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Morgan County democrat. (Versailles, Mo.) 1900-1906, October 16, 1903, Image 2

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FobllihiMl Krcarr Friday Morning.
TILLMAN l-UICK. 1'roprlotors.
Happenings of the Past Seven
Days in Briefc
CaHualticK and Tin, Personal ami Po
litlcal NoleH, HuhIiichh Failures and
ItesnmiitloiJH, Weather Record.
The Rratid Jury of Moore county, Tcn
nissee. has returned 22 Indictments for
murder against th; members of a mob
who lynched a negro In Nashville.
William H. Wright, of Effingham, has
been elected grand master of Illinois
Manufacturers who are members of
trade associations of the country have
started a campaign to crush the weaker
labor organizations.
Th; seventh annual convention of the
League of American Municipalities: began
In Haltlmore.
John Decker, of Norwich, Conn., a me
th&nlc 44 years old, entered the white
house In Washington, wax arretted as a
ertnk and sent to an Insane apyluin.
Gustnve Ilecler, an 18-year-old stu
dent, died In Chicago from Injurks re
ceived In a name of football.
Chief Justice Fuller arrived In New
York from a three-months' tour In Eu
rone. Orvllle II Smith, who has cheated ho
tel kf epers In every hlgt Hy In the union,
wan sent to the Cleveland workhouse
for three months.
I'eler A. Schncckcr, widely known as
n composer of church music, was found
il(ad In hed at his home In New York
Fire which started In the Stone opera
house at Illnghnmton, N. Y.. completely
putted the structure, entailing a Ions of
Prof. Lnngley explains tJie failure of
his aerodrome to lly hh duo to an error
In the launching ways,.
Sir Thomas Upton failed from New
Yorlt for England on IhestcamerCcdrlc.
The Ellt.worth hom stead In Windsor,
Conn , has been formally prcs-eiitcd to 1 lie
1), A 11. hy the descendants of the third
(hlef Justice of the United States.
W. 11 Given, prPRldeiit of the Lan
caster ( I'a ) Hallway and Unlit company
re-ulgncd on elite overy of 5 1 0( .000 ellecrcp
lik In his accounts.
Albert .Sludge H Sun, lies-ton, Mass-.,
printers, have failed with at" ts of $100,
00(. and llahlllili s of J ,10 ,000
Com havlne, ripened In all parts of
Kansas, no damage will result trom
A monument to commemorate the
(1m ds of .Maryland soldiers who partic
ipated In thi-hatllcsaiouiid Chattanooga,
Term . was dedicate tint Orchard Kt.oh.
No Information hereafter will hi given
out hy anybody conne cted with the white
houBe concerning the doings of (ranks
who visit the mansion with malicious
Intuit toward the pretldent
Prosecuting Attorney Folk of St. Louis
confirred with President Koonew.lt on
'!'; subject of i xtendlng the e xlindlflnu
laws so as to Include htlhcrs and i in !,.
zleis Of three masked bandits who held up a
it reel ear at Aurora, III .one was 1:111k
by the police and another wounded In a
rubsicjui-lil battle.
Municipal own rshlpof stnet railways
was defeated In Sr.n Francisco by the
vi tc-rp.
Fire destroyed the I'pdyl.c grain ele
vator at Missouri Valley, la , the los
The film ml of Wilson S. lllsfcll, for
mer postmaster general, took placo at
Hulfalo, N. Y. All the courts In Hie city
ai.Journcd an a mark of retpict. Tin
l.orty was cri mated.
The federal grand Jury at St. Louis
returned IndletmrntR against W. A.
Morrow, assistant private secretary tc
fiov. A. K. Doekcry. ami Thomas U,
llarreti. formerly marshal of the St.
Louh court of appeals, for aiding and
abetting fraudulent naturalization.
A receiver has hem appoint! d foi
Julius Myer, Soiib Ac Co,, a department
Horn firm In Ht. I.ouls. The total
acknowledged Indehtednecs Ik fKiO.O'tf
Annotineeinent of the resignation ol
II. A. Castle, auditor for the post ofJict
cipnrtment, Is made.
