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! Tk ItniinttiM CI ltfflnfllf.
Tim Ashland. Orctron. Tiiiinoh of
December .1 contaiim the details' of u
luncheon given on Tuesday afternoon
December, by Mis Lulu limit at the
They Got Ducking
Last Friday nl(fht n crowd of young
folks from this city mailt up n skating jlome 10r parents, Hon. mill Mrs. K.
party una went to aukimoii s ponu it, .... ,,H i,, Ashland .at which unum
uortlicast of town to while away a few ....,. .i.,. oceiv ueonle of that city
houra fit the merry hport. J ney not Weru tiref-ent.
only had a good time, but it was inter- iw future of the event in wlilch the
fcpersod with wore or less hair-breadth p(.0j,u f thlm city will bu Interested
experience before the curinin ien on WM j)0 announcement of the forth
thu final hccne. The Ice wan treacher- ,.0mlng marriage of the hostess, Miss
ouh, but that did not deter the young- rH lo Mr. James .InmUon McNnlr,
stern from cutting capero wlilch Intro- a. former Versailles boy whose boyhood
duced special featured not on the pro- ,iiy, were closely aided with those of
grain. When they nil Uonncd tlieir tie junior editor of the Dkmochat,
hkates and entered the giddy whirl, xhe marriage will take place on New
and their attention wan diverted from ycnrH cve. The Tidings, in its uccount
thu weak spots in the ice, the. real fun f t),0 luneheon, says:
opened up. "The luncheon given by Mlis Lulu
One side of the frozen pond wnvered urliriH at the beautiful home of her
tho '.haters bunched in rounding nnretita. Hon, and Mrs. K. D. llrlggs,
the circle, and before the heavy weight
reached the center the Ice went down
with a crash Jiencalh It was about
four feet of water. Most of the skaters
passed the premature bath tub, but
Misses lleula Hubbard and Nina Mason,
Frank I'olston and Lucius Ross dropped
into the chilly water so smoothly that
tin: v didn't take time to close their
mouths, and there was splashing and
chattering of teeth, mingled with
screaming and r-urninbliiig.
Seeing the danger which the two un
fortunate young ladies were eneouii
tering, Avery Price played the hero by
jumping in overcoat, skates, ami all.
Clevis Kpurlnck followed, and the two
succeeded, by battling with broken lee.
in placing the girls on dry laud, chilled
and drenched through and through
hut happy. I'olston and Koss paddled
their own eanoes,
f or a lew moments tho scene was
strenuous, at least the young ladles
thought so as the frigid breezes fanned
their soaked garments. Hev. Adkls
son's residence being handy the victims
on Husli street, yesiernay uuernoon,
was an event of more than 01 (Unary
interest, not only to the guests but to
her fileudii generally throughout the
city. It was really an riiiuouiicement
of her forthcoming marriage to Mr,
James Jamison McNair.
"The hour of the luncheon was 4:1(0
o'clock, and there were about sixty
guests in attendance. While the an
noiinccment was not made in direct
terms, everything in the way of decora
Hons and refreshments were daintily
suggestive of the soon-tobe happy
event. The decorations were notably
recherche. Numerous hearts in red
wen; pendant on delicate festoons
looped from the sides to the center of
the handsome rooms. The largest of
these hearts was pieived by Cupid's
silver arrow."
The gioom-to-he is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. .James .McNair of tills cltv and
well known to thu people of this com
munity, having spent the greater pop
Hon of liib life in this city prior to his
departure for the west twoyeaisago,
At the "Red Flag," Versailles, Mo.
were taken in and given warm quarters since which time he has become a grad
uati! In pharmacy and is now associ
utcd with his hi-olh.r, .1. Sid McNair
in the drug business.
while a detail of the boys hutrii'd to
town, secured a rig and promptly con
veyed the unlucky bathers to their re
spective homes. Aside from a good
round "ducking," no evil Jesuits fol
lowed. In hurrying to town via horseback
to si cute the conveyance, Wallace Clif
ton enacted a little speciaty by diving
oil' the horse head (list and feet fol
lowing. He struck the hard ground
with a dull thud. He saw stars and
pianeis, and leu sorry mere was no
pond beneath to break the fall. How
ever, he gathered himself together tnd
lent u hand In securing the rig with
which to convoy his more uufoi tuiiale
friends to town.
