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The Republican,
(Succmor to This Di'.mockat.)
W. W. KINLOCH, Proprietor.
Entered In the J'ost Office at Versailles,
Missouri as second class mail matter,
Subrcription Price fl.00 a Year.
Phon M. 183.
Don't fail to watch the date after
i our name, anil if behind, which
piite a numlicr arc, send or bring h
tifficiont amount of cash to liquidate.
Ct h a small thing for each subscriber,
I'Ut in the aggregate it means much to
the publisher. Forget it not.
Vou probably noticed we had no
magazine section last week, owing to
it! failing to come on time. They
ionic from New York by freight, and
if you have ever had any dealings of
that sort, you know the uncertainty
i'hc House promises to ship from
Chicago in the near future, and we
may then hope to get them on time.
We received a copy of the Killings
Times of last week, and it shows
piite an improvement in every way,
and proves that Mrs. Kohrs is sure
enough 'the "better half," or has mar
riage improved Joe so? The Times
vas established by the present editor
of the Morgan County Kwuiimcan
j way back in 1882 or .', and we still
feel interested in its success, and
ladly note its blighter columns and
increased advertising, find now, that
it is no longer edited by a crusty old
bachelor, it cannot help being better.
We acknowledge the appointment
to the office of Deputy (Irani! I'atri
irch of (Jark Kncampmcnt, No. 108,
I.O. O. V., of O.ark, Mo., by Grand
Patriarch fSrundoo, and regret having
to decline so great an honor, but
would certainly like to be with the
Uark Patriarchy and help assist, as
w e have so many, of the ventursome
lirother Odd Fellows in their toilsome
Hid weary journey through the wil
derness. Patriarchal Oddfellowship
is certainly grand in its work and
Miblimc in its teachings, and we hope,
n hen the new hall is completed, to
.issist in organi.ing an I'ncampment
jt Versailles.
Something More For Our
We have made arrangements with a
publishing house at Chicago for a
monthly magazine, which we will
five our subicribeis free, in addition
to tlie best paper published in Mor
gan county, with its weekly magazine
section, anil all lor fel.UU per year,
until such time as the post-office de
1 aitment raises the postage to four
1 enU per pound, which the fourth
assistant p. in. general is threatening to
do, or have Congress do, and then we
w ill have to discontinue them. We
!"cpe:t to send out the first number of
ihe monthly with the first issue in
Thanksgiving Services.
Thanksgiving services were held in
1'ie" Christian church according to
program. The entire city was there
.wept those-who stayed at home
and they nearly all stayed at home
When Rev. F.mory brought us the
.opyforthe announcement we sug
,fsted tlial they secure the largest
' liurclvin the city. I lis r p y was
tint even, the smallest one would not
be half filled, and. he certainly knew
what he was, talking about. The
i ramble foe the almighty dollar
vouies first here, a elsewhere, no
tunic -to. return tlunks; but thank
(,)!, when it comes to. passing the
I ortals kept by St. Peter, the wealtl
i'f Rockefeller cannot buy n. ticket
eloquent addresses on Thanksgiving
M:ere delivered by A. I.. Ross, Judge
tUnids, K. A. Cr.e.vsoii, Prof. I.ivc
and Rev. Woods, representing
;v'vj different denominations of the city,
rjhc gathering was presided cjrer by
mv. F.mnry. The music was very
pod'.,and;the few present, fully cn
'cd(thi; snvicev,
Conohf.ss met for the short session
Monday. It is not likely that much
work will be done before the holi
days, and if the unfinished work is
cleaned up by time of adjournment,
March 4th., it will have done well.
Half Million Dollar Company.
Articles of incorporation of the
Grande Rondc Valley Fruit company
have been filed with the county clerk.
The object of the corporation is to
engage in fruit culture and the pur
chase and tales of fruit, etc., and to
acquire, mortgage and dispose of
franchises as well as rights to the use
of water for all beneficial purposes.
The capital stock of the corporation
is Si00,000, in shares of the par val
ue of SI each. Provo is the piacc of
the general oflice, but a portion of
the business will be carried on in Or
egon and other states. The directors
of the company iw : O.K. Suhr, J.
J. Nunn, V. I,. Kiersach, A. I..
Woodhouse and F. F. Steigmcyer.
Provo (Colo.) Daily Knquircr.
V. I,, liicrsach, one of the direct
ors mentioned above, is a son of 0115
enterprising merchant, C. W Kier
sach. It shows what Morgan county
young men are doing in other states,
climbing the ladder of wealth and
fame, and we hope every one of them
will become millionaires, and then
come home to spend their money.
A bartender lias just ilieil at Jefferson
City anil bis friend recount that be lias
at times served ill inks to every Missouri
chief executive for the past thirty years.
The very least lliing the living governor
ami ex-governors could do would be to
send wreathes, gates ajar, anchors,
harps, crowns and broken pillars made
of tbe seductive and odorous m tut. 1 jc.
Marrlajro License.
Jas. A. Yowi Harnett Mo.. Kthel
Goodman, Harnett, Mo.
