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Morgan County Republican
Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo., Thursday Morning Nov 7. 1912.
No. 45.
That Hallow' een Party.
The I-ndics' Art Club of llus city
cm compliment itself and have the
satisfaction of knowing that it gave
more than one hundred people sne of
the most pleasant and unique flal
low'een parties that has ever been
given our citizens, and will long be
remembered as one o! the really
pleasant evenings, enjoyed by all. If
any failed to have a good time it was
that one's individual fault, for every
provision was made for a pleasant
time by those in charge. Kvery one
invited was requested to come masked
and nearly every me complied. The
diversity of masks, suits and general
get up's to deceive, snowed a won
derful ingenuity in the brains of those
attending. There probitdy never
has been a mask p.irty given in this
city where so tinny were able to
deceive every body cKe. The in isk s
were so complete that many, in fact
nearly every one, was surprised to
find, when they unmasked that the fel
low that they thought was somebody
else, was found to be some body else.
The ladies had decorated the
Opera House, where the entertainment
was given, in a way that would make
old "Halloween" himself, puff up
with pride, even tiiough he has had
many things done in his mine tint
caused him much sorrow, as well, is
causing many other people much
sorrow and inconvenience. Most of
the decorations wen- aii'iiinn leaves,
and arranged with much tast'j and
beauty. Most of the evening was
spent by each one in trying to find
out who the other party might be and
at the same time deceive thai other
party as to his or her identity .
About ten-thirty, the "(Irani!
March" was called for. Kveryhody I
paired oil with s wi'j other b dy and
after meandering iround awhile, the
whole crowd lined up ami unmasked
This was the moment of surprises
and there were in, my real surpnses.
After the unmasking, refreshements
were served nn h as sweet cider,
pumpkin pie, ginger ra.e Vc. In
every way this entertainment was a
gr in I success and will long he
remeinpered by those attending, as
one of the pleasant spots of life. The
Lidicsol the Art ('lull are to be com
mended and will long be remembered
for this pleasant Halloween party and
i.l hope they may try the same tl mg
ov t ,14,1111 some lime.
For the first tune in fifty-one years
a United States ll.ig was raised yes
terday on lit-; courthouse in Liberty,
City county. And the man who hoisted
the Hag yesterday was the same one
who unfurled a Confederate Hag from
the same courthouse in IfjfJI,
In the first year of the Civil War
ohn W. Hall, a soldier in the brigade
of (Jen. Sterling I'rice. hoisted a Con
ederatc llag over the courthouse.
Shortly afterward a ompany of
Keder.il troops drove out the Confed
erates, hauled down the Confederate
and hoisted a United States llag in its
place. It flew there until the Federals
went away. Since them no flag has
been flown to the brcee from the old
ourthoiise until yesterday, and the
flagstaff, exposed to the elements, I
gradually rotted and finally fell down.
Recently the Daughters of the
American Revolution in Liberty per
suaded the county court to put up a
new (Ingstall and to buy a new llag,
and Mr. Hall, who yet lives in Libery
and is state commander of the United
Confederate Veterans, was asked to
officiate as the flag raiser and he
consented. The event was adver
tised throughout the county and yes
terday a large crowd gathered to see
Mr. Hall hoist the flair.
The llag will be kept in the court
house and every holiday will see it
fluttering. Kansas City Star, Nov. 4.
The Morgan counly court met
Monday, in regular November term
with nil judges and olllcerH of the
court present, .Judge I). V. Igo Ail
ing the place recently vacated liy the
death of .Judge cT. (J. Snorgniss.
Following are the proceedings- up
to Thursday morning:
Accounts prem-ntcd, allowed and
warrant ordered tinned, 111 followm
I. M. Schunticp, county treas
urer, salary and expense $15'.!. I!.")
WraV Witten, Superintendent.
of schools 2'i!l.!l2
lleniy .Jones, Manager Coun
ty farm IL'l!.7r
Kate Sullcns, keeping .lohu
Mu Moon 15.00
Willard Hedinon, janitor lilt. 00
V. H. Multox, livery 7.Ufi
Thorpe Hros. mdse. for Co. 'J.'i.H.'l
I'. .1. Scigcl O.iiri
I! eo. Hariiardifc Co. mil.se for
county Sli.lio
Dr. II. N. I.utmau county
physician 1(15.00
I 'lice, Lul. tfc I'rice, llldsc.
for county I HI
'.'oilier Drug Store Co. indue
for county 12.25
Versailles Leader, printing ISO. 00
(ieo. Meyer wolf scalp .'.00
Cost Hill in Slate vs. IVlc
.Jackson 17. IIS
Lige llaughuiim, for Lidilic
Adair ...... 10 00
Charlotte Woods, poor person 12.00
School fund mortgage of
Momoe ordered foreclosed.
John I!
The eouil diew the petit jury for
I he December teim ol the circuit
com I, as lollows:
Moreaii Township II. W. Price,
S. II Talbott, lames HathcM, Jaeoli
Kamei, Henry lliukeii, Frank .Jones.
(). !. Diiin, Thomas Price.
Mill C k Pat. Dornaii, limn
Young, M. T Peoples, Chris Sehlic
Ili.'lilaiid-Chas. Smith, S C
Sluder, Fritz llartmau, Louis
Illtw Cieek -T. L. Ritchie, F. W.
Fisher, C. II. Alpers, W. F. Tagt
incer. Iluiralo
Clms. Fiisininger, ('Inn.
