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I'nlilUliPil l'.vorr I'rliiur JInroln.
TILLMAN l'KIC'i;, l'roprletori.
1903 DECEMBER 1903
in. XOX. TUB. WED. j THCR. Ml. SIT.
.... T7T j 2 3 4 5
6""T8 TTo Ti"T2
13 "u 75 76 77 78 79
20 27 22 23 "24 25 26
27; 28 29 30 377777
Hajtijeniiifrs of tlio Past Seven
Days in JJiief.
Casualties ami Fires. Personal and Po
litical Notes Buines Failures and
i;eniiiplions, Weather Kccon!. '
comjhuss :.v Missiiu,
Uctrla l ('iiiihIiIit Iti-e liroe Ity fin
Culm mill llllirr A On In.
iv nator Hoar (Mass.) Introduced a
-million in tho United State's senate
on the Utli calliiifi for Information ( over
ng every phase connected with the
founding of the now republle'of I'anama.
Senators Teller and Morgan spoke
against Cnhan ri-clprreliy. In the house
hills were introduced for the upbuildlns
of 'he navy; to create a commission to
cotibldt r legislation for the development
Df the American merchant marine; to ap
propriate $100,000 for the erection of a
federal building at i-lnroln, III.
Jills were introduced In the United
States senate on the 10th providing that
after Mnreh 1, 1901, salaries of senators,
leprcse-ntatlvcs and delegate!) in con
t'tess shall ho $7,f00 per nnnum.aiid to
make the provisions of the naturall.a
tlori laws of the United Slates appli
ea'ile to i'orto Meo. in the house the
penf.ion npiitopriatlon hill, carrying
Jl.'!8.ir,0,l(io, was reported. A hill was In
troduced limiting tlio meaning ol the
word "conspiracy" and the use of in
junctions. There were two speeches in the Unti
ed States s-enateon the 11th on thcCuhnr
reciprocity hill, ne of them in support
'f i he measure and the other against
Hibs were Introduced for the . rectlon In
Wellington of a monument to the mem
ory of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow;
PioMdlng for the promotion tei the grade
anil pay of major of army chaplains win.
haw; hud not less than ten jcatV experi
ence. Adjourned to the lllh. In the
house .Mr. Dlnsmoro (Ark.) condemned
the recognition or the I'anama repuhlU
and .Mr. ilitt (in.) .,, , ,.,.,
the United .States. The pension hill wat
dhcussed. Adjourned to the i it p.
The Standard Oil otllcials onleieii
bloodhounds sect to JJontpeller, Ind
where some one opined Cut valves eif flvt
Immense tanks .aitted the ol
to escape.
Fifteen pcrr.sr.s vcr.- Injured an,
rank A. U Sallo killed In a train col
llelon near Stciihenville. O.
The exchanges at the leading clear
InB houses In the United Slates durlnc
the seven days ended on the 1 1th an
gregateel 1 71. 224,728. The Increase:
compared with the corresponding week
Ol last year was 4.2.
Tho resolutions adopted hv the Antl
Saloon league in session In Washington
pronounce, tho saloon the greatest crim
inal tho world has known.
John McCrea, tho colored inurdenrol
Detective William .Murphy on June "r,
last, was hanged In I'coria, III.
a'hero were :i:tl buslncs failures in
the United States during the sevil, dav,
ended on tho 11th, against 2CU the same
Week in l!i02.
Mro. Jtaehol A. lieall, an eccentric and
Well to do widow, was shot to death ct
her home in Washington hy home one
Weekly trade reviews say that bust
aBS In all seasonable) lines makes a
favorable comparlon with the corrcB
ponding period of the previous year.
Prominent educators met In Washing
ion and started a movement in behalf of
Better salaries for teachers.
Senator Hanna will request the senate
committee on military affairs to sub
poena Gen. Wood to answer charges
National and local labor leaders in
Chicago decry use of violence In strikes,
while attacks on nonunion men are a.
most of daily occurrence.
