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fimtfUyof unlet tcim, miower or plead lothe
pttltlon herein, the tame will be taken eon
fekxeil, antl Judgment will I rendered accord.
Innly. And It ( further ordered that a copy
hereof he puhllshed once a week Jor four con
tecutive weeki In the Morgan County KBraM.1
can, a weekly newspaper j.rinted and published
In wild Morgan county, the lastlnnertlpn to he at
leant thirty days beforr the first day of said next
term of tint court. , .. .
Jno. J. tonus. Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record,
Witnen my hand and the teal of j the Circuit
Court of Morgan county, Mlaaotirl, thl the lt
clay of )ctoler, 1911
iihai.1 no, J. Jowss 'Circuit Clerk.
John Hunch, the stock dealer, of
Htinccton, is hern looking after some
cattle he has on Dr. Well's pasture.
Arc you going into partnership in
the saloon business? Whenever you
sign a petition for license you arc a
full-fledged partner in the criminal
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gregation the length of eternity, a
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tic ocean at Coney Island, and with
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hop a hop a day until it reached the
Pacific ocean at San Francisco, and
when it got there should let the drop
fall into the Pacific, and when this
ivas done should turn around and hop
a hop a day all the way back to Co
ney Island and get another drop and
do the same thing over again, and
keep on doing this very same thing
until it had carried the whole Atlan
tic ocean over into the Pacific, it
would then only be early morning in
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bators, insuring a chick from
every hatchable egg.
An economical oil for
Moves as every drop
, is turned into heat.
l 16Pc Booklet on oi
II your dealer' cannot
only you. wika ua
Morgan and State of Missouri, on the ninth day
of December, 1912, at which time and place aaid
defendant! are required and commanded to be
and appear and to plead, answer or demur to
filaintiff'a said petition, otherwise the allega
ions contained in said petition will be taken
and considered aa confessed and judgment ren
dered according to the prayer thereof, forever
barring and precluding said defendants from
hereaher setting up any claim or title to aid
real property. The Morgan County Kki-chm-can,
published In Versailles, Morgan County,
Missouri, having been designated by the plain
tiff and his attorney, as the newspaper most
likely to gire notice to the defendant of the
pendency of this actloii.it is further ordered
that a copy of.this order be published in said
Morgan County Rrpuhmcan, once a week for
and during four weeks successively, the tant In
sertion of said order In said newspaper to he at
least thirty days before the first day of the next
regular term of court.
John J. Jones,
Clerk of Circuit Court.
State of Missouri
an )
County of Morga
I. Jno. J. Jones, Clerk, of the Circuit Court of
the County aforesaid, hereby certify that the
foregoing is a true copy of the original order of
publication as the same appear of record in this
This 15th day of October, 1912.
hkai. John J, Jonks.
Clerl: of the Circuit Cour
Whereas, Edward Norrls and Olive Norris, his
wife, by their certain deed of trust, dated the 7th
day of April 1910 and recorded In book 21 at page
H9of deed records of Morgan County Missouri,
conveyed to the undersigned trustee the follow
ing described real estate situate in the County of
Morgan and State of Missouri to-wit: Lot eleven
111) in iiiocic -it- 01 Williamson's addition to
the town now Cltyl of Versailles, Missouri, ex
cept a strip eleven II feet wide off of the South
side of said lot, liked us an nlley, in trust to se
cure the payment of h certain negotiable prom
issory note In said deed of truxt described, and
whereas default ha lieeu made In the payment
01 saiu nine ami inc same IS now long since Hue.
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that at
the request of the legal holder of said note. I
will, on Saturday the 19th dav of October, 1912
between the hours of nine o'clock In the fore
noon and five o'clock of the afternoon of that
day, sell the real estate herein described, at pub
lic vendue to the highest bidder for cash In hand
at the Court Home door ill the City of Ver
sailles, County of Morgan and State of Missouri,
for the purpose of satisfying said indebtedness
and the exjwtises of executing this trust.
Amoh A. Knoop. Trustee.
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sarily fond of jam.
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J. N. Nyden, Frisco, Mo., says: 'Last
winter I contracted a severe cold and it
settled on my lungs. My lungs were
verv sore, and I got n bottle of Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound. That cured
me right away, and I recommend it to
all." For sale by all Druggists.
Order of Publication.
Slate of Missouri. County of Morgan, SS.
In the Circuit court, Morgan county, Missouri.
