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Morgan County democrat. (Versailles, Mo.) 1900-1906, October 23, 1903, Image 5

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(Vnistiri.ltlon in nothinrr more I
Urn M n cioc-intr of the bowls I
mid ncilhiriif Ipm tlinn vil.il stall-
ration or death if not relieved.
If r.vcry constipated sufferer
roulil iralizo ihatho is allowing
ppisonouu f.llh to lemain in his
ryutem, he woeld Boon net relief.
Constipation iniitos all kind of
contagicn. Headaches, bilioun
ites. colds ami many other ail
ments disappear when consti
putcd bowels are relieved. Theil
ford's Hlivk-Ilraiight thoroughly
clean out tlio bowels in n easy
ami imlumi manner without the
purging of calomel or other vio
lent cnlharlica.
Ho euro that you Ret tho origi
nal Tlicrlfwl'a JJInck-Drsiiglit,
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cine &. Sold by all druggists in
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Minion, Art.. JUt t.1, 1(101,
I rinnr.t tv wmnccJ ThedfnM'ii HUrk
l)rui;lil (Dn.'ilufcly. I kttplllnnr hoin
nil th time aurt hi wd It fur tliolMt
ton jfjum. 1 iiriir sir fhlldrtu
mat '.''? latitlvr. I UiltiU 1 could
nrrrt li sbin to werk nllhnat It
mi jivnyiili.r IKIfifflrnobki tilth
Th "inUr-ilnn. vnr nifdlcUw III
111 tlttt KM MS Illf OB.
When you have any Hauling you want
done eull on
Tho Old Reliable
Transfer Man
Me has good learns and faithful
drivers. Charger, reasonable.
Missouri Pacific R. R.
rid Departure of
V'Pt'm 7:ir A
Versa lies H:l.. A
Ijuives Tipton lir'O 1
Arrives. Vor.iii.lles 1
Leaves Versiiillef,
Arrives Viptoo
I. cave Vi tsiillch
Arrive; T pton
II: 1.1 A.
JO; 1.1 A.
H. .V Simons, Agent.
At lowest rates of interest on real e
tale. Sit lilltHS A: PIUCF.
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by all
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Notice is hereby Riven, That, in com
pliance with an ordinance of the City
of Versailles, Missouri, numbered 125
entitled "An Ordinance to Incur In
debtedness of the City of Versailles,
Missouri, and Issue Bonds Therefore,
for the Purpose of the Erection and
Maintenance of nn F.lcctric Light
Plant." And said ordinance providing
for a special election to vote upon the
propositions and proposals therein con
tained, and providing for the manner of
voting thereon; and ascertaining and
certifying the results of such election,
approved October the 19th, l'JOa.
An election is therefore ordered to
be held in the said City of Versailles,
Missouri, on Tuesday, the 10th day of
November, 1003, for the purpose of
voting on the proposals and prososi
tions in said ordinance contained, made
by the Hoard of Aldermen of the City
of Versailles, Missouri, to the qualified
voters of said city, as set forth in said
Ordinance no 125, and that the voting
places shall be as follows: In the East
Ward, P. II. Padgett's Feed Store, and
in the West Ward, J. M. Cliftoti.s
Witness my hand and the seal of the
said City of Versailles, Missouri, this
the 20th day of Oetobcr, 1D03.
( , , , Wm. FoitMAN, Mayor.
1 w ' ' City Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that a special
election will ha held in the City of Ver
sailles, Missouri, by the qualilied vot
ers thereof on Tuesday, tho 10th day of
November, 1003, for the purpose of
voting upon the following proposals
and propositions made by the Hoard of
Aldermen of tho City of Versailles,
Missouri, to the qualified voters of the
City of Versailles, Missouri, as shown
by Ordinance No. 12.1, of which the
following is a copy.
onniN'ANci: no. 125.
An Ordinance to Incur Indebtedness
of the City of Veasailles, Missouri, and
issue Honds therefore, for the purpose
of the erection and maintenance of an
Electric Light Plant.
