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W. V. KINLOOH, Publisher,
Interesting Item Gathered From All
Parts of the World Condensed
nto Small Space for the Ben
efit of Our Readers.
Domestic Items.
Unlets the fnilonil government rays
the paving tiiv against the site for the
new federal building at Tulsa, ()k de
linrincnt since 1 0 10, Hie property will
be cold for taxes.
I. C. Adams, v.ho lt-ad In the $:!n,.
000 hank lobbery In Now Westminster,
11. C. September 19, 1!11 was arrested
In St. Imis.
At Augusta, fla., one person was
Wiled and several fatally wounded by
slate guardum n, railed out to protect
the power plant of the sheet railway
company fiom strikers,
An explosion hi the iSolcn-Darnell
Coal coinpan.v'.s mine at Craig, Ok.,
killed Antonio Plata and Injured
1'iank Spanovalla, shot flreis.
In three das no lens than 'J.Vi or
'MO carloads of cattle were pent to
market from Cottonwood Palls, Kan.
The Adams Fxpross company was
Indicted for maintaining a nuisance in
connection with the hale ol intoxicat
ing liquors at the Mat-on City, la.,
A federal court jury at Wichita ac
quitted D. Vincent, former postmaster
nt Herringtoii. Kan., who wan Indicted
on a chaige of having htolen Jli.'JOO
from the mail.
naron Mirchall on lileberstcln,
Herman ambassador to London, ditil
Middenly at liaderiwellor, Ccrmuny.
Ilailroad trallic n completely sus
Vended In the Spanish province of
Catalonit hv th" action of strikers.
Dock laborers at Halhoa, Panama,
nit- on strike Pour steamships are de
layed. The men ask inoie pay.
At Caldwell, Tex., a cow chewed a
stick of d.-nainite at a railroad camp
nnd three men and the cow were in
jured severely.
A propositi genera! inciease in class i
freight rates from points In Missouri
to Kansas hy the Kansas City South-
ern was suspended by the Interstate
romineice commission until .Jauary 28.
The Hrltlsh war office was so Im
pressed hy the work of the aeroplanes
In the recent iirmy m.ti.etncis that it
has decided to build two sets tor spe
cial purposes.
Twenty-five thousand dollais of the
1272.000 stolen from the blanch of the
r.ank of Montreal at New Westmln
liter. P.. C, was reeoveied by Chicago
That (Jen. Oro.m bis mlllcicnt
funds to prolong the pwdtitlon Indell
nltely was ascot tain' d by S.'cnators
Smith nml Pall of tin- subcommittee
Investigating the Mexii an ontbieak.
A Missouri I'acilic lassengir train,
eastbound, was wicil.cd lour liilleH
i-asl of Uurand, Kan. It Is repotted
Hint one person was killed and a num
ber Injured sovcrelv
The second snowlall m ten ilavs vis
ited Di'iiver alter II I. nuts of liilu
The horse initially limn the Central
West has icached New Jersey, the
disease ill's t appealing at Dias Creek.
Poll' o reserves weic ailed out to
ipiell a liot of I. .'.no New York public
schoolboys who took Ibis menus of
protesting against tiausfer of their
Two army aviation schools in Cali
fornia and Florida will be established
soon. The cities have not been se
lected Th" aviation corps now at
College Park, Md., with ten machines
will bo divided.
ice a quarter of an Inch thick
formed at Kmporla, Kan., in the night.
The temperature went. to lit degiees.
Three wealthy farmeis near Print,
town, Ok., wore shot In a battle with
neighbors over the Idling of negro cot
ton pIckerH.
Two hundred Kansas tanners ponied
nnd hold their ICngllbh blue glass seed
at fl a bushel, a tiillc mnie than Wi
rents a pound.
A passenger train and an oil train
crashed together on a bridge near
Kansas City, killing three switchmen
nnd Injuring four other trainmen.