Mrs Annie L. Dilsenliuiy Dnuil.
Word was iccelvcd by relatives' in
thih city conveying the sad intelligence
of the death of Mrs. Annie I,. Dusen
bury, which occii'iedat Mena, Ark.,
uu Wednesday, December !lth De
ceased was a daughter of t he late .lames
L Townley, a niece of 'I' It. Townley
and Mi s 9. U. Hunter of Versailles and
lister of Mrs. (icne T. Culbeiti.ou of
Kansas City. SI ic was forty-live years
of age and had been a lesldent of this
city until the family moved to Arkan
sas seven years ago, where her hus
band, Hubert L. Diisenbnry, engaged
in tin: newspaper business. .She was
the mother of three children, (icne,
l'Yank and Joe, who with her husband,
survive her. She was a member of the
Methodist church, nnd had lived up to
her Christian faith all her life. The
many friends of the deceased will be
tirry to learn of her death, and sympa
thy Is extended to the husband, ehll
(lien and relatives in this hour of their
deep sonow.
It will be good news to the mothers
of small children to learn that croup
can be pievented. The first, nign of
croup Is hoarseness. A day or two
before the attack the child becomes
hoarse This is soon followed by a
jH-eullar rough cough, (i.ve Chamber
lain's Cough Iteinedy freely as soon as
the. child becomes hoarse, or even afiijr
the rough cough appears, ami It will
dispel all symptoms of croup In this
way all danger and anxiety may be
avoided. This remedy is used by many
tiousandsof mother and has. never
been known to fail. It Is, in fact, the
only remedy that ean always he de
pended upon and that Is plr'iwini and
Mife to take. Kohl by Wltten Dru Co
Iledueed rates to all points within
two hundred miles. Tickets wilt be
old December 21, 25 and 31 mid Jan
wary J, limited to return January 4,
Apply to nearest Ticket Agent, or ad
dreM, H, B Watth. I & T. A.,
Mobcrly, Mo.
Tho (Jliristlan Itllilo.
It is claimed that no book has stood
the test of tin; centuries, nor multiplied
( rapidly, nor been translated into so
many languages', nor been the founda
tion of so much literature, nor had the
effect on general civilization and on the
private lives of those who carefully
study it, ,v, the CHK .STI.NN HIHLK.
No book affords the vailety of topics:
the piiilokopher finds the most .subtle
of icusonlug; the statesman the most
equitable of laws; the poet the snblim
est of poetry; the man of aflairs the
sbiewdest of business ma.siuis; the
young man and maiden the put est love
stories; the small boy the most daring
and thrilling stories of adicnttiic, that
he never forgets; the historian the
history of the people that have had and
are yet to have the greatest influence
on the world of any nation; the bi
ographer the lives of the gies.test char
aelers the world has ever known, and
the only biography in which both vices
and virtues ate Impartially revealed;
the iinthropoioglsl fl.ids 1 1 aces of most
of the peoples of ancient times; the
astronomer llnds the sun. moon and
stars, the geologist tlie locks; the nat
utallst tin! beusts and birds, the flora
and the fauna; the society devotee
who feels the need of the best book on
etiipiet find shoe.- to sit, Mtand, walk
and run, what to eat, drink ami wear;
what to remember and forget; how to
talk, sing, laugh and weep; how to fight
and how to love, how to treat parent,
child, husband, wife, neighbor and
friend; and as a mirror, every one ean
find the perfect rellectlon of himself;
anil It Is the only pi nee in which the
seeker after Ktcrnal life can find Sal-!
How few of us appreciate this great I
Honk of book. And yet it never was
studied by so many people as at the '
the present day. lilhle clubs are mill- '
tiplylng throughout the land. Surely I
every one, chinch-member or not, '
should take at least one of the many I
courses in use for the better under
standing of this wonderful book. ,
An eirorl will be made to organize a
Hible C ub in Versailles; we trust
iipiuv' old and young, will avail them. 1
selv h of this opportunity, the an
nouueeiuet of wlilch will appear In our
next Issue. In the mean time informa
motion can be had of W. I'. IJuell, mora
li, City Hotel, Wisailles, Mo., where
thu books of the Course can be seen.
5f I
The Largest and Best
Assorted Stock of
and Winter Goods
Ever shown in Versailles.
