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Pan Handle Country
Is the Best Part of Texas.
It excels ill its delightful climate, deep, rich soil,
ample rainfall, abundant water supply, and splendid
opportunities. This part of Texas was formerly the
vast, unbroken'ranges of the Cattle Kings. Now it is
The Ideal Farming Country, the Fruit
Growers' Paradise the land of Cat
tle, Horses, Mules, Sheep and Hogs
The undersigned is the Exclusive Agent in this
section for a tract containing 142,000 acres which will
be sold on easiest terms, and at a price not offered by
any other Land Company.
Seeing is believing! Go see these Lands. Ex
cursion the 1st and 3d Tuesdays of each month.
Curtis BlocK, Versailles, Missouri.
The Democrat.
tvntered in the Post Office at Versailles,
Missouri as rccoiid class mail matter.
Delegates From All Prolncts Mot In
Versailles Monday and Noml
a Strong Ticket.
Prom llu: Knlerprise.
Miss Maud Nail, who lias been in
Versailles for scleral days having her
ryes t rested by a specialist, returned
home today,
James A. Vows has entered in part
r.crship with his bother N. A. Yows, the
firm name now being Yowh llros. They
bej;an business Wednesday,
A number of young people spent a
riost delightful time nt the home of
Miss Gordia Williams one night last
week. Icu cream and cuke were served.
Marrieil at the residence of C. I',
kastorfer, August Sth, I'MjO, Mr. J.
H Raulon and Miss Mary A. I'iper,
Mr. Ronton, the enterprising young
barber at Ilnrnett, is an industrious,
energetic youug man with good business
tpialiC.catinnsand nti excellent character.
The oldest base ball player in the
tsotld, as we believe, is "Uncle" Tom
Medlin, first baseman on the second
tram at High Point. "Uncle" Tom is
VI years old, quick; and active, and plays
a good game of ball at first base. He
has played ball for 60 years, and no one
rnjoys a game more today then he. He
plays with his grandsons ami the nivn
that once sat. on his knee and listened to
If the Republican hosts were
laboring under the impression that
there would be friction crop out at
the Democratic County Convention
in old Morgan all doubts were
dispelled Monday afternoon when
the delegates assembled in the court
house here to place the ticket in the
field. There was not an incident
transpired which was calculated to
give the opposition the least inspira
tion to claims of friction or discord
within the ranks of the Democracy of
this county to furnish them cam
paign food.
The convention assembled at
11 a. m., effected temporary
organization by selecting Hon. D. K.
Wray temporary chairman and T. I'.
IJond and C. W. Kavanaugh
secrearies. hvery precinct in the
county, was represented with a full
delegation, without a single contest
At 1 :'.)() p. m. the convention
issembled as per call,' when the
temporary organization was made
played while in his prime. High Point
ihallcnges Missouri, jes the United
btatcs, to produce r.nother like him.
It is with pleasure tli.it I give jou thi.'t
unsolicited testimonial. About a year
3'.;o when I lvul a severe case tneasks I
. I aighl out in a hard lain and the
j 1 iM-li. settled in my .stomach and
bowels. I had nil awful time and had it
a it heui foi the use of Oh imb'irlain'b
(. lic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reined)
5 could not have pn-tsibly lived but
n lew hours longer, but a few hours
longer, but thanks to this remedy I am
ti w strong and wt.ll. i have written
Hie above through simple gratitude and
1. shall always speak a good word for
r'us rcmedy.Satu. II. Gwiu, Concord,
V-1. Globe Drug Stoic, C. I). Hunter,
his storiee of former games that h t had j permanent and the proceedings were
carried out as smoothly as clock
work. The reports o the committees
on credentials, permanent organiza
tion and resolutions were received
and adopted.
Resolved, That we etnloise the Demo
cratic administralions fiou. Gov. Wood
son down, including the able udminis-
trillion of Gov. Joseph W. l'olk.
We further endorse the able states-
man, Senator W. J. Stone, and our nci r-
less leader, Dorsey W. hhnckleford, and
like all loyal Missoiiri.ms, we endorse
the widi: sjnead sentiment in favor of
that gicat commoner, William Jennings
lliy.iu, as our National standard bearer
in I "US.
We further commend them to the
voters of the countiy for t-he able btaud
they h ive taken for the interest of the
We demand an early revision of the
tariff along the lines advocated by the
Decocratie party.
