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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, September 06, 1906, Image 4

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The Republican,
(Successor to TliK Dkmockat.)
W. W. KINLOCH, Proprietor.
holered in tlic l'ost Office at Vcrsailln,
Missouri ns second clan mail (natter.
Sulirc-riptioti Trice fl.CO n Ycor,
'Ph ont No. IBS.
l or Supt. I'ublic Ins J. .'. White
lor Ky. ami W. H C0111..H. W l'lentgc
l or Congress W. I'. Julgley
I or State Senator H. A. Crew-sou
Republcnn County Ticket.
I or Representative....
1 or County Clerk ....
lor Circuit Clerk. ...
mill Recorder ....
j'or Collector
I or Sheriff ..
J'or I'rosecuting Att'y.
L'or Presiding Judge. . .
1 or Probate Judge
l'or Treasurer
,.R. A. Norfleet
1C. K. Huck
. . V. C. Thomas
..Peter J. Siegel
..C IC. W1II1011
..W. T. S. Agce
...John Kidwell
II. li. Neville
, . . W. Johnson
... .J. A. Ilradcti
.W. K. Stevenson
l'or Coronsr . . . .
l or Surveyor
I or County Jadec
I'irsl District Henry S. Inge
l'or County Jndn'
Seconil District S. W. Spears
Tnwnnlitp Ticket.
l'or Justice of the Trace....
Haw Creek Township. . . .I'red Keek
I i,r Justice of the Trace, . . .
Moreiu Towushi I. (J. I.egcre
l'or Constable Moieau Town
ship Win. J.. Wilson
lor Cousin bit: Haw Creek..
Township I'rank Iliown
Why not reorg.inie oil r Hand am
gel ready for home music for the
Street Pair and the many gatherings
luring the campaign.
Aikansas surprised the whole coun
try ,y going Democratic last week,
'nit it is hoped she will get over her
laughty ways and do the right thing
Her a while.
Che Moniteau County Herald will
i lunge to a home print with the issue
'if Sept. 1 -1 tli . This will entail a lot
I extra work and expense, lint is a
move in the light diiection when
tulrin.igr will justify it, and the ller-
Id h is that in ph'nty.
alllorni.i, Mo., will vote soon
II issuing li.(h)() in bonds foi wa-i-rwoiks.
What is the matter with
Wis.iilhs putting in a plant of the
urn' si. 1 1 '' It would certainly lie a
I ig tiling lor the city, and it must
nit .
Congressman Shacklefoid was here
1 1st Stturday taking pint 111 the big
I'-public an rally. Mr. Sha klcford
1 1 bts hands lull inti)ingto keep
Mil I )i iiiocratic goals from tinning
itj sheep and coming over into the
'e iu'iIk an low, out lliey are com-
;'isl the same.
'I lie Opening ( "niti.
I lie first skirmish in the 8th
(.1 -ssKinal I list, was pulled olf
I isl S iturd.iy, and the "boys'
1 inlinue to "shell the woods"
drive the Democrats from under cov
ei from now until the close of the
P ills on Nov. (Ith. The meeting
v,as ailed to order at 1:1,0 by the
1 hairiiKin, Kx-rongressm.in llulib.ird,
who made a ver,y able talk in intro
(lubilig the speaker ol the day, Hon.
I bos. J. Akin, National Committee
man for Missouri, who delivered an
dije and convincwi:,' .-uhlreis on the
I'.iding topics of the campaign, lie
v. is followed by lion. W. I'. 'Juigley,
dtir net congressman fiom llus dis
tm who convinced the larje audi
i 11 e th.it he was the logical eamlt
d it", ami wu.ild make a fair, sipiaie
f. ;bt and get there.
I he night meeting was addressed
by lion. T. J. Akin, !en. Hudson,
l-.im Kcllar ol Jefferson Ci'.y, and
Col. Sjtkles ol Oklahoma, mid such
i 11 iw of elo,' tenc; was a rare treat
to the assembly.
'1 h" large court 100m was croivd
eilatlijlh meetings and at the af-
leiiioon meeting inu.y failed to get j
n. (hh music was furnUicd by ,
the Tipton Hand. Altogether it v.av'
H aiigmy of success for the Rcpuh-j
i'c.iti caudidittes ar.d the cause thevi
Favorable Comment.
