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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, December 06, 1906, Image 5

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1 H. K. ENLOE, 3;
E OtUcr 'Phone HcilJtnr 'Phone I
74. X9. '
Circuit Court next Monday.
The Palace Grocery has the best
flour for the money in the Versailles
market. W. N. (Jilson.
Cen. Hudson, who had been rusti
cating at Topcka for Thanksgiving,
returned to the best town on earth
last Saturday.
Kvangclist Miller (Advcntist), will
preach at I'ost Oak school house
next Sunday forenoon at 11 o'clock
and in the evening at 7.
Will pay for news of six ewes, lost on
Nov. Hrd., marked with fork on one
car and crop on the other. Notify
A. J.aforest, Stover, Mo.
The guests ,who were in attendance
Alt the K. of I'. banquet couldn't com-
plain of not getting plenty of Thanks-
I IMvillt' llirWl'V. Tlwrr- wnK n Inn nr cr
Mrs. J. I,. Short, accompanied by
her brother, went to Climax Springs
last week, where she spent Thanks
giving witli her parents, 1 Jr. and Mrs.
We are not kickinn about exnenses.
. I.... : .1... i . i .
mi nr. aki. jiuyjug uic nigncsi mar-
ket once for hides, fur and all kinds
fif rtrMiliin f If Iiipi: llw. Itnt.
er and Grocer.
M. Joachimi left Tuesday for St.
Louis to lay in a big stock of holiday
goods, and will be in shape to tell
our readers next week the bargains he
has secured for them.
Versailles Lodge, No. 117, A. F.
V A. M., had a very pleasant meet
ing Saturday night, a good attend
ance, and conferred the K. A. degree
on n candidate to his entire satisfac
tion. David Fricdley and wife, who are
located at Lincoln, in Denton county,
are making a visit here this week with
Mr. Fricdley's mother anil brothers,
northwest of town. This is his first
visit with home folks for several years.
Hen. L. Rickard, formerly of Ver
sailles, now of Farmington, Mo.,
came in Sunday on a visit to his
many fiiends here, in general, and
his best girl in particular. Me made
himself solid witii the Kki'Uiii.ican the
(list dash out of the box.
S. W. Tate, of Menphis, Tenn.,
who is a large stockholder in the Mis
souri Cannel Coal Co., and Versailles
V Sedalia Ry., was up on a tour of
inspection last week, and expressed
lllllCJI il 1VUII MillllllCIl Willi IIIL' urn-
gress made in building the new road
and opening the mines.
The electric lights have been going
out at odd times lately, and it is rather
dark and dismal without them, besides
the extra trouble of hunting up and
liL'hliiiL' lamtis. but we sunoose we
will have to get used to that phase of
the business, and pay for it in ad
vance. It may be the city dads arc
trying to economize in this way, and
make (lie plant self supporting.
Messrs. I). I. Kahle, K. C. Kahle
and 'I'. McWaters. of Oil City, Pa.,
came in on a visit Thanksgiving, to
look over our county, I). 1'. Kahle
already owns some Morgan county
dirt near Harnett, and they may con
clude to get title to some more, when
they learn what a good thing it is.
He is the inventer of a new monkey
wrench, which is automatic and in
stantaneous in it operation, and a
wonderful improvement over the old
ityle wrench. While here I e called
Am the Kr.i'Ui:ucN and set his sub
scription over into 1008, wishing to
keep posted, on. Morgan county affair
Monday, Dec. lO, 19O0.
W. r. MANN
Presents a I'luy You Can't Afford to
As Told In
The Hills.
Great Cast Second Season.
Ity far the licit Dramatic Production
of Today.
Everything )!Efs
New jeSi
Prices. 25. 35 nd 50c.
Huy one of lieinan's automatic oil
cans. W. N. Oilson.
J. H. Redding tcok Thanksgiving
dinner with home folks at St. Louis.
The Palace Grocery handles all
Henry Moser's flour. W. N. Gilson.
Some nice Double Ilrcasted, Square
Cut Suits lor young men, at the Fa
Phone 207. Room 6 Mason .S: Ilprdy
llldg. Chan. W. Kavtiiiugh, Notary,
Real l'.state, Insurance mid Loans.
Winter Caps Plush, Melton, Water
proof and Corduroy. Styles Have
lock. Windsor, Judge, Golf, Hunt
ing Brighton, etc., at the Famous.
