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Morgan County Republican.
Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo., Thursday Morning, Oct 31, 1912.
No. 44.
m-e 1
err .7 m -mmr sstssr
the Baptist church about 25 or 30 1
years ago, and lived a humble and
quiet christian life ever since. About
filteen years ago, when her husband
professed religion and joined the
Methodist church she joined the same
church with him.
Six children were born into her
home; (our died in infancy, and one
daughter at the age of 15. Only Mrs.
Hubbard survives, and was such a
comfort to her mother to whom she
was most tenderly devoted, and is the
stay of her heartbroken father, lie
sides her husband and daughter and
two grandchildren, Douglas and
Gladys Hubbard, and Mrs. Mary Ivy,
a sister, of Sedalia, of a large family
of brothers and sisters survive her.
All who knew her speak her praise
in love, and many weep her sudden
taking away.
'The funeral services were conduct
ed at the family resilience in this
city at 2:00 p. in. the 20th inst. ly
Rev. S. I'. Cayton, attended by a
great company of neighbors and
friends. Her remains were laid to
test in the city cemetery to await the
resurrection call ol her I.011I. Mn
I ere sympathy of a large acquaint
anceship and friendship is ahundant
I antlv manifest.
Cltcull I'otirt -ilnl Monilay In April mill 2ml Mini.
Iny hi Aiurtmt ami Ihs'i-mlicr.
1-mli.ili-couit 'Jiiil .Mnwluy In Kcliruar), May ami
N'oicniticr, himI llli Moiulay In Atmiixt.
Count) court I'lrxt Monday In IVIau.iry, May
Auuu.t ami NoM'inliei.
Mono in County Omciw.
I. O. 1,i.;i:ki.
W. T. Ilnwcn
'I lio. (I. Snoriii ii"
Win. O. I iiKt'iii') 11
llani-j I'.. NeWlle
.lolin .1. .lone
William ll.Olne)
It. M. Uicay
CIi.mIch II. Oooiluiaii
.lolin A. Il.111n.1y
I'lt'il Miunei",
I.M -I'll m i i;i
.lotin A. llraili'li
C. N. Nuplcr
W ill. It. Stclcll.'Ui
Silpt. of School
VmiUM tt!in Oikh'ui.h.
Mu)or ... 1'. II. Ilaul.on
('lt)Cleik .1. W. Mcl'lcll.in
CM) Attorney W. II. McVc)
City I iimkiiht rrli-i, Juiii-h
fit) Mar-li.il Cl.milf Milli-im
Collector .1. M. MrCl.lliuliiill
lli'ut.ll ini'i ttiiKoli lt) council ever) li-lunil:lnl
0111I.1) mulil".
I'lfftl'IIUU .lmlo
.IwIki- lot lltrlct
.Iii.Iw.'imI liMrlrl
Jiulne- of 1'ioliato
circuit Clerk anil llccotilci'
County clerk
1'roi.ucuttiii; Attoiucy
I learner
I'nlillc itlillliNtnilor
A'u i 1 .Vi r ricN
"Friends, I tell you I am not thinking of my own success; I am
not thinking of my life. I believe in the Progressive movement. I
am absorbed in the success of the movement.1'
(In his speech at Milwaukee after he was shot.)
One of the prettiest home weddings
. mil at sime time one of the mm icly
events of the year was the marriage
of Miss M iry lie. tie of tins city to Mr.
Cli.trl 's- V. lictll of Alton Illinois.
Th'' bride is the d.iu-.-ht"! of Dr. and!
Mis. J. I'. I'.eale, one ol 'ddest. best
ami well established families ami has
grown up here among our people.
Mary lle.de has lived among us all her
life ind it seems like a waste of lime'
to irv to vay anything in praise of a
irl i well and so favorably known.
Pretty well educated, a good
MtiMnan and a most lovable dis
position are all her and a ileil of
sunshine went out of Dr. I'.e. tie's
home when she left. While the
bridegroom is almost a stranger to
our people he comes highly recom
mended. He is a most pleasant
gentleman, belongs to one of the lead
ing families of Alton ami those that
met him were only sorry that he could
not stay longer, for like good wine,
he grows better the longer we know
him. He is engaged in business with
his father who is a large inanufai Hir
er in the Illinois city and the oung
people have the satisfaction of going
right to a settled antl established busi
ness and a home of their own, a well
furnished home having been the wed
ding present from the groom's father
and mother. We balk when it comes
to giving the costumes of bride antl
guests, but we will say that if the
bride looks as mh to the people of
Alton as she did to us, at the mar
riage ceremony, they will be very
slow about ever letting her come
awav from them. The many wed
ding presents were something rich,
handsome and elegant, consisting of
enough silverware, cut glass and most
gain linen and other useful articles,
besides a cher k'lor one hundred dol
lars from the groom's grandmother
antl a deed, as slated, from his father
Spurs Must be Won.
