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The Democrat
Japanese statesmen must wondet
nt their own moderation when' tliey
consider how helpless Russia is.
Tho year JDHK bids fair to be re
membered as one In which every crop
of every kind In the United States
was a success,
Despite a common impression, it la
a fact that comparatively few of the
very wealthy men of tho country
liavo side whiskers.
Turkey i of uses to recognize Nor
wny as an Independent kingdom.
Norway Is, no doubt, sitting ug
nights to worry about It.
It would be a graceful compliment
for all the airship inventors to ao
company the polar balloon as a re
lief expedition on the spot.
Tho arrest of two Wall street bro
kers for inatcliln;; quarters, and on
the charge that It Is gambling, Is an
Incident to louse the laughter of tha
A Chicago professor advocates
temporary marriages. Chicago pro
feasors aien't so original as they used
to be; we have too many temporary
marriages now.
The Columbus girl who went to
jail lather than tell her age has made
a sad mistake. All her girl friends
will now think her even older than
they ever thought she was.
Balloon trips are getting to be a
good deal of a fad, to be sure, but
there nro still a whole lot of people
who piefer the pastoral simplicity ol
the automobile.
After preaching a long, long ser
mon, a West Virginia minister
dtoppod dead in tho pulpit last Sun
day. We mention this suggestive
item without comment.
Each summer vallfly suggests that
something ought to be done about ice,
just as each winter points out that
a mote practical method of distrib
uting the coal supply is needed.
If the Canadian Northwest Is being
Americanized, as some nervous and
loyal subjects of King ICdward as
sort, the pioce.'is seems to agiee with
a section which never betore looked
so prosperous.
A Japanese pioii.s.-ior let lured
American men lor their alleged sluv- j
Isli devotion to women which shows!
that our educational olloitH have i
hioiight the Nipponese to a point
where they liml tault with the uurilu-
11 1 11 Ml. !
Somebody claims to have disov- i
ered how to niunulactiire llnuid air I
so cheaply that It nia conic Into gen
ual use for conllnn pii! oscs. The
Ice trust will probably want lit long
proof that the stoiy is true heloiu
(hey decide to dissolve.
When King Leopold of Belgium
goes hunting he sits In an aimclialr
and has the game driven up In iront
of him. One advantage about such
a system Is that it ought to enable
lilni to keep Irotn mistaking any oi
tho guides for deer.
The spoiling ot sons ny wealthy
lathets Is pecullaily a habit ot tho
newly rich. Wheie money has longer
been In the family, the possession of
a lew millions does not constitute an
Irresistible temptation to i nsh out
and make a swine ot one's self, says
the New York Post. But tho sudden
to1 tunes of the past lew years ot
blessed prosperity have confessedly
turiwd out a eiowd of vapid and
worthless and helplessly rich young
Tho (iaekwar of Baioda, before
nailing for his homo in India, deliv
ered himself of the uugallant opinion
that "tho American woman Is inde
pendent, frank ami seir-possossed,
and yet. though I had heard a great
ileal about her beauty, I failed to sea
II." There Is no accounting for tastes,
or perhaps it would be nearer tho
mark to ask: Who Is the American
beauty that snubbed this dusky royal
Mr. Edison's" statement that he will
soon put the automobile within tho
reach of all, recalls another great
nmh'tlou popularly accredited to him
namely, to provide everybody with
a pltonograph. How much kinder it
would bo to provide half the world
with phonographs and the other halt
with automobiles in which to escapa
from them.
The Belleville man whose liiends,
on tho ovo of his wedding, abstracted
his marriage license from his pocket
and substituted a hunter's licenso
authorizing hint to shoot geeso, etc.,
had a lino chance to usa tho permit
It Us hud u kuu.
Or the Treason
Flames Add to the Horror of tho Sit
uation Towns of Rosarlo, Aran
as, Riojo and San Luis
Also Damaged.
Lima, Peru At about fi o'clock
Vhurfcilay eenl:ig there was a tromen
.Ions oarthriunlie at Valparaiso, Chile.