K. K. Dye, one of the lust known law'
ycrb In southirn Indiana, shot and
V.!Ii(d WniM-lf at llcdford. The fanillj
think he wob temporarily derangid b)
111 hctlth.
The principal topic of discussion at
the calilnit fcsflon was the pott offlci
Invi ftlgatlon, which was considered a'
cor.tlderable length, especially with ref
erence o the trial of the cases nam
pending bifnre the courtB.
A plan for a union of 1,000,000 mm to
control thi! building trades ol the conn
try was tdopied at the ludlaiiapolli
(luft.) eonferi tue of national tiadir offi
cial b. Arbitration was favortd.
Admlnldl ration officials are planning
to aectirc re.vlfed axtradltlon treatlcn
irlth England, Trance and other coun
Irtcn, whereby tirlbera and embezzlers
may be taken. It Is hoped to make thm
Withdrawal of $.'100,000,000 bank de
?oalt by unions and their member la
threatened by Thomaa I. Kldd, vice
president of the American Federation
sf Ijibor. nnlefB cmployera atop suing
inlons for (Jamages.
BuslncsB In New York city was nearly
itjpped by a rainstorm, which flooded
!ome streets two feet deep. I'atcraon
(N. J.) factories were forced to close.
One convict was shot to death at 8alt
Lake City, three wounded and two es
caped after a fight with guardB. One of
.he latter and one spectator was hurt.
K. G. Dun's weekly review shows rail
road earnings 8.1 per cent, over J 902;
exports for the week $l,lS8,iitfi under
l!02. Irregular trade conditions ure
ihovn by UradFtrcet'H.
William Jones, whose real name was
Jarneu AfeMiey, was hanged at Danville,
Vn,, for the murder of Jncoh Lee last No
vember. Me admitted three murders,
hut Mild he was Innocent of Lee's death.
New records were made by Iou Dil
lon and Major Dclmar, trotting to
wagons at Lexington, the former going
the distance In 2:01 and the latter in
As a result of the Dnwer exposures
in connection with the shipbuilding
combine, it Ik said. Charles M. Schwab
Is to he s'.ieu for millions and a receiver
asked for his JIoi hii-huni steel plant.
President and Mrs. Hoocvelt gave a
reception Ut the Honorable Artillery of
Londonmd the Ancient and Honorable
Artll'ery Company of Iioston.
The official cmp report shown that the
corn condition at the present, time Is
about normal and a shade better than
usual In October.
Twenty-three additional deaths are
reported at vailous eastern points due
to the storms. Immense properly dam
age has resulted in New York, New Jer
fey and .Maryland
IMward Dolieny, pitcher for the IMtts
burg National liai-cball league champion
learn, has been adjudged Insane ami c om
mit led to the asylum at Danvers, Mass.
Mr. A .1. Smetena, wife of the night
Jailer in police headepiarters. Cedar
Knplds, la . hung her one-year-old
daughti r and then hung herself. Insan
ity (aiisecl by ill health was the caiiKc
John Alexander Howie has made final
arrangements' tor his tilp to New Yorlt.
Three thousand of his followers will
take pan In the crusade.
(Jeorf- I', dubbins, of Chicago, presi
dent ol the bricklayers' union, was
elected head of the new International
union or building trades at Indianapo
lis. Hesldenlfi ol I'ateiHon, N. J., were Mill
at the mercy of the Hoods In the I'nssalc
river. Five hundred families were made
homeless and the damage to piopcity
would run Into the millions.
Eight bundled clti.ennof Englewood,
a Chicago subiii b. have formed a law and
order league to light i-aloons that open
on Sundays.
