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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, October 10, 1912, Image 2

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' . llll''"MI'lllM''l.'"iWa i mil
" ' - vTT ' 'Vin, '' rrrcrr vi ' '
The seen nt tho opening of the story Is
laid In dm library of an old worn-out
k'jutliirii plur latl'fi, kfiown us the Bar
ony The ju o is to bu soM. anJ Its
Malory anil tiat of th- owners, the
yulnturiN, le tin: subject of dint uaslon by
Jonathan Cn nslmw, a business mun, h
Mru incur known as JJUdcn, anil Hoi)
Yar.ry. u farmer, when Hannibal Wayne
Hazard, a instTi'iuN ctilhl of the old
routhvtn famll, mnks his appearuhco.
Yancy tlls how he adopted tliK buy. Xa.
thunlel IVrrls buys the Harony, but the
(iulrilard deny uny knowleilKu of tho
boy Yum-y to keep J IiiniilD.il. Captain
Murrell, u friend i,f the yulntnrds, up
pers and asks iim-stlons about tho Hur
uny Trouble at f. rub h Hill, when Han
nibal Is l(.(,j,id by iJavu niount. Cap
tain Muirells isent. Vnncy overtakes
IJIduiii. xlv , in a thrnshltiK and secures
the tmy. Y-m appears before K'nulre
Jiulaam. mid Is dim hari;ed with costs for
the plaintiff. 1!. ity Malrny. n friend of
the 'i rrlses, h is an uniotinter with Cap
lain Muriell, ul.n forces ids attentions on
ner, and Is tes. ued by Ilrurc CnrrlliKton.
Hetty sets mil for ier Tennessee hum"
I'arnnt'lon takes tho same stun... Yam y
ami Hannibal dlappear with .Murrell on
their trail Hannibal arrives at the homu
of Juili'ii Him iini 1'rli e The Judtfe recoir
nl?es In tt.e b.,v the grandson of an. old
tltim Irhnd. Murrell arrives at Jnde's
hniiie. Cavendish family on raft rescue
Yam y, uho is aipaiently dead. I'rlce
breaks Jail liitty and CnrrlnK'on arrive
ut lit lie I'liiln Hannibal's rlllo dlsi loses
Home stuilhnu tbliiKs to the Judwe Hati
Iilli.il and Hilly meet aijalii. Murrell ar
rives In ll-llu 1'laln. Is playlnir for bl
stains Yamy awakes fiom Ionic dream
less hleep on board the raft. Judi; I'rh-o
nukes atiirtlliiK dnroverle.s In looking up
land titles CharleH Norton, a youiiK
planter, who insists the Judge. Is mys
teriously asMiult.'il Norton Informs Car
ilnKton that Hetty has promised to marry
him. Norton l mystnlously shot. More
llKht on MurTells idol. Me plans upris
ing of iiPKioes. Juduc Price, with Hanni
bal. Htn llelty, and she keens the boy
us a companion. In a stroll Hetty takes
with Hannibal they tmet Hess Hicks,
paunhter of the overseer, who warns
Hetty of daiiKer and counsels her to
leave Helle I'hiln Bt once. Hetty, terri
fied, ruts on Hiss' adlce. and on their
way nR.r (arrlaiie It Hopped by Klosson.
the tavern kiepr and a confederate, and
Hetty and Mar i,lbal are made prisoners.
J he pair are t,,i-eii to Hli k' calnn. In an
ulinosl Inaeitsslble spot, and there Mur
rell visits Hetty and reveals his part In
the plot and ills object. Hetty spurns
his proffered love and the Interview Is
ended by the arrival of Ware. tcrrlfHd
at poiidb ou'eorne of the crime. Judge
1'. n T- - Jj-'k- takes i t.,ire of the
if.."'- iri'rv"-.jr I i'tr the missing ones
l ' j--J "jrrlnirt.,n visits Mo Judtp
sM i., i ari- diH-ovred Jud'u l'rl''e
J i ; .r.el F.-'.tress v. t ere lie melts
"t . r 1 Caver d'.sh. li-'. inlnrf enraK'd,
i' : t.r.s a n ass of vvi.isky Into the
e i face and a d ie t .itranK' d. Mur
r i arrested (or ne,-r t...llriK and bis
.- borsta Tte J.!.. and Mabaffy
1 1 sj the eo;f,:n ile ('.irrltiirti.ii
r i-s frar.tle s.ir'.l. f. r Hetty and Hie
t t ('arrlnKton Ilr.ds li. tty and Hannl-
ar. I a llerce (juri ni.t fovvs Yani'y
ai-ars arid anits In M.e ri ne. Hrui e
( r '.tori and Hetty i .,m.- to an undcr-
' ir.d.r.. The JudKe r-lves an Import-a-
-Mer. Kolomi n Mai atf v s last IlKbt
1- 'S duel for the jlldlje and Is killed.