Poets may be bom, but success is
made; therefore, let me beg of you,
in the outset of vour career, to dis
miss from 011r minds all
succeeding by luck.
'There is no more common thought
.imoiing oung people than that
loolish one tli.il by and by something
will turn no bv which thev will
suddenly achieve fame or fortune. 'u
A.C. ,VA,M. cl.llllc l.oiluc, No. 117, ICKUI.II
i oininiinloatlnii the M anil Ilnl I'l May nlulit" cadi
111. mtli. M.ltlut! It i'l In 'ii InUtcil ami conllally
II. A. t oiimu . M
(!. W. IIIKIHU'll .Si'Cli'tutt.
VlKsut.us Km l. Alien Clt.M'l I.M. No 7
Mclsii .'tut l'tnla miilit in inch uinulli
; til VlMlinn Companions welcome.
I'. C Wodiis, II. I'.
J s. M Cut I on, Men laty.
I.o. o. 1'. WiHullii'K Loilii'. No. 'All, icmil.it
IIICI'tlllKKCM't) I llcnl.l) lllulll.
I.t HI, IK SNOIt'ltt
.1. A. Mum V, lice. Set tcllll).
K.ot I'. cimIIIci LoiIkc. No. ItU, liiectKCci)
lliillmla) nlulit. J.W. H"f. 0.
O. V. N. llllliHON, 4i. of K. S
M. W. A. Vetullti" Callii, No. JVl J ti. Hi-
I an. I Itli I'llil.l) lllliliU In each niontli.
.1, I'. IlKllhHriiU'HUI, Clclk. .1. I'.. IIKAIIIi, I 'nil-Ill
Vct-aillcs Ciimp No. stfui, Koal NHkIiIhiis nl
lAutciiia. nticts tvety lt anil Mil l'tnla
llltas I ,K,ls M, each n onlh at Oilillclliiw Hall.
mil. Wool. Mount.. Oracle
Jl.ssll I Sims. Kecnlilct.
I.O It. M. Ila Ha tonka lill.e, No. Ill, meet,
evel) WcilncHila) sleep.
W. A. llltiiMiiol.il, Sin lieiu
C. . N. HeiaalN C. of It.
W O W VflMlllles Oiliip. No. II.'. Illiet.
ly 1st anil lot .Momtav inula in caili inotitti
A I'lifi'Kii. C M
they leel he is the man that otc'ht to
be endorsed. Judge Williams has
matle one ol the nesi judges we mh ( wf s al) jKnihf.llu,S. y,,,, ,;,y j4m,si ci.ik
,.1.r.,i 1 1,. u Imtiest inst sincere . . . i,o,iae No. iimh, Mo. i iiioiheiiiou.i ot a icu
eerha(l. It. is honest, jusi, sun ere . ,)t nol l() success u , .,, s,,,,,,,,!,,. u, .1,
and mr.tlier lo aline home m Alton, antl saves the county eveiy cent he, ,. , sj,,.,,,,.,,,, w, Imhevetl in !""""' w n-'m.-on. I'.e.i t
. , .. i, ,, ., .1 ,( on Y. Si'HMII nil, Seeietal).
The marrnge ceremony was per- can and when the 1 rogrt ssnts U Hi-, m (,.sli1Vi rowc, it ,,,,! he saw w c T , M,,,s (.u.ry wciincsiiay it. .
f.,ri,'.l In. IJcv U.S. ' horn it . the : etl to place a c.iiioio.ih mi j-mKi- ,i, ...... :., .i... . ..1(.b,.si nlL ,t ,,, at m ..vlu. k a tonliai invitation is r
im llicir ticket. it W.IS most nalllr.il I , ...ii :..i... I I cliilcl lo all
that they would endoise a man who
new li.iptist minister, in a beautiful
and most impressive manner. 'The
wedding March was placd by Miss
llrvant Howard, as onlv she can play
it. Many guests weie present, those
Iroiii the outside being : Mr. and Mrs.
I W lleall, father ami mother of the
groom, ami Miss Kthcl lieall and Mr.
I'crcual lieall, sister and brother of
groom and Miss ICssi e lieall and Mr.
Roy lieall. cousins, antl Mrs. Mal-
omb. an aunt, the latter all leaving
for home in the afternoon.
At The Methodist Church Next
Sumlav School at tt :'.() a. m. antl
public worship at 11:00 a. in. and
7:!K)p. in. Morning sermon: The
Sunday School ; Its Aims, Achieve
ments mil Appeal to Men. Evening
theme: Satan Sifting the Saints.
