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Morgan County Republican.
Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo., Thursday Morning. Sept. 26. 1912.
No. 39
Furniture of alt kinds repaired
and satisfaction given.
Furniture Store
Bridles and
Saddlery Hardware.
Carriage Trimming and Re
pairing Neatly and promptly
In Business 41 Years.
Harness, Bridles, Etc.,
Home 1 made, Hand-mad
and guarranteed.
Will meet all competition
in prices considering quality
of material and workmanship
Call and see me before
Versailles. - Missouri.
Office in New Odd I'cllow Iluilding
Rooms .'t(-.')6
Versailles, Mo.
l'rompt service and first-class work
to all patrons. 1'liono 37.
Th firm Of
(At Kiilwcll's Old Stand.)
Will continue the Undertaking
Furniture business.
We are prepared to do all kinds o
epairing, and furnish Furniture at
prices that will cause you to buy.
An excellent assortment of Caskets,
Coffins, Robes, Etc., will be kept in
stock. Prompt service, and satis
faction guaranteed.
Call on, or phone us.
Phon 958.
One-Way Colonist Tickets la Call,
forala and North Pacific Coaat
Points, will be oa aala at very low
rataa of fare dally, September 23
to October 10, 1912
Tickets are honored in
Tourist Sleeping Cars upon
paymentofberthrate about
half that of standard sleepers
but fully as comfortable.
Choice of Three Routes
Via Colorado Scenic Route to Salt
Lake City thence Western Pacific
through the Grand Canyon of the
Feather River; via Colorado Scenic
Route to Salt Lake City and Ogden
thence Southern Pacific; via El
Pato and New Mexico -the direct
route of lowest altitudes and route
of the " Calif omlan" U connection
with the E. P. &S.W. and Southern
For Information, wrto or can.
Now, 1 am not able to do any labor
ol any kind whereby to earn a living,
cannot even begin to conduct my
business, and tneriforc I am COM
CAN. A hustling printer can make it earn
$100.00 per month. I have done
this, when able to work, and did not
nearly exhaust all it's possibilities.
If you want to go into the newspaper
business come and sec me.
Versailles, Mo.
Must Sell.
Many of the folks arc ilrwng apples
this year, ln.it will hemic way to
beat the high cost ol living, tlricU ap
ples and water nuke a very filling
diet apples for bicakfast, water tor
dinner, making apple sauce for sup
per but be careful not to get too
much water.
Constable Morcland was laid up a
few days last week, reported that he
had a chill, but liev is too lazy to
shake. He was able to be up and
ready for b'Jin:si Mj.uluy.
Jack Frost has failed to pit m an
appearance in thji jtnm-diate .-e tion.
but from the feel in the air tlia oi l
gentleman is not far aw,n .
J. H. H. Hiker left Mond iy for St.
Louis, where he goes t i represent
Linn Creek Maonic Ixnlge at the
Grand Lodge .ses.bns. Hro. Hakcr
will visit a Iricud at Koodhoue, III.,
belore returnfng home.
Many are figuring on going to the
state fair from here and there will
probably be quite an automobile cara
van go up.
The Morgan County Life Insurance
Association is getting many new mem
bers and is well worthy the consider
ation of every citizen of the county.
No one can get in outside the county
and with the good health that is prov
erbial, of Morgan county, the assess
ments are bound to be far between.
Every one should carry some insuran
ce and this is bound to be cheap and
safe. E. A. Crewson is President
and E. W. Curtis Secretary.
The most of Moigan county's dis
plays at the state fair got off Tuesday
and Mr. H. A. Young, who will have
charge of the display, gets away this
week. Mr. young will have no
reason to be ashamed of the display
he will be able to make- While other
counties may have as good coru,
wheat and oats as Morgan, our variety
is bound to attract attention. No
county will have a better all round
line of resources and out 'show" up
here is bound to attract attention.