JUnnioal proves In ! JodK' nraiidion,
and to.d tt.e story of his life.
CHAPTER XaXIII. (Continued.)
' What down this lldP uloiiH tuockur)
tTi(.-an?" In; demanded har.-lily. "Mr
rihctlff, !ih n inumljcr ot tlio bar, I
jirotest! Why don't yon clear tho
bdlldliij;?" llo did not wait lor Holts
to utiHwer hlin, hut coiitliiuod. "Wlioro
1h thin man Hues?"
"VontJor, colonel, by captain,''
cald llettH.
"1 hnvo n warrant for Ills arrest.
You will take him into custody."
"Walt!" cried tho JndKe. "I renro
iient Mr. Huoh. I dvHlru to tseu thac
Hut I'VntrcHS Ignored him. He ad
drcsred tho crowded benched.
"QcutlciiuMi, It Ih a aerlona matter
forcibly to Helzo a man without author
ity from tho courtu and ex pone hi in
to tho daiiKor or mob violence Mr
Hues will learn thin before wo havo
done with him."
Instantly there was n noloy demon
titration that hwoIIci! Into a burnt ot
HPIilauBo, which quickly Hpent ltBeir.
Tho Ktruefilo Bceined to have nar
rowed to an Individual contest for
suprcinnoy between I'VutrcBa anil tho
JikIko. On tho edge of tho ralledotT
epaco they conrronted each other: tho
colonel, a tall, well cared for pies
ence; tho Judge, Hhahhy anil unkempt.
Kor a moment their eyes met, whllo
tho JudKo'fl face purpled and paled,
and purpled again. The sllcnco deep
ned. Kontress' thin lips opened,
twitched, but no Bound cntno from
them; then hla glance wavered and
tell. He turned away
"Mr. Sheriff!" he called sharply.
'All right, colonel!"
"Tnko your man Into custody," or
dered Kcnlresa. As ho spoko he hand,
ed tho warrant toward lletts, who
looked ut It, grinned, and stopped to
ward Hues. Ho would have punhed
tho Judge nstdo had not that gentle
man, bowing civilly, made wuy lor
"In my profound respect for the law
and properly constituted authority 1
yield to no man, not even to Colonel
Fentress," lie said, with a gracious
ftsture. "1 would not place the slight
amrzAroxs BvD.Melviu
if". TtDo6i fim COMAfr
est obstacle In tho way of Its sanc
tioned manifestation. Colonel Ken-
tress comes here with that high sanc
tion." He bowed again ceremoniously
to tho colonel. "I repeat, 1 respect his
dependence upon tholawl" He whirled
suddenly. "Cavendish Yancy Car
rlngton I call upon you to arrest
John Murrell! I do this by virtue of
tho authority vested in me as a Judge
of tho United States federal court.
His crime a mero trifle, my trlcnds
passing counterfeit money! Colonel
Fentress will inrorm you that this Is
a violation of tho law which falls
within my Jurisdiction," and ho
beamed blandly on Fentress.
"It's a He!" cried tho colonel.
"You'll answer for that later!" said
tho Judge, with abrupt austerity of
"For all wo know you may bo some
fugitive from Justice! Why, your
natno isn't I'rlce!"
"Are you suro of that?" asked the
Judge quickly.
"You'ro nn Impostor! Your name
Is Turberville!"
"Hermit mo to relievo your appre
hensions It Is Turberville who has
received the appointment. Would you
like to examine my credentials? I
have them by me no? I am obliged
for your Introduction. It could not
have come at a more tlmoly moment. '
Tho Judge seemed to dismiss Fentress
contemptuously Onco moro ho faced
the packed benches. 'Tut down your
weapons!" ho commanded. "ThlK man
Murrell will not be released. At the
first effort at rescue he will bo Bhot
where he sits we have sworn it his
plotting Is at nn end." lie ntnlkcd
nearer the benches. "Not one chance
In a thotihand remains to hlin. Klther
ho dies here or he lives to bo taken
before every Judge In tho state, II
necessary, until we llnd one with cour
age to try him!. Make no mistake
It will best conserve tho ends of Jus
tice to allow the htnto court's Juris
diction In this case; and I pledge my
self to furnish evidence whlih will
start him well on his road lo the gal
lows!" The Judge, a tremendous pres
ence, stalked still nearer the benches.
