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Morgan County democrat. (Versailles, Mo.) 1900-1906, November 13, 1903, Image 2

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PablUhMt V.rnrr Krldar Moraine
TILLMAN It I'HIUK. Proprietor.
Happening of tho Past Seven
Days in Brief.
CnHimltlM mid FircH, Personal ami Po
litical .Vol en, HusiiicHf) Fullur os and
ItuHiitnplioiiH, Weather Jtccortl.
Railway postal clerks last year linn
tiled V,'m,W.',fi?,( pieces of mail mat
A now counterfeit five ilnllar oil
v.t certificate, scries of 1809, chock
letter A, plate No. I'll; Lyons, regis-
Irar; Roberts, trc.tsuror, has been dis
(rover (loss, Harry L'ltzarach ami
Hay Ward were burned to dea'h In
livery barn fire at Montpeller, Iml.
Thu Sheldon (la.) Stale bank went
Into a recelver'n banilH, with Ilablll
ties of $17i",000; assets, $225,000.
Washington officials believe the rev
nlutlonlElH will be successful In Pan a'
rna and think the supremacy of tint
United States In complete.
Six men were killed and ten Injured
by the explosion of a United Slates
naval magazine at lona Island, N. Y.
The property Iohh wan $500,000.
Chicago banks report an Increase of
nearly 2.'! per cent. In savings deposits
during the year ended October l.r., Ihe
total being $101,000,000.
President Roosevelt has accepted the
resignation of Judge Oliver Shlras, of
the northern Iowa district court, to tako
effect at once.
George If. .Maxwell, chairman of the
national Irrigation rommisslon. says
the present land laws are an Invitation
to fraud.
President Crimpers, of the American
Fr deration of Labor, at the Host on con
vention will oppore sympathi tie strikes
as a menace to the Industrial life of the
Umploycsor the ChlcagoClly Railway
company votei In favor of a strike.
A general sti Ike of coal miners In dls-
Irlnt J5, iclilel, f ii..lu.i..u (.'.., .rtwl,.. Kuw
Mexico, Utah and V t.mlng, Is Mild to In
President llniiscvclt has be n asked to
rorblil the United Stairs marine band
to acrr.pi cngagr minis to play lor pay.
The ISImclaille haul or ("tipple Cirek,
Col., with $50,000 'I'po-llF, eloped Its
doors, and the l'nrl,!i,, ( Title und
Trust com puny, with ' Vi.uki di pf-sits. ;
The president lias appoint) d Daniel
Tliew Wilght.or Cincinnati, to be JiiHtirn
of the supreme court of the District of
IMwaid L. Wrnlz. Philadelphia mil
lionaire, miming since rt. 1 1, is held In
the Cumberland (Va) mountains for
$100,000 ransom.
Ilollisler lirotlirrs" liiinbr.r yard near
Thorpe. Wit;., contair.liig aliout 700 .000
fret or lumber, Wft8 Octroyed by foriEl
II res.
Samuel Adams, a ncpro. was lvnched
by a mob at l'at-s Christian, MlMt.'.foras.
uanlllng the wire of one of the most
prominent rcsldrr.ts of the plaie.
Hurry .1. Hoover, dinner cashier ol
the Llcklru; couniy bank at Newark
O.. conlesM'd to b.. short his ao
counts $::o,ooo.
There were 2l(;biihlnHsfalliirefcln Ihr
United States rluri
ended on the Cth, against 2.1.: ihei-ami
wck In 1002.
Judge Cleveland. In New I laven, Conn
fiecldnl that the Intir giving $S0,(i()(nc
William .1. Ilryan coulil not he ailoilttco
to probate with the will or Phllo S Hen
licit. Iron workers were ordered on strlkn
which will Involve the whole country Ir
a bitter struggle.
One hundred nonunion mlmrs near
Knoxville, Tcnn . were attacked b)
union men, placed on a train and forcer
to leave town.
i ne cxcnani;'H at the '.ending clearlnB
houses In the Unltrd Slates during thu
seven days ended on thefith aggregated
$l,900,Si:i,7!2. The dfcreai.e compared
with the corrrt-pondltiK werk of last
years was I5..1.
Alfred Mostly, head of the UrltlHh edtr
rational commission, praised American
roilcge presidents during an address i
the UnlverMty of Chicago,
Every male citizens of New Hamp
shire will be advcrlbcd by (Jov. Ooodell
to saloniikrpers as unfit tr buy lliiior.