Yours for Business,
Here In IiIh lriviit Cur.
(ieneral Superintendent W. K. Morse.
of the St. Louis-Kansas City Extension,
came into thl.s city Wednesday evening
tn his private car nnd stopped over un
til yesterday morning. Hefore depart
ing from here Hupt. Morse was inter
viewed in his car by a committee of
our business men tclalivc to locating
tlie freight division of bin line here.
While the committee was met cordially
and were given assurances that Ver-
.ailles would not suffer at the hands of
the Kock Island, nothing definite was
brought out. Mr. Middleton, of the
freight department, accompanied Supt
Chief Knglneer J . L. Campbell and
Division F.ugincer K. F. Williams of
the St. Louis-Kansas City Intension,
arrived in this city Wednesday evening
from St. Louis nnd Thursday morning
drove over the new line to Windsor.
The Best lino of IjwVuih' and
Children' Juckt'ts and Wrans
md Skirts, Underwent- and Ho
siery at Carl W. JJiorsach's.
To improve the appetite and strength
en the digestion, try a few doses of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. Mr. J. li. .Seltz, of Detroit.
Mich , says, "They restored my appe
tite when impaired, relieved me of a
bloated feeling and caused a pleasant
and nt sfactory movement of the
bowels " Then; are people in this
community who need just such n
medicine. For sale by Wltten Dtug
Co. livery box warranted.
The Commoner (llryiui's paper) for
three mouths and Tiik Dkmochat for
one year, both pilfers, for SLftO. Sub
scribe today.
Circuit Court I'rocoediiiKN.
I he. December term of Morgan Cir
cuit Court is now In session with Judge
James L. Hazcll piesidlng. Following
are the cases disposed of up to Wcdnes
day morning:
State ys I'erry Crosswhlte; report of
good behavior and the defendant (lis
State vs Arthur (l)asgow; murder in
first degree. 1'leii of not guilty. Six
teen additional jurors summoned.
State vs Jasper Sldebottom; informa'
tinn of manslaughter second ilegiee
tiled, bond taken for 31000, easecoulln
ueil and leeogiiizauces of witness
htnte vs Oliver Decker; assault and
battery; plea of not guilty, trial by
jury and verdict of guilty; tine of 8.1.
State vs Kooert Johnson; seduction;
nolle prosciiui.
State vs Luther Sparks and Clay
nparrcs; lelontous assault, plea of not
guilty, trial by jury nnd verdict of not
State vh George Davidnon; felonious
State vs Frank Jones and James Mon
roe; grand laiceliy; nolle prosequi.
Lsiruo KiuriihTTliiifkMliireN.
I have some line male pigs of the
above breed for sale. No better breed
ing in the country.
W.i. I'ouman, Versailles, Mo.
Bilious Colic Provontod.
Take a double dosu of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kcmedy
as soon as the first indication of the
di-casc appears, and a threatened at
tack may be warded off. Hundreds of
people who are subject to attacks of
bilious colic use the remedy in this
way with perfect success. For sale by
Wltten Drug Co.
Tiik DuiocitAT, ami the Kansas City
World daily, for H'i.M).
sU qpupdupr'qJ
uuiiuumua u
It will slop the pain in the little 2
stomachs, and build on a lwaltVhv m
J digestion, which is the chilli's bist
m possess. ion. Is perfectly harmle-k
J and contains nothing to irritate
2 tlio child's stoimich.
"Ask Ihe Drugstore Man "
I'repared only by the
For sale in Versailles by
For sale in (Jlens'ed by
.JUJ'J AlltjIiUKtN.
X flMEPtAflt "Ml
7- C3 RQU
free &m&ik
wrn.arwkiiu.ki,, m. vMt JKorei
i m.i i o, w, it,, you, aovrir mm i r ot ni.tJT
l40U.il . CO, lUhHKlHilj.;,!!.
V.r I I....1... . r,, . . . ,
.... n,..n uuiiunuiiu iry imamocriain s i
atomach and Liver Tablets; they will
ward off tho attack if taken lu tltne.
For dale by Wltten Drug Co.
Hardy' IVIre linking I'owdtSr is
going like hot cake. Ask for iU
To Christmas Shoppers.
for the
The Leader of Low Prioes and First-Class Merchandise.
1 ' -jflfr

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