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Morgan County democrat. (Versailles, Mo.) 1900-1906, August 17, 1906, Image 6

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The Democrat!
Iljr II. F. TtlXMAX.
Au English writer, noting some of
the limitations of thu language, nays
they aro oltcn ovcrrlililcn In tho
nursery, as In the cace of a llttlo girl
who, wishing to give her reason for
not carrying a certain parcel through
the streets, sought for the right word
and Anally said: "You sec, mummy,
It makes us rather starcable." Hut
one of tho best examples of this ver
bal confusion Is found In an epitaph
In an East Anglican church, which
says of the deceased lady It commem
orates that "her extensive benovolenco
and universal charity will hu remem
bered by all who know her."
It Is going to bo ii big cotton year
also, despite tho efforts to restrict
production. Tho bulletin of tho South
ern Cotton association reports tho
acreage planted at 27,031,718, against
26,999,191 last year, a gain of 635,227
acres, or 2.29 per cent. Tho general
condition appears to be favorablo, al
though In some localities tho crop Is
late und not up to last year's quality
or quantity. Hut the fact that there
la an Increase Instead of a decline is
proof of continued activity and holds
out tho promise of klrger prosperity,
even though prices should bo shaded
a trifle.
The scientific men who aro all tho
time discussing and experimenting
with sea products that aro largely un
known, have just had a feast at Woods
Hole, where Dr. Field, of Harvard,
provided a new and strange menu.
He gave his friends fried and pickled
squid, whelk chowder, boiled snail and
Hand lanco sardines. Tho diners were
delighted. Snail am said to have tho
advantage of cheapness, but It Is
doubtful If they would prove general
ly filling.
There Is a new story of McKInley
that ought to get Into the good books.
It was told by an aunt of his, lately
deceased: Young William was study
ing his Hlble lesson when an elder
brother camo In and ordered him to
hitch up a horse, as he desired to at
tend a dance. William turned to .Mrs.
Waller and remarked: "Aunty, don't
you think It awful for a consistent
Methodist to hitch up a horso to at
tend a dance?"
The three first weeks of tho fiscal
year 1907 show a treasury deficit of
514,000,000. Tho same weeks of tho
fiscal year 1900, however, had a deficit
of $1C,000,000, yet for the 12 months
there was ia surplus of $I!C,000,000.
Tho year which Is still In Its early
days Is likely to give an oven better
account of Itself than did tho ouo
which recently expired.
People In Persia aro trying to find
Borne way of keeping their heads whllo
convincing tho shah that tho country
needs a constitution. Tho shall. Ilka
the czar, feels that whllo t'hoy have
him It Is enough.
One of the new features of progress
In Missouri Is the Introduction of nat
ural gas. Nearly 40 counties con
tain coal deposits, and the state feels
easy when the future fuel supply Is
Still It would not bo correct to char
notorize tho Into of tho north polo to
Wellman and Peary as an Ignis fatuua,
unless tho popular Idea of the temper
aturo Is orroneouB.
Whero waB tho historical painter
when President Hoosevelf and tho
hired man were getting In that load
of hay?
Air navigation has been "In Its In
fancy" nlinost long enough to have
reached Its second childhood.
Tho quantitative facts of good
times aro much better than quackl
tatlvo theories.
News comes from London Hint en
thusiastic cheering marked tho pass
age of tho musical convrluhi im
through tho house of commons. Tho
bill Is intended to end tho nlnitt
music and to insure tho protection of
rorelgn composers. Wo aro glad to
noto anything anywhere that urn.
tects anybody but what wo should
ciso like to see In this country would
bo legislation to protect tho Individual
citizen against various nnlsm tinu nr..
only called music for want of moro
'xact definition.
The sultan of Morocco has typhoid
fever, after brinitlnir Hnvemi nt.t
Statesmen of the foremost powers of
Europe closo to nervous prostration,
by playing them against one another
last winter.
A 'rencn dancing master hat
waltzed 14 hours, continuously. What
a hit be would make as a Russian rev
olutionist! England doubts the purity of the
American cigarette. America has no
4oubU whatever on the subject.
a5C 1 r
l ftllTV.tllrtHT
Believed Final Adjustment of the
Bank's Affairs Will Show Stens
land's Shortage to Be
Two Million.
