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Morgan County Republican
Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning. Nov 21. 1912.
No. 50.
Lost I . mIk-s li.ir I'm. contain
ing ti ree atones. Liberal reward of
fered t'i finder. r
V. A. Winn .
Mi. and Mrs. Joe Riown, of New
burn. M ' :,rL' visiting relatives and
friends Iprc.
Mrs. ratline Ti.i'y. il -lrton. la..
,inn' in U edneday to visit her p.ir
ents, Mr. and Mrs J. T. M.irriott.
and other relatives and triends here.
A. Popper, a former, Versallian,
iii)iv of St. I.ouis. c.inie up Sunday to
visit with Ins family.
It has been finally settled that Taft
cirri I IT. ill an I Verm int. out what
lid the Croon M.untiin Hoys have lit
been thinking of? the Mormons have
thointhinking donoMor them.
It is S pure Havana ugh now. With
two Democratic . I' 's what show
has a r.iltito or Hull Mouse? The
only way is t bt. good during the
next four yo irs. and ve cm then
pr i ii lse at least one Progressive J.
P, and by that time there won't be
any Taftitos.
Dr. Cninn anil mother left Tiusday
tor 17 tld i. I' v , t viiii I)-. Or
(J inn, Dr. J ick returning alter a
sli irt visit, while Mrs ( lunn expects
to stay in the Sunnv So rli all winter.
Miy sh-hiv-a ile is in' tun .
Constable Morel, md m ide a pro-
l-'ssi')n,il trip to Stover Mondav.
Wonder if tiie Taft gang won't
thow Kcncsaw Mountain l.andis over
the breast.v rk belor-1 they ipiit?
He is one nun tin people will .:or
t unly n itVic'ill. 1
I) m't f lil t alien 1 tip: D-'ino istra -ti
n it the Price, l.tit. and Price dro
( v md M :at M irket I'rid ty md
Silurd ly. Nov, 22 and
Mrs. C. 11. Hudson, of Californii,
Mo , visi'ed her sister, Mrs. H. S.
I' i irn'ntl, from We lno,d ly to S it ur
day .
Who said that the pumpkin in a pie
i it oaly 2-7 of ic'.'iit, wiiile fie oilier
mgrediovs c st 2'J cuts? md w h it
if the s it-in-jnt is correct vhen
rightly built it is iv irtli a dollar a
The Mil'mery Bazar
is nuking reduced prices' on Pattern
Hits union shapes 1 1 its made and
tiiinup'd to order by a firsl class trim -inor.
('ill and got prices before buy
ing elsewhere.
N. H. Mounis.
No, ve don't like Ab Kidwell.
We mot him on the street Monda y,
and after ho gloated over the recent
Dotn icritic victory, the conversation
turned to the high cost of living, al
ways good, and lie said he didn't
care, pretty soon, how high moat was,
for he hid four of the nicest hogs in
town, and bragged how ho would sop
his biscuits cm both sides this winter,
but nary the least intinution ol saus
age, back bones and spare ribs, or
oven jowl. Never mind, wo miy
have hogs sometime wIp.mi ho won't
have any, and then watch us skin
him, if we can get the knife under
hs tough hide. Ol course, if we
stay hero long enough, Ab is luble to
got us, so we can't talk as mean about
him as we would like to.
to keep your subscription within the
twelve m mill's limit the post office
department s.iys you arc an outlaw, a
dishonest person, and not to be
trusted when you got twelve months
behind. Keep on the inside .
Mrs. Virginia
has been visiting
! I'. (',. Woods, left
( 'I'.aniberliiin, who
her mother. Mrs.
last week for Kan-
' sas ( Hy.
We wain some low priced places,
'not ti n l.tr loin town. Send or bring
i us a ilesci ii'tion
1 'kiavson - 1 Iauuison.
An one wanting electric light
work or top.nrs done sue Kthvin Wil
liams nr c ill phono 105.
A young man. lierl Raekabrand,
by name, a representative of a mag
azine circulation company, is (piite
sick a' the Ma tin Hotel. He is
throate ed with pneumonia. Dr.
Well is the iit-ndiiig physician.
Versailles has been splendidly (?)
! decorated ever since icircus day, but
is getting somewhat Male, especial
ly some of the more prominent spots
There should be an anti-spitting or
dinance for in front of the bowling
alley. There re also a few other
spots need it
Praric Farm lor Sale
120 acres $(5.00 per ai re, small
cash payment, balance easy terms, U
miles from Versailles. iiO acres hog
tight fence, balance good wire four
50 acres in wheat, fun
house and liarn, si hoo
water, new
mil churc h
close by.
('. W. Kwwwt'uii .
Versailles, Mo.
Union TnanKsfiiving Services
Have been arranged for by the pas
tors and others of the city, to be held
at the Presliyterun church. The
Mayor, Mr. D. Harrison, will have
charge of the program, and Uev.