Snow fell at many points In Ohio and
A mo'j at Charlotte, Mich., tarred nno
feathered and drove from town J. W.
Copeland, a hotel clerk, for his share Id.
the fate of Mabel Sturdevant, of Glllett,
Pa who hnrg hcrsrlf.
James Murpjy, Alonongahela, pa,
iped 12, was shtV to death, mid John
Johnson, aged 11, wounded by Earl
Flory, 13 years old, w,ho was angered by
bolnu called names.
Approximately Close Figures of the
Results by States.
UttrirBfi II. .MiClcllun DifcuL M.tli I.OW
for .Miiynr of New loik 'Hr
Other KnulU Wire lliinl
ly M Mutter nf lliiuht.
The elections of Tuesday did not de
velop any evidence of radical changes
In the sentiments of the voters except
In Now York city, upon which the In
terest of tha country was focused.
The restoration of Tammany Hall to
power under the leadership of Col
OeorKo II. .McClccktn, who defeated
Seth Ijw, fusion candldittu for re-clec
lion to the mayoralty, was the most
uotuhlu itsttll of the day's balloting
J ho luslon movement was over
whelmed by a plurality of over 01,000,
which represents a, change of nearly
100,000 votes since the election of Low
two years ago.
lielow will l.e found a fairly accurato
summary of Ihe results in the several
Hales lu which elections were held:
.i:w tiiiiu.
New York. Nov. I.-Cieu. U McClullan
(rlein.i will li'j nesi mayor of rjtcnti
.i'W i urlt, IluIiik ilulualei Alayor hotli
i.iiw i oi te-i e i tmti Py ti plurality ol
C:,!I7, eninpli le iinotticl.il luturns li.ivltiK
Ix-i n ttet-iviU iiotn every r-lei tlou tlta
lilct In the ilty. liy tnu saiiiu ruliiriis,
Cniiiiitr'i uer l,ii.viiti .M. (iniiit urn ( li.it
ll . Imjiii. H, IIK'lilllL'Ilt Of till: llulllil Of
iilili'ttiK'ii, r u r 1 1 1 1 1 1 ir lor ii-elecllon on til
ileiiiociatle tkkct, ItiiiiiL'li i'Ii'cUmI two
Ji ur.t uki :ih HiHloiil.stH, ileteati il tln lr
liiHlon ouiioiiLnts liy t,',.it mill M.'Jio nloi
ullty, ii spcciKely, Compli oiler Otout
Iwiillni? tlio city ticket.
.M ct.le la n h ttiliil vote for tnavor wuu
ill.'JM to XH.'iVi lur Low.
llllani K. IJuverv. Iniletieinlent canul
u.uo tor mayor, iioiini only z.J.u votea
inn 'iiiiru city, ueitinK s.vil or iiiuho m
Muiihattaii ilihI tiut llionx. 'sit, in lirool:-
lyli, u la ljucuii u and uutiu la UlchiiioiiU
'.'oliiinbus. O. Nov. I. More comnlete
reuittiH iixiic.'itu linn tlio plurality or in i
ilclc dep.), lor Kovernor. over .lolinsoti
fili'iii.), vlll exceed l.Oiio, hut th.it tin.
est of tile rcjiulillcuti stale ticket will
not have ho Iiuko a plurality. .Ah
the tc'iuilillcniiH not only cairli'd tlio
iiouiitiui counties anil illHtiletH, hut
tilHo homo lli.it were conuudu to tin.
moenits. tlio inajoilly on Joint halht
in tlio leKlsliituro tor tho i e-electlou or
hi n.Ltor lliiiin.'i Is now plnceil at 'Xi out
n total tin in 1 ii-1 h 1 1 1 j hi hoth hraiieliL'S
It::, iilmoKt tlirio tlincH as many in
two je.irs iko, when th - leliuhllcan.) Inul
Wliill W.iH tUIIHIileieil lllliree.iNteit ril.'i-
jotlty of Z: on Joint li.iilot lur thu u-
lection or Senator I'or.tker. h .Senator
ll.inii.i hail only one inajoilty on Joint
h.illot fix yeai.s iu;o, anil hu was tho
Imkijc In this i iiiii.iIi;ii, thu rihiilt lu
i;en Lilly coniinenteil on rnoro as u Jlanna
v l t hi th. in . 1 1 1 t ) 1 1 1 1 nisi!.