Outfacing tho crowd, a sense of tho
splendor of the pait ho was being :
called upon to play (lowed through
him like some elixir; he felt that he
was transcending hlmsoir. that his In
spiration was drawn Horn tho hidden
springs of tho spirit, and that he
could neither falter nor go astray.
"You don't know what you uro med
dling with! This man has plotted to
lay the houth In ruins ho has been
arming tho negroes it is Incredible
that you should all know this to
mich I say, go home and thank God
for your escape! For tho others"
his shaggy brows met In a menacing
frown "ir they foico our hand wo
will toss them Jotm Murrell's dead
carcass that's our answer to their
Ho strode out among the gun muz
zUm which wavered where they still
covered him. He wns thinking of Ma
haffy Mahaffy, who had Bald ho was
still a man to be reckoned with.
"Ho you know what a Bervlle Insur
rection means? you men who have
wives and daughters, havo you
thought of their fate? Of tho mon
strous savagery to which they would
be exposed? Do you believe he could
limit and control it? Ixiok at him!
Why, ho has never had a considera
tion outside of his own safety, and yet
ho expects you to risk your necks to
have his! Ho would havo left tho
state boforo tho Hist blow was struck
ills biisincsu wns nil down river
but we are going to keep him here to
answer for his crimes! Tho law, as
implacable as It Is Impartial, ban put
Its mark on him the shadow in
which ho alts Is tho shadow of tho
Tho Judgo paused, but tho only
sound In that expectant sllenco wan
tho hottvy breathing of men. Ho drew
his unwloldly form jtreit, while his
volco rumbled on, aggressive and
threatening In Its every Intonation.
"You aro here to defend something
that no longer exists Your organ
ization Is wrecked, your BlgnalB and
passwords aro known, your secrets
havo becomo public properly I can
oven produce n list of your members;
thero aro nono of you who do not
stand In imminent peril yet under
stand, I havo no wish to strike at
iiiosb wuo iiiivo ncen misled or
coerced Into Joining Murrell's band!
Tho Judge's sodden old face glowed
now with the magnanimity of his ten
tlments. "But I have no fccllnR of
mercy for your leaders, nono'for Mur
rell himself. Put down your guns!
you can only kill us after wo have
killed Murrell but you can't kill tho
law! If tho nrch conspirator dies in
this room nnd hour, on whoso head
will tho punishment fall?" Ho swung
round his pondcious arm In a sweep
ing gesture and shook a fat but ex
pressive foro-llnger In tho faces of
those nearest him. "On yours and
yours and yourB!"
Across tho spaco that separated
them tho Judge grinned his triumph
at his enemy. He had known when
Fontress entered the room that a
word or a sign from hlin would pre
cipitate a riot, but ho knew now that
neither this word nor this t-lgn would
bo given. Then quite suddenly ho
strode down tho tu h", and foot by
foot Fentress yielded ground beroro
hla advance. A murderous light
Hashed from the Judge's bloodshot
eyes nnd his right hand wns Kteallng
toward tho frayed tails of his coat.
"Look out he's getting ready to
shoot!" cried a trliHitcuod volco.
Instantly ry doorn and windows the
crowd, sebvd with Inexplicable panic,
emptied Itself into tho court-houso
yard. Fontress was caught up In tho
ruBh antl borne Honi the room and
from the building hen he reached
the graveled space bdow tho stops ho
turned. Tho Judge was In the door
way, the center 01 a struggling group;
Mr. Ilowen, tho minister, Mr. Saul
and Mr. Wesley wire vainly seeking
to pinion his arm
"Draw--damn yni!" ho roared at
Fentress, as ho wrenched himself
free, and the crowd swayed to right
and left as FcntnaO was seen to
reach for his pistol
Mr. Saul made n laM Irnntlc clTort
to restrain his Irl. ml; he seized the
Judge's arm just as the latter's linger
pressed the ttlgg-t. and an Instant
later Fentress H.ii-gcrod back with
the Judge's bullet in his hliuuldcr.