Tfcarlngs on many cases involving
valuable coal lands In Alimkn will ho
held at the Seattle land ollice In Octo
ber. Two deputy BlierlffH wcro killed,
nnd another dangerously wounded In
n fight at Kagle Creek, Ail.., with a
hand of Mexicans stealing cuttle,
Twelve horses nnd a mule burned to
death In a fire at Mexico, Mo. Tho
loss was 0,000.
Por the ilrst time In history during
n hesBlon of the Missouri Bar associa
tion at St. Louis every circuit court In
(bo Btato is ndjournod,
Nearly 2,000 cigar makers struck In
Manila. Twelve thousand moro will
follow, tying up all factories In Manila,
Foreign Affair.
Screaming "Down with, tho United
States," BOO Italian workmen, on strike
tried to demolish the American minis
ter's house at Hdrnc, Switzerland.
Rebels raided the camp of William
Orr, a railroad contractor near Juarez,
taking 1 1-1 ,000 In cash and about $22,
000 In supplies.
Damage exceeding 20 million dol
lars wa caused by the typhoon which
swept Japan recently. Tho loss of
llfo was heavy.
More than 200 mutinous soldiers
wore shot without the formality of a
court-martial by loyal troops at Wu
Chang, China.
Gen. Luis Mena, the Nlcaraguan
rebel leader has surrendered, not to
tho government commander, but to
tho officer in charge of the Amerlcaa
Tho Turkish war has cost the Ital
ian war department up to date, $Gii,
050,000. Naval expenses alone havo
been $10,000,000.
Tho town of firanada, which was in
the hands of hc Nlcaraguan rebels,
has surrendered to the government.
Near Manila a band of Moros killed
a Filipino and was pursued by the
constabulary. An encounter resulted,
In which 13 .Moros were killed,
Gugllelmo Marconi inventor of wire
less telegraph was injured In a motor
car accident near Uorghetto In the
valley of the Vara river, Italy.
President Madcro and his cabinet
Instructed tho minister of war to
offer amnesty to tho followers of
Pascual Otozeo, the rebel leader.
Large forces of troops are being
moved Into Belfast In preparation for
Ulster day, September 28, when the
anti-home rule covenant Is to be sign
ed by the Unionists.
it Is reported that 29 American blue
jackets have been massacred at Leon,
Nicaragua, after killing 40 revolution
Ists. There are 1,700 prisoners In the
Havana Jail, which is overcrowded.
Many of the prisoners are 111 and an
epidemic is feared.
Five bars of silver bullion worth
$3,000 stolen by Mexican rebels were
returned to the L'l Tlgre Mining com
pany by Juan Gonzales, a' wood cutter.
Political disturbances were reported
in many parts of Cuba. One man was
killed at Sagua and clashes occurred
In Santa Clara province.
Tho Turkish government lias de
cided to reject Italy's latest peace
proposals and the war ministry is pre.
paring actively for a campaign with
One hundred and fifteen persons
were drowned on the Northern- Dvlna
river near Archangel, Kussla, as a re
sult of a collision between two steamers.
At Salt Lake City Marry Thorne,'
convicted of the murder of George
Fassett in 1910, was shot In the state
pils-ou at C:.H o'clock.
Thomas Birmingham, one of the
hemes of the Ilaymarket riots in ISSfi,
at Chicago, died penniless at the coun
ty hospital there.
Thomas Status, a waiter, was ar
tested at Chicago lor hanging about
a cemetery to flirt with women who
ci-nie to put flowers on the graves of
Gov. Woodrow Wilson will leave
New Vork on October 2 lor a speaking
dip west as far ns Denver.
Job K. Hedges, New York at tor
uey and noted orator, was nominated
for governor by the Itepublicans.
Peter .lobes, a Kansns farmer
lost almost nil his horses from the
plague and finished plowing his wheat
llclds with oxen.
At Newark, N. J., three bags con
taining $11,000 In gold were stolen
from a paying teller's window of the
National Banking company.
Motor bandits robbed tho Kellrnnn
Milling company pf Dyer, Ind., of over
$30,000 at noon, and escaped.
