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"VWWl, ' f
'iViiix in Tiiwiwtwii t ,
Collision On the Belvidere Division
of the Pennsylvania Road.
Thrlr 'I'rnlii, Wlilli- MiwnlliiK, W'lm
l.'rualii-il Inln li 11 (iriMi-l 'I'm I li
I'irii'i-n Kllli-il mid
1'itrl) liijiirril.
Trriiton, N. J , Oct. 18, fifteen per
sons were killed and about 10 wounded
In a collision which occurred, .Saturday,
on the Uelviilero iIIvIkIoii of the I'enn
nylvanla railroad, near VVa-shlnKton's
crossing. The persons killed and In
jured were laborers, who were on a
work train and were on their way to
work at Washington's crossing to re
pair washouts along the road, four
teen bodies have been taken from the
wreck, and tine more body Is known to
he under the debris. Only two or three
of those who were Injured will be per
manently maimed.
Nlirvlnl Itrlli-r 'I'm I ii .lent.
Ah soon as the collision occurred, a
.special train was sent from Trenton
with a corps of physicians, and the dead
and Injured were brought to this city.
The dead men, with one or two excep
tions, are Italian laborers who resided
In this city, the others being colored
men. Their bodies were taken to the
morgue for identification.
The train bearing the men who were
klllfii! and Injured was made tip of four
cars two coaches, in which the men
were riding, and two flat cars In the
rear. The train stopped war Wash
ington's crossing to receive orders re
specting the passing of the regular pas
senger train.
lli-nr-Kiiilnl liy (ratl Trnlii.
While the train was standing on the
track It was run Into from the rear by
n gravel train. The two flat ears telc
t.coped the two coaches. There were
atMiut ISO men In the two cars. As soon
as the accident happened the Italians
becamo frantic, and made an attempt
to do bodily harm to the crew of the
(travel train. Word was sent to Tren
Inn for police assistance, but the men
were Dually quieted by the foremen.
The railroad authorities here are rati
ent as to how the accident occurred,
but It Is believed that the gravel train
either failed to see any adverse signal
or that the llagman of the first train
failed to go back a sulllclent distance.
!' Nrurii Wuiiii-n Dlcil I'rnm
I'rlulil (Iter I'lri- In I In- (.mil?
Ilimiiital nl Atliinlii, .n.
Atlanta, On , Oct. IS.- As a result of
a fire in the firady hospital, the largest
In the city, two negro women died, ami
for some time the lives of a score or
more were threatened The two wom
en died as a result of the excitement,
and not from Injuries reelei in the
lire The lire originated about mid
night from embers let I in I he laundry
stove The negro ward, which was sep
arated liom the main building or Die
hosplt.il, was destroyed Then- were
20 negro men and 11' negro women In
thin waul, and all were removed lo a
phiie of safety. The cm ire hospital
wih 111 led with smoke, and lire net Ion
of the nurses in proiemng their pa
tients was heroic
The pioperty loss v. as small.
Arn-al u( I'l'i-ilt-rli-l. . I niiilll In . v
lurl. City for Neui.tliitliiu
Viirtlll-a i Iiim-Un.
New York, Oct. 18 -Charged with
passing worthless checks on the
Adams Impress t.'o,, Frederick A. Con
dlt, a real estate broker, has been ar
rested In this city. The checlcj
amounted to only a few hundred dol
lars, and were drawn on a New Jersey
Trust Co., of which (.'outfit's brother Is
cashier. The express olllclals charge
that the prisoner purchased money or
ders and Immediately cashed them e.so
where, while the checks came hack a
few days later unhonored (,'ondlt Is
4I years old and collapsed when ar
rested. He has been well known for
years In real estate circles.
Ilr Hun llUnilaaril li .1 u il u '- I'nwt, at
Mliiiit-nilla fur '!'-1 1 1 14
(mini Jiir M-i-nta,
.Minneapolis, Minn., Oct 18. A. J
Ilralnard, one of the members of the
grand Jury which Is Investigating inn
iikipjl affairs, has been dismissed
from service by Judge I'onil, because ho
gave Information of the grand Jury'fl
doings lo Alderman Muuim. A few days
ago Judge I'ond made a statement that
ho had been Informed of efforts being
made to lulliience the grand Jury to
drop municipal corruption Investiga
They Scoff at the Idea of European
Intervention In Turkey.
A SI linen nf TnrLUli llilpl Icll r !
C'niiiiei'lliiii Willi Hie lllmnliiul
11 f lln-lilil lley.
Beirut, Syria, Wednesday, Oct. 11.
