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The Dead In Valparaiso Will Numbel
Hundreds, Whlls For the En
tire County Probably
Now York. A report
has readied this city that the Soutfc
American caitlupiake destroyed thi
Island of .Mian I-'crnnndcz, oft tho
Chilean coast. It belonged to Chile
and on It woie a penal settlement and
n fort.
The situation.
This Ih the Island made famous by
Daniel l)e Koe as the scene of th
thrilling aiheiituios of UoblnBon Cru
eoe.J The earthquakes In Chile havs
ceased, the roKiiltaiit tires have been
extinguished, and people of the twa
cities, Valparaiso and Santiago, am
taking Rood stops to tellevo Buffering,
care for the wounded, and bury the
dead. The period of succor has en
tered. Dispatches reeehed from Chile tend
to show that the first estimates oj
casualties and material damans had
been greatly exaggerated, and that
the people of Valparaiso arc becoming
It Is still Impossible to roach any
eonect estimate of the dead and In
jured. The lepoits from Chile ar
most conflicting. A larso section ol
the counry. however, was visited by
the catastrophe of last Thuisday.
The number of dead in Valparaiso
doubtless will run into tho hundreds,
and lor the entire country probably
Into the thousands. The property
damage Is estimated at from two
hundreds to three hundrrd million dol
lars. The remoter districts hnvo not yet
been beard from, and efforts are be
ing made to establish communication,
either by wire or couriers, with the
Tho statement Is made that overy
building In Valparaiso has been dam
aged, and that the city has been de
scribed as "uninhabitable."
Santiago buffered much less than
Valparaiso. The number of (lead in
Santiago la repotted at 20.
It is reported that six or eight
towns in the stricken districts hawi
been dostioyed, but detail:! are r.llll
From Valparaiso Direct.
alparnlro, The fires
which broke out after the on Ihrpiako
haw as a lesult of stubborn efforts
finally been suppressed. Dynamite
was largely used to this end.
The streets of the city are con
stantly patiolled by military anil oili
er lorces. Many robbers have been
shot and killed on the spot. Martial
law prevails.
It Is firmly believed here that tho
Valparaiso earthquake was more seven-
than that ' which visited Han
l'laucisco. Losses in Hie and proper
ty aie enormous, but all estimates are
as yet prematuro.
Twenty Thousand Without Shelter,
I'arU, A dispatch to tho
1 lavas News agency from Valparaiso.
undated, has been received here by
way of Culveston, Tex. The corre'
spondent states that llll.ODO of the
inhabitants of Valparaiso are without
shelter; that tho number el dead can
not be accurately estimated, though it
Is very great; that tho villa Del Plaza
has .icon completely destroyed, and
that the property loss is estimated at
$250,000. The dispatch adds that tho
staff of tho nows agency was forced to
lice tho city, and that is is believed
all of its members were killed,
Vhat Lima Hat Heard.
Lima, Peru. Dispatches
from Valparaiso received hero Flnto
that tho earthquake theie caused Im
mense dest melon. Tho loss of life
is not staled. Tho governmtnt will
ask tho Chilean congress for an ap
propriation of $10(1,000,000 fur the re
construction of Valparaiso. Tim bunks
of Valparaiso have reopened. No nows
papers are yet published. No Knglish
men or Americana were killed or in
jured. The Earthquake was Foretold.
Iiudou. Iu a dispatch
from Santiago tho correspondent of
tho Dally Mall says:
"It Ih a curious fact that tho oarth
quake of August 10 was foretold by
astronomers, who based their predic
tions on tho conjunction of Jupiter,
the earth und the moon."
One Thousand Corpses Burled.
Santiago, Chile Aug;. 21. Iteruwon
arriving hero from Valparaiso declare
that 1,00(1 corpses already have been
buried thcro.
Rebels In Plnrr d:l Rio, and Havana
Is Practically Under Mar
tial Law.
Havana. Thcro la remold
crnblo discussion as to whether, In
the event of Cuba bolng unable to cup
press tho insuriectlrn, she rliould ask
the United States for assistance, or
Vhether tho 1'nlted Staton may not
Intervene under tho terms of tho
Platt amendment without such re
quest being preferred.
Havana. Tho- political dis
turbances here have assumed a seri
ous aspect, ami a revolution Is now
in some quarters actually feared.
