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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, November 14, 1912, Image 1

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Morgan County Republican
Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo., Thursday Morning, Nov 14. 1912.
No. 46.
The Vote in Morgan County. '
novicmiu:r5tm, 1012.,
For President :
Wilson, D. 1103
Taft, R 1239
Roosevelt, 1' 273
Kitgene V. Debs, S. L.
Chafin, Pro
For Governor :
Major, D 1188
McKinley, R 1282
Nortoni, I' 219
Ward, Socialist 20
Rogers. S. L. 2
Stokes, 1'ro 20
llallancc ol the state ticket ran
along about the same as the state tick
et, also for Judges o( the Supreme
Court, and Kansas City Couit of Ap
peals. Ft r Congress :
Shackelford. D 1200
l'eters, R 1203
l'emberton, l 221
For Circuit Judge :
Slate, I) 1210
Williams, R H7-1
For Representative
Howard, D 1199
Kanffman, R 1385
Judge F.. I):
Fairley, I) (io2
lgo, R 015
For Judge W. I):
Lee, 1) 513
Sr.hupp, R 811
For Prosecuting Attorney:
Wray, D 1110
Agee, R 1301
For Sheriff :
I lugdes, D
Williams. R
For Assessor :
McDonald. M .. . . .
Daugherty, R
For Treasurer:
Moure. I)
Mew. R
For Surveyor :
Corhim, D
Stephens, R
. 1-188
For Pub. Admr :
Mcrnott. D 1215
Nipier, R 1353
For Coroner :
ll.itler. D
P.owhnc, R
For J. P. Mill Creek :
II T Weudelton
M il til Wood
J. N. Slii'iikli'
W. F. Moon
Moreuu :
Kav.maugli. D
l.-gtic. R.
I law Cn.ek :
('. II. Mock. R
C. N. Mitchell. I)
Geo. Sli ink. R
J II. Kurt.
F r Constable :
Mill Creek:
Fisher. D
liardwell. R
Morcvi :
Mnreland. D
Shnlncr, R
I law ("reek:
Smith. D
P.rown. R
1 178
. 181
. 180
. 3r
. 1(18
. ol
. 23o
( sage :
Wood 28
Kaywood 70
Rains 23
For Stock Law 013
Against Stoi k Law 7."7
For Single Tax 33
Against Single Tax !. .2(100
Total vote cast 2737
We don't give majorities or plural
ities, as we haven't got time lo figure
them up if you haven't tune turn it
over to the school children, it will be
good practice for them, and they
probably need it.
John Price has Done It.
Done what? Why forever scatter
ed, dispelled, annihilated, and, in
Missouri' parlance, forever knocked
tne socks off the superstition that
thirteen in an unlucky number. He
began the thing way back yonder
(no body knows when) by getting
himself born on the 13th of the month.
That would seem a bad beginning
ordinarily, and no one would take
such chances but. a Democrat. How
ever, that is what-he done, and he has
been getting along first rate all these
years, everything considered. He
has never been in jail, never got run
over by an automobile, in fart has
done first rate. The only thing that
is marked against him, that a good
many of us can't get over, is, he has
always in season and out of season,
regulaily and consistently voted the
Democratic ticket. A good many
think that being born on the l.'jih
may have had something lo do with
that, as that does really seem to be
about as bad a thing as a person
could be uuiltv of. However for the
sake of his family, most ol us trieil to
overlook '' 1 for"et it. Not
sai.-mcu wun what he has already tiesday moining the old gal was bac k
done on the 13ih. Wednesday of this in the job, and we hope she will stay
week, he hit that unlucky number ' '"til Christmas, or longer,
again, by giving a big blow out on his j Mr M.-Kinley, iii.inagei olthe
birthday, and inviting thirteen guests. ! R()yi theatre, left Wednesday lor
As one of the guests was detained un- j .-orl Sc()Ui for UlL. wmtci, and
til after dinner, thirteen sat down to thu Ro).., l)U n,cr tlc nuage
the table at once, including the host i nlL.nl o) U()lti r()L.r 1lU,i h, rcli.
himself. When it was noticed that
this number were at..the table, one ! If Dr. Short will dispose of Palace
aftei another was invited to leave, j " reasonable price why not
Km n., v,f n,!t hi, -i.u.. f iii.
was touted. There were
reasones why no one would go, for
such a table! Talk about things lo 1
eat. If the Price family don't go
busted, it show plainly that the change,
of administration i's not going to ef I
lect business, and that this country
will just stand anything. Ihe good
things that Mrs. Price and other
I. ulies ol the Household, got on mat
tabl" will long lie reiiiemlieied b the
f.irtiinate LMiests. such as Dr. P. G.
