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Aorgao County Democrat.
Fourth Year.
Versailles, MoM Friday Morning, Nov. 20, 1903.
No. 47.
Now is the Time,
For two weeks only, beginning Mon
day, November l(5th, wo will offer
Pianos and Organs,
Direct from tho factory at almost factory prices. Hero
is an opportunity to buy a high grade reliable Piano,
from a home dealer who is interested in your behalf, at
prices you cannot meet anywhere, quality of goods con
sidered. Prices reduced to an extent that we will save you from
")() to $100 on a Piano. Terms to suit. A snial! pay
ment down and from $0.00 up.
A Splendid Christmas Present, could you do
Old instrumnts taken at their proper value. Come
in and see the Pianos. Sale will close Nov. 28th.
C. V. STIARWALT, Factory Representative.
Call for Hardy's Prize Unking I'uw-
ii r
Men's Rubber Hoots and Shoo at tliu
FA.MOl S "
Hardy's Prize Raking Powder is the
kind to " in your baking.
Toil SALH Two good residence
properties, eucap. H. A. YoU.NU.
Tlii) cold snap Tuesday night caused
tin; average citizen to tliink seriously
of his wood-pile.
Remember, the Moit'iAN County Mao-
Aini. will apiear all ut December 1st,
JlUVC vou b tliMiiiiicd?
If vou want it good A. No. 1 Over-
l voat for winter you can find one to lit
you at the "Famous."
Fi W.. 1 flu. ttript.- llnnil litm ri.iiclicil
3j Versailles. Now for this establishment
Rof pus.'ng;er and freight tratlli:.
ftri .i ntiti fin, lirwi tf
Wf llfill. flu WUI nut; iiuii wi
If Full and Winter Goods. Carl VV.
I Uiersiich.
Attorney 1). K. Wrny was trnnsnct
Ing legal business at fjimi Creek, Cum-
len county, Wednesday of last week,
returning lioinn Thursday.
The ' Famous" don't sell all the.
clothing Mild in Versailles, but does
sell nil of the good clothing and shoes
for men Unit arc sold in Versailles.
We haveli:nl our first taste of winter
this week, and everyoni! was reminded
that it was timo to lay aside their Him
mer clothes and prepai o for the cold
blasts of winter.
Your last roast wasn't good, your
steak was lough, that isriveiygood
sign you did not get it from I), C.
Hardy, the Hutchcr. I.ut us fui uisli
you good meat.
All the available lahor and teams in
this vicinity have found work on the
new railroad for the present, und teams
for general hauling have been distress
edly Hcareo for the past week or more.
Now that the winter season is com
ing on, it will be well for our citizens
to examine the flues, stove-pipes, etc.,
und see that they are safe from prema
ture (ires. A "stitch In time saves
Miss Annie Driver, who has been so
journing at Ueno, Nevada, for the past
year or more, arrived In Versailles last
(Saturday morning and is now with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Til. t Driver lo
this vicinity.
The Progress Club met last Friday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Win.
Forman on North Fishur street. After
tliu regular program was completed
the membership present were treated
to a splendid lunch, and the meeting
wuh fully enjoyed.
The St. Louis papers last Friday con
tained an a ltd tint to the effect that
Fred J (Jould was the victim of pick
pockets and had lost his poeketbook
with 8(0 and all his railroad passes.
He reported his loss to the police and
claimed that his valuables were lost
while In a St. Louis saloon. Could will
he remembered by many of our citi
zens, as the man who manipulated op
tions here lunt winter.'1
(Jo to Hardy'H grocery und ask for his
Prize Halting Powder.
For a good fit and proper style in
clothing, hats, shoes, pants, Ac., for
men, go to tho "Famous."
When you want fresh meats or groc
eries don't fail to call at Hardy's Meat
Market and have your goods delivered
to your door.
I). It. Fletcher, an Audrain county
farmer, was stretching wire for a fence
recently. While under great tension
the wire broke. Part of it recoiled
and struck him on the forehead. He
became unconscious and died.
WANTKD Prniiie Farms, from 80
acres up. 1 am receiving plenty of in
quiries from Iowa, Illinois and Ohio
people, about Moigan County. They
will begin coming in soon. H. A.
YOUNG, in olliee of Probate Judge.
The new book, "Library of Wit and
Humor," by K.I Perkins, published by
Clarkson fc Cooper, of Chicago, is a fine
volume and should be hi y library.
Clarkson fc Cooper arc reliable, and
want good agents in every county.
Kldcr Joseph Oaylor of Springfield,
who was lo have been here last Sun
day, arrived Tuesday evening and is
holding a series of meetings at the
Christian Church. He is an evangelist
of note, and is an interesting minister.