Superior Judge V. M. Conley was
named by acting Gov. Wallace of Cali
fornia to preside over the ttlal of
Clarenco S. Darrow in I.os Angeles
when the second Jury bribery charge
ngainst him is called, October 21.
Mrs. Ida Henry was dragged to
death In a runaway accident near Alta
mont, Mo.
Col. Ilnbert W. Stewart, counsel for
Standard Oil. was ruled out of tho
Standard-Waters-Plcrco hearing for
Insulting remarks to the court.
Jesso Swett, 32 years old, drank
bootleggers' whisky, containing wood
alcohol at McAlcster, Ok., and died of
tho poisoning.
Saying that, upon the promise of
$10,000, ho had accused himself falsely
of a murder, so another man might be
pardoned, Jacob H. Kresno at Denver,
Is now under arrest there.
Minnie Dunton, 16 years old, died at
Sedalla from drinking concentrated
lye. Minnie Is the third of the Dunton
girls to commit suicide.
President Taft ordered 750 Ameri
can marines tent to Santo Domingo
to guard the customs housij and for
eign property,
Brief Mention of Matters as They
Occur at Jefferson City,
Official and Other
' wise.
Jefferson City Joseph A. Wright,
attorney for Kosa Damon and Harry
Kwald of St. Louis obtained a pro
visional writ of mandamus from the
supremo court In chambers In tho suit
of the two parties first named to
break tho will of Louis F. Kwald.
The writ waB made returnable Octo
ber S and directs Judge Kugenc Mc
Qulllln of the St. Louis circuit court to
show cause by October S why the writ
directing him to tiy tho cause on Its
merits should not bo reinstated In his
court. Tho lower court previously
refused to entertain an amended peti
tion, which virtually left tho parties
out of court.
louls F. liwald died in Louisville, !
Ky., in IDOfi, leaving a number of
brothers and sisters' and nieces ami
nephews in St. Louis. Ills estate wa3
valued at more than $1,000,000. He
was novcr married. Kosa Damon and
Harry Kwald are sister and brother I
of the dead man. Prior to his death .
Louis F. Bwald adopted three children i
-H'jlen, Sterling and Philip Donald,
and a record of this was made in the
Louisville (Ky.) circuit court. To
these children he left $Hoo,000, held In
trust for their benefit by the Fidelity
Trust company of Louisville nnd a i
house and lot In that city. To IiIb i
sisters and broilers lie bequeathed
$13,000 each, nnd albo made bequestB
to his nieces and nephews who reside j
In St. Louis.
Suit was filed by some of the St. i
Louis relatives to break tho will on '
the ground that Uwald was of unsoirJJd
mind when he adopted the three chil
dren, nnd later, when ho executed his
will could not be assailed until tho
order of tho circuit court of Louisville
adopting the children was set aside.
The commissioners for the new state
eapitol will take up October 1 the
matter of adopting a definite plan for
the $3,300,000 building. Upon that
date the archlte. is selected will hub-
mit thlr plans. The ten architects or
Dims of architects who will submit
plans are: T. C. Link, St. I-ouls;
Kckel & Aldrleb, St. Joseph, Mo.;
Arnold Brunei-, J. H. Freodlandcr,
Cass Gilbert, peck Cock nnd Welch J.
Gamble Rogers, Tiaey and Swaithout
and Trowbildge &. Livingston, all of
New Yoik city; Hankon, Kellogg &.
Crane of Philadelphia.
Gov. Iliidley Issued a parole to Karl
T. Williams, who, In April, 1010, en
tered a plea of guilty to forgery in
the swoinl degree lu Kansas City and
wiih sentenced to tile penitentiary
for live cats He Is paiokd to C. It.
Leslie Kaiibas City. Williams passed
a forged chei 1; drawn on ills uncle for
$10, which was cashed by a jewelry
company of Kansas City. He has a
wife and crippled mother.
In naming a list of delegates to rep
leseut Missouri at tho national con
servation (ongiess In Indianapolis
October 1 to 1, (iov. IJadley has in
cluded three nominees for governor,
Judge A. I). Norton), Progressive; K.