Mr. Warren Boles, who is visiting
his parents Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Boles,
is full of "orchard" and if you don't
want to get filled up on apples, peach
es and pears, don't let him show you
his nictures of orchard; and listen to
his 'spiel" of what grows about Lew
istown, Idaho.
Rev. W. H. Hesler who attendeS
District Conference at Springfield last
week, returned home Monday. H t
next appointment is Slater, one of the
best in the district. Rev. S. P. Clay
ton, of Marshfield, comes to Versail
Just want to call your attention to
a few of tKe low prices on things you
buy almost every day. Study tHese
prices and you will see it pays you to
trade with, us:
Royal Dainty Flour, per cwt $2.00
Home Produce Flour, per cwt 2.50
Fancy Patent Flour, per cwt 2.60
Turkey Hard wheat Flour, per cwt 2.50
4 cans choice corn , .25
2 cans tomatoes, .25
3 cans hominy, .25
3 pkgs. Krinkle corn flakes, .25
i 1bs. choice new head rice, .25
These are Just a sample of the bar
gains we have for you.
! This Week we are paying:
For Eggs
For hens
Spring chickens
lit itter
12 l-2c
Beef Hides
Owing to chjngeablc market
prices but will pay top of market.
not quote j
We wr.it Mbrgan County potatoes. If you
have potatoes to sell bring them to'us.
We pav-hlffhest price for all produce.
Price, Lutz & Price.
; . A Saloon Petition.
i Report says there is a new petition
;for a saloon license being circulated.
I Vou don't want to license some
ibodv to commit murder? That's
what the old saloons did.
Vou don't want to rob men of their
money, health and manhood? That's
what the old saloons did.
Vou don't want to license some
body to rob women and children of
lood and raiment? Th.t'swhat the
old saloons did.
The new reason (the v silly season
seems to be still on) is, that because
Stover has two saloons, all of Ver
sailles' trade is going to Stover. No
thing to it. Those who go to Stover
for a supply of red Itquur don't buy
anything else, and if Stover is getting
the trade it is because she has the
goods and makes the prices. Don't
bring us such a festering sore as
thai, "the progenitor of nearly all
hatred, crime and violence."
'Will Hy Name be Written
The Anti-Saloon League promises
to have the saloon petitions published
as soon ds filed with the county court
and if you don't want your name in
the limelights in connection with
such a dirty, disreputable business,
don't sign it. If you are a man you
can't afford to do so dirty a trick on
your friends and neighbors, the men,
women and children of this city and
community. Don't.
Marriage Lloenses.
j J. A. Riffle Harnett
Mamie Daniels Stephens Point Wis,
j V. A. Baxter Fortuna,
I Amanda I). Bowcn Fortuna,
David C. Cournutt Latham.
) Flora V. Enloe, High Point,
j Charles F. Williams Rocky Mount,
Lauretta P. Jordan Eldon,
Miss Anna Sinims left for the state Mrs. M. F. Marion h is a very
of California last Tuesday, to be gone J complete line of cheap and up-to-date
for the winter at least and she may !'"-" of hats and is constantly renew
., , , , ... i iK her stock with hats from different
I - i nrms
Miss Anna will be greatly missed in
Morgan county as she has been one
of the most successful teachers in elo
cution in the state. She is one of
the very best elocutionits herself and
has the good faculty of imparting it to
Call and sec the hats at the Millin.
cry Hazar, get our prices and inspect
our goods before buying elsewhere.
N. E. Mou.vis.
others and one of the reasons that our
young people have been enabled to
carry off nearly every prize in the dis
trict and state contests is. ;hat they
have had the benefit of Miss Simm's
teaching. She likes to teach, 'and is
beloved by all her pupils and will be
a most useful citizen to the people
where she makes her home. Our bes
wishes go with her for she has done
much for this central Missouri coun.
Geo. A. Morgan, Agent.