C. F. Stlarwalt, representing the
llaldwin Piano Company, arrived here
Monday and has headquarters at J. W.
Kirk's Furniture Store. He 'will re
main about two weeks for the purpose
of pushing the merits of his company's
line line of pianos.
"Stover" will be a now town west of
Versailles on the new road. Engineer
C. C. Crew lust week laid out the plat
which is situated mi the land of Peter
Hughe-. The Stover post oflice will be
located at this new town, us well us
the railroad station.
The ease of George Collins tho Union
bank robber has been set for hearing
in tho supreme court in January. It
will probably bo some time in Febru
ary before the supreme court decides
whether or not ColliriH will have a new
trial for killing Detective Schumacher.
Suits, Underwear, Overcoats,
Hoots and Shoes, Skirts, Dress
Goods, Ulunkets, Comforters,
Trunks, Valises, Groceries &c.
Best Values for tho least money
at "Tho Red Flag." Carl W.
V. li. Harrison wub In Jefferson City
Thursday of last week summoned there
to appear before the Cole county grand
jury as a witness. Mr. Harrison saya
Morgan county is free from any indict
ments before the grand jury, yet there
are other counties that cannot say so
much, as 100 indictments have been
The Democrat acknowledges the re
ceipt of the latebt official map of Mis
souri prepared by the Itiireau of Labor
Statistics, and Issued by William An
derson, Commissioner. It contains an
Immense amount of valuable Informa
tion relative to Missouri and her re
sources and commodities and Is a ready
reference an to our general statistics,
showing many things that cannot be
found elsewhere.
B. A Crewson was transacting busi
ness In Kansas City several days this
A number of Odd-Fellows from tho
lodge In this city will go to Fortuna
to-night to assist the lodge there In
Initiatory work.
A. Funger a salesman from St. Louis
arrived here Monday evening and has
taken a position in M. Joachlmi's big
department store.
Miss Maud Livingston, who had
spent two weeks visiting friends in
Sedalia, returned to her home iu this
city Tuesday evening.
After three years success In the meat
business, I am better prepared to give
my customers what they call for than
anyone else In the city, D. C. Hardy,
the Hotelier.
We can't find a rooster with a "crow
er" of Milllcient calibre to do the thing
justice, or we'd put him up to sound
the alarm. Itul the new railroad is lu
town, just the same.
On the !ith und loth of December the
District W. C. T. U., wilt hold a two
days session In this city, and on the
evening of tliu tlth K.vGov. John I. St.
John will address the assemblage. A
regular program will be carried out.
The Daily Clarion-Leader, of Jack
son, Miss., last Saturday gave out the
announcement that Fred Sulllns, for
merly of this city, and Miss Anna K.
Lemon of Jackson, are to be married
on the ".1th of November, and cards
arc out to that effect. Mr. Sullens Is
at present city editor of the Clarion
Leader and is well-known to most of
our leaders.
They have been complaining of wet
seasons und muddy weather lu the
west, with snows in the northwest, and
overcoat weather in the east, while In
Missouri It has been one of the finest,
fairest falls we ever experienced. The
roads lu Morgan county are better now
than they have been In years. We
have no complaint to make of the
weather, just now, at least.
K. K. Jnckson killed a young Ameri
can eagle on his farm six miles south
west of Huutsvlllu last week that
weighed ten pounds and measured
seven feet one inch fiom tip to tip of
wings and three feet from beak to tip
of tail. It is the first eagle ever heard
of in that locality. It was shipped to
a St. Louis taxidermist. Mr. Jackson
will keep It to show his murkmau-
The big Sedalia flouring mills owned
by the Sedalia Milling Co., was des
troyed by fire last Sunday morning.
The plant was owned by Morris llarter,
whose loss is estimated at 8.100,000.
The Sedalia planing mill adjourning,
was also bin ned, with a number of
Missouri Pacific freight ears. The des
truction of the flouring mills is a big
loss to Sedalia, as it was one of the
best lu this section of the state.
The roads, fields and right of way on
the new road has been kept hot for the
past week owing to the tracklaying by
the big gang of workmen anil the novel
tracklaying machinery which was com
ing toward town from the east. Sat
urday and Sunday, a stranger would
have supposed that a country fair wan
lu progress in Klwyn Price's pasture
northeast of town. We estimate that
half the people In Versailles visited
the scene, and it wan a sight, too.
Quite a ripple of excitement was cre
ated about H:30 o'clock Monday night
by the alarm of fire being sounded
The lire was found to be in a small
frumc building recently erected by F.
M. Scoggins at his feed yard, in the
southwest part of town. The building
contained a lot of grain and fodder,
the latter having caught fire in some
unknown manner. The blaze was sub
dued before any serious damage re
sulted, yet there was plenty of smoke.