As at Sail Francisco, the shock was
followed by the outbreaking of many
llres. The flames, extending from tho
I'liizu (nlrn toward the north, have
t.i.t yc t been extinguished.
Many house hae been destroyed,
iiml neai ly all of them are more or
less damaged either by the earthquake
or the fire. Business is at a complete
.tandstlll. The batiks are closed. Tho
Ehs supply Is unavailable and the elec
tric lighting system Is completely
knocked out. Consequently the city
at night Is in d.tikucss. Tho greatest
paule prevails and families are flee
ing from the city. The weather Is fair
md the sea Is calm.
Communication with Santiago do
Chile is interrupted, and it Is linpos-
-ilhle to leain what has occurred there.
Many perrons were killed and Injured
i! Valparaiso. The shocks continue,
but nre milder.
Tho shipping In the port was not in-
lured. The streets which suffered most
were Call and Blanco, Condell nnd
Ksmeraldu, und those In tho Dellclas
(There continues confirmation of
statements as to the magnitude of the
disaster to Valparaiso, which began on
August 16, and continued at frequent
Intervals during the next two daya.
Dispatches from Valparaiso state that
a moderate estimate of fatalities Is 2,-
A refugee who has arrived at San
tiago placea the known dead at 100,
and other messages indicate that the
first reports of damages and casaal
ties were greatly exaggerated. D!a
patches to the state department at
Washington place the fatalltlea at
about 000. These conflicting, state
menta can not at thla time be ad
justed. It la evident that even yet
panic prevails at Valparaiso, and until
order la restored It will be Impossible
to give any fair estimate. The dwel
lings In the city have been practically
abandoned by the inhabitanta, who
are existing aa best they can In the
plazaa of the city and hills adjacent
to it, without ahelter from atorm or
sun, and with famine confronting
them. Food Is already ecarce and
jhlqh, water for drinking purposea la
of the Field.
lacking, and disease la feared. The
government la doing all It can to bring
In relief. The crippling of the rail
roads leading Into Valparaiso consti
tutes a serious factor, as for an in
definite period relief auppliea can only
be obtained through other means of
At Santiago many of the beat public
arid private buildings were wrecked.
The losa of life there was augmented
by the panic which seized the peo
ple, many of whom threw themselves
from the balconies of their homes.
The destructive force of the earth
quake was experienced over a large
amount of country.J
Hamburg Hears of Shipping Disaster.
Hamburg An exporting company
received this cablegram from Valpa
raiso: "Many districts of Chile have
been partially or totally destroyed by
an earthquake. The damage Is espe
cially great at Valparaiso. Everywhere
there are llres. Many ships, with their
cargoes, have been lost. More than
100 persons have been killed und
many hundreds Injured. There Is mis
ery indescribablo."
Volcano Roars During Quake.
Buenos Ayres From the few de
tails obtainable here it appears that
there were live shocks, tho disturb
ances passing south along the Pacific
coast and crossing the Andes. The
shocks were severe, according to tho
registration of the seismograph In
struments here and at Santa Rosa and
Andes City. The property loss is
enormous. Many houses were thrown
down, including tho government
house. During the night the volcano
of Tuplmgato was heard roaring, and
the people lied to tho churches to pray
for safety. At San Juan, In tho Andes,
high winds accompanied the shocks.
The shocks seriously affectod Andes
City and tho towns of Itosarlo, Aran
as, llloje, Sun Luis and Tucuman.
Many Lives Reported Lost.
Galveston, Tex. According to state
ments made by the cable operator at
Valparaiso, who was working In direct
communication with the office in tills
city, the earthquake shocks continued
at Intervals all throughout tho day,
and many times the operators had to
lleo from their offices.
Tho operator at Valparaiso stated
that everything Is in confusion at that
place, that many houses have been
razed and the loss of life Is believed
to be great, although no attempt has
yet been made to ascertain tho num
ber. Overland lines ovor the Andes
mountains are all down, and communi
cation south of Valparaiso Is com
pletely chut off.
Description ef Valparaiso.
