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Morgan County democrat. (Versailles, Mo.) 1900-1906, August 14, 1903, Image 5

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Condensed Statement of the Hank of Versailles :it the
close- of busine Si, April 27. I'li'T
lti:sotit( i:s.
Cush jiini Rxoh.'im'e . ... .. S s",L,n 1.1
Loan, mid Discounts Ji 1.047 U'
Real Kstasc, Furniture and Fi.tu:cs 1,705 14
total 8271, Rill r.3
Capital Stock-, paid In g 30,000 f)()
Surplus iitu! Undivided I'rollts 1 l.il'l Itrt
H lis piiyiil.lt ,-itiil rediscounts S4, 1 "!"!
Deposits' aoi.l'.M f.J
Time Loci:.
Kin; Proof
Burglary unu
A. L. ROSS, PrcsHcnt.
VV JVL. -C,sjtrCJLVL.-i..lN ,
. . LAWYER . . .
VERS A l LLId i,
Ollice in Lump"c lilock, ovor
I Jmiiii I
shcs .jm-. tk t. m a cv..jk
- ' V
..aTKF.H i "Hit--
Fw&teffff, by ail
I fs "A
Ptr EoJllc 6 for
PKni'AKKI) o.vlv nv
For Sale in Versailles by
Muntzel Drug Go.
Versailles Drug Co.
For Sale in Glonsted by
Joe Milbum.
if P. T II tarfmfint
I Kit I) W i VllUUi
ium t'ouiinii is uoudMi'M-u ami urnlor
tin1 i-ntlrc.iltpcrvisioti of the! Womon'h
fjlir: ',iiin Touipcrtinci! Union of Vt-r-
Tim V. C. T. II. will iiitvt at tlm
oVInplf p. in
Dili Yonpf IVopius' Il.-j.tl ! n- Circle
(iiiji: .it. tun iiu ill; iil iiiuntiii; .ui
iliu jiiiniy fjaiuruuy twig niu ul
o'c'i.tlc .
'U)c Lpyal Tc:upur.iiit;u fwis'ion will
m-t;,l at tlm I'rubbytDrlan Cljnrcli Kil
lay, Awj. 12 at 2:30 p. m Childr.-.u
orfuu ami luarn soiimthln to your in-
LWite Mntrlisli (i-'rii.sbiriss.
I hitvu r.Odiu finu mull- pifr'. ol the
liov).' limed for wilo.
jrir in tin- cjuntry.
Mo hutti-r hrecd-
W'm. I'ohsia.n, Vurfiailk-s, Mo.
Not Over-Wise.
Thvro Is an old allegorical piuiure of
i fin tea-till at n prass-hoW, but in
.,u ,u;t of liL-oilIeusIy tn'iHlniif nn-a
.ii-t!f n This Ik pririilli-liid b the luan
v'io spo is a hiro nuin of monny
i iihliiH' a t-yclone cellar, hut iieffleoiH
i provide his uimty with a bottle of
liatjUiei'hiin'.s Colic, Cholora and Dlar-lui-aj
Itcniedy aa a safeuaid nffinnst
uwuji c-omphilnt.s. whoso victims out
umiAicr those of the cyclone a hundred
o otui This remedy is everywhere
eeiffn od us the most prompt and re
Itijli.e ini'dlelno in usu for these dlr,-
jh-s. I'or bale by ltteri Drutj Co
I ft
i :v n i m u 4 . i n 11
f '
f Kit
$a7i,i:i m
Vault. Insurance against
Himl; of Morgan County,
County (JotirL IToecefliiiK-.M.
The Moiffiin cminty court w.iii m ses
.siou hist week, having- mist Monday in
regular AniMt term. The judua wcru
til present. Kollinvinj; aie the pro-
i ' " "
W.i! rants were istiuril for tin- benefit
of pet sous in need as follows Mro
.M;i(,'ffie Mothc-rsbaiiKh !, Mrs. A. K.
Hednck 37, Mn,. Mary Smith 610, .Mrs.
Moll'ie Ilarri.son 810, John Sims 21'.',
Ann Martin 810.