Whereas, a proper petition, signed
by divers citizens of the City of Ver
sailles, Missouri, has been duly pre
sented to the Hoard of Aldermen of
said City, praying for the submission
to the citizen voters of said City, the
question of the incurring the indebt
edness of said City for the purpose of
erecting and maintaining an electric
light plant in ss.id City, and the issue
of bonds therefor in the sum of Ten
Thousand dollars, and the Board of Al
dermen believing that it is for the best
interest of said City, therefore,
He it Ordained by the Hoard of Al
dermen of the City of Versailles, as
Sec 1 -The Hoard of Aldermen of the
City of Versailles, Missouri, hereby
nronosc to the utialified voters of said
City, that the indebtedness of tho City j
bo incurred in the sum of Ten Thous
and Dollars by borrowing money and
issuing negotiable coupon bonds of the
City therefor, for the purpose of the
purchase of a site and the erection
thereon of an electric light plant, and
for the maintenance thereof ; the same
to be owned and controlled by said
Sec 2 Said bonds shall be in denom
inations of not less than one hundred
dollars ($100) nor more than one thous
and ($1000), payable to bearer; in twen
ty years from the date thereof, or
within five years at the option of the
City, without grace, with interest from
date thereof at the rate of f per cent
per annum, payable semi-annually.
Said bonds shall have coupons attached
to conform to the face of the bonds;
and said bonds and coupons hhall be in
such form, and contain such recitals,
and Khali be made payable at such
place and shall be issued and sold in
such manner as may be provrded by
Sec 3 The City shall, before or at
the time of issuing said bonds provide
for the collection of an annual tax,
sufficient to pay the interest on tho
bonds, as it falls due, and also to con
stitute a sinking fund for the payment
of the principal at maturity.
Sec 4 These propositions and pro
posals shall lie first published as re
quired by tho constitution and laws of
tho State and tho ordinances of City;
and the same shall be submitted to the
qualified voters of the City of Ver
sailles, Missouri, at a special election
to be held therefor, In said City, on
Tuesday, the 10th day of November,
Sec B That the polling places for
said election shall be the Feed Store of
P. H. Padgett, In tho East Ward, and
the office of J. M. Clifton, In the West
Ward, aud the form of tho ballot to lie
used in said election shall be as follows:
"For Increase of Debt Yes"
"For Increase of Debt No"
The former) of which shall be taken
as a vote assenting to such incurring
of indebtedness, and tho latter as a
vote dissenting therefrom, and Hoard
of Aldermen of the City of Versailles
shall meet on Wednesday, the 1 1 th tlay
of November, 1003, at the hour of 2
o clock p. m., at the City Hall, to can
vass the vote cast at said election, and
to declare the results thereof.
Sec G All ordinances and parts of
ordinances in conflict with this ordi
nance in so far as they conflict herewith
are hereby repealed.
Passed and enacted this, the 19th day
of October, 1003. WM. FoitMAN,
Mayor of the City and Acting Pres
ident of the Hoard of Aldermen.
Examined and approved this the 19th
day of October, 1003.
Attest: Wm. FoitMAN,
Ci.auk McFaiilani), Mayor.
ki:ai-1 City Clerk.
Done by order of the Hoard of Al
dermen of the City of Versailles, Mis
souri. In testimony whereof we have
hereunto set our hands and allixcd the
seal of the City, this tho 20th day of
October, 1903. Wm. Fop.man,
Attest: Mayor.
skai, Ci.auk mcFakxand,
City Clerk.