W. W. Ktnloch's new paper, the
Morgan County Republican, has
reaclieil our iicsk, asking lor ex
change. While our exchange list
is already too large, we could not
think of denying the Deacon that
courtesy, of course. The Republi
can is quite a nice paper, same size
as the Democrat, anil has consider
able advertising patronage. We
hope Hro. Kinloch will prosper in
his new field, and if there are any
Indians in that county they will not
get him. Oark Democrat.
Thank goodness, Col., there are
neither Indians or insurgents tip here,
and the getting away from that dirty
mess at O.ark was one of the greatest
reliefs of my life. In fact the Re
publicans of the hill country up here
are so enthusiastically harmonious
they are making arrangements to
drive what few Democrats may be
left on this side of the river after
election up to the "llig Muddy,"
and ship to Kansas on the first boat
An Able Editor.
W. W. Kinloch, formerly of the
Christian County Republican, has
purchased the Morgan County Deni
k rat at Versailles and turned it in
to a Republican paper. Mr. Kin
loch is an able editor, a regular
shoulder hitter for his party, and
don't have to steal his editorials,
like the New lira, from other papers,
but is a writer who commands the
respect of the opposition and holds
the confidence of his own paity. Mr.
Kinloch made an effoitto come to
I'helps county, where a straight Re
publican paper is badly needed, but
the weak-kneed Republicans were
airaui to give mm any encourage
ment. The honest Republicans of
I'helps county are under the control
of the Republican riim iust the same !
is the honest Democrats are under
the control of the Democratic ling,
and the Republican ring don't want a
straight Republican paper any mote
than the Democratic ring wants a
straight Democratic paper.
The Repuliliian organiation
thought it best not to sep.11.1te the
twins, and if a straight-out Republi
can paper was put in the field the
New Kra would starve out, ithout the
aid of the New Kra Republican ring
twin the Iiul-den101r.it ring twin
would pine away and die a natural
And that is just what would happen
with a Republican like Kinloch at the
head of a Republican paper in I'helps
countv, he would soon have put the
Republican ring wheie the Sharp
Shooter has the Democrat ling, both
would have gone into the same hole,
and the hole plugged up. Missouri
Sharp Shooter.
Would like to have helped you
plug up that bole.
Our childhood fiiend and com
panion, V. V. Kinloch, former edit
or of the Oaik Republican, has pur
chased the Morgan County Demo
crat at Vcisaillcs, and 1 hanged the
name and politics of the paper to
Republican. Wallace doubtless te
niembers the boundless fields of gold
en rod, the drumming prame chiik-
jens', the hordes of water fowl and the
I ( ouullcss massas.iugas ol the hanpiu
pr une in tue iijs, t lie piniies on
Siisafras mound, the sod 1 orn which
grew so liiMiri.iutly in ptospect and
so meagerly 111 fact, on the lit w (arms
of Illinois, end the times when the
"chill d:i" of the whole family
son.etiii.i s fell at the s:.n.e tiipe, fo
tht neither one was able to hand the
other a ill in!; of water, (veil if they
! br.d the water. It is not far to Po
rina. but it is a long way back to
those old da) , 'S hen CrooVed :reek
was such an important stream to "us
boys."T-l.inn Ciecl: Ucveille.
Well, '-obi man," vou have c-illed
Ui many hsty, hut aWuo.t forgotten,
memories of the long ago when we
were barefoot boys together. Thank
goodness memory don't retain many
of the unpleasant incidents but brings
to us vividly the pleasant ones.
The Morgan County Democrat,
which has been published at Ver
sailles, has been sold to W. W. Kin
loch, a Republican, who has changed
the name to the Morgan County Re
publican. How's that for changing
coats, and all in one little week, too?
Verily, we knoweth not what tomor
row bringcth forth. St. Jatr.es Jour
nal. Well, it was a rather sudden
change the trade was closed late on
Tuesday evening and a "squar deal"
Republican paper issued the follow
ing Thursday morning. Things be
a-moving at Versailles, and a fellow
has to hurry if he gets aboard.
Declines A Sure Thing.