Near Piedmont, W. Va five men wer
Wiled and several severely Injured dj
tho overturning of two engines.
iWalthour and Munroe won a six-dav
lurcl race ol. New York,
At New Haven, Conn,, tho Vnlo uni
versity forestry school building was de
stroyed by lire, the loss btlng over
Charges that William J. llryan manu
factured the Utters giving him $50,000
of Phllo Dennett's estate and Induced
lltnnett to sign them were made In court
In New Ilaen, Conn., by Mrs. Dennett.
Gov. Brady, of Alaska, in hl annual
report urges provision for Alaska's
representation hy a delegate In congress,
and says that Alaska's main need is for
pioneers and home builders.
The northwest experienced the coldest
weather of the season, the thermometer
ranging from four to 24 degrees below
zero at various places.
Gen. Hcyes, of Colombia, now In
Washington, has decided that it is use
less for his government to attempt an
Invasion of Panama In view of the de
termination of the United States to pre
serve peae:o on the Isthmus.
Three trainmen were killed and Ilvo
injured In a collision on the Chicago,
Milwaukee fc St. Paul road near Adel, la.
fudge Holdom fined Franklin Union of
Press Feeders In Chicago $1,000 for
violation of the typothetao Injunction.
Zion City will he conducted hereafter
on a cash basis, according tei John A.
Dowle. j
Tne Great Lakes vessel season now
closed was the most prosperous since
A protest against Uecd Smoot, of
Utah, remaining In thesenate wasaclop
ed hy a mass meeting in Washington
called hy women.
1 Jr. I. li. Washburn, of Hennstlncr,
Ind. .died as tho result of an operation
two years ago in which It. Is alleged sur
geons left a pair eif ste el forceps near the
Secretary of Interior Hitchcock in his
annual report shows 22,S21,2!i;i aciesof
public land told during the past year.
The pension list decreased 2,!i01 names,
the total number now being 1,01:!.!)!!:!.
Itailroads In Minnesota killed 211 per
sons the past year, against :::! In 1002.
Carroll I). Wright, United States labor
commissioner, in an address at Philadel
phia predicted the abandonment of
waget for profit sharing.
The national contractors' convention
in Chicago adopted a radical rule for
an eipe'ii shop.
Fire at Whiting. Ia.. destroyed tha
Hank eif Whiting and Cassidy & Whit
ing's department stoie, entailing a loss
ol $100,000
Five passengers were cremated ana
ten injured in a wreck em tho Chicago,
Ilurlington & Qulncy lallroad three
miles west of Albla, In.
W. I. iliichanan. eif New York, has
been eheisen special minister to the Pa
nama republic by President Roosevelt.
iT.itseiv.vi. ami reu.iTH Ai,.
The town of Abnott, Tex., has been al
most wiped out by Hie.
Iti'iir Admiral Hancroft Gl.erardi (re
tlied) died at his resident e in Stratford,
Conn , aged 71 years
Capt. Charles A. P. Talbot, Hrltish
consul at Iloston, illed suddenly ol heart
Is-aae Price, said to be the oldest man
In Brooklyn. N. Y.. dlcirin his one hun
dred and second year.
Judge James Cheney, Kild to be the
wealthiest man In Indiana, died at Fort
Wayne, aged 8". years. Ills fortune is
estimated at $2.,000,000.
J. Stanley Forrest, widely known as
the prh-on evangelist, died in Davenport.
The republican national committee
selected Chicago as the place and June
21. 1901, as the date for holding the next
John It. Preicter. of Kentucky, presi
dent of the United States civil seriveet
commission, died in Washington, aged
f9 jean-.
The government or Swede n and Neir
way ius recognized the republic of Pan
ama as an ludeuendent state.
Hussla has sent eight warships to
Corea to hack up her demand that Yon
gampho bu maintained as a closed port
and threatens to march on Seoul.