Good Times Coming.
It wbb not Btran. that a number of
gentlemen In and a nut Ualelgli yield
ed to an overmasti nng Impulse to vIb
It newer lands, not was It strange
that the initial st. i s looking toward
Wie Indulgence of i lit Ir desires should
have been taken in eciocy. Mr. Peg
loo was one of the Inst to leave; Mr.
Saul had Informed him ol the Judge's
declared purpose tu shooting htm on
sight. Fven witlin:t this used ill Hint
"Draw, Damn You!"
the tavern-keeper had known that ho
Khnuld experience Intense embarrass
ment In meeting (he Judgo; this was
now a dreary certainty
"You reckon ho means near all he
suys'r" ho had nuked, his rat sides
shu king.
"I'd take his word a heap quicker
than I would must folka'," answered
Mr. Saul with conviction.
I'egloe promptly had a sinking Fpoll.
Ho recalled the ritiufllng of tho can
dles by tho Judge, an extremely de
pressing memory under tho circum
stances; nliio tho reckless and head
long disregard o( consequences which
had characterized so many or that
gentleman's actB, and IHb plana
shaped themaolvos accordingly, with
(his result; that when the Judge took
occasion to call at tho tavern, and the
hostllo nature ot his visit was em
phasized by tho cautious manner of
his approach, he was greatly shocked
to discover that his Intended victim
had sold his business overnight for a
8inall lump sum to Mr. Saul's brother-in-law,
who had appeared most op
portunely with nn offer.
Pegloo's (light croated something or
a sensation, but It was dwarlcd by
tho ucnsatlon that developed a day or
so later when it became known that
Tom Waro nnd Colonel Fentress had
likewise (led the country. Still later.
Fentress' body, showing marks of vio
lence, was washed nshore nt a wood
yard below Uirard. It was conjec
tured that ho nnd Ware had set out
from Tho Oaka to cross tho river;
thero was reason to believe thnt Fen-
tress had In his possession at the '
tlmo n considerable KUtn.or money,
and It was supposed that his com- j
panlon had murdered nnd robbed him. j
Of Ware's subsequent career nothing ,
wub ever known. j
These were, nfter nil, only eplsodci" ,
In tho collapse of tho Clan, sporlile 1
manifestations of tho great work or
disintegration that was going forward
and which tho Judgo, moro than any
other, perhaps, had brought about.
Thto was something no ono ques
tioned, nnd ho quickly passed to the
first phase of that unlquo and peculiar
esteem In which ho wns ever ufler
hold. His fame widened with tho suc
ceeding suns; ho had offers ot help
which impressed him as bo entirely
creditable lo human naturo that he
quite lacked the heart to refuso them,
especially as ho felt that in tho im
provement of Ills own condition the
world had bettered Itself and was
moving nearer those sound and right
eous Ideals of morality and patriotism
which had never lacked his Indorse
ment, no matter how Inexpedient tt
had seemed for him to put them into
practice. Hut ho was not diverted
from his ultimate purposo by the
glamour of a present popularity; be
was able to keep his bleared eyes
resolutely fixed on tho main chanco,
namely tho Fentress estate and the
(Julntard lands. It was highly Im
portant that he should go cast to
South Carolina to secure documentary
evidence that would establish his own
and Fentress' Identity; to Kentucky,
where Fentress had lived prior to bis
coining to Tennessee.
Fatly In November the Judge set
out by stage on his journey east; ho
was accompanied by Ynncy and Hatv
He Roared at
ulbal, from neither of whom could ha
bring himself to be separated; and as
tho woods, (laming now with the
torch of frost, engulfed tho little
town, ho turned lu his seat and looked
back. Ho had entered It by that very
road, a beggar on loot and In rags; he
was leaving It In broadcloth and Una
linen, vlslblo tokens or his altered
fortunes. Moro than this, bo could
trust his hands deep down Into bis
onco empty pockets and bear the
clink of gold and silver. The Judge
slowly withdrew his eyes from the
last grny roof that showed among the
trees, and faced tho east and the fu
ture with a serenely confident ex
pression. (TO BE CONTINUED,'
the kidney's signal
of distress. If this
timely wnrnlntrlBlu
Iiored.tliere Is utnve
danger of dropsy,
firuvel, url! pol-on
Of, or Ilrlght's dis
ease. When you hare
reason to suspect
your kidneys, uee
a special klducy
Doan's Kidney
Pills relieve weak,
coriResled kidneys
cure back uu he
refc'idate the urine.