Young people's Song antl Hible Read
ing service at 0:.'j0 p. m. Topic:
The beginning of Our Race and the
first Romance. ((Jen. 2nd chapter)
Kverybody invited to all servic.es.
It is especially desired that all mem
bers and friends of the church visit
the Sunday School next Sunday, and
then hear the pastor at 11:00 a. m.
on Sunday School work.
S. P. Cavio.m, I'astor.
They Dona the Right Thing
The Democratic papers are trying
to stir up dissention in the Republi
can ranks on account of Judge Wil
liams endorsement by the I'rogressive
party. I he fact is, 'the Progressives
has In en tried ami proved to fill the
bill in every parttt ular. The Pro
gressives are to be commended on
their L'ootl iuduim-nt. which means
'the re-election ol one ot the best men
that has mcr occupied the Judge s
i hair in this Judicial District.
(here will be no preaching at the
Presbyterian church next Sunday,
morning or evening.
Mrs. Konroo Ivy Dead-
beautiful thinaware to load a wagon, have a right to endorse Judge Wil-
In addition to these were a lot of ele- liams tmd they have done so, because
Mrs. Kli.abeth Payl-Ivy was bom
near Nashville, Tenn., April 7, 1H41,
In girlhood she moved with her par
ens to Little Rock, Arkansas,
in 1861, and thence again after a few
years to California, Mo., where, on
New Year's Day, 1H07, she became
the wife of Mr. Monroe Ivy. They
came to Morgan county at once and
the rest ol their lives together were
stieiit about and in Versailles. She
was of a vigorous and healthy con
stitution until about fifteen years ago,
when she began to suffer from heart
weakness, which slowly sapped away
her strength and ultimately antl al
most suddenly on the night ol the
25th inst. she passed peacefully away,
after only a short season of conscious
suffering, anil before assistance could
be secured. This became a most
severe shock both to her husband,
and also to her daughter, Mrs. (Jen,
II. Hubbard, who lives near the par
ental home.
She professed religion and joined
when the old guard perished around
him, and Waterloo was lost, A pound
of pluct is worth a ton of Im k.
Young men talk of trusting to the j
spur of the occasion. That trust is
vain. Occasion cnanot tnaKe spurs. 1
If you expect to make spurs, you
must win them. II you wish to use
them, you must buckle them lo your
own heels belore you get into the
fight. Any success you may sihicve
is not worth the having unless you
fight (or it. Whatever you win in life
you must compter by your own effort,
anil then it is yours a part ol yourself.
In giving you lieiug, (!od locked
up in your nature certain forces and
capabilities. What will you do with
them? Look at the mechanism of a
clock. Take off the pendulum antl
ratchet, and the wheels go rattling
down, and all its forse is expondetl
in a moment ; but properly balanced
and regulated, it will go on, letting
out its force tick by tick, measuring
hours ami days, antl tiding faithfully
the service for which it was designed.
I implore you to cherish and guard
antl use well the forces Ood has
given you. You may let them run
down in a vcar. if you will. Take
off the strong curd of discipline anil
morality, aud you will be an old
man before your twenties are pissed
Preserve these forces. Do not burn
them out with brandy, or waste them
in idleness and crime. Do not des
troy them. Save and protect them,
that they may save for you fortune and
fame. Honestly resolve to do this
and you will be an honor to yourself
and country. -Jamks A. Oakkiki.o.
Miss Mt'i.i ii lit 1 1. I'tcs
Miss 1. II. I. II Mount. Kit hri
Missouri pacific: 'IIMI- CAI. )
p. 111. iletiarls
passenger carries i-x
No. "IM arrives 12: 1 ; 1
p. 111.
No. (i'H arrives
l:5i p 111.
No. daily
press nnil baggage,
Nos, 6') I nnil (ills daily, exei-pl Sunday.
Mixed train carries no baggage, in ex
presM II I-:. Maiian, Am
Icock Island Time Card
7, Daily Limited Kansa
City, Colorado Springs, Pu
eblo and Texas points m
No, 'J.'l, Daily Local Kansas
City, and all interim
points. Also all points wesi
22 hours to Denver 1 :U p
No. V), Through ress.Kxp 2:06 p. in
No. 28, Daily, Limited St.
Louis mid all points east, . .2:11) a. in
No. 24, Daily, Local- St. Louis
intermediate points ami all
points cast 12:16 p. 111.
No. 10, Through Express,.., 1:12 p in
l'or sleeping car reservations, tickets, etc
apply to any Rock Island ticket agent
No, 85, local freight west bound, tie.
parts at K.VO a. m No Kit, local freight

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