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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, November 28, 1912, Image 1

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Thirteenth Year.
Versailles. .Mo.,. Thursday Morning, Nov, 28.J19J12,
XKW ,flw t,M per ,cw at
Price, Lutz & Price.
Postmaster Windller, of Barnett,
attended a Consistory of the Scottish
Rite Masons at St, Louis last week,
and had a glorious time, the work
being up to the 32nd degree.
The 33rd he will, probably have to
wait for. , .
' t
New nuts, candy, figs, raisins,
currants, citron and mince meat.
Prick, Lutz & Prick.
Bring us that wood.
Sugar 5.40 per cwt. at
Prick, Lutz & Price's.
Get busy and file on some of our
big offers they will soon be out of
Heinz kraut sour pickles and dill
pickles, at
' Price, Lutz & Price.
Pay your subscription now.
We want your produce. If you
want the top prices for your turkeys,
chickens, eggs, in fact anything you
have to sell, take it to
Price, Lutz & Price.
The Mlhnery Bazar
reduced prices on Pattern
s. hats made and
tnromea to orucr uy a first class trim
mer. Call aad get prices before buy
iag elsewhere.
N. E. Mounts.
to keep your subscription within the
twelve Booth's li arftr-ibiMt oAce
department says yon are an outlaw, a
dishonest person, and not to be
trusted when yoa get twelve months
behind. Keep on the inside.
Go to the Fanners and Traders
Restaurant for Fancy c -nned goods,
Confections, Tobaccos. Chili & Oy
sters in season. Short orders, and all
short orders cooked to suit the taste,
every thing strictly clean.
O. G. Harris Prop.
Phone 104.
A new suppfy of stationery just
redeved. Let us do your job work.
Mrs. Jesse Hardy goes to Kansas
City this week to spend Thanksgiving
wjth her sister, libs. Dobyns.
More turkeys are probably now
coming to Versailles than ever before.
The streets are full of wagons loaded
wiu turaeys.
The Stover Bank hartbeir new safe
ia aad will open up lor business
about the first ol next week.,' Their
new sale is a beauty and a guarantee
against burglars, f re and everything
r JSoiae of the boys over at the court
ose My the fight down in Mexico is
now ap to the 40th round, with wai.
parties badly winded,
v Mrs. Rebecca Letchworth and sis
ler, Miss Maggie Knoop. left Tues-
sua iiiHWD Vsiiy
. Wr - a 1 A l. fc aP
luaugiTiDg witn
Ml lh
, their brssser,
Attorney Amos Kaoop, and family.
Frost- thence they g6 to Hot SiMngs,
Ark., ta spend the winter.' .
V-i?8 flfW Wto'l
ijk road Um way, d patting
isfcst rjsst coliiti , - " aif
Mos-iay . e rt (They aaa
rasfesscats tM-raasy charitable-acts
tad eaaptfee gfad roads ' questio'a
in detd-cest" if oar X M
If iSiw t V T'f 1111' ai v.i
these win be soase geosT reads very
lie I Ul
H1H I t f "Ml)
Yfiflf Christmas
Attractive At Our Expense
Swiudl "f lb hi'wr ttM1T Ik t!fl hlf, mt k u la mm pipw.
pi'l on fiv-Xnu Mtlt a4 Xauufeip,faMk ap ratty (1ft r nd '
funcy ng r fiw UM. k It 4l Om Sklat I 4 M practie b irawlnf
tui er )mi. BmUm. U aMi a lot M tk baMiy ilMf. Porbips-yaa
hitt pri thtat "rtncjr flilnaa'' la Iha Marat asS foaad tfcaai "caa aisaotlva.'
If M, prioa tkaai aa. Tata jraa alii tBy tpprarltlt tait-Uaarat awar.
