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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, September 06, 1906, PICTORIAL, COLOR, AND MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 12

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Oflici- in corner rooms on second
floor over First National Hank,
Versailles, Mo.
Prompt service and first-class work
to all patrons. I'honc .V7.
Krauss Opera House
Till', I'AMOUH
Kingsley Russell Company
In high class Repertoire. Opening
play, the great 4-act rural comedy,
One lady free with each paid '.ic
tii.kot pun hased before 7 p. in.
Tickets on sale at the Manner Store.
We arc ulml to note the earnestness
witli which the work on the new Metho
dist church is beiu; pushed.
The family of W. S. Moiris, the new
f;:tioii f irciimi, Inve arrived and arc
ki'i'pitig house over in Wcstlawn.
Kev. J. F.. Stevenson, who is so well
anil favorably known here, is lioldin;; n
erirs of myelin; down in the 0nj;e
m er country.
Kev. 15. 0. I'.oa. i'h h-ick from his va
cation trip among relatives in Knnras
City, and will commence regular ser
vices next Sunday.
We understand .Shores Hunter will
soon comment e the erection of a fine
fnrui residence, liarn, Ac., on Ids farm
'our miles iiorlhrapl of Vii'idUcs.
W. S. Aly.-a and W. I'. Macl.ucy. of
.vansas, were in the city Wednesday
looking over the town mid icinily.
I'liey are well pleased with this part of
.Missouri, and expect to return.
Kev. 15. K. Wolf is vratcliinj; progress
on his new liuilding, and fiurin on
some of the many good things he is (jo
in;; to tell the people when he gets at
work in that new brick liuildiu);.
The Presbytery of Kansas City will
meet with the Westminster church of
Ihh city Tin da , Sept -Jlli. Opening
sermon by the Moderator at 7:V p. "i.
of that date. Pull program will be given
1 iler.
Kev. 15. 0. Uoa., of the Presbyterian
( lunch, is again ready for work and w ill
picach next Sunday at 111:16 n. m. Ife
says he has gamed four pounds during
his vacation I.et tlieie be a iall)ingof
the forces and see tins church push ig
oroiinly forward.
The cxciivntitig for the new Method st
( hurch bui'dnig will iooii be complete d j
and work pushed as rapidly as possible.
This will be the linnl chilli h I I u '. 1 1 1 1 1 k ill
this part of the counlr) . and something
that not only the Methodists, but every
body will be ptoi'd of.
Mooting of Morg;in County Hortl-cultui-iil
The Morgan ( minty IIortiiultur.il
S iciety will meet .it the (oiirt house
on Saturday, ScpKinbcr 8th, at Lip.
in. All who are interested in our
county's fruits .ire united to attend
and help to rcirxtnie and discuss
the best means of liirtheiing the in
lercMs of Morgan County's fruit
J. C. Ili'KK.s, President.
Do You Want Ice?
I h.-nc it, and will deliver it right
in your ice box.
C. II. I'M. I.
'I he Ice Man.
K. A. Williams the South Hide gro
eery man, handles a choice line of gro
ceries and entitled goods.
It Is sincerely hoped that persona who
heve been tying horses to the trees on the
Presbyterian church lot will rend the no
tices posted on the tree and understand
that they tnnaii exactly wht they say,
and stop trespassing, without trouble or,
cost. A hint to the wise is sufficient.
A colored boy, named Ilarber, died nt
the home of his uncle, Mr. Tutt, Wed
nesday morning. Hi ptojde live in
Kansas City. He wa uttcliiling the fair
tt Iluncelou and came here to visit rela
tives ami friends and was Ink en Kick last
Sunday morning. The family formerly
lived in Versailles.
Mr. Kay Witten goes back to his
school duties here, looking ns fnsli as n
pink, after spending part of his vacation
nt Columbia taking a special course in
tioglish. This is very (CJinmendahlc,
ns the only way n teacher can hope to
keep right up to dale is by using at least
a part of Ins or her vacation in improve
ment along some line.
Kev. J. I.. McKee, who has been hunt
ing, fishing and turpentining forchigger
bites for some time on his ranch south
east of Versailles, has gone back to Kan
sas City to attend the laying of the corn
er stone ixercises of hi new church
there, which is to he one of the most
beautiful churches in that city, costing,
nith the ground, about f"th,Wl.
The plasterers will soon havo their
part of the work done on the Mar.on and
Hardy buck block, and the work is be
ing ptishid with a view of having build
ing completed far enough for the ladies
to hold their part of tne streit fair dis
play in. We all rise up and feel proud
when we see this uplelidid building
standing where the old "iron clads''
loomed up for so many jenrs.
"Go And Do Thou Llkowlso."
Hildic Uol'leiii, of Westlaun, is an ex
ample woith to be followed, .ast
spring he alien for the Sunday school.
