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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, December 26, 1912, Image 1

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Morgan Conty Republican
atwMitil a
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning. Dec 26. 1912.
No. 3.
jmr.r.i.viv9Kirvttf n -jnc J:firm for Sale 122
For Sale
nnither walk
lotallv disabled, can
r w rk. I offer Tnr-
Rfi'i iiiii xs n the biram price of
alt splendidly improved,.'!) .tens fine
orchard. 2-story, (5 room house, halls,
poirhes. etc. 1 t:ll;ir, a liif; barn with
hrge cellar. )!fereil .it a hie; bar
gain. For futher particulars call on
ij urite to
f'la- Republican,
Versailles. Mo.
Would like to turn it over .is j
Ohrntm h 'iresrnt to somebody a
lh.it price. 1 go.vl tiling for the money.
Married in the circuit clerk's otftire
at the court house. I'uesdav Do . . I
byW. H. Kavanaugh. Mr. Arthur
l-ields and M i s Sarah Kisrr both of
Misses liussie llrooks, lljltue and Harrietts.
U'Uh Ihrneu left Thursday lor a two
or tine-we-fes' vnit to relatives and MPS. Smith Dead,
friends 111 Kansas md, Nebraska. Died at her home n North Mun-
Miss-s lpha and Myrtle Clinc roe street in litis rite. Sunday evening
who ai utendtnn Central Hit 1- Deo. 22. 1912 aged SO years. Mr-.
iKs. College at Sedaba. are home ' ar:ll Ann Smith.
1 ir 'h'- vacation. 'rs- "'idi was born in Artmiong
County, Penn.. Dec. 10. lS.r).1. In
H! she was married to Harvey Jl.
Mr. and Mrs. DriiineoUl and son.
ohn Qiiinc.y, of Kldmi. spent Christ
mis wnli telatives.nere. '
Miss. , Ivlna ,l)Vll.kl-3 .mg, and j
Olive rhorpe. who are mewling the
Warn nsluin Normal, are 'pending
the i:iiriim is vacation u;ilh home
llussie ll-iriemin. who is 'liking a
business course at Centra!- Business
College, Sedaba. is home tor the holidays.
No Republican Next Week.
We had not expected to publish a
paper this week, but thai trustee's sale
caught us, and we had to. We musj.
have time to straighten up office and
catch up with job printing ready for
the new year, so will discontinue pa
per until we catch up. The editor
thought he was going to count a full
hand again, rechristian the Reoublican,
ivhere he has lived and worked - ? t n 1 1
W iK- htood at in e, -m Mi iiicl make a new start Jan. cnd, but our
1 Henry lamp's shop for liven tv e.ir-.
, with few vacations. . roepnt Knrdl nl iMpvJnnn hn knnrkpn ns
united in happy vveilloi k. l-'ive sons
and seven daughters were burn mt
their home, all of whom, except three,
survive him. The names ol those
liungaie: (ieorge. of Webb('il.
Mo., Mrs. . J. Smedley. ol rk-m-sa.
Mrs. (i. A. Hcnniiietni). u Shi
er, Mo., anil Mrs. Kate nil its,
U elu-r. Charles. I.tilu. o-ie and lion
"flhis.ity. Judscm Smoyci is u
adopted son in the fumily. All dies
were with their pnistr Ut.-il mother is
soon as those absent could nnvi . 1
her ureal comfoa.
Mr. Smoyer was a Kind m-artcd
man. and was held in tende-, .-sti-c .,
by his many friendt. lb lovnl to
live in Versailles. refu-inu oiler ni
better wages elsewhere, preferring in
live f:re among his nld mends.