Charles W. Harrison, of Glcirsted, Mo.
HM'I Maim II. Gerhart ot Glcustcil.
Albert Hurks, Syracuse, Mo., Jessie
Hisliop, Syracuse, Mo.
Samuel 11. Moblcy, Versailles, Mo ,
Mary Ilrownfield, Versailles, Mo.
J. William Padgett, Versailles, Mo ,
Mary Staples, Zora, Mo.
William A. Stephens, Vcrs-iillcs, Mo.,
Nettie Mae Luclcnhill, Versailles, Mo.
Chandler II Huster, Kugeue, Mo.,
Insta M. Hums, F.ugcuc, Mo.
Two railroads have just been projected,
which, together with the Jopliu system,
promise to Ik: the leiiiln of it network
of electric railroads for the entire Onrk
region. One of these begins nt Jefferson
City hy way of Wayncsville to Cabool
or Mtu. Grove, anil the one from Spring-
field hy way of Nevada to Kansas City.
The latter gets a bonus of $.'10,(XX) from
Springfield and large sums from the
towns on the linr, and generous sub-
script om rf stock. Power plants will be
on the Sac river. Camden county can
have one from Versailles to I.chaiion and
Gainesville or Mm. Grove and almost
complete the chain, hy half ns lih.'.ral aid
as ! given these good cnterpriKes. Let's
try. -Hit 1 In Tonki corremondent in
Ah r'ioii us weather is suitable most
farmers will butcher their years supply
of meal.
Juke KiiulTiuau shipped stock Monday
John and Howmau shipped another lot
of stock to III la.t week.
The mm th it hju.;ht Mr. Iliwuiiii'j
farm has ni rival here hut has not been
given posesslou of the fnrm yet.
I he Dunkard had a fine meeting at
Prairc View on Thanksgiving and the
church enjoyed it very much.
The Mcnonltt'S had several meetings
at Ml. ton during last wick.
Miss Delia Todd w.j.i in this vicinity
last week.
Horn, last week, to John brewer and
wife, n fine hoy.
The William Jawel hoy did uot accept
the care gf freedom church.
Miss Mary Kumer was at home last
Mis V.. I), Marivll of Pair View ha
been very sick with pneumonia,
Mis Mary Deviuua has returned
Tint Menonitus have liatl n bible meet
ing nl Mt. 7,iou every day last nirL
Will 11111 Frank Muouiau have gone
to Oklahoma.
Jake Rimer, hits relumed from lud.
Subscribe fur the Moig.in County
Ifr.rujjtit.'A.Nv 12 ijagcH. SI. jjtr year.,
The Home
Is what you make
Christmas Time
la the season that gladdens
the heart with the joy of
giving, u sa m m u
A part of the pleasure of giving is in
myriad of beautiful things in
Store abounds.
If n mini has a f 10 pup he would look
after it caieftilly anil not let it run all
over town, hut if he had n hoy would
tic different, says the Coffeyvillc Record.
He is turned loose at n certain age nud
let go to the devil. The people wonder
where the grc.it nrmy of tramps, loafers,
dead heats and sots come from in each
decade. They are erminated from the
puie seed gathered from our home and
S'lvvn broadcast upon our street anil
alleys. It may he your hoy is starting
that direction At all events the Ixiy
ought te he given the chance with the
That Junketing Committee.
Senator F P. Dorris, of Alton, Mo.,
Hon. John A. Wood, of I'ayette, and
Hon A K, Norlkct, of Versailles, mem
bers of the house of the general assem
bly, who have been appointed to visit
the several state institutions to ascertain
their present condition and future needs,
weie in the city on Thanksgiving day.
While here the member;, of tne com
mittee weie the guests of the Seilalia
ilusiuesh Men's association. The weuth
er was so inclement the coiumltte did not
go to the stale fa'r grounds to inspect the
buildings, hut spent the afternoon nl the
oflice ofSeerttary John K. Rippey, wheie
they examined the secretary 'h hooks and
gleaned a Urge amount of necessary in
During the evening the legislative
committe-- enjoyed a Tlmuktgiviug din
ner at the Kile's club rooms, uheic they
weie the guest of W. II, R-im-icy and
Will Mellor, picsldcut and secretary, te
spectivtly, of the Seilalia business Men's
association. The guests at the iin
promptu dinner were Senator Norris,
Hon. John A. Wood, lion. A. K.Norlltcl
John R, Rippej , Hon. K. I'.. Johnston,
Charles H. Venter, George 1', Log.m,
Will J. Mellor, Mayor John A. Collins,
George II. Scrutou, 1'. II, Stratum, Tost
master I'.. I'.. Codding and former Mayor
J. L. llahcock.
i uere was no np:ccumakiug mm no
toasts, the alftir being of a most enjoy
able social nature, Howeve, n a finale
J to the dinner, I?x-Myor llabeock was
prevailed upon to tell a story, nnil'"Jud
who is always at his best at a dinner
party, pioviiled an iuUllccluul dessert
which was th uroughly tujoyi d.
