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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, November 14, 1912, Image 3

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A Bazat
The Missionary Society of the
Ilaptist Church will give their annual
aznr, Thrusday, Dec. 12lh. Will give
place later.
A Church wedding-.
An e'abora'.e wedding was called
off at Ilcthel Presbyterian church near
lioonville, Tuesday at 10:.'J0. The
contracting parties were Mr. James
W. Karris, of Overton, and Miss
Mary U. Hurt, both of Cooper coun
ty. There were about two hundred
and fifty guests present. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. Z. 1".
Orr, the pastor of liethel church.
The bride and groom represent two
of the most prominent families in
Cooper county. They were the re
cipients of many useful and valuable
No Saloon
The saloon petitions presented by
Sheriff Condninn and Wake Talbutt
were finally argued before the coun
ty court Saturday and license refused,
lor tne reason that the building in
tended to be used by them as a
iloublelieader for hell hn! not vet
been erected. I Cod's people go to
sleep, which they generally do. they
may wake up next court and find the
siloons m operation. The devil nev
er sleeps or lakes a d iv off. Watch
Good to Riimember.
Let every girl and woman who is
living liniiestly, working industriously
and keeping her self-respect be
happy in the thought that she is
weaving one of the strong, durable
fibers in the gie.il labric of our nation.
It does not matter whether she is
ever lean! of outside of her own
small i ir If ; it does not in itter u she
I uls t i ru ip tli r nv I'd of grititude
and 'ipprcci ition from those lor whom
s ii yiv s h-r toil : so lung as she is
' villous of doing ivh.it she leels is
light Hid best, so long ;ts she keeps
h r own soul's resp'-it. and refuses to
t I ''II It (or Wolldlv pleasures. s'i is
wirkiii- in accordance wth tli- di
vine plan, and she is making the
rid better lor living in it. And
oin It r'. sometime, must mine
h r t waul Kanm-i mil St n km in .
The Millinery Uaztir
I m king ii dined pines on 1'iilerii
II lis .11 d on shapes 1 int. made .mil
t He 'I to order by a first class trim-
ii c. . ( ill .mil jiet pi ices before biiy
ltij el cw lure.
X. K. MniMs,
1 ' i oiir subscription within the
vi-1 w in oi It's built - the post ollicc
1', pirtmeiil s.ivs von are all null iw. a
i'ilo 1 st pers "I. UHI nut In be
I ih' II V ''I .el twelve mouths
1 1 mmI. L i p "'I the inside.
National Light Oil
It is your pruteiti"; "iint.t
mbstitiitiou I )unt a.-i- 1 . unr-
tliine . biiKU' ' tu I ju .t as
Giioii." :i!iim uhstitute
Is takim: ( li.iiit"-. V '.a want
and should, insist upwii having
National Light Oil
Known to the world for 3D
Vein, as the highest xraiW oil
mid. I'rodures a light as iIiIIct
rnt (rom the ordinary coal oil
lielit av Sunlight is from a
candle llaiue.
A-pure oil that maintains uni-
lorrn temperature in incu
bators, insurini! a chick from
ocry hatchahlc egg.
An economical oil fur
utovcb as evcrj' drop.
is turned into neat.
16 Pjbc Il'juUrt on orf
II our dcJrr tanncrt
wpply you, voile ui
The Nttwul Rtfiaiaf C.
iultimiw, unw
Some Post-Election Optimism.
"Klection bcingover," couiniented
the Old Codger, many of our free and
C(ual patriots have cause for rejoicing
and for the rest is Halm in ( "iilc.nl if
they know where to look for it. Now
that the dust has settled and the fever
abated, they find that the country is
not going to the dogs, after all.
Time and thread will mend the heads
that have been broken and the gar
ments that have been rent. Neigh
bors will forgive the words uttered in
the heat of patriotism. The hogs
will be just as fat this winter as if the
other fellow had been elected, and
there will probably be ipiite a bit of
marrying and giving in marriage. And
then we shall never again hear of
National Chairman I lilies or Slate
Chairman J'olitte Klvins, and that
will help a good dejl."-- Kansas
Cit Star
The Fight is Only Begun.