Mr. K. A. Crewson, who received
the nomination for state senator at
the convention held at Tipton last
month, has fully decided to not ac
cept the nomination and has sent the
letter, found below, to the chairman
of the senatorial committee at lloon
ville. Mr. Crewson does this for
business reasons only, and says that .
if he accepts and gives his canvas the!
attention it ought to have, the Demo
cratic land agents will sell all the
land in the county w bile he is up in
Howard county laboring with Demo
cratic voters. He says it is easier to
sell land in Morgan county than con
vince a Democrat in Howard county
he ought to vote the Republican tii k-
et, although evei)body else knows
he ought to do it. Van says if those
llowardites would quit drinking that I
Missouri river water and come down
here and drink the lear spiing water
that runs out of our Oark hills they
would soon sec thiough the mists and
vote like the most of us ate doing
vot'er straight Republican.
Mr. Iv. J. (lartlioofiiLr,
Chairman 1 Uh Sen. Dist. Com.,
lloonvillc, Mo.
Dear Sir - It is with rct-ret that the
con.litionsa.csucli mat I am compelled
10 Hive yon nonce inai u will oe impos
sible for me to accept the nomination
for .state semtor, which the 1 Uh v-natoi-ial
distnet convention, held at Tipton
on August 1st, so kindly tendeitd inc.
Itisanhonoi that I fully a; preeinle.
,.,! r..., I .. 1 1... .1...
I.JIW llf-IV. II. lit I l.llljilll ill. IK, lite I ill I
for several reainus. The first is, that
the conditions are certainly moreen
couraginy lor tin- Republicans this je.ii
than ever bi-foie. In looking ovti the
vote we find that the five cuiiuliis com
prising this I !lh distiiet, gave a D11110.
ciMlic majorit) 111 IWOof :;i-jO. In VW
w e cut it dow n to 157-', mid in I'OI it was
farther reduced to 'J.'ii, and this venr
I1011I1I be wiped out alogelher. Our
Democratic friends- have nothing on
which to base hopes foi thisjiai, while
their material foi future geiryiuaiiders is
smely fading out of sight. Again 1 feci
that when a i-i.tivi'iition honois ,1 peihon to the wheel, aid the committees in
with a noiiiin.ilii.il he Mionld make every every way poisible, pull together tin
elloit to get, n t ,:ly himself, but cveiy ,u curtain bills on the last scene
r.Ml.H- tt.ll.lt... .... 1.:.. t..1.,.t ..1...... .1 A . .
, , . . , , . . ,
j ou know, 1 did not seel; this 1 oiuni.i-
lien. I was not even a 'receptive" can -
didute. No 1 1 1 appreciates nunc than 1
do how it would please my cbililien, and
children h chiliiien, Ke., tube aide to
look hack and see. 1 "si nator' bobbi.ii; no
J 1 ,. , . ,, . ., h 1
rtinoug the "wbite-cips" in thcuicum
of tin. e, ami j tt, if in trjingto plaee
tills I1.1I0 of e 01 v aboi.t tilt ir i b ur lunils
f ..I,, 11.1. iii.
I bllm.lil m-gliit my wink nud let some
of them M.ove tod.nll.lt would compel
me to walk nn, nud 111 the shadow of te-
lllol -te all the lest n( inv it.'i". lieie mill
mi,;hlcau.e me some disaproiuln 1 nts
even lie,, und 1 villi gl id do all I can
lo help elect vvhncveria selected in inv
place, and eveiy other goi d Republuan j
nominated. Tliatil.iug jou iiiiin, and'
every other peison who leiueuibeiid me 1
and aided in my nomination, 1 am I
cry truly vours, j
li A. U.i v on, j
Vcisaillcs, Mo.
Advoi-tlslng For 1 )id Street FV ir. !
U'e are prepared to print viuii hand I
bills, circul.tis, etc. for disliibiitii.11
during the Street Pair. Cood woik,
and fair prices. Call early and avoid ,
the iiish.
IiiMde iiiuMcy tt thn hv Chn-.
There is nlstlng with ninny people
wrong idea of The Kecley Cure they
think it makes one ill for a few days; or
it destroys the mind at first or last; or
that there are hardship! connected with
the treatment. In no case is this true.
There is a noticeable improvement from
the start; the mind strengthen)! and re
covers its normal condition and as the
drugs or alcohol is eliminated a healthy
condition is builded,
1R. J. E. BLAINE, Phyalclan A
For 8 year chief of medical staff at
We offer to depositors every advantage consistent with rnnsrrsullse
Banking, and the moat courteous treatment Is estendtd
to those who may desire bonking faclllllra.