Valparaiso Is located on the west
ern coast of South America, on Val
paraiso bay, and Is u city of about 160,
000 inhabitants. It has an immense
trade with the outside world. Tfte
Andes mountains tower above It on
all sides. In 1880 much dam ago was
done to the city by an earthquake, but
It quickly recovered from the shock
ft Ih noted for Its many lino buildings
and the industry of Its people, who
are onergetlc in business und fierce in
Tha Resumption of Trouble Renders
the Task of Government More
St. Petersburg Tho war of terror
ism which the fighting organization ot
tho social revolutionists declared Im
mediately after parliament was dis
solved, seems to have begun In earn
est. From all parts of tho em
pire the telegraph brings the same
stoiy of attacks on police officials of
all classes, accompanied In the ma
jority of cases by plundering.
Tho Polish revolutionists are espe
cially active. There Is a veritable
reign of terror from tho Vistula to
tho German frontier. Nearly CO cases
of assassination have been reported.
Task of Government.
The resumption of terroristic activ
ity on u large scale renders tho task
of the government more dlfflcul:, and
darkens tho prospects of the present
ministry in accomplishing anything in
the direction of an amelioration of
the situation. While for the moment
tho campaign of the terrorists Is
bound to crcato tho revulsion oi the
mere conservative public opinion
agulnst tho wild excesses of tho ex
t.-emiits, it Is at tho same time cer
tain to force tho government to re
double the measures of repression
which It is claimed will In the cud
drive public sympathy back to sup
port almost any means of relief.
Borne of the dispatches from Poland
assert that the outbreak of terrorism
is In retaliation for tho wholesale ar
rests and repressions of the governor
The New Parliament.
The government announces that tho
new parliament will not be deprived
of the right to revise tho budget for
1907. The budgst will bo submitted to
parliament when it assembled In March
and in the meantime the credits for
the first two months will be one-sixth
of tho credits of the present year, un
der the authority of tho fundamental
law assigning tho credits for the pro
ceding "oar in case of the failure of
the pnssago of the budget.
Sovoral liberal papers have boon
permitted to resumo publication either
under their old names or with new
Records of Army Officers In Philip
pines to Be Looked Into.
San Francisco, Cal. MaJ.-Cen.
Leonard Wood, of tho United States
army, lias summoned a commission
to tho Philippines to investigate the
conduct of the United States army
officers on duty in tho Islands. He is
keeping secret tho object of his inves
tlgation, and even tho members of
the commission do not know what
they are to do. They will rocelvo their
Instructions when thoy land at Ma
Regular Organization Puta Full
State Ticket In Field.
El Paso, Tex. The regular repub
lican stato convention, headed by
Stato Chairman and National Com
mitteeman Cecil Lyon, has noml
nated tho full stato ticket decided
upon by the committee on nomlna
tlons. Nominees for leading state of
tlcers follow: Governor, VV. C. Aver
ill, Ileaumont; lieutenant governor
Fredk. Hofheluze, Comal county; at
torney general, C. W. Ogden, San An
tonlo; railroad commissioner, W. F,
Conner, Dallas.
Great Demonstration By Workmen,
Hrussels There wus un immense
demonstration in favor of the reduc
tion of the working hours. It is es
tlmated that from 00,000 to 90,000
men participated in tho procession
which, with a hundred bunds, marched
through the principal streets. There
were no disorders.
Porto Rlcana Petition President
Sun Juan, Porto Rico The Amer
ican Federation ot Labor or Por
to Itlco has forwarded to President
Itoosevolt an appeal, to which 5,000
signatures aro appended, against the
alleged use of the police by the In
Kiilar administration to obstruct the
efforts ot the federation to Iinprov
the condition of the working people.
Governor Saya Fire On Moba.
Kaleigh, N. C In an addreaa to the
people of North Carolina, Gov. Glen,
after calling attention t recent law
less acts by tire mobs, announced that
in tho future tho militia will be In
Btrueted to nro -on tho crowds when
that step Is deemed necessary by the
sheriff of the county in which the
trouble occurs.
After Listening to a Speech, Crowd
Takea Negro Away and Riddles
Him With Bullets.