A 226-Piccc Assortment Free
K 'tp ajtfNJ SlltCdaW
Each placa It inattatili liilaatl aW coWW, bamttrailr lartiaaif aa Saa
whlta atack and faUr aa.aallM ippaattata aa qaalltr la Iha "vary eaal" tub
I ecu effarad ia tka ataraa at "thaaa bleb acoaa.rf Hara la a eaatprabaaalva u
rorttacnt, I varhqr (a aaaal ta ry vaat aad Mfsa atom far taa bala fually'a
usa. u caaniaa;
IS PaalCana
Wa hta trjad ta raallta avary arttt f aur raadart ia thta aMortamt a
raaka ft caJaplata aad af tba batt qaaHtp. Wa bar ttoim. a gratt daal af
ihciurM ta a titltanad rarlaty, aaaa hwlaalat Kant Poat Carda, aa Ikal yoa may
"rrmitabar" tkoaa ta trhaai jraa vOI a at aaad glfH. ' It la with fa at aaiUfaetloa
K 21 ra offtr tbit aaamimai ta aar raadartv raallilnt tkai not only tka quanihy
I I Iha qaallly will furaraMy hapraaa avarr raaiplaai that avary aaa wba rt
.ei ilili pickafa wis ba Dam taaa atiltSad. r
' Tata Wtwfcly taasr ilmssi'wl Ihvaaar
U il anty waakly pakllabad by a traat Cbictga Dally. Ttraa tba apathl advn
i .1 In aacurlat and prlatbai laipartcat warld'a ntva ara ciaarty aovlaaa. Fraa
Kh Tna Daiit and TMi Suhmt adMana af Thi IftTf OCUH, arfclcb ia ac
k oladgtd ta ba tba aklaat adllad avbHcatlaa la tba Watt. At araata af adittrlU
iliaught baa baaa ailinid far Thi Wuui lima Ociui akd Pabmir. Wbaa
)"!t add tba apaclal taataraaar ha awa carina altiaUHa daparaauarta aa wftl
r.lrra aad ippnrtati vba Mx aabaya aaaKk gtraa la li liui afTMaWaaaiy
In l Ocuh ahb Facmu at lit ragalar takiubjllia prioa af SI yaar. ' '
U pvbHabad rwlca a aaaalb, U lataaa a ytar, af fraai IS ta 4S larga ptgaa;
ilinik-full af infaraiatlaa aad aaggaatiaaa vblch yaa wlU tad oawktra aha. It
! :1a with amyrkiag af Infaraat ta tba Haatakaatai, Fanaar. Oardaaar, Frull
Grawrr, Dairyaua,-Ua Stack aad Faultry Kaapar. Each hnua baa aavaral
a;idal anklat by waU-kaawa writara akaat tba farai aad baw ta nuka It i pay.
A yaar't aubacrlptiaa wM ladada tba big Paattrv Aaaaal laaaa, ariatad la Feb
ruary. wblcb alaaa ia wartb tba aatira ptka af tba wbaia yaar'a akbacrlpilaB.
Lcry aaa wbo bat ar tvar axaaetl ta bava paakry tbauld ba aura ta gat tka
Poallry Aaaaal. '
Our Big Christmas Subscription Bargain
Morgm County Republican, 1 year' " $1.00 V JJ fOJf on)y
TKc Weeldy Inter Qccn and Fanner, 1 year 1,00 ( aV a
Farm and Home, 1 year . ..SO I 111 I
40 1 p4V
Kg (2re) Xrna. PacUfe
Total Regular Price
a aar aaa all
THE RPUBUCillr . fcl - - K - - Veriaillc, Mo.
Hope our new county, court will
look after Morgan's share of the state
automobile tax it is said our present
county court has allowed at leas
fiooo of that fund, justly belonging to
Morgan County, to be (wiped' bjr
some other county that had a busi
ness coHnty'1" court'. ''Of coarse it
wouian't nave .neipea ourosas any,
but, there-would.havc be that jauch
saore to distribute among the grafters.
Said most of it, at least whaty was not
sent to the mail order house, would be
circulated here, and every little
c6uats,"as the oldv woman said when
she kissed her cow.
. The. Versailles, colored Baptist
Church has had a glorious two weekU
revival, conducted by Rev. R. E. Lee,
of BBQcetoa. There were thirteen
cosVerskms and three' back 'sliders
reclaimed:' On' Frtday night1 "bV.
n..:.i :it i. i i j i
uapuattMi Knrujnt trtu ,uc ntjru at 7
Rev Lee the second week in.,Dec-
; W. L. Hie sack and family, of Provo,
Utah, are visiting Mr. B's parents,
relatives aad friends .here doing
Thanksgiving' '
' Chilian Cabtatc Grower.
Will Heflajian of Stvmour street,
is the champion cabbage ''grower of
the citv. He had one head in Satur
day, grown jn the. Mlwya Price-gsr-
en, that v measured 41 1-2 Roches
sund,'andMwclghed ibs! ' Tt
He has something like ,1500 heads,
tot all so large, but ' a good asaay
aearly as heavy. He " has" been sup
flying the neighbors at 1 2' cento per
. Nr. tiumaan grows kks 01 otacr
ings bebidcf tcabbue, fprW.at
is trade of carpeascring aVmriag the
y, Said working his truck- patches
er aikbt' 'Whekdoei lbe'skei'
e doa't.
;, p.f zx.
r JUrrUff LtaaasM.
Heary B. CMHsoir t' Vew
1 usn v. atoore,
AnWL. Hinte,
Vousg Marriott,
Lulu Ziegel,
Fresh Oysters
45 cents
per quart
C. H. Mason's
'i U . ,v 4
aaJI'lwsMiil sfj 11 1 blafSHIbjUh

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