Colombian troops were reported
marching on Panama, while United
States warships were patrolling both
coasts to prevent landing.
Queen Alexandra narrowly ehcaped
burning to death at Sandrlngham pal
ace, London. A floor, weakened by hid
den lire, collapsed Just after she left her
Colombian officers were urging spe edy
nction to retake Panama, fearing that
Gen. Hcyes is being Induced to delay his
negotiations till too late.
Charles Waldegrave Sandford, for
nearly ::n years bishop or Gibraltar and
founder or Hut Gibraltar mission to sea
men, Is dead at Blshopbourne,
Four hundred United States marines
and 1100 bluejackets landed at Guantana
mo, Cuba, and installed the uaval station
at that point.
The United States battleship Main
left Colon for the United States to under
go repairs.
Baron Von Kareloft, In an address to
the German relohhtag. declared the em
plrei was rapidly drifting toward social
ism. The Japan diet has been dif solved
by tho emperor as a blow at the war
party, and the cabinet now will have free
hand to treat with Hussla.
A United States Hag raising at Guan
tanamo was avoided by Cubans, who
declared the naval station there haa been
(orced upon them.
. Nine American jockey earned nearly
$200,000 on the French turf during l'io:!,
Spain will not participate in the St
Louis exposition.
The results of the ele ction for presi
dent, held throughout Colombia on De
cember 8, show a complete triumph for
Gen. Hcyes,
Tim Panamn constitutional conven
tion has been called to meet January 1.
Three Americans and seven natives
were 1 Hied hy fumes from a blnst of
dynamite in u quarry near Manila.
Senate The senate spent the 14th on
:he Cuban bill, most ef tho time being
occupied by Mr. Bailey, of Texas, In
in elaborato argument against the con
stitutionality of the prf)cecellnK. lie
claimed that no treaty changing the
revenue laws that was not first author
ized by legislation originating in the
house of representatives was valid. Mr.
Bailey alse opKMed the bill as a mat
ter of general policy Brief speeches
woro made by Senators Teller, Dopow
and Lexlgo At 4:10 e'cloe:k tho sen
ate went Into executive session, and at
1:15 adjourned Heiuse. Tho hewso
was in session for a little meire than
feur hours, on the 11th, during which
time there was a general discussion on
varied topics Tho pension appropria
tion bill was before tho heiuse;, but no
conclusion on It. was reached Tho Isth
mian canal and the Hcptibllc of Pan
ama, tho tariff, tobacco Interests and
tptestlons affecting labor were debated.
The house, at 1:15, adjourned until tho
Viola Sands Ila.ard, thought to bo
tho oldest woman in Khodo Island,
died, ru the lltli, at her home at Waku-
liold, It I., at the age of 10." years. Shu
was known as the only descendant of
tho solo survivor ejf the ship Palatini;,
which was wrecked at Block Island in
tho eighteenth century, and which be
came) celebrated as tin; "phantom ship"
in Whillier's poem.
D. C. Copley, member of the executive
beiarei of the Weslern Federation ef
.Miners, who was arrested at Victor,
ol., on tho Kith, hy the militia,, was
released, em tho lltli, by an orde.r eif
Gov. Peabody. He was ono of 2!! men
charge-el with dynamiting the Sun &
Moon mining property at lelaho
Springs, Col.
School children placed a bolt ei:i tho
track when,' tho incoming Hock Island
fc Pacific passe'iige-r train from the east
at a point ten miles east of Colorado
Springs, Ceil., em the 1 1th, and the loco
motive, baggage car and first coach
wore derailed. Three trainmen were
badly hurl.
Unlte'il Slates minister Btaupre rc-
perte'il lei the state department at
Washington, I). C, freim Bogota, em the
14th, that everything was iiie!t. thero
and ho saw no occasion tei postpone his
leave of absence, anil he would start
ut once fen- the; United States.