John Shore, the concrete contrac
tor, who has been at work at Frank
lin, 111., for the past eight months,
returned home last Thursday for the
Representative Norfleet, member
of the legislative committee investi
gating the state institutions, to report
to tiie legislature when it meets, came
down from Windsor Sunday, return
ing on the afternoon train.
Kxpcnses may bother some people
but its not bothering us. We are do
ing business and guarantee goods as
good as you can get any where and
prices as cheap as if expenses count
ed for nothing. Vours for good
goods, good service and prices that
are right. C. H. Phick, the Hutchcr
and Grocer.
The Versailles ,V Sedalia Ry. folks
are still having their regular run of
trouble and bad luck. Last week the
weather was too bad for much work,
their engine finally got here last
Saturday, but badly out of. repair,
but they hope to have everything in
runing order soon, as they have or
ders ahead for many cars of coal.
Election of Officers.
Versailles Lodge, No. 2,U, I. O.
O. F., at their meeting Tuesday night
elected the following officers for the
ensuing term: (.'has. K. Willson, N.
G. ; H. N. Lutinan, V. G. ; A. Pop
per, Se-'y; W. L. Stephens, Treas.
Trustees F. D. Harrison, H years;
A. W. Hums, 2 years; Louis Lumpee,
1 year. One application lor mem
bership w.is received, also application
to confer the 2d degree on member
of another lodge, which ceremony
will be duly performed next Tuesday
night. Kvcry member come out and
help have a good time.
The Matron's Contest.
The Matron's Contest, held at the
opera house Tuesday night, under
the auspices of the W. C. T. I., was
well attended. The orations by the
contestants were very interesting, and
the sech by J. F. Gibbs, on
temperance, was roundly applauded,
and if the sentiment of those present
is general, prohibition for Morgan
county will, in the near lutuwr, be an
accomplished fact., There was dis
'apMiintmei)t in some of the member!)
jof the choir failing to put in an ap
pearance, and the disappearance of
the electric lights, but on the whole
' il w,as a (jfand, succw.,
Post Master J. W. Mills is report
ed sick at his home.
Doran Hakcwell is playing conduc
tor on the V. & S. Railway.
Home-made mince meat for sale
at the Palace. V. N. Gilson.
For your pictorial cards and post
ers for the Holidays come to the Rk-
pum.ican' office. Our supply is not
large, so you better not wait too long.
P. F. Dresie, father of our new
Telephone man, with his family,
arrived here this week and will be
come permanent residents of Ver
sailles. The Presidents message will be
found on the inside of this issue.
Read it and you will know just where
President Roosevelt stands on all
public questions.
Last Friday while Will Padgett
was working about his traction
engine, he had one of his hands
badly crushed by a piece of heavy
iron falling on the same.
The ladies should read Hudson's
cigar ad on front page, and if you
want to please the "old man" buy
him 1 box of Hudson's cigars for a
Christmas present. If you don't he
will buy them anyway.
House breakers were reported
prowling about in parts of our city
this week. They were detected at
the home of Mrs. Lucy Hakewell, on
Jasper street, Monday night. A lead
ed reception would check their oper
ations. The Kditor of the Kr.ruci.iCAN is
considerably "up in the air" just at
present. His household goods have
arrived and his family will be here
next week, when he will "put the big
pot in the little one" and hold a
family banquet which will distance
anything ordinary. He will occupy
the Hecknvin property, North Camp
bell street.
Lou Price is shipping a car load of
Morgan county's finest apples to Ok
lahoma. You know that Oklahoma
boasts of her fine apples, but when
they want the genuine thing they have
struck the right place when they send
to Morgan county, Missouri, U. S.
A., for a supply, for this is the real
home of the "Hig Red Apple," the
best that grows.
Mrs. M. L. Price, son and daugh
ter, of Watonga, Okla., were visiting
J. K. Price and family here the past
week. The) I ft Tuesday for Tipton,
to visit relatives there a lew days be
fore returning to their Oklahoma
home. They formerly lived here,
leaving lor the land of promise fifteen
years ago, and have prospered in
their new home.
A business that does not have any
expenses does not amount to much.
You do not have to take a pencil and
figure, it is plain, you can make a
better selection from a laige stock of
goods, than from a small one. So
come in and see our fine line of corn
fed beef, pork, mutton, and veal in
season. Stusage of all kinds, salt
smoked meats, home rendered lard,
staple and fancy groceries of all kinds.
We also pay the highest market price
for hides, furs, and produce of all
kinds. C. 11. Pimck, the Hutchcr
and Grocer.
Bazaar and Turkey Suppor.