(,'h. ih in. i ii lilrk h.ij; "Uuuna'u rer
hon.illly ilnJ It."
ri:.N..s i.va.ma.
rhllaih lplilii, Sn. 4.- The latest estl
m.tteu 1 1 kiii the country illsnteiH Imll
i.ile that the i.,uhllean slate ticket will
h.iwi iniijorltli ' l.MiL'im; liuiii 'SSi.i't) to
iVi.in). Win. J', hnyuer lur niiilltor-
H'-neral, has run -lUtluly helilnd Win. I..
.M.ahues for hi. ite treason r, whllu .Mor
ilron and I leuil' i vin, who were C'hosun
huperlor court jinlites, polleil a volo al
ln'l i:iiial to Hi. 1 1 of .Malliie",.
In tho cotiiitien v, le i,. juiIki a of common
ple.iH court weie il,.,.,in the r i pulillcan
pi ici tu.iKO of witoniH was f.n Kreatur
than that or the tn u i.its. 'I he rjie.iti ut
Kiiiiri"c wan In 1 . )iU; Ii rotintj. where
I'i.hiU .M. Ttexli r ii. p i, ih ti .in it IMwaril
ll.iiiy oh in.) 'I hi- 1h the Hi u thnu In
I history or lie- oiinly that n lepuhll
i.in Ii.ih hceii Llei-n as a Jinlyc or the
i. ouitnnn pleas inurl. ll.iiveiH ileli at
wan iluu mainly to ihu illai,.itl.,l,iclloii In
tl. iluiuociatlc lunks.
MASS ( III .Ml'l-I S.
Hostun, Nov, 4 With th,. exci ptlnti or
til" I.LlllllK Oir In the hihI.lIIsIic i,tL- the
tlei tli m III Mum ,11 mnietts scry nee.i ly
ii. ir.illi leil that ijt last jear. iuv. John
I. Kale was re-elfcteil hy the leiiuhli-
I'!" plurality or iiS.iilj over Col.
Win. A. liimtoii, In a. total otu only
BllKhtly miller that ot lijj, when Kates
Won hy 37,l) plur.illt.
'Ihu vote lor the li'inlliiK cainllil.ite.i
was: li.ttcH, llP'i.r.l, tla.:ton, K,i,,;,H, )(liii
liahilni; ahout i,mn owr l.lht e,ir hut
as the HoclallHl ilroiipeil fioui ll.l.i."! to a
lit e inure than ,,1.0. anil that tor the pro
hllilllon anil sm lalUt ahi,r 1 anillilates ri -
inaineii anoiit tne I'aini), tne u,ta vote lor
till canillil ite mi jimt hurt or that ot
l.mt year, the till (.;. mi lu Ihe history r,f the
With the lieml or the ticket wrnt the
otlnr rcpuhltiari tanillilates for slate
oltlllH, UK Well HH heveli i,ut of (11,1
iin inliers of the executive council, while
llni lower hranih of the eKHalure shows
renuiiuciiu Kiiln of two lutiiiherH. the
senatu reriialu
iii niit-illlllLieu.
M All M, A Ml.
llaltlmore, Nov. 4 - 'Hie returns Weil
iieni ay nil rniriK rroui Sil picclnctH or
the ;n In llaltlmore elly have been count-
iu anil uiey mow a inn orllv i.r 4 kc r..r
l.ilwln Wiirlleld, ihrnocr.itle cainllil.iti, f(,r
nil . ii. in ilium eertiiin that thu re
uiriiB iriim inu riinaliihiK f.l tireihum
will liicreiihii thlH lead. Cnmpleto retutim
V"f".'ll l",tn ,"''lved from any onn of
the it Aluryl.ind counties, hut thu returns
.. . , i.-.i mini um mai iiiurn will bo a
ileriiocriitlc inajorlty ot tun In thu
count en, and that Warlleld's plurullty In
I1.".'-. ' u' will probably reach
..wo. Ihu ileinocrats In ll.iliirr ,.ly.
elect their entlro local ticket, IriclinlliiK
linen suiiririiu Juilms. three orphans'
cijiirt Juilijis, court clerks ami sheriff.
Chief JuiIku Mi Sherry, of thu court ot
uiim'uIh, Is re-elected,
ihu democrats have elected a substantial
majority of the hubilature, thus Insur
luic u democrat Ih sueccHnor to UiilteU
btutu heiialor Mil'omiiH.
