve prorrllir-cl the Complete Trcnt-in-nt
c-.tlliil l.y 1115 name ami mild by ail
ilniuglts in liiinilri its of lliinis.-iuilii of verj
MiioiiH eases with uiu-x.-nnpleil huccism,
ami most Millsfnetot y r sulls," l)lt. SI.O-
Purest of Emollients and.
Greatest of Skin Cures.
The Most Wonderful Curatlvs
of Ainime
For Torturing, Disfiguring
Skin Humours
And Purest and Sweetest of
Toilet Emollients.
Cutlctira Ointment Is beyond qucRttott
tho most Huccct-Hful curative for tortur
ing, dlHUKUrlnshumours of the Hklu and
, 1 1 11 1 ...... i.nt. n..n
rCUip, ,IIIUIUC4lll U9 Ul llUlt, Vl J
compounded, in proof of which
single anointing preceded by a hot butt
with Cutlcura Soap, nnd followed la
tbti severer cases, by a doso of Cutl
cura Kcsoltcnt, Is often sufficient to
nfl'ord Immcdlato relief in tho moatt
distressing forms of Itching, burnlns
nnd scaly ImmourH, iicrnilt rest and
Bleep, nnd point to a npeedy euro when
all other remedies fall. It is especially
so In tho treatment of Infanta and chil
dren, cleansing, soothing and healing
tho most distressing of Infantile hu
mours, nnd preserving, purifying nnd
beautifying tho td:ln, scalp and hair.
Cutlcura Ointment possesses, at th
same time, tho charm of satisfying tho
Simple wants of the toilet, lncarlnit for
the skin, scalp, hair, hands and . ct,
from Infancy to age, far morn effect
ually, agreeably and economic: ,lv than
tho most cxpcnslvo of toilet otr.olll' Is.
Its "Instant relief for skln-t n' ml
babies," or " Sanatlvc,antlsepticc.'
Ing," or "Onc-nlght treatment, o! tho
hands or feet," or Single treatment
of tho hair," or " Use after nUdcUM," ,
cycling, golf, tennis, riding, sparrltur.
or any sport, each lu connection with
tho ttuo of Cutlcura Soap, is sufficient
evidence of this.
SoMttirourhOTtthworli1. CuUeum KwotTfTit.Wrt (la
form '.( C !i,toIio Ccial-'t l-llli, Uc. ikt ?lal nflVD.OInV
rnenljAfV,, Ktp, liriiotii London, 17 Chrteitinita
Nq I rari,fi n.iilU lilst Uoatm.l.i; (Ylumbuft Avt.
foltcr llniifc Chun. Corp 1-,iM l-ropntlora.
l a- bena Ut " TUu L'uttcur btlu lluuk."
1h Btlrni-iliiK mure atlt-iitlon tliuu utiv oilier ill,
trliiln ihu i.l hi.
"TheOrtnaryol the World." "The Itndot Suat
thtor." The Natural Feedin( Orounda lor Stock.
Arra under crop in 1902 . 1,987,310 acrta.
Yield 1902 .... II7.922.7M buihela.
Aliuniliineci of Water; KuaJ
rii-ntlliil; c'lii-iip llullilliitf Mi
lerlul; (IihmI (Iiuhi fur niilin
iiml liny: u ti-rtllo anil; u miSI-i-lt-nt
ritlnriill anil h ellniaiKlr
Ihk an amiurt-cl anil aitcmnit)
M-iisoii nf Kruifth llllltK.
I A!Kt:.H J'KKi:, tho enlr rliiimelur which lalit
luri-lilry. (Jlovn tiiChtirc-lif-K, Hi-tiiHila. cite. Hallway.
tiii ull hottlcil iivuilrm. Hi-iul for AUhh anil nitiM
i lm-nil urn li Muprrliitrnilrnt of Irninlxriitlun.
tltlHwu, t'anuila, nr l" J, K. Citawroitn. 211 w.
nun ii ni. rittijmiN c.uy.jKi.iU. .1. iiitotioiiTON. u.
Oiiim-y IIIiIk , ctilritKn. III.! autlmnai-it (Jniimllaay
cyvc-riiini-lil AiceiitM, m!h will aneply you wliurt
MMvdtoulvlnif yuu reilueeit rnllivay rates, etc.
tradb mare.
Nintf en Caoh Plaoa.
Paeket la liulk ad Original riealcd
All First-Class Dealers Handle Then.
iii-r Him iMi-irri vit.
i.v rnuKM rn.i:j.
I nr free iiiititili, Hiiii,-ha
,lANAkl'.NIH,'i Tub
unc biilldliitf. New urk.
A. N. lf.-ll
plruan alnln that ynu mv (lie Ailtrrllae
aarut In (hit ,nHsr.
that a perfectly healthy baby never cries. When the little one does cry
there's something wrong, and generally it's the stomach. Paregoric,
Soothing Syrups, Cordials, Teething Syrups and Pain Killers contain
opium and morphine. Don't use them. They are harmful costly,
too. Such drugs constipate and derange the digestive organs. '
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
is pleasant to take, augments and supplies the natural digestive ferment,
acting as a gentle laxative by the power to assimilate food, makes and
keeps babies in health and good humor. A trial will convince you.
Mrs. Alui: Jackson, of Farmer City, III., wrltoiu My seven-tnontha-old
baby wu troubled n treat deal with lila atotnnch and
bowcla. I had tried numeroua remedies with no food results, until tho
baby lost much flesh and wan In very poor health. A friend recom
mended Caldwell's fiynip I'cpsin, I procured a JOc bottln at the druif
tore nod cave the contents to the baby according to directions, alter
which Sere was a decided Improvement In his condition. Iluve been
giving him Syrup Pepsin for about a month, with very satisfactory
results, his stomach and bowels being" la good, healthy ccndltioa and
bll former weight retained.
Your dniKKist sells it. If not, fiend us
hta name and wo will send sample bottle
50c and $1 bottles.
It is economy to buy the $1 Kite.
PEPSIN SYRUP COMPANY, intlcello, III.. U. 8. A.

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