Cliott) Excursions to tho South
On Oct. liiith, the Kansas City .South
ern Hy. (l'ort Arthur Umiie) will run a
cheap excursion from IC'insas City am
nil stations in Missouri and Kansas to
Luke Charles, Shreveport, lieaiiuioiit
and Port Arthur. The rate for the
round trip will lie $11. 00, limited from
date, of sale, good to stop over on go
ing trip at all points en route, provided
lln.'il destination is reached inside of
1.1 days fioin dutu of .sale. Tins ex
ceptionally low rale, together with
liberal .stop over privileges allowed,
should iiiMirua great crowd, especially
in view of the fuel that this is the
most delightful season of the year to
visit the Southland. Similar low rates
will prohahly lie placed in elVeeL fioin
points north and east of Kansas (,'itj :
asU your ticket iifjcut.
Every effort will lie made liv the
Company to secure the safely and com
fort of its p limits. All inquiries i da
tive to desirable locations to visit or
other information will be, cheerfully
furnished. Addiess, elthei S, (1 War
ner, (i. P. .v. T. A., F. E Koesler, T. P
A: I A. or. I. II. Morris, T. P A., Kan
sas City, Mo. I!es;eetfu!iy,
S. (i. V.um:ii, (i. P. .t T. A.
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Iain's Stomach t Livur Tablets. Easy
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by Willelt Drug Co.
I.urgc: Knglisli liiii'loliii-fs.
I have some line male pigs of the
above breed for wile. No better breed
ing in the country.
Wm. FoitMAN, Versailles, Mo.
(liiiuc'd Forty Pounds
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gestion, lie tried several remedies but
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chased some of Chamberlain's Stomach
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head olf properly. She drove two
spihes Into a log just far enough apart
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neck there, gently slides it along until
the head is against the spihes. Then,
with one hand holding the chicken's
legs sins bangs away with the hatchet
at Its neck. It seldom takes more than
seven or eight blows, she say;,, to get
the neck In such a coudPion that two
or three yanks will pull the head olf,
Boautiful Cornploxions
Are spoiled by using any kind of
preparation that tills the p ires of thu
skin. The best way to secure a (.dear
complexion, free from sallow ue.ss, pirn
pies, blotches, etc., is to lo op tin: liver
In good order. An occasional d.jse of
llerlilne will eleauso the bowels, regu
late the liver, and so establish a clear,
healthy complexion, fiOc by Witteu
Drug Co.
A Henry county man fell through a
huge pane of gln-s recently, got up
without any pain and went on with
his work. The glass was hroketi.
Clieiitt Court, December Term,
In the
1. A. Stono nml S,
T. Stono, her husband,
Tho iiiikiinwn liolrs ami devisees of
1. Ciitliey, ileceiiscil, Dofeinliints.
At this iluy euttio the iihiiiilliTrf herein,
liv their atuii'nev. Wm. Ferinaii. and illn
their petition anil ullliluvlt, alleiu, .mniriu
ether think", that defendant!, the un-
unoivn heirs una duvheen id Mlie.i II.
Cuthcy, deceased, are bilereited In the
subject matter of this suit,; but tli.it they
are uiikiiowii to philntilrs so that t ieir
names cannot lie inserted, nor their re
spective interest.' set nut hotoln; hut Hint
llioj ilui'lVit tneif llileiesl, II liny lliuyjtave,
frnni Miles II, Cathoy us Ids heirs er lie
vlsnes Whereupon, It Is ordered bv' the Clerk
In vacuum, tliitl suld deiemlaiits be tuitl
lied by publication that, plaintiffs have
commenced u stilt against tlnjnii in tins
court, 111) object ami general nature uf
which is to obtain a decree of lit l by lim
itation under the provisions of Hoctinn
4.'t;s, Uovlsed Statutes of Missouri, 1 b'J'.l,
ta tho following described binds, to-wll:
The norih west quarter of i h,i south east
quarter of Section Fourteen (II), Town
ship Forty-four (41), K.imju Kilileen (IS-).