Recent events have shown that tho
government was fully aroused to tho
necessity of putting down not only tho
open outlawiy In western Cuba, but
also of capturing and confining tho
alleged leaders of this movement, who
were strongly suspected of plotting
tho assassination of the president and
overthrowing the present government
by force.
The Men Under Arrest.
To that end, six members of the lib
eral party worn arrested. The men nr
rerted here ate 0"n. Carlos Garcia
Vole: and his brother, Kauato, former
Cuban consul at Bremen; former Sen
ator Monteaguedo, Col. Manuel Pic
dra. chief of tolice in tho house of
representatives, and (ion. Knrbiuo
Ijynaz del Castillo, a former con
gressman from Puerto Principe piov
Inco. These men aie chut god with con
spiracy. Arrests In Santiago.
Telegrams were sent to Santiago di
recting the arie:-t of .Juan (lualbsrto
Gomez, of Havana, known as the ne
gro orator, and one of tho most r.
ftuentlal of the liberal loaders. Comez
has been campaigning lately through
out tho Santiago province against the
government. The police of Santiago
were also ordeied to aire .t U.imclrio
Castillo, (ionics', and Castillo are
charged with Inciting to outlawry and
Rebels in Plnar del Rio.
It Is reported here that the rebels
In tho province of I'lnnr del Itlo have
received considerable reinforcements
In the remoter districts. The leading
".olenitis are nssenbling olutiteers to
attack and dl-perso all reb"l band:!.
The rebels hold that the govern
ment has been most unjust in tho
matter of elertlem and appolnt'.ients,
and that the government ban not car-
lied out its promise of public impiovo
ments, etc. Tho lebels In tho remoter
districts are said to b" well mine 1
and piobably well suppllad with am
munition. Martial Law at Havana.
Havana, Cuba. KollnwIrR
the arres.t of low-inl piominent men
In conne't'on wi'li an allege I con
spiracy to asK'issinuto I'ri s d'-nt P.il
ma and overthrow the gnvcrnment,
Havana Is practically uider martial
All tho coast rnud.i from Havana
are closely guarded, ai d ninny per
sons who have attemptel to leave tho
city were turned back, rim rebels
have seized the innHi of th- steam
ship Cous.olacion, a suspicious-looking
schooner is offi-mar 1 !'!, and
numerous hinds are jeiiiieg Pino
(Juerrera, the rebel loader.
Speaker Kroyo couloir d '.villi Pres
ident Palma, nnd It was decided to
call an extraordinary sen ion of tho
houso to discus the opr.. lug.
The Colored Troops Will Do Taken
From Brownsville, Tex.
Washington. II. C Orders have
been Issued by tho military secretary,
MnJ.-Gen, K. C. Alnsworth, for tho
transfer of tho colored troops from
Kurt 111 own, Tex., where there baa
been serious trouble btweon citizens
and soldiers, to Port Mucoid, Tex
which is about one hundred miles
above Fort llrown, and hi also on tho
Uio (1 ramie,
The company ordered to Port llrown
Is made up of white men. This shift
ing about of troops was mado subse
quent to a report from .Maj. C. W. Pen
rose on tho situation at Port llrown
and after an uppeal by Senator Cul
burson to President lloosevelt. In Ida
report Maj. Penrose says bo was per
.-mailed mat tho killing of ono citizen
In llrownsvillo and the wounding of
another were tho work of soldiers, al
though he has been unable as yet to
dli-.covor who tho guilty men are.
Says Losses Can Not Be Calculated
llucnnn Ayrcs. A dispatch
has been received from Valparaiso,
sent by tho manager of the Havus
agency at Santiago, wlio traveled from
Santiago to Valparaiso on horseback
He suys that In Valparaiso ovurythlug
Is in ruins, and that tho losses can not
be circulated.
Democrats Want Bryan In Kansas
Topeku, Kua. Democratic
leaders of Kansas aro trying to secure
the participation ot William J. Hijud
in tho cumlnc statu campaign.
It is not generally known not evet
among painters why certain tintr
and colors wear much better than
others on bouses, and tho knowledge
of Just what tints aro best to use is,
therefore", rather hazy.
Ono writer on paint, in a recent
book, says that experiments seem to
show that thoso colors which resist
or turn back tho heat rays ot tho sun,
will protect a house better than those
which allow theso rays to pass
through tho film.
