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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, September 06, 1906, PICTORIAL, COLOR, AND MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 9

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335 Bank of Verasilles
Second Annual
Street and County Fair!
Will be held in
September 24 to 29, Inclusive.
Big Bauscher Carnival Co.
Will amuse tKe crowds.
Novel Scenes During Each. Entire Day
With. Dazzling Electric Effects at Night
Stock Show
Which will lc made up of home grown pro
ducts, will he higgcr and hetter than ever.
Everybody requested to compete for the pre
miums offered by our citizens. A complete list will be published next week.
Fruit Display and Fine Art Hall
Special premiums are offered which will bring out a Fruit Display to greet
the stranger's eye. The Art Hall in the hands of the ladies will be gigantic.
Remember the Date, September 24 to 29, 1906. Don't Miss a Day.
Condensed official .statement of the condition of The
Bank of Versailles at the close of business, March 2oth,
1906 :
Loans ami Discounts $18931.73
Real Kstate, Furniture and Fixtures. 7,(17I).(18
Cash and Sight lixch.inge 07,285.5.'!
20 1,250.01
Capital Stock tally paid $.'10,000.00
Permanent Surplus 20,000.00
Net Undivided Profits 7,102.20
Reserved for Dividend 2,100.00
Hills Payable 11,500.00
Dki-osm.s 10;),25I.G8
The officers and directors of this Hank solicit the accounts of Indi
viduals, Firms and Hanks, and offer every accommodation to its
patrons consistent with safe kinking.
Our Hanking connections are the strongest and most conservative in
the state, and we arc at all times prepared to meet every demand.
Our depositors are protected with ample insurance against Hurglavy
and Larceny.
A. 1.. ROSS, President.
WILL L. STI-PI1ENS, Cashier.
ginning of the term, owing the gieat
advantages obtained by an additional
year being added to the course so as
to articulate with the State University,
besides the full corps of teachers at
the school building, Piof. Stith has
charge of 52 pupils of the sixth and
seventh grades in the south loom in
the .Marlin I Intel block.
Kvcryilnng points to a most mic
cessful school year, as Prof. Livesay,
who is entering his third year in our
schools, is well acquainted with the
conditions and requirements to bring
out the best results, and with able
assistants in every department, and
patrons taking proper interest to have
their children attend regulaily, this
should be the banner jear in the Ver
sailles public schools. The Hoard of
Kducation has taken the initiatory
step to this end, let all aid in the
move for a higher standard in our
educational facilities.
Miss Ola Lumpee is in St. Louis
this week looking up new styles and j
buying fall millinery for Mrs. Holes,
the popular Fast Side Milliner. Miss
Ola is a young lady of good taste,
and will make Mrs. Holes a good as
sistant. Nearly all the neighboring counties
have had their street and county
fairs, and they were all good, but if
tlwy want to know how to run a big
thing just right, they had better come
to Versailles and we'll show 'cm, and
put them in the right way of doing it
in the future.
Representative R. A. Norlleet and
wife of Kxcclsior were visitors in this
city Tuesday. Mr. Norfleet was also
here last Saturday attending the Re
publican campaign opening- He is
a good mixer, and being at the
head of the county Republican ticket,
has every assurance of succeeding
himself in the next legislature.
There is to be a picnic held at Kx
cclsior Saturday and it is expected
,that a large croud will be present.
The base ball team from Versailles
will go to the picnic and play a game
with the F.xccKior team, for the ben
i !il of the crowd, and it is probable
that a number of our "fans." will
go over to witness the sport.
J. I". Johnson, of Akinville, for
merly County School Commissioner,
was in this city on business Monday
nml frienred itsuith n nlt'.'is.mt call.
... ,, . , 'lion was accepted
He makes a very llattermx report of 1
crop conditions in his neighborhood.
Mr. J lhnson is in business in Akin
ville and has given up (-chool teach
ing, yet he was considered one among
the best teachers in the county.
Public Schools Opened Monday,
A Sudden Death.
Loran Cooper, 10 years of age, a
son of J. H. Cooper, died at his home
near Olensted last Friday, after a few
days' ilbuss, of appendicitis. His
remains were laid to rest in the deli
sted einetcry Saturday afternoon,
Rev. Slipcr, of the M. K. Chimb,
conducting the funeral seniles.
Corner Stone Laying-.
The Huilding Committee of the M.
K. Church South has invited Ver
sailles I.ckIhc, No. 117, A. F. & A.
I.M.,to lay the corner stone of the
new church building, and the iuvita-
I'he ceremony
will be some time in October when
the foundation is completed.
Flno Job IM'Intlnff.
