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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, November 28, 1912, Image 4

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For Sale
Being still totally disabled, caa
neither walk or work, I oSer The
Republican at the bargain price of
Would like to turn it over as a
Christmas present to somebody at
that price, a good thing for the mon
Bohilnr Rowland.
At the Methodist parsonage of this
city on the 21st inst, at 7 p. m., Mr.
John B. Bohling, a prosperous young
merchant oi Stover, this county, and
Miss Effie N. Rowland, a charming
young lady of the same vicinity, were
united in the holy bonds of matri
mony, S. P. Cayton, the pastor, offi
ciating. There were ho attendants ;
only a quiet little "surprise" ? They
will reside at Stover, and their' host
of friends wish them the greaiest pros
perity, and many years of happiness
and usefulness.
A Letter Erom The Lone Star Stat.
Houston, Tex., Nov. 35, 1913.
Mr. W. W. Kinloch,
Editor Republican,
Versailles, Mo.
Dear Mr. Kinloch,
Please send my paper
How did the electio n go?
You know I am not so "politic" as
some people we have both met, and
I assure you I have co political am
bitions whatsoever, (got my fill of
"politics" in Jones office and through
him, Livesay, Olney and the Morgan
County court in the way they "white
washed" Jones' official crookedness)
but I am just curious to know what
the Morgan County "political slate"
looks like now.
B. O. Smiley.
There is no perceptible improve
ment in the Morgan County slate, but
we are all living in .hopes. Send
back numbers of Republican and let
you figure it out yourself.
election, especially for the result on
representative in this county.
Born, last week, to Joe Clifton and
wife, a baby girl. All are doing well,
except Joe, who has been seriously
lame in the head since the event.
Green Huffman is still very poorly.
He is now at home and we hope he
will toon recover.
Some corn is changing hands at
50c per bu. Neal Driver sold a few
hundred bushel at 50c per bu.
Joe Williami & Co. shipped a car
of hogs to St. Louis.Thursday.
Johnny Hatchison shipped a car
of bogs to the market Monday. He
paid 7 1-4 cts per lb far good hogs.
Hugh Barbour, west of Versailles,
recently sold his 'farm for a good
Mr. Aubrey Hagon, of Enid, is
having a lot of hay bailed. Mr.
Shores Hunter contemplates bailing a
lot in the near future.
John R. Driver, of Enid, bought a
bunch of hogs and cattle last week,
which he will feed for the market.
This week has been turkey week,
and many fine birds have gone to
covered and the silage protected,
market from the east end.
Joe Schannep is putting a roof on
his silo. We think all silos should be
The Modern Alabaster Box.
Is to be the theme of the Methodist
Church next Sunday morning, and
Faith" that of the evening service,
providence permitting. Remember
the Sunday school at 9:90 a. m, and
the Young Peoples Song and Bible
Service at 6 rdO p. m. Topic: Noah
and the first Big Ship. (Genesis 6th
Everybody welcome.
S. P. Cayton. Pastor.
Rev. W. M. Raber, Presiding Elder
of the Marshall District ot the Metho
dist Church was in the city from Fri
day to Monday looking after church
affairs. He preached three strong
and inspiring sermons Saturday and
Sunday. He was entertained at the
parsonage and at C. H. Mason, s.
All the people in Morgan county
should return their heartfelt thanks to
Almighty God for the results of the
Election 0! Officers.
According to law next week will
be a busy one for the various Lodges
of the City, as that is the time for the
election of officers.
Monday night the Woodmen of the
World elect.
Tuesday night the, I. O.O.F. elect
officers, part forthe year, and part
for six months.
Wednesday night the I. O. R. M.
are due for a new set of officers.
The K. of P. elect tonight, (Thanks
giving) and will try to get a set of
officers they can be thankful for.