Morgan Comity, Missouri, ami tli.it unless
tint said ibifeiul.inls bo and appear ill this
Court, at 1 Ins next Term I nieof, In lm bo
Ltmi ami hidden at. U.e Court House in the
City of Versailles, in said County, on tlio
l ltli day of Ueceiiiher miM. and on or be
fore tlio first day of said 'lerm, il tho
Term shall so Ioiik routine ami If not,
then on or b.(oru the last, dnv of s.itij
Torni oils or plead In the Petition in
said cause, the siiiiiu will be taken iii oon
fcKsed, ami JmlKineiit will bu tendered ac
cord liiuly. '
And it. Ih further ordered that a copy
hereof lie published, neroi-dinu to law, iii
Ihe Mor;;. in County lleiii'.eiiit. a newspa
per piihlislied In said enmity of Moi'ifiin
for fuur wi el:s successively, published tit
lu.isl once a weel;, the last insi-rUou to he
at least thirty daw. bcfoio Ihe llrsl day of
said December Term of this ourt.
W. ('. Tiiomvs, Circuit Clerlt.
A true copy from the ICoer.rd.
( ) Witness my bund, and the seal
si:m.. of Hie Circuit Court of .Mori;an
( ) County, tlds l ltli dnv of October,
W. C Tiiovms, Circuit Clurlc.
Couxi'V or Moikia.v f
In the Circuit Court, December Term,
Annie II. ilidderman. Pl.ilutllT.
John V. Skinner, if livlny. If dead, then,
llio unknown holts, uevi.seos or gruulees
of John W. Skinner, deceased.
J. F Wiilteiuaii, II ditii.;, i. r if de.id. thou,
the unknown heirs, duviseos or tjrauli.u
i)i.i. l' . v iiiioman, ue easeii.
lull ii F. Chiiriienini.', if living, or if dead,
llii'ii, Inn unknown heii'i, dovisoiM or
Kill nl. es of Joan I'". Cliorpeiilu,;, de
ceased, Dofcudautt.
At thu day cotiiiM ihe plaintiff lieieln,
bv her alturuey, and lllo.s her p.'lilioa ami
idllilavit, alluKiiiK, among other tilings,
Unit Deleiiibuils .lolui W. Milliner, J 1
Wliilemaii and John 1'. Clioi'iionin, if Hy
ing, are not lesldnnls of the Slate id Mis.
souri ; thai if the .said John W. Simmer, J.
IV Wuileiii.in ami John F. Clim peiiing or
oitho'- ol lliem are now dice.iseil, then
Iher- are pm-soiis who are inloiesleu in
t in Hunject matter of tliii aciioii, w.ose
n. lines cannot um Inserted liei oui for llm
KMSou that they are unknown to thu
PI i 1 1 1 1 IT. but alleges thin their inieresls.
if any lln-y have in e sti.'o as they wouhl
derive as hen s at law, devisees or gran
tees of tho said John W. .S.ibiner, .1.
Wlnteuiao and Jolin F Cuorpeuiug, by
iuhijrltanee, ibiviso or grant from llins.uil
Jotin W. .Skinner, J. !'. Whiteiuan anil
John I-', "hnrpouliig.
Wherefoie, il is oldered by the Cler, in
vacation, I lint said defendants he ii'l lllnl
by I'uo.le.itiiiu, Unit Pl.unlilf Ii is cnui-
meucod a suit .ig.unsi tiioni in thr. CoUii,
the ulijeel and general nut nice! uh im is
In obtain a decree diVCblnig the delond
aiil.s lieni'ii, and o.ieii of li.oiii ol all I'igul,
title InteriMl mid esluio in ami in tne fnl
lowmg dosei iiied n.-.d uHluto, to-vit:
The west half uf the north east quarter
of Secllon Thli-u-six (III), m 'Invviisliip
Fortv-lwo ( 1-). of It.iugn Soyont.-en (17),
in Morgan Coiiniy, MIskouii, and vosiiug
the title to saiil lands In Plaintiff hwreiii
by bmitatloii. and tli.it unless llm Mild lc
lemlanW bo and appear at tnis Court, at
llm noxl l'i I'm t'e rcof, to do beun ami
hidden at the Court llonso In the city nt
Versailles, In said County, on the lltli day
of December next, and on or liefmo t.i'e
-ecoiid day of sunt T-rin, if t.i.it Term shall
so lung continue -nml if mil, Ihon on or
boforo the last day of sal 1 Turin answer
or plead to the Petition In said c.iiiko. the
same will bo taken as confessed, ami Judg
ment will b i rendered aicordiugli'.