Protected by Tiuie-Iock Safe. Insured against llurglary and Kobbery.
Sept. 24th to 20th Is the Date Set
For this Big Event Bauscher
Carnival Co. Engaged.
The Amusement Association having
the Street and County Pair in hand
have set the date for the Street Fair
for the last week in September, be
ginning on Tuesday, the 21th, and
ending Saturday, the 20th.
The committee on amusements
succeeded in securing the Itaiischer
Carnival Company with its many and
varied attractions, to entertain the
crowds during the entire week, and
as the local attractions, such us the
stock show, fruit display, anil other
futures w,j(.i go to make the Street
Pair a success are pietty well under
stood and will be thoioiighly advei
tised for the net three weeks, it goes
1 without saving that the fall festivities
L, ,.ir ;ls Versailles is cone emed will
be first class in every partii ular.
The Art Hall, which created such
widespread inteiest last year, will
ag.iiu l'j 111 the bands of the ladies,
who will endeavor to outdo their
first attempt, if possible, but if the
displavs and the general features are
eiial to those of last year everybody
will feel satisfied. The special pre
mium cover a wide range and it now
rests with exhibitois to compete.
Let our people put their shoulders
on Sunn lay night, Sept. 2i)th, and
; b 1
! thc s,:' "im1 """"a' Street and Count)
j Pair will be an entertainment which
! cveiy itien call reflect upon with
illsl .,rl(k. 'i-imon. Hun eton. P.ldon.
1 ,,. , , , . ,,
intlior and other neighboiinglowns
! ' '""i l)
Clliroc.ltc illinttlf our S-lieet 1.11 r We
11 1 . , I iil.Miir 11. ten- I -.vt I l.t. Iillt II, Cltv id il e
, will piomise theill etltei lainmeill dlir- I ilinr lntrrrt If Hit ) li.nr nnj-. I1..111 linij m.m
a.lr st;lv wlll(Ull mmUvM',hlZ ,,,
1 ,, ., ,., , , lion ih-it .ml -I, pu...i,i l.t- iii.tiu.. I , i.ulil . ,
0111. in- 11 uikc- 1..111: 111 oii an, uic
' I" lM''11 rs "t e.( pled.
j iiu Tcatiic
riTon tMi.'fns UPhUHi nntl rtorcrii It u tnnf
Hut' ' inn 1 .hi Mir ci'iiuon frs-o Ik 'imt
tttttillni i pnitnMjr i.tV"trt''l ('(ritl'tiMilciw
ll(Hnitr(tiy'(itit:nf 1'1'hU II UK'i ioa rj nt
tint trr. u( Icil nsfnc)" ti wmitrj tmirm,
j'nii'iiiM cutn ihro'ikh .Munti l k rtiilr
tjvcUU notitf, wit l.out itiitrL.t, in Ujj
Scientific jffincrlcan.
liniM'ontt f lllu'lml't we'4lr. Ir(tt t fr
tt)i(U' ii t cur isfi(?Mt)'i'i 1 tii nal. !,,, (1 a
r"t'. Imiii mm 'iilij.tt byi.il Fic'U-ftlfr,
.1) C6 V ?' 1 W'l.l.e klui, 11. c
2811 Locust St ,
St. bonis, Mo.
or I,ock llox 102.!,
St. I.ouis, Mo.
Dwlftht, III,
W. W, MOOKE. President
GtOUGE W. PI.T1Y Vice Prralilent
J.'. MILKS, 2nd Vice President
W T I'tm. Cmliler
Mooiik Ai.r. IIkimkvian
V. I'kti v
W. Mii.i.h
A. Ciiiivvso.n
It. IIoiii.incj
II. M.vxos
V. W. Mooiik
K. W. Cumin
(,'ONWAV .lo.M'.S
W. '1'. I'ki i v
When You Want
Don't forget that
it pays to see me
before you 'buy.
H. F. Abel
Missouri l'acillc Time Card.