Hhode Island prohibitionists have
nominated Frcdirld; T Jencks, of Har
rington, for governor
Seventy -II vo white men In Alabama
have been dlsf ranchlM d because they
did not pay the I'i tax
Several members of the cabinet, In
cluding (Secretaries Shaw, Moody arid
Wilson, will participate In the political
campaigns progressing in the several
N W. Spaulding, siiblrcasurcr of the
I'nlted States mint under I'lesldent
Hayes, died In New Britain, Conn., aged
71 years
Mayor Low, of New York, In accept
ing a fuslonlft rcnomlnatlon, praised
Comptroller Grout's record, but scored
him for accepting a nomination from
Thin ninny.
Itldiard Henry Savage, thenuthorand
soldier, died In Hooscvcll hospital New
York city, as the result of Injuries re
ceived on October f, when he was run
over by a wagon.
Mrs. Dwlght L. Moody, widow of the
famous evangelist, died at her home In
East Northrielil, Mass.
Secretnry or the Treasury Hhnw
opened the republican campaign In Ohio
at Akron and was heard by a big crowd.
Senator Allison made his first speech
In the Iowa campaign and devoted a
large part of his address to trusts and
the financial problems of the nation.
Hiitsla has notified China that rhe will
not evacuate Manchuria iiiiUfk all her
demands are compiled with, and war
may follow.
Joseph Chamberlain In on address at
Greenock declared agriculture In Great
Britain practically was destrojeO. and
the Mil; and sugar trade gone.
A no publication by Ian Mai laren de
clares the world Is on the verge of the
"great est religious revival since the
days when Home succumbed to the teach
ings of Chrlft In the first century."
A commercial treaty between the
United States and Chirm has been signed
at Shanghai, opening the ports of Muk
den and Antung In Manchuria regardless
of Hussla's evacuation.
A plot to smuggle Chinese coolies Into
the I'hlllpplneH by disguising them ai
merchanti; wai discovered at Manila
through the arrest of John Miller. CI-
I Itrtoinrtalon Inspector.
Russian and Jtpaneto fleati wire
maneuvering off Port Arthur In full war
paint, and hostilities were liable to
break out at any moment.
Mr. Chamberlain warnr, Ilrltlsh work
men either to order n change In thejls
eal policy of their country or prepare to
I'ltts X. Ir to make numerous changes
among the diplomatic representatives
at foreign capitals, and it is thought an
American prclute may be selected to
succeed Mgr. Fnkonlo at Waablngtoa.
Army circles are grently Interested
In the fight which will be made dur
ing the coming congress for the re
establishmcnt of the army canteen, or
post exchange. The plan is said to be
to attach n rider to the military ap
propriation bill, repealing the nntl
canteen law, which wns enacted two
years ago.
Private John Dowd, the United Stntea
sentry who shot and killed William H.
Crowley near the United States ar
senal, at Pittsburg, Pa., and who waa
tried by court-martial and exonerated,
was turned over to the civil authori
ties, on the 12th, for trial. He was
released on $.,0'io bond,
Col. Daniel K lloone, the celebrated
trainer of wild animals, died, In San
FranclMo, on the 12th, after a long
11 1 n cms, aged !2 years. Ho was bom
In Kentucky. For many years Itoono
made his own circus, which was ono
of the largest and most successful
shows In Enope.
Lleitt.-Col. W. II. Hlrkelieck of the
Hrlt It-li army and Capt. Dudley H, De
clmlr of the Hrltlsh navy were special
ly detailed, on the. 12th, hy the British
government, to attend the military ma
neuvers of the army and organl.ed
militia, at Fort itlley, Kas.
Leopold J. Stein, Indicted at Wash
ington, D. C, in connection with the
postal frauds, waived his appeal, at
Toronto, Can., on the 12lh, against the
extradition order recently obtained by
the United States authorities, and will
return to Washington.
Detectives from Si. Joseph, Mo., on
l lie: 12th, at the penitentiary at Lincoln,
Neb., positively Identified photographs
of John King, Charles Hay and George
Sveras as the men charged with hold
ing up a Iiiii'lington passenger train
near Amazonia, Mo.
t The examination of Slate Senator
George E. Green. Indicted for alleged
complicity In the postal frauds, which
had been set for the 12th, before United
.Stated Coiiiiiilsslciner Hall, at lilngh.im-
ton, N. Y., wan postponed until No
vember !t.