The chief justle:e of tho supreme
Court eif the Unltee States, on the; 11th,
tninounie'd a recess of that body for
two weeks, from the "Ut.
England's wholesale and retail feiod
trade Is said to he falling into the hands
of tho American meat trust.
Dr. II. F. Swanback, of Nebraska,
wears the iron iross ot Prussia, glen
him by I'riMlerlck IV.
Kdwln Warliedd, governor-elect eif
Maryland, has bi'cn everything lieim a
tanner's hind man to a banker. He is
Tho .Minnesota supreme ceiurt rules
that It Is perinissibl.i tei elela candi
dates for public office It the charges are
Tho area ot the lands held by the czar
of Hussla as an Individual Is greater
than that of the republic of France.
A plan to spend $27,220,000 on line be
tween Chicago and New York has been
decided on by stockholders and directing
of the ICrle railroad.
A Brooklyn (N. Y.) prison record
shows that Kdward Gatfney has spent 1U
ears In prlsem feir wife beating. Ilehus
been convicted ten separate times.
Isadore Newman, of New Orleans, re
cently gave $1,000 to efmrlty to mark
thetiftleth anniversary ut his arrival In
the United States.
A tablet Is to lie erected in memory
ot John Adam Da.yr, the llrst shoe
maker In Lynn. Mass., and the founder
of that city's great Industry.
The lastest locomotive In the world,
the iahtcist automobile and the balloon
that has reached tlx highest altitude
will he part of the German exhibit at the
St. Louis world's fair.
A "city beautiful" will be constructed
at Dumfermllne, Scotland, with u gift
of $2,.100,000 and site fremi Andrew
Carnegie. Model homes for tollers will
be Included,
Dr. Frank Alpine Hill, secretary of the
Massachusetts board of education. Is
dead. He was one of the most prominent
promoters of educational theiught In the
United States.
Mrs. Marie Plgruin HarrlKin, who
lied In Brooklyn the other day. nged
101, was a lamotiK circus performer lu
her time. She was the daughter of a
bootmaker to George III.
Tho big gorge bridge over the Cuya
hoga river, ne'iir Cuyahoga fulls, was
rosscd lor the first tlmoby the Northern
Ohio conjuany's electric ears. The
bridge is over 400 feet long and 110 feet
Id heU'lit.
Work has commenced on the new
130,000 neldltlon to tho state normal
school at Wnrrcnsburg.
The ministers' alllnnco of .Marshall
has agreed to stop Sunday funerals,
except In case of necessity.
The Missouri Sunday School asso
ciation, In session at St. Louis, decided
to raise $3,200 for work in thu stato
this year. Of this sum $2,600 is to
come from St. Louis.
At the Missouri Dairy association
meeting at Clinton H. B. Green, of
Kirksvllle, and tho Appleton City
cheese factory wore awarded gold
medals for the best butter and cheese,
respectively. W. W. Warplc of St. Jo
neph, was re-elected president.
Gov. Dockery will shortly U?lt
Washington city to meet formur co
laboters In congress.- During his ab
sence Senator Thomas L. Hitboy, o
Macon, will net as governor. Since
Lieut. Gov. Leo's resignation Htibey
has boon acting as lieutenant governor.
Tho attorney general, E. C. Crow,
and Sheriff Smith have returned fo Jef
ferson City from Albany, N. Y whoro
I hey Went to try to uet. Wllllnin ZlnHnr
extradited to answer to tho indictment
tor bribery. Gen. Crow was not
pleased with the reception ho received
in New York.
On January 2 a conference of tho
Folk dubs and Folk believers of thn
entire state will ho held In SI. Louis.
It will bo followed at night by a meet
ing in .Music hall. The date feir the
meeting was set for January 2, as thu
holiday railroael rales will then bo
available. Congressman W. 1). Van
diver is Folk's manager.