He was a member u lie Kmc r
m,r Catholic eliurrh, Iml lor soil 1
Smith and to this union were born
nine children, four serviville
She came to Missouri in 1870 and lh" ""deu I'rote.stani -.m.es
tor munyvears has resided in Ver- U !" "Hh his children, nmst ,,1
vnills tvhtw hhi- hut mnt tn.-n.t , are c ll her meniliers ni th
he was si fine woman and ,,IS 1 o! 'be Sunday Si h(K i Ikuas
hn j inomhor nf tU llivtfrin !'' " ivhen his ' hlldren tie I 111.
church f,ir ftl tears thus interested 111 then o
I Funeral services were eonducud nd spiritual weliare. In
' it the residence by her Pastor, Rev. hoped, some no distant .
,!."!. (Jrr. Dec. 2:i alter which the adle 10 join with his Imub
reiiani were
miened in the . it v
ll'i.vud Si-'ph-mv. ivh 1 h I had a
posiini'i is siaii'in .infill in ransis ic.
lor several months, returned home'' . ,
last week. i Irwin Vounp. whoi aitendinji the
Mr. and Mrs rthur lUiH-'ovay, 01
(lliH iio, ire visitinj' friends here.
!';, It. 'f iTts .vr.dv. r-;
1 hur b relations.
Hut one ilimi maier i.ulv
oiwie iMiivri'.uv ai niuiillJiii. is , ., . i ..., ,,U...U I,.. ....i,,.,.,! ., (
..' Ill' If li ... Vj.lll. ' . 11
spending the holidays with his par- y(mng n,.,n , s(1,))0,ini. ,
Hillb r .ltwl Vlr.. tt A V.mrif ! ... . . . .
UV. jeitner tiarmiui v Jwia.viJJiH pr
able, as thous'iiids ot niber In.iub I
Chos. h. Smoyer Dcnd. v ,,,,. do Mm ,t . m,.,
(. his-. II. Snioyei. whose tiaue , mild It ln: ;me Ills tyr.illllic.-il m.islcr,
death o. , -nred 't in- im.,..- in thi1 v. hn-e i h he lell' he oulil not
city last Sunday vemiij. was burn in l- ik Hem e after lepe.iled eif.irti 1
jj.'H-.iiitl' m. .. I'eb. U. iH. He ,,id lailure-. lie ne ided at l.isftn
canv west m 1H70. ami spent the j, -.ik oil iiom the halo, si the . st . t i
Mimtivr ,ii Kansas, md came to Tip- , hi,.. lntm his dear wile I em-
ton Mo., in the fall of the same sear. i.,.,keii hi, lnhli.-n Mtherli-ss md
' Here he met nn-i luihoff. to tjrief itrieken, ns in mv ti .ends d, ep-1
horn, in tie , tin, m 10. bevv.e , m-ved. and the whole coiiiiniin-
ii irni iiiudly shocked.
lb-ne lus lile and iP-aili is a traiii I
.nd tliiiiid' ious warmri); to ill ; iio ,
liille with alt ohol. Who will .;
M'lv. will e,Ji and do it iit , ? !
li 'iol ihis tiaeijy e noil fill to i mrli j
In ni ii ill who legally or ilh :m'-!
' ''ne i),. divine "Woe in him that J
i 1 1 ' ttle to his nemhbor's j
is n noi nmih to Mir the
'i l h ol ol . very true man to see
i i tin ; i.ipei eiilorcerfiKitl of present
.on! to the etnctuiunt ol others
lore . rinnent tor the protection of
Ins way. With all ui uianv Inn
ijii.ibiies as a man, he had one " .
e(cison 1'ity, Mo., are visiting Mis.
Mnloe's parents. Mr. md M's. Damp.
If Ware and I Iarrv l.ihlfnot. ol
low i. ate visitinn 'heir aunt. Mrs. t .
s Heard, and l.unilv.
1 .uc is and Mav Kos,. ,h'. neat
lendim; flu- Si a- llniversay it (.'.
Iiiiii'ii i ire ho n for the h ibdiys.
Hi v Devinna is home It m the Uni
.ersitv lor the hobdavs.