Lieut. -Gen. Ian Hamilton, the dis
tinguished Hritlsli army olllccr. accom
panied by Gen. Oliver, acting secretary
of war, and Gens. Johnson, Nicholson
and Davis, visited the battlefield of
Gettysburg, on the 12th.
The president, on the 12tli, appointed
John N. Watson reglcier of the land
office at Lakevlew, Ore. and Charles
U. Snyder ieceier t,'. public moneys
In the same omce.
John Ha.cliluc proposes to take 1 (VW
of the people of Syracuse. N Y., and col
onize them In a town In MonUma.
Lelttud M. Fluks, of Columbia, Mo.,
datum to have the oat of aims of the
Washington family and Washington'
tlfllcilil pedigree.
The Pittsburg Glass tompany has; or
dered another lediictlou in prices, ap
plicable to glass used In making mir
ror:). Circuit Judges of South Dakota deny
that a decree of olvon e has bi en giantecl
to Mrs. Kolauil 11. Mollneiix, of New
George Howard, known as the "gen
tleman burglar," pleaded guilty at liack
ensnck, N. J,, and was ncntcmid to 11
Col. A. L. Mills, superintendent of
the West Point military academy, le
r.orls the health of the cadets good,
with an absence of ha.lng.
Hear Admiral Bradford has resigned
his bureau commission and has been as
signed to command ol the battleship
Neighboring women in Concordia par
iah, Louisiana, gave birth the same day,
one to thiee liojs and the other to five
Queen Wilhclmlun and the sultan of
Turkey have the cirdlt of belngtheonly
reigning monarchs at the present time
who are teetotalers,
The SI, lyouls exposition authorities
arc arranging to have an exhibit of the
Teliuelche Indians, of Patagonia, known
aa the most gigantic nice now living.
! The competency of bloodhounds, an
I witnesses In criminal piosccuilons has
been decided in their lavor by the su
preme court of Nebraska.
Carroll I). Wright, in reports about to
be published, shows that the condition
of the laboring man and wage cm ni r In
the United StateH Is better than at any
previous time.
President Hoosevclt has appointed
John P. Melds I'nlted States dlhtrlct at
torney for Dtlaware, on the leiom
Imenilatlon of the Judiciary and bar of
the state, Ignoring the political fac
Uecclver James Smith, of the United
Stater. Shipbuilding company, In niisv,er
to court pioiei dings, charges Irani! In
firr.tintr lit. l. I lit! Iriiut u i l I n
i,w -"-'" .... ...fc
I Charles M. Schwab aud other ;:romo-.ttra.
t ' :
William .Moore, n prominent drug
gist of .loplln, has disappeared, taking
with lilm all available cash.
E. J. liurton, who la charged with
having cut a policeman's throat at Ma
con, about six months ago, has been
irrested at Memphis.
George Marshall Francisco, GO ye-ara
old, who Is dead at Marshall, was the
lit st male born In that city. He was a
soldier under command of Stonewnll
Jackson and the first commander of
Marrnadtike camp, Confederntej Vet
Drans. Nelson W. McLood, chairman of the
SL Louis citizens' committee which
If pushing Circuit Attorney Folk for
governor, has sent a circular letter to
the democratic county officials and
democratic county committeemen ask
ing them to organize: Folk clubs In
every township in the state.
Hoys set fire to a tree at Thirtieth
anil Oak streets In Kansas City the
other night. Thu warning of their
mothers not to play Willi matches In
the house led them to go out of doors
to have fun with them. They thought
a forest fire would be great sport, but
somebody told No. 17 engine house
and the firemen put a stop to lie fun.