Chicago Frank Kowalskl, the pay
lug teller of the .Milwaukee Avenue
state bank, which failed last .Monday,
und for some time assistant receiving
teller In addition to his ofner duties,
shot and killed himself at his home,
340 North Carpenter street. Criti
cism b neighbors and life-long friend.-;,
who accused him of a share iu the
dawufall of tho bank, is believed to
have driven Kowalskl to his death.
Complained Bitterly of Suspicions.
Kowalskl had complained bitterly of
the suspicions of his trlends, and de
clared that unless his character was
speedily cleared he would take his own
Kownl.ikl's relatives assort their firm
belief that he waH lunocent of any
knowledge of the mismanagement of
tho bank by Presidtut Stunsland..
When the bank failed Kowalskl had
$700 of his own money on ddposlt In
the Institution, and his immediate rel
atives nearly $50,000. Had tho teller
known f Stensland's defalcations,
they assert, ho would at least havo no
tified his relatives, and would have
taken ills own money out or the insti
tution. Tile dead teller, who was 20 years
of age, had been with the bank for 13
Stensland's Shortage Nearly $2,000,000.
Whllo the search for Paul O. Stuns
land, the missing president, is being
extended to all parts of the country.
Cashier Herlng, who was arrested
Thursday, spent the day with thu
Btato's representatives and Hank Ex
aminer Joucb, in examining the bank's
collateral, in an effort to determine
how much the president Is short In
his accounts. After nn all-day's
search, forged noteB aggregating moro
than $500,000, wero found, and aro now
in tho possession of thu state's attor
ney, who will uso them In the prose
cution of the officials responsible for
their utterance. From statements
mado by Herlng regarding loans inado
by Stcnsland, as banker, to himself,
and the shortages found by previous
Investigations, It la asserted that when
i final adjustment of the affairs of tho
bank Is made, It will he found that
President Stensland's defalcations will
aggregate nearly $2,000,000.
Bomb Thrown In Waiting Room.
SoBnowice, Russia A bomb was
thrown Into a crowded waiting
room at the railway station. One man
was killed and many were wounded.
A frightful panic ensued, resulting
in too Injury of many other persona;
women fulntcd and children war
trampled upon. The bomb-thrower escaped.
j Some Terse Telegrams
Duko Nicholas, of Russia, narrowly
escapes assassination during blank
cartridge firing at army maneuvering.
Kansas board of health takes steps
to stamp out white plague.
Ex-Go v. Francis of Missouri predicts
Aryan's nomination for president.
Cloudburst at Lantry, Tex., causes
great damage and loss of life.
Tho Longworths have arrived home
from Europe.
Tennessee minors sign scale effec
tive from Saptemher'l for one year.
Riotous negroes shot up tho town
of Otisvllle, N. V.
Owing to disagreement with, elec
tric light company, .Madisonvllle, Ky.,
Is dark.
Chas. Holllday, harvest hand, in Jail
at Pratt, has., charged with beating
and kidnaping ,a farmer's daughter.
Several midshipmen subject to dis
missal Irom naval academy for viola
tion of nnti-hazing law.
A Paris professor says X-ray will
restore natural color to gray hair.
Arthur, eight-year-old son of August
Fischer, Quincy, 111.,, drowned In tho
Indian mounds in Macon county.
.Mo., nnd being explored.
Steamer knocked down bridge pier
at Duluth, Minn, and blocks naviga
Ticket scalpers driven out of busi
ness In Nebraska.
Grain rate from Missouri river to
Chicago restored to 11 cents.
Train 30 cars of watermelons sent
from lllodgett, Mo, to Chicago.
Thos, .Morgan, a railway conductor.
shot himself at Carbon, Ind.
Sultan of Turkey seriously 111. May
undergo an operation. .
Six men burned by explosion and
lire on torpedo boat at Norfolk, Va.,
navy yard.
Toledo ice trust to be investigated
by federal authorities.
Chines labor to be given a thorough
test ou Panama canal.
Cattle ,-aUers of the west a3k Sec
retary cf Agriculture Wilson for a
"square deal."
Over 200 machinists at Missouri Pa
cific shops, Sedalla, Mo., are out on
Former C. S. 8enator James K.
Jones denies that ho represented the
Standard Oil Co. when he visited tho
president at Oyster Bay.