Thus red is a good color becauso it
turns back, or reflects, tho red rays,
and the red rays aro tho hot rays.
In general, therefore, the warm
tones aro good and the cold tones arc
poor, so fnr ns wear is concerned. In
choosing tho color of paint for your
houso, select reds, browns, grays
nnd olives which, considering the va
rious tones theso tints will produce,
will give a wido ran go from which to
Avoid tho harsh tints, such as cold
yellows (like lemon), cold greens
(llko grass green, etc.), and tho blues.
It must bo understood that no vir
tue is claimed for tints in themselves,
irrespective of tho materials used in
tho paint. Any color will fade, and
tho paint will scale off, if adulterated
wlilto lead or canned paint is used,
but If one is careful to use tho best
whlto lead some well-known brand
of a reliable manufacturer and gen
ulno linseed oil, tho warm tints men
tioned nbovo will outwear tho same
materials tinted with tho cold colors.
Colonel "lke' Hill Quite Ready to In
crease the Amount.
Col. "Ike" Hill, assistant sergeant-
at-arms for the Democrats In tho
house of representatives, has violent
political prejudices and at election
timo is wont to back them with
Ho got into a political discussion
In tho lobby of tho Hoffman houso In
Vow York a short time ago and mado
an assertion that was disputed by a
man In tho gathering.
Col. "Iko" reached down into his
pocket, pulled out a roll of money and
peeled off five $100 bills.
I will just bet you $00 I am right,"
he said.
I'll tako you," said tho other.
Wait until I get a pen and Ink."
A cold look camo Into Col. "Iko s"
What do you want a pen and Ink
for?" ho asked.
Why, I want to wrlto a check for
$500 to cover your bet."
Col. "Ike" put his money back in his
tiring mo a, pen nnd' Ink, too," bo
said, "for If this Is going to bo a check
bet I'll make it $5,000." Saturday
Kvcnlng Post.
Chinese Ingenuity.
Many attempts havo been made to
And an unfailing supply of pearls. Tho
Chinese. It is said, havo solved In
their own way tho problem ot now to
mako a mussel "lay" pearls, l-ivo or
six small beads, mado of rnothcr-o-
pearl and strung together by a thread,
;uo dropped at the proper season mio
tho open mouth of tno shell. I wo
ears later tho mussel, wnen reco-
erodfl is mado to disgorgo tho beads,
now covered with a pearly crust, in
distinguishable from tho naturally
mado pearl.
Gen. Mercier in England.
Gen. Mercier. who has fled from
Paris to Kngland, where lie hasn t
been enthusiastically received, onee
delivered In the French senato an
olabornto speech on the feasibility of
Invading England.
A Minister Talks About Grape-Nuts.
'My first stomach trouble began
back In 1V.I5,'' writes a minister in
Nebr., "resulting from hasty eating
and eating too much. I found no re
lief from medicine and grow so bad
that nil food gavo mo great distress.
'It was that soro, gnawing, hungry
feeling In my stomach that was bo
distressing and I became u sick man
Grape-Mils was recommended ns a
food that could bo easily digested.
'Leaving tho old diet that had given
mo so much trouble, I began to cat
Grape-Nuts with a llttlo cream and
sugar. Thochniigo effected In 21 hours
was truly icmarkablo, and in a fow
weeks I was back to health again.
"My work us a minister calls me
away from homo a great deal, and re
ccntly I drlftetl back to fat meat and
Indigestible foods, which put mo again
on tho sick list.
"So I went back to Grape-Nuts and
cream and in four days 1 was put
right again. Tho old dull headaches
aro gone, stomach comfortable, head
clear, and It Is n delight to pursuo
my studies and work.
"Grapo-.Nuts food la worth moro
than money to me, and I hopo this
may induce some sufferer to follow
tho samo courso I havo."
Numo given by Postum Co., llattlo
Crook, Mich.
"There's a reason."
Head tho llttlo book, "Tho fload to
A Horn for Consumptives.
Tho corner stone of the stato sani
tarium for the cure of Incipient tuber
culosis was laid with impressive cere
monies nt Mount Vernon recently. Tho
ceremony of laying tho stone was
given to Gov. Joseph W. Kolk and was
in charge of tho Masonic fraternity ol
Southwest Missouri. Mount Vernon
was thronged with thousands of vis
itors, hnvlng come from all over tho
southwest part of the stato to attend
tho exercises. Delegations of Masons
wero present from Springfield, Joplln,
Plerco City, (Irccnflold, Carthage,
Webb City and Aurora. All tho busi
ness houses in Mount Vernon were
closed In honor of tho event. Short
addresses were made by Governor
Kolk, Secretary Swtingcr and A. S.