Congressman John T. Hunt, of the
Eleventh district, has declared lilmsell
for IIuwch for governor. Hunt was a
candidate! lor the office. In lMMl against
the incumbent, Charle-s F. Joy, but
was defeated by about ;i,f0n votes. A
year ago Hunt succeeded In turning
the In bleu on ex-Congressman Joy
!nd was victorious by close to fi.OOf
The first annual meeting of the Mis
souri Corn Growers' association will
be nt Columbia January 5, 1 D0 1. Of
ficers will be elected and a temporary
organization eflecti'd. Prizes will Ik
oll'eii'd for corn displays and the sule
Ject of corn gi owing will be discussed.
The meeting will last four clays. A
feature will be a com school conduct
ed for the benefit of the association.
An oigaulatlon of Missouri repub
lican county chairmen and secret arlei
was elfect-d at Clayton, with M. W.
Giistin, of Salem, lor president; Dr.
Alonzo Tiihbs, of Hermann, vice presi
dent, and P. E. Ilorine. of Cassvllle
s:ecie;tary. A committee was appoint
ed to clralt a ileeluratlon of principle's
upon which the organization stands
the keynote ol which Is "harmony and
The Missouri e oiigresslonal delega
tion wan well represented at the rivet
Improvement e (invention at Kansas
City last week. Congressman Cow
herd wan the author eif the rei.olutlor.
which was adopted by the congress tej
present to Hi" United Slates congress.
Senator Coc krell was chairman of the
committee on re'iolutloua Congress
man Hue tier and Dougherty were In
attendance' and took a prominent part
Mlsri Claudia Flint, or Itelhany
In the champion Ice eiiam soda con
' inner of a mate whose' young women
are all pictly fan- coiiumers. A
Hetliany rcstauruli'ur olfcied a watch
te, the; person buying the most Ice
eream sodas from lilm In th" "season'
ending September "0. Miss Flint wor
the watch hy turning In 2JJ00 tlcdctn
eaeti representing a soda that she had
bot'ght. Her average consumption on
this allowing wiih 1.1 sodas per elay.
Guy Kohlnson, of .loplln, an alleged
horsethlef, and Pauline Young, a gill
who was Infatuated with him, were
man led In the Greene county Jail at
Kpringlleld, where UoIiIiihciii Is belli;:
held pe'iiellng trial. The girl eloped
from loplln with ItobliiKon. and hung
around the jail at Springfield alter lie
w.ir atiested. Heronler Whlllock re;
Jecteel the couple's first application foi
a license, saying he must have evidence
of the consent of the glrl'ii parents.
A few elajs later the girl appeared with
a, letter or consent from her parents in
St. Louis, and the license was Iiisueil
I'hla dispatch lecently came from
Ja.kwinvllli'. 111.: The marriage o!
Frank Snyder, of Maysvllle, Mo., and
Mlf.s Franc'.-a lilackburn, eif this city
was to hive taken place to-night at
the home of the bride. This evening
a letter was received from Hnyiler
written in Chlcato, slating that he
would not be here, but giving no rea
nous lor his action M!s lilackburn
belongs to a well-known f.-inlly, and
200 Invitations had been fustic il 'or the
weddlnt.'. Snyder is a Well-to-do farm
er. Ills relatives wired that lie starte'd
for Jacksonville, and they are unable
to explain his conduct.
Probably the crudest piece of coun
terfeiting for which anybody was evei
tried In a United States court was that
which brought E'lslia Dawson and
Thomas West, oi Lebanon, before
Judge Philips at Springfield. The
youths had no counterfeiting tools ex
cept an auger and a block of wood.
They bored a shallow hole Into the
wood with an auger. A matrix war
made hy heating a nickel and putting
it Into this hole on the bottom of which
It burned Its impression. Finally a
flug of leael was melted and poured Into
Ihn hole. It looked like a nickel on
one side when taken out and the bny
swapped It at a negro revival for some
J candy. They were siven three months.
Hardened Criminals Are Chained to
Petty Offenders.
Or. TlilrklrM Sn Crlnein Ciimns at
tbe Ke.iilh Arr SrhooU of Iii-rY-llr
From Which CrlmlimU
Are (Urntlfialci'd.