The M. W. A. elect Dec. 13th, an
unlucky date, but let us hope they
may get the right men for the various
Geo. H. Hubbard, the abttract
and real estate man, brought ia a
fine 7-passeager, 40-horsepower,
0fmile, painted yaller, automobile,
and now the other fellows will hare
to hustle or George will beat 'em to it.
The Forty-seventh General Assemb
ly of Missouri will be asked to make
an appropriation for the erection ot a
fire-proof building for the State , His
torical Society of Missouri and. the
University of Missouri Library. As
regards the State Historical Society
there are two treat reasons why. this
request should be granted:- 1st, to
properly house and protect the invalu
able collection or over 125,000 books
and pamphlets cf historical material
that has already been accumulated ;
2nd, to permit the Historical Society
to grow in the future by providing
adequate facilities, especially in the
way of room. The Society is regular
ly receiving over 7,000 books and
pamplets every year. The simple
question of space i.e , Where to
place this annual addition, bas become
of paramount importance. On the
other hand no one who bas ever visit
ed the fourteen rooms of the Society
that are scattered all over Academic
Hall of the University of Missouri can
fail to realize the pressing need of
placing this materia in a fire-proof
building. Every public spirited citi
zen and lover of Missouri and her
glorious past should endorse and
urge this reqest to the next General
Oaly A Fire Her
but the crowd cheered, as, with burned
hands, he held up a small round box.
Fellows!" be ahouted, "this Bucklen's
Arnica Salve I bold, baa everything beat
for burns." Right! also for boils, ulcers,
sores, pimples' eczema, cuts, sprains
bruises. Surest pile cure. It, subdue
inflammation, kills pain. Only 25 cents
at Kardell Drug Co.
B W. Ctmtis, Vice-Fits. T. P. Bond, Pres. W. A. EtatL, Cash!
V. A. Caawsorr, Vice-Pres.' Pare Jonas, Asst. CastVr
First National Bank
' Vralll, Mm.
Sept. 4. 1912
Loans and discounts $141,385.19 Capital stock 30,a00.00
Bank building sad furniture 9,250.00 Sarplnsaad profit.. 18,064.04
Bonds and premiums 34.630.00 Ckcalatloa 30,000.00
Five per cent redemp'n fund 1,500.00 Bills Papable 20,000.00
, Cask aa sight exca.age 4.4I. Pay IU........ !..
; Total....". $233,007.11 Total f233,007.II
! '"" The bora aUteaaent is correct.
" W. A. Boku, Cashier.
We carry ample insurance against burglary and robbery Burglar-proof
rime-lock safe. Conservative management. Business solicited.
A machine baa been Invented for pria t
log,' developing, . and fixing post card
photographs at a bigb rate of speed.
Put a porous plaster on the cheat and
taken good cough syrup internally if
yon would treat a severe case of sore
lungs properly. Get the dollar sbe BAL
each bottle there is a free RBRRICK'S
the chest. Sold by Globe Drugstore.
The next annual meeting of the Co
operative congress will be held at Porta
taoutnaunng me Whitsuntide Holiday
(end of May)inlQl2.
Mrs. Fred Laads, UH High Forest,
Winona, Minn. States:- "My husband
bad kidney tronble with severe pain
acroH bis back and was miserable and I
tired out. His bladder acted irreg-
nluin anit (tin. - krlxV-M.t lib I
"" - J I. , . I LIU J
sediment: Finally he took Foley kidney j"u" cu"ura"nu wu7r
pills with the result that the pain left .
bimr his bladder acted regularly and he
was. strong and well again."
. For. sale by all druggists.
We Imported last year 17,643;000worth
of works of art, twenty years old and
over, free of duty, besides r73,136 worth
of art works produced abroad by Amer
icans. We exported 1998,321 worth of
paintings and statuary.
H. L. Blomquist, a very well known
merchant of Esdaile, Wis., states:. "My
wife considers Foley's Honev & Tar
compound the best cough cure on the
maket. Sbe bas used various kinds, but
Foley's Honey & Tar compound gives
the best results." Best for children and
for grown persons. Contains no opiates
For sale by all druggists.