W. Major, Democrat, and J. C. Mc
Klnley, Republican.
The governor paroled Oien Kile,
sent to the penitentiary from Shan
non county in .September, P.HI, for two
yoarB for ioigery. Ho was liho.r,itel
on account, of his j outh und ptevlous
good character. Ho is paroled to (,'.
M. Johnson and C. W. Hannah of
State Siipeilntoudent of Schools Wil
liam P. livens Is asking tho negro
school teachers why they have fallen
behind In the matter of advancing the
grades. In a letter to them he says:
"Public sentiment demands negro
teachers for negro children, and In
i espouse to thiit demand you havo a
great icspoiislbllity placed upon you.
The st.-tte asks that the boys and girls
Intrusted to your caro become good
The dual hearing of tho proccedingu
against the Hammond Packing com
pany and tho St. Louis Dressed Beef
and Provision company will bo held at
St. Louis October 1, before Daniel
Dillon, special commissioner of the su
premo court, All the testimony has
been taken and both sides, it Is under
stood, are now prepared to argue and
submit tho case.
Dr. William P. Cutler, state pure
food commissioner, stated ho had 80
cases to (lie against St, Louis dairy
men and milk dealers, who put for
nraldehydo In milk to preserve it
Similar suits will b filed In four other
Missouri cltloB.
Field Artillery to Experiment With
Firing From Height of Over
2,000 Feet.
Washington, Sept. .10, The secre
tary of war has authorized the field
artillery board at Fort Hlley to ex
periment with the directing of Ore ot
artillery from an aeroplane, probably
In October. The experiment will not
only be of great Importance to tho
field nrtlllery, but also n new test of
efficiency of aeroplanes.
Recently It was proposed to direct
the fire or field nrtlllery from captho
balloons or dirigible balloons, but It
became npparent that cither dlrlglblo
or captive balloons would be nn ex
cellent target for the enemy. Tho
French army has made experiments
with the use of aeroplanes and it is
reported they havo been successful.
It Is generally agreed that aeroplanes
when Hied In this manner must bo
operated at an aJtltudo of not less
than 2,000 reel,
The Blgtial corps will furnish tho
aviator and the aeroplane for the ex
Los Angeles Prisoner Wrecked Vc
hide and Caused One Death
Trying to Escape.
I.os Angeles, California. -A pris
oner on tho way to jail blew up a po
lice motor patrol downtown by Ignit
ing the gasoline with n match. Tho
vehicle was wrecked and one prisoner
was burned to der.tli.
Two others, witli Patrolman Louis
Canto, were Injuied dangerously.
Canto, with his clothing allamo
Ftarted In pursuit of the man who
started the lire and another prisoner,
but was stopped by onlookers who
stripped bin flaming clothing trout bis
body. 'Die fugitives escaped. Tho
patrol waH being driven back to cen
tral station. .Gasoline fumes were re
leased when the fuel tank wis opened
for refilling,
Oklahoma Politicians Got Inside In
formation on Choice Choctaw
Coal Locations.
Muskogee, Oklahoma. Following a
ijory that certain politicians and capi
talists were getting Inside advance In
formation of the appraisement of tho
.i0(i,i(j0 acies of segregated coal hunt
of the Choctaw nation and that the ap-prali-etnent
Is too low, orders havo
been recolvid fiom Die depaitment of
the Intel lor rejecting the partly com
pleted appraisement and a new ono
ordered made.
The lands apptaised in Haskell and
Ignore (OUlltlos. the richest 111 the
segregation, caused tile order.
Two Passengers Fatally Injured in
Wrecked Pullman Car Near
Darstow, Cat.
I!ai stow, "California. Two passed
gtrs were injured so they will dio
and four others Injured seriously
when a height train on the Santa Fo
crashed into a sleeping car of the Sail
Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake
Limited, bound lor lis Angeles, at
Barstow Junction.
One. passenger, a man fiom New
York, who refused to give bis name
hud his head crushed, and Nellie
(hover, who refused to give her resi
dence, was lujiireil internally. Sur
geons said she could not live.