Last week he sold hen and chiikens.
and last Sunday prefenteil the teaclu r
of hisclan, i The Harvesters;, Mii-s P.d
ua Abell the proceed?, two dollars and
eighty five cent. This shows what good
comes of a little iffort. If all our Sim
day school people, ami indeed church
people as well, would adopt somesjste
matic method of rai.ing monej for religi
ous enterprises these would be no lack ; it
would beat all the raffles and fairs. Then
there would be no applical u in the
Chinaman's uci , when the (ontribu
1 1 on box was bcieg passed in the J.Ilssioii,
to which he he had often coiitributi d :
" What's de iimtel Jesus Chlisl, he allee
tllne hlokef"
My thti Citizen;! or tho City
Versa! licit and Vicinity,
On Apples, Poaches and Pears, to
b Oivon at tho Versailles
Street Fair.
Dry Goods. Clothing,
Notions, Shoes, Hats,
Furnishing Goods, Trunks,
Valises, Groceries, Etc.
Always the best for the
least money.
On tHe Corner opposite Post-office.
I'irst fl, second oOe,
First I, second .c.0c,
second 5()c, Jan
Colic, Cholera & Diarrhea Remedy
Almoit every family liai r.trd
of a reliable remedy for colic or
diarrhea nt torne lirr.c during the
This rrmrrly ii recommended
by dealer who have told it for
many year and know ill valur.
It ha received lliouiands cf
tctlimonialj from i;rr.ttlul people.
It hu been prricnbcd by phy
sician with the moil latitfactory
It ha often tvrd life before
medicine could have been tent fur
or a phytician lummcned.
It only coiti a quarter. Cart
you aJord to risk to much for to
littler BUY IT NOW.
Vfirlety Applm..
A I'I'I.I'.S lien Ii.ivis First premium
j fl.oo, K I'.nloi , second ptimium ')(,
lloud tc Collins.
I Joiialhau Fiist 1, second Mlc, The
Iliilitsmans I'nw.rite I'irst fl, iciond
V).-. II C, Clulf.'iil
Willow 'I'wig 1 irst fl, second .lOc,
S.iiu McN'.dr.
(rime (".olden- l'irt I, second r,()c,
John McClan.ihiin.
Shannon Pippin, Mniuinoth .Itlnck
Twig, Hoinan lie.iutv, York Imperial,
Clajton five iirielie, First pn tnitiin,
e.iih I sub. VeiKiilks Leader; record,
each .'),, l'runk Witleu, W SCibbs, J V."
Johnson, 1 C Lcgcre, (two;.
Winesnp I'irst f, I M Shaniiep, sec
ond, Mir, same
(ienet. Kambo mid Maidru Illuili
J f i edih, second fjOe each, J Jr. J T lleale.
lllir l lJIjJIlt I IIM l, in j hoick,
stock food, kcoiiiI 'Or. I lank l!i.mnn.
Perm I'.cd Sin id. 1'irtt fl, second
r,0c, II Seh.ifer.
(inno- l'irft Jl, mond f.0r, A L Kors.
lllaik l.'eu Iiavis l'i r.t ;M, second
V)-, f.eo Decker.
I I'avlle's lute iri'?l,i-r - - I'lut l ti-n.
ond V)r, l)r I) A Yair.ill.
MUcouri Pippin I' rt :"1, fecond SOc,
I'r.iuk ISowm.iu.
Ilnldwin I'irst Jfl, second f.Oc, Ceo P
Large Koiuanllc TirM f I , erond Mc,
W W Moore.
Red Itomiitiilc. LimherTwig I'itst fl
each, wcoiid f.Oc each, W T Iny.
Sniilh Cider l'itl fl. mh. Vern.lllts
R'atesmiiii, iicond I! nd ,t Collins.
Northern Spj--I'irst fl, second !(Jc,
K I', Stockton.
I'ullcrtoii l'.ivorili Pimt fl uh. to
Morgan Co. Dcuiocint, sicond Wc, Prank
Hell Plower
Chas I', Willson.
Arkansas lllaek
1) A 1'airley.
Ortly Hell I'irM.'l,
W Hoc.
Wolf River. Senator I'irst
second 50; each, Alf I leineiliali.
King llavid Hrst 31 suli. Versailles
Siatesman. second oOc, I'rank Hownian.
The Pink - I'irst M sub. Morgan Co.
Democrat, second o'V, llrownie Clark.
Staik I'irst fl sub. Morgan Co. Dem
ocrat, Hecoud 50c, Miss lllaiiche Spidel.
Tallmnu Sweit I'irst fl, second "SOc,
I'. A Ciewson.
Walbridge I'irst $1, second f0c. R II
Variety I'corn.