The first general engagement of the
struggle between prograssivism and re
actionarisin is over.
lint the fighting has just begun.
The issues upon which the progress
sive party made the fight this year are
fundamental ; thev reach down to the
bed rock of popular government. With
Wilson in the White House they will
go on precisely as they would have
gone on if Roosevelt had been the
victor. j
11 r : . I . . i . . . . 1 1 ' .i . .
v mi me reiui ns an in. me I'roges
sive party is shown to be die party of
oppositon. As a national oiganiation
the Republican party disappears. The
pitifully small showing made by the
i . f. . : -..i .i. .
i.mu.hci invuo uiai once power- afternoon, a : i s.
fill political organization to the rear, j
The fighting on the Moor of Cong
ress will be cured on by the Progres- 1 Judge Loiif SCOTCS lh.2 Salcon.
sues. The standards in the battle lor . , , ,, , . i. .
,i . ... . . Indue .. IS, Long, o i.iyton. oc-
tlie coming four years will be borne , ,
by Progressive leadeis 1 "l"'-'' l'u' polne oiirl bench in that
The people have demonstrated their ,
roinpieiu ioss oi commence in tne Ke-
i ..... i .... . . .
piiinican party, liv the vote given I
Koosevelt and Jonson. the people have
(.hmrn the i l.j.t . 'inl .tt.i.t;.... l..t.iV...i
thev feel in the proposals of the I'm- , 1,l,l,,R,ss 1,1 '" ' ",lrl was, aused by the luded victim, it in mlds ami lashion
gressive party. If this were not true, it Kr"K shop. The more he saw ol lie u engine ol political col I uplioii. It
would have been utterly impossible ellect ol the saloon bu-iiness .is mir- 'ays its filthy hands upon the ballot
for a pattv but a scant three months mlt.( in U. sl(irl.s , (.,iIlt. ,,nd bo only to defile it. It wren, lies
old to have leape.l froin nothing destitution in his .ourt, the inoie ; the policeman's club I the hand
second place in the national politic al i , , , , , i 1 , , ,,
alignnient. 1 1 learly he reahcd the cinse ol the of the law and turns it against the
It would have been a political mir- "I"'" saloon. Judge Long makes Vitten. It sends desol ition to the
acle if the Progressive partv in its first j manv addiesse, in Ohio ami other homes, and despair to the hearts ol
campaign hid been proclaimed the I slates, and in one ol tiiem he gee millions ol people. It crowds out
victor It ,s only less a m.racle thai it j vjvj( w, ()( , (.KtMWS lh, Kr,ivcs , count-
slionld have polled the immense vote! 1 . ....
that ii li.. The vote wasiic.de j '"'I what it is doing : less drunkards. It burdens our hos-
sible because of the character of the l ite saloon is .in institution whose pitals with its loathsome diseases. It
program it set forth. It was possible
because it touched the wellspriiiL' ol
! soi ial a nd industrial justii e.
J I he things for which the I'rogiess-
ive tnrtv contends are as sure to will
as this ition ,s to endure. Indeed
the Nation will not endure if in the
long inn the refor ins the Progressive
champion are not achieved.
Progressives everywhere mav well
t ike heart ftoiu the result of the fitst
fight tu which Ihey have engaged. The
future of the party is assured. Its foll
owing cannot fail to increase and its
tiltim ate sticess niav be counted as sure
because its cause is righteous and is
found upon principle, which must and
w ill prev ail.
Condensed Olficial Kcport m
( 'ondition of
The BanK o! Versailles
1 M id- by a Committee of Stockholders
n the close of business Sept. M, 1012:
I .oans and I )iscounts,
Real Kstnte.
I'lirniiure ami l'"itures.
I Cash and due Irom Hanks 70,02o.01
! 'I'olal, .fn.'jO.ooO.OS
! Capital Stock, full paid .'JO. 000.00
SURPLUS - - I6,72:i.f0
Hills Payable and Redis-
"n - - - :n,oooo.oo
IDKPOSITS - - 215,2.fi8
Totii, ..'wo.nno.os
The Aliovc Stat inent i; correi t.
