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Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning, Oct. 17. 1912.
No. 42.
Because we believe you can , make monty for r
us and yourself too, by so doing. t
We have a fine line of l
groceries and are enlarg'- r
ing' our stock every day. I
This week we received a large
shipment of new Rolled Oats,
new pan-cake flour, all kinds
of breakfast food, new seeded
raisens, currants, mincemeats,
sweet and sour pickles, catcH
ups, mustards and olives.
We have at all times home grown cab
bage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions,
apples, celery and all kinds of shipped
fruit and'vegetables.
If you want good coffee try our Good Taste C
Coffee. Ouaranteed to please.
Roosevelt Shot.
Col. Roosevelt was shot Monday
veiling at Milwaukee just as he had
stepped into an auto to he driven to
the Auditorium, where -he was billed
for a speech, by a Ilavarian Anarch
ist, a former New York saloon keeper,
anied John Schrank, who had been
lllowing the Col. from New Orleans,
watching for an opportunity to kill
ira. Fortunately the Col. had the
manuscript of his speech in his breast
pocket, and the ball failed to enter
either heart or lung, else he might
now be with those gone before him
Lincoln, Garfield md McKinley.
We can save you money on flour. Get our prices.
We pav highest price for all produce.
J Price, Lutz & Price. j
Potatoes! Potatoes!
we will have our first car load of
potatoes in the last of the week.
Will sell them for 65 cents out of
the car. All large, nice, sound pota
toes. Eastern sngarthis week$5.00
C. H. Mason,
Everything Clean
Versailles Gets a Chautauqua.
Tuesday night the Versailles Com
mercial Club contracted with the re
presentative of one of the leading
Chautauqua companies oi the country,
and next season Versailles will get the
benefit of hearing some of the leading
lecturers and musicians oi the coun
try. There is notning more educa
tional or elevating than the enter
tainments given by a good Chautauqua
company. It is the very best thing
for our young people that could come
to Versailles. We are now in line with
Mexico, Moberly, Mrashall and other
good towns of the state in a line of
entertainments that ought to be well
supported, for they will be of untold
benefit to our citizens.
Condensed Official Report of the
Condition of
The BanK o! Versailles
Made by a Committee of Stockholders
at the close of business Sept. 14, 1012
Loans and Discounts, - S248,334-37
Bonds, - - - 1,000.00
Real Estate, - - 8,180.80
Furniture and Fixtures, - 3.000.C0
Cash and due Irom Hanks 70,025.01
Total, 330,550.08
Capital Stock, full paid
Hills Payable and Rcdis
counts -DEPOSITS
Total, $330,550.08
The Above Statement is correct.
Will L. Stepiikns, Cashier.
Preaching at tne Presbyterian
Church Sunday.
Preaching next Sunday, morning
,and evening, by Rev. Orr. Each
member is earnestly requested to be
present at the morning service.
Everybody cordially invited to both
Sunday Scool at 0:45 a. m.
the evening, Mr. E. F. Jones, of St.
Louis, one of the state secretaries of
the Anti-Saloon League. The speak
er made plain what the anti-saloon
league, is, has done and proposes to
do in the overthrow of the liquor
traffic, locally and nationally. His
speech had the note of optimism and
victory throughout. A free will offer
ing was taken, amounting to several
dollars, for general work.
Union Temperance Meeting.
All the churches of the city joined
in a union service last Sunday even
ing at the Methodist church. It was
the occasion of the annual visit of the
representative of Missouri Anti-Saloon
League. After appropriate and splen
didly rendered music by a union
choir and prayer and scripture read
ing, the Rev. Thornhill, of the Bap
tist church, in a few appropriate
words, introduced the speaker for
Rev. S. P. Cayton, who has been
the victim of a most severe cold for
the past ten days, is secovering and
expects to be ir; his pulpit at the
Methodist church next Sunday, morn
ing and evening.
An educational meeting will be
held at Barnett, Nov. 2, 1012, and at
Gravois Mills, Nov. 0, 1012.
M. Wrav Witten,
Supt. Morgan Co.
For Sale Six quarter sections
good, western land, close to railway
good farm land and priced right ; or
will trade part or all for other proper
y. . What have you? Come and see
Jno. R. Gunn,
Versailles, Mo
Election Supper.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will serve supper on the court
house lawn election night Nov. 4th
The menu will consist of .chicken
sandwitches, baked beans, p ickles,
pie and coffee, for 20c.
Judge Snorgrass Dead.
Morgan county lost one of its best
and most progressive citizens when
homas G. Snorgrass died last Satur-
ay night. He was not only one of
our best but one of ouroldest citizens,
having lived here about all his life.