December 1S Butler eounty will vote
on local option. Circuit Judge Fort
is taking a lively interest in the ques
tion and during the- recent trial of a
murder ca.hu at Poplar Bluff, when tlio
courtroom was crowded, tho Judge in-i-rnipted
the procee-dlngs for ove-r an
hour to allow two ministers to address
the- people assembleel in behalf of loe'al
Judge Hobert II. Ke-m and other land
owners of the Charlton bottom, lying
north of the Burlington railroad in
the we-stern part of Macon county, have
just completoel a levee, which runs near
the bank eir the Chariton river lor a
mile and Is three- feet above the high
water mark. The l!ee; wi protect
several thousand acres of land from
hlirh water.
Abraham Herrington, a messenger
for the American Express: company
living at Sedalla, who became insane
a few days ago while on his run on the
Kansas City division eif t ho Missouri,
Kansas & Texas railway, escaped from
the hospital at Sedalla. Arrpiigemej.ts
were making to remove the- patient to
his eild home in Canada and ho was to
have started soon.
Many republican papers of the- Six-tee-nth
congressional district lavor A.
P. Murphy lor congressman freim that
ilistrict. Mr. Murphy is national at
torney for tho Creek Indians at a sal
ary of .$5,000 a year. IP; slat-'d that in
ease lie; was nominated In his homo
district he would return and make; tho
raee. He; was defeated for the nomina
tion In the same district bv one vole
in lt'01.
Dr. F. B. Mumford. ae lng dean erf
the Missouri agi iciiltural eolle-gc, sc
cureel figures and either Information em
Minsourl mules which reveal that tho
number of live stock in this state is
lar greater thnn in 1000, which, in
view of unfavorable eruditions, is re
markable evidence eit" the wonderful
agricultural vitality eif Missouri. They
show that the number ol mules in
tills stato has now reached lloo.OOO.
Theii- value is estimated at $2:1,000,000.
Missouri alone now lias nine per
cent, eif the total number of mules in
tho United States. There are more
mules In Missouri than In any other
Mate except Texas. When It Is re
membered that during the Boer war
thousands eif mules were shipped Ironi
Missouri to South Africa the-sn figures
pre astounding. Missouri has In three
yearn leaped ie the position of sec
ond mule state lu America, e rowdlng
Texas closely for first honor.
Mule-hreeeilng In Missouri Is e,n tht;
increase and will continue. Tin; mule
In a good investment. , gexal team
should bvlnir as high a-i $300. .Mules
do not vary In value see widely as
horses. A great aelvantage In breeding
mules is Hint they require tuch little
care und comparatively small feeding.
A nude can get nlemg em a smaller
amount of feed than a horsu, and It
does not seem to make much difference
what tho feed Is.
So far as the University of Missouri
is concerned, football Is not profitable
an a business. The receipts fey thu sea
ton Just endeel were appreixlmntely
FiJ'OO; the expenses $4,800. Most of the
income wr.s from the; Thanksgiving dny
game with Kansas, where $t!,30o was
divided equally betweentho two teams.
The Expenses were as follows: Salary
of the coach and trainer, $2,000; guar
antee for six names plaee m Colum
bia, $1,S00; training table,, $400, amj
equipment. SU00 i
Assassination of American Minister
Planned at San Domingo.
Ne of Hie l-le.l to Annftlnn
Itiilteil MatCK .Mlnlter Powell llaa
lleen Iteeelveil hy Dominican
f:inii.r;-iirral nl Ximv York.
New York, Dec. 13. Tlio Now York
Wor.'d this morning prints tlio follow,
News of a plot to assassinate United
States Minister Powell at San Doming"
was recclvcel In this city Monday. It
was brought to the Dominican consul
general, Manuel D. J, Galvan, by a mes
senger arriving on tho ate-amcr Fox
hall from Puerta Plata. Tho private
dispatches bear the; signature ef a
prominent Dominican official. Tho dls
patches also tell of two attempts or
the llfo of Jlmlnez.
Hiilclii-il lii tin- (,'nlil lid.