Woods, General Ivey, Judge D. A.
Fairley, Klwyn Price, T. K. Townley ,
W. II. K.ivanaugh. Win S. Gibbs. J.
IS. Tlinrsiim. Smiiiel I ) lilies, loin!
Gunn. W. L. Slephens. Jas. Claikj
K. A. Crewson. Members ol the i
family who live',.m this part ol the
country were all present. Alvin Price
and family, Mrs. Geo. Robinson from
Tipton, with the whole firm of Price
Lut. and Price and their families.
It was sure something of a crowd.
ICverybody had a fine time, and lelt
with many good wishes and willing
ness to give the 13th another whirl
as soon as it comes this way again,
A farewell Party.
Messrs. J. C. Hardy and Win.
Griebel gave a card party Tuesday
evening at the D. A. Fairley resi
dence, In honor of Win. McKinley,
wjw is to leave for his home in l't.
Scott, Kan., Thursday morning.
Mr. McKinley and Miss Linda Hein
eman won first pri.e as best players,
Mr. McKinley receiving a Meer
schaum pipe and Miss Hieneman a
lovely piece of cut glass. Those
present were: Misses Mary Hubbard,
Cora Hubbard, Nina Mason, Ruby
liomK Linda Heineman, Maud Hlair,
Irene Pettv, Uryant Howard, Mcs
damesj. C. Hardy and Chamberlain,
Messrs. Randal Young, Lester Koet
ing, F.dwin Williams, Claud Carter,
Cass Heard. Win. McKinley and Flick
An elegant two course lunch was
served, and all present had a most
enjoyable time, and hope to be with
Mr. McKinley on his next farewell.
Missouri is in
when it comes to
the "black belt"
woman suflrage.
the other states in whit h the women
have the ballot in no form being, Ne
vada, Texas, Arkansas. Indiana, Ten-'
nOssee. Maine, Pennsylvania, Mary
land, Virginia. West Virginia, North
Carolia, South Carolina, Georgia and j
Florida. Let us get out ol such com
pany. The war in Mexico continues in
the usual orderly manner, births and
deaths about even.
Vcs, we are in favor of Guv. Had-!
ley being put on the ticket with Taft
just fits.
LOSt Ladies' liar Pin, contain
ing three stones. , Liberal reward of
fered to finder, by
F. A. Win it..
We had been Inning Indian Sum-
I"1" 1111111 1 'sday evening, wnen mat
1 near-norther struck us, but by Wcd-
i secure it lor nciiooi uroumisr i iw
! picscnt building would be a disgrace
Kallirs, and there are no
C. p. n,imer. of the Globe Ding
S11U.) W.1S) ;insls ,;lly ,,lsl ttlJc.k
.yinK , fi)(. M1())ly Christmas
K,K ;m( p 1 1( t , , . K r , t , s .
i Lawyer Amos Knoop of Kansas
City diopped in on us this morning
and led this altei noon. He reported
! business grim nig and coming his way.
Morn, to .Mr. aim .Mrs, nun
Hedrick, 1 1-1 miles south of town
Wednesday Nov 13th, a fine baby
bov. The 13th in the fauiely, surely
Mr. Iledrick is a Piogressive.
Manager M Kinley, of the Royal,
tendered the following Iriends a box
party Wednesday night: Misses
Linda Heineman, Itryanl Howard,
Irene Petty, Lorene Petty, Ada
Heard, Cora Hubbard, Maiy Hub
bard, Maud lilair, Nina Mason and
Mrs. J. C. Hardy, .Messrs. t.ass
Heard, Win. Griebel, Kd Williams
and Randal Voung.