II W. li.iton, county Mir-cyor, al
lowed account in full of l-'Bur, for
niakiti,' survey of tin- Moijan atel
iiioniteiiu county line and for materials
used, etc. Kcpni t of which is llled
with the court and ordered made of
Warrants for H7.j Issued in favor of
Jlcrm.iu Sclimiill for making p'ata
sliowiiu; cntrieb of (,'ovetnment lands
in .Moigan for circuit clerk's ollice.
Account of Hubbard Moore, al
lowed in hum of SfiS.-tO foi -ju tnriH of
cannel coal at .SO per ton for county
u e
St Louis Republic allowed Sa for
publishing notice of bond call.
Commissioner; report in the W. K.
.McNeill change of road approved and
road oidered opened,
Ace.iuut of .1. R. iOlliott. slierill of
Mou.'eau county allowed in sum of
Sf.'4 f.;r medicine furnished i an I keep-
iiy Morgan county prisoners.
Account of shell)!' S. II. Drydalc
allowed in turn of 878 Hi for guards,
railroad fare and taking W. 11. Atkin
son to Nevada asylum tor insane.
.1. I-" .Johnson county school commis
sioner allowed 8.50 for stamps used in
olllcial business,
Albert S. Foxworthy '.'ranted license
to keep a pool table at Kecl:,ior upon
payment of license to county collector.
Reports ot commissioners of Ver
sailles special road dislriot filed and
Account of S. II. Drysdale allowed
1 n sum of Sr.0. 10 services an sheriff and
3171. -IS for board of prisoners.
Account of A. (J. linker 31 2. CO Jor
county printing allowed.
Warrant Ismied to (iporge Thruston
in sum of SUM 50 services as janitor.
Collector Hd. S. dim; allowed Si Su
for contingont expenses of otllei!.
.ecouni oi .J. a. i-eity allowed in
sum of i'li.ori for merchandise furn
ished county farm
Warrant issued to Or 0. A. Williams
for 3S0 for surgical and medical ser
vices rendered Millie Meador, colored.
Assistance rondcred Aaron Stallion a
poor person in sum of 810.
George A. Jackson appointed justice
of tile pekoe fur Morean township vice
John C Vanpool who was elected last
November and refused to qualify.
Rills of cost allowed in following
eases: State, vs. Andy .McFariand
tM.d'J, State vti. Jes'.y Oish 813.t;o,
Statu vc. liully Meadow 81U 15, Statu
vs. Francis Jarvjji 820.00. s
Report of commissioners of Versailles
special road district filed and approved.
The leportshowsa balance of idlM.Hl
in district treasury August 1st, IQ0S.
Receipts since ure us follows: City
warrants fjS'.'O, county warrants 020.31),
poll tax 82..VJ. Total receipts 81 l.'.2.U3.
Disbursements Sts.V.l.SO, lliilancn in dis
trict treasury Aug. 1st, 10 .3, S,'.t)3 4'i
Account of A. Topper for merchan
dise furnished county farm allowed
for 511 S.1.
Account of Thorpo liros. for mer
chandise furnished court house al
lowed for 810, for Merchandise furn
ished county farm allowed for 8-'. 07.
In tlic-Lflwery change of road, ie-
tiort of L-uinitilssloncrsnccuplcd and
road oideivd opened at fpensoof pctl
tloners. tn Meusiihkt! chaticu road report
of cointnslonorb accepU and road or
dered opened.
In the 'Akltihville ro:i commission
ers report iieecpted amlroad ordered
opened, (
Ordered that warrant
sued to Win. L Mart
Aaron Stallion.
r S1U be is
for care of
Commissioners ordi'ieihut on J
Uuletl and (). II. Joiu
CouuniHsioners orderci
road of Dedrlcl; Ifellner
Coiiimihijiiini-rh orderei
me of road.
nit on new
ImU on J. 1'
Hatfield new public rn.nj
Account of C. 0, Mcrn
paupers allowed for 81'.'
for Iceepinc
I); 3M) rent
allowed and u warran
ordered for
Urderud that state uuilir be diree
ed to draw warrant in f;i
Jir of county
treasurer for ,talc scIkI
money ap
portioned to said county
Account of Win. I);y
as night
watch for three mom!
id (Ki.
illovved for
Account of Morgan Colty Dumoerat
for stationer' allowed fi
I'iiii-.neial stiitcinent i
Sil as.