Mr. Tillman has agreed to stay
with us for a while, and we can guar
antee you the best job printing be
tween St. Louis and Kansas City, or
Versailles public schools opened raln(.r )t.lw(.c the Mississippi and
this week vuth a large attendance, lllt! ,-.Wt :lt n..;,,,,,,!,. rillcs ,!
u numi.er en pupns iromtiiesurroiiiKi- prompt delivery. All work
ing cjun'.ry starting in wiih the be- antteed. (live us a tiial.
Will cure any case of Kidney or Bladder Disease not
beyond the rsach of medicine. No medicine c?.n do mora.
S. A. I)rsdale, who some time
ago moved with his family to Kansas
to reside on a farm which he had foi
merly purchased, soon found that
there was no place like "Old Mis
souri," and he sold his Kansas farm,
sent his wife back by railway, and is
now coming back to his lost line
by the osetl.iud route, and will anive
heie soon. He Hill be contented to
remain in the land of "the big red
apple," in the future.
The Cherokee Indian base ball club
are billed (or games with Versailles
team at base ball park in this city, on
Tuesday, Sept. 11. Tins famous
team ol real redskins hae made a
big hit all over the countiy, and aie
fine ball players. They play both in
daytime, and at night by the aid of
a svstem of electric lights, and the
exhibition is a novelty seldom wit
nessed in towns of this sie. The
Inline team will be up against a hard
proposition and will be foiced to
put up a good game to cope with the
' Indians. They are said to be the
' champions of the west, and no lover
of the national six. it an afloid to
miss these games.
Ron! Estate Transfers.
Chas W. Iwiv.inauv.h the nli-t meter,
notary puhlic, insurance ami real estate
agent, tepoi Is the lolloping ti.iiisfcrs of
real estate .iiiee our last issue:
I H. P. Anderson and wife to (,'. U
Magee, -10 acres in Section 10, '10,
19 SI 00.
I hos. Daniels and wife to Win.
Diruels etal, parcel of ground in Sec.
.'II :12, l.'J, 1031550.
Win. A. Meiriott and wife to S. N.
Hull, '10 acres in Sec. 0, .12, 10 $1.
S. N. Hull and wife to Oscar II.
j Rilile. 40 acres in Scan n 0, '12,
' M-.?b00.
Leon II. Schwab! to W. II. Outli
ne, 100 at ics in Section 20, .J2, 10
deri. Chisui et al to Clay Thruston,
lot 5JJ of block 21 ot initial town of
Versailles, Mo. Sl.'JO.
11. P. Anderson and wife to (.'. W.
Mr.gec, KJIJ acres in sc( Hon 2, -10,
Cure3 Dnckncha
Do not risk having
Brieht's Disease
THe Morgan County
Marble and Granite Works,
(Successors to Clark Marble Co.)
We haw purchased the stock of this company
and will put in a complete line of Marble and
Patronage solicited in Versailles and vicinity.
STA'I i; Ol' .Ml -.MM UI,
CoilN 1 V o MHUU.XN, (
lii the Moik-i" touiiij iiictnt Omit. In Vaca
tion U tlhtlnilna !ti Hid. I'l.iiutill,
J.unisT MtiMni iflittUK ami if ill ml, Ills nil
I. Mown lit-itmf 'iUt i'frinl.nit
At tint tl.ij lo'lH-s Dhuullll lit 1 1 in iiml fit"
l-tttioii nml illinium hMi-kIiu tunon other
tliiiitr tlmt itcU-iKl.nit, Jaini T M.tsiiii if 1iitK
is nut h t( sioYnt ol this stall, and tl tit ad lnin
ti(Trrily -) i r that his nuUnnuii btiror
l- itrrt, by h nil tceonl tille iitc iulrrr.lcl tn
tlu sulijnt unit t pi f Hits irtilHin bul (tint thry i
utr unknown M this il.iinlilf, mi thai ttich
n tint h anno! b imnte.t lien in 1101 tlif-ii ti
fit t tit r intPi -ts stt 'Hit but I ti it hi v tri i ,i
then niti iikH il tln-s Iih'c any, fiom J.mirs T
M.i stui as hi1 h iih ui ilrvki t ,
W'liru-uDon ii is nrtlctnl b tin b i lc in m i
tinn1h.it said 'kfiml.iUl If Until. c. I b pabll
c.itifiii Ih-l tilaintilt' hns c(iinnifmpif a mil
acanist In tit in tlni c'jiiit tliu 'ibjri t .itil 'ii
ri.it natnif uf wlucli is tu tibUu i a dr. itr (if
i mil I j n ao i la nt i' v. it h t lit pru. i inns if Set
Ituiis h, ami : UrvUnt st.ilu'i f Miss'iun
of Kri lit'stinf; tlit. satil drft nduis t,( all
tlirii nultli I it If a lit ii.lt ' st in and t Ihr to!