Preaching at The Frosbytnan
Church Sunday
There' will preaching at the Pres
bytcrian church next Sunday morn
mg and evening. r.very body in
vited. Marrlapo Licenses.
( Lenorad Z. Webb. Versailles
Lena Delong, Versailles
Prarie Farm for Sale
i so acres 865.00 pur acre, '1500
cash, balance easy terms, 3 miles
from Versailles, a fine farm with all
new improvements, possession at any
time. For further information
write or see.
('. W. Kavanawrii,
Versailles, Mo.
The Election
Just Come on to
MA50 N
And get your goods.
He can sell them
thun anybody.
Potatoes oul of car Ihe latter part
of this week for 65c by the sack.
C. HL Mason,
Everything Clean
We are still shouting for Kauflman
and the Democrats that saved the day j
anil elected him. Gee! but what a i
disgiace it would have been had they
laded. Glory lo God in the highest.
'1'. M. Hunter and wife visited at
Conway Jones' Sunday. Mrs. lone:
I has been quite sick for sometime.
I'heie are larec herds ol cattle be
ing driven across the country hunting
'buyeis. Mr. Stevens iccetitly passed
I through with some heavy cattle.
Mr. Green Huffman is quite poor -
!ly. lie is suffering liom piles, fistula
! and other troubles. Some days ago
, he went to Thornton .V Winon, of
Kansas City, but returned anil is tak -
ing treatment from Dr. Latham.
If you voted against a deleated
andidale don't offer him sympathy
for he is likely to uss you. Just
jump up, ciaek your heels together
and tell him you helped to put the
fixings to linn, dam him.
German battlement.
Taft and Teddy both congratulated
Wilson. We forgot, did William and
Theodore exchange congratulations?
It is claimed politicians are already
scrapping over who will be P. M.
Hurrah for Teddy. The Progres
sive only ninety days old and broke
the old fellow's back. Remember
the Chicago Convention last June.
Thou shall not steal.
Mrs. Mary lluchcr, who has been
visiting in Ohio and Indiana, returned
home last week hale and hearty.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Welty, from
Wayne county, Ohio, are here on a
visit amonti relatives and friends.
They expect to extend the'ir trip to
(Jeorgy, Okla.
We are sorry to learn ol two appli
cations made for saloons in Versailles.
From a man in the penitentiary,
who was sentenced there for a crime
which he committed while drunk:
A bar to heaven, it door to hell,
Who ever named it, named it well.
A bar to manliness and wealth,
A door to want and broken health.
A bar to honor, pride mid fume,
a little cheaper
A dour to sin, jrief ami shame,
A liar lolnipe, a liar lo ptayei,
A ilonr lo d.iikiu-ss ami desji i r,
liai to an homncil ami useful life,
A ilooi lo a lirawliim senseless stnfe,
A liar lo all things line ami hravt
A door to every di luikanl's jjriue;
A liar lo joy that 1um i'lijiitls,
A ilnor to tears a nil breaking hearts;
A liai to he.neli, a ilunr to hell,
Whoever named it, mimed it well.
Ignorance of law
excuses no one
except the lawyer, makes little diffei-
( ence what dirt he makes, we hae to
font tl-c lij and it don't take an ex-
jpeit to make trouble.
j lien Garber and family veil to
Piitman county, ( )hio, lately.
Rl.Vi ,. i,t:lln.in wife con-
u.n ,).,,,. lakjn ., lril) , lulj,llw a,i
( )hio soon.
Home Mission Week.
Next week will be observed by all
evangelical churches as a week of
prayer lor home missions for the
speedy evangeli.ation of our country
and her dependencies. The follow
ing i the program for the week at
the Methodist church.
Sunday morning sermon: "Our
Country's Debt to Christ" ; evening
sermon: "Our Country s opportun
ity lor Christ."
Monday night: "American In
dians, negroes and immigrants."
Tuesday night: "The Frontier and
our dependencies."
Wednesday night: "Rural Regions
and the City."
Friday night: "American social
These topics will be illustrated by
accurately prepared 1 hails and fig
ures. Come, all who can, and let lis
know the country's state, and pray
and work for her evangelization
S. P. Cavion, Pastor.
jLet us do

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