And It l.s furl lull' ordered. Hint n copy
hurrof bo published, neeoidlng to Ian, In
the Morgan County Democrat, a weeldv
newspaper, printed nml published In said
County and Stale lor lour weeks, the last
Insertion to bo at least tidi ly days pr.or
to llio llrst day of said Decemher term of
this Court.
W. C. Thomas, Circuit Clink.
A true copy from the lleeoid.
I i Witness my hand, and the
j hkai. ! seal of the Circuit, Court of
( ) Morgan County, this )7th day
of October. P.l '.'I.
W C Thomas, Clicuit Clerk.
I, M. S(iii..n.m:i', I). C.
Notary I'ublle.
Owners of tlio only (joinpir-to Sot of AilSTIiACT
HOOKS of Morgan County, Missouri.
Special uttontion nt roasoniihlo rates to jiropurty
of non-ros'ulonts, payment of tuxes, etc.
'Plume 51. Oflioe, 1st Wloor of Court House.
v or .moiuian.
In the
Circuit Court, December Term,
Annie II. lliilderni.iti, Plaintiff,
Tlio Unknown lielrs, devisees nr ranlcM
of Mi'oi'xu Jones, decea-ed, Defendants.
At this dnv comes tlio PluhillfT herein,
by her iiltornny. uud files bur petition and
aniiluvlt, nllc'liitf, among oilier thlug.i,
that there are persons who are Interested
In the subject matter of this notion whine
names cannot bo inserted heroin for tlio
reason that t boy are. unknown to Plaintiff,
nui alleges mat meir iiitrcsts Ir any they
luivo are such as they ould der vo us
heirs at law. devlsrus or grantees of
(Jisirno .lories deceased, hy Inheritance,
devise or (rrant from thu sulil Ouoi-kO
Jones docoafieil.
Wherefore, It Is ordered by the Clerk III
vacation. Unit said miKiitmii defendants,
bo nolilled by Publication, that Plahil.lt
bus cnmmoiicod a suit ihmIiisI them In this
Court, thu object and ponei'iil nature of
which Is to obtain a ib-creo dlveslliiK de
remliiiidaHl.s of nil rluht, till.., Interest and
estate of In and to tlio following descrlb mI
i mil eslute, to-wit:
Tim north west qtmrtor of tlio north
eat quarter of Section Twenty-six,
It Township I'orlv-two (I'J). of Unnpn Hey
entcrm (17), In Mnrtfiui County, Missouri,
mid vesllne; the title of su'd lands In plain
tiff Herein, bv llmltiuloii, nml that, lluless
the said defendants bu and appear at. tlii i
Conn, at the next. Term thereiif, to lie lei
cun ami hoHer. at tlio Court, House in tlio
city of Versailles, in said County, on the
14lli day of December next, and on or br
fnro the second d.ir of said 'I'urm, If t ho
Term shall so Ioiik continue ami If not,
then eu or before tlio lasi dav of said
Term answer or plmid to tlio petition in
said cause, tliesaim will ho taken as con-fess'-d,
and Judcmenl will bo rendered ac
cord I nui. v.
And it Is fnrtl'er ordered, that a copv
herciif lie published, iiorordiiiK to law, ill
tin- Morgan ''niinty Democrat, a newspa
per printed and published in said County
of Motv.in, for four oelts tlio last inser
tion to be nt leist four weeks prior to tho
llrst u.iy of s.iiii n-xt term of this Court.
