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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, October 10, 1912, Image 1

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Thirteenth Year.
Versailles, ilo.. Thursday Morning, Oct! 10. 1912.
No. 41.
'.Ml I
f Mi I t t t
Furniture of all kinds rcpaireri
and satisfaction given.
Kiiiwkix 1 Tai.iiott.
Fill r nit urc Store
Bridles and
Saddlery Hardware.
Carriage Trimming and Re
pairing Neatly and promptly
In Business 41 Years.
Harness, Bridles, Etc.,
Home ' made, Hand-mad
and guaranteed.
Will meet all competition
in prices considering quality
of material and workmanship
Call and see me before
Versailles. - Missouri.
Office in New Odd Fellow Hiiililing
Rooms .'16-36
Versailles, Mo.
rronipt service and first-class work
to all patrons. Phone 37.
The Hum Of
(At Kjdwell's Old Stand.)
Will continue the Undertaking and
Furniture business.
We are prepared to do all kinds o
epairing, and furnish Furniture at
prices that will cause you to buy.
An excellent assortment of Caskets,
Coffins, Robes, Etc., will be kept in
stock. Prompt service, and satis
faction guaranteed.
Call on, or phone us.
Phon 358.
Oaa-Way CeloaM Ttcksta la Calk
ferala ad North Pacific Coaat
Foiata. will ba en aala at vary law
rataa of fara dally, Saptambar 23
ta October 10. 1912
Tickets are honored in
Tourist Sleeping Cars upon
payment of berth rate about
half that of standard sleepers
but fully as comfortable.
Choice of Three Routes
Via Colorado Scenic Route to Salt
Lake City thence Western Pacific
through the Grand Canyon of the
Feather River, via Colorado Scenic
Route to Salt Lake City and Ogdea
thence Southern Pacific; via El
Paao and New Mexico the direct
route of lowest altitudes and route
of the " Calif omlan" ta connection
with the E. P. & S. W. and Southern
For Information, write ar call.
,K .tint Sllll'! I " w ,
Because we believe you can make moniy for
us and yourself too, by so doing.
... V
2 taV, l fine, lijie of
1 groceries and are enlarg
ing our stock eyery.ay.
y . t -
THis week we received a large
shipment of new Rolled Oats,
new pan-cake flour, all kinds
of, breakfast food, hew ' .seeded
raisens, currants, mincemeats,
sweet and sour pickles, catch
ups, mustards and olives.
Geo. A. MvoRuan, Agent.
We have at all times
bage, potatoes, sweet
apples, celery and all
fruit.and vegetables.'
home grown cab- f
potatoes, onions, f
mnaa 01 smppea
1 If you want good coffee try our Good Taste
y Coffee. Guaranteed to please.
S We can save you money on flour. Get our prices,
j We pav highest price for all produce.
i Price, Lutz & Price.
" -1 or. a i 'npw. "CS
A hustling printer can make it earn
8100.00 per month. I have done
this, when able to work, and did not
nearly exhaust all it's possibilities.
If you want to go into the newspaper
business conic and see me.
. . W. W. KlNLGCH,
Versailles, Mo.
Must Sell.
Call and see the hats at the Millin
ery Bazar, get our prices and inspect
our goods before buying elsewhere.
N. E. Mounts.
Mr. and Mrs. Etter of Colorado,
who have been visiting their daughter,
Mrs. lien Comer and family, of this
A Possum Hunt.
F. A. White, of the Versailles Fire
Brick & Clay Plant, tendered Mrs.
White a birthday possum hunt Mon
day night, and they had a great time
catching two. Mr. White had
thoughtfully sent out a well loadc d
commissary wagon, with colored
cooks who knew camp life, and
around a roaring fire after the chase
the following friends enjoyed a rare
feast: Mr. and Mrs E. A. Crewson,
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hardy jr., Dr.
and Mrs.JI.utman, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Mason, Mrs. J. W. Kirk, Mrs. P. E.
Chamberlain, Misses Nina Mason,
Sweet Petty and Bryant Howard.
Dr. J. L. Short has decided to plat
his beautiful home into lots and place
them on the market. He proposes
to make a circular boulevard around
the present improvements, so that all
lots will front the boulevard. There
will also be a driveway around the
city for some time, returned to their entire block on a sidc9 tQ affor, cgn
nome mommy. I venience in pleasure driving, and in
Miss Sarah Worthley, of Excelsior, delivering fuel, feed etc.
is visiting her cousin, Mr. W
Comer, and family, this week.
Just a few of the many bar-
J gains we have for you:
Carl Moves and A
Ilnonville, came down
former to visit friends,
Ladies' and Misses coats
Men's overcoats
Men's Suits,
Men's Duck coats
Boy's Knickerbocker suits
Men's Sanitary fleece underwear, regular 50c for
Ladies' Union Suits, regular 75c, for
$1.50 to $14.00
3.50 to 12.00
2.50 to
l.OO to
.50 to
1 job lot of Ladies', Men's and children's underwear reg. 25c IOC
We also have a fine line of dress goods in
silks, whipcords, corduroys, serges and novel
ty goods from 50c to $2.00 per yard.
These are only a very few of the many
things we have for you, Come and,
us and save at least 75c dn every dollar.