The ir capita consumption of codfish
is greater in England than any other
Bv the erection of a chain of stations for-
a distance of 1,869 miles up the Congo
River it will be possible to send wireless
messages all. the way across Africa.
Stop coughing! you rack the lungs and
worry the body. BALLARD'S HORE
HOUND SYRUP checks irritation, heals
the lungs and restores comfortable
breathing. Price 25c, 50c and 91.00 per
bottle.' Sold by Globe Drug Co.
Here Is a Genuine Bargain!
Morgan County Republican one year!
rlcLalrs rlagazine -one year
Kansas City Weekly Star one year
Any 15-Cent McCall Pattern
McCall's Magazine utlr
In the matter of dress, McCall's is indispensable
to every woman. There are over 50 of the newest
designs of celebrated McCall Patterns in each issue.
Each month 1,100,000 copies of McCall's,
brimful of latest fashions, fancy work, interesting .short
stories, and scores of lalrar-saving and money ideas
for women, are welcome visitors to 1.-
100,000 wide-awake American homes.
McCall 's is a lar(;e, artistic, hand
somely illustrated 100-page monthly
periodical that is adding to women's
happiness and efficiency everywhere.
The publishers of McCall's- are
C burning to spend thousands of dol
irs extra in 1913 in order to keep
McCall's head and shoulders above
all similar publications. Every issue
will be full of delightful surprises.
If you wish to save money, keep-'
ia style, and be happy, subscribe for
McCall's without fail. Price only
50c a year, including any 15c McCall
Pattern free. Positively worth $1,00.
Doi't Hin Tkii ExtraottJimajry Offer
We take pleasure in offering our friends this ex
ceptional opportunity. "
By special advertising arrangement with' the pub
lishers of McCall's we' are able to offer' you this
well-known popular Home and Fashion Journal
together with our own paper for only a few cents
more than the regular price of our
paper, alone.
The above extraordinary offer may
be accepted by all persons who sub
scribe, renew or extend their, time
ahead' on, either, publication for the
.time mentioned. The only requisite
is that you pay in advance.
. , Remember, if you accept our big
McCall bargain-the best we have
ever' made you may select free ot
charge any one of the celebrated 15c
McCall Patterns from your first copy '
of McCall's by sending a" post card
request to The McCall Company.
Call at this office or send your'
order by mail. Subscribe today. '
Morgan County Republican, . Versailles. Mo.
Only one man in 200 is six feet in
Only about one acre in every 100 in
Ireland is timbered.
A Great aaJMiag Fire
wb ea its fonndstion Is undermined, and
if the foundation of health good diges
tion Is attacked, quick collapse follows
On the first signs of indigestion, Dr.
King's New Life Pills should be taken to
tone the stomach and regulate liver,
kidneya and bowels. Pleasant, easy,
safe and only 25 cents at Kardell Drag
For both snillitary and industrial pur
poses an automobile bas been bnilt in
France ia wnicb the platform tilts to the
ground to receive loads drawn upon it by
.capstan with which it ia equipped.
T.ll the Whole Mary.
So say that Foley's Honey A Tar Com-
Before the day of steel for writing Pt
poses Euglond was importing more tb
25,000,000 quills each year for pens.
telb oaly
part of tbe tale. The whole story is
that it is the best medicine for coughs,
colds, croup, bronchitis and other
affections of tbe throat, chest and lungs.
Stops la grippe, coughs and baa a heal
ing and soothing effect. Remember the
name, Foley'a Honey &Tar compound,
and accept no substitutes. For sale by
all druggists.
There is an average of about one cow
to every five persona in tbe United States.
Rub a sore throat with BALLARD'S
SNOW LINIMENT. One or two sp
plications will cure it completely. Price
25c, 50 and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by
Globe Drug Store.