The apparent Indifference of the ISuro
pean powers to the recent outbreak of
Mohammedan fanacthlsm hero has
deeply Impressed the Christians. The
Moslems, on the other hand, are elat
ed, and hcoff at the Idea of European
Intervention, The attack on the Chris
tians was planned weeks befor the
arrival of the American warships at
Helrut. The then governor, Keehld Hey,
telegraphed the details to Constantino
ple and asked for Instructions. None,
however, reached him. That his policy
of non-interference was approved at the
ylldlz kiosk was apparent from a tele
gram, signed by the sultan's chamber
Iain, which was handed to him on the
eve of his depart tiro after his dismissal
from the governorship on the demand
of the I'nlted States. The telegram
"Your excellency's fidelity being well
established In the eyes of his most sa
cred majesty, the kallph, you should
not allow yourself to be In the least af
fected by the fact of your dismissal. It
is his majesty's imperial will that you
return at once to Constantinople In or
der to be the recipient of Imperial fa
Tin- Urn MoiMlcr H'im J IO Kerl
l.miK mill I 'mm III III11 'itilrn
1'iir Tni'iil) -Mnr llmir.
New York, Oct. 18. The whaling
steamer (lumber has arrived here, say
a St. John's (N. K.) dispatch, for re
pairs from damages received In a royal
battle olf Cape Spear, N. K., with a
monster whale, asserted by the crew to
have been 110 leet long. The light last
ed 29 hours.
When the monster was harpooned It
started towing the vessel ct the rale
of seven miles an hour, though the en
gines were reversed full speed, which,
under ordinary conditions would mean
a retrograde movement of about eight,
miles. This continued for hours, the
ship, as the whale Hew off In zigzag
courses, being almost townctf under the
water, the sea washing the decks, Sev
eral times the captain was on the
point, of cutting the cable but the
windlass held and the whale finally
gave up the struggle.
II l'iiriirlil lit Hi- limply, Hut a
II1-1II111I I'ol.er lli--liiM-il
llniiHi-rimi ( niitt-iilM.
Columbia, Mo.. Oct 18. Leslie Hick
man, of Slater, was Injured In a strange
way Friday, lie had bought an empty
whisky barrel from a local drug store
am! tool; It home to fill it with cider.
While he was boring a hole in the
empty barrel with a red-hot poker II
exploded with st repoit that was heard
a mile. The top ot the house was part
ly blown off and Hlcl.man was wound
ed in the lace and breast, but not fa
Tin- lli-ui-it Mm lien-UN nl' llmirt
Iii-i-KhIIi-IiI nl II1111I..T Hill,
III., Ill-ll-IMI'll llll Illlllll.
Hunker Hil., Ill , Oct IS Mrs Ida
Culler, who Is charged with the murder
of liwiirt Chlckslleld, a slx-jear-old lad,
by poisoning, July -7, win arrested by
Deputy Sherltf William P. Iligglns. Krl
iliry, on a bench warrant She was given
a preliminary hearing and released on
Jli.OOO ball, which was readily lur
iilshed by wealthy relative.
tiaei-iliiiiliiiia III elilr tn Cimtliiur
Thrlr I'miiruiiinir of laululi-il
Salnnica, Oct. 18. Itecent adlces re
ceived here say that the Macedonia
committeemen have decided for the
present to continue fomenting excite
ment by isolated assassinations.
Ileporls arriving from Sofia say the
nuirdcr of Prince Ferdinand of llul
garla has been decided on and the Rus
sian consul-general here Is said In be
In great danger.
A I'liaai-iiKt-r Trnl ii llrlil I l unit
llnlilii-il li 'IV ii Mi-n llflm-i-u
UuiialiiiiirK unit I'li-aLiM.
ot. I'f tcrstiurg, oct. is. 'ten men
HurceHsfully held up a passenger train
between Dunabourg and Pleskov, 163
miles from this city, during Friday
night. The men Jumped on the conduc
tors' car, overpowered and hound both
conductors, robbed the safe anil bag-
gagft, and escaped with the booty to
adjoining forest.
United States Wins AH But One
Point Against Canadians. !t
lloniiilnry C'iiiiiiiiIhkIiiii Vi-rlmllz
Alcri'i'x 1111 DitUJuii I nlleil Nlittca
llelnliiH Con I nil nf All InleU
i:teeil nl I'nrllnnil Cm 11 11 1.
London, Oct. 19. The Alaska bound
ary commission Saturday reached an
agreement whereby all the American
contentions urc sustained with the ex
ception of those In relation to the Port
land canal, which Canada wins. All
that now remains lo be done is for the
commissioners to affix their signatures
to the decision and complete the map
which will accompany It. On the map
will be marked the boundary line defi
nitely fixing the division of American
and ilrltlsh territory on such a basin
that no American citizen will lose a
foot of land he already believed ho
held, while the t'nlted States will get
all the waterways to the rich Alaskan
territory with the exception of the
Portland eannl, which gives Canada the
one outlet she so much needed.