J, L Warren, manager and treaMircr
of the Lafayette Home Mining Com
pany, was In Versailles last Saturday,
driving hero front Cole Camp. The
company which he represents has largo
mining interests tu Morgan, Cumdiiu
ami Ilentou counties, and they are de
veloping them to tliu fullest extent.
Mr. Warren Is a practical miner and
has great confidence iu the mineral re
sources of this sectjon of the state, this
confidence being sufficient to warrant
substantial Investments here. The com
pany is composed of Hlgglrntlllb cap:
Second Floor, in Woods Ulock, Versailles, Mo.
Hardy's Prize Halting Powder is
going like hot cakes. Ask for It.
The young F.nid hopeful is not so
slow, us this little Incident reported by
the Knid F.ngle will prove. At school
little Charlie, being one of the geogra
phy class, was deeply Interested iu
learning' the. points of the compass.
Said the teacher: "You have in front
of you the north; on your right, the
east; on your left the west. What have
you behind youV" After a few mo
ments' reflection Charlie exclaimed: "A
patch on my pants." And to make the
information more binding Charlie con
tinued iu a shamefaced manner: "I
knew you'd see It, I told mamma you
James H. Clark, chairman of the
Morgan County Democratic Central
Committee, came over from Sedalia
Monday night. He reports his family
well pleased with Sedalia. Mr. Clark
has been suffering with an attack of
rheumatism. He was present at the
Folk meeting there last Saturday and
says that the. Circuit Attorney madu a
splendid impression there, while the
crowd who heard him were composed
of the best elements of the Democratic
party lu Pettis county, to say nothing
of those outside of the county. The
throng of people were enthusiastic, yet
there was a noticeable ubenei! of the
hudlum element, while a more repre
sentative, crowd of business men, pro
fessional men, farmers and tradesmen
never assembled In that city.
Ji!!H) ami Dui'kK,
For which we will pay tho following
(Jcese, full feather, 84 per dozen.
Ducks, seven cents per pound, by the
New York Poultry .fe F.gg Co.
W. P. Nichols, Manager.
Large KiiuIInIi Itorkshircs.
I have somu fine male pigs of tho
above breed for sale. No belter breed
ing In the country.
W.M. Foiima.v, Versailles, Mo.
To tliu Fanners of the County.
The St. Louis World's Fair Commis
sion is anxious to tiave a. big turnout
of the farmers of Morgan county at the
Farmers' Institute meeting and Corn
Slow to be held in Versailles on Tues
day, December 1st. The meeting will
be made very interesting, mid to that
end George H. Kills, Secretary of the
State Hoard of Agriculture announces
the following prominent gentlemen
who will be present to address the
farmers on that occasion:
Col. G. W. Waters of Canton, MUl
souri, subjects "Missouri at tho World's
Fair," "Corn Improvement," Prof. G. it.
Murray. Parkvlllu, Missouri, subject
"Practical Horticulture" and F.Imer
Laughlln, Itich Hill, Missouri, subjects
"Improvement of Soils by a Judicious
Crop Rotation," and "Profitable Classes
of Horses for tho Farmer to Raise."
The above gentlemen nre nil practi
cal men along their line of work, and
their subjects will be made Interesting
to every farmer lu this county. Wc
would, therefore, Insist that our farm
er friends will take the time to be
present at the meeting, on Tuesday,
December 1st, to be held lu the circuit
court room at the court house.
A (.rent Paper.
Tho St. Louis Post-Dispatch is pre
paring to celebrate its 'J.lth birthday
on Dec. 13 by the issue of a newspaper
which will contain at least H.M pages
and will weigh over two pounds. This
newspaper will eost Its publishers over
IU cents per copy, but will bo sold at
tho regular price .1 cents. The work
of preparation for this enormous edi
tion began last September, when five
members of 1 1 it; editorial stun were
detached from service on the regular
editions and constituted the Anniver
sary Kditlon Council. Watch this big
edition of the Post-Dh.patch on Sunday
December 13. It will be more lllce get
ting a huge book than u newspaper
but the price will be the smallest thing
about it, I'M pages for five cents. He
sure you secure a copy.
Will ho issued by tho management of the Mor
gan County Democrat, and the initial numbor
will appear tho first week in Docombor. Tho
Magazine will bo non-political, and will contain
at least (M pages of choice home refilling. All
departments will bo up to date and at par with
the standard Magazines, with interesting local
featuros illustrated each month, such as por
traits of prominent citizens, county scenes, otc.
Wo will endeavor to place a sample copy in
every household, and wish tho reading public
to appreciate our offortto give them something
worthy of thoir support. Tho price will bo
Magazine and Democrat combined, $1.75 per your.
Subscribe at onco.

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