Mr. a-id Mrs. , ). ). n h uu, ol
Kiiisis ('itv. ar'- i I'liimj H.-i .ii itliei.
Mrs. M i:ilee.
Union Sei'viccs
I he Methodist and Presbylettaii
i Imp lies ill h (Id union si-rvii e -, Sun
day. Dei 2!). liev. Orr ire i hni( n
the Metli'idlst i liurcll in the rum iiit.-K
and Uev. t'lviin preichm .it the
l'resbyierian church in th: evening,
livervboilv lOidially invited,
Marrififitj Liuonses.
( oil n I! Monroe
Kranees Moore
U I.. Kimel
Uos.i I!. Cars m
(A W. l-nedlev
( Cora I hnkel
) John S. I funds
j h.va I-: Cook
rthur laelds
Sarah Ktser
. K. (.'ootier
I Mary H. Christian
j I. em Stevenson
) I'annie Webb
f Cuy S. Mil. s
Henentta Dab
j John (J. Doty
Proc tor
h'oi luna
H.i melt
".clear out of the ring again, and it now
looks as if we would have to discon-
m.i-i, (inue the paper, but will talk about that
1 1 in '
- m ti. later, if necessary. We will continue
the job department in full blast, and ask
your work, promising gook work at Lf
prices and prompt delivery. Thanking
all our friends for past favors we ask a
ob- continuance ol the same.
T.foe Editor
hi.i I)
t.H t. i.
IV . I" .
lii their
.loot I III '
At The
Millinery Bazar
L'nion C'iiy, Term.
Ix'tha O. floodm.ui Rartiett
(flco. I'lley Marvin
I Minnie M. Alice Marvin
, Hats. Hals, Hals, below ot Irom
tin date till Ian. . to close
Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. He nnington. of out all my shapes and tiitnmcd Inits.
Slater, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. O.J. First comes yeti theit choice ni the
Smedley of Arkansas, and C.eorge Ql
.Smoyer of Webb City, came to. the! ' , .
city Tuesdiyto mend the funeral i A n,cc (-1,r,;li l'rcnl "r
services of Mr. Chas. Smoyei. their .daughter, wife or sweetheart. Chil
father and lather-in. law. iren's Hats for the taking.
Messrs. Kvert Hraier and Melvin Kanr.y leathers and ribbons ko in
Hrater of Iviene. lo.. are visiting l'"s vl't-'-jriemls
here. ' Motiwis.
'sin I) nei) and their families, and the
' rising xeneiatioti'
Ills tutu-rul services wete i nililui't -ni
in th'- l.rinilv residence on t'hrist
n.is Day (Sail Cluistinas in Ibis
i home !) by the witter, pastur of the
'Mi'thodist t .'Inn eli of this city, with
'.many neighbors and friends in syinp.i
iliettc attemlance. The floral oflei -'
inyh were beautilitl. A loiiy pioi es
, m ijii ac niiifi.tiiied bis remains to 'h -
r ily :etnetery, a part of wliirliuas
rompcihed uf members of the Im al
chapter of the Knights ol Ma i abl
of which he was a beneficiary tnriu
ber. With appropriate scrijiture,
hymns anil prayer by Rev. C. J. Pol
ttun, his body was committed to the
grave '-earth to earth, dust to dust .
and ashes to ashes."
May the consolations of divine
(pace sustain the heartbroken widow
and children in this dark hour.
The whole community is in deep
est sympathy with them in this ter
ribe trial.
S. V. Cm ox.
We are coming again lor the purpose
of buying ail your good fat mules; from
three to seven years old and 14 to 16
hands high.
We will be at
Versailes, Wed, Jaiu. 1st
Barnett, Thurs. Jan. 2nd
Bring .in. your mules ancfc receive iHe
liiHest price of tHe season. Will also
buy a few good Horses and mules.
Schell 6t fiopen
Sales Stnblefi at S. Thomas, Mo.

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