I'.Hiijf; it.iI.mI Mai ntntf tfiuit 1 lit fll
half .f tlit timtliwr't ii.i'trr. tin nr'iti half of
tin Mnitbut'st " uti r nml t lie ninth i .1 I'littM-t
of S ctiun ten f lb in lohViishii fuil ui U'lticf
nulitr- u 'lit Mini'.an Oininlv. !ismi, ami
cstiUK h-inie in iilaintirf ami th t mib thr
stti'l ilrff mlat'ts ft ii ul M'l'f.ir al Huh cmiri
at tlit nrxt t' - in t hi-ieof tu ' bit; mi an I ImMtMi
at thr t-nntt ItdiMf ill thr tity ot V (Mi Irs ill
Mii'l ci'Uiitv 'tn I no HUM l y of I c nnbrr m
ami n-inr b btr tin tiit day of -aid i in aiinv r
til i-luid lottir j.rtitHill In s.llil f nntr tlic vnnr
nlll br iaV-.ii us iouffSs4-it, ami jntlmtiit will
b" irndru d at oMliii'.U
Ami ii Isfnithri nidi t id that t rojiy bert'of
br tublislit'l ;oitirlitti to mi fir Morgan
Coimtv I) mm ml a s?t kly iicwjn... r ibbsli
t il in Mm ;aii nintt M tsiontt, I i bnr ui rks
siMcissivrtv tl r last inrition to be al Im4
th rt days b lnr the loth d i of I r mbn tv.
Vt L I IIIMli, 1.1 II II I. r I K
A trur -ot horn tin Kcrunl
Viltirs,m timid and thr sfid of llir Cfi
l , , i dill Con it of Mo .'nn County,
i this 1Mb ilavof Jn' v,0
W C Thomak c . ui t Ink
Vacation Land
A mile hinh lU'liclilful cliiuali-,
Monntniii Aii l le.ir nml Crisn. A Sun
shine i(isilit'ly cki.liic in illict
t'.lorious Out Door .Sports.
Very Low IVotos
Daily to September 30
Only ii I 111 fiom Veisiilh-s tomiil
trip- return limit Oclol L'l .'II, liD'i.
Special exclusion riili-sjtilv Hl'h In I .Mh,
inclusive, nccouiit lilks' iiiittiny,: Only
SIS do from Versailles, Mo. Scwl sit
mi in stumps for illuuli.ilnl ( oloiiiilu
hooks. " I "inlcr the Turipioisc JiUy, '
cinitiiiliiii); complcti' list if l'o!oiii(!o
hotels nml h anlini; hon-es, I'.ll.t
foliki full of information Inc.
C.I'.iVT. Al.
A't. L.oulw,
or Diabetes
Vet i.ii lies, Mo , f-ept 1, Immi.
Ruck Island Time Tiibio.
WI'.hT llOt'NI)
No. ti" D.ul) I.lliiiteil. Jsi iisstH City,
Colomilo Spunks, Demer, I'm hlo
aiiilTexas points. I.favia .'I '.s a in
No. l.'i- I duly J.ocnl. K'nits.is til I
anil a'l inleimtillatf point , alro
all points west, M'i hours tn Den- !
ver. Leaves. 'I 1)5 J' III
No, Daily I,imilel. St. I.onis i
tfUil all points chM
No. Jl- Dally I.oeal. St. I,otii,
iiiterineiliate poinUiiiiil nil points
t.ikt. l.c.nea U:(il! p in
J'or sh epiiif; ear reserntioiih, ticl;ett;,l
etc., apply to. any Rock islaiul tlcSsitl
Of Stockholders' Meeting.
Notii e is heiuhy iven that there will
he a nieeliiiH of the Slockholilers of '1 he
Oilil 1'elloHS ItuililiiiK Association of 'i r
liaillo , Missimti, Hatiirilny the Tt lllh day
of Novctnlier, lll'Ki, at eijjht o'elorlt p in.
for the Purpose of voting on a piop-i'i-tion
to issue Ifi.liOO first inortfjaf.e h inls
on the properly of the Assoeialion.
All StoeUhulilers will lake ilue notice.
Virsaillcs Mo. Sept. llh,
(il'.O. II. llllMIAITi
J V. Mll.l.S
A. I'oi'l'HH
and CURE vug LUWC5
Dr. King's
New Discovery
0UGHI a4
Frco. frlal.
Hnrct nd Uulckect Cum for nil
SqW hr C. Hardy, J?., the Pruist,

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