I.. M.
gett. county treasurer, received and
Account of Kuoop A; 1 i for tru r
chandisc for county f.i u allowed ,n
sum of 8tU.ti.V
Account of Nevuda lime Asylum
allowed in sum of S3U1 3
Acet of Wit ton Urug for tnedi
cine, for prisoners, etc allowed In
sum of 8.1 70.
Commisiilonors allowe. U. M. Ilar
gett, treasuter, on 811.7(1'), K per
i ent in sum ot Sr.fi.iil.
Ordered liy the court tat all signs
lie removed from the ooii house.
School fund mortgagi
'i. M. (Sunn
ordered releamd by cler
Ordered that liecnv
sho)s for six month'
keep drain
allowed to
Alf. Heine.
John W. Livingston an
Abstract of feer, eollec
I by W. C.
Thomas received anil apibved
Abstruet ot fees eolleel
by W. C.
h, 1003, ap-
Thomas ending June
Abstract of fees collect
f by Jno. T.
lloale ending March "list id June 30th
Acct of .1 T. Iteale fr contingent
expenses allowed for SI 0
Acet of S. H Drysdn'i sherlir for
atteiidieg August term olounty court,
allowed for 812. '
Ordered that clerk tjr.rtise foi
sealed bids for letting eonlv farm for
eir-uing two yea'-..
Acet of Win. We 1 foiscrvices as
county phjslcian ullowediir 8120.
Acet of Ch'ii. I). Itiinsl in sum of
l.r,an of school money pnted R 11
Itauguman in sum of 3l0.
Court iiiljourned until 'Icsdiiv, Sep
tcmbcr Sth, l'JOi.
CiitimI riiruly.s.
W. S. Rally, 1'. O, I,m, Texas,
writes: "My wife had bei sulVering
five years with paralysih i, her arm,
when I was pur-iruled to v Rallard's
Snow Ijinituent, whieli red her all
right. I have also used it f' old sores,
frost bites, and skin enipths It docs
the work " 25c, MJe and 8 boUlo at
Wittcn Drug Co
Real Estate Tranters.
HiuiiiAiin A if jVA.TAi.-dii, l) Aliitrnr
tora, ropui t tlia follnwim; traifor i of ruul
estutc us flieil lor roronl in t Kceordur'u
ottlee of Morgan County, Mo lncn hut
11. O. Viel to Tlieo. U elm 3',0 acres
in See 'i'i. no, ,11 and 32; 42 7
(.'. M. Spring and wife til'lin CalTeo
Drug Co., 88') acres In IO-l!i42-17, 41
17, etc.
.1. It, I.umpee and wi. to U R.
I'rice, creamery lot lu Vorsllcb, Mo.
.1. A. lilcvins and wife t Lulu D.
Washburn, lots 5 and IV, belt II Wil
liams add, to Versailles.
Wm. Format! and nifito 10. F,
Draper, 200 acres In Sees. 7M7.
I) II. Ward nnd wife to li. Sean
land, 120 acres in Soc. 27, I Hi.
.1. L. Collier und'wifto T. U.
lli.ughmau, M0 acres iu Sec, 10, 17.
Coming as It does, lit tliejsiest sea
son, when a man can leafafToid to
lose, time, a sure and felc cure for
(lhtrrhoea in very deslrabl Anyone
who has given it a trial tell you
that the (pilchcst, surostind most
plensant remedy lu use for js dlseuiie
is Chamberlain's Colic, Oiera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. Thep'i no loss
of time when it is used, asuo or two
doses of It will euro any 'orfnary at
tack. It never fails, not on n the
most neeto and dangeious sea, Tor
sale by Witton Drug Co
For biliousness uso Chaberlaiii's
Stomach .V Liver Tablets. Try clounm
the stomach and regulate tltUvQivtud
liowels, effecting a iiulck at norma-
I ncnt ciire. For dale by Wten Drag
I'cttls county gets 812,731 03 school
money this year. The county has 10,
112 children of school age.