No, (137, Arrives at 1') 00 .1 m
No. Oi'l " at 1 10 p m
No, (Ijii leaves Versailles 10- 50 a m
arrives at Tipton II -ill n III
" St I.OIlia 'I -0 ) 111
' Kansas City, vli p in
No. 0)1, leaves Vet saillen 'I-S'l p m
arrives at 'J ipton 5 1" i tu
" Kama City. ''-I0 p m
" St. I.ouis. . . . 1 1 :1s) p ui
H. C. Mokc.an, 1'as. ,t Ticket Agt.
Maiccs KldnLys tin (I Uladder li 1 cj l.t
D. C Il.vi liV, Versailles, Mo.
ORDKK (il' riritl.ICATION.
st ,ti: Ol' Mt.ShDl UI.)
la the Mr.t.oi Ciaillty Cltlllit Ccailt.
Ill viraliii'i
Wilhi-lminu ;r.ui,. pl.li.lilf,
1 h
I'Mil'ineii !' ICiiiiiudl l( tlvliiK 101,1 If ilcmt
hit 11 nl. Ijiiwn l,f lis rout ilr im w. itcrni'lntilA
M iIiia ilui t inifrs ,l.tlnlitl litlrlil nail Mi,
ti.liliuli ninl nlti'lavil, ntliKlnt; aiiint k I'tlifi
Uiuqa llml 1I1 unit ill, iK'lij.imiu I'. Ihunlni...
' 1! Iinni: i nm n ir.Mu
.ii...ii. i.i.uii'iir .tiii) iK-ti
j i,h i,.w,i,yiM
Ill HI III l l.ilr l.li.l II
ilWill lif lilC It 1 lilt III 'P
I C ft lllllt I1H II 0 I. IKiU 11
.or hilt-tr-lti! ill Hip Mltijed UKitlei nf It is i , h
lion, liul lliey mr 11 ill. ti.iw 11 tu tlif. ii.iitntitf - .
I tin 11 1 umi- t.ini.i 1 li. iiim.'HmI l.ii.in in.r ih,
lltm nut 1.1, nut' il !i.i.. ,-oniiiii an .I n , i,t Hvani-.'
cif w lucll Is li i.'il 1 111 :i li.-iTi r ill tan' tiw-M ,
.It rrai'r.aUof nil ilulil l.llr mill init i cl . ,
lilt II 111 III) , '- III ' l 1c , -It t I .1111 urn. 1 1, ..
ami li. Hit- iu inj. tli ,of il ot icil t - ,-i 1.
I I'lii- .in. I li I ill 1.1 lae ntallit n tjiir,--, ,,.,.
. Una iwti . ' ,1 ii.ii iimIhji fat) .4,1, 1 rt 1 1 1; t
I rucl.lrrii 1 1 1 'I, i;;au is, null, Mi-.,,,! , ,
1 r.lmt( saittt in iiiiatirf ninl tliat mil. Cu ;i ,t
I itcfetl'tai't. t.e u ml nliptai .11 llit-toull i.tl lir tlr l
) It-riii tht'iruf lulteiiii font holilt-n altlirt-tiu i
hair la Hit t il ui Vt-rsilllrn, In w,u rimtiii
mi tilt- lull, ,l.ii i i !.. ml, i nm iiii.li.nia l,i
f,,ie llr liisi tint t,i.ii ttitn nn.writir plr. I
I., Hi.: ... Iitl.n, ii, . liiteiii'-f ll.f 11111 r nill I c
lnltrii .it i ,itri"-i .mil juiti:mcnt will .
Iltllitriril lire Irtlnly
Ala' Il I. (llllliri imli-itil tin. n ci n lirrruf l
t lit 'i(l i.fror.Mni: l i law, in il.c Mmp a
Cmali llt-ni'irrit u i,-tl.I nr-v. ni-i p'i V
, llilittl In Mumm minis lor fiau ei l. i.. ,
tt'.amlv ll.rlal ni iliiai In 1 1 1 Ir ,1 lln, I .
il.l)S Iwltur tllr mini a, 111 tins (,f liiccii'lu'r I , I,
V. I!. Thomas Ciunil tlriL
A tin- enpy fitan the itruinl.
Wilnrns my ha.i.l ui-t thr wnt of II. t Cllfnlk
CSI'AI 1 CuMit .f Muri.-iill Cimnly. tliU
I J Iq'.ll il l nf Jnlj, .,r. '
W. C. THOMAS, Cili'llllClnl
rVii eannetl yo .N, Dour, ii'oduei',
etc.. asMii-i'd tu !Usloiiii!t-.s pui eli.ot'inf
P"1'1""' A Nilhuiavl-je to'.i.ii

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