Providence. H. Nov. 4.-The demo-
B" 'eeiieil la re-electlliK (lov. 1,. 1".
.u.o i,.'. illl"".u" 'y a reiluced plur
wlty. hut thu uthir statu orfkers went
to thu republicans and that party will
. wMrnuiK majority in tim ice .
ri,"r .i ii1. . l"nilMy In llii out of
JW election districts Is 1.035, the volo for
JI Uit. 11111 i'l' "Oil narvin (dcm.)
i n' ' 'ho other re-
i""",""1,1 ..iiiiiiii.iiin on i ne niatu tlckit
reielvcil pluiil III ih liTlraulriir l i 9101
The senate will stand 25 republicans iuni
i iiitiimm lam. uuu Jj XetlUU I
itni) and 2i Uciimcrato
lyiulsvtlle, Ky Nov. 4.nttirns re.
celveil from t:i coutitles, a number of
which are Incomplete, ulvo Oov, llcck
biiin, iltiiiocriitlo ciirnllilate for Kovernor,
a majority of 'I he-no flmires, how-
ner, 'lo not Inillcato his real majority
for the rr aeon that most of the 1 coun
ties remalnlm? to he heanl from nre nor
intillly ieiuhllcan. Uleveri of theso coun
ties are lu the Uleventli district ana each
will ulve a majority of h(r or more. Many
or '.In: other counties arc mountain couii
tlm In remote sections ainl It may he two
or three Mays heroro complete unofficial
returns aro obtained.
Dener, Nov. 4.- Unofficial returns from
nil tho counties In the statu I nil lento that
cider Justice John Campbell (rep.) hint
been n-elicted to the supremo court by
a plurality approximating They also
show that he carried in the neighborhood
or W out of 1V1 counties. He plurality of
Wilson (iletn ), lu Deliver Ii over fi.fjr,
hut the repubHinns i hafuo wholenalo
rraud iitiil claim that a flr count will
i;lve Di liver to Campbell, Owers, tho
niople's party c inilM ite for supremo
jiiiIkc, In several rountns inn secoiul and
polleil cin,o to Ui.oiii voles, In thu state,
lu tho two ilhtilcts whert federal ukc
tlnns wvto held, repuhllcttib wero re
elected. m:iii7Wk .
Omaha, Nov. 4. - .TinlK') Harries,
Is ekcteil cunremc jinlue ovtr JiiiIl'u
van. the nresent he umiicft. Is,' a nlu
rnlity that may n n h v"ij Thu rest of
the republican sla'e HultctllH eleclcil by
lU.r.W, li.irnes ruiiniiii; niHilerahly bo
lilml the other cinelnlaii s fJ'hesu llKurua
are conciiiil hy Hi" ileinociits.
In Dounl,ius ( oniity ihe ii ruocrats elect
c'liinty clerk anil pinbahly no other can
Ulihv'e on their t ! I' t, iti( tho republi
cans mcuic ihe i iii ii., n ..f ho ri:in,ilnilur
ol' the c.niillilates. (Hi lie J illclary ticket
Ihe icpuhilt ans eh ' I 1 in I isl live or tlx
candidates for the 1 1 1 1 1 t lench.
;Ai.iroit.M v
Ban UraiK Ikco Nov. I U ctlori returns
fairly Indicate that ihu majiralty victory
has been won b Ktin it 11. Hchmll
(union labor, the predt Incumbent),
whose plurality on ihu p tlal count Is
now 3,1.11 over Ibiiry J (Joclter, repilh
llunri canillilate. 'Ill" o i. 6n labor and
ilernocrallc parties have (liiturcd nearly
evoiy ori'lce ho far as tlioleturns show,
Ihoiujli thu lepnbllcans tuV yet win thu
positions of milium, city nttorney, tax
collector, treasurer ant County clerk.
The ili inociiiis will fill tlehsscssor's and
ether Io.'uIIiik ofllces ant iavo u. major
ity on tho hoard of super'Aors.
Des .Moines, la., Nov. . Itetums keep
couiliu; lu very slowly, lit troiii tho com
plete unit Incomplete out, at hand, UoV.
Cummins' plurality will .o i educed rroin
fc:i,n") two jents riKO to KW). Thu iletno
eiatH have made decldd khIiis In thu
legislative dlHtilets, and ar tho llrst tlmu
hi miiiiy jears thu immfcr ol ileinocnits
will he over 2o mid posslfcy ''. The r;alns
In the h-;;l3lai i.i e mailo 1 the democrats i
Is entlieiy duu to lueal ilfliTenees. Thu i
vote thr.nih'hout the stattwas exceeding- ,
ly Hiiht, particularly lu thu cities.