The long-standing dispute was only
settled after a week of keen, trying,
secret deliberations between the arbi
trators. Hven up to noon Saturday
there was an acute possibility that a
disagreement might result nntf the
whole proceedings fall to the ground.
Lord Alverstone, though openly In
clined to believe In the Justice of the
American argument, that the United
States was entitled to the heads ol
Inlets as contained In question !, held
out that Canada had established her
rase In questions - and ii, dealing with
the Portland canal.
After luncheon Senator ldgc, Sec
retary Hoot and Senator Turner agreed
to cede those points anil to start the
American boundary line from the head
of the Portland canal, thus giving the
Canadians that channel and some small
islands on which tlicrij are only a few
disused storehouses. This accom
plished, the majority of the tribunal
agreed lo tlx, with this exception, th
entire Ixmndary as outlined in th
American case.
lly this afternoon It. Is hoped that
everything will be ready for signature
though the actual marking of the line
on the map which shall forever deter
mine the respective territories will oc
cupy some time.
nnniln lircnlly llniiulrilril.
Toronto, Out., Oct. I!), (Jrent disap
proval of and disappointment Is felt
here civer the decision In the Alaska
boundary case
"I would not like to criticise Ixinl
Alverstone's decision until I have read
Its text, but the result Is a very great
disappointment to me."
Tills was the view of Thomas Hod
gins, K. C, the master In ordinary
who has made a special study of the
boundary dispute, and it conveys th
feeling of Canadians generally.
I'liiiiiillini Wfinl iini-Mi linn.
Vancouver, II. C, Oct lit. There was
more serious talk In Vancouver of de
claring Canadian Independence of the
mother country ami ol anexallon with
the Fulled States in one hour Saturday
afternoon than there has been during
all the last ten years put together The
announcement that Canada had lost
In the Alaskan boundary dispute was
received heir- with the deepest bitter
ness Iluslness men on the street!
veto at no pains lo conceal their dis
gust "That's what, we get belonging tt
nrltaln," was the general comment
Uuslness men Interested In northerr,
trade at once declared that the declsloc
was ol the greatest possible advantagi
to the Fulled States, and gave If licit
Sam the complete control of buslncsi
and travel to and from the Canatflat
Yukon and nothcrn territories.
"We on the coast might better he
long at once In the state of Washing
ton or Alaska and he done with It,'
said one prominent merchant. "I thins
me might get a squarer deal all around
If we lived under the stiirs and stripes.'
m:M.vi or ui;i.'in. kxpi.ai.msd.
I' In- I nllril Nlnlra (irta I lie llnlil
I'll-lila, I niiae f llir Contra!.
The American contentions In tht
Alaskan boundary dispute, with the
exception of that concerning the Port
land canal, as sustained by the com
mission w-411 throw into United States
teirltory the famous gold fields along
Chllkoot pass and many other gold lo
callous of fabulous worth, and the
cities of Dyca, Hkagimy and Chllkat,
as well as the Mulr glacier. One ot
the most Important results of the do
rlslon will be the concession that the
United Stales Is solely and Indlsputa
bly In possesion of Lynn canal
throughout Its entire length. Thll
canal Is the only gateway to the gold
bearing Yukon district, In which U UM
famous Klondike Held.
now the Pint Freight Was Shlapta
to the City II r Hall.
"An a live Block market, Chicago stands
second to none." said a well-known dealer,
'l ie figure for 11W2 show that ulmont
eight million head of sheep, over four mil
ium hogs, a bundled thousand horscn, a
quarter million calves ami three million
tattle were brought to the Chicago market
lant year by the big lailroads Unit reach
cut, like Ihe Chicago & Northwestern,
into the cattle runges and feeding groutuU
nil over the west. The icpotts show 27H,
10) carloads of live stock icceivcd hcie in
19(rJ quite a growth for the 55 years since
the lust shipment."
The stockman iinninatcd n moment.
"That lirst shipment was queer, now,
Wasn't it? ' he cntitiinieil. "Iliil vim iw
that little account of it in the papers the
other day? Young Millican llunt, now
ntw W years old, hail started across the
ptuirics to tiiiu ket with a sled load of
hogs anil when he got across the Den
ri.u'niM Hiver he found there wus no unoiy
on which to draw his pigs the rest of the
"Hint wa in '4H, the year the Ualena
road, now The Chicago 4. Northwestern,
built its first ten miles; and young Hunt
mndc a dicker with the cicw of a con
struction train, loaded his porkers on the
train, and rode into Chicago triumphant,
behind the little old 'Pioneer.'