Clood proof In Hie
following otate
James 15. J'oyner, Thotnrson Ave.,
rtonvllln, III., Biyu: "I wns laid up with
kidney trouble. The pain la my back was
o bad that I couldn't move The kidney
cr Unas were In a terrible condrtton.
An ncijunlntanc advlstd me tu try
Doan's Kidney rills nnd I did so. They
made mo well and during tho pist four
years I have hod no further trouble."
Get Doan's at Any Drug Store, SOc a Box
DOAN'S KlP?l!llY
FOSTEK-M1LBURN CO.. Duffalo.New York
W. N. U., Kansas City, No. 40-1912.
German Scientists Advise the Eating
of Egg Shells by Those Who Ap
proach Old Age.
Two Germans, deep thinkers Fro
feasors Emmerich and l.oowo state
that egg shells, eaten Increase the
power of reslstunco against "the with
erlng blight of time," add weight to
tho body, kctlvlty lo tho brain and
strength to tho heart; that they de
stroy Injurious bacilli, prevent lnllam
matlon and disease and lend courage
and energy. This reminds tno, Phil
ip Halo writes In tho lloston Herald,
of tho preparation advertised in Lou
don thirty or more years ago as re
moving superfluous hair, being an ex
cellent Btibstltuto for tablo butter,
none genuiuo unless stamped on tho
blade. EuBtace Mlle3, tho Kngllsh
court tennis player and vegetarian,
says ho had uti old nurse who used
to cat egg Bhells and crunch them Joy
fully between the teeth that happened
to meet, uud she said shu ntu tho
nhells because they "Hhaved tho hair
off Inside of tho throat." Tho discov
ery of tho Oerman scientist 1b peculi
arly welcome to dwellers by tho
ocean, for It Is a well known fact that
If you do not break egg shells tho
witches will put out to sea In them to
wreck vessels, and If you burn tho
shells tho hens will ccubo to lay.
Furthermore, as eggs are now absurd
ly high oven case eggs In tho neigh
borhood It seems a pity to waste any
part of them.
Almost Entirely.
"Dick" Quay, at the Congress hotel
In Chicago, was talking about a no
torious politician.
"And he's worth eleven millions,"
Mr. Quay ended.
"And is an entirely self-tuado man,
too, I believe," said a correspondent.
"Entirely ho," .Mr. Quay answered,
"except for nine thick coats of white
wash that have been applied to him
by various Investigating committees."
Rudely Interrupted.
'This Is tho parting of the ways--'-"Who
left the switch open?"
it Ih easier to go broke In a hurry
than It la to get rich quick.
Even When the Facts About Coffeo
are Plain.
It Is curious how people will refuse
to bellnvo what ono can clearly see.
Tell tho average man or woman that
tho slow but cumulative polsonone
effect of caffeine the alkaloid in tea
and coffee tends to weaken tho heart,
upset tho nervous system and causo
Indigestion, nnd they may laugh nt
you It they don't know tho facts.
Prove It by sclonco or by prnctlcal
demonstration In tho recovery of cof
feo drinkers from thoabovo condi
tions, mid a largo per cent of tho hu
man family will shrug their shoulders,
take somo drugs and keep on drink
ing coffeo or tea.
"Coffeo never agreed with mo nor
with several members of our house
hold," writes a lady. "It enervatcB.
depresses and creates a feeling of
languor nnd heaviness. It was only
by leaving off coffeo and using I'ostum
that wo discovered tho causo and way
out ot theso Ills.
"Tho only reason, I am sure, why
Postum is not used altogether to tho
exclusion of ordinary coffeo Is, many
perBons do not know nnd do not seem
willing to learn the facts and how to
prepnro this nutritious beverage
There's only ono way according to
directions- boll It fully 15 minutes.
Then It Is delicious," Nnmo given by
Postum Co., Iluttlo Creek, Mich. Itead
tho llttlo book, "Tho Itoad to Well
vllle," In pkgs. "There's a reason."
Kver rend (lie above letterf A aivw
ae npprnra from lime to time. They
re irenulne, true, aod (all of human,
laterrat. adv.

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