Purchase of sliver by government
may reopen old mines In Colorado.
Five Americans killed In a hand-to-hand
light with Pulajanss on island of
Fifty persons Injured In wreck on
Fort Worth & Denver City railway,
near Fruitlaad, Tex.
Now York board of health making
war on impure meats and fruits.
Omaha 1ms big lumber fire, $100,000
loss; fully Insured.
William Loeb, Jr., secretary to Pres
ident RooBovelt, mado defendant In a
$50,000 damage suit.
U. S. may be held liable for Indem
nlty for killing Japanese seal poach
ers, Kansas City, Mo., wins Jong fight for
cheaper gas.
Cashier or Milwaukee Avenue State
bank, Chicago, arrested, refused bail.
New evidence In Thaw-White trag
edy coming to light.
Speaker Cannon of Illinois being
boomed for president.
Indemnity for killing of Japanese
cal poachers may be asked.
There Waa a Technical Violation of
the Law, the Report 8ays, But
There Waa No Criminal
Washington In a statement Is-'
sued by the Interstate commerce
commission regarding the convic
tion of tho Atchison, Topcka & San
ta Fe Railway Co. for violating the law
with respect to the giving of rebates,
the commission says: "The avowed
purpose of tho practice tends to sup
port tho view" that there was no crim
inal Intent on the part of Paul Morton,
former secretary of tho navy, and for
mer head of tho traffic Department of
the Santa Fe, and the other railroad
officials involved. Tho statement calls
attention to tho fact that with the im
position of the $15,000 on the railroad,
the history of tho famous Santa Fe re
bate case is practically closed, and
praises President Roosevelt and Att'y-
G-en. Moody for carrying out with suc
cess tho administration's declared pur
pose to enforce the statute in all such
Regarding Criticism.
Regarding the criticism which fol
jwed tho refusal of tho admlnlstra
;ion to prosecute Paul Morton, tho
statement says: "Too much praise can
not bo accorded! to Att'y-Gen. Moody In
carrying the case through to a success
ful conclusion, and that, too, the ad
verse criticism In many Journals be
cause of the refusal of tho admlnstra
tion to undertake the prosecution ot
Paul Morton, then secretary of tho
navy, and formerly head of the traffic
department of tho Santa Fe system.
The attorney general in disagreeing
with Messrs. Harmon and Judson, who
had been employed by the government
to mako a preliminary Investigation,
acted plainly with foreknowledge of
tho legal difficulties that attended
every step In tho attempted prosecu
tion of Mr. Morton and other officials
In this peculiar case, which really
grew out of a long-standing practice
Intended primarily to develop the coal
Industry In Colorado and New Mexico,
which only became conspicuously un
lawful after tho passage of tho Klklns
law In 1903. and tho courageous inves
tigation and report of the facts by thb
Interstate commerce commission to the
attorney general.
"There was a technical violation of
tho law Involved In the transaction, as
has always been plain, but that there
was criminal Intent on tho part of Mr.
Morton and the other officials Involved
has always been denied; and tho
avowed purpose of the practlco tends
to support that view."
Attorney General Gives Out an Impor
tant Opinion.
Washington, D. C Organized la
bor is not sustained by tho attorney
general In its contention that the
eight-hour law applies to work on
naval vessels constructed In private
shipyards and on armor, guns and
other portions of naval equipment
when made in private establishments;
and that supplies for the army such
as fehoes, gloves, clothing, etc. when
manufactured for the quartermaster
goncral's department by private firms
or corporations, aro subject to the re
striction of tho eight-hour law of 1892.
Americana Take 8ummry Action on
Attu Island.
New York A special to the New
York Tribune from Washington says:
"A report of the killing of five Japan
ese fishermen nnd tho capturo of 12
Japanese poachers on Attu island, tho
westernmost of the Aleutian group,
the prisoners having been taken by
tho revenue cutter McCuIloch, com
manded by Capt. J. C. Cantwell, has
been mado to the department ot com
merce and labor)
Vollvla'a Plan to Pay Off the Indent
edneaa Adopted.
Chicago The first detailed state
ment of tho Indebtedness of Zlon City
was given to the investors at a meet
ing in the college building at Zion
The table showed a total of nearly
$5,000,000, which It ia proposed by
Overseer W. G. Vollva to pay by fund
ing the entire Indebtedness for IS
years and to isaue bonda bearing ilx
per cent, tnterert.
