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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, January 09, 1913, Image 1

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ui "- A. 'I! . .!'. o . ljl. k - .' .... . ' ... ' I
"'" lit.
FOprteehth Year
Versailles. Mo., Thursday Morning. Jan 9. 1913.
No. 4.
1: Yarne was up to Kansas City
the ate'afiae- week oa a business
MS" Ibtth Mama is vuitiagher, sis
ter, Mrs. Etke! Williams, of East St.
Mrs. Wray Witt en, who his been
serioasly ill for so long, is still very
low, and with smaM hopes of her re
covery. Constable Moreland has had a
nhoae pot is at his restdeace, and
now he expects to catch 'em in his
ssackmg feet Ber N get you if yon
Wt watch oat.,
Misses Willie Garni aad Anaie
Alea left Sunday for Warrcnsburg to
attend the Normal and prepare them
selves for school teachers.
They say there is a."Mind pigj; in
town. If true, .here U anopportun-
Ry, for our aewly iastaBed officers.
Bat why a "Wind Hir " '
Earl C. Petfy, who has ( been visit
ing his aunt, Mrs. Geo. Petty, and
family, for several days, returned to
his home in Lawrence, Kaa., Sunday.
Mrs. C. H. Mason is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Dr. Seymour, pf Ray
nsoad, III. C. H. had his visit a
week or so ago, and had such a good
time he woa't go any more until after
ground hog day.
Say! did you notice the "Sawdust
Twtas." the last issae in 1012? four
pages, aad with the elimination of
boiler plate, hog-wash and dead ads,
they were the best issues of the year.
Edna AbeH aad Fay Long,
ease for she holidays, re-
1 to shew studies at Warreas-
harg Normal Ssanlay. Mitt Olive
Thorpe went oyer oa Saturday .
Wanes B. Todd, who had been
qatte sick, bat had partially recov
ered, west to work again too sooa,
remkiag in a relapse, aad he i & re
parted ia a serioas coaditioa.
F. A. White, of the mrto fum of
Crewsoa k. White, has beeps eihibk
iagaaae aew Ford of the latest style,
ami will try to persaade some of oar
wealthy dtiaeas that fosm a Ford n
Is The4 fvhiVori' fVonquering'
As it should and could? and,
Jesus the Gracious Sin" Bearer for All
Men, are the themes ifor the pastor's
sermons next Sunday morning and
evening, respectively, at the Method
ist church. Our Sunday school ses
sions and lessons are interesting and
inspiring, and there arc classes for all
ages. How about fctose new year
resolutions concerning church and
Souday school attendance and work?
There's jjipti good 'in making and
acting upon. J(od 'resolutions and its
not too late to make and act yet.
Come all who will and find a warm
The Pastob.
. I. B. Lakio: of Pleasant Hill, has
taken the place of H. E. M4han.as
Mo. I'ac. Agent here, and comes
highly recommended. May his stay
with us be pleasant as well as profit
There are many reasons why The
Rrpubucan should live. Versailles
is to have & $25,000 (possibly a
150,000) high school building with
ample grounds (or. the. girls and boys
to exercise them! elves; , one park
maybe, two ; waterworks and sewer
age, and sometime folks are corning
here who will bring our streets and
sidewalk's to grade, open up the blind
streets ana widen trie ' narrovones,
and put' our city in shape tor the
coming. 100,000 'population, and we
want to bejherc to welcome them.
nriTT II II !! II II I II III! I 1 1 I I I HIM I ! Mill II I 1 1 I II I I I ;.? III'JU' ill'U' I
1 i
The Vaajajfes inercamts eajayed a1
aplMaW 'lioMay srmle, even these
whom the 9tn r an in acowed al tyja
ap their toys and; ;cstody , from -one
holiday to the next to save advercis
mg, sold oat lock, stock and barrel,
aad aext year everybody will be com
pelled fc pat innew goodsAilall 1914
Mrs. Prol. Johns, hope for whose
recovery had been abandoned, is
very roach improved, and abje to
take care of her home.
Mrs. John Short and son, Jack,
speat the holidays with a sister in
Fraakha county, whom she had not
seen for twenty-five years. They re
taraed home Saturday.
' W. O. W. Par PhDtly-
I Neighbor Lew Half, of Versailles
Camp, No. 412, died Dec 13th,
1912, aad check received to pay off
) policy of S1000 oa Jaaaary 3rd
it . The W. O. W. is growiag all the
rime, prompt and reliable, cae of the
beat of the traversal ipsarance organi
Germmm Settlement: '
The grip is in the Settlement.
Walter Ijehmaa, of Lakemp Ok la.,
was in the Settlement few days
Lawrence Aeschbacher and Wal
ter Lehman made a flying trip to
Indiana and Ohio last week.
. W. Loganbill aad vdaaghter,
Bestir, retained aocae from Stover,
Mo., where they have beea vkitipg
throagh the holidays.
Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. faoob R am
en son and hint child, parents wen
Govina Garber left New Years day
for Berne, Ind., and thence to Bhtf-
toa, Ohio where she intends to attend
D. A. Garber, oar road boss, was
basy all week hauHag gravel oa the
tr4 Aeschbacher bad a very sick
maKSaUNiay aigai.