Thornhill, of the .Haj tist church, will
preach the sermon. Representatives
of all the churches will partinpito in
the services. A union choir will ren
der appropriate music.
Kverybody please arrange to lay
aside other mailers for a few hours
and let us "Crowd the courts of the
Lord's House" with thanklul hearts.
Remember, at the Presbyterian
church at 10:00 o'clock Thiir-chty
morning, Nov. 28th .
S. P. Cavion.
Sec. ol Pastor's Alliance.
Thanksgiving Proclama-
Whereas, by lung ami honored
custom, our people have observed
the lust Thursday of Novcuili-r in
each war as a day of annual nation
ill Thanksgiving ; and whereas, the
President of tliu United Slates and
the (Jovernor of the State of Missouri
have again, by tln-ir proclam itions
, , i , ilt- . u,id aiatn called (inl
alleution lo this beautiful custom:
mid whereas I feel and believe our
people of this city have special rea-.-ous
for thanksgiving by reason of
our ('(immunity being liountif ully
blessed vtth all cereals ami Hpared
. from famine and pestilence.
I Now theiefcire, I, K. I. Harrison,
i mayor ol the city of Versailles, do
I hereby further designate) and set
apart Thursday, the -Hth day of
November, I'.HU, as a day of Thanks
givings, and do earnestly recpiesl
that, our people so far as possible,
refrain from their uhihiI avocations
cm that day, and to assemble! them
selves in the PreHhyterian church,
the appointed place of worship ul
1 1) o'clock a. in. lo return bumble
thaiikfi to the Hniiutlful Giver of all
Witness my hand this '20th day of
November 15112.
K. I). Hakhihon,
Mayor of VoraullUsH.
A plan to disfranchise the negro
vite in Missouri at intiire elections is
being considered by Democrat!
politicians over the state. While the
movement has not taken definite form
yet, it is,belived probable that
"Crandfither" legislation, such as
has been adopted in the Southern
states. will be presented in the coming
session of the leislatiire and effort
made to force its adoption.
Kaeh session of the legislature tor
the last six years Democratic leaders
have discused the probablitv of suc
cess of efforts to disfranchise the
negro vole. Hut on account of the
nearly equal strength of the then two
parties in the state they lusit.ited to
make the effort to get sip h laws
adopted. Several times. however, the
matter was threshed out 1 fore the
platform committees.
The overwhelming inajoiity the
Democrats will have in the coming
legislature will make it almost a
certainty that the tpiestion of restrictin
of restricting the nergro suffragein the
stale will come up m the party
caiicuse and be fought out there
The Democrats will have a majority
of moie than . i hundred in the hoii-e
and can put thi.uigh any legislation
the party caucus takes up as a party (
Democratic politicans in Kansas j
( atv are known to favor such legis
lation, although the greatest demand 1
for it is coining from Democratic, I
where the negroes cmlv begin to vote ,
generally six and eight years ago. !
'('rand" father lej
pularly leimed,
isla.ion. as n is I
piovides strp t
. ..... . ....
cpiaillicauons lor voters sucu as
educational lest which the negreos as
a whole have diffic ulty in meeting.
In order to save the white voters
it adds the saving clause excepting
whose ancestors i ould vote in 186").
Kansas City Star.
New Meat MarKct.
W J. Roberts, recently from Mum J night and Sunday, inclining and even
wa. Iowa, has opened a butcher mg.
shop in the brick building opposite Kverv pody. is c irdially invited to
The Royal Theatre. Monroe street, attend and enjoy all these services.
Mr. Roberts is an old resident of S. P. C.wion, P.istor.
Morgan county, and after wandering j
1 around for seven years and learning i
the butcher trade right, comes back ,
lo give our people the advantage of
his experience, and if he will knock
oui lie iiuu price o ncms, ,mu i: l
h 1
out the high price of i
.i. . i. . ... . f i ..
his patrons unod stuff to eat, hois'
the chap we have all been looking lor. I
Tied up Bight.
Sipiire Kavanaugh performed his
nrst vve.l.l.ng, mis term, . nursc.ay, i am l)ms ns (1r. ni.i.t. VIMt ln ,lln;iv, ,.; ,()r,l( Springs
his victims being Miner Crane and , (( thu .m,, Kans.ls (;ilVi Msil , frlcn,s
Mrs. Leoiia Hroiise, both ol Harnett. I , rd.llivi.s presumably m an effort
Judge Thruston reports that the1 RoachfifJ 75th MHopoSt, I to get up an appetite for Thanksgiv-
Sciuire hold his nerve in good shape, ! . . . , , ., . .. , .