Colonel Van II Wlbker, of Scdalla,
was attacked by a Jersey bull recently
and painfully bruised. The bull flr-t.
tackled a negro boy and was driven olT
by the Colonel but his whip broke and
the animal evened up with him, He
was compelled to qu'ckl.v climb on top
of a pig-pen to .save himself from fatal
Judge James K. lbi.t-ll convened Cir
cuit Court here Mundaj, It being the
ici?iihu August term. The ohisgow
murder ease came In-fore the court and
a continuance u a iranted, the case of
the state vs. John Cornett, for rape, was
tlied by jury and a verdict of m-quittnl
renderod. The session will occupy the
entire week.
Henry L. Jost, W. J. Howell and II
M. Mc(Jui!kin, who wcru hern Wudnes
day from Kansas Ci'y In court. Howell
et al vs. Mlnural Dutch Mining Co.
made the Democrat a pleasant call
while here. Henry L. .lost is attoi ney lu
their ease, who, by the way, is a candi
date lor Orand Masttr in the A, O. U.
W. order at the next convention, He is
a briyht light In the legal profession
and worthy of the position to which he
The fact that, our city authorities
have just received two car loads of vit
rified brick which are to be used for
tin- purpo-e of put ting m ubilanti.'il
s'.rcet cro-siug to replace the old
wooden makeshifts, Is a move iu the
right direction, but this fact alone Is
convincing evidence that Ver.-ailles
needs a good brick manufactory. We
have thu best clay iu the world, the
best location for a plant of this kind, a
steady demand for the best hrlcl., and
we have the idle capital, hill a U-.-ul'M-of
nerve to push the entoi prise 'nuiii'i
to bo the missing link. This should be
one of the first enterprises established
in Versailles with the advent of the
new railroad.
The I'hililren. and older veople too,
ntill talk of the l'icsbyterlati Sunday
school picnic last week on the Moreno
It was a most enjoyable alfair and wo
would all be better of." if we would
have more of them. They got us closer
together and make Us more -loeiable.
Those who attended that picnic will
not soon forget the closing port, the
' finale" 'mi to speak. Just ui thu nun
wa;i s"ttling down behind the western
hills Mrs. I). C, Inland of Denver,
stood out ill the shadows of the big
walnuts mid recited for the children,
as only she can recite, "The second
trial" and "Seeing things at night."
The latter piece made the yonnf.Uer.s
turn their eyes toward home.
WANTMD -I'riiii ie Farms, from HO
acres up. I am reccivinc plenty of in-
(jnlries fiom Iowa, Illinois and Ohio
people, about Morgan Comity. They
will beg. n eomiier in s mn. II. A.
VonNH, In ollice of I'n.ba'e Judge
1 have hd cfttilnn to ue your
tlbdi. Draught Stock jml Pocltry Miil.
cine and urn plcutd to ity that I mvtr
fc ajrl,. , inc. JVC IICII H3
K good tatliiictlciii. I heartily rtcom.
iricr.d it to til o-vnert cf stock.
J. 0. DOLiHER, Si. Louli. Mo.
Sirk stock or poultry phoitld not
oat cli"iip Ftock food any more thin
sick pcrso'iu shoulil oxpect to lie
ciie.'d by food. When your ttock
at:d poultry are tick give them nwl
icino. Don't stuff them with vrprUi
Itvfl stricl: foodo. I'nlcnd the WvrU
awl stir up the torpid i vr tuvl (he
ur.itnid will he (.u-ed, if it h'j jiosii
blo to cure it. Mlcck-Draualit l-tock
ivnil Poultry Medicine ;mloid) tho
howrh and stirn up th-t Icrpid liver.
It curo.i every tsnlady ot stock if
t.-.'tcn in time. Secure a 2i-cont cu
ci IJIiic'j-Draughl. f-'toik and I'o'iltry
ilfliciiioand itvill pay for itself ten
lime:iovrr. Ilorsgsworkhettrr. C'owj
give morn milk, llotji gain flesh.
And heui lay tuore egg. It solves tho
tiroblfm of making ai much blood,
flesh und energy aa iiobsiblo out ot
the htnallest amount of food con
uained, lluy ncati from your djaler.