Promlaea to Be One of the Moat
Stirring Encampmenta Ever
Held By the Order.
Minneapolis, Minn. Fully 75,00f
people, according to railroad esti
mates, have poured Into this city for
the fortieth annual encampment of the
Orand Army ot tho Republic.
It promises to bo ono of the
most stirring encampments ever
held by the Grand Army. There Cro
at least half a dozen candidates for
tho honor of being the next comman
der of tho organlzatlop, and the con
test promises to become warm be
fore it is decided.
Aside from tho work of tho en
campment thero will be many social
functions, and theso will continue
throughout tho. week. The first event
of this kind will bo held by Mrs. H. H.
Kimball, who will give a reception In
honor of the Daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution. Tho first reunion
of vetorans of tho civil war will be
that of survivors of tho First Min
nesota volunteers, who assert that
they were the first troops to offer
their services for tho civil war. In
tho evening a grand patriotic concert
will bo given in the Auditorium.
Numerous and Varied Entertainments
Qlven Secretary.
Montevideo With a general de
sire to make tho entertainments
in honor of Secretary Root aa
numerous and varied as possible dur
ing his brief visit here, thero has been
an incessant round of functions, at
each of which cordial speeches were
exchanged. Tho entertainments were
brought to a close by a banquet given
by Mr. O'Hrlen, the American minis
ter, and a grand ball at the Uruguay
club, both of which were highly suc
cessful. The guests at the banquet,
which was on a magnificent scale, in
cluded President Ordonez and all the
cabinet ministers and their wives, the
leading citizens of Montevideo and of
Bank President a Fugitive.
Chicago Theodore Stenzlund, vice
president of the Mllwaukeo Avenuo
State bank, has been arrested, and
the bank placed, in the hands ot a re
ceiver, and Paul O. Sten.lund, presi
dent of tho hank, and father of tho
vice-president, together with Cashier
Herlng, wero officially declared fugi
tives from Justice, and tholr personal
descriptions placed In the hands of tha.
police throughout the country.
Santa Fe Takes In Another Road.
Topeka, Kas. The Atchison, To
peka & Santa Fe Railway Co.
has purchased tho Arkansas Valley
Railway Co., from tho American Su
gar Heeet Co. This line Is surveyed
SO miles long from Lamar to Rocky,
Ford, Col. Forty miles of this road
has been completed, and tho Santa Fo
will, at once finish tho line. The pur
chase price Is not known.
Charged With Theft of Crown.
Paris Telegraphing from Lisbon,
tho correspondent of tho Journal 'says
that a Brazilian named Guerriero has
been arrested thero charged with tho
theft of the crown of tho Brazilian em
peror, which Is formed of precious
stones and valued at $500,000.
The Eagles at Milwaukee.
Milwaukee, Wis. Largo delegations
to tho national convention of tho Fra
ternal Order of Eagles, which will
open in this city on Tuesday, havo
begun to arrive in Milwaukee. Twenty
five thousand visitors aro expected.
Thieves Kill Rusalan Police.
St. Petersburg Tho police surprised
threo thieves as they were entering a
priest's honso in Dolgoroukoffsky
street. A fight onsuod, and tho thieves
escaped, after killing two pollcemeo,
and wounding a pasBer-by.
Mad Mullah Kills a Thousand.
London Tho correspondent at Aden)
says the Mad Mullah has raided the
Somallland border, killing moro than
1,000 of tho Rareharon tribe dwelling
In tho Ogadon region and capturing
10,000 camels.
Killed When Auto Turned Over.
Houston, Tex. An automobile
turned over near hero here. George
Melklejohn, a passenger, was killed,
J. Camp Deau and a Mr. Drake were
hurt, but will recover.
Torrential Rains In Texaa Mountains.
El Paso, Tex. Torrential rains In
the mountains east of l)ere and north
of Southern Pacific tracks, In the vl.
clnlty ot Sanderson, have washed oul
20 miles of track.
Died From Effects of Coughing.
Waterloo, 111. Mrs. John Stumpr,
aged 74, burst a blood vessel In cough
Ing, and died. She waa a pioneer set
tier of Monroe county. -

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