The Ladies' Aid of the Christian
church will hold their annual Hazaar
and Turkey Supper, on Friday, De
cember 7th. This affair, which has
always been first-class in every re
spect, will be better than ever, this
year. Wait for it.
Overcoats, Iridic-)' Coats,
Blankets, Shoes. Children's
Goats, Underwear, Woolens,
Outings, Shirts, Suits for
Men, Boys and Children, nil
going :t lowest prices.
, On. the Corner.
The Bank of
Condensed official statement of the condition of The
Bank of Versailles at the close of business, March 20th,
1906 :
Ixans and Discounts $180,201.73
Real F.state, Furniture and Fixtures. 7,070.08
Cash and Sight Kxchange 07,285.51
Capital Stock fully paid S.'IO.OOO.OO
Permanent Surplus 20,000.00
Net Undivided Profits 7,102.2(1
Reserved for Dividend 2,100.00
Hills Payable 11,500.00
Dr.i'osn 103,251.08
The officers and directors of this Hank solicit the accounts of Indi
viduals, Firms and Hanks, and offer every accommodation to its
patrons consistent with safe banking.
Our Hanking connections are the strongest and most conservative in
the stale, and we arc at all times prepared to meet every demand.
Our depositors are protected with ample insurance against Burglary
and Larceny.
A. L. ROSS, President.
1 liuvo Ukj only Complete Hot of
In Morgan County, and cimllongu investigation.
Kpeeiiil attention given to correcting and per
fecting Titles.
Pnone 70. Office in Woods Building, Versailles, No.
We offer tu depna'tora everV advnnl eiin cunnUtriil wild ci n(f vulUr
IlKiiklnil. m l the moat courteoua treatment In extend. d
to thnae who may dealre bnnklntf facll.tlta.
Pioturlvil by Time-Iick Safe. Insured against Hurglary and Kolihery.
Christmas is only 10 days off now.
Old Sint.i will be coming before you
are ready, if you are not careful.
I am now locitml in Room No 6 Ma
son & Ilfinly llhlg., wheie I am ready to
make your Abstract, u iite your Insur
ance, do your Notary I'lilille worU etc.
Phone 207.
Miss (Irace Hamilton who is star
ring in the new melodrama, "As Told j
in the Hills," is one of the best rifle
shots in the country, having lefuscil
several offers from prominent rille
manufacturers to tour the country at
tending tournaments where she would'
come in competition with the best ex
perts, adveitising their lines of rilles.
In one act of the play she has to free
tier father who has been captured and
bound, by shooting the rope which.
secures his wrists. Thih required n
steady nerve and a quick, eye for both'
Mist Hamilton and the captive but
the incident has never been marked
by an accident. The play is one of
the few high class productions of. the
season. that will.be seen here with the
original' metropolitan. cast. The en
gagement is for Monday night, at the
Krauts Opera House.,
W w, MOOUC. Pievldcnl
(Honor: W. Pi t IY Vlcr I'rraldent
J. W. Mil lb. 2ml Vi.r lrelilrnt
J I) IIIIIIIUUl), Cnslilrr
.lllllN MooIlK
(i. W. I'KTI V
.1 W. MlU.H
C. It. Itolll.lMI
'. II. Maho.n
Ai.r, IIkinhman
W. W. Mouitr.
H. W. (.'turn'
'.ON WAV .loNI'.S
.1. I). I Itllll lll
Special Offer.
For a short time we olfcr the Mor
gan County Rr.i'Uiii.iCAN one year.,
and the St. l-ouis (ilobe-Democrat.
twice-a-weck, for two years, for $2.00.
Regular price $.'.00. This applies to
all new subscribers, and to all old
subscribers who pay up and renew for
a year. Will throw, in for good mea
sure the balance of this year on the
Kci'i'ni.H'A.N, and mark you up to Jan.
1st. 1008.
A Rabbit and Quail at Same
Ic is strange how. quick, foreigners
catch onto the Missouri way ol doing
things, or rather Out way of telling
about it. II. A. Young says, whil.
out hunting on Thanksgiving, he ft'reu
at a quail just as it rose from the
ground, killed it, and. the iamu shoi
killed a rabbit sixty, oiv seventy kit
beyond. If the rabbit had kept still
Voting would, never, have known, he
hit it. but as it was dead it dldn'tt
want to stiiy out in the cold, so in
kicking the bucket it made known
"where it was at." There are Hai
risosvund Mills yet to hear from,, but
tticy will have- to furnifth good wit.
mason und. sworn tu'timoiiv.,

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