Two Boya Wrecked a Train.
Foil Smith, Arkansas John Larue
ami John Johnson, in years old, have
confessed that they wrecked the lion I
Mountain passenger train at tiien-
wood Junction, Ok. Four persons wero :
injured one dangerously.
Army Aviators Killed.
Washington, D. C Two more liver,
were sacrificed to aviation at tho
1'nllod States army aviation Held, Col
lego Park. Md near here, when an
arm aeroplane fell WT, feet to tho
ground, Ulllng Corporal Frank S,
Scott, ami so dangerously Injured See
nnd Lieut. Lewis C. Hockwcll that ha
died a lew hours Inter.
Police Car Klllo a Man.
Salt Lake City, Utah. In Us hasto
to reach the 1, & It. (2. railroad yards, i
where Robert Johnson, ! years old, i
had been crushed by a car, a police
motor killed Flnluy Martin. Ho was
traveling from Sioux City, Ia to Cali
fornia. The car fractured the skull of
James II. Hcanlnn, Jr., of Hoxbury,
Peacemaker Got a Bullet.
Aberdeen, Bouth Dakota. Charles
Gorton, a peacemaker, was kllled-by
a bullet Intended for nnotber man at
liritton, S. D. Olo Knutson, who liril
the shot at another man with whom ho
had been quarreling, was arrested,
charged with first dogreo raunlQr,
Thoroughly Up-to-Date.
"Halloa!" Jclllson cried, as ho en
countered his acquaintance, llarwood
In the street. "Thought you were get
ting married today. Postponed?"
"Altogether," raid Barwood, firmly
"Not even engaged now, then?" pur
sued Jclllson.
"No. Tho lady I was to havo mar
rlcd waB too modern too up-to-dntu
for mc." '
"Up-to-date 1" The excuso astonish
ed Jclllson. "How on earth
"Wrote her last Monday, saying I
was coming to seo her on Wednesday.
You see, although we'd been engaged
for some time, I never formally pro
posed, and she seemed to want It. So
1 went on Wednesday Just to satisfy
her whim, us 1 thought.; Got there
and found rIio had sold tho rights ot
photographing mo nt the moment of
proposing to a cinematograph com
pany. "That settled It!" Tit lilts.
Important to Mothers
Rxamlno carefully every bottlo ol
CASTORIA, it safe and sure remedy foil
Infants and children, and nee that It
Bears tho
Signature of i
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caetoria
Wasted Energy.
Ninn'l (just back from fishing)
I got tills string In less than nu
Nlmrod's Wise Wife There's a fish
store nearer than that, John.
The Language.
"I'm going to whip that child."
"No, you're not! It's my child.
Now, beat it!"
Sir. Wliifilnw-H Boollilng Sjriip for Clillilirn
f ci'l 111 nir, hulK'tia the K'""i reiluirn Itil1.imin.-i-ti.
ui, allays imlti, cures wind colic, SAc- a buttle.
A woman lias no business with a
family If she can't take something old
and make it over into something new.
The p.itif-fvinir iimhty in LEWIS' Sincln
Binder ia found in no other Co cigjr. Adv.
Might may overcome right, but It
can never destroy It
"A confession
of faith"
If you have trouble with
your Stomach, Liver or Bowels,
feel run-down and in need of
a tonic, we urge a trial of
Your faith in this medicine
will not be misplaced, It
will surely help you, He
convinced today. All Drug
gists and Dealers,
AY7E prophesy a
warmer win
ter if you wear
Fleece- Lined
It's the underwear that
defies the keenestcoldand
keeps you warm and com
fortable even in the most
Bevcre weather.
But more than tliit. it' durablo
and economicnland guaranteed
not to iln ink, "hcd,"or"pilI up."
Made in two.pieceiuits torttail
t 50 eenta lite garment and in
union luiti at one dollar.
At Your Dtaler't
Alt mmktvt tftki mut Dulttit
InttwUik M UnAtrmfr
Philmont N. Y.

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