Wit I. I.. Si i phi s-s, r.tslner.
Turkey Din nor '
The Methodist ladies will give their
Annual Turkey Dinnei Thursday
night. Nov. 21 at the Odd Fellow
Hall, livery body come.
We were glad to have Mrs. Thorn
hill visit rooms four and two, and
Misses Mary Hubbard and Ada
Heard visit rooms two and one last
The High School having won the
quarter day holiday, was dismissed
at recejs. Miss Shaw visited the grade
reinaindea of afternoon.
The Witlen Literary Society will
give the following program Friday:
Song School
Rending Ada lirunkhorst
Piano Solo Miss Ratcliff
Pen Pictures of Local Characters.
Douglas I lubbard
Humorous Short Story Cantest.
Story must not be less than 200
words or over 1.000 and it must he
humorous. Judges will be appointed
by President.
Marie Jacobs Foster Hrown
Lillian I (alley Alven I Joyce
Moss McDonald. !
Comet Solo Man el Morris
Recitation Iv.ans C.iton '
Song: Crace Shively, Clady sllub-'
bard, Cladys Merriot, Melva ISoyee. ,
Hook Review Anna Danic !
PiM,ur lidltdr1
There will be :i mat h basket I1.1I 1
game 1 A:
iloima on
Veisailles and t'al-1
1 eseoii it. Friil ly
'"'ly lor several years
noled the '
constant stream
ol siloon victims
1 1 1 -1 1
ch passeil Itelore linn, ami soon
re 1I11 d that a large percent ol the
I vet existence is a ci line and whose
mine is a synonym (f lawlessness.
Il is an outlaw in ne irly three-loutlis I
ol the teuitory ol the United Stales. I
mil its csUietuc in the remaining !
ten it'll y is merely liy siiffrance. II!
knows no law ; it obe vs no law. It I
exists in deli iin e ol the very law whii h j
outlaws it. Its growth i indigenous 1
lo our cities and municipalities. . It '
Haunts its ciiminal presence in the,
faces ol dei I'lit people. It takes its
stand in oin principal street. It de
li, mi lies oui ( itiuiship. It robs our
son nf the stieiigth of manhood, oin
daughters of the v irtnes of womanhood .
It chlorofi rms the moral instincts ol
the coiiimiimtv
It saturates the veiy
.iir we breathe with ils noxious fumes
of iudecency, vulgarity, and prolanity.
It pillages the puise. diseases the
body, anil damns the soul of the un
wary citien. It snatches the bloom
from the msy cheek ol childhood,
and blights the budding hopes of
ambitious youth. It hangs a mill
stone of despair around the neck of
aspiring manhood. It darkens the
homes of our people with helpless
poverty, and dives hungry clublreu
begging into the streets. It throws
the apple ol discord into the family
circle, and fills our divorce courts
the bitter lamentations of disapponted
hopes. It hurls the poisoned arrow
of treachery into the breast ol friend
'hip, and crucifies love on the sodden
i ross ol in h leluy. It sails its black
brigs of piracy on a sea of woman's
tears, anil builds its sin-stained
palaces front the broken hearts of
The Place to buy is
where you can do
the Best
This Week:
Home Product Flour, por cwt
Fancy Pattont Flour
Turkey Hard wheat Flour
Royal Dainty Flour
New Corn Meal per bit.
Choice Evaporated peaches, per lb
Choice evaporated apricots
Choice canned corn, 4 cans lor
Cannedhoniinv, 3 cans for
Heinz sweet, sour and dill picKles.
Heinz SuarKraut, 5c per lb.
Our new supply of l-nlish Walntils, pe
can?., almonds and all Kinds of candies will arrive
in n fen days.
Come in and trade with us.
We pav too price or trade for all produce.
Price, Lutz & Price.
lescrled wives ami Millering niotliei-.
It pollutes the s.k led streams ol oin
.ohtii al ble. and poisons tin- crysta,
loiiiitaius ol justn e. The i lute h ol its ,
I bloody hand is at the throat ol every
oiiblic ollni il who tans 10 no us mo
... , 1 1 1:1
ding. From its d:b inched and ile
fills our almshouse with paupers, oin
(nisoiis with ciiininals, oin mad-honses
with maniacs. It has no heart, no
conscience. It would boll the door
of every school house, and roll a stone
against the door ol every church,
Its vocabulary of inlamy contains no
Mich words as law, honoi, virtue,
Anan hy is ils law, lust is its religion,
gieed its god.