'Trenton, N. J., Nov. 4.-Kcvlseil returnai
from New Jersey show that the repub
licans have cat rlii! .Mldrie.sex county lor
hoth senator ninl assinhlVmen. Thin
vlll I m n Lu tho senate mini II republl-
cans to i democtats, tlo simu ns last
yi ar'H representation. Tie i;iln ot threu
a seinblyineii by the ilenocrlts lu l'liloli
county Is oirsi't by losso. In other coun
ties. 'Ihu renresenlatloi n thu houiia
next year will he the vane as last uaj-
'M republicans and 'i'l ikni.tt ats.
Honolulu. Nov. 4. Tho crnmty election
Wero held t lnnui'hiilll tin. I.rrlti,rv 'I'lieu-
;'"y mid returns nru eonilnu In slowly.
Ho fur Jim ii... ... .ii, l.;.i,. Imn rr"lvil
Oubu will i;o ."llKhiiy luptiblic.m. Cotu-
liloto returns frilm liini .-.nnw that nearly
all tho icjjubllcun ctiinlldatei havo been
elected. 1
Halt Lake, Ctnb, .Nov. I. -Complete r-
t MI'IIH show till) eleiti'ill Of I'.lih.ll'll P.
.Morris idem. j, candllti" tor inuor, over
I'Vanlt Knox (rep), by i,iM plutallly. Of
tlii' 1,1 1 -ii 1 1 in-1 1 r 11 "ii the 1 etui hlkaiis uh cted
nine and thu demoi rats six.
i.o.mio.v .'i:v.M'Ari:it '(.'o.mmi:.vi'.
It la Not I'lirllcnliirjr lrlnt terlni; On
(lie ItcNiilt iWSrw Vork.
London, Nov. Ti. Such comment as
the afternoon newspapers oif the re
sult of Tuesday's election in New York
city, expresses it as Tammany's vic
tory. Tho Pall Mall Hazetio nays It fjlvos
Ihe world ,t lesFon that "purity is not
Inherent In the democratic form of
The St. .lameii (JnPtto bitterly as
salls Tammany, sajinp; tho result "):
one which every honest person must
deeply lament, and proves how power-
less is true opinion to make its weight
fell, under a republican system wli'jn
It is confronted by tho machinery of
tin iins'ciupuloiis organization."
for improVing'canals.
NcM York Stall Oiivi in Ovi-rivhelU
Inu Majority In I'm or of
(11 on I ImpriM I'lneul.
New York, Nov. 5. New Vork Mate
gave a majority of nearly 2b0,000 In
favor of ihe proposition that the state
shall spend $101,000,000 for Improvlu
its canals.
The plan Is to widen and deepen tlM
Krlo canal mi that It will accommodate
barges of 1,000 ,onH carrying capacity,
and to Improve the Oswego and Chaia-
piain canals
Under the law. tho Btate will be al
lowed to Imue not more than $10,000.-
000 of caiml t.,Aa nt nnv time uid
tho first Issue muBt cover tho work for
two years. Tim boiulH aro to run tor
not more than 18 years.
Tho adviKads of tho proposition do
elared that canal Improvement van
necessary for the rehabilitation of tho
commercial Hiiurenwy of state. Un
less the nu.1t) (.gjials aro widened und
deepened, they sawted it woulc' lie
but a short, time b'"ro the rallrowls
would bo a,i t0 tiisko such transpor
tation rates) M tbey might soo flt, end
that New York cU7 "ilKht be discrim
inated against.
Welch. V v.. Mvt Tho Unltet
States Btc;
gepoiatriiii, operatlnif
"nr hero
2.000 labo
r ...
u ou inaennlicir
Uarney Newton, a otoro clerk at Odin,
committed suicide, leaving a note say
ing ho was weary of life.
Senator Stone and Mo3es C. Wet
more, of Missouri, called on Senator
Coekrell at Washington and urged him
lo announce his candidacy for president
on tho democratic ticket.