W. ('. Thomas. Circuit Clerk.
A true copv from tlio Ueeord.
SI'. M.
I, witness mv hand, mid the seal
1 of the Circuit Ourt of Miu-ir.m
County, tills 17th day of October. I'.m.'l.
W. C Thomas. Circuit Clerk.
I. M. SellASM-:!'. D c.
ST A l'i: OF Ml.vsoCKt, '
Coi ,'rv or Moiiuan. f Mh
In the Circuit Court, December Term,
1U ill.
Annlu II. Il.ilileriiian, Plaliilllf,
John Kdwards, if liy,ng or if dead, then,
the unknown heirs, grantuos or devisee t
of John 1I wards, deceased, DoIoiuI.uiIh.
At tins day comes the Plaintiff heroin,
by her atloruey, ami Him her polilloo ami
allltlayit, ull.-ging, among otuor tilings,
thai Helen unit John K Iwards, if living I-.
not a losnleut of llio State of Missouri;
I. ..it il llio said John Hdwards is now de
ceased, t hen there ai o persons who inn
inleruitod in too subject, matter of lln-j
net ion whose names cannot bu Inserted
herein, for tne unison Unit ihey inn un
known In the Plaint Iff, but a'i;c;es tiiut
their interest if any t, oy Imvo, is such as
limy would derive by inheritance, devi-xi
or grunt I nun llio said John Kdwaid,, us
his hr-ii-,, gi auleo. or devisees,
Wheieforn, it is onlercd by llm Clerk in
Vacalnui, that said defenil, nits hi ni.till'd
hy Pilhlic.Uiou, that Plaintiff has com
m.'iiceii n sun iu.iint them, in this Court,
the object and general milliro ol widen it
In olihon a decree divesting tlio delomi
ants ieroin, ami oaen of thoin of all right,
title ami i n nr.--l of in and to tin) follow
ing dosci ihod real eslale. In wit-
'llio mirth mdf of Ihe iinrlli east quar
ter; and tho north cast quarter of the
north wesi quart, i' of Senium Twenty -nine
C.'.l) in Tnwnshlp I'nrtv-tno (K) of
liauge Hixteeu (III), in Morgan i onut ,
M ssouri, and vesiluu llm title In llio pl.nn-
iio Herein, n, iiimiaiiou, nun una unless
tin' sail delemlauts be and appear ill th's
Coin I, at Ihe next Turin thei oof, lobe b"
gun ami Hidden at the Court House In Hi"
city of Versailles, in said County, on the
lit day of D,-e. ..her nei, nml on or lie.
f ire Ihe second day of said I'erin, 'f the
Term Hindi so long eoiilinue nml If mil,
then on or before llm last dav of said
Turin ansner or plead to tlie Petition in
said eiitisn, Ihe sanio will bo taken as enn-fes-ed,
ami Judgment will bo reiulerel ac
efiid in i:ly.
And it Is furtlirr ordered, that a copv
hereof ho publ siied.-iccnrd ng to law, In the
Morg.i' Con ily Di'iniiernl. a weekly news
paper printed ami published in said ' 'mini v
of Morgan, lor four i elts tlio lust In ter
t on to bo at least thirty days prior to the
lirs'. day ol su'd IK eemiier terin of tins'
Com I.
W (! U'iiomas. Circuit Clerk.
A true coov Irom the Itemed.
Jkcii 1 Witness my hnml. ami the seal
I (ol the Circuit Clem or Moigau
County, this pith dav of October, IIIOI
W. C Thomas, Circuit Clerk.
I. M. SCHA.NNKl'. D. (3
Ooino West?
California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho,
Colorado. Lvery day until Nov Suih,
theru will be exceptionally low raten
to tliU wo .ilerful (Miintry. I'orfu'l
inf irniallon write J. II. Lnhrop, it :i
Ol ve St., St. Louis, Mo.
(Jiias. W. Kavanaucii,
Notary and Abstracter.

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