December term, 191. . Adam Mejers plaintiff,
Nathan p. Stevens.if living, and if dead, then
the unknown heirs, devisees grantee and wid
ow of said Nnthaii 1". Stevens;
Kobert Williamson anil Catharine Williamson
living, and if dead, then the unknown heirs,
devisees and grantees of said Kolieit William
son, defendants, m
The State of Missouri lo the alnjve named de
fendants, You are hereby notified that the aliove mimed
plaintiff has this day fi'td his petition, dulv ver.
Ified. with the undersigned clerk of the Circuit
court of said county in vacation, whertin said
plaintiff alleges that he is the owne' of the
south halt of the north west quarter, section ').
township 44, range 18 in said county of Morgan;
that he and those iimler whom he claims have
leeit, for more than ten years last passed. In the
open, notorious, actual adverse possession there
of; that the legal nud equitable title to same
emanated from the government ocr ten vears
ago' that the defendants, Nathan I', Stevens and
Rotiert Williamson and Catharine Williamson,
if living, seem to have ome record claim of
title to said land as apparent patentee and
grantees as shown by plat book of said county
ami the mortgage records theieof, mid if they
he dead, then their heirs, devisees and grantees
art unknown lo plaintiff, who for that reason
cannot set forth their name, herein nor describe
tneir interest lor me reason that same is tin
known to plaintiff, that the said defendants
are not residents of the state of Missouri; that
they have never been In the actual possession 0(
said land, but that such apparent record owner
Sllitl f)f Snifl (If frllflfllllk fn Kftlil laiwl la mi-frm
' and prejudicial to the plaintiff, whereupon, it
isomcrcu oy mc ciern oi tins court III vacation
that said defendants be notified by publication,
that Plaintiff has commenced a suit against
them in this court, the object and general nature
or which is to try, adjudge and determine the
title of the said south half of the noithwest
quarter, section 9. township 44 , range 1H in said
county, and for a decree divesting the defend
ants of right, title or interest therein and to vest
such apparant interest as they may hold to saiil
lands In the plaintiff, and that unless they I
and anear at this court, at the next term there
of, to In; Iktbiiu and holde,i at the Courthouse
in the city of Versailles, In said county, on the
9th day of December next, and on or before the
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rub on with a slow rotary motion, using
a slight pressure. Take time and lay in
u stock of patience when setting out on
the journey after beauty.
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disagreeable feeling. It drives out bad
ly digested food, strengthens the stom
ach and purifies the Ijowels. Price 50c.
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Ordatr of Publication.
In the Circuit Court of Morgan County, Mis
sourl, in vacation, to I)ecemlr Term, 1912.
Samuel Brand, Plaintiff,
The unknown heir, devisees and granteesof
rorter . uavis, ueceaseu, Deiemiams.
The State of Missouri, to the above named de
fendants, greeting;
You are hereby notified that the above named
plaintiff has this day filed with the undersigned
Clerk of the Circuit court of Morgan County,
Missouri, in vacation, his petition, duly verified
by affidavit, wherein said plaintiff alleges that
the defendants claim some title, estate or inter
est In the subject matter of said petition and in
the land hereinafter described, but that plain
tiff cannot insert the names of said defendants
lo his said petition because the names of said
defendants are unknown to him; in which said
petition plaintiff further avers that thedefen
ants have obtained and derive their claim to
the property hereinafter described from one
Porter K. Davis, as heirs, consort, devisees, do.
nees, alienees, or immediate, mesne, remote,
voluntary or Involuntary grantees of said Porter
U. Davis; and that said petition contains as full
correct and complete n recital and description
of the claims of said defendants and how said
claims are derived a the same are known to
plaintiff. It is thereupon ordered by the under
signed clerk aforesaid, in vacation, that said
defendants bo notified that an action haslieen
commenced against them in the Circuit court of
Morgan County, in the state of Missouri, for the
purKse of trying, determining, settling, defin
ing and quieting the title to the following lies
cribed real estate in Morgan Comity, to-wit
The north half of the northwest quarter and the
west half of the southwest quarter of section
one, the northwest quarter and the north half of
the northeast quarter and the south half of the
northeast quarter and the southeast quarter, and
the east half of the southwest quarter of section
two, township 40 of range 1H, in Morgan County
Missouri, and containing in alt six hundred and
ninety and seventy-six hundredths (090.76) acres,
and by which said action p'aintltf seeks to for
ever bar and preclude the said defendants, mid
each of them, fmm setting up any interest or
claim in or to said real estate adversely to saiil
plaintiff, and which said action is returnable to
aun triable on the first day of the next regular
term of this court, lo lie holdeu at the cuurt
house In the City of Versailles, in the County of
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Versailles, Mo.
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