This space
1 4
WtJlU' V-fcrt-. - .m J, v.
is reserved lor
tHe most etiterprising
merchant in Versailles,
Glensted, Marvin, Harnett,
Gravois Mills or Stover
,( More generally because we didn't bate (iuie to cet up type to fill it.)
M ill I ... . : . w-
gwBMTraMBarffJBPlrvPSCjr 'JaviJSP3rvaaPinvBp3rrj MBr-V
That cast wind Thursday morning
was raw.
A newspaper should be hll adver
tising. Von see we lack some.
Will have to cut down the size in or
der to accomodate job work.
It is supposed that the More an
I County Democracy has candidates
for the various positions now held by
Morgan County Republicans; Crew-
Ison's and Thomas' jobs at Koonville.
guards at the penitentiary, deputy
game warden, etc. Go in. boys! If
you warn pic you must ngnt nr it.
The, ground ling next, then sprinu
election. ,W.e believe that fox our
city it would be better In have un two
tickets, Democratic and Progressive.
uu inus miKc one or tnc .oiner party
responsible, until such time as we can
get the commission, orm o govern
The new county court will meet
Feby. 3rd, and we hope for souk im
provementssuch as new bridges,
better roads, $5,000 or $10,000
buildings on the county farm, steam
heat for the court house, and such
other things as are necessary for the
comfort and convenience of oui citi
zens, and for which they pay their
good money.
John A. Hannay, collector, report
collections good, and up to that of
former years.
While the editor was over to the
county cleark's offices Thursday
morning hi found Fred Monsessbusv
closing up his handsome record as
. . ... ,t
mckhh iKciiaroiory 10 turning tnc
office over to his successor: Col
lector McClanahan of the City of
Versailles using Olney's counting ma
chine to either find out the city's
surplus for 191a, or figuring up his
commission. When Olney came he
gave us the information that Morgan
County was in better shape financially
than ever before, all warrants paid
in lull, and nice surplus in all funds,
a good record.
Wm. Forman, a formerly very
highly esteemed citizen of Versailles.
but bow of Tonopah, Nev., has, it
appears, fallen upon evil times, as at
the election last "November he was
elected a member of the Nevada leg
islature, which meets at Reno you
have all heard of Reno. Now, altera
term at Reno, we think it will be nec
essary for Bro. Forman to come bact
to Old Morgan to have his character
repaired, or did his Morgan County
training enable him to resist all temp
tation, even of the "Merry Widow"
Will L. Stephens, cashier of the
Baak of Versailles, who has beea ser-
ioasly ill for se, past week, isreport-
cd.coiderably better, and (we hope
:may sooa Joe back at work,
oraey Betkstrcsser, who "has beea
co mcc ted. with the Versailles post
oflfcoe for over twelve years,, was per
mitted to retire by postmaster Baker,
Jan. 1st, not for the good, of the ser
vice, bat that, for the few months re
mawiitg, Mr. Baker may be able to
save the amoaat paid Forney as dep
uty postmaster. So faith fl aad efic
ieot'a basiaesji; nun as, F. S. Berk
strester should sooa find something
mach bcuer 'thaae job be has'lost.
It will be Gov. Major next Mon
day, and he and his new gang will
probably show us, whether we ask to
beoraot. "A new broom sweeps
clean, "and pretty near everything, in
Missouri politics is new. If is a
dean sweep, may it be for the right.
Rev. A. H. Barnes, of the St.
Louis Conference, M. K. church,
South, delivered his splendid lecture
on Heaven aad Hell Tuesday night
at die Methodist church ; of ,this city
to a, good audience, considering the
severlycold weather. He lectured
at Tipton oa ednesday night., Ie
was'oace pastor of the church here,
and has many warm friends. ;
It snowed some more on Tuesday,
making a splendid covering for the
wheat, and when it melts, the Deed
ed moisture.
Did you notice the "taffy" given
the Adams Produce Co. in last issue
of the Statesman? different to the
roast given that firm by the same
sheet before Christmas. Guess the
Adams folks must have come across.
Morgan County is one among the
last of Missouri counties to combine
the offices of circuit clerk and record
er. Is it not time to separate them?
If these offices will support the offic
ial and deputy they should support
two officials.
Su scribe for thcReubllcan
Piano-Voting Contest.
The piano voting contest at Fortu-
na is warming up as will be seen from
list of contestants below:
Miss Katie Sims 30,540
Miss uzzie Devine 321,795
Miss Delia Lehman i77,37S
Miss Arietta Cullers 133,190
Miss Rose Cook 102,495
Miss Fraakie Rucker 89,905
Miss Myrtle Lawson 73,965
Miss Ruby Felser 47,800
Miss Artie Weighmeyer 39? 730
Miss Veima Moore 31,635
Miss Edith McDaniel 10,715
Girls, we will give 300 votes for
each $1 00 spent till January 15th.
O. W. Carter, Prop.,
Fortuna, MO.

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