"Was you ever out to the Kcld Colum
bian Museum?" he continued. "Well, vnti
lionld go out there some duy and see that
old locomotive. She stands for n good
deal from Chicago's point of view.
iiroui'ru in me lust loan ot live stock, ana
the dav the road was onened ami the
'Mayor and the big men of the town were
trying the novelty of a ride on the lirst
rrtiiilar train, she milled the first rail
shipment of grain into town.
I hey tell me, now, lie went on, that
last vcar that loud of lions had Brown to
over 05,000 carloads of live stock brought
into Chicago over The Northwestern Lino
alone, and instead of one wagon load of
wheat The Northwestern brought over 30,
000,000 bushels of grain to the city."
A Pnlnkin. 1.1... . l.l lif!...
trude inserted an advertisement that she
would like to meet a gentleman who was
f,,..,i ,.f ,,.i.,.,n nr.. i!..ii ..U'i
.,,,, ... vuL.tw.,, ,-. J,.;,,. ,1. , an
swered?" Ida "Sixteen tramps." l'hda-
ucipnia iictford.
Here Ja the Kvlilenre
That the Great Southwest is full of money-
nniKing posHiiiiiiMes-oixr booklet on
"K..,,,iif..i i.,.i;.... 'I'..-.".,,.....
.. ..I, II I ... .11. (,.,,( IL'AaR)
Tin. (Itilili.ti K.mt.rf. " " ltiiMltinuu fli.it..u "
nlwl nttieru eltll.'illv nu inturi.dtiticr wli!rh
will be mailed you on receipt of two-cent
stamp. Address CHOUGH MOKTON, (J.
I'. & T. a., m., rv. & 1. Uy., suite 1,
Wainwright llldg., St. Louis, Mo.
May- -"Al'cc isn't nt nil nnrvniin."
Clara "Not in the least. I've known her
to keep cool in a balsam-counter rush."
lown arm country.
Putnam Fadelena Dvcs are fast in lioht
and washing.
Some men me too Iiuhv to irrnw nlrt.-
Chicago Daily News.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Boar Signature of
3eo rc-Slmlle Wrapper tlelow.
Very a in all aid am euf
to take oa angur.
FOR fllllb'JSNCSS.
Millions Use
CASCARETS. Riirprlslrp;, isn't it, that within three yeara our
sates are over TKN MILLION boxes a year? That prove merit.
Cascarets do good for so many others, that we urge you to try
just a 10c box. Don't put it off! Do it to-day.
When you ask for Cascarets, don't let the dealer Bubntltute aome
thinir else. There is nothing elso as (rood us Cuscaretn, and if you
are not pleased we pay your money buck, 10e, S5c, 60c, all drug
ffihta. Kainnlo and booklet free. Address Sterling Uemcdy Co.,
Chicago or Kew Yorlt.
Best for the Bowels
Hard To Bear.
J. W.Walls, Superin
tendent of Streets ol
Lebanon, Kentucky,
living on East Main
Street In that city, Hays:
"With my nightly rest broken, ow
ing to IrreKUlarltlca of the kidneys,
suffering Intensely from aovero palna
In the nmall of my back and through
the kidneys, and annoyed by painful
passages of abnormal secretions, life
was anything but pleasant for me.
No amount of doctoring relieved this
condition, and for the reason that
nothing sccuicil to give mo even tem
porary relief, I becamo about dis
couraged. One day I noticed In the
newspapers the case of a man who
was afflicted as I was and was cured
by the use of Donn's Kidney Pills.
His words of praise for this remedy
were so slncero that on the strength
of his statement I went to the Hugh
Murrey Drug Co. 'a store and got a
box. I found that the medicine waa
exactly as powerful a kidney remedy
as represented. I experienced quick
and lasting relief. Doan's Kidney
pills will prove a blessing to all suf
ferers from kidney disorders who will
give them a fair trial."
A FItEE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mr. Walls
will be mailed to any part of the
United States on application. Ad
dress Fostcr-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y. For sale by all druggists; price
GO cents per box.
It Cure Cold, Cougbi. 8ore Throat, Cronp, Influ
enza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Anttnna.
A certain cure for ComnnipUon In flnt atagoi.
and mure relief In advanced ataget. Uo at once.
You will co the excellent effect after taking tha
flnt o'otc. Hold Ii dealera everywhere. Larg
bottle, ii ctnti and 60 cent.
tt extensively lined everywhere In the
world wherever the nmiile loader
baa )lvcu way to the breech loader.
It U made In the InrKCttnnd txnt
equipped cartridge factory in exis
tence. TliU accounts for the uniformity of
Its products.
Tell your dealer V. M. C" when
be asks i "What kind?"
Catalog free.
The Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
Agency, 313 II road wart
Kr York VUf, N. V,
laaued til noldlorH nf iinr war. Writ, turn at onn.
HIANK. 11. ltUXlKK, BartU Woe, Deurer, Cola

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