1 . 1 I he home cif John Marshall in'g-
and did a ffrstclass job. Sciuire K. !, .... . - i i. i
' ll.tL.- ,(( ,t",U fill. L',,.1l ,( 'I Itltl.lSMIll
will probably do a good business in
this line on his good looks.
Rarn Attraction For A Stnnsh ow
"I next have the pleasure, lay
does and gon-tle-iiien," announced
the side-show lecturer in orotund
tones, indic ating a pale, wan, special
ed person on the platform, "of calling
your kind attention to one ol the
most remarkable curiosities on ex
hibition. He "
"111111!" hypercritically ejaculated
Lobe Sagg, who had nosed into the I
fore-front of the crowd around the
rostrum. "Ho looks just about like the
rest ol us!"
"Very true!" replied the orator,
"Hut, despite that fact, he is,so far as
we have any knowledge, the only
specimen of his kind in existence
The Election
Just Come on to
And g'et your goods.
He can sell them
than anybody.
Potatoes out of car the latter part
ol this week for 65c by the sack.
C. H. Mason,
Everything Clean
country editoi who worked and
i,M,K,t ;,( labored lor the ( Irani! Old ;
p, u . with heart and soul and might
,.,,. merely be-cause he. bought'
w rj ht ,,, ,L.(.;1Ilsc 1C wanted
-' I'" ' " "
lnt. ,stiillicc
j Quarterly Meeting.
.L.Vi v. , Roller, P. IC. of Mar
shall Distric t M. K. (.'lunch, South,
will be in our city next Saturday and
Sunday lo conduct the services of the
first cpiarteilv meeting for ibis charge,
lie is expected to preach Saturday
A Home nission
Will be held at the Haptist Chun h
nexl Sunclav. . ':()( p. n. This will
i ' '
, ,, ,
I be the closini' service
ol the week of
prayer for Home Missions of the week
previous. The topic for general (lis-
jciission will be "Unity 111 Making)
Our Country (bill's Coiinlrv." l et
,.,-..r, i.,i,. -,,,, .in, 1 i ll., kiiine i. iri
,lll ..I,, ,-! II... ill VIII. f. ,. "Vl i,,,
birthday party Tuesday. Nov. 12,
in honor of tho7.rith birthday annivary
of "Aunt" Julia Tbom is, mother,
of Mrs. Marshall.
H was indeed an agreeable surprise ;
to that grand old lady and which she
with kindred and friends, enjoyed
very much. '
The splendid dinner served and
ho renewal of kindred ties made will
long remain in the mind of "Aunt"
J JJ 1 in as one of
the happy events of
her life.
j I hose present were: .Milt llicknian
and family and W.C Thtomas'ol
J Syracuse. Mrs. Jesse Allen and son
j Hubert, of Otterville ; A. J Thomas
j and family, Mrs. Vinnie Williams and
j Mi"s- '' Chapman, of this city.
'. Tipton Tines
little cheaper
Says Astor Could'nt Earn So.
Washington. Nov. 18. )r
c,,,,,,,.. vV,,,,,. ', ' ' , ,,,' v.,',
(.i)nf,n.K:ul(MMi ,,,, , ,,
p.,....,,,.,,, . ,.
sermon estanlay on the So lal
Unrest," in which he said, in pail:
"A young man m New York in
heiiicd ice eutly (if million dollars,
foi which lie toiled not, neither did
he spin. His father had not eit.ier
toiled or spun. This voung man, if
placed on his own resources, could
not make So a week.
'I tell you that sin h sights as these
cause more Anarchists than all the
adic.i street speeches ever made. St.i
istics show that 70 per con. of all the
weilth of tin; cotintiv is pi tic hinds
of T) per cent ot the people.
It would be much belter leu Rocke
feller ami Carnegie, instead of giving
millions t foun.
Hunties, to hav
liluaiies and great
given the people.
)',sl v' ' ' 1 ' 1 v 'l " lm ll,r
tne necessities 01 inc. me opportunity
to earn the power to build their own
! ji lriir il's
H. V. Abell, of the Abell - Hardy
' l.uiiilicr (. o. . o t last inrsi lav or a
National Light Oil
and be assured nf .1 umuiu'i
supply of the Uit imrnmi: l
on the marker,
Turn need the best oil for
I a inns, iiiculutdn. Imtiulm ai,1
1 .
National Light Oil
ii.. ivtn Knuun in inr wurlil lor yt
rjr. a. uir liighrM Rriilf ml tuanu
niKurril. Il 1, i in.ic uilllul burnt to
llit lau ilrnji uiiluiul .iiiokr ur Mir.
11111 l (rK luw vrade nil lUnnril
ml "ju.t at pr" Aufitini( a
.uiuic ii ukiiik oianirt. off
mi iuu gti inr grnuint National
l iliht Oil. II your dralrr.un.
nut auiily )ou, i.ntr ui dirm.
1 Tk. Nation. I R.fi.i.g Co.

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