Cincinnati, O, Oct. l.'l.Dr. W. P
Thlrkleld, corresponding secretary of
the Methodist Frecdmcn's Aid andi
Southern Educational society, Monday,
In delivering the opening address ot
the Evangelical alliance, charged that
the crimes of negroes in the south are
due to the chain-gang prison system.
He salel in part:
"Far be It from me to utter one word'
In extenuation of the unspeakable
crime of which some black men are
guilty. Let us keep In mind, however,
that only about 20 per cent, of the
black men who are lynched have even
been charged with the unspeakable
crime against the sacredness of wom
anhood, "Ixit the black men bring In every
Influence to bear to make such crimes.
Impossible. Let then; be prompt ex
ecution or the law against thin and ale
crimes of all men.
"Lynch law, however, Is anarchy. It
brings In the reign of barbarism. It
brntall.e.'s members) of the mobs; it un
dermines government; it does not utor
"In estimating criminality among the
blael; people we; should keep In mind
that slme Appomattox nearly every
southern sin: has maintained a sehool
of crime, an organized Institution for
the training of criminals. This 1
charge against the convict-lease sys
tem of the south. Thin system, with
Its thousands of victims, has been the
cause; or much or the outbreaking ol
crime among the black people through
its brutalizing and dehumanizing In
llncnee mi thousands of negroes.
"Fnder tills systi'tn both prison tin
piisoners are lanneel out under the
ontrol of private ( orporatloiiK--s,o!d ti.
the; highest bldeler.
"To the lessi'e.s the body and soul
'if'eotivlit.s arc assigned.
"The motive ol both state and les'
tees Is not morals, but money; no!
reformation, but exploitation of erlm
Inals for gain. It Is crime turned lntc
a source of revenue; the brawn am.
blood ol criminals bartered for gain.
"Criminals are generally seattereel in
branch prisons -cpiartiued In nidi
stockades without proper sanitation
food or clothing The average life
of these eonvlds is Icbh than ten yeaia
Old and young are promiscuously
"lialned and herded together. Even men
dinl women are In sumo camps, not
"Hardened criminals and the boy
fonvii'leel of his first crime!; the com
paratively good and the inosl depraved,
villi and abandoned are chained to
gether. One warden of u stale peniten
tiary protests In his report that 'unde!
the present law and custom the peni
tentiary Is the school of crime, Instead
of being a reformatory Institution.' Of
TiO boys under 18, nine-tenths of thenu
leave prison much wo ire than when
they came .b;;.
"There is in these convict camps no
organized reformatory effort. He-form
does not enter Into the system. It Is
a matter of barter and sale of con
vict men and women to the hlghe'st
bidder. The aim of the state Is not
the moral reformation of her criminal
classes, but the care of ihein without
cost and even the reduction of taxes,
through the sale of crlmlualH,
"In a period of two years over 1,100
of those convct.s escaped from southern
prisons. Think or 1.100 thieves, mur
derers, thugs, at large, lawless men
roaming about in deliance of all law
and order. Think of a system that has1
no reformatory element; no system to
cure men of crime, but that educates
young criminals In crime, and that
by Its barbarity bruttallzes and de
humanizes men, and sends out those
that do not die under the horrors ol
the system to debauch and degrade so
ciety. From such criminals what won
der If there come forth hundred:! oi
moral monsters?
"The south should reform its present
system, and thus snip the education
of criminals. The present system Is a
sowing to the wind, and Is bound tc
reap the whirlwind,"
I'll Bli-I m li Sit' the l.nat Npiirk of
I. lit- llm Villlh ill Any Mcimrnt
,Now In tttula- ut L'oiini,
Haltlmore-, Mil., Oct. 13. Nurses nnrt
physicians stand guard at the '.room
where .rchblshoii Kaln, of the Cath
olic diocese of 'Ht. Louis, lies at this
point of death. Only the aUcudantu
are admitted. The end Is thought to
be not more than a few lioura distant.
The archbishop wart reported at last
midnight to be In a state of coma. Hi
death U expected ut uuy Uvur.

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