Dr. (Jeorgo E. Ladd, of Holla, has
been elected by tho Missouri world's
fair commission to be superintendent
of the department of mlr.es and metal
lurgy, to succeed Col, 11. It. Gregg, of
Tho Missouri world's fair commission
proposes to get tip a dormitory In con
nection with tho department or edu
cation at the world's fair, of which
JudKO Hawthrone, of Kansas City, Is
chairman, where the methods used In
taking care of the deaf, dumb and blind
can be seen by visitors.
In behalf of Charle.T J. KraU, the al
leged boodle alderman of St. Louis, It
is claimed that since ho located In Mex
ico ho has been ,1 good citizen and has
Invested consldeiablo money in Mex
ican property. Missouri cannot re
cover the money, but she would llko
lo regain such a desirable cllien.
A delegation of prominent. Mis
souri live stock breeders appeared be
fore the Missouri world's fair commis
sion at Its session at St. Louis and
asked for nu allotment of 5125,000 of
tho $1,000,000 appropriation made by
the stale for the Missouri exhibit, lo be
used In giving prizes for Missouri
T. I). Osborne, a lawyer of Joplln,
who was reported to have committed
biiiclde at St. Louis by jumping off thu
Kads bridge, and whose body was later
tt ported to have been found, has been
heard from at Waterloo, III. It. Is
claimed that he tried to deceive his
bride of six months, who was suing
lor divorce.
Tho Hananio Telephone company.
which runs out or Maryville, has a
name which has caused a good deal of
guessing as to lis origin. Iliirmmo Is
composed of the Initial loiters or Ihe
counties through which the lines llrst
ran--Holt, Atchison, Nodaway and An
drew and tin. abbreviation lor MIs
fcourl, "Mo."
Senator Stone has leased a home In
Washington. It Is situated in one of
tlio most aristocratic parts of the city,
1510 Twenty-first street. Two triors
away reside tho Loiters, formerly of
Chicago, v. hojo daughter man-led Lord
(Jiiiun. viceroy of Imttit, w..i cm ...r..
is Dupotit circle, the center of Wash
ington fashionable life.
In Macon the other nlr.ht the villain
of a barnstorming troup was about, to
got tho girl to drain Ihe deadly cup
when a woman in the audience yelled:
"Ob, for hharne! Don't drink it, child "
When the laughter had Eulnidod tho
woman turned i.ldeways and said: "I
don't care; It's a detestable trick."
The plan was too realistic lor her.
The new Union Avenue Christian
congregation in St. Louis, which was
formed liy tho consolidation of Cen
tral and Mount Cabanne Christian
churches, Is preparing to (vet a bouse
of worship at Hie southwest corner of
Union and Von Vernon avenues. The
building will cost about 3110,000. and
Is lo be completed about tho llrst of
June next.
A Waverly buslnes1) linn serves freo
kBoup one day in every year to all com
ers. The annual soup day arrived last
week, and ISO gallons of that !jteam!n
nj'tiflo wore served to people who came
Ironi all parts of the county. Three
bushels of potatoes, Ufc bushels of tur
nips, tme-lialf bushel of onions, If.
heads of cabbage ami a dozen cans of
tomatoes were among Its Ingredients.
Plans for a public highway acro3S
the entire state from St. Louis to Kan
sas City, .'17fi miles, aro practically com
pleted, and according to W. II. Mooro,
president of the National Good Roads
association, work will probably begin
upon Ihe road early next spring. It
Is estimated that the cost will be $750,
000. Macadam eight Inches deep and
24 feet wide will form tho principal
road bed, but clay wagon paths will
parallel the main roadway on both
sides. As proposed, tho roadway will
be 100 feet wide throughout Its course.
The building of tho road will devolve
largely upon convict labor.
The Young Women's Christian as
sociation of Missouri university gave
an extraordinary entertainment In thu
corridors of tho academic hall. It
was called a country fair, but was so
elaborate that It might better havo
bden termed "Ihe midway." It dlf
lcred frtfm anything ot the sort over
attempted by college glrlH. The Idea
was to represent a country fair, with
sll details and many other features,
and Included several side shows, a
baby show, a shooting gallery, a
floral hall, a merry-go-round, hurdle
races, a dime museum, a menagerie
and a grand street parade, headed by
a band or 12 girl Students, playing on
kazoos, hal; combs and tin horns. All
males wero barred. Two boy students
disguised as negro women got In for
awhile, bu weio boon found out and
bodily ejected.
Assembled In Response to the
President's Proclamation.