'.... ,7.
The plum orchardat the Confederate
Homo at Hlgginsvllle this year pre
sonl an unprecedented appearance.
Thu trees tiro loaded with fruit. On
onu branch, about seven Indies long,
ari 21 large plums.
Of what does a bud tasto in your
mouth remind you? It Indicates 'that
your stomach Is in bad condition and
will remind you that there Is nothing;
so good for such a disorder as Cham
berlain's Stomach .fe Llvm- Tablets af
ter hav'ng once used them They
cleanse and Invlgoratu the stomach,
and ro.tru'ate the bowels. For salu at
2S cents per box by Wittcn Drug Co,
Here is the way a I'awncn county
man confessed at a revival meeting iu
ICatisru. He had been pressed to re
pent, au.l finally got up and said: Dear
fi icfuiH, I feel the spirit moving in mo
to nM, and tell what a had man I'vu
bee, but 1 can't do it while the grand
jury is in session." "Tin; ,otd will
foreive." shouted the preacher. "1
guess that's right," said the penitent,
"but he ain't on the grand jury."
My boy when four years old wan
taken with colic and cramps in IiIh
stomach, I sent'for thu doefor nnd ho
injected morphine, hut tin.1 child kept
getting worse. I then gave him half
a teapoonful of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and In
half an hour he was sleeping and soon
recorded F. L. Wllkins. Shell Lake.
Wis, Mr Wilkins is Iwinlckeopur for
the .shell Lake Lumln-r Co. For sale
by Wittcn Drug Co.
How They wcru lliiniloitjtfcd.
A large and appreciative Des Moiuc.-
audience had assembled U listen to
tin- cantata of "The Flower Oureu."'
The stage w as decorated with miis'cs
of Dowers and bird cages were hung
everywhere. At intervals during the
piogram the audience was greeted
with bu'.sts of -oong from the bird
cages. The linnets, canaries, orioles,
wirblers thrushes', nightingales ami
mocking birds vied, each with tho
others to charm the listening ear.
After thu conceit was over, the peo
ple said one to another, "II nv beauti
fully the birds s.-mg to-iuglu ' " They
had been humbugged, ll was not tho
birds tlifit had charmed theiii. It was
only 1'iof. Ireland who was hidden be
hind a bank of tlowers ami amused
him'elf by making the people think
that they were listening to the songs
of birds, Mven after being deceived
so beautifully by him, the people did
not call him a fraud. IVof. Ireland in
to enle tiiin a Versailles audience on
tho evening of August 2,1th.
A Worm Killnr.
.1 A. J. Montgomery, I'nxieo, Way' i)
Co Mo., writes- "I huve lilt lc tw'u .
gii K. who have been bothe.ied wit It
worms all their lives. I tried every
thing to relieve them which failed un
til I used Whites Cream Vermifuge;
the 1lrst two doses brought four worm-i
from unit of thorn, thu next two doses,
twelve, one of them measuiiug twelve
Inches; tho other child was only re
lieved of fine- worms. It is a mos .'.
celleut medicine." White's Cream Vcr
inifivu is good foi children. It. not,
only desiroys worms, it helps the child
I" perfect growth, wards oir sickness,
2,'n- iit Wittcn Drug Co.
Olllee formerly oeeupii d by II. M.
Wasiibnru, Second Floor Woods liuihl-i,V.
Fillings, Plates,
Crowns & Bridges.
All Work
.IDKI.,!!, IIUllllAltK, l-r. .,l. ,,l.
W. W. MOOJSr., CiiHhler.
v;. t. rr.TTV,
1) k w
Versailles, Mo.
Doe : ;ferie-!il iianlilnbiisine.-iH,
di:am:i.' in l'l-ntr: old
an'd oTiinii ntuu wiiiHiuns
7JI N KT (Hi AILS A l!K, A I, W A VS.
' to bo found ,it tun bar Leiilp'tl i
ft i'n-uiimn liolt.b-d nml Keg licet
rtUvajs III stock, lllll'l I'ure A li-nlinl ,
Ciitiitiy oi'dois solicited und piomptly
ALF. 11 El IN EM AW,

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