Rev. Polston, who was at M..E
Conference at Springfield last week,
came in Monday to visit with his fam
ily tor a few weeks. He has not de
cided yet just where he will work the
coming year. .
Preaching1 at the Presbyterian
Church Sunday.
The pastor will preach next sunday
I morning and e 'ening.
Subject at the morning service. A
Every body invited.
Versailles Street and
At a recent meeting of the Ver-
siilles Commercial Club, it was decid
ed that the Fair be held on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, October, 10th,
11th, and 12th, 1012.
The premium list will be published
next week. Everybody is invited to
come and bring exhibits for entry in
the classes andrings to be announced in
next week's newspapers. Commitces
are now in correspondence with M.
Major and M. McKinley, candidates
for Governor, also another speaker
who wilfdiscuss the Single Tax ques
tion, and it is expected that a good
speech may be heard on each day of
the Fair.
H. F. Aiiell Vice-President.
Richard H. Woods, Acting Secretary
of the Versailles Commercial Club.
Mrs. B. L. Rickard visited her
parents,. Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Kidwell,
in Versailles, from Wednesday until
Saturday. Tipton Tunes.
The Millinery Bazar is the place to
buy your fall millinery.
A hat for every head and prices to
suit all.
N. E. Mounts.
Mrs. Virgie Chambelain and little
daughter, of Denver, arc here visiting
with Mrs. P. G. Woods, Mrs. Cham
berlain's mother. They will remain
until after a certain wedding takes
place between a couple of our most
prominent young people.
National Light Oil
. . .
ina uc enured m a minn'.
supply of the bat burning oil
on the market.
You need the belt oil lor
lampi, incubatott, brooder, and
National Light Oil
nw wen Known io in. worm lor iv
mn M the high gnit oil muv
iKturad. It Ui purt oitthtt buna to
tftt IM drop without unoa or odor.
Don t accrpt low rndc oil cbimtd
1I -JH M gOOU. - ACCtptUf
uteotut U liking thuum St
i rhu
, Dot wppljf you, writ M diner.
I Tie NatUaal RrllaiH C.
aw flu iln I CM.
mat rou get th grnuiM National I
u(w un it jrour ocairr.ci
School Notas.
A few pupils were out of school
Friday on account of rain other-wise
the attendance has been excellent,
and we we hope it will continue.
The Witten Literary Society re-or
ganized Friday, and the following of
ficers were elected:
President, Marion Otten ; Vicc
Prcs., Ruth Clifton; Sec, Mara
Keivel; Treas. Nora Tolerp Marshall,
William Otten ; Editor, Lucy Kelly.
Room 5 organized a society Friday
Both societies will have programs a
week from Friday.
Miss Martin, of Kansas City, visit
ed rooms 5 and 6 Monday alteruoon.
Misses Lucilc Moore and Ada
Beard and Mr. Roger Voung visited
room 2 Thursday.
The Junior Class organized by el
ecting the following officers:
Pres. Ina Kinlock ; Vice-Pres. Sarah
Sherman ; Treas. Ruth Clifton ; Sec.
Lucy Kelly,
Selected the red rose as the flower,
red and black as colors.
The Freshman class held a meet
ing and the following officers were el
ected :
Pres. Lulu Smoycr; Vice-Pres.
Mildred Handy; Sec. Fannie Avis;
Treas. Helen Moore ; Marshal, Alvin
The High School has decided to
publish a paper if one hundred sub
scribers can be secured. It will be
called the "Versailles Public and
High School Register," and will be
issued twice each month, any one
wishing to take this paper see Eugene
Agce, Editor.
The price is five cents a month.
Mr. G. W. Cram, of Salt Lake City,
who bought the Drabnig farm some
time ago, and his son Fred Cram, of
Caliente, Nevtda, have been here
looking over Morgan county for a few
days. The young man is an engineer
on the San Pedro road and had to get
back to take his engine and left Wed
nesday morning. These men are
both well pleased with the country
and hope some time to make it their
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