I'KARS -Dun lies I'irst il, sec. S ic.
Keifer- P'irsl fl, second riDc, Clatence
Seikel - I'irst f I, M-roiid M)c
Hartlet - I'irst il, second r.Uc, II A
l'lemish Ileauty, Howell, Garber -IJach
il fust, 50c second.
Viirlety I'ciichcn.
I'I'.ACIIIvS -White Ilealh - I'irst tl,
Dr. Win Well, lecond, Miss islam he
Anv kind except above Tint fl, sec
ond fi'ic, W L Stephens.
I'.irmers are heginuilig to row wheat
in this locality.
Several from here attended court at
California this w eek.
Robertson and Hutchinson khipped a
lot of stock f refill here this wet k.
Mrs. Doc Newkirk left Monday fori
Colorado. She hud been heie the past
iiionlh visiting her parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. Snoryr.iss.
Mis. Will Mays left for Purblo, Colo.,
last week to join her husb.ind. Slit- had
been here some time viKitmg relatives.
William Atkinson left Monday for
Cculcrtowii, where he has a job with a
mining comp,iiiy.
I'.d. Haley came ill Siturday from Jop
lln, win re he had been for some time
pint, working in the mines.
Mrs. Throuiailti has been (piite sie'e
during the past week.
RrneM Sullivan, if Kanas City, has
opened a poultry and egg house here.
I'.d. Dvvtiimt has charge of it.
All eleven-pound boy wasboru to Wal
ler Cook and wife last Sunday, Walter
is the happiest m ill in Moniteau county.
High Grade Investments,
Real Estnlc, Collections.
Room 5, over Famous Clothing Store.
Pan Handle Country
Is tHe Best Part of Texas.
It excels in its delightful climate, dec), rich soil,
ample rainfall, abundant water supply, and splendid
opportunities. This part of Texas was formerly the
vast, unbroken ranges of the Cattle Kings. Now it is
The Ideal Farming Country, the Fruit
Growers' Paradise, the land of Cat
tle, Horses, Mules, Sheep and Hugs
The undersigned is the Exclusive Afcnt in this
section for a tract containing 142,00 ) acres which will
be sold on easiest terms, and at a price not offered by
any other Land Company.
Seeing Is believing ! Go see these Lands. ICx
eursion the 1st and 3d Tuesdays of each month.
Curtis lilocll, Versailles), Missouri.
MorrU ami Cleo linker, of Seilalia,
npctit Silnilny with their tareul lu re.
Kev. I,rlie Kenney returned, lt J'ri
day, from South Morgan, uheie lie hud
heen ainiti Kev. Mi Clelluml in n
merlin); at Plcimunt ('.rove church.
Kev. McClrlluml letilrntil Monday.
Ife will I. -);in u llirttlni; in u frvr dujx nt
thf Hoist i-cliovl hou'r.
Itev. I' C. Uicliaidi i in St. I.oul.s , land, all new liuildm.s, ami a small
h.ivim; his ejei treated. Kev 1'rishie of stm k (if general men liandi.se on a
I ipton Tilled lilt regular appoiiilmeiil at , piililif. truss road, two rural mail
routes and telephone. Four miles
from K. K. station, close to Imri h
P'ri edom last Salunlay and Sunday.
Mim Iclyn Ilolloway, who ir. tcaeh
int; sehool near (.ravoi.s MilU, upent Sun
day with home fidkn here She wan tie
eouiianied home h Miss l.ee, of C.rn
voiN Mill.
Austin Hull hcipm teaching: the Akin-
il If school Moiidny, and .Miss Kate
Chiklu opcunl llethel school the Kame
Joe Milliurii is shipping coid wood
from here mid liarteU Station, at Hit:
rate of iihont ix carloads a day.
The new school hui'diiiK is now com.
plrted ami as mioii as thetcnts nriive cur
school will lc;iu.
Iloheit Kipley, Mr. Cm li, Unity (HI
ken, wife and daughter, attended the
Sunday School Aitociatioti nt Scdaliu
last week.
For Sale or Exchange.
I wish. to sell iny farm nthl business
coinliincd Z acres of good rich
and si liool. This stand will dear
S800 a year besides nil expense .
This land will brinf; from MJ to 1U
bushels of i.orn per acte, is lenr ol
nil iiicuinbrancc. Farm and stoi k
can be bought (or .SI, 500 cash or :
chanc for a 120 or 100 acre well im
proved farm, good soil wanted. For
further infortunium write ov. ner,
Mi'.Nkv Mcismws,
( Icrald, Franklin County, Mo,
Proprietor hf
City Bus Line
and Feed Stable.
Horses fed and looked after.
Husses meet nil trains, Or
ders by 'phone given prompt
attention. 'Phone 49.

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