Houston of Mexico, Mo., grand master
of the Masonic bodies of the state.
Churchmen Appeal to Law.
Tho Cumberland Presbyterians who
recognize tho union with the Presby
terinn church applied to .ludgo Nick
M. Bradley of the Johnynn county
circuit court for nn injunction to
restrain the Cumberland Presby
teilans of Warroiisburg congregation
from interfering with the Unionists In
the exclusive possession of tho houso
of worship and from using tho name
Cumberland Presbyterian as u part of
their organization name In connection
with the claim that they arc part of
tho original Cumberland Presbyterian
church organized In 1SS0. After hear
in arguments from attorneys for
15 hours, Judge Uradlcy granted tho
injunction as asked for by the l.'nlted
Left 015.000on Sldewslk.
Julius Coppen, a stockman from
Kldnn, icportcd to tho police of St.
I. oiils the loss of a grip containing
negotiable noles worth $15,000, a dia
mond stud nnd a revolver. Coppen
was theie on' business. When ho left
it hoarding house at Beaumont and
olive streets ho carried a grip anil
two suit cns.es. lie put them on the
sidewalk while ho waited for a car, i:
tending to go to t'lilon station. When
the car came he picked up only tho
two suit cases. He did not miss the
grip until ho reached the station. He
basic tied back to Iteauiiiont and Olive,
hut Hie grip had disappeared. Several
detectives have been assigned to th"
Crystal City's Glacs Plant.
According to tho Sinithville Herald,
Crystal City, on the Mississippi river,
10 miles south of St 1inls, is to
have a $".,000,000 glass manufacturing
plant. There has been glass making
going on at Crystal City tor a genera
tion, but fiom this time forward It is
to be on n much larger scale.
or while sand, largdy u-srd in the
manufacture of glass, abounds In this
state in a number cf places, and is
belli'? piofitably mined.
nn's Horse3 Will be Shown.
J t. Itippov, secietaiy of the Mis
(..! stale fiir, has received a letter
froi. l the lion. Kdniund Peck, of Tor
onto, Canada, stating that ho will
bring the tu bend of recently Im
perii d Knglish Hlilre horses, owned by
King Kdweid and Hanker Rothschild,
lo Sedalla for exhibition at tho Mis
souri slate fair Iu October. Tho horr,e.
wero shipped to this country for ex
hibition purposes only.
Insane Convicts to Asylum.
Seven iusnn? convicts wore recent
ly traiiH'erii d fiom tho penitentiary
to tho ciiininnl insane division of
the Knllon lunatic asylum. Should
my tif them reenvr while confined
ther", he will bo returned to the peni
tentiary lo finish Ills Kontnco.
Among tho number is a St. I.tiuis
'ounty (onvict serving n 20 yours'
sentence for murder In tho second
New Hope For Mrs. Myers.
Mrs. Aggie Mjois who l.s In Jail at
Liberty, is in better spirits than slit;
has been at any lima nlncc she was
sentenced to death, a year ago, for
tho minder of her husband, Clarence
Myers. The attorneys for Mrs. Myers
have decided to accept the offer of a
St. l.ouls newspaper to pay tho ex
penses of taking tho case to the Un!
ed States Supremo eouit.
Joplln Coy Drowned.
William Anion, the H-ycar-old son
of W. K. Aaron, a lawyer of .loplln,
was drowned while bathing In Shoal
creek, four miles -south of there ro:ent-
1). Tho body was lecovered.
Killed in a Runaway.
a farmer named Aineimoisur, near
WIcn, Churlton county, wa.s recently
thrown from his wagon in a runway
and received Injuries which resulted
in his denlh,
A Moberly Coincidence.
two women or Moberly, who are
cousins and were bom on tho r.iim
day, recently gave birth to baty bov
on the tamo Jar.
Washington, D. C, August 20th. A
determined effort will be mado at the
next session ot congress to prevent
another appropriation for the free dis
tribution of common garden Beods.