We further tesolve anil insist thateach
Democrat attend the polls and do his
After the reports were received
..mi .mupicti, me convention pro
ceeded to ballot on the candidates in
she order they were named for the
A. .11 . Y- ....
iiciierciii omces. i ne nominations
weie made by ballot, each delegate
being free to vote individually foi his
own choice of th nominees. In this
manner the men chosen on the ticket
received the majority without an
sore spots being left as a result,
following fs the ticket nominated :
Ilepresentmive Hon. 1). K. Wray.
Collector John A. Mammy.
County Clerk Wray Witten.
Circuit Clerk, and Uecorder
T. R. Bridges.
I'robatc Jttdye . XUpitvw.
I want to say a lew wonli.fi.r Chain-Ifi-rlaiu'r.
Colic, Choleia a;id Diarrhoea
Reined). I have used this picparatiuu
l.i my family for the past five sears and
have iecoiiuicuded it to a number of
i"ple in. Vork couiitv und lave never
Vuown it to fail to clfeet a ctne in any
Vftniiec. I. feelitlmt I can not, say too
u.ucli tor the bast remedy of the kind
i the wot Id-." S, Ji.mison, Spriti;'
'.rove, Vork County, li. Thu remedy it,
-,ilc by Globe Drug StJite, C. L. Hunter
i ne iiuenso iieinug cluitack'rislic of
:ult rhetliii as eczema u instantly allaed
fiy applying Chamberlains Salve. As
. cure for skjn diti-atc this salve ir. un-
equaled. ,I'or sale by Globe DiugSre,
v. u. Hunter, rmp.
I am- now renify for your Ice busi
Hi'M; CM. Mason,
'Will VftJ.'i;he;;; ijtur.lier.
Presiding Judge County Court
W. L. Bradshaw.
Treasurer- Joe E. Mcrriott.
Sheriff Edward J. Foster.
Prosecuting Attorney Richard H.
Surveyor George P. Clark.
, Coroner Dr. W. 1-. Hatlcr.
Associate Judge County Court,
Eastern District Thos. F. Oneal.
Associate Judge County Court,
Western District Anton Elders.
Constable Morcau Township W.
II. Morcland.
Constable Mill Creek Township
Frank Williamson.
Justice of the Peace Morcau
Township J. M. Clifton, W. If.
Justice of the Peace Mill Creek
Township John N. Shenkel.
The following County Committee was
chosen to serve two years:
T. I. Ilond, Harnett; Richard
Kochnier, Excelsior: James Lee, I'lor
ence; George Carpenter, Glcnsted; J. T.
Washburn, Gravois Mills; I. I,. Woods,
Indian Creek; M. J. Smith, Boylcr's
Mill; T. L. Ritchie, Ritchie; Jesse II.
Jones, Syracuse; C. M. Mitchell, Huck
Creek; Geo. W. Kring, St. Martin; K.
M. Carter, West ward Versailles; VV. T.
Petty, IJast ward Versailles; Win. Jump,
Webb; J. Will Smith, Ilrick School
House; R. M. Johnson, Stover.
15. M. Carter of Versailles was elected
chairman and T. 1. Ilond of Harnett was
elected secretary of the new committee.
Versailles, Mo., August 5, IWK
The charge that the editor, of the States
mans demanded 100 to support the
Repudlican ticket is not true, but on the
other hand Mr. llakvr, in his letter to the
committee, said that the editorial support
of the Statesman of the Republican ticket
was not for sain anil ooitlil not be bought
by any man or any nart v. He said his
paper is always ready, anxious and will
ing to support the ticket, editorially.
The claim that the Statcsmnn laid in was
for all strictly advertising matter, such as
advertising meetings of the central com
mittee, carrying the ticket which is an
advertisement and all advertisements of
speakingdates.'big rallies and so on. Jt
alsoincliKlfii a charge for sending out an
the extra copies of the Statesman during
the campaign to non-subscribers wliich
run mil nig compaign years from i!(X) to
.)0f) copies That is all thrre is of it.
H. N. Liftman, Chairman.
I. M. Sciianni'.I', Secretary.
The above is copied from last week's
Versailles Statesman simply because it
verifies charges made that the States
man editor invariably hides behind some
body in his effort to slip out easy when
cornered. That his $100 graft was a bold
break he now realizes, and he wants the
matter covered up and tries to do so by
the use of the chairman and secretary
of the Republican County Committee,
linker wanted to hold the committee up
for J 1 00. To do fo he had to have some
pretext to work on. Now we will digest
the above card.