I'his institution is a niytiad-headei
monster fiom whose malignant womb
crawl the slimy serpents ol crime and
vice which feed and bitten upon the
vitals ol our coiintiy. The triumph
ol the saloon means death .to the
saloon means the glory of the Repub
lic. - The American Issue
Did you try to fasten such a thing
on "lieauliful Versailles?"
Olii'iiltiiiuit ill it Mmiil.iy In Apill iiinl ami Mim-
l.l lIlAllUtlslllllll lli'l IMIllll'l.
CiiiImIiii'iiiiiI 'JiiiI VIiiiiiI f In i'lilinmiy, Miiy mill
N 1 1 i. in I iii i I It Ii Miiiul.iy lii A 1 1 m ifl .
Count) i mill -flirt Miiinlii)' In IVIini.iiy, liny
Auuurt ami Niivi'iiiIm'I.
Miiiuum Count v orriciI.H
ITi'kIiIIiik .IiiiIiiii r
.Imluii tut Dlrtilrt
JiiiIvm Vml lllrtrirt
JlllUn.Ol l'llllllltl)
Clii iilt Cl"i k unit Itucontiir
County Cli'i k
I'riiHiu'iiLliitt Attorney
I'ublli' Ailinliiliitnitor
I. (1. I.l.iil.K l:
W. 'I'. Ilimi'ii
'I Iiim. (I, Htiori,'iiK
Win. 0. TiiKtiiii'ji'l
llurM-y 11. Ni-vllln
.Inlin J. .loiieH
Wllllmii ll.Oliiey
II. .M, I.lti'xiiy
Ch.iili'H II. OoiiiIiiiiiii
John A. Iliiiui.iy
Knul .MonmiMi
i'iilili A. llr.nli'ii
V N. KupliT
Win. It. StuvoiiHiin
these prices with
um t II II I H
111. 1 n TlHinlo
V Kittin.i.i ( nt oh hi ,1 ,
,,," I.I II,,,. )H
' " .1. W M.rirl
''" Alll VV ; M,.X,.,
I'ltj I 1 4MHII I 1
!'l II ! .lllll.'H
I'llj M,ii, . C.iiSiill,.,-
'''Ui-'tiil- . .I.M.Mil'l I ... , ,
lli-mil.il nn i'lliiKu ill I'll riiinii'll ihiu j I.I ami u.l
1'inl.ij iiIhIiIh.
SlM'll- iiih
I. A A.M. ViikiIIIkh IjiiIkm, No. 7, i,.u.i,ii
'" nli'lllllill tint lrtlltlil.ini I'll.l.ly iIu,n ...n,
Vlxlllim IiIiIIiiimi llillll-il mill I In r
C. W. Ilimnril i I.iri.
VlHHll.lls KlIVAI. A XL II IIIAI'llll s,
Miilsi'xty .'imI I'llil.iv infill in iiuli nuniO.
Jl i m VIsiIiiiu ConiiianliitiH ni'lionii'.
f O. Woolih. H. V.
Jas M Cl.ll ion, Siiii laij
I.O. O. f. V.'ln.illli'H l.iulu... .No. 'ill, Miilur
n llllVHi'WH) I lli'i.it,i ntl.l.
KullM'y lliTksiHir. N O
i. V. vioiu.KV, lliM'. si'i ii'iai).
li.ol I'. Vi'iaallli'M l.iuUi', .So, nr.', iiii'i'lni'ti'l)
I lllllsitll) nlKlit. I'miill Hill MMI, C (
O. V . N. IIiiiixon, Ii. Il II. , S
M. W V. Vi ikiiIIIi'h i'.iiiiii, .So -'Mi, ,,.,. , ih,,
'JimI ami till I i lil.iy lull t h In eiu'li nunilli.