TIib plot against Minister Powell was
hatched in tho cabinet of tho provision
al government, eif which Gon. Moraloa
is the head. It Is said that on the
night, of December ii a high official ol
tho provisional government mudo the
proposition of assassination te the Mo
rales cabinet in the following words:
"Wo must got. rid of Minister Peiwcll,
IIo Is too Independent and we can dc
nothing with him. If ho Is out of the
way, wo can get a minister sent hern
whor. wo can influence. It will bo an
c.sy matter. Let a beigus light be
started with Powell within e-isy strik
ing distance. Should tho American fall
in the melee, he would have been killed
by iieeident. It is our only way to get
rid of him."
MiniNlrrn iirnveil tin- l-lnn.
Several members of tho cabinet, Car
los Gulebra, tho minister of pe;sts anil
tede'ir.'ioli!!. In luinlfiitni- tinnnifml ilia
plan ol assassination, but it was aban
donee! by a formal vote. Tho best-Informed
men on tho island, however, be
lieve that tho vote; was a trick to ap
pease the few objectors, and that Min
ister Powell's life; is in imminent dan
Tlilrlj -i:iulit Wn d'nrrleil tei
Snffly I'l'iim ii II r n I ti u 'IiIcmku
IIiiIi-I Set critl I ni-oiiNi-liiUM,
Chlcagei, Dec. 1.". Panic-stricken
several endeavoring to leap freim win
dows in their frantic attempts to es
cape, 118 women, till scantily clad, were
driven eiut of the four-story buildings
at 22U Michigan avenue, used as serv
ants' quarters feir the Auditorium ho-
ici, uy ore cany .Miiiiuay morning. I no
structure Is just semth of tho Audi
torium Annex.
By determined effort all wore res
cued. A number were found une-nn-Fciems
in tho smoke-swept hallways of
the burning buildings and wcro canicd
out. inte tho bitter colel and tei safety.
Only by tho early discovery eif the
flames and prompt action em tho part
of tho members of the night force ol
the annex was a heilocaust prevented.
The property hiss was slight.
Tin- I lull I'ni'l e'niniiiiii)' Sn Slrik--r
Mint) lli-elili- llelttei-n I'oin
liiiii)' mill I In- .Mlnem' I iiimi.
Salt. Lake City, Utah, Dee-. l.V "Any
miner who wants to weirk for tho Utah
l-'itel Co. must chooric between the- Him.
pany and the miners' union," said Vice
President Kramer ef tin- Utah Fuel
lA). "Wo will not take hack a sliie'e
one of the; strikers sej long as they are
unwilling to surrender their ttnloi
Tho Utah Fuel Co. controls the mlneu
at Snnnyslele, Winter Quarters. Seo.
field and Castle Gate-, which havo bcti
partially tied up for several weeks at
tho "result of the miners' strike.
Tun IIiiIIiiiik Willi led In Ciiii Hon
Willi Kehle KIIIIiik In Ml. I,iil
('miliircil In CiiiiiiiIu.
Detroit, Mich.. Dec. If.. Two Itnlt.n,.,
both nged 18 years, who irave tin. mm.,,.,
of John Mlrlanl and Lewis Stezla, wen
arrested oertii,K tho river In Windsor
Ont, Monday night by Detective Ferd
inand Pal mo. The men are w.n.i,i i
St. Louis In connection with the mtirder
ot an American by three Italians In.
that city December .1. Th
came across the rjver without elemand-
ing exiraeiiiion. They aro said to have
admitted being in St. 1 .1)11 Ik when ll.c
murder was committed, but charge; that
a third Italian, whose name a with-
ueiu, (.ommnteil the e iinie.
llel.Knte From I'lirtu Hlcii.
Washington. Doe-, ir, Th., i.....
on Insular affairs eif tho house; Monday
favorably reixirteit n i.m i..t.... I
ltico a delegate lu conjjrcsa.

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