Greenwood, 8. C Despite the elo
quent plea of Gov. Hey ward, In which
ho npcpaled to a mob to desist
from violence, "Uob" Davis, a negro,
who attacked Miss Jennie Urooks near
here, was removed from the presence,
of the executive and shot to death.
Tho negro was captured near Nine
ty-six, after a search since last Mon
day night, when tho crime was com
mitted. The negro was found hiding In a
creek bed. He was tied hand and foot
and brought to the home of his vie-
time for identification. Tho young
woman, lying on her bed with a deep
gash In her throat, turned toward tho
negro aB he stood between his captors.
That's the scoundrel," she said. "I
know him by his eyes."
Gov. lloyward reached the sceno
shortly after the negro had been cap
tured. A platform was erected In a
fence corner on the premises of th3
victim's father, and from It Oov. Hey-
ward addressed the mob.
"I am here alone, but I roprener.t
the majesty of the law. I represent
tho state ot South Carolina, your state
and mine, and I say to you, I beg you,
I Implore you in God's name, not lo
put another stain upon our fair state.
You have an opportunity here, a spied
did opportunity, to let It be said that
South Carolina leads In this matter.
Let us reason together. I feel Just as
you do. I have lived In the country
and realize the dangers to which our
women are constantly exposed, but
there is something higher than the
wreaking of venegance on that black
devil. You won't enjoy it to-morrow
when you look back upon it all."
While some were yelling for tho
governor to go, he concluded, and the
negro was run over 100 yards from
the house and shot to death. A negress
firod the first shot.
Some Terse Telegram s
There has been an outbreak ot
bubonic plaguo at Campos, 140 mile J
northeast of Rio de Janeiro.
After a disturbance in Poland, which
the police quelled, 250 Jews '.void
killed by the soldiery.
A dispatch to a news agency from
Tangier, Morocco, says that serious
fighting occurred between Raisuli'4
men and the Angherlte tribesmen nt
Outersokoa, near' Tangier. The latter
were routed.
The National Association of Em
ploying Lithographers declined to
grant a conference to tho officers ot
the Lithographers, Artists, Engravers
and Designers' League ot America on
tho "open shop."
The sultan of Turkey has ordered
the release of all the prisoners In
tho empire who have completed two.
thirds of their sentences, us a mark
of gratification for the recovery of
his health.
The London Mall's correspondent nt
Tlen-Tsln telegraphs that, having
made a tour ot northern Korea nnd
Manchuria, he found that tho Japanese
are now more strictly observing tho
open door.
R. R. Brown, of ZaneavlUe, O., wia
elected commander-m-chlef of the
Grand Army of tho Republic, and
Archbishop Ireland, of St. Paul, chap
lain. M. E. Ingalls says trado laws ot
United States mcnaco business Inter
ests of tho nation.
Secretary of War Taft has decided
that enlisted men shall have tho Urst
chance at the 48 vacanles in the grudo
of second lieutenant In the army.
A terrible earthquake shock has just
been felt in Argentine. It Is feared
that damage has been done In tho in
terior. The woman lashed by troops In St.
Petersburg was not an American, aa
first reported.
Harrlman Ib reported to have se
cured control of the St. Paul system.
Rudolph Pfraffer, socialist candi
date for congress and Orator Dr.
Knopfnagle were locked up In Jail at
Orliufield, III., for making a socialistic
talk at the old settlers' picnic.
Oil at a depth of 1D0 feet has been
struck on a farm near Canton, HI.
Heavy rains in Oklahoma cause
farmers to lose heavily in crops and
live stock.
Oklahoma board of, agriculture takei
steps to enforce stock food inspec
tion. Waa Confederate Privateer Officer
New Orleans 'John Hutchinson, one
of tho two surviving officers ot the
confederate privateer and blockade
runner Shenandoah, la dead, aged 68.
The officers of the Shenandoah, which
was In North Pacific waters at the
time ot Lee's surrender, did not learn
that the war had ended until several
mouths afterward. Hutchinson was
first assistant engtnear.

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