.1. f. llKHI,NIII.hHril, CIlO 11. .1,1:. Ill t llli, Cimaill.
VilMlllll s Clilllp No ,s.i',, l(ou Ni iKhlioi ol
Aiiniiui. mitts evriy 1st anil 31 il 1'ililay
iiIkIUs In t-.iili iiiontli at Oililli'llou Hall.
viiis C. I,. Worn ultimo., onu li-
Ji.sso. 1. Sims, Kfcoiilt't .
I.O II, VI. Ila 11.1 louk.i '1 1 II..-, .No. hi, ii,, ...
oM'iy Wi'itiiiil.i) mIc.,.
W. A. IIHiiMilol.il, h.irti.'in.
C. V. N. Ileiiiail It. or It.
W. (I, VV Vi'isalllrs Cmiip, No. II.', IllntH
evi iy 1st mill it . I Moinlay iilfjils In im li month.
J.mi:s l)eiu.i', Cluk
I. i ,.!.'" No. I'HH, Mini, 'in lii, i cl ,M 1,
Iti'k'iil.u ini'i'llnifs II," :inl Saliitil.iy nUl.t Ini-iii'li
Iiiontli. W N. O1I.H11N, I'l 1'nlili'lll .
.Ii on K. SciiMO int, KlU'li lat).
W. C. T. U. -.Mills tviiy Wiilnrsilay aflir
noon ut j 311 o'clock. A conll.il Invitation U ti
iiilcil to all. Mihs Ml. 1.1. in llccK, Pir
Miss l.ii. 1. 11. Mnoio;, Itec. Secy
M. li.Cliiiii li.Koiilli I'i,iiiiIiik ini'ij iiniil.iy 11
II a. m. 11ml 7SM i. 111. Humlny , iool at tism 11. 111
t'luynr mci llnn VVi.i)nin.,iy i.wiiIiik.
ItKV. H. I'. Cvios, I'.nlor.
I'li'rtiyliTlmi Cliiiiili -I'li'ui hini! eiiy l-t anil
Mot Suiiil.ijH at II a. 111, iimlH p. m., ilulliii; II, 11
hiiiiiin.T molitiiM. (PiiiIiik fall ami wlntiw Iln
t 7;: i. ill.) I'iiijit nn i'llni; Wi iliiinlnj niulii.
Sunil.iy hi liool al '.l::m,ni.rj'M,i,,l.iy imoiiiIiik
II. f. AliKI.I., hll.t,
Si'hsIoii ini'i'tliiK t Tiiiwilny iiK,t inimtli
. I . O1111, 1'urtiii.
II, i,tlln (,'Iiiiu'Ii- I'iK.iclilim iiwry hun
ila; at II a. m. 11ml 7SUI p. 111, IIiikIihwk .luni'tlni;
Hiitiinluy Iii'fiiintliii4tli Kiimliiy .it 7::lp. 111. Sun
(lay wIiihiI ut j;:iii a. 111, ami II. V. I', u, ut 7;l p. ni
""I Kuiiiluy. IIkv. U.S. 'Iiiouniiii.i. I'urt.r.
....)".,., 11 uiiin. 11 ouiin.ijr 1..-U001 huh y h lulayali
"'Uli '" IIY nilTKN.NIIM'r lllll'., 111, 1.
Kt. I'iiuI'h M, II.CIiiiiiIi (CiiIoiimI) I'mii IiIiik a
II u, 111. .ii,,l 7::m p, ni. Il amliini .siiii.i.ijh iiunicIi
111.11II1. 1'iayiu oi.'i-t Iiik mi-ry 'lliiimiluy vi'iilnn
Huml.iy hcIhmiI al 'J::l u, 111, iio-iy Huml.iy
ItKV. Wll.l.UU IHVKN, PlIHtor
Oolmi'il Il.iillrtCliuri li Pn-urlilnu at II 11. 111, iirl
7:: ). 111. oviiry '.'nil uml Itli Siimluy In r.ii li inouth
II. Y.P. I) im-ry Wiulmwilay uikiiIiiu ut75m. Kun
'')' I'ti'iiaiiliiy
IIkv. (I. VV. Watt". Puatiir.

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