"The claim laid in was for all strictly
advertising matter, such as advertising
meetings of central committee, carry
ing the ticket, and fill advertisements of
speaking dales, big lallies and soon."
Now here is where the graft scheme is
slipiied thiough, while the "brainy"
editor of the Statesman dodges behind
the gent'emen allowing their signatures
to be attichcd to the unique raid.
In the first place, the central committee
of any party always has charge of cam
uign funds willi which to defray the
legitimate expenses of their campaign.
They order their advertising in accor
dance with the funds set aside for their
uses. Assessments arc made and these
committees manage this feature.
livery item, except "carrying the
ticket,' is covered by the funds in the
hands of the comuiittc.
The ticket as nominated is not paid
matter anil is carried through the cran.
paigh by every party paper in the country
free of charge, There is not an instance
on reconl where the party organ has
ever been paid for "carrying the ticket."
being paid for all other work, by the
Dr. King's
Wwi Discs vety
0UGHS an
Free Trial.
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There fa existing with many people lpplov
a wrong idea of The Keeley Cure they I Ky
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the treatment. In no case is this true. Correspondence
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the start; the mind strengthens and re MiBMMMHMna
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2803 Locust St.,
DR. J. E. BLAINE, Physician A Manager. . . If uis, Mo.
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. - ' I ' I P.I ...I . ,, I. . ... - - .1.
W. W. MOORE. President
GEOttGe W. PETTY Vice President
J. W. MILLS. 2nd Vice President
W T PETTY. Coshlcr
Jott.v Mookk
.1. W. Miu.s
K. A. Ciikwsom
C. II. Makon
Ai.f. Hkixkman
W. W. MoonK.
Co.iwav .Tonka
W. T. Pkti v .
We offer to depositors every advantage consistent with conservative
lianklml. and the most courteous treatment Is extended
to those who may daalrc banking facilities.
Protected by Time-Lock Safe. Insured against Htirglary and Robbery.
committee, the canidates paying a share
indirectly, Ilaker's 100 graft is cleverly
concentrated in "carrying the ticket"
for about two months. The point is easy
to see. The giiiftcr tried to hold up the
committee for f 100 and boldly verified
his graft by exacting big pay for some
thing he was in duty bound to publish in
support of the ticket, free of charge,
being reimbursed an hundred fold via
other channels.
If the committee wishes e.tra copies of
the local organ any (ime during the cam
paign provision is made by and through
them to coveted such expense. The
graft resolves itself into a "Ilusiness
Proposition" with linker at the business
cud, but that makes it a 1 1 (K) graft just
the same, and the committee knew it or
they wouldn't have turned him down.
That's all there is of it."
Scrub yourself daily, you're not clean
inside. Clean insides means clean
stomach, bowels, blood, liver, clean,
helthy tissue in every organ. Mokac:
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In tin- Morgan Cimiity Circuit Court.
In wcation.
Wilhelmuia lliaiid, plniiitill,
Ucnjatuin I' llnmmrtt, if Ik-Inn' 'I l:i'l,
his unknown lieitHfin(tf!et-. ftcfriiririnu.
At till, day ciiiikk plniiitill lieiHn unit Mis
petition nml ninilnvit. .-i!lrt;inj; anuiiii; ntliei
llilnm 11. in clcfclnl.int. Ik nj.iniiii !' Ilatiiitit-tt
if Iimiii: is not n rr.lilrnt of Uii f.tiitr nml II
fl-.iil iilnintilT vciily lcll-vi s tluit III, unknown
licim oi 'leiites. by icnmni of (he ifcnrd title,
nre lnt-ri'li il in t lie subject mutter of lliit piti
ticm. 1ml tlu-v nte unkiinwii lo thin plaintiff
th ir wiiiicn en ii not l- instiltil lu tein nor tlit-ir
icsprclne inlcu-t set out. ),nt Hint tlicy ilrrive
tlicir iiilrrrstii if tliry lmr any, fioiu lleiijaiuiu
I' Il.iuiuirU. as his heiis or deviser.