Flagged Train With Shirt
Tearing his abirt from his tuck an
Ohio man flagged a train and saved it
from a wreck, but H.'T. Alston, Raleigh,
N. C, once prevented a wreck with Elec
tric Bitters. "I wss in a terrible plight
when I began to use them," he writes,
"my stomach, head, back and kidneys
were alt badly affected and my liver was
in bad condition, but four bottles of
Electric Bitters made me feel like a new
man." A trial will convince yon of their
matchless merit for any stomach, liver or
kidney trouble. Price 50c at Kardell
Drug Co.
Chilian export for the first four months
of 1011 were $41,221,635, against $33,124,
648 for the same period in 1910
W. A. Cray ton,' Mo. writes about Foley
Kidney-Pills and says: "I got down on
my back last winter with kidney and
bladder trouble and could hardly get up.
I got a bottle of Foley's kidney pills and
took them and they straightened me
right up. I recomnend them to all who
have kidney trouble.'' For sale by all
Tbe growth of lumber shipments from
Riga, touting 97,100,000 cubic feet in
1M0 ranks this port among the world's
greatest timber exporters. Tbe greater
part of this trade wss in sawed lumber.
Britain took over half of the amount ex
Irregular, bowel movements lead to,
chrome constipation and a consitpated,
habit fills the system with impurities,
HERB IN E is a great bowel regulator.
It purifies the system, vitalizes tbe blood
and puts the digestive organs in fine, vig
orons condition. Price POc. Sold by
Globe Drug 'Store.
Mrs. A'. 'Swage), Krok., a 'well
know resident of Kewaunee Co., Says
"(I always use Foley's Hooey & Tar Com
pound for my children, as I know It will
always cure tbeir'cougbs and colds; and
they like to take it." Refuse substitutes,
Investigations on the children in .the
town of Koialia ta Bavaria showed that
of. tohse who eat hard, bread the percent'
age with bad teeth was 6.9; of those who
eat both bard and soft bread, 8,2! of
those eating only soft pread, 10.5,'
An altar, duly consecrated by ecclesi
astics, baa been installed upon an auto
mobile, the object being to promote mis
sion work in tbe rural districts ot Eng
lanb. It is a portable church.
Twinge of rheumatism, backache.
stiff joint and shooting paius all show
yourkidueys are not working right.
Urinary irregularities, loss of sleep.
nervousness, weak back and sore kidney
tell tbe need of a good reliable kidners
medicine. Foley Kidney Pills are tonic,
strengthening and restorative. They
build up tbe kidneys and regulate their
action. They will give you quick relief
and contain no habit forming drmr.
Safe and always sure. Try them. For
sale by all druggists.
Juggling has been vecommended as
desirable form of mental and physical
exercise for persons of sedentary habits
and those afflicted with nervous t roubles
' -R
egulate the bowels when they don't
move properly. HBRBINB is an admir
able bowel regulator. Its helps tbe liver
and stomach and restores a fine feeline
of stength and buoyance. Price faOr.
Sold by Globe Drug Store.
Massachusetts has a Portuguese dodu.
bitionofabotttJ&.OOO, while Rhode Isl-
and has 2,500. In the whole of North
America there are not less than 30,000 of
this race. They rarely or never go back
to their old land. ,
PerU Rle.'a New -Waaler.
Prom far away Porto Rico come reports
of a .wonderful new discovery
that is believed will- vastly benefit
the people. Ramon T. . Marchan, of
Barcelonea, writes ' Dr. King's New
Discovery is doing splendid 'work here.
It cured me about five times of ' terrible
coughs and colds, also my brother of a
severe cold in his chest and niore Jhan 20
others, who used it on my advice. We
hope this great medicine will yet be sold
in every drag store ia Porto Rico." For
throat and lung trouble It haano equal.
A. trial will convince you of its merit. 80
cents and J1.00. Trial bottle free;'
Guaranteed by Kardell Drug Co.
There are nearly 15,000 pupils in the
government schools of Egypt, .

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