William Collier, William
At The Methodist Church Noxi
Sunday school n:.'() a. in. At
tendance and interest growing. The
morning sermon: "Go Forward." ;
evening sermon : "Love ; Its Source
ard blessedness." Young People's
Song and llible service at 0 :,'!() p. in
topic, "The beginning of Sin and Re
demption. ((!en. Ijrd ch.) Kvery
body invited and welcome at all the
S. P. ('avion, Pastor.
A Masonic School of Instruction
will be held in Masonb Hall, Versailles
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
day and night session, by Grand
Lecturer . R. McLachan, Kahoka,
Mo. All Master Masons are expected
and earnestly invited to be present
and help in the work so far as it is
convenient. Versailles Lodge, No
it 7, A. F. and A. M. is right at the
head in doing good work, fair woTk,
square work and with Past Master R.
Q. Kcllcy, who has been honord with
the appointment of Deputy Grand
lecturer and Deputy Grand Master,
to exemplify the work and preserve
the ancient landmarks. No. 1 1 7 will
stay on the firing line all the time.
Grand Master Lampest had prom
ised to be present, but owing to the
death of his sistes he had to cancel
the appointment.
Mr. Yoakum's table showing what
the treasures of the garden cost at the
initiative point, where they start to
market and what they cost the con
sumer who makes the final purchase
fill us with fruitless repinings ; for
how can the accepted order of their
transferanee from one hand to another
ever be changed? And each rank
ol the middleman must live.
This is one ol President Yoakum's
examples :
Oklahoma farmer gets for a melon, 5c
I'teight to St. P. ml 7 1-2
Retail price, St. Paul. 70c
Profit divided among local buyer
commission man and retailer. 57 i-2c
What is use of heeding the advice,
back to the soil? For the watei
melon that you plant, water, defend
ed from beetles, slugs and bad boys,
brood over by day and sentinel by
night with shotgun (or four wcaiy
months, you receive 5c.
Othei piople grow into magnates,
pun base automobiles, take summer
trips, open champagne and make
much of life on the others 65 cents.
While in the end hopeless ultimate
consumer pays 70c and then the
melon may be green and flhaci him
with the cholic.
What sadder record is theie of
human inability to solve the problem
of produi tiou and distribution than
history of a watermelon ? -I1'. II. C.
in Globe Democrat.
We ,lotl,t know yet if the Repub
lican will get nominal free rent as our
contemporaries, "The Sawdust
Twins," do. Anyway we cpcct to
keep up the light for a square deal.
"Thou shall not steal. "
Honesty is the best policy."
It seems th. it Attoney Gen. Major
ir the man who put Major in major
ity, but didn't he over do it?
I low did it happen ? Why, Taft
smashed the Republican party, "The
malefactors of gieat wealth" stold the
nomination, the wild and wooly Dem
ocrats combined with the 'silent vote,'
did the rest.
Wc would like two or three copies of
issue of 'Oct. tilth, as all ol that num
ber are gone, and more called for.
Some of the hard drinkers were
elei ted and some ol them were de
feated, and while there seemed to be
an abundance of booc, it didn't cut
much figure. Cut it out.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid So
ciety gave dinner and supper in the
I, uiubec building nest to 1st National
Hank to the hungry voters, netting
something over .'12.00
County court is in session this
week, will count up the vote Kriday,
and we may get'em for next week,
Wilson Wins With 400
Electoral Votes
More when They
Connt Them.
Missouri Gone to tKe Dog's
by Over 100,000
If you Don't Like Missouri Move to Arkansas.
They say everything is go
ing to be cheap now -that
is all right if you have
the Money.
"God tempers the wind to the shorn
lamb," and you know that lambs and
sheep too catch it when the Democrats
are in power.
Two applications are in to the
ounty emit for i.il 1 uik license in
Versailles, and a hot- fight over the list
of assist ml saloon keeps, Mcssis.
Neville and McClelland, who are for
God's people, holding that ipnte a no.
of them not iialilicd lor the position.
The other side is represented by
Attorneys Schamep and Hubbard.
It is thought the case will go over to
next week.
"The times are hard, my dear,"
said a man to his better hall, "and I
find it difficult to keep my nose above
"V011 ( 011 Id easily keep yaur nose
above water," returned the lady, "if
yuodidn't keep it so often above
beer. Atlanta Georgian.
With the anxiety of waiting for the
election "returns, and paralysis caused
by the result, we are puzzled just how
to fill up the space, and not time to
set enough type, and will be late, but
may be better late than not at all.
The inirriagi; "tie" m' often a slip
It don't take an u .sprit to make
Rev. Orr closed his meeting 01
tluee weeks at Itethel Sunday night
with a wonderfully good meeting
good attendance, good order, good
interest, and six additions to the
church. He was home in tune to
Ilev Deviuna, of the Slate Univer
sity, Columbia, came to vote, we sup
pose the Progressive ticket, for if go
ing to college don't make a follow
Progressive he's wasting his time.
Notice iiie change in the Rock Is
aud Time Card on the back page.
Remember that on our oiler ol .
lor $1, see ad in another place, if you
are already a subscriber lor McCall's
Mega.ine or the Weekly Kansas City
Star, your time will be extended foi
anotoer year and also that papers
may be .sent to different addresses.
Thanksgiving is getting close, and
it looks now as if the Democrats wTll
get all the turkey.
Ilalil-headed men show sums of polish
Lovers of money are often weiMI.I to
Some folks' way is the rod to m.

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