Congress now expends $212,000 a year
In giving away tho commonest varie
ties of peas, beans, turnip, squash and
pumpkin seeds. They aro divided Into
40,000,000 packets so that tho packets
cost about half a cent each. Hut as
a large part of tho appropriation Is
expended in clerk hire, packeting the
seed, etc., tho actual valuo ot tho
seed in a packet is much less than
half a cent. Theso packets aro put
up in packages of flvo packets, tho
total cost of the packages being about
two cents each, and they aro purchas
able anywhere at flvo cents. Each
member ot congress gets 12,000 such
packages, which ho distributes to the
voters ot his district.
The farmers say that these pack
ages contain so llttlo seed as to bo of
no valuo to them, while tho total ap
propriation, it expended In sending
out really raro and valuable seed, or
in maintaining a national agricultural
college, or divided among tho state
agricultural colleges, would bo of Im
mense valuo to tho farming Interests.
They thcrcforo protest against tho
wasto of public money. Tho seeds
men claim that as congress has al
ready expended $5,000,000 In giving
away turnip and watermelon seed, it
is time It should glvo away saws, axes
or hoes and glvo the seed trade a rest.
Thoso who bollovo that congress
should cut off this porqulsito of its
members now used for political pur
poses, are writing their senators and
representatives, urging them to abol
ish tho frco seed distribution, nnd the
National Grange, many stato and local
granges, horticultural, agricultural
and other societies aro adopting reso
lutions condemning it. Mr."' William
Wolff Smith, of Washington, D. C, has
been selected to represent tho appo
sition to the congressional free seed
distribution, and Is personally answer
ing all Inquiries concerning tho same.
Origin of Knighthood.
Knighthood wa3 Intended to servo
as a mark of distinction for deeds ot
renown and merit. "Knight" properly
signifies a person who, for his virtue
and martial prowess, is raised from
tho rank of gentleman into a highor
class of dignity and honor.
How Emperor William Is Battling
Against a Dangerous Heredity.
Kmperor William's father died of cancer
of the tluo.it.
Kmperor William himself bad infantile
pnialysiii. nnd has had to struggle with
many inliruiitics.
it Ii.ih been whispcied that he hinv-elf
in troubled with the smiie malady which
cairivd nil his father, ltoyal blond is un
f i)i Innately most generally deteriorated
blood. Kimieror William known thin
well an anybody, nnd is doing bis best to
eradicate t lie bad blood fiom himself ami
his family by the adoption of simple life
Thinugh the visit of a coimtrjninn of
1 ik to Kittle ('.eel;. Michigan, while iu
I this country. vi.itmg the Wends Kjiir in
(.'liicaio in ISO.'!, Kmperor William becaniH
ncipiainted with the llattle Clock idea of
simple living aim nax to it laii: iwu-iib
adopted the methods in his familv. His
wife and eliililten live the simple life and
take Jtattlo Creek light bath. Their
uncle, King Kdward, .iIm has these baths
installed m bis WimNor and Huckinglinm
Palaces for the uee of himself nnd Queen
A mom: ntber tlmics (it)O ) IIIAIill.
the oldet health journal in tho world,
tells about the Itattlc 'reek idea nnd tlu
einiple life. Kvcry number is brimful of
tip-to Hale mens, sample copy iu cents.
Hue dollar a year.
If ou will cut this out nnd send to
llattlo Clerk. Alieh.. with a iiuarter vu
will receive a trial three montliM cubverip
tif.n to this handsome illustrated monthly
health magazine. Writ.e to-du'.
Rice Eaters.
In China and its dependencies, with
a population of 400,000,000, or 25 per
cent, of tho total population of tho
world, rice Is tho principal food sup
ply. Tho samo may bo said also of
India, with its ponulntion of 275,000,
008, and .Japan, with Its 40,000,000. In
addition to these it is a chief artlcio
of diet with other peoples of Asia nnd
Africa, whoso population is estrmntcd
at 100,000,000. Tho total reaches HIS,
000,000, or 50 per cent, ot tho total
population of tho oarth. -Iloston
Striking Advice.
Mrs. Anxious (mother of two mar
riageable daughters) Iteully. I don't
know whether to send Graco and Kth
el to tho seashore or tho mountains
this summer. What do you advlso?
Mrs. Knowing Well, I would advise
Sulphur Springs for a chango. Sul
phur, you know, Is ono of tho princi
pal requisites in matchmaking.
Wellviile," In pks.

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