He was the kind of a man that kept
p with the times and was always
identified with every move for the
betterment of conditions in the coun-
where he lived. He owned a
nc farm in the north part of this
county where could always be found
the best blooded stock and the most
p to date poultry, in fact the prizes
the judge has taken would attract
attention any where! Tom Snorgrass,
as we knew him, was the kind of a
man that always wanted to be doing
something for some one else, and
when he was in town he could nearly
always be found in the evening with
a large number of his friends, for
whom he was trying to do something
that would make time pass pleasantly
(oi them. We were always clad to
see him around for his generous and
pleasant disposition attracted every
one to him. He had alway been
closely identified and taken a most
ictive part in politics, being a Demo
crat of the old kind, and people al
ways knew where to find him. He
was an old confederate, and proud of
it, but as loyal to his country as any
body after the war was over. Two
years ago Mr. Snorgrass was elected
as a county judge from the eastern
district and was a member of the
county court at thg 'imejof his death
being a candidate, for, reelection in
November. Last Saturday evening
he was calling at a relative's house in
Tipton until about half past ten, when
he started for a hotel. That was the
last time he was seen alive. About
six oclock Sunday morning he was
found dead on one of the main streets
in that town. Heart failure, or some
thing of the kind was cause of death
Last Tuesday afternoon hundreds at
tended his funeral at Tipton, where
the remains were laid at rest beside
his wife, in the beautiful Odd Fellow
cemetery. A special train was run
from Versailles, about eighty going
from here. lorn Snorgrass was
most worthy and good citizen and
his place in the county is going to be
hard to fill.
Fire at Eldon.
Gov. Hadlcy appointed Daniel B.
Igo judge of the Eastern district to
succeed the late Judge T. G. Snor
grais. Mr. Igo is the Republican
candidate for that office.
A New Candidate.
The county Democratic conmittee
met Wednesday and selected D. A.
Fairley to fill the vacancy for judge
of the Eastern district occasined by
the death of Judge Snorgrass.
There was a big fire at Eldon Wed
nesday evening, burning ten build
inns on the cast side ot the main
street, caused by the explosion of
gasoline stove.
Damon and Pythias.
History is full of noble friendships
of sacrifices one man has made for
another; of the constancy between
great men and women. Probably
none of these famous friendships arc
as familiar as that of the story of Da
mon and Pythias. It has been so oft
repeated and so strongly emphasized
upon the mind, that the two names to
day stand as a synonym for two per
sons who are drawn closely together
cither through business or social re-
lations. ,
Damon and Pythias were prominent
residents of ancient Syracuse. The
former being condemned to death by
Dionysius the Tyrant, of Syracuse,
he begged for the privilege of visiting
his wife and children before the exe
cution. This privilege was refused
until his friend and neighbor, Pythias,
also a man of family, volunteered to
take Damon's place in prison as a
pledge for his return, and on the con-
ition that if he failed, Pythias should
suffer in his stead.
At the appointed time Damon failed
. a. a . t . t
in appearing, ana the tyrant naa me
uriousity to visit Pythias in prison.
What a fool you was," said he. "to
rely on Damon's promise. How
could you imagine that he would sac-
ifice his life for you or for any man?"
My Ixml," said Pythias, with a
firm voice and noble aspect, "I would
suffer a thousand deaths rather than
my friend should fail in any article of
honor. He cannot fail. I am confi
dent of his virtue, as 1 am of my own
existence. But I beseech the" gods to
preserve his life. Oppose him, ye
winds. Disappoint his eagerness, and
suffer him not to arrive till my death
has saved a life of much greater con
sequence than mine, necessary to his
lovely wile, to his little innocents, to
his friends, to his country. Oh! let
me not die the crudest of deaths in
that of my Damon."
Dionysius was confounded, and
awed with the magnanimity of these
sentiments. He wished to speak; he
hesitated ; he looked down, and re
tired in silence. The fatal day ar
rived. Pythias was brought forth,
and with an air of satisfaction walked
to the place of execution. He ascend
ed the scaffold, and addressed the
My prayers are heard; the gods
arc propitious; the tfiniis have been
contrary. Damon could not conquei
impossibilities; he will be here tomor
row, and my blood shall ransom that
of my friend."
As he pronounced these words, a
buzz arose', a distant voice was heard;
the crowd caught the words, and
"Stop, stop, executioners'" was re
peated by every person. A man
came at full speed. In the same in
stant he was off his horse, on the scaf
fold and in the arms of Pythias.
"You are safe he cried, "you are
safe, my friend. The gods be
praised, you are safe."
Pale and half speechless in the
arms of his Damon, Pythias replied
in broken accents:
"Fatal haste; cruel impatience.
What jenvious powers have wrought
impossibilities against your friend
but I will not be wholly disappointed.
Since I cannot die to save you. I will
die to accompany you."
Dionysius heard and beheld with
astonishment. His eyes were opened ;
his heart was touched ; and he could
no longer resist the power of virtue.
He descended from his throne, and
ascended the scaffold. "Live, live,
ye incomparable pair. Ye have dem
onstrated the existence of virtue, and
consequently of a God who rewards
it. Live happy, live revered ; and as
you have invited me by your example,
form me by your precepts to partici
pate worthily of a friendship so
A number of ancient writers have
introduced the story of Damon and
Pythias into various of their works,
most notable among which were Cic
ero in his Di Ofiiciis, and Valerius
Maximus, a writer of historical anec
dotes. In these classics there is some
deviation in the story. In one of
them it is stated that Damon went to
prison as sponsor for his friend and
in most of the ancient writers the
name is given as Phintias instead of
Pythias, and it is now supposed that
the name Pythias has come about
through careless translation.

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