Witten &
E. A. Crewson was oer to Boon
ville Saturday to attend the meeting
ol Reform School Board. Tuesday
he and Mrs. Crewson went to Kansas
City on a business trip, accompanied
by Mrs. J. W. Kirk, who will go to
her home at Ft. Scott, Kan.
Mrs. Walter Adair, of New York,
who has been visiting relatives at
Glensted, spent the day with her
friend, Mrs. Elwyn Price, Wednes
day. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cline,
Thursday morning a fine boy.
Misses Bryant Howard and Irene
Petty, who have been visiting in Sc
dalia, Kansas City, and several places
n Kansas, returned home this week.
.Educational (JI?ftJns:
An educational, meeting, will be
held at Barnett, Nor. 2, lt12, and at
Gravois Mills, Nov, 0, 1012.
M. IVkAY'WirrEN,
Supt. Morgan" Co.
For your street and dress nats for
Fall and Winter see the splendid
stock carried by Mrs. M. F. Merriott,
a complete line of the latest and best
and prices you can duplicate. Her
large stock is being constantly renew
ed from, the leading firms of Chicago,
St. Louis and Kansas City, and you
are always sure of finding the right
hat at the right price, Call and see.
Dr. Dean Price, of Fort .Madison,
la., is home visiting his parents, Mr.
nd Mrs. Elwyn Price.
L. Hews, of
Tuesday, the
the latter on
A glance at this place will convince
any unprejudiced mind that this will
make the finest dnvewav. and the
r. . .-i .
niicsi place lur a oon-ion nome in
We are informed that the prices of
lots will range Irom $200 to $600,
Mrs. J. W. Knoop entertained the whkh are exceedingly cheap consjd-
Preibytcrun Ladies! Aid Society lennB ine,r U(-'auutui, convenient and
Tuesday afternoon. Refreshments, san,,ary location.
. . . .
ice cream, waters and luble questions, yc have called the aftdntion of our
first prize to Mrs. Daugherty and citizens heretofore to the fact that tne
booby prize to Mrs. Orr-on ques- city should own the Dr. Short proper-
"S. tv. "Inlnr-i P.irt " tnr n -it.,
- . - ... ' W.J JJrtllV,
Mrs. Foreman and son. Will, came and now is apparently the last oppor-
in from Tonopah, Nev., Tuesday, for tumty, for when once cut up into lots
the school term.
E. A. Crewson did not use his Auto
on his recent trips to Iioonville and
Kansas Lily. lie continues to
"swear" that by the Ford is the only
way to travel, but he thinks some
evil-minded person has hoo-dooed his
machine, for on his return from Se
dalia State Fair Thursday night of
last week he never woke up until he
was half way across the wire bridge
over the Osage at Warsaw, and when
he saw "where he was at," he turned
Lright around on one wire and hiked
across the hills for Versailles. Van
it is ruined for park purposes. As
the men won't do anything it is ur
to the women.
Were You Cut
We told you some time ago that we
were compelled by the poslofrice de
partment to cut off 115 subcribers
who were one year or more in arrears
and we will have to continue to cut
you off as fast as you get twelve
months bshind, for the great, benign
and fatherly postofficc department
has declared all newspaper subscrib
ers one year in arrears to be outlaws,
dishonest, .mrl nnt In lio lnrlhnr friart-
says he don't know how it happened, ited by ms siy ch,Wrenf
an n. mull i navt lliyilllllK nuuilKll I .,- ..l,i:.l iPL!.
. w ni.t juuiiaucili. 1 Ilia la nu JOKC,
than red lemonade while at the Fair. I i.i...i. . ...
-iiuuufcii Kuiut jujc(t iukc ii inai way
For Sale Six quarter sections I and pay no attention to such orders,
good, western land, close to railway, land if they have the necessary pull
good farm land and priced right; or I they continue in the old way. We
will trade part or all for other proper-1 must cut you off, after one year, if it
ty. . What have you? Come and see takes the last subscriber we have, so
me. if you want to read the Repuiilican
you must pay lor it. As our 115
subscribers, now on the dead head
list, arc apparently not inclined to
pay up, before publishing the list, we
shall give one more opportunity
through an official collector. If we
didn't need the money we wouldn't
mention it.
Jno. R. Gunn,
Versailles, Mo.
Dame Nature is giving us the first
beautiful tints of red and gold, but
when Jack Frost, who is near kin to
DameN ature, dips his brush in the
paint can, he will give us a greater
variety of co!or$ and deeper tints, for
he is the greatest painter of all.
, Mrs. Prof. Johns, who has been
quite sick for some time, is reported
much worse.
Wood is good on subscriptionif
you bring it now.
The Millinery Bazar is the place to
buy your fall millinery.
A hat for every head and prices to
suit all.
N. E. Mounts.
Union Meeting.
Theie will be a union meeting of
the Churches of Versailles at the
MethodUt Chnrch Sunday October,
13, 1012, at 7:30 p. m. Mr. E. F.
Jones, of St. Louis, Secretary of the
Anti-Saloon League of Missouri, will
deliver an address. Mr. Jones is a
strong and interesting speaker and
you are cordially invited to come and
hear him.

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