The menu prepared fin the occasion hy
L. 0. Tally, siehuril of the Ivlks' club,
was us follows:
Ashoited Drinks.
Ojsler Stew,
Olives Celery, Smet J'ickles.
Ituiht Vounj; 'I urkey,
Cranberry S,
1 ' , r Veal, fr.K,siii(
There is nothing more ap
propriate for a Gift than a
nice piece of Furniture.
Full Furniture Elegance
At Moderate Prices
Is What We Offer For Holiday Presents.
Make your selections early, have
ped when desired. $ 2
W. H.
Pineapple Fritters, Wine Sauce.
Snowilake Potatoes. French Peas.
Gla.ed Sweet Potatoes.
Wnldrof Salad. Uggs in the Nest.
Hot Tea Isiscuit.
Mince Pie.
Assorted Fruit.
Jllnek Coffee. Milk.
Cheese, Vanilla Wafers
The committee visited the state norm
al building at Warieiishurg on Friday,
and will hi here today for the purpose of
visiting the hmliliiigs at the state lair
grouuils. Scilaha Seutllial.
Good Roads Movement Spreads
Ovor tho Country,
Ilettcr wagon roads are being agitated
in every part of the country and the peo
ple, especially the fanners, arc awaken
ing to the importance of this movement.
Some st iles have secured laws that will
enable counties and townships to carry
on these improvements. In other in
stances similar legislation is being advo
cated. Missouri, which state has given to the
world the greatest good road advocate
since Caesar, D, Ward King, the man
with a split log drag, has been thorough
ly aroused on the subject and at the win
ter meeting of the Stale Aasembly a law,
which Iris already received Governor
Folk's endorsement, will probably be
passed creating a Slate Good Kouls Com
mission and authorizing counties to car
ry on ro.nl work by the levying of "pe
dal taxes,
In the shaping of this law ils advocates
had before them the experience of the
neighboring state of Illnois, which 1ms
litely taken au advaucnl step in load im
piovemeul. as is evidenced hy the feder
al miles of experimental work done in
the vicinity of Springfield, the capital.
A. W Johnson, state highway commis
sioner, has had charge of the road con
sliuetio'.i at Springfield ami his advice
and assistance is available to every coun
ty in the state, It is the plan of the
Missouri good loads Ixxuners to have just
such au official at the service of the pro
poteil commission. Mr. Johnson is au
engineer and au cspert on road wot I:.
In Kansas and Oklahoma the matter
of good roadr. has not been ovei looked.
Nature has been more kind to these parts
than to some of the clay hill districts of
Arkansas ami liusteru Texas, but the
roads -good to start with have had to
he kept goo.l nml that requires work.
money nun nine.
Goal roads invariably lea I to good
comumuitie.4. There will be mm.- of
them in the next few years.-1 ue South
Ob! pollers for sale nl t. is fficc
UO cents per hnnilrcil. (iooi! to put
umler, carjiets,, on, slich es cjcv,
choosing from the
which our
them delivered, or
From Tlic Kntcrprlte.
'I'. V. O'Neal went to Versailles vester-.
The resilience of I'd Harrison is Hear
ing completion.
Mrs. II. L. Windier
wa.s a passenger
to Stover Sunday.
Jim Vows had busmen in Versail'e.s
and Kldon Wednesday.
J. T. Pheleii, the town marshal, is ver
hick with pneumonia.
Win. IJunstali drove a nice hunch
cattle through town Mondey.
Mrs T. I'. liond is visiting with her
mother, Mrs. Iiiown, this week
Norman Davidson, of l-Udou, is here
this week caring for the night mail.
J. l'hilliss has moved into his new res
idence in the north part of town,
Char'es Woo.seley and wife, came in
Wednesday to attend the Vows-Good-man
Mr. and Mrs, K, I'reemm were visit
ing with the families of Levi Strong, J.
C. Phillips and W. I,. Hallcr Saturday
and Sunday
Versailles, Mo,, .Sept. 1, l'06.
Rook Island Time Table.
No. '.'7 -Daily Limited. Kansas City,
Colorado Spiings, Denver, Pueblo
and Texas points. Leaves. , ,',Ui a m
No. l.'l - Daily Local. Kansas City
and all Intermediate points, also
all points wet. hours to Den
ver. Leaves , , , , p m
No, 2H Daily Limited. St. Louis
and nil points east I ;.V a. ui
No 14 Daily Local. Si. Louis,
intermediate points and all points
east. Leaves 12:02 pin
For sleeping car reservations, tickets,
etc, apply to any Rock Islnud ticket
)Ct prjnt yollr utlcr lt-afSt notc
j.,...,,. ,.., Hnl,1111I1B ....
.' , V ,' V 1
circulars, sale hills, hnefs, etc., ami
- , then you will be sure of havinir tin-
I - rt
best. Vou know it. pays to use only
the best stationery, we furnish il.
now it is up to you. Our work !
I M M il ZMZ urr
firti.litii.ant! l)rir,c,s wwiii-tltle. ,

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