"linelp ,Iop' (.'minim i:ii'cff.l SiipiikeD
Ititi-ri-xtliiu: He-mi- In Hot It t'luitii
licrx lteclirorlt Willi Ciil.n
thc'.Mlllil OliJi-i- nf Mi-hnIiiii.
Washington, Nov. 10. Tlio house ot
representatives, of tho Flfty-elghtli
congress, Monday held its first session,
and except for ihe naming of com
mittees which will follow Inter, or
ganization was completed. Joseph G.
Cannon, of Illinois, whoso elevation
to tho speakership was assured months
Lago, was formally elected speaker and
Inducted Into olllcc.
ill Ion It. .Mi. (.'Minion.
Mr. Cannon received tho applauso of.
democrats and republicans alike when
ho took up the gavel of authority, tho
demonstration being most compliment
ary to tlio newly-ciccted streaker. He
war. at once at ease In the speaker's
c.ialr, having filled It so often tempo
rarily during his many years of service
in tlio house. Tho old officers wero re
elected, and the customary resolutions
adopted providing for the appointment
of a committee to notify the president
and senate of the election of a speaker
and dork and a commlttco lo Join a
henato committee toinotify tho presi
dent of the presence of a quorum In
the two bodies. Tho hour of meeting
was fixed lor 12 o'clock. Tlio rules ol
the Fifty-seventh congress wero adopt
ed for tho Flfly-clgblh congress by an
ayo and nay vote, after a brief dis
cussion, during which the minority
sought to secure an Increase In thu
democratic representation on the com
mit tees.
I'lorill TrlhlllcK lo .Meliiliern.
Tlio drawing of seats, in which eld
and new members alike tako deep con
cern, occupied a greater portion of the
day's session. A pretty compliment
was paid to the leaders and veterans ol
both sides In tills connection, they be
ing permitted to select their heats with
out drawing lots.
When most of tho members had
drawn seats messengers began bring
ing in the floral trilmtes and placing
them on tho dosku, but 11. nnrimlriii
resulting irorn ttpplausi) caused the
speaker to direct that no more be
brought in. Some of those brought In
were most elaborate. One piece, made
lo represent a locomotive, amid laugh
ter, was placed on the desk of .Mr,
Ikiker, New Vork, who offered a resolu
tion that the democratic members do
110L accept favors or passes from rail
roads. ll.'InlliiK lo InIIiiiiIiiii lmHf Inn.
Mr. Hltt (111.) offered me following
resolution: "Resolved, by tho house
ol representatives, thai the president
lie requested to communicate lo the
house, if not Incompatible with tho In
terest of the public service, all corre
spondence and other olliclal documents
relating to tho recent revolt in the
isthmus of Panama." It. was agreed to.
IIIIN liitioiloeeil.
Among other bills Introduced were
the following'. My Mr. Tawney (Minn.)
to prevent the giving of premiums with
packages of tobacco.
Mr. Wanger (Perm.), to establish a
national military pari: at Valley Forgo.
Mr. Stephens (Tex.), creating a state
out of tho Indian territory and Okla
homa, providing for the leasing for
grading purposes of arid lands; lo pro
vide for the equitable distribution be
tween tho United States and Mexlec
of tho waters of tlio Rio Grande river;
to open for settlement fiO'.OOO acres
of land In the Kiowa, Comauclio and
Apacho Indian reservations,
Mr, Mudd (Aid.), for tho reconstruc
tion of a freo ship canal as a means
of military and naval defense through
the straits of Alary laud and Delaware.
Air. Alayor (Penn.), making $12 the
minimum pensions per mouth of all
pensioner!! who havo reached the age
of fi.'!.
Air. Slayden (Tex.), subjecting goods,
wares and merchandise niatlo by con
victs to tho laws of the stato or ter
ritory Into which they are transported.
Air. Harlholdt (Mo.), restoring I ho
army canteen.
On motion of Air. Payne (N .Y.) the
houso at :t:35 p. m. adjourned.
Illinois Heenllve Una llei-n I'ori'eil
lu t.'miecl N-i-rnl Hiitfiiui-iiien ta
011 Account ol lllu-aa.
Springfield, 111., Nov. 10. Ileeause or
the serious condition of his throat,
Gov. Vates has postponed for two
weeks tho meetings which had been
arranged In Stephenson, Carroll Jo
PcvIcbb and Winnebago counties, Since
opening his campaign Gov, Yates hart
made many speeches, and the effort
has left his throat In an irritated condition.

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