Wlii-teuj,,i it i onl'.'i ril by the clerk in vaca
tion th.il s ilil ilefi-mluut b- notilicl by publirn
lion Hun pl.iliillfl has coiiiinciiri'd a mm! ii km In si
tin in in Din. court the objci t ami neutral iialure
of winch min obtain a decree of umrl dlvtstinv
deli nd iiitu of nil rlnhl. title and interest of. In
and to tli" follnwIiiKdrsei I bed teal etlnte, In-w il
The miiiIIi half ol Un- norlheasl ipiaiter of kcc
lion two ii. In tuu'iishlp forty 141)). of iniiRq
liKhtren US). Mtrijau county, Mimoiui, and
estiiifk ime lit plalnlilT. and that uuleMtlir a!ct
ilefenil.ini, be and appear nt I hi court, nttlie next
teitu tliirrof lo bcuun mid holdcn at the court
house 111 the cily of VerK'iilb , In said county.
011 llu liilli day of Deceiuber nexl and on or be.
fine the Timt dav of h. lid term iiiishci or plead
lo the petition 111 naid ini".e, the name will be
tnken a, eoiifeswd, 11 nil judifineiit will be
relldeled aecoidinnly
And it I, further oidercd thai n copy hereof be
published. itrcordhiK to law, in the Morcau
Counts lieinoemt, n weekly urwspnper pub-lUlu-il
111 MorKiu countv lor four weks sue
remit ilv the last iliserlion lo be m least Hdrtv
dayii bcfoie the mild mth day of Oecembcr, vlu
W. C. TiniMAS, Circuit Cleik.
A tin- mpy froiii Ibe record.
tt iiiient lily Iianu, 11 1 111 the seal ol llie Cltiiilt
emiiioi .-.lorRitii uouiity, irn,
loth dnv of Julv ii
,W. C. THOMAS. Circuit Clerk.
Healthy kidneys filter the iaipuritics
from the blood, and unless they do this
good health is impossible, foley's
Kidney Cure inahrs sound kidneys and
positively cure all forms of kidney and
bladder ' di'ease. It strengthens the
whole system. I). C. Hardy.
V. II. Ward, of Dyersburg, Tetin.,
writes. "This is to cerify that 1 have
used Orlno Laxative 1'riiit Syrup fur
chronic constipation, and it has proven,
without a doubt, to be rt thorough,
practical remedy for this trouile, and it
is with pleasure I olfer unconscientious
leferenif." I). C. Hardy
Makaa Kldacya and Oladiisr night,
I.V C, U.jti..VeriwilJclM.i
Missouri Pacific Time Card.
No, 637, Arrives at 10
No. CM " at 4
No. lijO leaves Versailles ,'l0
nrrives at Tipton II
" St. Louis.... 4:;
" Kansas City. 5
No. M'l, leaves Versailles !
arrives at lipton 5
" Kansas City. :,
St. Louis 11:
15. C. Mokoan, Pas. & Ticket
00 a w
:0 pm
M) a m
50 n 111
50 p m
1 p in
50 p m
15 p m
50 p m
lo p irt
A. A. Herreti, I;inch, Ark., writes:
"I'oley's Honey and Tar is the best pre
paration for cough, colds and lung
trouble. I know that it has cured con
sumption in the first stages." You never
heard of any one using I'oley's Honey
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Rock Island Tlmo Table.
West Hound.
No. Ill Local Pass
No. 27 Limited
No. 75 LocmI Pieight. .
Hast Hound.
No, 14 Iocal Pass
No., 28- Limited
No. 7tl Local l'rcight,.
. . ..j.05 p m,
.. .:i.5 a. 111.
,-. . .1) In a, m,
. .1?:o2 p. m.
, . . . I 5'l a. 111.
... .2;J.p. in.
Sec our line of RocKinfJ
Cha IT S . Wc can save you
money on them.
M. T. Lynch, IJditor of the Phillips,
burg, N. J., Daily Posl, writes: "I hate
used many kinds of medicines for coughs
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thing so good us I'oley's Honey and Tar.
I cannot say too much in praise of it,"
D. C. Hardy.
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with disease of my kidneys," writes K.
A. Gray, J. P. of Oafcville. Ind. "It
was so-severe that I could not move part
of thc-time. I consulted the very lust
meditti.) skill available, but could get no
relief until I'oley's Kidney Cure was
rccomniendcfj to me. It has been a

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